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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, December 13, 1901, Image 7

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Three new railway lines are project
4 in Turkey,
Cuban railroads are cotuiellel bjr
tbelr charter! to carry malls free.
Japan lent 61 hlp through the
Suez canal lout year, or more than
Spain (34) or Denmnrk (37) nnd near
If un many n Italy (82).
The lloangho, or Yellow rlter, of
Chlnn, la 2,801) mllra III length, mid
drains a territory equal to one-third
the nrca of the I'nltcd States.
The new Spanish Income tax sclied
Hie la based on the Idea of taxing busi
ness protlts wherever found. Hunks
mutt pay 13 per cent, of their lncuni
to the government, besides Ave per
cent, more on nil dividend paid, unite
ordinary corporations must pay 12 per
cent, on Income and right per cent,
on dividends.
The marshy ground of the tlnnges
Helta, with Mm vast masses of rcgcta
tlon, decaying under n tropical sun.
Is the native home of the rholern In
that pestilential region the cholrra
and plague are found every year nnd
all the year round. I'.very rholern epi
demic which has desnlatril Kurope,
every visitation of the plague, Is be
llevrd to have started from the mouth
of the (laiigcs,
llolognn's to square leaning tow
ers, the (larlseiidu nnd the Aelnclll,
which arc more startling thnn the
tower nt I'lsn. nre safe. A rumor
nils slnrlrd t lint thry shnwril signs
of vu'iikenlng, Itut n couimlsslon uf
engineers pronounces thrm ns solid
ns ever. The Asluclli toer Is 31J fret
high nnd wns Imllt In 1100. Thctlnrl
sciidn wns Kill It a year Inter and was
iirlgliintly taller, lint Is now only 113
fret high. Its Inclination, however, la
jreuter than that of the other tower.
Onld has hern discovered nt Clalrnc,
In Frnnrc, durlni; the sinking of a
France's nnniinl ronsumptlon of
wheat (tiieliidliig seed wheat) Is 3 in,.
S3l),IHK) bushels.
This hnppens to he nne of the coin
pariilltrly few years In which the
wheal harvest Is unequal to meeting
the homo consumption uf bread In
Two bird stories rome from Friincc.
According to la- I'lgnro u canary
lirreder nnmeil llourec Is going to
rnlse red cnnurles by feeding the par
ent birds on cayenne pepper. He hns
succeeded so far III raising birds of un
orange-red tint. French poachers are
making big hauls of partridges nnd
other gallic birds by using autumn
biles with nets mid n bright light.
They run the automobiles nt a swift
pace along the public roads, nnd the
birds, attracted by the light, tly Into
the nets. There seems to be no vio
lation of existing game hiwa In the
The largest artesian well In tin
world Is 14 Inches In diameter and
64 feet deep. It la at Cerrltos, In
To prevent stoves, or even farm
utensils, from rusting, when nSt In
use, rub them over with a rag dipped
Into kerusrne.
Milwaukee Is laying cement curbs
and gutters, In the place of the ens
tomary stone, and the experiment la
said to be wholly satisfactory.
The vacation visitor to Maine In re
cent seasons has been so numerous
nnd so generous In his expenditures
that the prosperity of the I'lne Tree
State has taken long leaps nhend.
The erawn that will probably be
used for Queen Alexandra nt the
coronation nrxt yrar Is that made
for Mary of Modenn, the wife of the
second .lames. It has 3.073 while
diamonds and 23 rubles, besides many
smaller stones.
An Ingenious Frenchman has In
vented an nrtlHrlnl worm. It Is made
of bulla ritlilirr, Is Intruded for Isilt,
Is indestructible and completely fools
the tlsh. With this worm no time Is
Inst In baiting I lie honk, as then- It
remains until the llsheriunn chooses
to remove It,
There nre 153 cotton mills In oper
ation or under construction In Snnlh
Cnrollt'n, nnd on the basis of the as.
scssnrs' returns their actual value Is
$.H.noovi. 'j-Jds makes cotton matin
fncturlng nil extremely Important In
dustry In a state of the sire nnd
ueiillh of South Carolina.
Chicago has Invested close to $1,000,
000 In golf grouuds.
Fnlrmoiiut park, at Philadelphia,
tnlus 2,710 ncrrs; Central park, New
York, Hll nrrrs.
Nome's population this winter Is
estimated at about 3.000, which Is 1,500
less than last winter.
