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sis "iiOALiA Weekly Bazoo.
'Wnieatfe. "."-"." -ice
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Tift ftj JL IfjMai
awamaup. aWeB ani PTOwll
AH adeertmmenU end local notion that are
imttrttd in tkU paper, if net erprcufy agreed
anon uc ta hk ume to me pmowma, are inxnca
(tf) "tSl ferhid," and charged ten oca a line
men imeerUm, tiH ordered omi. For tkt Sunday
enfaea fykvn earn per line u charged.
Weather Report.
Corrected daHjr tor the Bazoo by C. G.
Taylor, Horologist and Optician, No. 9
CHiio street, for the twenty-four hours end
ing at 2 o'clock p. nx. Jane 2. 1877.
8 a.m
2 p.m.
8 p. m.
j 29:37
1 29-JS9
More water and less dust.
Summer has come in earnest.
A doctor writing over the signature
of "Crotoa Oil" in Brownsville says in
reference to the excitement 'occasioned
in that town by the dissection of the
body of a friendless outcast that :
Port-Mortem examinations and dis
sections are a necessity, and the vast
amount of knowledge gained thereby
should lead every one to encourage
them for the benefit of humanitv.
One would think from general talk
that such things are rare; but if the
curtain were raised the surprise would
be great indeed, at the extent to which
the business of dissection is carried.
Perhaps it would be as well, in view
of this fact, for the people of Browns
ville to keep a closer watch on their
graveyard. If it would nrprie them
It will not perhaps be considered int
pertiaeat to remark that the eoadition
of the roads in Pettis county at least,
warranted the legislature in passing
some kind of a law which would have
the effect of keeping them in better
condition. Whether this new law will
subserve this purpose or not remain!
to be seen. The intention of the leris
lature was good, and in so far as the
new enactment corrects the deficien
cies observable in the old one, it is
l-i.i in t . . , -
wiuuieuuauic juc farmers oi mis
county do not require to be told that
the roads as a general thing have been
nearly impassable in the spring the
precise season of the year when they
to know tli ATtPnt t whirl. th His-1 are Beeded to produce to market.
section business is carried on over No effort hehigly been made to
there, the inference is that the bod- fI?;ride ny of them with grades-
ies are got in secret; and where so scarce-and rots andgtil-
V,hv . in h MOAV.wi Ies are as numerous in the most fre-
Of course, these jxrt-mortem examina- quented highways as blackberries in
tionshavea tendencv to enlarge the That these conditions slionld
information nf th nl.vii9n h,,t distinguish our country thoroughfares
some folks (and probably those about be8Peaka n iifcrence on the part of
Brownsville) have an old-fashioned de
sire to have their dead rest in peace.
It is no exaggeration to say that 8e-,
dalia, as a summer resort, is peerle-w
the community to the most essential
auxiliary our trade can have. The
roads are the arteries of local com
raerce, and their good condition is an
indispensable adjunct to prosperous
business. To secure this the new law
has made some imperative provisions,
. witfimit 4 ritral i enrt nf mmnrvu
mbe between Saratoga in the Et nfnlly dmered will
and the Sweet Springs in the West.
Grant is talking to the Britishers.
Ouida is writing her wickedest and
moat awcinating novel.
' It is -time the overseer of the
was patting in an appearance.
Minister Pierrepont is said to have
4tCmt of Arms'' on the brain.
The mshioaable organist will have
to play the Psalnts of David to operatic
' .edia has so -many good churches
that she caa afford to put up with a
poor mia'istf or two.
The Crown .Heads don't know what
to U with Graa t. They feel very
much as did the man who drew the ele-
whaat '
; towns are riosing their
Those of Sedalia com
their annual vacation several
meatht age.
TeaaysoB is .to write an ode to
Graat: bat the ex-President would
re the poetry ewed him. than
hYeRdwn, -
Thw maa who called Uncle Cephas
iWmnWm:?fcTna his bnsi
'ayTlmt truly; geod mxn would
osca anv
Beaches will be set oat in the court
yard for otftm to-day. It is
too hot for them to stand on the cor
aere atil church'is out;
Thr reason why women, are consid
eesd miah-gbod haters, consists in the
sWthatrwhaterer hey can find to do,
they do with all their might
Beecber is down on the Turks.
Their social relations inspire him with
disgust. -Batcher never could endure
to have people excel him in anything.
A man committed suicide in Eng,
-land the other day, because his wife
was too good for him. He knot like
ly to hare any imitators in this coun-
There is said to be twenty thousand
people ia St Louis pat of employ
meat Whore is the maa who said
there was plenty of work in the country?
- Twitching rf the mueale of the face,
and especially those of the lips are an
af pmauyak. Kissiag, how-
excepted from these indica-
secure the end in riew. The most im
portant of these is the authority con
ferred upon the County Court to levy
an assessment not exceeding one doi
larand a half upon every adult male
resident of the road districts, leaving
... I it nntinnarv with th nareiti minn
are on the thresnoM ot . - 1 i-'"
wnom the tax is levied' to pav the
money to the mad overseer or work it
out on or before the October following.
