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TUESDAY. JUNE 5, 1877.
With this issue, the Week
ly Bazoo commeucea the XIXTH
volume. To a much greater degree
than any other journal ever published
in Sed&lia, it has been a faithful mir
ror of the social and business interests
of the community. Springing into
life at a time when a newspaper ex
periment was a precarious adventure,
it caught the current of public opinion
and has been watted by it into unex
ampled success. Closely identified
with the growth and prosperity of the
city in which it is published, it has
risen in the scale of influence and pop
ularity as steadily as the town has
grown, it cast its lortune witn a gen
erous and appreciative people, who
noted its efforts to be a faithful expo
nent of every social and material in
terest, and rewarded its exertions by a
partiality which commands its grati
tude and elicits its enduring fidelity.
It will not be considered out of
place in an article like this to say that
the Bazoo has grown from a precari
ous beginning into a prosperous jour
nal. It has the largest and best ap
pointed printing house in Central Mis
souri. Its circulation is co-extensive
with the reading public, and is beyond
that of any of its contemporaries in this
part of the State. Seeking, as it has
done, to cover the field of legitimate
journalism, it has become a welcome
visitor to the farm, the family circle
and the business man. It gives the
latest and most reliable news from all
parts of the world it discusses every
social and political topic it is inde
pendent in the expression of its opin
ion, and earnest in the advocacy of
right its miscellany is selected with
care, and its local reports full and com
plete making it peculiarly attractive
as a medium of news, and affording
an exhaustless fund of amusement
and instruction to the general reader.
As in the past, so in the1 future the
Weekly Bazoo will seek to further
the interests of the community in
which it is published, and continue to
retain as it has already won the confi
dence of the people.
Its subscription price-one dollar a
year is so low that it places it within
the reach of every man, and enables
all persons who read to obtain a first
class journal.
Wheat and corn are declining.
It is time to think about the Fourth
of July.
Cora and wheat are at their antic
The Porte is likely to secure an ally
in Austria. )
We want more markets and fewer
or less "limits."
If the finances are in a bad way the
people ought to know it.
St. Louis is to have an exposition
can't Sedalia get up one too ?
The girl who went crazy over the
circus is again hunting an asylum.
The railroad pond is creating a good
deal of uneasiness in East Sedalia.
The Radical effort to bulldoze Mr.
Hayes doesn't appear to he succeeding
verv well.
Next to a regular circus Sedalia
stands most in need of a board of
There is nothing now to prevent the
street commissioner giving a little at
tention to the mud holes.
The classic waters of Pearl river
are now a sequestered cesspool breed
ing malaria.
American beef is cheaper in Eng
land than it is in any American city.
Can anybody tell the reason why?
It seems that our local authorities
are going to fight it out on the question
of appointments if it takes all sum
mer. A citizen should have the privilege
of selling his goods wherever he finds
a convenient place, whether it is meat
or calico. '
The Ohio Greenback Convention is
likely to prove a boomerang, as dan
gerous for the. Republicans as for the
Mayor Clark says he jun't mistaken,
and the Treasurer says he is; now
what are we to believe about this
finance business any way ?
Another effort wilFbe made to-night
to discover the prettiest baby in
Sedalia, but it will require every one
of your five eentex to do it.
The President don't appear to be
surrounding himself with a great many
old whig, but not a few leading Re
publicans are dropping away from
The governor of Utah is still in an
excited state, and is calling lustily ,on
the general government to send him
Now that Marshal Kelly has all the
police the law allows him, we may ex
pect to see the town cleared of all
imwgenm characters.
The railroad poad nuisance Is begia-
ning to "smell to heaven." It would
have been better for the city if Mayor
Blocher's advice had been heeded two
months ago.
It has been intimated with how
much truth the Bazoo does not pre
tend to say that in those police ap
pointments Monday night, somebody's
brother-in-law got left.
Boone county proposes to fund Her
local debt at a lower rate of interest
This is something Sedalia will be un
able to do unless a little more sunshine
is let in on its finances.
The execution of Lee aud its ac
companying revelations has stirred up
such a hornet's nest about Brigham's
ears, that he will have to show a clean
bill of health or it will grow very
sickly for him in Utah.
That Laws tragedy in Louisiana is
turniner out to be an Eliza Pinkston
affair. His benighted mother, with
out the hope of political promotion be
fore her eyes, testifies before the coro
ner's jury that it was a "nigger" who
killed him. It is very sad to have
things go this way, but there doesn't
seem to be any help for it.
If the financial condition is as bad as
Mayor Clark reports it to be, ought
not that investigating committee to
have more extended powers? A par
tial examination is no examination at
all. If the credit of the city is worth
anything it is worth guarding against
injurious rumors. As the case now
stands, the community is privileged to
believe whichever side it pleases ; and,
unfortunately, there ure two sides to
the city government.