The first manufactory of edged
tools, including nxes, hatchets, chis
els and cutlery, was opened In Hurt
ford, t'onu.. In the ".ear IttSA. 1'rrvlous
to that date It Is snld that coarse
butcher knives mid hunting knives
were made by blacksmiths, and the
better quality uf cutlery was Import
ad from l.nglnnd.
The Municipal Art society, of New
York, will exhibit at the SI. Louts ex
position a iiiimIcI city block, full size,
Intended to show wliul n city might
be If designed from the start by com
petent nrtlsts and engineers. Ilulhl
lugs, sidewalks, pavements, sewers,
lamp-posts, signs, will nil be us per
fect as they can be made.
T.llies to give money to woman alms
Tells the exact truth regarding the
aire of her shoes.
Wmitn a saleswoman to think econ
omy regulates a purchase.
tlltrs up In an nrgiiiiient so long us
the ran tlnil n word to answer bark.
Frankly admits 1 tint she has been
nit.tf.il ,.f tlm.t nt. kl.l.i.l.i.p
V Is quite willing to confess that mi
other womun has inure tact than she.
Misses nn opportunity to tell of the
trouble she has w ith her dressmaker.
Wastes much time over the'selec
tlon of hosiery when bright colors
Has time to see the mini who likes
to gossip about other women's pretty
Learns to leave nn evening company
until sic has had a conlldentliil chat
with tin hostess. Philadelphia Hub
The term enrnt merely mentis n
twenty-fourth part of any given
The word tomboy, now applied ton
rude young woman, formerly meant
a rude young man or boy.
Furlong wns nt first a furrow long,
or the distance that a pair of oxen
would plow In halt an hour.
Itosewood Is not the wood of uny
spcclcs of rote tree, nor is It red. Its
fragrance gives it Its name.
A vagabond was originally only a
traveler or person who went from
place to place -vlth or without a
dellnitc object.
Timber drulem nlwnys talk of a
large piece of mahogany or oak as a
log, while u truck of llrvvood Is a
flr-Ilole, and of other timber a. baulk.
Fan 1'rnnelseo la to have n five-
story olllce building exclusively for
' physicians.
! Dtiillil llie Itmi nf Itu. miiii'm rlmtiii
gives the length of the tilghtl double
that of his setting gives the length
nf the day.
lleef and herring hnxr exactly the
same value ns food. Taking beef as
ion In units nf food value, duck Is
worth 101, salmon 104, butter 121.
Mount l.ilgtciimh. In Alnska, has
on nf the largest craters In Un
worn!, Is-liig tile mllra In diameter,
which Is filled with delist! forests
2,000 feet below tho rim.
The sugar rune of China la snld by
botanists to Ih an entirely distinct
species from that of India, nutl this
fact Is supposed to Indicate that the
development of sog.ir cane was cur
ried on Independently by two ill Her
eof nations nt the same lime.
The word "habit' Is one of the
most peculiar In our language. If
you like n IT flu- first Idler, you still
have "a bit." If you remove the sec
ond, the word "bit" Is still on hand.
Decapitate that by removing the "li,"
nutl "It" Is still a word. Take off the
"1." nutl .von find the old "habit" not
"l" totally destroyed.
Phil May, the caricaturist, Is going
In appear on the stage In Uiudoii In
a play that has leu written for him.
Kir lle.nr Irving is shy about of
fering pusses to cnb drivers since one
declined the favor with the remark:
"The missus prefers the waxworks."
Soma one nsked Sarah Ilrriihardl
recently In Paris If It were true I but
she had fallen a victim In the auto
mobile crne. "Not ,nt nil," the
netress replied, "hut 1 hnve had to
get one In order In ride In It nnd
thus escape ls-lng run over by one,"
llenealogy presents some curious
problems in the ease of Mine. Patti.
She was born 111 Madrid, her father
a native of Catania In .Sicily and her
mother n native nf Home. She was
brought up by an American stepfa
ther In the 1'nlleil .States, married
two French husbands, Isefort she set
tled down hi Wales, and Is now the
Wife of n Swedish nobleman. To pre.
vent any illllleulty In consequence of
this complex statu of affairs In con
nection with her property she has
taken out letters of naturalization
ns u llrlllsh subject.
Henry VIII, wns enormously fnt
nnd easily oierheatrd. At the slight,
est exertion his face became purple.
1-Mvttird 1. was six feel two Inches
high, and It Is suld that the tlpi or
Ids middle lingers extended below
Ids knees.
