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Sedalia Weekly Bazoo.
The oldest daily paper in the city, nn-..a-ivcly
road throughout the centra
:tion o the State, by business men, am5
."hili- all classes, it oilers Inducenienb
adverti-ers as the let nietHum througr
iiicii to reach the public.
One iMjuarc, one insertion
" throe " .
... 1 50:
one week
2 .
"ne square, or less, one Iiiktmou SI 25
Hack MibeUent insertion .. 75
Dae square ine time, dailv weekly.. 1 75
)ne year,
$2 SO
Good Cotton Flannel it 5c per yd.
Ked All Wool Flannel at 15, 20 and 25c
jer yd.
(iray Flannel at 124, 15 and 20c per yd
Navy Blue Waterproof at 60c, worth
80c per yd.
Ladies' Felt Skirts at 50c apiece.
Large lot of Merino Hose, colored, 10c
per pair.
All Wool Yarn, 60c per lb.
For $2.50, $3.00. $5,00 and $10.00, worth
double the money.
White Blankets ! White Blankets !
500 pain at $2.00 per pair.
250 Comforts at $1 00, $1.50 and $2.00.
Ladiex' Shoo, in front, aide lace and
button far cheaper than can be had else
where. Men' Boots, $1.75, $300. $2.50 and
Both' Boot in proportion.
Do not forget u on Clothing, as we hare
made immense reductions.
No trouble to show goods.
Call early and avoid the rush.
"iVe read an article a few days ago
in relation to defects in our present
system of education, one of which was
that we need more of practical train
ing in our schools than now exists.
This is a truth that experience is prov
ing more and more every day. Our
schools turn outvoting men and women
by the hundreds, all of whom have
what is called a good education fitted,
as some say, for the duties of life, but
the truth is thev do not know how to
apply it. As soon as a young man
leaves school and has acquired a thor
ough knowledge of the different
branches taught, he begins to stick up
his nose to smell out what profession
he will pursue whether law? medi
cine or divinity when, in fact he is
not fit for either. That is the reason
why the country is filled with quacks
in all the professions. They mistook
their calling, and went so far astray in
their choice that, unable to provide
for themselves, they go back to their
parents fit for nothing at all. Had
such young men been properly taught
in school, and shrwn how to apply
their education; they would have been
useful members of the community, if
not in the several professions, in some
mechanical pursuits.
It is a crying shame that so many
of our young men are indisposed to
learn a trade. A false education has
taught them to believe that it is dis
honest to be a mechanic, or at least,
that it is not high-toned. What con
summate folly ! A thorough mechanic
is as far above a bungling lawyer, a
qiack doctor, or illiterate preacher, as
the eminent statesman is above the
brawling pot-house politician. There
is many a young man who, had he ap
plied his education to the development
of mechanical genius, insteid of the
mastery of legal subtleties, would have
attained an eminence among his fellow-men
..far above the foolish pride
that scorned his pursuit. The youth
of this country have been put upon
the wrong track. They have been
taught to love too much that bastard
aristocracy which iuvitts poverty aud
disgrace, and the sooner our schools of
learning take in hand to instruct to in
struct pupils how to apply the educa-J
tion they are acquiring, and disabuse
the miud as to the character of me
chanical pursuits, the sooner will the
evil be corrected.
We know of a gentleman, who long
served in Congress, and is eminent as
a lawyer, when his son, having fin
ished his collegiate education, asked
him what he should do, replied :
"My son, now go into a machine
shop and. learn to be a machinist, and
then you will be fitted for the duties
of life."
The advice was followed and that
young man is next to a railroad presi
dent, and his mechanical genius, fully
developed as it was during the time he
served his apprenticeship, now is the
strong power that makes him "master
of the situation." That is what we
call applyiag education to a practical
purpose.' Education assisted in de
deajiaf a asechanical genius that, had
the advice beta followed, wonld have
to him by his Creator in
f others who
-.. - k. ' "
ailWrWWrge tf
China lin- :l la:-i svul a reMeut minister ii
U'a-lini-;toii. Cliin Lan Pin. u .Miimiann uearin;:
a l.titlon, Mcitomji.-iiinM ly hi- Si-vt:iry, Mi
YiiiixMiuj:, :. nrrnt-il ly l'roak-iii Have in
Washington, luM Meek.
Chin I-an Pin.u iiij Chuiw nun,
Iiilco:n-to thi-i -:iii-u--;
Ht-vioie a I-uttoti in iic,
Ij1 Chin Imii P:u, l.iin.t'.
llrgoeslinto tlt- I'r .I-lit,
An J hili a In;; l;ilk--- ;
Hut ti:iry villi knou-. what, i- meant
lly Chin Lan Pin, Ciuin-o.
IIcaketli Hay-h.w long l.frj u-i-jtietl
OVr all (ln- lainl I .-:,
Ami of cour-, 'xa all -.xi!.-iiiI
. ToChiu Lnn Pjii, Chirn-0.
'I : I -r'ail Chin I.ui Pin.
"lint this iloth jmultf mi.;
Tliat TiMt-ir out aiul you are in,"
Said Chin Lan Pin, Chilis.
Then Ilayc h sai.I. "Oh, thilV all straight,"
I'm ffiiltitnl in oll ;
By a vcratt-h of 7 to 6,
Friend Chin tan Pin, Chinee."
They MiouM him ronnd the Nation's halli
Of this great fr- eoiin-tree.
And soon heh-jirn'd the-putsan"! calls,"
Iid Chin I.-111 Pin, Chinee.
That night they uent uith mighty croud.
To hear that fraud. Kcar-ne
Whoui-li'd Chiue.se All in tliir shrouds
With Ciiin tan Pin, Chinee.
A preacher man told Chin tan Pin,
lie should con-vert --d Ik?
That he was jut chuck full of Mn
Was Chin tan Pin, Chinee.
Then Chin tan Pin to Ah Yung Mui
Ilid whier e oret-lee :
"I think 1 ee through all this thing,"
.Said Chin tan Pin, Chinee.
'Melican 111:111 i. heajxlam fraud,
So -i hi- free coitn-tw ;
Theycuttec throat and jiruiseeOotl."
luolli Chin Ijui Pin, Chinee.
He in a rage cut his pig tail.