A committee was appointed last
night by the council to inquire into
the amount of delinquent taxes yet
due the city, and to report the same
at the next meeting. This is only
taking hold of one side of the finan
cial question. It has been stated that
the finances of the city are in a bad
way. Mayor Clark has never retracted
his assertion, and the council owe it to
the city that a complete and thorough
investigation of the financial condition
of the city should be made. The
action of the council looks as if it wer
evading the issue.
The people of Callaway county find
It nlmncr immsM in rrnfr i-Il nf tlictr
difficultief, A mandamug was
served last week upon their county
court judges ordering them to levy a
railroad tax for fifty thousand dollars
on the property of the county or ap-
pear before the Circuit court at Jeffer
son City and show cause for their fail
ure to do it. A compromise has
already been offered by the county
but the railroad authorities refuse to
accept it At the end of a good deal
or nugauonine mauer win proramy
be no nearer an adjustment than it is
A recent disnatch from Washington
says that "Secretary Evarts is prepar-
ing a letter to Gov. Stone or to some
of the government offices in Mississippi,
setting forth in very decided terms
the opinion of the administration re-
garding the murders in that State."
lt is all, no doubt, very nice for the
Secretary to write such a letter, and
the opininion of the administration is
valuable, to the extent that it will
show that it has an opinion ; but for
anything else, the useful purposes
Lf the embryo document is not so ap-
parent. Mr. Hayes' "policy" has al-
ready declared that the administration
has no more to do with the affairs of
Mississippi than it has with those of
Russia and Turkey. Mississippi is
quite aWe to take care of herself with-
out the Secretary's or Mr. Hayes as-
sistance. Whatever she has lieen in
the past, she is now at least a sover-
eign State, and her lawc will lie in
future executed without any directions
specific or otherwise from Washington,
Governor Stone is perhaps quite as
sensible of what is his duty in the
premises as either Mr. Evarfs or Mr.
Hayes. What he has done or what
he has not done in regard to the mur-
ders recently committed in that State I
is no more the business of the author!-
ties at Washington than is the action
of Missouri officials regarding the hom-
icides that are going on in our own
borders. If Mr. Eyarts so far forgets
his own dignity and that of his high
station to write such an impudent letter
as the one referred to, governor
Stone will no doubt find sufficient
courage to inform the distinguished
Secretary of State that he can better
employ his time by attending to his
own business. Aotwithstandmcr thA
o I
results of the war, a State is not re-
quired to ask the authorities at Wash-
ington how it shall administer its laws,
and what steps shall it take to bring
murderers to justice. That is a matter
in which Mr. Secretary -Evarts has no
more concern than Mr. Constable
O'Flarity, of Michigan, or a Justice of I
Peace down in Maine. It would be
an arrogant assumption of authoritv
which passed away with the collapse of
the rnt W mvmi.ml.wi,u.. if.
Evarts and his friends were so pemrf-1
ent in propping up with bayoaets and
which were inaugurated to rob ud
maintained to pillage and steal. Now
that the people of Miaisaippi have
cuargc oi ueir om inurs, UMT are lArdaUaa la mlr nnaliaai r in L
m likely to eoriact them aielii. huiof Kan. n t-- .
accordance with Mr. ErariV miAm as Kara tfcej wfll g mg to Co-atoati-they
are in acoordaace with their m. jaople at raUroa apeL
It has been for many years a well
understood fact that the Southern sea
route to Europe wai the cheapest and
directest road for Westera commerce.
It Is true the difficulty aad incidental
expenses of crossing the bar at the
mouth of the Mississippi has been a
serious drawback to its being utilized
in our searcu lor a marsei. ui mat,
- . i
1 e !.. it I
impediment nas now oecn removeu.
The success of the jetties enables th
Western farmer to put a bushel of
grain in Liverpool by way of the Mis
sissippi river and the Gulf route at
precisely what it costs him to land it
by rail in New York. Which way
then should secure his preference;
that by New York or that by New
Orleans? In an article published
some weeks ago the Bazoo showed
how this proposition was not only ten
able but feasible. In the first place
all will readilv concede that the cost
of carriage by water is much less than
by rail. The facilities for handling
wheat and corn, and indeed all the
products of the market, arc much
greater in New Orleans than in New
York. The Southern sea route is
freer from rocks and icebergs than that
which carries the outgoing vessels so
close to tne dangerous reefs of Labra
dor and Nova Scotia. The insurance
is, therefore, less. Freed from the
delays by storm and contrary winds
which beset the Northern route, the
trip across the Atlantic Lsnade much
quicker. Indeed the only reason why
this route h not now in exclusive use
in the transortation of Western grain
has been the difficulties which attended
the crossing the bars of the lower del
la. These removed the Mississippi
should become the great highway for
all Western commerce. For years
the West has paid tribute to the Kast.
No matter what rircumstence."! have
enhanced the value of its productions,
the price to the .armer lias been al
most the same. The profits have been
consumed by Eastern middlemen.
