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The Montgomery tribune. (Montgomery City, Mo.) 1892-1910, December 27, 1901, Image 6

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t-ONH-alonf t( th
ini.Tnlghl hour ill
I In (I, n y tout arid
Ilirklnff ound of
the w.nd'i now
Plaint, UMlr.if the
time kp by,
rrontlmc Meh to the oilier' thounht, with
lh moon's face, nwctt and thin,
A-watch at thpncc of lh window plac,
walUntf the year twin
Walllnfc tm uuhcr the OM Year out and wet
eom the New Year In.
Hem- m'Aul with icrief and tiln henry,
hud bowrd with tram.
Worn with the weight of Morrow hand,
not with th Wfluht uf tdim:
And 'twtit ua mnny a thine of woe, man?
a inousnl or tin,
JWhlte tho moon oiitft.ile. like a pure-eye
bride, wan wnltlmr iti Vi-nr tirln
Waltlnic ua uglier the Old Yt.ir out and
welcome lh New Year In.
Uf tout It anoke In the atltly rfark-tpokt,
and1 I ahrnnk and heard.
The chorda nt my Iwlnff puld and leaped,
nfTrUJitcl like cr.nt.vr Mrdi
t htard, and I knew lh.it auch woidt wrre
triii- whiu (he nw moon, p ret and
With and aiirprlia In htt lendtr tjvc wn
wBUinc llie year bruin
-'Waltlnic u uher the Old Ytir out ord
welcome the New Ytnrln..
nd t pi id with m j- ronli "JtiitRt not
jmiKonoti - ant i prnyrfl: .n- w Yir,
hrlnir kmc."
t fell on my km a In ll hunli and dark I
wrut n.ml hid tnv rnrr.
for out of the unite honmlN of Tim., from
the renliiu of "ill inluht hive Isfn
To arpulrhrr uf lha Infinite jt lwnrlr.it
miiiaKta ami tin,
Tho Old Ynir vlote nn llm rhurrh I!!
chimed' n n d Mi ' New Y nr nt'-nd In
Mnry t'larko lluiitli.gtmi. In (loinl House
Kt pin if.
So she stood before thl last store It
waa a Jewelry More and, oh, how
beautiful the jewel looked sapphire
nnd ruble anil diamonds how they
glittered. The tight wa enough to
fascinate older eje than Annie a.
l'rrnontly something In one corner
of the window caught her gn It
wasn't a Jewel, It wns a switch of love
ly linlr; not our, but sctcrnl, and be-
low them In pretty, shnllovr, satin-
Hoed boxen, "ere clusters of curl. A
audden thought came to Annie) ahe
pressed her little hnnda together and
held her brcnth, then paused n mo
ment to gain cour.i.T, and posted reno-
lutely Into the great atore. A kind
looking man came forward to meet her
and aaldl "What can 1 do for you, lit
tle lady?"
"Do you buy hair?" ahe nuked.
"Sometimes, little one why do you
"Will you buy mine? See, I have
plcntyl" ahe answered, taking off her
hat and shaking her curl down over
her thnuldera, and looking up with
anxious cyra.
"Hut, my little girl, are your curia
your to hc1I7
rived, lie talked to the little girl for
awhile, then nirprivd the jeweler and
little Annie by bursting Into tears.
Tlicj'vc told you about uncle Luke,
haven't they?" he asked.
"Oh, often," replied Annie, "iie
la In Australia, where the bark falls off
the trees and the lenses stay on, and
where the birds hare no wings, and ev-
erythlng la i queerl"
"Hut what If he come homc7"
"Oh, he won't," she aald) "mother
haa loat him completely."
"Hut he haa come home. I am he."
Then there waa what Annie called "a
That was how It happened that just
an the doctor was praising Teddy'a pa
tience, nnd aaylng how the wine had
helped him, there was a great flutter
In the hull, nnd Annlr bounced In, drag
ging n big man with kind eyea In a
rough face by the hand.
"My curia found him. It la Uncle
Luke, mother, and he haa money
enough In buy my curls back two or
three times. 1 know, because he
Mill so."