And on it put to sea :
To China uiek, a great lig gale
bleu Chin tan Pin, Chinee.
Money makes the mayorgo. Ex;
Yof, it madcscvernl mayors go- to Omada.
A lady who carries her ortmonuaie at her Itclt
may le prettj-. Ex.
Hut you luusu't strike U-lou the Ml.
What is the cause of iutciuerancc? Exchange,
We have given the sutjii't much thought, and
have finally come to the conclusion that it must
I t lie whiskey. The lrar-kceicr looksall right,
the tumhlers nr nil right. Y, it must le iIim
IhiMieep ay? Ex.
Diiiiuo; never had a bill agin
death 011 the fleece, though.
'em. Thev'ro
We se long ariicloo in mnil pniiers telling how
to fatten hog. Let (he hogs stand lock ami
giio us Utshful fellows a ch.tuee at the hotel
tables. The hogs don't med advnv.
The melatici.oly lays hav- come.
The -..-iddest of the year.
When taxes reach maturity,
Aud myriad hills npiiir;
When frosts from northern latitudes
Ion the hreezes tloat.
And sighs the editor to think.
He has no oven-oat.
Yet ho has the comfort kind
On which to dwell and think
He'll button up his linen rind.
And warm himself with drink.
What is the ditlerencc between a dischargd
railroad conductor and 11 young trotting horse ?
One rode on the trains and iho other trams on tht
No diflerctiec. Uoth run Tor first money.
No other girl's noe itches so much a that of
the one who wear a diamond ring.
Hut the girl who wears the diamond garter. Her
nose don't itch. No sir,
A man never feels outraged, unless in seme
respect, he is at thel-ottom right.
1 hat's a fact. The other night a fellow tried to
rcb a hen-ioost. The next day after the small shot
were extracted, he stood up while ho half-soled
his breeches, and sang;
"A charge to keep luue."
When Mry went lo heaven's gate.
Saint Peter met her Uiere.
And asked the reason why stie came,
A" there she knelt in prayer.
Poor Mary spokeatid groaned uith jiain,
As though she had a cramp,
"A foolish virgin, sir, was I,
A-fooling with a lamp."
The sad small Imiv came limping loo,
To Peter's great surprL ;
His ghastly head was blown in two
"Crate Snaix !" St. Peter cri,
"Oh, Peterkind,"didsay the youth,
"It was with rust corroded,
Itut oft it went to tell the truth.
The cussed thing was loaded I"
Will he succeed ? Ex.
It In rather mixed, hut if they haven't clianged
barkee'ver, he may o.siliy iieaUe tostand "em
oil once again.
Who wono? Ex.
Why the other, fellow of course. Any ciissuho
can keen four jacks in the deck and six up his
sleeve, will win cvety time.
Wo captured a snake in our coal pile this morn
ing. Hissuakeship made his last spiirm alter
leing brought into the room. Ex.
That solves the problem over which we liave
been laboring all fall. This lias beeua dreadful
week for snakes. They would come out in the
night und eat a bushel every pop. And all the
time we thought it was snakes, yes, tliat must
be it.
A mother must huve' some rest. Hut how is
this to be accomplished? s
Well, if itialsolutcly necessary, she can sit
down once in a while and half sole the old Iran's
A woman near Clovenlale Orchard, N. C. lias
given birth during the twenty years of her mar
ried life to nineteen cildren. "Score 11, 11 11,
11, 11, 11, 11. 11. 11, o, 0, 0. 0,0. 0, o, 0,0. liy.
Those o's hain't got nonbusiness there. They
stand for nothing.
Cotopnxi, Vesuvius and Aetna are in full eni
tton, and there's no telling hew long belorc Gail
Hamilton breaks out again.
Yes there is telling, too. Yon just say that her
headisbeginingto look like a rosn horse, and
you'll see an irruption that will make 3011 think
the earth is one vast ball of thed dest kind of
Some crusty, rusty, fnisty. musty, dutdy. gusty,
curmudgeon of a man cave the following toast at
a ecleoration : "Our fine engines. May they be
like old maids ever ready hut never wanted."
But we'll take one old maid and make tlat
Boonville engine ashamed of itself any day.
Guru, piitoli and amuni
tion of all kinds at W.RThom
aifcCo. tf
Iraah oyattn bj the kr
roamatSiobart. 8-i6dtf
Pebbles from
the Quarry
tt; saw the elephantarum.
Kgsait' 12 cuts r dozen.
!. K. C. Sharp is tiiilyin- I-tititry under I'r.
Miss. h.hia Post ha
n'tiimcl from a Ion" vi.-it
ti.-.l:ur count v.
The vniiv of the hor-e laineraa heard 021 our
Mreeis la.t U'-llit-.lay.
Oil. Critt.-11.le11 lelt l.tt Kriilav tor lliiltal.t
I .tlln county, MH where he mil intkea .Ofli.
Mr.Chns. Pavhill uent to R. lli!lle. III.. Ii
U'e-fnesiLlV ntht. He uill I.--it.-nt Ji.r si u..L-
ortuo. "
Cin-uit court will eontene here on the 14th, an-t
II A. Nu-'.o.-.-oii m ill likel v ucitfh ain-hi.r and .-ail
into iHirt.
The Nonnal loy. have l-en putting on Mvle
this Inst week wearing the iuvl; ties they received
at the xciahlo.
Klder- lmg.tn, Itamlall and Ih-drK-k of the
Chn.-lmn church, are holding a prolnu-lcd me-t-iugat
Hold. 'ii.
Kvt-ry titnea cireun otnes along we ,,ur
countiy a-et hearts. They weie all oil! o.i dre.-s
.ii:.de last Friday.
ItrittonA Hill is going to open hi mouth, aud
sc:,k ti the iJreeulciekers of utlr county, :ig:iiu
l-Son: the campaign vloses.
The wi.o men of Warretishurg Imv lately
horned tliat they can run the city telegraph aue
each end of it in thcgloiind.
Miss Mida Snyder, ol st.Jo.-epu ho has
visiting Mr. .-5. P. sjp,irks t this city, rctuniei
home Iat Saturday moniiug. "
Mrs. Iiirret and fainuynro in Vain'iislurg. en -
route for iJeiiver. Col. Mr. Itirret will engage in
Iiis;ues m Ie:ner, and make it his future home.