How long will we persist in this ruin
ous tribute, when we have the remedy
in our own hands. New Orleans is
holding out her hands and welcoming
a commerce which is to make her
great and prosperous while it fills the
coffers of the producers. The North
and the railroad monopolists say.
be content with the beggardly pittance
we pay you for your corn and wheat ;
and lie forever "hewers of wood and
drawers of water for U3."
The Greenbackers of Ohio have
Ulled a convention to meet at Colum-
bus, in that State, on the 6th of June.
It is evident from this that the heresy
which did so much harm iu the last
two campaigns to the Democratic par
ty of Ohio is again lifting up its head
and win to become an important
factor : the next election. As Vir
ginia is the niother of States and
I ctafm.-man cr lllsv tlA sai tta
politicians ana nnancial Heresies, it
a i n a v.
seems to exist in a chronic endeavor to
get up some idea from which the world
wil1 dissent. Notwithstanding that
the greenback party were defeated in
Qhw and what is worse brought with
it the defeat of the Democratic party,
lBere are still some prominent Demo-
crats in the State who believe that
Governor Allen failed of an election
from other causes than his peculiar
financial views; and if the nymey
question had been the only issue the
result would have been different. But,
admitting that these propositions are
correct (which they are not) that in
no wise justifies the Democratic party
,n tieing itself to a losing and repudia
te& issue. Besides it has everywhere
,,een denounced as a heresy. The re
sumption policy naturally produces a
degree of suffering at its inception
but a wholesome suffering for it leads
direct to a sounder commercial status.
Naturally enough the opponents of
hard money will make this eccentric
outbreak of the Ohio fanatics the oc-
casion of sowing dissension in the par-
l7 "d breaking down whatever dis-
phne it may have had left over from
tfae last presidential contest. Indeed
lt WH aUl to Democratic success
In P' t",s fall fatal if not arrested
before it has had time to grow into a
we organized system of opposition.
t ls certainly not unknown to the
Democratic politicians of Ohio that a
victory in that State for the Democrats
tnis would do more to discourage
the opposition and cement our own
Pty "M"1 anything els;. Why then
none to w,n it on a losing issue. The
entire patronage of the administra
tion 13 being exerted to secure Ohio
for the Republicans. On that suc-
cess the dicrauv and nower of Mr.
Hayes' government is resting. A de-
fet his own State would literally
crush his influence in the Republican
Prtyt and drive fro, his support all
the leading radical politicians in the
coaatry. Instead, however, of work-
IDS to secure this end, the inflationists
re seemingly seeking to secure the
success of his administration and to
consolidate his power.
. r , , ,
Thn ere J0 on hiuklred and
fhj. P"6 ' J1 Meet"
- .RW"'
JT, "T w riw
Eaetera adricaa aar thmt thm fWll nf
What about our finances?
The weather indications continue
Boker, our Russian Minister, has
been bounced.
It is time for Mayor Clark to come
to the front again.
The street commissioner can begin
work he ,
The sidewalk question has passed
entirely out of consideration.
If the war keeps up people will
have to learn to live on nothing.
The latest advices indicate that the
Turks are getting away with the Rus
sians. Denver wants plenty of itivalid
tourists with all the money they can
The conflict in the East is not only
assuming the aspect of a religious, but
a civil war as well.
H. Martin Williams has that rag
baby at his breast again. As a wet
nurse, H. Martin is a success.
The Secretary of the Treasury will
sell a million of gold Thursday. At
present we've concluded not to buy.
Whether or not hanging lessens
crime is a disputed point, but one
thiug is certain, it has not had a fair
show iu Missouri.
There is trouble between the Chi
nese and Presbyterians in California.
But then the Presbyterians were al
ways opposed to ah ! sin.
It is quite possible tliat nobody has
heard of it before, aud for that reason
the Bazoo hastens to inform its read
ers that "the fruit crop is decidedly
If our city council means.to do any
thing for the public good, it is is about
time it was commencing. So far it
has niaiuly devoted its eminent abili
ties to doing nothing.
A man in Iowa who wax not afraid
to have seven wive?, has been sent to
the penitentiary. It must be said,
however, 'that the mans remarkable
courage almost redeemed his fault.
An exchange says, "I here is more
nutritious food iu an acre of water
well stocked with fish thau iu any or
dinary farm." Perliaps that is the
reason people had rather fish than
A few weeks ago we were promised
I IV Atrlormon Ilrratift-ItT n ilifwMi-A.ml I
. ; - i,e doesn't have it reset as of yore.
some light on the Al ev question, but tx-.ii -a .l
..i -.- .i . ' .. L. . He simply ships it on the press as it is,
up to tins time that excellent official i - - ,
. 1 r .. . , , . and the newspaper w run off with a
has failed to come to the front It is
, . ... war map up to the average,
time he was redeeming his promise.
mi .. , ., . . A recent issue of the London
There is an ordinance prohibiting urt Journal contains thirtr col
belled stock from running at large m umns of de5Criptk)09 of the
the city limits, but like a good many dreaees worn at a royal
other ordinances, it seems to haye been Eachcolumn
passed only to look at. There uonsofaboutthirteendiflerentdrea.es
blame somewhere and it belongs either gU lhe rf
Wg ff It A SWltnkl Aim WkMl.MA
Tt . ., , . . , , .