Kltahctli, In her old nge, hud u red
tinse mid was ii;ry much ashamed of
It, One of her maids of honor has
left a very curious account of the
scrupulous care with which the
queen's nose was painted and pow
dered before any public appearance,
(leorge IV. was fond of perfumes,
but did not enre for the l.ngllsh
manufacture. He had nil his per
fumes brought from Paris, and a fac
tory In south France was Kept run
ning full time during the season In
milking perfume for the king and
royal family.
Water l 820 times heavier than nlr.
The death rate In the United States
Is 17.4 per 1.000 population.
A tumbler contains iibout ten ounces
of water; u teacup six ounces,
Hlx bushels of flue wheat when
ground leld 2S0 pounds of flour.
A barrel of water fills u box two
by two feet and 17 1-3 Inches deep.
The census shows that the number
of Indians 111 Massachusetts Increased
from 423 In 18'J-i to 5H7 In l'JOO.
The ofllclul entomologists of
Georgia predict that within a few
years the Umpire state of the south
will contain more thuu 1UO,000,UOU
fruit trees.
The king of Italy cannot sleep hi
cept upon a very hard bed. He dis
penses with the use of pillows. lie
uses sheets of the very coarsest web
and sleeps like a top.
Queen Victoria went to bed quite
late, although she was a comparative
ly early riser. Year In and year 'out
her average time uf going tnbed was
10: IS. A lady In waiting was deputed
to read her to sleep. i
Queen Wllhelinliii goes to bed about
II o'clock and gets up early. On rls-1
Ing she takes a stroll around the park ,
and visits the stubles. Ilerbedsteudls
Mackintosh Is the name of' Its Id
'Tmbrella" is from "iitnbri," a lit
tie shade.
The word "gown" coinen from the
Welsh "gwn.M
"Trniiteeau" comes from the French
"troussr," a bundle.
"Slays" express support, from the
French word "ratal."
"Corset" Is a J'rriieh word, from
"corps," the body, and the diminutive
"eltr" namely, a little body.
"Uarter" comes from "Jarretlere,'
of monumental size, being broad"1' French word, and "garelto.' the
enough for six nnd proportionately Italian, which denotes the bend of the
deep. I knee.
I'niperor William Is a soldier even' "Pocket" nienns "poke." a bug or
when he goes to bed, for he sleeps on Pouch, with the diminutive, the pocket
a regulation camp bed. such as his of-1 1'" nf ''"I" Inserted III a
fleers use. The bed clothing Is of the 'Rarment or any other article,
rough regimental pattern, lie retires "Hose" Is an Anglo-Saxon Herman
at II i. in. nnd Is up nnd dressed soon I word, derived from the Icelandic
nfter five a. in. ."hsa." ".Strce" Is the Anglo-Saxon for
Leopold 111., the king of the llel-, Mocking, which means a trunk,
gluns, goes tnbed late, lie spends half ' We derive "polonolse" from the
the n n it work Iiil' ami read ne. Ill i I "ies, wno can ineir sorioiii ine
stroiigcontrnst tohls neighboring sov
erelgn, he uses an ordinary bedstend,
without any othrr luxury than a
quilt of swuusdown. lie Is a very
chilly mortal.
The ear of llussla has the greatest
dlllleiilty In gettinrugond night's rest,
nnd let he Is what idil-fashloned peo
ple call "n lover of the bed." He
dreads the night. Ills bedroom Is til
wn.vs brilliantly lighted, like a recep
tion-room. He oflen sutlers from
pnlnnlet but "pelisse" conies from the
Latin "plllleea," which was generally
made of fur.
The word "costume" Is derived from
the French word signifying custom,
and drett from the French word
ilto.fr, to make strah'ht. and this Is
derlvrd from derlgir, to direct.
Petticoat conies from the Anglo.
Nortn.in outdoor garment, which wns
rnlled "entle" and was siibs.-qiirntly
modified Into co.it. Petticoat, or mil II
neiite Insomnia and makes fn iiiient cont. Is due to petty, slgnlf.v ng small
nun is from me Angm-Mixon worn
m-,v r'nti, to shorten. We have conic to
enns'iler th.it which enters the loner
use of chloral.
Throw new sponges In cold water
mill let them soal. four or III c hours.
To prevent n riM from curling, sew
n piece of furniture webbing lilting the
under ttlge tif tin corners.
A small box of lime In the pantry
will help In keep the ulrdry ami purr)
ii siiouiii nt reiietveti ticciisioaaiiy. i
part of the body ns n th'rl nnd the
upper pari the bodice, ti e word bcdlee
being the plural nf body, fur mure
thnn one bodice Is mostly worn.