The County Court is also authorized
at the May term to set apart from the
general county revenue, whatever sum
is needed for road purposes and which
shall be classified as a road tax and be
collected by the overseers. This is in
addition to the personal tax of one dol-
The principal attraction of a summer
resort is a cool, refreshing atmosphere
during the days when the sun is pre
sumably in his greatest rage and sweat
These days are supposed to have come
around. We
June. It is summer in the almanacs.
Edmund Spencer writes :
j'TlH'Mcaiae the jolly MimmtT, Jx-ing (light
In a thin silicon -. oek rfilorml grwn.
Thai w.i uulinoil all, to lie won- light,
Ami on hfvbrad a gnrhuul, will l"c-n,
He wore, from which, as he liad cliafiil Umh,
The fveat did drop, aud in lit liaud ix ltre
A ItovandMliafl, as ho in forest kwu
Ilatl Jiuutod late the lilJnrd ir the lioar.
And now would Inthe. Ins liniSs, with lalxir healed
Thus is snmmer, that is to
s ao CUIUIUCl 1 M OBJ I I . . -
this is summer which Etlmund Spencer T . ""
is writing about. But this is not 4he nu- w iw w
..mmer which resides in SMnWn. Anr- " r.rm mrger or mailer
J I ..! TM f -
body who would go about the streets mr 01 Tmn "7
xrl .; . hi lkM Lork wonM roads or cIos,n oM ones is specifically
be sent speedily to an inebriate v. the usmost latitude con-
lam, if an attack of chilkorsunstroke T - . """" IU inc eitI
AiAn kill hin befor he could be car- " MKSe " " " evi
dent - HKention ot the eeuMture
in framine the statute. to
look solely to the purpose of get
ting the best possible roads and
to stimulate the zeal of communities
Written lor U Sunday Monunx nxou.
.4 KtmiinSteeitfef Sornt'gn.
In th fl ami dreauir twilljrlit.
Waiting, waiting for a Mei,
I'.-rin thmugh tlte uqle tudW!,
lliiiik oil I i-liall eVr forgel ?
How mr In-art, imrotirnt snui.
Suislit. at Ut. the lietvlinjc kw,
Aivl a hnsht, Mji-ioin nioiktiire,
(iatheml in eueli addeued eye.
(uld it ! tliat lie would IttXf me
For Iter unny Southern Iioiik?
WitlMMit !a ing, Good-!Te Tiu," or
lruriii-iii again t ronie;
To ih- "Icy North." .-he called it,
lp among the crag mi liish,
t if iIh Adirundack moinitain.
Wliere we'd waBtlered M.td-e anl I.
Over-head the Un-hing apH'
TrentlJed in tlu hazy air,
AihI the glittering Saratoga
At my feet lay mlrery fair;
AihI the erescrBt moon, just rising
Tlie nme magic Mreetne gate,
That Mie gave to UiuauV waten,
Wlien lie ki..edcach parklins ware.
Hiit! that purely ix lier fm.t-Ill,
CHding'o'cr thecfimwin leave?.
Springiag up I lia.te to moot her,
I .if) ing np tier eyes he
Tear? in mine! as swift a lightning;
Two arm. white an un-ruuned aaow,
Cbiip my neck a nweet voice whisper,
"Dear old Tom ! I Ifive you o V
'-Thi if our last tryat, till rpring dear, Tom,
Tlien I'll come rock to tkii
Yi', imleeil, I will now jJoase l goxl.
Don't uiRMi my hair up o;
Pafia'a waiting at tlie 'State-.' We ieava
At half pat eight, yon see.
So U on yoor good lieliarior now,
And tmt the ret to me.
Trust the rest ta you ? Ah yet,
Iar Madge! you uoUy kept your word.
And tr.e Lluhin, mutiny, jovoik spring
Brought lock my Houtliem bird ;
Now she sing all lay among the vines,
Tliat sliade ber dusky eyes,
Atut the little home N more tlian limven.
That hM my Madge ami I.
8HX HAD A wnr.
How a Tom Lndj Got Bid of Aa
Objecttoaable loyer How Am
Ira to Mamma Went for Him, and
a Big Brother ia to Call Him to
"It faW, air aa infamoV faWhood
how dare you aaj so?' ami the ladjr in the
TeheMence of her anger, hurat into team.
"Well now madam. I nrn sorry yoa
aaake a ftm about it ; but 5011 know a man
It is, perhapa, one of the moat htrwin uon't want to marry a girl with .1 wen on
condition in life to be in love with a jrirl ! her lev."
that don't love you. Yet the average young! Thin w more than anjr well regulated
nan indulges the fond delusion that in matron could atatid especially a woman
time the obdurate heart will warm to the j who took anch pride in her beautiful
fervency of his derotion. and the eyes that I daughter. She rose up with a screech
I ahun hi elances with ill concealed diIike ' that would hare done no discredit to a
! : r l: : i. r.. n... ! i 1 t i , ,
win, mi ubc, iicii mm nim i. ir. iiii ' vuuivmj raeie, mm ax Her eve giai:Cetl
Uacingaad all her font tmnbliag with
madam aheV gwt a wen on acr
The Basoo'e Aocooat of the Social
Honor at BrowcteriUe ia Work
ing Oat Ite Locitiaiate Beeults
Xrerybody SarJadad With It Kx
ceai too Payeiciaaa Damaaing
Adaaiaaf oae in MCroton OiPa" Let.