Itisa well understood fact that the
clegvman who has he most to say, and
says ,t,n the least t,me never ph-
es to empty benches. These able-bod-
.ed sermons which take an hour in
their delivery, exercise a very demor-
almng effect on a congregation.
The claims of Lerdo to the Mexican
presidency are again being revived,
and rumors are growing rife of an ex-
pedition from the United States to as-
sert his claims. It would be a great
deal better if we sent one to assert and
enforce the claims of the people of the
Texas frontier to live in peace and se-
rity. man legislature." Dr. Mary Walker is
It is quite evident that some of the understood to have brought her urn
pretty satellites ot theSoldenelumina- blhi to a right shoulder shift, and to
ry has gone back on the Globe-Ikmo 0,1 the double-quick for Albany.
crat man. He now calls the perform The present Duke of Wellington
anee vulgar, nasty and wretched. A has always showed himself a lively
few mouths ago, when they were in student of lib times, prompt to pick
St. Louis, the' (7.-7). was at a loss for up new notions and plucky in pro
adjectives to express its intense admi- claiming his faith in them. American
ration. Why is this thus? inventors in London have often been
The General Assembly of the Pres indebted to him for their first chance
bytcrian church, in Chicago, has put 11 'r hearing by the British pub
its foot down on Sunday newspapers. l'c nd now Mr. Labouchere, tell us
One of the ministers thought that the that he. Pven UP Engl" beef,
publication of a Sunday newspaper Not he mJ tne American
was a sin aeafcwt heaven, and an of :
feuse in the eves of honest men: but
when a brothpr dnrinr nf .r,;uv
asked him if running street cars on
Sunday was not eouallvremeheoKihlp.
he remained obsUnatelv fcilent. It
may be said, by way of explanation,
that the pious doctor is a larre owner
of street railroad stock, but owns no
shares in a nrnmitfr.
.ine inuicaiions seem to be mcreas
ing that the Russian advance on Tur-
key is to be mlde through Servia,
flanking the most strongly fortified
Turkish defences in the Balkan moon-1
tains. The dispatches report treat
activity among the Riunanj m Went-1 .
o 1
ern Ronmania, and it is believed they a
nave arranged a poaage through Ser-1
vian Territory. This is not the short- -
est route to Constantinople, but it of-
fers fewer obstacles than any other, and A
especially the direct route from Rust-1
Chuk to Adrianople. There is another
significant feature which the great
struggle is developing. While an in-
SUrreCtion ia the Caucasus incited tad
fed by Turkish agents ard Turkish I
aaiaiumtion threatens the rear of th
Russians in Asia Minor, revolts K.Te "
broken nnt In i7n!rn. Ifu.U'. "1
Thessaly, incited by the RaaakvGraeks "i
i , -wwwa Mm
andthraateaiaf theraarof the Tark-'
LJ. tv. u
The European war news is stu-
The bottom has fallen out of the
Turkish treamry.
Nothing will cholera person
quicker than cucumbers and butter
On Thursday, June 14, the star
spangled banner will have waved a
century as the national emblem.
The bill appropriating 50,000 to
finish the monument of Stephen A.
Douglas has become a law in Illinois. J
Mrs. Jefferson Davis is enjoying
herself in Paris, while her husband w
writing prosy politicial letters in favor
of the "lot cause."
Fletcher Harper, the youngest
and last surviving neuter of the
original firm of Harper & Brothers,
has just died from an attack of gas
tric fever.
Hon. Ben. H. Hill was lately a
guest of the Savannah Rifle Associa
tisu, at their regular practice, and
made a score of 13 out of a possible
1.1, distance ami number ot shot- uot
Lawyers' fees weren't what they
are now a generation ago. Daniel
Webster's professioaal earnings for the
year 1833 were but 8,212, and in
1844, at the height of his fame, he
speaks of hi income being but $15,
000 a year; his usual retaining fee
was only 9100.
Chas. Tommey was hanged at
Amcricus, (Ja., last Friday, for mur
dering Mrs. Caraway, in revenge for
her husbands liaviug cheated him.
On the day of execution Mr. Caraway
took out a marriage license, drove
with his liet rot lied to witness the exe
cution and then they went off together
and got married.
Charivari has a picture of a little
girl saying good night to her doll be
fore company, Now, my dear, I want
you to do just like mamma. Take
out your teeth and put them in a tum
bler!" Hamlet (John Bull): "I did
love you once." Ophelia (Turkey) :
"Indeed, mv lord, you made me be
lieve so.', Hamlet : "I loved you
not at any rate I can't afford to do
anything so unpopular now !"