And then there was much more of "
time." And the doctor held Teddy'a
"Oh, jea, sir) If you only knew why j hand while Uncle I.nke told about his
I must sell them, I am sure joii would
buy them. Teddy Is so ill that he nerds
things, and mm her" and here she
choked up ao ahe could soy no more.
"And you want t'i sell yourbraiiltful
hair to buy things for jour slek broth
er) Is Hint It, little one?"
"Vi'H, air."
"I wouldn't lake It, but"
"Pirate don't refuse me, sir) my hair
wilt grow In ngntn) It grows awful
fust) see, It Is below my walstt"
"It Is beautiful, n very rare color, and
so curl-." said the mini, stroking the
rippling mass of thtnlug hair.
"Molher'a Is Just like mine, only It
U n little fndy here and there. You
will take my hair, won') joii? l'leae
do) It will surely grow again, nnd my
brother needs things so wry, rery
much) the doctor snysso!"
The man led her Into n bark room
long search for his sister, and mother
explained about falher'ndeath and her
removal to the city, and how she lost
Uncle Luke' address nnd could not
get a letter to reach htm. Then they
talked about Annie's curls, nnd the
doctor blew his nose furiously and dug
at his etrs, and Annie heard him sayi
"Old Idiot that t ami t guess I'll try
to sec nboiit n way of getting wine
when I prescribe It again for n boy
whose iniithrr haathut frightened look
In her eyes."
Annie tucked hrr little shorn head
under the doctor's arm and whispered:
"Hut you we how It was best, don't
you? My curls found so much for us
thry brought us an uncle, .lust tooknt
mother) don't she look happy? Isn't
a pood uncle the best Jfew Year's prea
ent In nil thin world?"
Wine la n good medicine when ona
II, If my darling
could only have
the whirl How
hard It Is to be
so Poor, ao poor.
Annie heard her inolher'ii word", al
though thry were not Intended for her
to hear. Khe stw her bruth anny the
Usrs from her rjrs and then go hack
to Teddy room,
"What did the doWor say, molher?"
skrd Teddy, In ti weak voter) "did be
say I will gel well?"
Annie heard the reply: "llesajs that
the fevfr la broken, and that all you
hate to do now la to get well,
Teddy' voice trembled as he replied:
"Oh. mother. I was afraid he woulJ
soy I might die, mid I wondered who
would take r.irc of you ami little Ail1
Dir. I am gkid dot! Is going to let me
live to do It. Now I muil begin lo get
at rang! Can't yoiigltclnc lots to rot?"
Annie aaw her mulbrr's llp ipilver
is she turned her fai r from I eddy.
"Yea, my son, but not too much at
once, you know," she said.
Teddy tanked very thoughtful.
"Hut Is there an) thing In the house,
mother? I have been slek n itil while,
and my last wages must be nearly
gone, nnd you haven't had time to color
many photos lately, have ynu?"
The boy'n mother answered, brave
In "flick folka mustn't bother about
these things, you know." Then she
left the room, nnd Amite saw that the
did so to hide the tears which were
streaming down her worn face.
"I must do ftoiiirthlng; I wonder
what It will be?" murmured Annie to
herself, nnd, ruhlug her lint down
over her curls, she slipped Into the
Amite thought coimlnnlly of wine for
poor Teddy, and wondered If shcaum
mniied eournge to beg a bottle whether
anyone would be kind enough to give
It lo hrr for u poor sick buy, her only
brother. Khe knew tint sometimes
grocers kept wine, especially around
holiday time, and felt sure If thry only
knew how very, very much It was
needed nt home by her poor sick Ted
dy that soiiu one of them would sure
ly give her n bottle. Then Ihere were
other placrn where they sold nothing
but' wine nnd such stun", for she had
seen big window full of the bottles,
with pictures of great bunches of beau
tl ful grapes standing behind them.
Annie waaii'l a bold, forward child!
del her lore for her brother, at least, made
abllff lrr brave for the time) so she resulted
4ku . In her henrt to beg for the wine which
lllt-IJS .,,.... .,1,1 ,.,,,,1,1 I. -!,.