Ilev. Dr. Joseph Doinbriiivskt Is the
rector of the only Polish throtoglciil
Mud still Ilk enn generally be 'seminary In America, located nt He
rrmou-d by rubbing with a piece of trolt. lie wns born In Warsaw,
lliinnel. Should u stain prove oIkIii- , studied at the university of Unit eil-y
rate, rub It with n piece of linen sal- '"id. part In the reiolutlun of
urattil In spirit. 1
To keep out moths use ilium. Wash dipt l.rncst Coldscliinldt, who was
mer the creiices of store boxes with I recently mentioned In the ll.ii'tte ns
ntiilu water mid sprinkle pondered deserving of pialst for distinguished
ilium whereicr It Is suspected Hint iservlte III the South A It lean war, Is n
moths Hint make their appearance. "i"1 " 'run) l.iutt, tne onee-iiimoiis
A good furniture glue that tlocs not
harden and which lias lung been In
me In the family from which tin re
ceipt Is got In easily mailt-. Dissolve
flit cents' worth of gelatin In lite
cents' worth of ueetlc aelil and bottle.
vocallsl. He belongs to u Wilsh regi
TIioiiiis P. Watts, of Louisville, Ky
who agreed to eat the targe straw hat
he was wearing last election day If
the republican ticket should Is lie-
lllack Ibce mnv lie wiislit-d In uiimii United In that stale, has engaged a
wali r. to uh'tli n little Is.rux has been i el.-liialeil t k t akc the lnk ns
added In the proportion of a teaspoon- "K1'1 u possible,
fill to a pint. This lace should never -M the general missionary com en
be dried by the flic, as It will turn Hon of the Methodist episcopal de
rmic. To sponge It use nn old black noiuliiatloii In Pittsburg, lllshop
kid glove. j James N. Fifrgernltl, of St. Louis, In-
Ten leaves lire useful for other ! fufed the displeasure of Ids fellow
things I.e. hie. brushing doors. When j delegates hcciiusi of hU devotion to
u few duys old pour boiling water mess, i ue iiisnop is tery foiiil nf anil
Mi expert nt the game named, nnd no
roiiiplnlnt irgnrillug his fail ever
reached him before.
"in russiaT"
tlusslnn engineers are experiment
ing with n military kite which will,
It is hoped, prove useful for recuii
hollering purposes.
The Ittisslau empire contains more
than 03 Independent racial groups. It
Is n veritable Tower of lUliel. I. ten
tox, wife of Hawaii's delegate to eon- i with the omission of SH-crln and Cell-
liver thrm, leave till nearly cold, strain
nutl use the water for washing paint.
White paint luny be cleaned by rub
blug It with a dniuiel which has been
dipped lu wuttlug.
Miss Mary Clngrtt, daughter of the
late Judge W, II. Clugett, of rUa
Francisco, bus opened u barlicr sliup
Ji Spokane.
It Is suld that Mrs. Tlinrnsa Wil
frtss, will start a newspaper printed
iHH-liulf In Hugllsli mid oiie-lialf In
Aliuu Steneel, a 13yeiir-old Califor
nia girl pianist, has been accorded
inlque honors In llerliii. t'ountess
run lliilow has Intlted her to play ill
Hie Imperial chancellor's palace' in
IVIIIieliiistrasM to an audience of
Miblnet ministers, diplomats and
Mhcr dlgultnrles.
.Mrs. Jenkins, wife of (lot, Jenkins
l.f Oklahoma territory. Is a Quaker
pri achcr and noted for her charitable
lets. She lllls the pulpit of the local
(Juaker church every Sunday nnd vis.
lis rigularly the 1'nlted htntes Jail
II (iullirlc. nnd ministers to the male
tin I as well as to the spiritual wants
bf the prisoners.
St. Iiuls Is In hnve n newspaper
published exclusively for negroes.
The relnll price of meats lu Chicago
Is higher than It has been for years.
Pickled I Is sold lit the barrel.
but hooked cod nlnays by the score.
trill Asia there remain la llussla, In
Kurope ami the t'liucasus uloiie Hi dif
ferent peoples.
The llusslau goieruiiieiit has sanc
tioned the erection of a inoiiuiuciit nt
Warsaw to the celebrated Polish
composer 1'rcilcrti! Chopin. The
Initiators of the projected monument
Intend Inviting designs for the work
frqm Hrltlsh and foreign sculptors.