When the foreman of a compo
sing room knocks a form into "pi" now
At the Pope's reception on the 1st
ofMa two tobcilucn
faUguedbycarrymghuge and see-
ing,v heavy douquL Jlilie. of the
vall After the reading of an ad-
dress to the Pope the cause of thedis-
pby of faUgue w explained, large
of fel, out of
Governor Itobinson has vetoed the
bill allowing womea to superintend
public schools im New York, for the
reason that "the God of nature has
appointed different fields of labor,
duty and usefulness for the sexes, and
his decrees cannot be chanced bv hu-
beeT cheaper but infinitely better.
The "cide mania is pervading
Buffalo. The Courier of Tuesday
records threc c- Mason Patridge,
"P1 ,Xook poison at his son's house,
ami was found dPaB' The loss of his
several years ago had turned his
brin' Gtorfe Vogel banged hiav
86,1 10 xmam Mctor3r owned by bis
sister, lie had been oa a drunken
spree, dacob ifaaaardt took poison
but was discovered hv his wife in ti
to prevent fatal cnaeeQueaces.
the three hoesemex.
- n, IT.;.-,
Tbrr wnwn urr tbe ekra door.
r ir
TtaAt araaarnat m tlu k
1H1 m OBI In iml tfc tirlr hf.
tmxon. roy, partly oUaane,
J.rT, ZZ '
y ho. l ever mmim with ch-r.
wy aaagMer beta aaaa ker bter."
show w th horamwa ;
To the darkeaed room where the ma idea slept.
hair wa? ripfjfag low
T'SXS? - ;
Cavfaag aeroaa t Um nalmlMj Kmut.
i u k.M aMa.i
to.aaa.hvtau wad.-
lotei tae alaaja, I laTataaaaw."
t. tvi-j --j-m
TSeaaHaatly tavaaaW iiliai a
Tv CossMaiptivaa.
CoaMmptioB, that scours of hiinanitjr
is the great drsad of the human family, i
all civilised csvutrics.
I feel cosMeai that I mm in fxmemios of
the'oaly tan, isfsllahlt reawdy now
kaera t the profasiosj for the ponitive
ad speedy care of that dread dinesse, and
itawnwelcosaecoiicomUaabi, viz: Catarrah
Asthssa, BronchittV, Xervou, Debility, etc
etc Twenty-eight years experience, ss a
hmj practitioner, in taVbetit comasiition
hospital of the old and new world, hat
taught sse the value of this medicine in
the cure of all throat sad lung complaints.
Those sufrrisf with the consumption or
aar of the above maladies, bv addressing'
me, giving symptoms they shsll be put in
possession of thi jgrest boon,without charge
and shsll have the beneft of my experience
in thousands of cases snccemfuUy treated.
Full directions for preparation and uxe,and
all accessary advice and instructions for
snccesslai trestsseat st your own home, will
t . . . - . ...
im ireaisaeai si your own Home, will
eived bv yon by return mail, free of
f, by addrcwing
Hrlyr Dr. Johjc S. Rcknett.
oe receivea b
197 Jeieraon street. Iouiville, Kv.
Sold br Bard & Miller. Sedalia. Mo.'
B. D. Daan'a Land Office,
He does a general land Limine, rent
houses, pays taxes, and makes a specialty
of examining land titles. Having bought
the Abstract 4tooks of P. G. Staford,
which sre written up to date, and the only
completed set of Abstract in the count v,he
i prepared to give all the tacts of record
that can possibly aiVct the title to any
tract of land or lot in Pettis county. Office
on Ohio street, one door north of the post
oficr, up stairs, slt-w4t
Children Cry for Pitchar'a Caa
toria. It is as pleasant to take as honey.
It contains no morphine or other deleteri
ous ingredients, and is snre to expel worms
care wind colic, regnlate the bowels and
stomach, and overcome irritation caused by
rash or rutting teeth. Mothers can rest nnd
children enjoy health who use Casteria. It
is harmless, it is certain, it is speedy, and it
is cheap.
Tl Quick, ftareat and CkaapafM,
Physicians raccommnnd, and Farrien de
clare that no such remedies have ever lie
tore been in use. Words are cheap, but
the proprietors of these articles will present
trial bottles to medical men, gratis, and will
guarantee more rapid and satisfactory re
sults than have ever before been obtained.
Ta Centaur Ianimant, White
Wrapper, will care Rheumatism, Neural
gia, lumbago, Sciatica, Caked Breasts,erew
Nipples, Frosted Feet, ChiHblaine, SS11.
ings, Sprains, and any ordinary
It will extract the poison of bites ana
stings, and heal bums or scalds VJithoat a
scar. Lock-jaw, Palsy, Weak Each, Caked
Breasts, Earache, Toothache, Itch and Cu
taneous Eruptions readily yield to its treat
Henry Black, of Ada, Hardin Co., Ohio
says : "My wife has had rheumatism for
five years no rest, no sleep could scarcely
walk across the Boor. She is now com
pletely cured by the use of Centaur Lini
ment. We all feel thankful to you, and
ecommend ycur wonderful medicine to all
obj friends."