UC inivi", f..i. h imin
trcngtli to Teddy. Christmas had
Mni.i.i itn.l r'une lint Trdilt wnu u.i ttl
MmJ tl, the fever that Annie thought
torrfr huthliig about the absence of the gifts
usual to Ibat liappy duyi but nowTed
Jy wtis to grow better, and she did long
to tic nblo to make his New Year's and
her molher'a brighter than Christmas
liad been. Aa she wandered down the
streets revolving these thoughts In her
mind nnd wondering how he might get
the ucceasary wine she passed many n
gay scene.
llarly evening had closed down on
the city, nnd nil the ahopi were aflame
with light and brightness, Annie gazed
wistfully nt the pretty things In the
rent window; she was but a little
aid. and could not help wishing for
pretty lhlng for herself and for her
mother ana 'loiiiy.
Tint the wlnc-khe must not linger)
he would only look In one more shop
and then then she would teelc the
gTrat shop where wine wns sold In bot
tles: surely the big, rosy-faced man
whom she had often noticed atundlng
In the doorway of his shop would listen
to her atory of poorTeddy ai.d give her
b. i.
tho tm
and himself cut the glossy locks, lay
ing each curl carefully down. Then
he called a mail who wore a white
apron nnd gate the little shorn head
Into his ehnrge.
I bellete that you are prettier than
before," the kind man said, when the
halrdrrsm-r had finished. Ihrn he laid
little roll of bills In the child' hand
and bade hrr be careful not lo lose it
on her way home.
Annie hurried home, When she ar
rived molher wna rending to Teddy,
nnd Annie crept In like a little mouse.
She reunited hrr bat carefully, so ns
not to spoil the hairdressers work,
then dropped the bills In her molher'
lap, wltli a ".Merry I lirlstmas and a
Happy New Year, mammal"
"Oh!" screamed Teddy,
"Ohl" M-reanied mot hcr.ns they both
saw and knew nil.
"How came joii to think of II, my
poor haby?"nlcd the molher.
"It's for wine wine Is belter than
curls any day," answered Annie) then,
turning to Teddy, she hugged him In
Joy nnd said, soflly: "flet well, Ted
dy, nnd pay me back sonic day!"
Then she told how It nit happened,
nnd how she-was going In n collide of
day lo see hrr curls In their pretty
Kitln-llned ease. After they bad both
kissed her nnd llianfcctl her otrr and
over again she crept away.
"I'm glad I did It) but how lone
tome my pretty curls will be I" said
the child.
Hut the curls were not nt nit lone
some. The kind man was looking nt
them when one of the boys showed n
gentleman In. The visitor wnsn big
mnn nnd he had gentle eyes, though his
face was somewhat rough to look nt
"I'm iiille out of heart, Alfreds lean
get no clew) but what'a Ihiit you have
there? I'rcliy, aren't thej v
"Ye, beautlfult"
Then the kind man told all about the
little girl who sold the curls to him, so
she could have muney to buy things for
the sick brother.
"Alfred, this hair la just'the color of
Kl lie's; could It be? Could It be Wile's
child's hair?"
"Shc'acomlng here day after to-mor
row to sec her curls In their satln-llned
box) then If you will be here you can
find out who she Is," answered the
Sure enough, Annie came to see her
curls ns they looked rendy for sale) she
wan led to see the box. White she was
admiring It nnd telling nboiit Teddy,
nnd how the wine was doing him good,
the stranger with the gentle eyes r-
needs It, nnd Teddy Improved rapidly
so rapidly that he wns almost ready
to try the new sled that Uncle I.uke
brought home to him on New Year's
eve, A for Teddy' molher, the rosea
began to Hut her ehrcka again, nnd
Annie was sure she was the prettiest
and best mother In nil tho world. La
dle' World, New York,
A liHtl Itriiitiitlnn,
Onei of I ho beat New Year' resolu
tions we hnto hrnrtl of anybody mak
ing I this: "Not to speak of mis
take which innko no difference,"
How often the harmony of the home
Is ileslroted by the persistent mem
ber of tho household who will argue
half nu hour titer the merest t rl lie,
If one hold nn erroneous opinion
on n subject of nny Importnuco It
should by nil menus Ix; corrected
Hut what possible difference docs It
makii whether Aunt June rnme to
dinner nn Tuesday or Wednesday?