Om auare, one imiertion
" three "
m- mm
. 1 5
oce wek .. 2 kq
3m Maan?, or lew, oaeimenioa $1 25
Each MibHeijaent inrtioi . 75
Joe square one time, daily a weekly. 1 "75
J. tllT GOOBW1Y.
Then aome of the tuhmta leaf apoji the
table with the bodies and thmw
inshapetohaTcagroupUkea. They locked
Score of
Gamea Made
May, 1877.
The Sedalia Ciymnasium haa a bowling
alley connecteil with it, where tuembera
only aud invited friends can nlav. The
following are the names of the players, and
the score of game made during the month
ending May 31, 1S77 : '
Pins, f Sanies won
to immediate effect and if carried out
in its letter and spirit will apply a
wkolsome corrective to an evil that
was becoming almost uaeadaiable.
rierl there. In short, the weather in
Sedalia is wliat you might call non
partisan. In other words, it is perfectly
independent it knows no seasons. It
ia Wdut1v nMiviotM of the lunar an.
rangements made by the Roman Em- in J" weat in
perors, and utterly contemptuous to
ward His Holiness, Pope Julius of
blessed memory peace to his soul!
It would just as soon have the most
antiquated calendar as the newest;
they are all the same to it as a Sum
mer Kesort. Ihe stars above may
swim along in golden space or silvery
space as there is nothing but silver in
circulation yet (and not much of that) ;
the sea mav have its tides if it wants
to, and the meteorologists may Yeterd7 afternoon, when the Mora wa
.1.. j i, .. :f I t height, a vounc man tried to effect a
announce mw, nuu ptvy -I .... ;omdt-
makes ao diftererice to tlte weather tolj fitmt b GoWt lHIIlWr TartL e
o-jv: ts T 1 I . "
oeonici aw a oanawr xvta?oru 1 waa dranafsd in nanit nf aaMMrplniLo .!
There was April ; the saucy hoyden I had for their piwlection.a large umbnHla.
came alone plavine she was June, and The water waaewinuigout of the alley
wf wTAre fimhi enonvh to heliAve her. twelve ikchrs deep,
0 I J .1 t t- 1. 1
Wc stuck to onr flannels in a sort of T1lCl7LZ - ,
At, : :i .1..- I fnPlh had been earned away by the
. pwiwus UB.Cw good. Not aware of this the routh care-
to OS so like dunning creditors, that, faiiyfeu his way, but the nneziieeted de-
ATouncMan'a Fraatio Bndeavora
to Mavigate the Flood oa Third
F A Samitfon 3
F A Sampson 5
Kawell lieaiat 5.....
Mat Zener 5.....
Gen Snesfl... ........... .....,
CCIlall - 5.....
Miller Cullard . 5. ,
L U JacJtson. ..... 5..."
Carl Wile 5
E W Knindage ..... ft
WHH Hill 5
Ki tt fAiwontf o
F A Sampmn....... f
C C Hall 9......
C C Hall ....10
L W KntfSn 10
. 38
Kmaell Lemwt 10...
W L Joyce 10
J H I loth well 10.
J II Cirrt -10.....
. fiO
,. 36
peed ask a Presby-
"whh Sim now.
ee flwas PiaehyterL
, is played out
Ia laamhlfeBpaech in Eagkad,
the eamaaiiiul ai very awaest, aid
only aBedas to his war record 4(as the
great airagglef ia which I took aa hum-
are largely jaSaeaced hy
Tumstaacea. Nehoiv ever
of aarytawag that has not been
wiahed fcr with all the heart,
latcoag eaeitemtnt iathe East,
BMBnanBMafeBn aaaaaammmnakaaXai t4AaaaauaaaaaauiaA mnaa
aWgaraaaK'-apsayaiy-a. -tapnnmBiro aw-
sede, k- rapidly exteadaag to the West.
sweating desperately, we took them
o4T and went to digging up the front
yard for Mrs. and the neighbor
woawa to pretend to plant flowers in
it As-tSood as the money was spent
aid the work done, (by a man) there
came a killing frost which made much
shorter work than the ladies did of
"the tender leaves, of hope, to-mor
row a Mossoms. About the end ot
April the suspicion grew able-bodied
that the month was not June but Jan
uary,. and that the hands of the dial
had. been tampered with by the 'Old
Man of the Saad Glass in a fantastic
freak against modern improvements.
May warmed a little ia the cheeks, hut
appeared to be chronically disposed .to
perpetual baths, which gave a chiQi
aess to the extremities positively dis
aou raging, until she suddenly grew ex
ritei, put the leaves oa the budding
trees, and covered the la was with an
emerald carpet
.And Bow-Sea! as a Summer Re
aort is ia Jaao, Jane! "What is so
pxfiet at aday ia Jane? Nothiaf,
it he Chi iit mas Jav or New
teeyaevfu . v
Vtoi what ia m nwe aa a day in June !