Ill llussla no meetings of prltate
clllens for any purpose are penult
led! the privilege of holding meet
ings Is granted only to chartered cor
porations or associations. All crowds,
except lu places of amusement or
Worship, are dispersed by the police.
No premises can be hired for the pur
pose of holding a meeting without a
penult from tin police,
ill lOoOllcrilliluy Imported 3l,4C0,OO0
worlh of tobacco.
The cot I on exported from the United
HIiiIcm during the past year amounted
to ;i,3.iu,soii,hs pounds,
on, ,i....i-ii em iiii.hjji in i in score, , , , . .
Any hard steel tool will cut glass "" ",,,Il'r n"w?' 1,1 ''"
when kept wet with eniupli.ir ills- h""""''- '"'" '"T """'"'O-''
solved In turpentine. hinder the label of l)n butter.
Ifnsllllngjif eggs has nrrlied from , AniMuii wool that from llagdad
n distance they should i,, 1, (P, I considered lit-ist. then that from
for 21 hours before iulllng them un. I ' 1 'r"m ,"'l""'
mi w. ,i i-ur .uu inn, in iiiipurict! cigar
lis i- u lien.
A great many iiiu-dclnna are bald
bended, but no one eier saw a heir
less mnii lu Sousa's liaml. This Is be.
cause Soiisii won't' hnve bald-headed
men among hlx musicians, and not n
few of them wear wigs to avoid being
cut olT.
Loudon soot manures 100,000 unrea
of laud u year, The straight front corset Is In greut-
The night population of the city of r demand than cter this season,
Loudon Is fulling off lit the rate of Stllehrd panne teltet Is consider-
about 700 u yeur. Jr. lily uted for trimming cloth tailor
rttes, rained nt 11,737.1100, or fully lite
times ns many us feu years ago, were
consul I In llcrmany.
The Imports of Herman fuel Into
Swlterlaiid In IMS) were ns follows:
Coke, 12ll,2lrtous; coal, l,lf.",4IH tons
briquettes, 3H7.H13 tons; total, 1,5711,(11
i tons,
Of London p roller 53,403 ucren un
entered with buildings, 0,443 are
parks mid 1S,.V0 ncrea lire taennt land,
The windmill buu of satin ribbon or
Veltit Is seen on ninny of the latest
London's 2(1 IiIltcsI hotels ri.nr..s..i.i . ilt sluiis lu children's hntt.
u capital of 117,000.000, accommodate The very latest walking skirts nre
8,40" guests n night during the season 'made to show the feet to the top nf the
uud employ 4,500 servants. Instep, and are of equal length all
(1. Foster, of the London county 1 around,
council, suggests that tho board of ! CullTure ornaments never wrrelure
health shall periodically Inspect re;- I'er than this teuton, and the diversity
tiiurant kitchens to prevent dirt, Just j In Ideas makes It easy for every noni
us it uow inspects bakehouses. sn to suit herself.
Ilsw ofle Ws Kuraell
W art toa hetillrtt of the Unit ihltvct
Dons lor uur i-umfort b) our dws eick
Tea thiiuahtlets at lbs chf.k our lips
mlatu Kiss )
The irstftul viord-sa ihott a ora la
ay I
Wt notice not the UrtJ fert hurrlea
On our tmall errands; fsll lu titl tha
Word 01 rtoroot, nor tlcktn -slth tht
tnnusht j
Tbsi uur bluinltrt litt kit 0 hp- m rfhl 1
ssk. 1
Uud trains Ills siiaslt In uur s'.mtde lioiavt, .
While hi sisreti tk)wiird fur the rstlisr.i
li.; j
And liesviii's light i!a)s shuul tht isllnt
touts 1
Wtni at our hvsrllisloftet dstl toll ii.d
How oiitn we lomet, till disr tired tistuls
Alio Irndtr Hstrntul rtts
Wvtr. 01 wa. His lor uur tsld' itunkt
Hllu liau 1'j.isOis.
-Kui wiutina i-kiih, la luuth't font-
lu sanslilHe t.aMd,
Tht dss ale lotii snl brlatit st.rt fslr.
The tslis sre uiu-, In Hui.hlni tsndl
Nu thousl.t of i.ril isn euitr intu.
r-o urcMiu ut Uvu.i. wi iim.ii cri'trv.
And aUii. hrsits i.tvr ki.u. Uvipslr.
. l.dl'l; 1IUII It builtltll.v I.SIU1.