James Hard of ZanesvilIe,0 says: "The
Ceataar Liniment cared mv Xearal,ia.n
Alfred Tush, of Newark, writes: "Send
me one doaaa bottles by express. The Lini
ment has saved my leg. I wanto t distrib
ute it, Ac.n
The sale of this Liniment is increasing
The Camtaur Ianixaent, Yellow
Wrapper, is for the toagh skin, fenh and
muscles of
HOHB, MUU0 Al awocaxjl
We have never yet seen a case of Spavin,
Sweeny, Ring-hone, Wind-gall, Scratches
or Poll-Evil, which this Liniment would
not speedily benefit, and we never saw bat
few that it would not cure. It will cure
when anything can. It is folly to spend
$30, for a Farrier, when ore dollars worth
of Ceataar Liniment will do better. The
following- Is a sample of the testimony pro-
"Jeftowox. Mo- Nov. 10. 1873.
Some time ago I was shipping horses to
St Louis. I got one badly crippled in the
car. With great dixscHlty l got him to the
stable, oa Fourth Avenue. The stable
keeper gave me a bottle of your Centaur
W m. a a? a -. a
UBiafSL which x esea wiut sucn success
that in two days the hone wan as active
and nearly well. I have been a veterinary
sargeon for thirty years, but your Liaiasent
heads anything 1 ever ased.
A.J'. M'Carty, Veterinary Surgeon."
For a postage stamp we will mail a
Centaar Almanac, containing hundred of
certificates, Xrom every State in the Union
These Liniment are new sold by all dealers
in the country.
laboratory nf J. B. Rose A Von
4T. PyStNfw York.
GMtorla m the tewlt ot twenty yean
ezperiBaeata, by Dr. Saatael Pitcher, of
Maaaackaaetta. It it a vegetable prepara
tioa as efertife as Castor Oil, bat perfectly
pleaMat to the taate. I teas betaken br tbe
yoangcK lRiaat, aadaeiinerngii nor fTiaav i
Dr. A. J, Greea, of Royrtoa, ladn says of it :
bns-I hate tried the Cartons and car.
r k highly of its amenta. It will, I think,
away entirely with Castor Oil ; it is
pteaaantaa aaratleaa, and wonderfully
enKactoaa as an aperient aad lazatire.
w tie rent tAma.
TheCaatona deatroja woraaa, rerulatea
the stosaacb, carea Wind Colic, and peratito
of natHral healthy sleea. It is very efica
cipaa in Croap, d for teething children.
noney ia not so pieaaaai to tne taate. and
Mmwr vii m nn mt iumm in im cweciB.
cosla hat 35 cents ia lam bottlea.
J. B. Kosc ft Co.. U Der St., New York
8. VASPErrfitf, A.M. Principal
Omnm AaaV Awmh mi VmrimL
Teifms Moderate.
- W
Postage free to anr post
office in Pettis Countv.
Subscribers who take theif
paper at postoffices outside of
Pettis County, will remit 20
cents extra for postage, which
is paid at the office of publica
tion. Send in your names and
No name put upon the sub
scription book unless accom
paniod with the cash.
Address remittances or com
munications to
Wlirfns. AIxainlT t'liiiplv-II ami J. tmi. In
wift. Iy thfir rttiu dt-tl it" trtt-t. tlitttl th 1 li
il-yr f Jiiim. 1HT5, ixiul nn-onlni in tl.t K.-vi.nW-nrfkv
u( Pftli.t (tint v. M.. iu Trn-t I I I.VvmdI.
following iUorilil rrril rt:it.-. situ.it. iu tli
utility nf IVttiM nnl Mut ! Mi.iiri. viz: A
"trin of i;rouiil twenty-four fW-t in wi-ltli. oft
if Hw it tilf of lot X. Iho (.'!). in Mi'k tlnr-tj-ix
(M). .Htri l-iuiroit.' Iniiialn-)! nnl !":tty-
turo(tU) iwt in lr(itli, ivini: Diitli f th hiriiV
RHiIr"Kil. in tin' city ot Stli!b, with all tin'
fnveU?? ami iirtvii- tlu-tvlo Uliiin.
in trn.tt!'vurtii'-iiviii'tit of:trTt:iiti ntiti
.aii tHl tlt4nliri;aiif. wlwriti.'S'Irthutt lm
in.'uh in tli tvmtiit ..r mul iit it-- s:uiif la-mp'
now lii al unimiii. Now, IIiTf"tv. :t tlw rf
uueytof tl lisifwtM-r :hhI IiiMt of sui.l not-.
aiftiUKlrrntHi in imtMiaiK-t" of th- tt-rm- 'f)f xiut
oi tm-t, 1. 1 li- iuiTizm-i triiMH. will, on
KtwK-u tvr hoiir.-i of nim itVlnvk in th forviioon
:inl tlve o'clock in tin nllcniooii of truit il:iv.
rortiM-i:oirt llou.s, in. tlicity of Snlaliu, county
of IVtiiy, Kin I Stat of Mi.o-tonfi. esix4 to Mile at
piiliO tctxlitf for rush intuinlttli:iriovileacrihetl
r-al c ulf forth-tmyuient of.aitl note and interest
(. th-reou. togetlw-r with the oot mi'l -xi-f ii"-
or Hit- lrilt. Jo. .MST;oMr.RV, Jr..
