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The Sedalia weekly bazoo. [volume] (Sedalia, Mo.) 187?-1904, January 20, 1880, Image 4

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Big Haul.
Friday's Bazoo noticed at some length
the rait of Joseph Mulhsll against the M
IL A T., for SS2.005. John F. Philip and
Jadge B. G. Willkemon appeared fur Mnl
t.ail and John Montgomery, Jr., lor the
railroad company. The suit wi hotly
tonteated, and powerful argument were
wade on both aide, but Philip cave out
victorioas, m the jary returned a verdict in
favor of Malball for $28,000. Thi- is tbe
boat important suit again-l auy of the rail
road to I trird at this tern of tb court,
vne Mr $50,000 again! the Facile having
teen withdraws from the docket. Il will
ha tried at tbe.next term of court.
Uatbrtaroete jVgaia.
M isfortunes sever eame singly . Mr. J 8.
McFsridehof BoonviHe, gel taken Is Fri
day by afXtarpet.da.a way be ieSaea. He
im engaged in baying mule, in connection
with a livery-stable keeper at tkat place,
and Thursday evening a stranger calleil
and wanted to sell the im a hone. They
replied that they wanted oaly males, ai d
(be stranger thaw left asying that be had a
fine eM for sal. The next evening about
dark be reappeared with a raagnilceet an.
imal, for which he wan paid $110. He
left, aad -hasn't been heard of.aiaca. The
next morning a farmer put in his appear- i
earchiar for a atolen male, and at
unea raoocniaed the animal parchaaed by i
ibctrm.a aelawata, ut coat
it wa 1
gives to him, sad they are "oat" f HO. 1 :
otwithataadiag the oppoattioa from hi
t hurrh, tha marriage at Kev. Bavaria, of
Kansas City, to Mrs. Dig", of .Booavilb,
was daly iwlemmsed na the 15th at Boos
villa. Mrs. Diggs in of one cf the beat fam
ilies ia MimoarL She U greatly beloved by
all her fneade, sa was witBemed by the
large, handsome aad costly articles pre
ented her on her wedding day, and. the
only lassoa the members of his eharch
Kve far their opposition to the marriage,
w.iathe fact that Mm. figgn was a ''grsw
widaw" a divorced woman. After the
ceremony the ceapJe took tbecM for Kan
m Cityf their fatore home. The Bazoo
trusts the ilNfeeling hss aatirely died out,
and that the coaple were right royally re
reived. Capbms aad taa Saparrlaorahip.
From tbe 8eda!ia Thwm.
The dipatcbes of Tossday morning an
nounce a the aaperviaor of this diatrict, C
A. Leach, of Sedalis. Bat the next day
broaght the telegram, that the appointee
was a Democrat of Kaaaas, City, by the
name of Duke.
We believe that our wmmmmtmtmt wmM has
cratUM im&it assate
tin oWa Met sf av oUr
We have jeat been over the. eVtriet on
nthar hasiarm. and have a wide araasint-
ance wita U. ,. . s -
Oar paper is working streaaoaely fer Ihe
cJucaieanal, socisl, asoraJ and political 1
elevatieawf If h-soari, aad tneapaaintmeet,
smsllaethe aoasBenastiasi ia, ajeeld have
josarsaUta. vigor aad.aaergy.js year to
come. . " -
"Our aapoiataKflt'' woeld have broaght
a bread -gria apes every pt rasa's face "In
this and adjassat coaetias" who have had
the pleasure of the aceaaiotenee of this
old political, religions aveadieaat. Ltt the
diatrici he eoagratalated that this old red
cosed, itinerant Bible banger did not re
ceive the sppolataseat of supervisor of the
censas for the Sixth District. Wbst'oSce
will be apply lor next? . -
A IdTaly Affair in Kiosm City.
A liiely scandal has shaken the foaada
tion of X4nsas eity far the past few day.
Aa far as the facta are developed and the
papers there tell little abeat it it seems
tbst a dramaier for a New York German
publishing hoasr, named Crider, got him-
elf into a rather aerioua acrape. Crider
invited a yea eg lady hy the name
of Bell to take a buggy ride, and Miss Ball
then turned in aad invited Mrs. Hewitt, the
wife of a esloea keeper te go along. Both
ladies awat, and Crider took them over tc
Westnort and got them pretty mack under
the iniuence of liaaor. "A gailty con
ecienee needs no aecaeer," aad Friday, Mr.
Dewitt wss traiag in one direction and Cri
der in snother, hat Crider saw tbe
gentleman first, aa he thoaght,
and dodged into the ticket oSce of the
Wabash railroad. Alas! Mr. Dewitt saw
Crider, aad goiag iato the ticket oSce, first
gave tbe young maa a so aad earning, after
which he went ia oa his mascle, and gave
him a severe thrashing; Crider proposes
going into the courts. Mice Bell is ef a
respected family, aad assay regret, on her
account, that the affair took place.
.i m
Aalaap in Church.
"He preached' about twa hoara, 'boat the
fsitb in God to keep.
The women folks were aoddin'-while
their husbands war asleep."
So moralises Will Haya in his faaaous
poem oa the "Modern Mettie' Hoase."
Tbe Baxoo reporter saw a most beaati
fal illHstratipn of the above at one of the
prominent meeting bosses Fridsy night. A
lady had been pat to sleep by the soothing
iniaeaces of the wind organ, and the low
tone of the preacher didn't dktnrb her
slambera. But that preacher had langs,
aad he knew bow to use them.
The ladv waa having an anpleasant
dream, and imagined she was falling off
an elevated position down, down into the
dreadful abyss below, and just aa she wss
aboat to scresm for aid that man ia tbe
pulpit gave a yell that awakened tbe echoes
ia the valley of death, aad that old lsdy
clutched frantically at tbe last straw and
held on with tbe grasp of death.