The, if eyer, cornea perfrctdajn ;
'Then heave tries the earth it,Ufbt in tnne;
- And w tt aaMy herwaim ear.yajr
-2 i -
w-- -na aaaaamaa ' taB, taw -otaaaaeBntv: aaa to the aaBteamaval lamiinia
The projected aarrpw gaage laiboad
which isao goaorally exciHag the peo
ple of theSonthewnt wl warn: through
JrBfaiyBc cUma Bate.
i to the Oaage river above Pan
Jl thefeim
therieheat ssetiaaa of Mmmuri, aad,
if Inn Hill he ef natoU advaatoaa
Ik isto
saent loat him his balaace, and he meaaured
hit length in the muddy rivulet. In his
frantic endearora to regain hia feel he lost
hie umbrella, which sailed away with the
CHrreaL There, was no am ia onrmg for
hia eUuMnnow, andltt pJaa. weaJemly
after it. Bat there were hidden ohstract
ioas ia hi way, and every few steps he
woald Come dewn with
He was not, however, lacking in alack, aad
he pemieiai in the panmit; bntin apite
of hia hate, the nmbrella eladed hia mm
antil with a ueaaarate plange he straight
eaed himaelf oat oa the bosom of the food)
and grasped the handle with owtatretehed
hand. But as he lifted it up a gust of
wind tamed it wrong aide oat, aad with a
aaaara twist, it agaia iew eat of hiahaad.
Taia Ume, however, ha dWt eoaaiJer it
werth feHewing, aad with a saddened face
and dnacbed garanatf, he ragmined the
sidewalk, aad paiawad his anhappy way.
Airmin Qwiney, Hiffcery OsaMy have
their teaaas here toe two weeks nasi to
haalaway a lot of machinery they were
expecUag by rail It came last night and
tlua aMnuag while the driven were hitch
ing apia the yard l Faraham A Oilman's
livery stable, a apaa of the hones by a ain
gatar impalss dashed away, aad hefere they
cewld be caaght cleared the yard aad took
the read home at fall speed. When last
heard from they warn akmt toa- miles ant
of towa aad stifl
riataw at uoa,oar
wa a aw aa. mar
wm. m. ii iiiiib, m
ter a liaa. pi Hi sstH Mlaam, has heaa aath-
froja earta to hia reward ia Heaven.
sIM That ia hai aaatk mcChareh
haw last a faiahfal aamihar,hsi fsmilr a
Uadnad alirti hum an i aad father.
ftaVasBBB saaBaaa) BaaaaBiaBSBsadl (BBf-MBBBaBA.. aaaK J
M., K. A T.
Tlie management of the M., K. & T
Railway is always trying to do better for
the traveling public than all othoj line.
It has arranged for running through sleep
ing cars between Chicago, 111., and Houston
Tex., and thronsh day coaches from (tales-
bnrg, III. and Ifeaison, Texas.
Thie liberality in theMK.A T.will
not only be appreciated by Texas traveler
bat also by the persons residing along the
road, and also those on the MLanari Pacific
west nf Sedalia.
This throagh sleeper, leaving Chicago
via. the Chicago, Burlington A tyiincy
Railroad, at 10 p. bu, every day except
Saturday, pawing throagh Aurora, Men
dota and tiaksburf, with throagh coach
from Galeaburg, arrives in Hannibal at
10:45 next day; and leaving Hannibal at
12 a. ni. every day, arrives in Sedalia at
5.40 p. m connecting with the Missouri
Pacific for point weft. Returning from
HoBeton and Denisoji, through sleeping
car to Chicago aad through coach to Gales
herg, arrives in Sedalia at 8:45 a. ra , and
leaves Sedalia at ft30 a. m., arriving at
Haaaibal at 4:10 p. mn aad Chicago next
morning at G:55. Yoa can get on these
can at any station oa the road, aad
you don't have to change over until yoa ar
rive in Chicago. This is the longest cow
tinaons run of any sleeping car line, being
1,195 miles from Chicago, on the Lake, to
Iloaston, on the Galf.
Let as all go North and East throagh
Hannibal and Chicago .aa! enjoy the la su
rf of traveling ia the f neat Pallmaajcan
that ran oa aay line.
The first car left Chicago at 10 o'clock
Friday nifhand passed throagh Sedalia
at 5t4 yesterday morning.
. An AwhraM Predicaaaent.
A gentleman not unknown to fame an a
recent aspirant for jadieial honors, was
yesterday cramiwgBnwhy Creek ia a baggy.