Tlietwomee yojng ladies who tsang the solo
uith organ aecomiuuuiicnt attheM.K. ehun-h la?.t
rn.i.tj lugimeiicuoiiiie Highest adilitration of tlie
large aiMieinx proem.
Mrs. A.", hike and her daughter. Mix Ellie
riKe, uill atteud the St. Iutsfair this w-.-k. Thev
uill tart to niorrovv moniiug. Capt. Fike will yo
di.un.some tune during the week.
Was the
Concordia Rink roUicd I Journal
Or, in othci word, was tlu rei nvcorpus delicti?
That's the iiestion.
W. ICnitchfieM. re-entlv from Italeigh, N. V ,
s atu-n. ling the Nonnal scliiMil. He is constitu
tionally opmed to Yankee institutions, ImiI still
he admits ti,t. Nonnal school is a gxsl thing.
TiieNonnal yard is 'looming up." as it viere.
The plunk walks an- lieing torn up and in their
place will 1j made uin.luig gravel ualks. The
wile fen-e is also ling taken auavand suli: muted
hi a good substal.tial picket ttfltcc.
The plitic:il enmpaign in this countv l l-
coming .juite iiiteretuig. The K-iiMrats and
.vaiiciiaist-acli have u full ticket in the held, while
the Kepuhhtsois iiave none. t)l course it is 1111
Msihfe to foretell the result :i hath cirtlcs
seem to lie equally hoN-ful.
Friday afternoon, after selool hours. Prof. Nor
ton an. I hi class tvere admitted into the inetiMg.
ene of Foreuiighs show-. Toev seHt two hours
very profital.lv looking at theahimals. Is-iugeon-Iocteti
by Prjf. Childers, who is a .nost ele Uent
man. and a promoter of science. Prof. Norton
said it was ttie most complete menagerie he over
saw and he felt fully id lor visiting it.
Town Gossip from Our Sister City
Sovend cases of scarlet fever in town.
Miss Fannie Salmon has returned from
Moss Colt
is the I!epulhenn c:iudi.late for
Mr. A. M. Sevier, editor of the Neosho Time-,
was in town one day last ucck.
Miss Cora ISrotiough has accepte.1 a s:hoo in
the country, and uill :isuuic control Mon.tay,
Col. Cheek and Mi S.dlo le la Wrgn liavt
U-vu sjMi(.hug a lew days nh friends 1:1 1 eeoIa.
Hey. Prottslliail h-liveretl h:
"W:isliintitii and theCcntciinial," 'i
! lecture tin
fhtirsday ee.
will sp?ak to
1 :n-t. at this
Hon. t c llurton. of Nevada,
his Ke.ul.!ic:in brethren 011 the :
. f.. F. Mitchell, of the m-mocrat. has Id !iN
interest in the otilee, and will fep tlown and out
Mi- Mattie Weidemyer lenves to-mght for
S'. Iiuis. uhere she will attend the fair and wit
ness the "unveiling of the prophet."
The Allen house has made another change.
Geo. Look, the old proprietor mov.ng to the St.
Stephens, and Mr. YVilInn Liking the helm at the
The Clinton Social Club will give one of their
lerilieai;hopattheCity Hall next riiesdnv eve
ning a general good time is autici-tated.
Henry Strolher. the hert-mashing l.wal or
the S.tline County Iiemocra:, tas Ikch here for
the Kist week, attending conference and i-i.-ivini?
agreeable to his la.lv fneuds.
Our fair o,ens on the 11th insf., ant from the
eaniest pre-utrations going on. we should judge
it will liea good tine. We tnit that Pettis Co.
will le as liU-r-.il in attenLince a Henry county
has heretofore been with them. Dr. Sam, Milton
will lie sujienuteiideiit of the art ami floral lull.
Elder I.ongdon is holding a protracted meet
mg here.
A.M. Lav, candidate for t.ngres will
ou the Hth."
Jas. E. McIIenry advertises in another column
for a tailor.
Prof. Ilotiton i-f
den band.
teaching and leading the Ilo.
Col. II. Hale, stiMrintendant of the western
division of She Pacilic wa m toan Friday.
We were treated to samnles of the tnwra on
Thurstlav-and Friday nights at Kuglussian liall.
Gotsl enough.
ISal.ly Stevens still is the leader ol the lur
phys. His lecture route for the u inter has ; t-t
liecit m.-iptl out.
TIh-ix is a man here who has a jennv and a
cart and githers rags ami all refue matter that is
thrown away every moniiug. He ts getting rich.
Mauiiih On Tuesday lat, by Father Pie lan,
Mr. John Haudley to Miss Mary Lecchev. Also
at the Hell House, by the same, on Monday even
ing, Mr. Eil. Clark to Miss Ella McFaJdcu.
The Knights of Pythian are making great
preparations for the meeting of the Grand Lodge
of the Stale on the l.Mh inst. It will lie one of
the grandest artairs ever held in Central Missoun.
H. C Fesler. conductor on theOMce division
of the M. K. A T , lias gone to Montreal. Cana.la.
to attend the Conductors' Convention. 51. L. Gar
nett. a very pleasant and efficient young man, is
running the jiasscuger trains.
M. L. Gray is agent of the Missouri Pacific
Kail road here. He is a very clever gentleman and
very KtpuLirw,th the business community, with
whom becomes in contact tlaily. He lias been
the agent here, since lsSt.
The manager of the telegraph office here is
William Miller who ha charge both ot the Western
Union business and the railroad wires. He has
lieeu at this post continually since ISftfi. Ho is a
pleasant and urbane employe one with whom
it a pleasure to do business with
The politic school here has,.' enrolled schol
ars with a daily attemlatice of about .VMJ Geo. II,
Lonjidon. son of Elder Longdon, well known in
SetUlia, is tlie priucit, with Mrs. M. B:ow n. Miss
Tillie Stephens, Mis Mary E. Hrown. Miss Marv
Hnuk and Miss Eva Hengy as assistants.
U. IfHalI assumed control of the Bell House
on the 1st inst. He is an ex tenet-ceil caterer and
just the man for the place. Strangers and travelers
generally cannot do lietter titan to place ttwir
names 011 the new register at this popular public
resort. The table is mst such as a hungry man
patakesorwith a relish, while the rooms are the
crsonification ot neatness.