Come, dtr olio; ll.d 111 l.si.o He'll k9
ACIOIt 1l.t I.I..S .w hUI..I... . l.il.c.
It Is iiui ur, si.. t,i, 1 kl.UM
Tho lulll that Hll.l.. i.uw i..m1i. roH llllt.
e'ull tMret tn tuiLinr biitr.it Htm
tiuuiin uriut iiut. 111 Huutnint
Ooud r,lgl.t, uM Hor.dl W t'tt on the jy
1 101.1 s.t our nor. 10 nurthinv ImiiuI
A tllu.e of lliulikt uur llr Htll is i
I'u...) Hill sunn l. itsi.ljlll.
Uo Ht iniisi n.isuu hiiiv He nu)
i ill Uh.l. HI, M Ul till l.l Kllli.l.il.. I. .1 .11
Jtsst. .. i-'ittd, in r.iriu ui.d liiuiiu t
All lllil-l'ilstiliitiril WtiiiiiiM.
Nu iltv.r, liil.lui.t tn.iikir slm,
witii toiiea rteuiu unit ctenr.
hlit lut i.ul kliovtii Uu p.iit.t ut fsine.
ine huiiu lut utt.r lit -tu 11. r lisliiu.
Iluinv It titr klrstluln. lut-i lm iltiuir
kite tttks liu ult..r VimIiU ul (-utitl.
.iiuuiiti 11. r 11011.1.11 I.. all. in tun.eC.
vs ru111.1i suine iwsi.i.u smIi.i tnsliiu.id,
At.d nit. sit nuiui si., uu.rt.
Hi 111 r ult inset in. .in. Hum-;.
til.v ktips tit-r Isltti Ul.sll.tUtlHtll tllll
iiiiu run 1 ine tsi 111 11. auosi m,,i 111,
Tlitt ssd uiu luitli't a unshiir ptscs
A.I lur the tlilitl.llle ol In 1 isce,
ll.r vim time- k iilistiuit iIiiuhs.
And limits ure li'ippitr Hlitic sliv gort,
. Hililir, t.it'HI-t),ll IllissvliUtr.
Tu Hliltl. r lots Itunk IIimI lur hsrt
-I. il. 4luulkull,l), In .V I, Witkl).
'I est ssl rtsll-.ties.
I'irh.ips lu Hut inilliniilsl Iiius
tt I II I IIUllullB Hit UHlllt,
Ul'li liltl Isltueu In tt'tt) III
And it I hu ftsrt u lute.
Suur tuiiiir Imtitiiit hoii'I gti loit.
Your llUIISstt Hill not tMg,
'in. iiioloiut.in Hill Hltas ttep
tt t.tlltr't-r -I ear )till Hug,
luur shoo tults utter Hill art thin,
ttiiir t'Uiioiis hoii'I tome un,
lutir filtuus Hill ulvin)s tliruH tIIUlUttt
.i.d 1.1 vtr slop lu si-un
II m.lkrt Ut tllllte Hhtlte'tr He Ihtiik
Ul ult this r .onion Kre.il--Alid
t I lie suitlnn thought oecurtt
li t tr lung lo null.
Watlilngtoii titsr.
the Hume l.lulil.
The list lit of hulnt's H Hondruut light.
Ho ifiuttr It lit ttilnteg.
Hu toft II follows llilnusti the night.
Our nesry riMd outlining.
TIumikIi lunwly slid fur )eurs Herosia,
Ksr from Itis oust nlio love ut.
Vrl ever tlllnrs III llgtlt of tiolnr,
Uke tlod's grate tirrud shove us.
Hie llglit of liuine't a Htitidrout light,
Tlirmigli life II foll'ini, setinliig.
Vet hIisii Hllh sgs tl.-t tislr It white,
I'Usr In Itis front 'Its gUsmtiig,
It thlnet from whtrs our loved ontt trs.
Oh, Hits It love's divining!
And through Hit gsii-t uf htsven sjsr
At Ust He tve II ttitiitngt
-Itllilt) 1). Htundert, In N. Y Wrtkly,
I'ttwr list r.
1 sre him sttt and ts : "Alst,
Pour ho) I"
Kot thai he's of the hungry rlstt.
Poor boy I
lilt ftee It nslihtr thin nor psle.
I've tir-ird htm tell no uiotliig tsla
Ol ursutt llng 'ntstli ths grutt,
Puur buy I
lls's ftnrly tlrettsd. Slid )it I kuyt
"Puur l-oyt"
What allies Slut Isuntt are flung his way.