(.Vl'uvjt Trustee.
VlnTe;f(. John K. Miller, Mattie M. Hetclier :inl
Horace It. FletvlK-r, hv their tiii de.il
of trilHt (Litctt the seventeenth dav of May. A. I,
ln7rsad rceonh-d in the Keeonler.- orrkre of Petti-
County, Mi'oun, in tru."t deed record. Book 11,
on se eonveyed to Kieluird I. tJarrett,
a- tru-dce. ull their nyht. title mferet
aixl estate, iu atxt to the following d
m'rihitl real estate, fittiate.1 in the Coun
ty of IVtli and State ot Mi--oiiri. vtx: X
l-iilnln-r tlire-. uiul lot iiumlvr .-h-vhii ?. and
the e.it Ikilfof lot numljer eight . all in Ul k
fitrtv-eiulit in. on the xuith cide nf the Pacific
Kiilrond iu tlx city of Seilalia, which xiid con-
of i fertajii roiui(torv note iu ."aid det-d de-
vr-um.- wa iiuolem trust to secure the iKivment
erild, ami ul-crean, si'ul note ltd Ion-' nime
become due nnd i. yet iintS : aud wtierea, by
tl- rviion of deed of tnt.t the uuder
jdjflied, :m4ii); i-l rilT of petti. County, Mwfonri,
wu.- aiMiiitt-d and made the KiKe)oV in tni.tt in
i-a- tliaid ISk-!uml P. ilarrett kIioiiM refu.-M- to
tjct. or l-liilnctt from m-tiu by reaton of hi.
n'm'tice iroin iih- kiki i.ouniy oi remx ; and
whtfKi.t the said ltielutrd P. Garrett i i-eniianent-
I v alent from aid county of Pettbt and from the
nbiteof Min.Houri. ami in unable to act H3 trustee
herein ; uow, therrfot e, at the request of the
lepil holder of said note, aud in pursuance of the
terms of wiid deed of tmt. pithtit. notice i here
by fpxva that the uudersijnied will nrocetrd to
ell the almve ftevrilie.1 real estate at the court
hott5edoor in the city of Sedatia. in the countv ot
Pettis. State of Missouri, aforesaid, to the hishest
bolder for rash, at public auction, on Monthly, the
Uhttayof June, A. D. 177. hetweeB tlie hours ct
nine in tne rorenoon ami live in tlie altemoon I
that day. to satisfy miitl note, tocether with the
cost ami r.tteuse ot executing tni trut.
Sheriff r.f Pettis cnuatv. Missouri.
w9t Houston and Bothwelt. Attorney
Whereas. Wm. Rvan and Mnrr M.. his wifr. hv
tbeir certain deed of trust, iL-itetl the 4th day of
January, anu iniy reeopteii in the Recorder's
once, oi nrms county, mo., tn book (II) pae
172 ronveyetl to the unIeniiKiied as trustee, the
roiiowiiur docniU tract or land, situate in Pettis
county, Mo., vir: Tlie n. w. quttrterof u.e.nnd
lu aerea att of . side . w. quarter of n. e. quarter,
si-ction 31. township 4A, range Ti. rontainios
acres, wiikb shiu conveyance traa maue in trnst to
secure tlie yu)ent of certain neotnUe promis
sory iwm iti susi nreu imiy uenenneu. ami.
wlierea.', said note: h;iTe become due and default
ha beea made ia the yntent of the same. Now,
said notes, and in pursuance of the terms of said
deed, of trust, public notice is hereby given thfct
therefore, at the request of tlx- leiral holders m
uie unucrogBea trustee will, on
Iietween time hours of Ha. m. and - p. m. of that
ilay, at the court house door ia Sedalia, countv of
lTttis. and State of Missouri, nnveed to sell tb.
almve tleserihetl property at public vendue to
tne nixnesi wiiuer lor casti to my saui notes un
iwid, awl the cost und espensesi tf execntias this
irut. CHAS. ROLL,
l-Vwit Trustee.
Bv htadeeri of trast. dated Julvl.187-Z.and re
oonled in tlie ottee of the Recorder of Deeds, in
and lor Petri countv. Mo., in trust deed and mnrt-
lowinic descrlbetl real estate. .ituate iu Pettis
nrrconveyeu totiie nnaenijrnea trustee tne toi
eoualy. Mo., to-wit: A lot tT land in tlie city ot
Sedalia. containing ouo acre, betpniiiug at a stake
on the southeast corner of Barley lot. thence.
witn ute soutn line ot saw naney s lot aur feet,
thence south 142 feet. tlirBCn east 3U7 feet, thence
north 142 to the bevianiajr. bring a part of the wst
half of lot obo (1), of the northeast quarter of
.. r . . t m . . i : r . a. -. r
twestr-oae (21). which said conrevance was
srciion lour 11;, towiistup tunynw y).iH raiiKt
in trnst to secure the payment of a proHiixftorv
note, ia said deed of trust described, which not U
duean-t unpaid. At the reo,iiest of the holder of
said note, the undersigned will. In pursuance of
ine powers given mm ny nam tteett or trust, sen
raid property at public vendue, for cash, at the
coHrt house door in Sedalia, Pettis county. Mo., on
for the purpose indicated ia said tleed of trust.