Tlie people here very justly complain of their
post office arratement. The mail from the east
arrives every evening at 7:35 aud lavs untouched
until the next morning It postmaster Mack would
work twenty to thirty miuhtes between 7:35 and 8
p. mi he would accommodate hundred Sof mea
in letting them nave their letter and papers. Un
der the present arrangement people do not ret
their -nail natter until about 8 o'clock, lb follow
ing morning alter it arrives.
Jill-eiinin U.t .ui mCnit ehil.l .,111:0 ill.
The lUair H..ti-ti the firt.ij-:. l0t. f uir.
Ilarrett'a n-u- mill i. running and turning oi:t
a .- iN-rior .ju.ility of Hour. "
Mrs. John F. tattilor reiiinwil on Fndar from
a ji.otrae vsu to Sn-til hi the Ka.-t.
We are nnxiotis 111 this county to have Vt
eome l-t oa-ul sj-ak diinii theetliijuin. Wtieli
ill hecoine?
A ry estitnaMe la-ly in this city i in tronUo.
Her liiillnlays.ii;esi!, the aiii; l:iv tiwt l.s;u
is to u? htitii; UctoU'rii.
Ti jirisoners in the county hd Isaacs,
niunl. rer, and yoiin; ttkui ehan:ei uith eiuttz
7Jeii,-.:. U :, H-M,rjail and nr.!, N-aritig d an
Tlif-re N a meri.oriotis yonn nwn in the em-
i.lny af V. II. Iti-rett ul-ole?:re ! ni'irrv. Ail -
.Iress -cvnts." .tare .f the Uml:k-.-m-r'at the
"''. Kelly. .f th- Hmri-t ehun-h. anl Ander-
i son. of the.Mefilo.llst rhiir. il. .L.iiU.nI i.rawrs the
j otliT lav, and e:i!lm on Iaae-. the ftniemued
J iiimderer. Th'y storm.sl th t.in and lal.nil
I cilM '," "nn-j-ntant rib. He rcpu!-d th. ni hv
' "" t""! a mem-r ..f th- Kiptist
iciitiren lor ten years "once 111 gr.e.-e.alttavs in
f" !!t
I gm.f. 1 lieeiergy rvttrrJ to hold a eoiine
Nothing of mtieh interest inoiir lurg this week.
The fanner- are all ly planting wh.tt Thev
all e.iuplaiti of drj'wi-sither.
Mr. J. Ktienke.oneof oiirdiy gM! iireh 111J-.
Iuim reiiirntsi Iroio t. I.ouisai,. l.rotight a very
tin and large Mock of gHl-.
Tlie .Sil:ilta Times. ueuspijr ptiUi-hsl in
oiir city, i- irving lomakea nU-r out of our
o-hlcr. Mr. Ih-firy Fieken. If that ilear friend
trill come to t'osconlia and ree:it the wonl- ho
orcntiil l?it. ue rii:iriiifm. tht. im-4,1.1. i,f sL.i .0.,
! that Ihev will have i. 1 more trouhL- oiththat erasr
j ens,
j Mr. Henry Fieken. ca-hier of tie Inn!;. Is -,nfe
iif his eige nor. No nIJTsare going to get at
' him again, for he i- nest ton living ar.-ual alien
he a p -ears on the stii-et. Xm.i In-a iurd set o!
J ! around him. and lo has no way to control
1 them. Their names are J:!ii-.s lLir.eh. a lunch
j Yankee ; Frank ..in. an English Yankee, and
I John WelUmi. a Mittin Yankee, fan the lSi- !
Ingin of the IWzoogivc us a remedy in hi' Sunday
sermons : 11 so,.-oi-. w. .viore next ton..
s. F. Kin.
L.A.MONTE, Oct. 5.
Tlie tamonte Grange n.el at their liall to-day.
Tie grcenliaek ps-nk and meeting was a grind
One rap of uhent and one of tattle wen- Iiiped
mi. ioiiis nil wts-K.
Hie':ory nut gatln-nng is now the stirring bui
ness tor the s Ihmi1 children.
Martin LyiicSi, of Pleas-int Hill, was vlitmg hi
friend here the jtasl wee);.
I. T. Hartshorn arrived this moniiug to attend
thegreeiiback iiiectingatt.'raghcad'.sgrove ti-ilay.
I'r. Gilford, an eminent ohv-iciati tf Hrazil.Inil..
is her visiting his sister, Mrs. It. G. Yocom, who
is very sick.
Water !ien is wry scant'. Tlie railro.nl com
p.iny has gi.ti notKe tliat no more In carntsl
from their pond.
Services to-tr.orrow at the Mefhodit eht-n-!i by
Hey. lt wlev. Moniiug sultct. " rile Providence
of ;k1." Funeral services in the evening.
Our enterprising butchers ate still running
opitoMtion to see who can sell the best Is-ef. The
Eureka stild ,'i 1 pounds of cut meat this week,
and the other I, lu Hiiiuds.
Tlie teacher- of tamonte Institute met lat Sat
urday, the gsth tilt. T?i.! following is the pro
gramme fop Octol-r:M:
to lo a. m., Oirnuig Exen-ics.
liltolo-.nu Arithmet. T. F. Bailey.
HtSI'1.1 1 1 " Gniii-mar. Miss C P. Dudley.
II to 1ISS " Selling, Mls J11IL1 Lutz.
ll to II K-iiding. Prof. Norton.
1 to I-.fi p. m.. Hi-tory, i:... Wade.
W1I..2 " Geography. Mrs. I. E.Sots-n.
2 to giSu Tiieory and Pract ice. Prof. Norton.
-.lili.:: " Peiitiianship, Mrs. S. F. SnrnMy.
Bow Bells.
Loudon Times.
For sornc time past this famous peal
of hells one of the finest, if not the
finest, in the city, of London, hai
heen undergoing examination in the
public interest, and before long the
familiar chimes which captivated or
consoled a Whittinirton, and have
since ehnrnied many more from time
immemorial, will ring out as before.
The Church of St. Mary-Ie-Bow,
which, if not originally a Roman
temple, as generally believed was one
ot the earliest churches built by our
Norman conquerors, has been destroy
ed more than once by storm and fire.