Poor Imi) t
lilt foollth niotlier kei p lilt curlt
t'luiiK o'er lilt ttiiiultttrs like a girl's
Hi's IHiltw )esrs old 11 he's H ds,
poor boy!
-H. li. Kls.r, In Chicago IKcotd-llrratd.
The llHiillsl.
Wtien 1 sin gtllin Slut ferllng blue.
Why dott nil turlh teem ihut us), toor
Wtitn I uin fitting I.:-. tlitt and gu.
Why dots Itie Hhole norlil tttm at fdsyf
When I nnt toilthtd Willi tiite divine,
Why did the ttsit mole bilghll thlnct
When Jeitlotity or huts controlled,
Why did lit ttsrs ul once gruw told?
I toinrilinrt frsr In t.iiriltnttt
With turh rttiiomlbtllty.
1'or rnrvil or belter, bin! or -terse,
I rtguluie the unlvcrsel
Ifoustbtild Wordt,
lite Heller .nm.
1 thougtit In write 11 ertri., tHrl-t tnng
. Tluii Hiiutd ttirlll Itietrnittof msny nun
. ttini'iiuiiy noin grri.i ni.u tirong.
Undilng wordt from tlvlngpin
Hut all unsung tnuie bnck to ine
Ths lui.t-lttt nnlss. Hllh tnipiy rlnit.
They hart not rescind huintiiJly
Nurtoottii-d one iitsrt'stinhltttrdttlnr,
In idly furu intilhrr'e wns,
1 Htote 11 simple, heartfelt layj
A eiiimti of eomfolt tu bttlow,
Ai.d llglit. prrrhanLe, ilsrk torrow's wsy,
Men lovtd my tongund priilsed euth p.nt,
Ai.d tu lis t-vtry fuuli trtmtd bllndj
It triui-hsd l)is etiord of inothtrhrsil
Artl tot It intirhid nil hiimna kind.
Mlr.r.le Mcllurr.vy. In Wtlltprlng.
A stinsr sif 'ttvltttt.
In my gifts I Irani far
As the nttdy nations are
North nnd south And tint nnd wtttl
(Jtvtrs' truvila sre Ihebttt.
In mv itlfts I dig a mine
tionn Hhere lordllttt trtuturtt thine
ilratltude of hearts oiirrtted
invert' Klundlket art the tint.
In my gifts 1 mount and rise
Through lite reschet of the tklts
To n Iftsvtn of Joy and rest;
tilvtrt' Hlngt are far tho brat.
Amos It, Welti, In K. V. Indti-rrdent.
A Utile rift among the clouds
To Ut tho tunthlnt through.
And lo' Hits day Out was to dsrk
It brlghtcnvd and ntvv glorlts mark
The ways that wt r.uriue.
A sinltt that cottt the gtvtr naught,
A little word of prnltr,
And tome one, wsvtrlnr. may tska
The Hsy whtrttn hit work tbolt maka
Itlm hsppy all his naa.
B. 12. Klttr, In Chicago Iticord-lftratsL
The "wheel" surcharge on the rrctat
Issues of Salvador has Iveen described
aa a aunburat.
The 'Jsrion. Colombian ltepubll.
arnvlslnnals, March, IS9I, Issue, wera
largely bought up by a dealer In (lar
ton, who nt llrsl wns the sole aoiirc
of supply of the stamps.
One nt the most Interesting sights
appealing to the Interest of the phil
atelic tourist In Kurope Is the fa
tuous stnttip botirsi of Pnrls, The
Parisian stamp "bourse," which vir
tually Is but it convocation of curb
stone brokers, with nil the seml-ro-tnatittu
associations that cluster nbont
It, Is n Itxturc of fact nnd III conse
qiienre there Is some excuse, perhaps,
for the exaggerations and distortions
with which It hns been described by
the press of probably nil elvlllfcd
countries In the course of the occa
sional artlrle on philately. It had Ita
conception late In the Sn'a.
Thlrty.llve yearn ngo, when the col
lection of postnge stamps wna thought
to be mere child's ptuv, the stamps
worth hiindrrds of dollars to-day
ctiiihl be bought for n few ceuta each.
A few years later lite dollars wna the
highest price ashed for the rarest
stamps, with 11 few exceptions, such
as post utllcc, Mauritius, lieiiuloii, etc.