Yet no bavo listened to benteil ills
pules that enst nn ugly shadow over
on entire meal, or spoiled nn etcii1
Ing'a enjoyment, upon subjects of no
morn moment than the time of n
visit or tho Htnte of Inst week's
weather. In dealing with children
accuracy of statement should bo
rnrc fully ciillltnted, lest n habit of
exaggeration or untruthfulness be
developed, Hut for ndults the fore
going resolution Is worthy nt gen
eral adoption.-Helpful Thoughts.
tiw "ihom!" w.tf Tin: cai'sp. m it
She "Do you really believe col
lege education amounts lo much?''
Ho "I with you could ice the billi."
Harvard Lamjioon.
"Did yo hcv a good tolmc at th
wedding, Mr. Casey?" "I did, as yo
may tec by th' coort platter ttickin'
out from under mo hat." Indianap
olis Xcvri.
"When we arc married, dcurett,
you'll let me have a night latchkey,
won't your" "Certainly, Hoinrleh,
only you mutt promise never to uit
111" Fllegendc Jllactter.
Con Sect ''Diamond engagement
rlngi aro very evidently not mlilon
able any more." Aicum "What
tnake you think o?" Con Sect "I
offered ono to Mill Itoxlcy Inst night
and tho wouldn't have it at all."
Dobion "If I ever catch that
young Simpson I'll ihoot him. Hv'j
been calling at my houso for tome
time, and last night ho left t lie town
hurriedly with" Smith "With
your daughter?" Dobion "Xo, sir;
without her." London Tit-lJlti.
Artful Kama) Maiden. A wiie
girl in Kirwiu. Kan., tics an apron
around her waist whenever ilto icei
her "ittady" coming, and when iho
lot him in flic bluihci and cxcuki
hcrtelf on tho pica ll. at the hai been
"helping mamma." Kaniai City
Too Kaiy. Theodore "It's all
right, darling. 1 bate met your fa
ther, and wo took to one another at
once. Ho even went to far at to bor
row ten dolkn from inc. Surely, bo
can't rcftiio ineyour band after that."
Kdlth "Dory, I'm afraid you've
mada a men of it. I'.iHolJ me about
tho ten dollari , and laid I'd better let
you illde; that you were too caiy."
Iloston Tramcript.
A British Soldlit's Wirm Eiperlincs In
ths Eot War.
11 was on going down to camp one
evening to fetch water that 1 had
tlko narrow cit iliavc I Iiao had in
the campaign. I went down rather
too early lu tho twilight, and found j
tho bulled kicking up tho ground oil
ibout tho (cnttcrtd tcnti and kit. I ,
went on toward tho vlel juit below, j
with tho camp kettlo in my hand.
Tho llocrt mint havo caught tight of
me, for suddenly about a dozen bul
lets struck the ground, none ot them j
more than a few inches from my feet.
It felt as if tho bullets tried to get
as nearaspoislblowithouthlttingmo, '
and several went singing past my
head. Here clearly was a caic foi ,
uiidom, for to havo stayed there
would havo been to commit filicide; i
they had got my range, aud wcro miss
ing me by inches only. I therefore '
cleared oil at tho double to two
wagdns covered with sail cloth, the i
bullets tinging pait mo as I went.
llottucr, the llocrs had icen thli
move, too, and a dozen or more bul
lets came tearing through tho canvas:
to, as I was not going to bcthollike
a rabbit in a hole, 1 retreated in haste
the way 1 had come, the chirp, chirp
still continuing unpleasantly close to
my head, 1 tilled my kettle from a
bucket in the olllccrt' men, which
was well under cover, and camo up
to camp with it unnoticed by the
"snipon" in other directions.
Chambers' Journal.
"Not for mI" I wouldn't swearoS:
"(I004 resolutions" I have no dcslrs:
Kor It would be folly (or any sans nun
Aa long as fas uses ths wlr.
Ths Villain In ths Play sad Ills Dismal
"Tremble, monster!'' shrieked the
hcrolno as tho pointed a long, white
accusing finger at the double-dyed
Hut tho villain didn't tremble.
"Vou spoilt tho scene," hiiscd tho
heroine, when they stood in the
"1 really couldn't help It," apolo
gized the unhappy man.