It was at one time garrisoned and
besieged, aud was afterward the scene
of an assassination. It was first men
tioned as a Christian church in the
reign of William the Conpueror.
Stow says it was the first in the city
built on arches of stone, and that it
was, therefore, called St. Mary de
Arcuhus, or the Bow, although he
elsewhere says, hut with less apparent
possibility, that it took its name from
certain stone arches supporting a
lantern on the top of the tower. By
the way, the Court of Arches was
formerly held in this church, aud de
rived its name from that circumstance.
During the reign of Wiliiam Rufus,
the roof of the church was blown off
by the wind, and four of the rafters
were driven into the ground with such
violence, that, although they were
each 2G feet long, little more than
four feet of their length was visible,
the ground in the neighborhood being
then a mere feu. About one hundred
years after this event a tumult of a
serious nature occurred in the city,
which led to the assault upon the
church before alluded to. The ring
leader was William Fitz Osbert, sur
named Longbeard, who was almost
worshiped by the lower order on ac
count of his exertions as a professed
advocate of the poor against the op
pressions of the rich. An attempt
leing made to seize him, he took
refuge in Bow steeple, together with
various followers, and being well pro
vided with ammunition and provisions,
was able for a long time to defy the
authorities. In order to drive him
out the steeple was fired. This had
the desired effect, the rioters were
made prisoners, and after a hasty trial,
were hanged in the Elms in Sraithfield
at that time the usual place of execu
tion. It appeared that Fitz Osbert did
not lose his reputation among the
people with his life, for it is said that
after his death, vast numbers of per
sons resorted to Smithfield, expecting
that miracles would be performed, and
that they carried away, as holy relics,
pieces of earth ou which his blood had
ion have certainly Biased a treat, if
you have not aeea the elegaBt good dk
played in Taylor' cate. Step in and see
he elegant Watches, Diamonds and rich
Jewelry. The inert ever brosgbt to Seda
lia, aad they are bsiar sold lover thai
have ever been kaowa ib the jewelry ban
Contributions from the Bazoo's
On Divers and Sundry Subjects
I Tl.... w -1,..,, :,i
J Te 1 al'uo"1 W"OUt eXCelton,souie-
j thins inexpri-vjibly sad and touching in
j the fatx of an agvil person. An expression
:.i. . .1 11 1 . .. r -.-
1,1 """e younger laces, tor 11 age
and white Stairs received the homjge and re
Sjnc:diie lo tiieiii froru the ri.ins generation,
tli. a-jnfCt of sorrow atleudaut upon them
would uieil like -now beneath the sunshine
it seem- to l; a popuUr idea of "Younjc
! America's" that tottering footstep, shaking
huuiN, withered cheeks and almost -i, lit less
eyis were prjividcil !y a sjx-cinl I'roviiJene
m a bull fur its ridicule aud abuse. "The
cM in n," "the old woman" are cotuaion
terms in the vocabulary t many of our
beautiful tlauglilers and our faintly ni ius
t.o livd and highly uerlunicd and rtrry Hht
brained run. All you who in guilty of
unkind treatment to withered snuw eroiied
a-;., stiio a tuoaieiit for very sImuic. Turn
your t!iuii)j!its backward ten, fifteen, twenty
ye.iw jir!iaM. H.ic!i tu the time when you
were a rrdf:iceiI,!,uirtiiin';,i'ualSiiitf,disa
q;reabie, bundle of nil tlaiiticl, timliui and
tiScin-r in the anus of the very -jr.uiiliiiutlier
or ratiuiaiziL-r wuoai you ttistii". Willi your
rii'lent- now. Yoi: were anel of sweel
ness Hint jr.tc- then, were you" not? Willi
your facet drawn into ten thousand
wrinkles, your JootiilesH Knn,", and little
bi Id piles shilling like a glass bottle? A
thin-; of beauty, my dear voting friend-, is a
joy forever, ivry out knows mat; let those
who are .sceptical with regard In Hie mailer
sland xuitd over an iuf.-wii from one to live
months old, two or t'irev liotiM at a stretch;
let them watcii the contortion.- of the facial
in!iclt wliibt tin ancl (?) issutrcriu witli
the colic ruor aoul nod I hey will admit
il without a demur. Yes, they will if they
are crazy.
Ii-.-.- and girls anywhere from ten tu
twenty look these, two Inelssquarely in the
face: Infancy is belples-, more helplcx-s
than age, an.l not ImII so ireautiful. Your
sireiith will dci-Iiue as surely as you live.
The "ieau ami .siiered" eriol will clie
x remurselcsily around you us it lia
arottiid the million that li-tve preceded
and will succeed you. And an you advance
in yeara you will be surprised to find that,
thoii"h a thread of white show amid the
dusk or gold of your hair, and a li like
the mark of a tine -ienci! appears upon your
forehead or almul vour mouth, your heart
vclll mud to st.ty yijunn. It will protest
against a sysfetu like to tjlierman's, viz :
Contraction. You, like Cardinal Wolsey,
will feel vour hearts new 01a: d. Ihenkv
will look just as blue, the waves will dance
jut as joyously, the music in the song of
binls and Uuttenn-; leaves will no und just
a nwcet, aye, sweeter to vou as the years
pile themselves upon vour heads. Your
busy brain w:ll build castles while the reat
invisible Arc ilect, the heantifier of the
lend and adornerof the ruin busy himself
traaformiug ni-inkind. The whiter your
hair, the dimmer your eyes, the more like
parchment your cheeks become, the closer
you will hug the flower to your heart, the
brighter the slurs w 11 seem to you because
of your nearness to them and rest. In the
name of all that is gentlemanly and chiv
alrous, then, young man, in the name of
every relined and womanly quality young
lady, putyourselveif in the place of ace and
helplessno-. I)i by those a you would
V--h theiu to do by you, were your positions
reversed. Oon't scoff at, jeer or insult what
vou are pleased tu term imbecile or para
lytic age. Never add an ache to hearts
that are already burdened with grief.
eer wring a tear from eves grown dim
with weepinz. Tears are the legitimate
heritage of childhood ; a bright tov, a caiess
oblitetates theiu from the wind ; but leant
upon a withered cheek are wrung from the
heart, they scald the eyeball like living
coals of fire, and thev should be a monu
ment of shame and remorse in the hearts of
thoe who provoke them.