At that period the collection nf coin,
was csleemed a proer pursuit for st
Hons men, nlul the price obtained by
dealers In America for ordinary coins
wns from two to ten times whnt It
asked to-tlay for the smiie cuius, The
fashion of slump colli ct Inn wr.xrd
greater encli yrar, as that of coin 1 !'!
liTtlng wiiuctl. Of course, tin- well
known I'leal unities Sin v i- gem , nily
helil their prices, 11 ml In tome in
aliims eteu Inere.isetl. It Is nil Intel
rsllng speculation whether roll. s pud
stumps will nut begin to climigc the.i
relations to each oilier,
Michigan's school fluid permits of n
per 0.1 pi I a appropriation of Iw.i dul-lais.
Prof. Henry M. Ilnwr, of the schoi
tif mines, Columbia university, hu
Itceti ctcflfd 1111 lioiinitiry lueinbei of
the llusslau technical school nt S'
I. mum Henry, of Knoxtllle, ngi t-7,
has lircn the slur pupil III the Hail
port I'oliirett scliool there ftn kIi
weeks. She lost her hiisliunil, who
wns lm ytiirs old, about a yenr ngt,
unit coiicliiilitl to enter school ns u
curt for ennui.
The report of the University ('l ib
nf New Vol I, i lly shows that the total
membership is S,l' exclusive of
army nnd navy olllcers. 111 this 1111111.
her Coluinbla has '.'ul; Yale, h;3
Harvard, A7U, nlul 1'rluccloii. S.'iO. A
I'liluiiiblii university club has been In
eorporiitril In New York city wllh a
membership lo begin with of 430,
elh Low Is one of the Incorporators,
s nre also Abraiii Hewitt nnd Nich
olas .Murray llullrr,
Douglas Story, writing In Mil 11 try's
on the universities of Kurope, says
Ihal llussla has no university more
than liu years old. In nil, there are
I111 universities In llussla, but Die
students nre rarely Itiisslans. At
Dorpiit, of the I, coo stuilrnts, more
than l.lisi are Protestant Hermans,
C.'.ll Jews and only 11 J lira orthodox
lliissluiis, lliisslan students hnvn no
ndlege life, the university being mere
ly 11 series nf led ores. Thr students
tale the professors,
Due ntlruellti Inn cloth gown Is
trimmed with the soutache hrulil 1 11
black nnd white.
Corset enters of line Inwu are occa
sionally trimmed vtlthileepcremu laci
liiseiihnis nnd t'tlges nnd nre pretly
when worn with deep crenm-rolorcil
New French fell liatslti rnugh braver
mid shaggy ruiurlVhiilr elli els, nlsn
in inoltleil, licntlier-iulxeil mid griinlle
weiitlngs, un worn en suite wllh util
ity costumes of like pattern.
Turquoise mill rlx bias fashionable nt
ever. The liiiquolse It, iiioreoter, tin
stone for December, so that 11 lucky
chiiriu may tery upprnprliil'rly be
given 011 Christmas, which Is the
world's blrlhday. Then, too. Hie tur
quoise signifies "prosperity," n pretty
Idea for I lit- licwyciir.
Steel and black are combined fre
quently ttllli good clfeets this yenr.
lu some of the smart slocha Hie dots
of teltet which iiuilic 11 guild trimming
for so many things art set upon 11 luce
or net foundation ami encircled with
beads, black ami steel nlleriiiililig.
Lines of bbickniid steel beads ore tube
seen III oilier combinations on stocks.
King IMttard wears it No. 71ml, Hie
kaiser tl'-i nnd the duke of Corn
wall 6,
Sir Joseph DiriiMlntc, who has Jutt
been Installed as lortl mayor of Lou
don, Is 11 graduate of Lion, mid Is the
llrsl l.tou boy who lias fills c I the olllce
for a period of 130 years,
Dmitri Kiisjstijajlicmi, uu Armenian
who arrived ut the (larret Illbllcal In
stitute, Illinois, to study theology, bus
changed his tiiimn to "Mr, Little," us
none ut tint professors were able to
pronounce ids Armenian limuc.
itussell (lurdiicr,iirlch Mlsttstlpplmi,
has constructed it pleasure yacht, the
Alice May, furnished It sumptuously
ami lives on It almost the entire year.
In the summer In northern waters nnd
lu the winter along thedulf of Mexico.
King J.dwurd Is u disciplinarian ns
legal ils his court. It dors not do for
nuy uf the gentlemen of his household
to be absent without leave, Ilia ma
jesty is snld to liutu telegraphed to
a very high olllcrr In Scotland merely
to remind htm thut ths court la at
present lu Loudoi.

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