"Hut l'vo alway claimed jou were
the licit trembler on the stage," said
tho heroine.
"It was awfully good of you," re
plied the actor.
"Hut why couldn't you trcmblo to
night?" "It's easily explained," said tho
villain. "Hitherto I've always played
that iceno with my wifol" London
To Fight Tuberculosis.
A society has been organized in
Moscow, Ituisia, the members consist
ing of both physicians nnd laymen,
for the purpose of proventing tuber
culosis by putting into practico thoie
means which tcirna-j has indicated u
Story That Is Not True.
When a man trllsastoryabout peo
ple and docs not remember tho names,
It is probably a lie anyway. WasbA
ington (la.) Democrat,
. M
- If
C. 11. Chambcrlln, M. I)., writes from Uth nnd 1'. Sits., Washington, D.G.
"Manycnta hntv come under my otiscriaflon, where I'crunn hat
benefited and cured. Therefore, I cheerfully recommend II for catarrh
and a general tonic"'-C. II. CIIAMlWlll.lt.', M. I).
Tleiltenl Ksaltilner i M. Treasury,
Ur. Llewellyn Jordan, Medical Hx-
i niiiini r oi ii. r.
TrenMiry Depart
ment, grailualo of
Loiumuia college
I Dr. UJorJin. 1
three tear nt
West l'olnt. bus
the following to
say of l'crunat
"Allow mo to
I'xpnai my grati
tude to you for
thu liencilt de
rived from your
wonderful rem
edy. One short
hit. vino snon
month hns brought forth n vast change
nft.r tn,mlli
fcrers. i'eruua will euro von
hi:. t,r,Kvi:fii,YN JortiMN.
Oco.C. Havener, M. I)., of Anncotla,
I). U, writes:
Tha l'c rutin Medicine Co., Columbus, 0.1
Gentlemen "In my practice I havo
had occasion to frequently prescribe
pur rahmblo mi-dli Inc. nnd have found
Its uo hcncllcta!, especially In cave of
(iKonni: c. ii,vi:.i:ii, m. d.
Dr. L. S. Smith, of Wllllston, Fla.,
"I have found 1'cruna n most ralnablo
remedy forchronlu entarrlPof tha head,
throat, lungs nnd bronchial tubes, In
fact, no matter where located.
"I'ew Noplu rcnllo that most sick
nesses start from colds which develop
Into dlircrent affections nnd flnnlly be
ennui chronic, settling oflen on ths
luns and frequently causing serious
a n wl i serv., ""K?,"" rtiUeutiy causing scrlou
three Tvnn nt ,rmll,u' "I1'0 while In
,im,i..v ,i, uiu n-Tiu frKlilln, WII1IQ in
womin It develops Into dUeases pccul-
" I'mm my experience with reruns I
havo found II very i fllcaclous lo euro
these diseases, and I reenmmi n I It."
I..H.HM1TII, M. I).
Dr. Mnry Snillh. Wlnllelil, liid.,
"A weak nnd stele woman must not
expect to benr well children, l'or over
St yenra my efTnrl hnvo liein sient
an.U now consider ,,,ydfnlm? ;!:;
? tvll 1 e .'" ""' P0".0 ',c,1 IVr"""' nml 1 ',l'' Hint It
- ... . , , Ki'iif-iu inniifc
Is tho best nnd safest n c llclnu to glvo
n wiminn niiiicring iioin otnrinn
trouble. Inflammation, aud profuao
I tv.ml.l tint 1m .lntnm mh - -
physician did I not ndvlso Its use. I
kuwr by exiierlenett that l'crima enrea
sick women, uml I thereforo gladly In
doni It." lilt. MAUY hMITII.
If you do notreeeIvuiromptand satis
factory remit from the uvo i.f 1'cruna,
write at nee In llr. Hantaan, giving n
full statement of your case, nml lie
ivttl l,A i.Im a.l I,. I.t.
advice grails.
Aimress nr. iinrtman, rresldent of
Tha Hurtliian Hanltnrlum, Colmnbus.O.
There Is no retiring ngc for the ai
mlral lu tho nuvj ) Admiral Dewey will
be carried on the nctltc list at long as
he lltes.