Skoaij., Oot. 5ih, 1878.
Written fr th Sunday Morning Busoo.
Of the Ill-fated Annie, of Memphis.
Who, cjlerlizimj a life of tin, generoudif pi re
up her mansion and all earthly treasure, awe,
even her life to benefit the sirielen ones of the
Sunny iSuulh, I mutt sacredly dedicate this
Sleep on, mysterious woman ; though we
know not your real name, we at leut kBow
you were human. And that however dark
your life may have been, you were once
pure and holy, and like all fallen creatures
hadyour dealroyer. Perhaps, whilst in a
pleasant home, surrounded by all that is
required to make one happy, you were de
coyed away by the artfulness of man.
Made to give up all of life's joys and pleas
ure; made to throw anide that pricelexn
uem. viriue. witnoui wiucn woman 1 as
nothing: made to leave and forsake
,11 j
ird 1
that goes to make a woman amiable at;
lovely. J henceforth to go in quest ot
what? Misery, degradation and nliame.
Yet methinku, if after long and beclouded
yearn of this life, could one noble-minded
pen-on have gone to you. remonstrated with
you, hown you the path of duty,- help you
to hurl aaide your past life to the
four wind of the earth even then you
could have bees what God intended you. a
noble woman. For the darkest clou d ha
a (silver lining, and though it may be
yearn before themUt is cleared away ; years
before the dark nhadow shall be cleared
from before u; but when the halo of light
hursts forth, it is m supremely beautiful.
so lovely with heavenly brightness, that we
all but forget our life has e'er been clouded.
We must exclaim, with all your fault,
what a noble, self-sacrificing woman you
BUt have been ! How placidly you ad
ministered to the convalescent! How
softly yoa spoke to the dying ! How
calmly you penned the last lines that
friends ever received from friend, and
from that to whete lay the dead to prepare
then for their last resting pi see. Not 'till
the death pallor u'erspread your face and
both hands fell Imp beside you, did vou
ay "I am done." How zealous thou aii'l
have been to do good, rleep on, gentle
woman, in your newly made grave, and,
though without a friendly tear to water it,
may the boughs of the sturdy oak o'er
thadow it, the southern sephyr make cool
the shade; the mocking bird chirp thy
praise, and the waves of that lordly stream,
the Father of Waters, on whose banks is
sepulchered yoar body to mould hack to
its mother dast, sing a requiem of peace to
yoar departed spirit.
All yocr earthly work is ended.
Many a geod deed wih the bad is blended;
Yoar sate is recorded ia God's great book,
So paace be lo the ashes of Aaaie Cook.
Cojui. Vasc
Marriage Mr. Wittshiro
Mny they gently float tinsel her,
OVr Life's truitMe.1
And thro calm and stormy weather.
Mat their hearts umfed lie.
And when Life. uild dream is em ltd.
.nd this earthly lius-iou done.
Like two clouds at sunset Mended,
May their spirits met: 111 ne.
Another one is gone, another of the fair
ones of Varrenburg has passed away. No
more is she to lie found with brothers and
sisters, gathered under the parental roof, or
in the social circle, enlivening it with her
bright, happy presence. She has gone
gone to cheer and make glad the heart and .
home of one who found that life, without
this fair one to share his j--y and to cheer
and comfort his heart in times of adversi
ties and trials, would, indeed, lie desolate
and dreary. For a time thi young man
hid hl-s feelings don deep in the retired
receft-es of his own bosom ; but, ever ami
anon, there would an?e hetore bis vision a
sweet face a face so lovely, pure and sweet
as to engrave its image upon his heart so
indriib.y that Time could not efface it.
And though separated from the object of his
affections by hundreds of miles he resolved
that win her he must ; we. therefore, tind
him wend.ng his way from the State of
tsuckeyes to the Quarry City of Aestern
Missouri to place Ins lore and fortune in
the hands of her whom he so dearly loved.
Aud here Is the sequel :
Makkikd. At the residences the bride's
parents, in Warrensburg, on the evening of
ttet. 1st, 1S73, Mr. Henry .S. Wiltshire, of
Urbaua, Ohio, to Miss Ma tlie F. Parke, of
M arrunshurg, .Mo., by Kev. Chas..FuelIer.
The company present was not large, there
being only a few of the friends of the family
and the most intimate friends of the bride in
vited. Among these were Mrs. J. H. .Smith,
Mrs. Seiisenderfer. Mrs. S. M. Fitch, Mr.
W. D. Buck, of Kansas Citv, Mrs. D. H.
Buck, Mrs. F. M. Buck, Mrs. J. T. Cheat
ham, Mrs. Chas. Fueller, Mrs. J. C. Steele,
t. n tr . j .1 ... .
hit. t. . .uooiiv, me .Misses meeie.
Misses Jennie and Mattie Daugherty, Miss
Kachel Nelson, Mi-s Florence- Johnson,
Misses Sillie and Josie Smith ami Miss
Helen "A Illinois. Col. G. X Elliott, Kov
Unas. J Heller and J. C- Steele, Dr. W. V
Smith, Major C. A. Middleton. S. M. Fitch,
m. !ensenderler, L. II. lluck. King turr,
F.M. Buck, W.W. Daugherty, II. F. I'arke,
01 Setlaln, anil Joseph Meele.
The bride was dressed in a beautiful suit
of ahes of rost-K gro grain silk, trimmed
with black lace, and had her.hair dressed
with a beautiful wreath of flower.
Without particularizing nulSce it to say
that all the ladies very dressed very becotu
ingly and to suit the occasion.
There were many rare and beautiful
presents presented to the happy couple,
a.nong winch were noticeable one present
valued at $100, presented by Mr. if. F.
Parke, a,brother of the bride, ;t gold watch.
a fane let of silver ware, and other gifts too
numerous tu mention.
The sup'ier was perfectly magnificent
(if that will express a good supper). It
was all that the closest critic could desire.
and from appearances there were some there
who were judges of good victuals. The fair
hostess and her accomplish daughter. Miss
tuiiu, spared no pains to make the occa
sion an enjoyable one, and right well they
succeedea .1 all present can testify.
Mr. and Mrs. Wliittshirecarrv with them
to their new home in Ohio the best wishes
of the people of Warrensbtirg. while society
will feel a deep low in one of its ornaments.