When aheat half way ever, the harness oa
hia hone slipped from the collar and the
vehicle was bronght ta a stand-still. lie
coald neither go forward or hack. After
contemplating the mtaatiea for a momeat
he took out his pipe, lit it, and leaning
hack in the baggy, serenely waited, Micaw-her-like,
for something ta tarn up. His
patience was rewarded after awhile, by the
appearance ef some gentlemen oa home
hack, who assisted him to land. Other
wise, ha weald have been there yet. The
"Judge' always did have a poor opinion of
water, aad he bow regards it wjth sapreme
Oolo-e V. O. At V. Y. Cirena aad
The hill
a cstr
those wore familiar with the iKTHliar
trails of the female heart ami undenttanfl
ing, know that the attempt to forces young
lady's a Sections is the unrest way in tlie
world to win
Not a great while since, a young man
doing basinesa oa Ifaia street, undertook
thai dificalt achieveascat with one of the
prettiest girls ia Sedalia. Very happily
for him, he is possessed of a good deal of
money; aad this circuaMtaace won for him
the mother's hearty concurrence in his suit.
Bat the young lady had views that did not
coincide with this arrangement. Ia other
words, she had a prior engagement, and in
asmuch as it realised the old adage that
of .less ahaw
tar the 90th of June, on
there la to hetwaexhibi-
TVs ahaw ktoverahlyaaihia
mm! aw fssaiat a bag
Leak eat
tori Yfvat fall yra7
r the arrival of ap heats.
the "coarse of true love never Aid ran
smootn," she clang to it all the mora
closely. Bat the man with money had al
ways found his solid attractions
to almost anything he wished, and he never
doubted that it won hi prove, ia the end, the
case with his present love affair. But he
reckoned without hi host. The girl re?
ceived his attentions'' because she was com
pelled to. . She tolerated his
cause she had not entirely made an her
mind to defy the wishes of her mother.
But each successive visit became more an
noyingshe shnnk with more evident dk-
giit from each successive endearment, until
she at last resolved to put aa end to them.
So one day when her lover called and be
gan to urge liu suit with unusual ardor
she assumed a frankness which had been
alien to any of their previous interviews.
"Mr. ,you are paying me the high
est compliment a gentleman can give, aad I
ought to be as frank with yoa as you hare
been with lue. Marriage h a very srioaa
thing, and it would kill me, if, after we
were married, you snnuld reproach
with liavingTleceived you. So I am going
to entrust to you
Tf, after r.m have heard it, yon still whh to
marry me, I ha!l, of course, acquiesce.'
Nothing in the world can change my
wih to marry yoa," eagerly interrupted
the lover.
"Bat hear me first. I have an idea that voa
will think diSerently, and it is not wise to
commit yourself rashly n
"Let me hear year secret, then."
"Yoa must first promise me that yoa will
never tell mother that I told. Yoa will
hare to tell her the reason why yoa decline
to marry me, but yon must let on that yon
earned it Irom sme other source. Do yoa
promise me this?' .
"Yes, I promise but nothing will induce
me to give yon np."
"Don't be loo sore."
"I know what I'm talking about?
"You think you do; but people are 5
times deceived, lou think I am very
pretty, don't you ?"
"Yes that is one reason why I love yoa
so much."
"I thought so now I have to tell you
that in a year or two at most, I shall he a
helpless cripple a deformed ugly woman."
"What do yoa say ?" cried the astonished
Of coarse its extremely embarrassing for
me to tell yoa this more humiliating still
to have to complete my confession. But
the truth mast be told. I inherit from an
a large wen on my right knee. Every day
it is getting larger. In a short time it will
utterly destroy my srmmetery of form,
aad bardea you throagh life with a cripple
for a wile. Do you still wish to marry me :
"Well you see I was not aware of that
how coald I know it?"
"Oh, sir, I knew how ityroald be," and
the apparently weeping girl pressed her
face down into her handkerchief and sobbed
i if her heart would break.'
"Well, new yoa see"
"Oh Mr. , don't make aay excuses.
I haven't the heart to blame yoa ; bat pray
don't tell mother that I have betrayed my
secret. Say that yoa cannot marry a erirl
1 inquiringly around the room Mr.
made a bolt for the door.
"111 send my wn afler yon, yon scoun
drel. I'll teach yon to talk about a girl
having wen on her leg."
But Mr. never 'paused. He had
got enough of that family to Iat him a
lifetime. As he reached the middle of the
street, and began to mop the
perspiration from his brow, he murmured
sadly: "Heavens ! what a narrow escape
But I'd as soon marry a girl with a wen on
her leg, as tffencoaater that old woman
The subjoined communication, from a
prominent citiseRof Brownsville, fully es
tablishes tne entire truth of the publication
recently made ia the Basoo regarding the
social horror ia that community. So far
a the Bazoo is concerned, it had no wish
to unnecessarily agitate an exciting sub
ject, and if the physicians and some of
their friemls, perhsjK less discreet than
themselves, had been content to follow
their own advice and "let the matter drop,1
held the hands cf the female subjects as
though going through the marriage cere
mony, put their hands familiarly on the
dead, and in these positions were ahot'o
graphed. The result of ih'ts miagUag of
the dead aad living wss received with
xhonts of delight, and the photographer
had his handsjull of orders for the ghastl
picture. Another
with these sawbones is to throw pieces of
human bodies at each other while- at work,
and before the professor and demonstrators
arrive there i often a perfect shower of
them. Some of them, too, think h vegy
amusing to mutilate bodies by thrusting a
great toe between the '.eeih of a subject, or
puttim; au ear in anoi her hands. Corpses
that never had Inoirn each other in life
are made to
there woald have btea nothing more said and that, too, in a state of nudity. All the
Wrillcn for Ihe Siilay Morning bazim.