5-2t-3t 13. U. WILKE1WON. Trustee.
Vickery, Augusta, Me.
Treated laooeeafaiiT br Dr. Feeler
D teases and delomiitiea ot the eye, eye
IWa and ear. And all other Acate
Nervosa aad chronic diseases of stale. fe
ale and children. Resseaber he fives
special attention to d
of the head
throat, Inngs, heart, stomach, liver, kidncya.
rheamatHm,paraJvaHs piles. Alaodweaaea
of.theGenito Urinary and sexual organs
and defermities of every nature. He says
to all those that have any diaeaae, it makes
no matter what the aatare of your disease
mimm mmn kws rami. DeiBf
in a large and ancceaafal aractke fea
twenty-one years and fifteen years of that
aw.:i . .
now pennaaeauy lecatea an HSdalis, am
Jaaaarv 1st. 1874. he can siva the heat
fcfcieacea from aatients he has cared, aad
of them have bean rivea a b as iacnrable
hy other nhymciaaa in Sedalia. Callathw
oSaC and set their nanuH for refewaaaa.
Coaanltatieat free, aad charges for treating
N. B. Sdnd stamaa when voa write.
opos, Portera Kaek, corner of Mam and
Okie stmiSL Sedalia. Mo. Saaideae.
Aaiiw street, one door cant of tha m. E.
Laieft, aaata.
Mfjilwll, SsOirsi Cwmmty, Ma,
Aasga nCatia the
jsMBTflht, Miami
Canadian Oil!
TJnriyalcd in IU Speedy and
Sure Curt.
For Han. lOanadiani'J
Swellings, Ear
ache?. Tooth'
aches. Rhoima
Sweeny. Itine
tiones, Straits.
Calous. Siwns.
tistns. Soreness.',
6I Kttt.t. Wind-
'iBdN. Curbs.
Lime Biick, Stiff,
ness. Sore throat.
Botts, cattle and
Sheep Cotu
plaints. and Reu
eral diseases of
iMpthena. tan
Uers, Kru:es,
J'pr.iinvn'letit.s. BEAST.
Canadian "il for sale tT
CHAS. i'LL t CO-
Itein well rts-.io.'ii..s by all Drtuorists. Phyio
ians n. ,.,-rv one who luiye ewr n-eJ it. "Try
one lottli-anl tiet'onvinced.
Price per Bottle, 75 cents.
First Nationl Bank
Paid ii Capital - $100,000.09
Comer Ohio and Second Streeta.
A. D. JAYNES, Prentdeat.
JNO. SCULLIN, Vire-Preaident.
Cvkur Newkikx, Caahier
J. C. Thom rsoir, Am't Cannier
C. Newkirk, John Scallia,
Wa. Gentry, Wat. Lowry,
J. K. Barrett, J. C. Tkompsea
A. D. James.
Tbia Bank u prepared to bar and sell
Exchange oa tbe leading comaaercial points,
gold, silver, oncunent bank netea, goTero
aaent bonilrt aad atocks, nuke collect ioaa,
receive deponits, and discouat acceptable
. We are aim prepared to draw on sight
drafts oa the principal cities of England,
Ireland, France, Aaatri a, Praaaia and tha
other States of Germany, Rassia and other
coantrieK in Europe, also cities of the West
Indiea aad South America
Preparatory, Comntercial, Teachsrs, and
A full corps of teachera, aad xeelleat
facilitiea for energetic young Ben and
For particalars, addraaa
EL R. BOOTH, Priadaal,
8.20lwtf Sedalia. Mo.
A4'wtod Bffairtd
W- M- Matthew
Cor. ffird & Limine St.,
Sedalia, Mo.
thop over Gonld'n Lumber Oftce.aV
Sam's Saloon,
Heatqnarii5 or fine
Wine, Liquors and Imported Cigars
St. Louia Bttr Dtpot,
O. Boxl29C
aaaihal, Ma; Ft leett, Kaa., aaa
Sanaa, Tei
(Tood nr its
Collecaat Malia
JB. Vax Pfcmor,
X escncf al Xelagraaky.
Short Hand.
aad Teacher of
For CasYat
ormation, addrssi
t wmMBW 1SHI in
Crawltra'a Ceanarreial Cellefe,
R is sta.ubLa.n t-
No. 10 Ohio Streai;
tm sisnsk. dav. a
w mm
J.W. MlHq 4 Css lf datat

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