Wjitien for Hit Sinitlav Morning Uizihi.
O.v Hoard Steamer Minxk-ipolis,
Missisriin't Kivkr, l'uicoTr Sept. 2otii. 1
Sailing under an Autumn ky, whose
beauties could scarcely be i-urpaied, even
in Italy, and our brows fanned by the cool.
crisp air of early September, that conies no
welcome after the sultry days just passed,
it seems egotism to attempt a description of
the magniticent scenery that greet us 011
every side. After leaving this point, we
sail rapidly down stream, halting now and
then at many pretty, picturesque little vil
lages thatorn iment the shore of the Upner
Mi.i-wippi, finally making a somewhat
longer stop at
a prominent city comprising some ten or
twelve thousand inhnbitsnts. The streets
are beautifully laid out, the dwellings,
principally white frame and built on sandy
soil where they long preserve their original
purity. At this point some freight is put
on and some taken off, and we are offagain
on the bosom of the Father of Waters. The
next place of note is
at one time the home of Brick Pomeroy, 1
and where he edited his iplcy little sheet. I
ne tarry here but a moment and proceed
on our down trip, with a half hour given
here and there, to Clinton, Dubuque and
Burlington, the latter, by the way, one of
the liveliest little cities on the river,with a
population of twenty fivethonsand, steadily
increasing every year. Saying "Au ite
voir" to Burlington, we soon arrive at
where after a couple of hours waiting, we
verv reluctantly take leave of the captain
and clerks, and let me add a more gentle
manly or courteous net of officer could not
he found, from the captain, Jerry Woods,
down to Mr. Jim Best, the mate, each vied
..i .1 - 1 - ....
wiiu 1 ne o.ucr 111 tneir attentions 10 tlie
Nothing but success will ever attend the
"Minneapolis" so long as commanded by
such a gallant crew. In being transferred
it was our good fortune to get aboard one
of the new floating palaces. Golden Eagle.
We had heard of her in such laudatory terms
and was longing for a glimpse of the light
ning fast steamer. As we stepped aboard !
and into the cabin a new sensation of de- j
light thrilled our pulses. She was all our
fancy painted her and more. Captain
Asbnry commands this beautiful craft,
and I can only say he is the right man, in
the right place, with the pious and atnable
N. B- Hatcher, ami the handsome Pendle
ton as clerks, while Mr. Ed. Buckley as
steward, caters in a most satisfactory man
ner to the taste of the passengers. A sable
gentleman presides over the bar, which is
in itself a little poem, where the poetic
fancy for the beautiful may be indulged
as well as the more material part of man
be gratified. A glass of lemonade from the
hands of the presiding genius of the boat,
and I was fitted for "nature's sweet re
storer," balmy sleep. 80 closing my eyes
and ears to the intoxicating strains of
music, and merry laughter that floated out
as dainty forms flitted through the masy
dance, I soon forgot all ia sleep to awake
about six o'clock in the morning to find
myself In the "future great." Kayek.
Leroy Hoom.
This popaktr hotel is sitaatnl ia a quiet,
nice locality, where a tired guest can rest
free from noise and under the management
of its new landlord, W. H. Current. The
rooms are comfortable and cleanly fur
nished; while the table is ia every respect
frst-dam. Travelers aad day boarders
will do well to aetrontse this boose, oa the
I comer of Sixth aad Ohio sireets.
Eqwttdby Trans-MUiuuippi Associated Prest
Death's Work on the River-
Gloomy Prospects in Southern
O'Leary Ahead on His Tramp.
Important Order to the Army.
Memphis', Tenn., October 5. It
threatened rain early this morning but
lias cleared off brijrht and warm. Dr.
Mitchell, medical director of the How-
ards, to-day received the followitiff tel
enim from Uermantown. TeniK :
send us a doctor at once; Dr.
Thorn jwoii is prostrated. Ten new
cases have developed in the past twenty-four
hours. From noon vesterdav
until noon to-tlav the undertakers re-
ported 30 interments, 21 of these re
ported this morning.
New Orleans, October 5. Deaths,
oj; new cases, 80; total deaths.
3,112; total cases, 10,304.
Pattersonville, Oct. 3. New cases
for two davs. 4; total cases. 37
deaths, 9. At Thompson's Calumet
plantation. 47 cases; no deaths. At
Kicahoc, 42 cases.
$500,000 ; to Wra. Nicol & Co., of
at katox kouoe. Bonibav, and Flemming & Co.. of
Baton Kouge. Oct. 5. Deaths for Kurrache, 86,000,000 ; to Lewis Pot
the past twenty-four hours, 8 ; over ter 900.000 ; to K. Salraond, 8500.
80 new cases daily for the past tour 000 ; to W. Tayhr. 8500,000 ; to M.
days. Our city is now a htwpital : Buchanan & Co., 8500,000.
almost every house contains sick. We
are now in the midst of trouble. 7"""
Those who are well are worn out Afghanistan,
through want of sleep and rest. As -London, Oct. 5. A dispatch from
yet the weather promises no relief. The s-,nIa. confirms the report of the am
"cry for assistance comes from everv val tne four,n Ameer infantry
side. Judge Buckner, an active and regin-ent with six guns from Ali
efficient Howard, is down sick.
An Order to the Arm j.
Washington. Oct. 5. The general
order just issued from the War De-
partment calls the attention of the of-
it .t ... . . .I.
ncers 01 tne army to tne section in the
Array -appropriation uui, passe 1 at
tne last session ot Congress, prohibiting
the ue of the armv as a posse comita-
tus, except in such cases as mav be
expressly authorized by the constitu
tion in the acts of Congress.
Washington, Oct. 5. Surceon-Gen-
-.i ri: ..1 .1.- 1
.-mi unci, ui uic nuv v, iius neen re-
tired from active duty, having at-
will not ho nnn.nipd nnfl tha
..... " II " "--- . l.bUI U
ot Secrehirv Thnmnsnn
j x-
Hamilton. Ont., Oct. 5. -The plan
ing mill and sash factory of J. B.
Day foot & Co., with adjoining prop
erty burned last night, lioss, $30,
000 ; insurance, 810,000.
O'Leary Ahead.
In the walking match to-day at
12:20 p. in., O'Leary had made' 376
miles, and Hughes 302 miles.