hall We Call on the Mew Keigb-
This is a qaestion which always agitates
a neighborhood more or less after each new
arrival. A new comer to a strange towa
needs aa immense amount of self-possession
to enable her to stand fire against the bat
tery of canons eves that are leveled upon
her ia approval or condemnation. Shoald
she be the guest for a few days of one of
our first-clam hotels her wardrobe is closely
scrutinized ; her appearance as she eaten
the dining-room is commented upon; her
way of giviag her order; her style of wring
her knife and fork ; even her manner of
paing her co See, become subjects of con
versation among the ether guests. If the
stranger is a wowaa of the world, if she's
seen something of lite, she m blissfully un- j
conscious of the stir her coming has cre
ated; ia short, she scarcely gives' it a
thought. If she is oae of those little,
timid, shrinking ladies whose sua rises and
sets ia the bagbear yeleped "public opin
ion," she is to be pitied. 1 do not wish for
a moment, to have aay of the readers ef
the-ftazoo tbUk Uu I wnald bjatiH pafe
lie opinion, by no aseans; bat there ariTfv. .
iiwa mm iu uc gorwuui cxcimnveiy ot
it, is to pat ones-self to a great deal ef in
convenience and unnecessary expense which
invariably brings a harvest of disappotat
meat and regret. The little, shrinking
lady .who is "crazy" to get into society, puts
her hoaae ia order and waits with fear and
trembling the verdict of those who are dis-
cHAaiag among themselves the question
"shall we call oa the aew. mng hber?"
shall we lake her into oar set ? "will it
do to invite her to our receptions, where
she wilLmeet with the rffe sad fashion of
the city? can we take the responsibility of
iatrodacing her?' etc. These solemn
coadavea sometimes ead ia the verdict that
the new comer is "a nice little thing not
at all brilliant yoa know bat she gives
elegant sapnen and keeps ap qaite a charm
ing establishment ; yes, we'll call oa her.9
If the verdict goes against the new comer;
if she's ostracised by the popular vote, 1
tender her my heartfelt sympathy aad this
little cramb of consolation :
You have, so to speak, lost a point, yoa've
failed to get into Ike set upon which your
heart was fixed, hut yoa've
gained immeasareably far all that. You
are "coasted oat," 'tis trae, bat you're ex
empt from the sia ef squandering year
husband's income ia trying to "keep up ap
pearances" and making him a bankrupt
and by-word among his buaincsa associates,
aad yoa have escaped the in faction of the
presence of people in your home and at
your board whose only interest Ia you con
sisted in knowing the exact length of year
pane strings, the qaality ef your wine,
and jiut trial mm were nhle and rMinq to do fur
tktm. Dot.
with an incurable d
aay anything bat that 1 told yoa," and the
young lady left the room to uferm her
mother that Mr. waated to
The matrea came ia radiant with smiles,
evidently expecting the aaaoaaecmeat
that he had waa her daughter's consent,
and that it waa her privilege to name tha
What was her astonishment then toleara
that there was to he no wedding.
"Ne wvddiag -aa weddiag why net, air?
Has my daughter refused yoa V
"Ne, madam ; I myself have withdrawa
my aait for her haa A"
"May I iaqaire the reason why V
"Well-I dislike la say."
"But I insist oa knowing."
It waa not aa easy task Mr. had
laid oat for huantlf, hat he hackled ta it
"Well, yea know year daughter is
afflicted with a aarious malady."
MA what,airr -
"A serious malady." -
"I never heard 'ef it what kind ef a
aladv is my daaahter aalieaid wish, si
yaa knew ao mack ah ant itf '
neahi, crvclgleaaa ia Mm. eyes,
she mud taia, which made Mr. ahiv
mSSM - m -
waa aimi at aaaaiaay, etrr aaa re-
- "Well, I hear ska's fat ava aa he la
whatr eriai lad hWy,asm
InmlnwalMsrasIf a hsmsahaH kad
a4edadhasahlh,f ,
aaa a . rama - l a
-a want sur, mm rtfim.ia, atr eyes
These Items are famished thai paper by
T.J. Mason, Esq., who is the agent atLa
moate for the Daily and Weekly Baboo.
He will receive orders far subscription and
advertising. His receipta for money will
be honored by this omce.
Lamoxtb, Jane 2, 1877.
The festival w.u very sacceafal and
well attended, considering the threatening
aspects for rain, which fell very heavily
during.the evening. These getting ap the
festival were very well phased with the
company aad especially the proceeds.
planting hi this neighborhood is
aheat ever, aad now for caltivatiea. A
great many are esmpIaiaiBg that they have
net a goad staad, aad a great deal of re
planting to do. What is ap looks well.
The prospect Jar frail is very good,
aad there will he aa abundance of all kinds
except cherries.
Thanks are hereby given to the mem
bers af Iiamoale Grange, No. 63, for the
ef their raom far balding the festival
by the ladies who amd it for that parpose.