Henry I. of l.ugland was called
"Deauclerk" because he was one of the
few kings of hit time who could read
and write.
At the battle of Santiago Schley was
a commodore, Sampson a captain. Th
latter had the temporary rank ot
rear admiral.
Mlta Lillian A. Norton, of Texai, re
cently nppolnted chief of the finance dl
vision of the post olllcc department,
drnwa tho largest salary of nny wom
an In thu scrtlce of the government
JI,:;o per annum.
Mrs. C. X. Whitman, of Denver, owns
the largest runch of nny woman In
the world. It Is located In Irxai.nrar
Tuscola, and Is called the I. S. runch,
from Luclen fccott, the first ow iter. 1 he
ranch Is 30 miles square, and hundreds
ot cowboys are cmplujcd upon It.
Like King IMniird, King Victor
Emanuel Is engaged In n very radical
weeding out of the Imitation list ol
his court and Is adopting n policy of
ectuslvcness. In tho tints of King
Humbert almost anybody could e
cure nn Invllaton to court bulls, ct
peclally If a foreigner, and the guests
as u general rule numbered H.ouo to
King l.dwnrd. In the dnts when he
was prince of ivples, sat on (he com
mission for the housing of the poor,
and no commissioner wurked Iiaraci
thon he. Vjslllng some of tho poorest
slums In London, he Investigated for
himself the condition of the peoplc.and
In the house of lords he spoke ot the
sights he had seen as "perfectly (lis
Miss Helen V. Menrs, formerly ol
Oshkosh, Wis., will make the statue
of the late Miss Frances Wlllurd, to be
presented by the state of Illinois to
Chicago. Mis Meors was n pupil ot
St. daudens, nnd also studied for set
cral years In l'arls. St. Clnudens soys
uf her work: "It Is as strong ns a
man's, and haa In addition a subtle
Intangible equality, exceedingly rare
nnd splrltunb
The Hello 111.11.
A nervous looklnz clil consulted a doe-
tor, ttho a.kril her wnat site was sutlerlag
iruin. ucr sn.uer uai as ioiiowsi
1 am a telephone eul. doctor, and lb
work is a terrible strain on inv nerves. Th
monotony of having a rreelter constantly,
at inr ears, ami saiing'ileimi lens upon my.
nertrs. When oil duty I am alwsts hav
ing 'Hello' lincing in injr ears, snj 1 sm
inn to say inv nratirs 1 in
stinctively say 'Hello!' before 1 continence
sleep saying
cinttintly .ijlnu it. When I ;o lo bed I
wake Iriint my sleep saying 'llellor
tvlien I kiietl donn I
them." !-ortlnit 'lines.
to do your dreins; for
some ona
f you usa
ou can do
What Is the m In employinir
t for von. 1
It just as well as a professional.
IWsulv and eood sense seldom eo (a.
cetlier. We u.ually let our good sense so
lirst, la order Hint we may keep our beauty
a little loncer. X. V Hug.
Slop She Couiili nnit Work Ott
(lie Cold.
Laxative Drotno (Julnluo Tablet. IMooSSo.
Trt -r, I- l.ix.tn ,n rl. It 1. Ik..
did is Inliiunsn. l'uik,
l'iso's Cure cannot lie loo highly spoken of
i. u vt.uKii imr. ti. tt . t imrii, en iniru
Ave., -N., .Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 0, 1000.
Keir of us lire to learn) and feiverlearn te
live. Wrinkle.
Fortify leebl Lungi Against Wlntsr
wltli Hole Honey of Horelinunil nnd Tar.
Pike's TootlmcholroM Curo iuouo tulnut.
flieatne.s nisgnlfles a man's mlstskes,
Chicago Dally Xetvs.
IMl-mL. :
Hot milk 'taken nt night just before
retiring will often produce sleep In
those who suffer from Insomnia,
A few drops of benaoln dropped Into
wntcr until It looks milky makes u
pleasnnt wash for the fuco and is very
good for the sklu.
A eold-wnter compress Is nn excel
lent remedy for aore throat. Wring
out the bandage fairly dry. wrap
around the throat, and cover with a dry
piece ot llanneL
5 Neuralgia
3 Headache
All Bodily Aches
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