Hughes walks with the greatest diffi
culty ami seemingly intense pain.
.-teiiuu iiu;urav, vctuoer oir
rrancis Urant, the famous portrait
painter and president of the Royal
Academy, died suddenly to-day.
San Francisco, Oct. A Portland
dispatch says that Postmaster-General
Key and party sailed for San Fran
cisco this morning.
An Othello.
I'hilailclphia Press.
Annie Knott, a tall, good-looking
Wilmington girl, in her seventeenth
summer, became enamored some time
njioof a dandy negro barber of the
same city a broad shouldered Othello,
who dressed in stylish garments and
cultivated a fierce moustache. He
formerly ran on one of the river
steamers to Wilmington. The ira-
, - t.t a ez .1 . .
"V""-"V !" "6
r . .1 l. 1 . 1 1
luipuseu uv uer pitreuis, woo were
very respectable people, met her dusky
lover at every opportunity, and ex
changed billet-doux by every artifice.
On Saturday, September 7th, the
barber and his white inamorata
secretly left Wilmington and came to
this city. The girl s father at the
time lay seriously ill, and the news of
her flight .was withheld from him.
Mrs. Knott, a white-haired lady, with
another daughter, came to this city on
Sunday last, having ascertained the
girl's whereabouts, and obtaining a
warrant at the central station had it
served upon the runaways at the house
where they were stopping. The de
luded girl at first was obdurate, but
after a talking from her mother and
relatives consented to a compromise
by which she is to remain in this city
with a Mr. Mann, a relative.
If Yoa Should Tail
to fnd Sicken' place where those choice
oysters are sold ask aay boy, be cam di
rect you there, for it is the most pepalar
oyster hoase ia the city, aad yea will fad
it ont by getting them by the caa, bab, raw,
fried, stewed, broiled etc.
(Cat this eat fer fatare rifenaei for the
Baiqo rsf esse te ariat aay mere el ate
Hore Particulars About
Glasgow Bank.
Bismarck and Anti-Socialism.
British Troops on the
The Glasgow Bank.
London, Oct. 5. It is rumored that
Potter, one of the directors of the
City of Glasgow Bunk, and who was
also a member of the firm of Pot
ter, Wilson & Co., which failed
- ,when tlle Ban,j closed ite loore. hJ ,a
lar:e advance from the broken Bank
ot Moua. A local branch of the City
of Glasgow Bunk in the Isle of Man
held from a million and a half to a
million and three-quarters of dollars of
the deposits, about all the spare money
- IV i,aud a,ul man-v l0113 are
left destitute.
With a view to afford relief to de
positors as soon as possible, the com
mittee of other Scotch banks are mak
ing an arrangements to pay ten shill
ings on the pound as soon as the banks
have ascertained that they will lie safe
in making an advance to that extent.
The litilhom.it announces the follow-
ing advance made by the vity ot
Glasgow Bank : toJos. Wright, two
Und 11 half million dollars; to Wni.
Scott. $765.000 ; to J. M. Morton,
Musjid, and sys 1: is generally report-
I 1 . . ' . "W""fc .
ea mat a isntisn lorce ts advancing
from Peshawar in the direction of
Jararood, with a view of attacking Ali
Musi id : that A meer is massimr troona
at Ali Musjid and Candahan. and
threatens Guitta. A stroni? feelinir of
. . . o
hostility exists between the Kyberee
tribes and the Ameers.
The Anti-Socialiit Bill.
Berlin, Oct. 5. Bismarck has had
a conference with the Crown Prince
regarding the anti-socialist bill which
it is seriously feared will fail, as the
majority of Reichstag persistently re-
fuse to vield on the ouestion of limiting
I . . 1 -.. , ., 1 "
tne auraiion 01 tne law.
New York, Oct. 5. Money 3c
Sterling $4 80 J to $4 84.
Gold-Sl 00.
Borrowing Kates 3 to 3A per cent, per
annum and J er cent, to Monday.
Bar Silver At London 512 pence; here
$1 1Z in greenbacks; 1 II in gold.
silver Com to 1 per cent, discount.
Government fiends Firm.
State Bonds Quiet.
Stocks Strong.
New York Market.
New York, Oct. 5. Flour Quiet.
Wheat Steady ; Chicago 96c : red win- ,
ter SI 06 to SI 07 ; amber 1 04 to $1 07 ;
No. 2 SI 05 to SI 051.
Lorn Steady ; steamer to 46c : No. 2. 48
to A:.
ftt ft..?. . nit.. 1 f .
No. 2
Rye Quiet ; western 59c to 60c.
Mesa Pork Quiet ; f 8 75.
Lard Quiet; $670.
Whiskey Nominal.
St. Louis Market.
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 5. Flour Un
heat Opened higher but closed lower ;
No. 2 red 86 to 86)c; No. 3 red 831c.
Corn Dull ; 32ic
Oats Firmer; lOJcto 19Jc.
Pork Dull ; 8 50.
Dry Salt Meatx Nominal.
Bcon Quiet ; 51c to 61c.
Lard Better; $6 25.
Hogs Fairly active; light shipping and
Yorkers S3 20 to $3 35 ; Bostons $3 40 to
no0; mixed packing 13 25 to 3 40.
butch and Philadelphia-! S3 50 to S3 60
Receipt. 1,900.
Shipments 1,900.
Chicago Market.
ViHiuar.u, iiuj.,va:i. o. n neai-weaaer
. t .. e . m I
82c to 8:3c for October.
Corn Lower ; 341c for October.
Oata Shade lower: 18ic to 18Sc
Uc to oer.
Barley 98c.
Rve 44c.
Pork Lower; $7 62$.
Lard Lower; $6 15 to $6 17$ for Oct
Whi8key-$! 07.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Hogs Dull, weak and lower ; light S3 25
to S3 30; heavy raized packing $3 10 to
$3 30; heavy shipping $3 30 to $3 60 ;
Philadelphia $3 75 to $3 90.
Receipts, 1,100.
Molenhoff, 300 and 903
Ohio Street.
New goods, cheap prices ; beet qaality of
English china dinner sets,
110 Pieoe. t 90.
Gold band aad white ehiaa tea seta,.
Fine decorated chamber seta.
Fine assortment of glassware aai
furnishing goods, at lowest eaeb

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