The convict labor ia the coal mines S
succeeding htyaud tha expectation of these
warkiaf the TaJmage coal
teres we eaa kaiw, thefeel-
to their beiac employed an
eat. We ham. coa versed
wUhagreatmaay bariaws mea, fj
aad othan, ami so far the general i
siaa is ia Invar af their paying far their
own support, than saving the State fram aa
additional Uxatioa aad
of coal whieh
illy to aa
aooiit it. They have chosen to pursue a
difiercnt course, and the Bazoo purposes
now to see the thing through to the end.
Here is
referred to :
Brownsville, Mo., May 29, 1S77.
Editor Basoo, Sedtdm. Mo.:
Dear Sir Your article in the Bazoo in
regard to the Calahan horror ia worfefmr
seriously on the minds of some of the
acton. I have-read voar article, and fm
afidavits in my possession, I can vouch for
the truth of all except the boiling in tha
cauldron. The body was most brutally
mutilated, ami then, as you state, carted olT
and dumped into the ground. An effort
will be made to have you contradict the
statement made do not do it. If I had
the time I woald write to you fallv as to
all the facts known to me, as to his arrest,
confinement, death, and subsequent acts of
tne mutilators oi toe body.
Youn truly,
R. L. Ferocsox.
It is to be hoped that the good and relia
ble citizens of Brownsville will continue to
tarnish the Bazoo with s!I of the facts
which may be developed in the case. It
will be well, too, for them to collect all the
evidence they can lay their hands on, and
put it in shape for the consideration of a
grand jury.- As the closing sentences in
tne letter recently published over! the
sijM.atn.-e of "Crotoa Oil," aad evidently
written by a physician, justifies the belief
that similar outrages have been previously
perpetrated ia Brownsville, it would be
well to trace the identity of the "Crotoa
01" letter and then hunt ap the evidence
which will fix upon him aad his associates,
crimes which
having committed. The first step to this
end can be taken by snmmoninr before the
grand jury or a justice of the peace, in a
preliminary investigation, the person to
whom the letter was given for publication,
aad coBipellinf; him to testify from whom
he obtained it. These initial proceeding
caa he commenced by requiring the coroner
to hold an inquest on the body of Calahan.
Bring eat the facts of the
after death, aed then procure from a jus
tice of the peace, warrants for the arrest ot
the parties implicated. Pursuing their in
vestigations, the citiseas of Brownsville
may discover that their dead, which every
civilised community holds as sacred objects
of affection and care, have, time aad time
again, been dragged from their graves to
help forward the Brownsville physician ia
hia inordinate thirst for knowledge. "Cro
ton OLT&n&sses that if once "THE CUR
ON" as ia Brownsville; The citizens of
Brownsville caa very easily raise that car-
taia and find oat whether or not they aan
indeed haraoriag ia their midst a
who violate alike the confidence of the
community, and tna graves of the dead. It
is a crime, which, if ansa pec ted, can be so
committed; the remains of a dear wife, or
hnseaad, or friend, or even a little child,
laid ia the grave to-day, aad left alone with
its God, may to-uight be snatched from its
sacred repose to bedisfigared by tbedusect-
ing knife and to become the object of the
unseemly jest and disgusting prank. Do
the people of Saline county reliah this?
Tha Baxoo does not charge that
Tffa aaowasYiLXB cemetery
has been violated. It only takes the ad
ausaioa of "Crotoa Oil" that some very
surprising things have bean deae m
Brownsville ia the dissecting line, and "if
the cartaia were lifted" it woald astonish
the community. Perhaps some of the
minn eonaaslsd by that cartaia resembles
the orgies of medical student, detailed ia
the 'following; extract from aa inside view
of a New York dissecting room :
a coarse with a hfe.
corpses ,m the diesecting rooms are nude.
Associations with the dead seems to dispel
all feelings of respect and blunt tender
sensibilities; hence it is that ia dissectieS
rooms acts are committed with the bodies
of those brought there that are too revell
ing to be described.
About the Books, Authors axb
Romances or the Day.
"The North American Review" for May
and Jane. Osgood A Co., Boston. This
aamber contains quite a number of inter
esting and well written articles. That of
Senator Morton on the subiect of tha
American constitution has elicited the
most discussion from the press, although
perhaps not np to some of the other con
tributions in point of literary finish.
Among these we nctice "Abraham Cow
ley." by William Cullea Bryant; "Soal
and Substance." by Thomas Hitchcock,
and "The Relations of Debt aad Money,"
by Elixur Wright. "Political Beiexiona,"
by a J apanese Traveler m a very interest
ing paper showing tha impressions made by
rolttical system upon aa edacated aaa!
traveled J apanese. His coaparisoe of the
American system ot govern with
those of Europe and Asia are very inter-ing.
im two moauM eaieyiaa aw evenln
pipe." i
The boys had propped up the coram of a
gray-headed old maa to a sitting position,
had pat aa old cap aa hmheaaaad a clay
C'pe ia his mouth. His eyas ware opaa, aad
looked quite life-like, altheugath7iah
had all been peeled fram his left leg, and
his body had been cat open sad the vitals
removed. A little farther oa was a very
taia eld woman propped up, aad with her
hand extended an theagh begging for alms.
From her neck hang a placard, "Blind
neat my atria ana teem
Mt 9
caaserasa m
muHMn.ni utoag
Aar jMiluu.
mmw WvVinnMUK
seaer way, at we have
bean mdeeamd taunt hi emfaaag isi the leaam
that whsamt it mm aaxd to take- eat, at
net wethiag anient the minamgaiaManaV
riant tomato liu
hhet leey wiH let
-yieidjm, ami Jeheaa aad
mother of 19chil-
srrainD STocKOios.
"Yoa sometimes have keaatiful women
sabjecte, do yaw not T
"I sever knew bat one really beautiful
eae. That waa aver ia the Tweaty-thiid
street rooms. She was a girl of eightseaor
thersnbeaU. Her imtaras were perfeefcand
her alack hair reached below her waist. No
oae knew where she came from, aad it
aat to he there. 8ke wan aaniiisatv
heaatifal. The hoys woahla't touch Imr
wnJi a awife, aaw sa lay an tha sua for as
nmam aa these aeaha, 8sme aae drew a
Eef atriaai stockinga en harhmt aaa
SawSsat wftsMsa j- " 8 TasnT
ad ferm abler met."
MThe Interaational Review," for May
June. A.S. Barnes A Co New York.
This excellent periodical contains a num
ber of well selected and wall-written arti
cles of more than asaal interest. Tha
leading- article, oa tha new Federal Ad.
ministration, is " aa able and M ifUjSln
review of the present poUtieal sitsiufa.
Among the coatribatiaas Bayarl Taylor's
article upoa Tennyson a past's criticism
of a poet will be read with much interest.
It would be strange indeed! such a paper
were entirely free fram the mjHiwm of 'the
critic. The reader cinnat beta aweemviaw
that the English poet saffen in soma silght
measRre from being judged by the stoa
dard of Bayard Taylor's aatheeahip. Nev-
theless, the article as excajsisaally fair,
iiaderlaeeBsmtaasss, aad is a finished
piece of Utarerary work.' ?
The papers ba the "DmrnrnHMnananat af
theCharch of EasTaa
phia Exhibition," aad "The
Foreign Service," are ake very
Idtoeary xTotoa..
"Oat West;, or, -Xougfcisjr it: on the
Great Lakes," by Oliver Ontic With six
IlluetratipuB. Bestoa. Lea A Saepard,
publishers. Th k the secsad baokef tha
"Great Western Series of peprdar boahs,"
by prolific writsrvako seems to have ex
haastlam resoarcas far eatortoiaiag the
joang. The volume ia. a 19mm of '30
pages and will be another cxntribadaa to
Sunday-school aadpablk UhrarMs. 8iM
by all booksellers. ,
"My Sou's Wife" is the second valnam ef
Petersons' Dollar Series of Gead Xavah, a
capital Eagliah story af thaysmat ilnj, by
the aathor ot "Caste." A wamk. aad uni
versal welcome greeted the iaknl veil
of this "Dollar Scries," and the
have just iasaed tt .e second relume af what
promises to become a standing aad
favorite collection ef the cl
our language.
Saline Canity
. From the rreams. .
The Miami fair comas ot
of August.
Ed. Day, formerlly ef ManhalL is
delivery clerk ia the Shsraum, Texas; post
The conrt hoase is nparted all right,
aad probably will not fall before
monkey and elephant 'was cerexhsKtfea';
Dr. Simoa G. Feerestsr, af Jaaaea
coaaty 'was married to MissMaUielW
piny, oi Mamaaiv tna mm oL May.
The couple willgo to Carthage to livel
The rat qaestioa ia being agitated can-
siderably. The farms are literally
run with -the redenk A
was held ia Grand Pass mwaahip last wash,
at which gatherina it wi
reqaest be made to the rnrman ef sh5
country to put eut peissi
three weeks. Afmelaat than the aaanat
growth ef wheat will be hiaded, - aad the
pesm will net be so likely to
baits whan they eaa' .get
wheat. Mamn. Pittmaa aanl- W'amee
that the rata an takiag up all the i aww
mtod earn ia the PUias, aad give it aa
tJWntanff mAmmmm) 1
naaarwai. mrammmnavWaj A
to abate ii
at wdlbe imnikle to i
BmnvanaannV' nnnnnnSawanWsmn
have a ffnhy
a saw ffah
The Jnaae wip aveahiy
A fauimRiftiBm
imTjdmVmtlmU'1 BlllilQ OQ lramahtk:.vnw
smeaaad to tW ftBsga ef ftyaieiaa. aad luaw evaqi kaav
emnunffffffan -annhnrVmnnnnSwnnnB fA ffanunamna' nahmnmSA'aamt a a sywwsma. mmmntmaarwm) smmmmmmjmw. gSjnenjnnmmmkawmmmk.- a n&ffsmn -A
'antnmna afantat mm fh . nnnnhninmW .VIIeTjrnVrita
a. a i . " Yv
warn tanaws m am affamaa. prume. .
m 'jmwm

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