The "lest straw" proved to be the Bonnets
of the ladies who were oa each side of her
hat of course they vera entirety rained.
Apologies were given and accepted .nod all
want merry aa a marriage hell.
What Ha Xiwft Behtad Hum.
'Cheap Jo" will hardly retain to Seda
lia. Urn good are ia charge of CMistshle
Coaner,and hearing that a sort of inven
tory was to take place to-day, the Bazoo
reporter waa on hand. - The ooastahle went
to the express oSce, where the goods were
left, and by showing his warrant and pay.
lug charges, removed the goods. There is
s large Saratoga trank filled with all sorts
f notions, ribbons, eembs, and pretty
nearly everything it takes te mske up a
omaaV appearance, and all sorts of ev
elties, gold peas, brass aad silver aad gold
jaen-holaters. pinaili, etc Bmldas those are
tool chest tiled with Um artsalat, and
eight or ten boxes aad two haadles which
were not exsmieed. Tha CaaeUhle ales
has on hand n very good pietel aad splea
4id gold watch. Tahen all ke aH Cbean
Joe" left eaeagh te pay his sMsiia credi.
tors, and a fair profit to Mr. Haablasm for
having hisatere brakes into. Thenrtkim
ars worth ahcat tve hajwVtd doliso.
a HAwnmrnirTniTfi rtttt
. Wi - Buihong
Ohio Street Methodiet Church
Sued for
Buahoog on the Wiraeaa Stand.
Bev. J. V. Bushotig, formerly pastor of
the Ohio Street Methodist Church in thU
city, sued the church in the ..Petti Circuit
dart in the.May term, 1S79, for ahout2,
100, being the amount of a certain bote and
interest thereon, which 15uuong hold
against the church for money p4id a
curity on a certaiu note held by Cyrue
Newkirk agiint the saaie church. The
full detail of the irainacuon will be found
in the testimony given Wn hj pHriii
Buahong, who v the only wituc wha hnit
been examined.
Heard & Jacknn, attnncya for BusTiong,
and Smith A Shirk attoney fiirtlie church.
Taatimony :
I aai plaintiff in this cne ; I came to $e
dalia in 1867 ; I am a Method Ut minister ;
1 came here from Cwhocten, Ohio ; I wm
ent here an a Miniu'er of th Ohio Street
Methodwt Church, and remained
The church building i a two-otnry hrick
buildini;. and wheu I cane here the lecture
mom nr bailment etorv was finished and
holding all the wrvicea there ; the second
' Ktorv wa iu an uttonithet! conilitioa jnct
DOOreu ana euciowru , lurmwupu ?iui mui
completed iu the winter of 1S67 and dedi
cated bv Biftbop Bowman, in .tie eummer
of 1868 ; the improvement made were sub
atantial and good; nicely Sni-hed.
Before I came to Sedalia, 1 received let
ter from person here, anking me to come
here to complete thin church ; I came and
we had good audiences, ami il waa desired
by the church official to hve a larger and
more commodious place of worhi than
we had in the baaement.
Prominent among thoe who wmted thi
improveuent, were Dr.Tohia,Jtidge Wah
burn, A. J. Sampson, GoiMlman Brother
and other.
Attorney 8mitb Wan Dr. Hull in thi
lot who deired thi church completed ?
Buabong I don't jnot rememlter altout
the Doctor: He wan a trustee when 1 came
here, but did nottay iu long after I wax
i connected with the church.
who put rr.
I furniehed $1,2t0 and Cyrus Newkirk fur
nished $1,250 cah. to complete the chu'eh.
The note waa given me atxitit Jnrnary.
1878, if I remrmbercnrrecily. Il w a con
certed plan with the chnrrh officii l that
Kewkirk and myxelt were to furnish $2,500.
In 1867, Brother Smith built the par.-r.-aee:
he built the hoce2and I paid the
! bills,; the chun-h Urrowed aowe money
and paid me back.
I went to Kanaf City in 1S69. and bor
rowed out of the bank 51.600 of Mr. Hoi
den, of Kanoa city, Mr. Kewkirk, of
Seduia, going my security; when the
note became duo, it vu eent here for col
lection, and paid out of money paid into
the bank here in liquidation of the church
note I had, which Xewkirk held a collat
eral for going my security in the hank at
kTansas City.
I aubarribed $250 to araial in liqaidaring
the floating church debt, on the condition
that my note wax paid, and on the condi
tion that $5,000 waa Mihacribed and paid
toward the aaaae object ; my note whs paid,
lent the $250 I subscribed ; it was paid
aboal the time my three year expired at
Knsa City ; I subscribed $100, my wife
subscribed $20 and then I subscribed $250,
in all, about $400 toward tbe completion
of tbe church.
Sedalia, Mo., Jan. 1 1, 18C3.
Twelve mouths after date we, or either of
nil, promise te pay to the order of Cyrnx
Kewkirk twelve hundred and ifty dollar
for value received, without defalcation or
j i r.w Brit, ...... wi(if-i ' a .
rate of tea per cent, per annum.-
J. F. Tobias,
E. W. Wa$bbcrx,
J. W. Bcuowfl,
L. McRoBsy,
J. A. Smith.
I paid this note to Cyrus Newkirk ; I
was sued an this note, hy Mr. Newkirk ; 1
wss then in Little Rock, Ark.; be broach t
suit by attachment, and the property was
so'd for a song to Mr. Newkirk ; subse
qeeetly Mr. Newkirk let see have the prop
erty back by my paying the note, interests,
costs, &c, amounting to $2,900 or $2,400.
- 1
After I paid Neakirk off he made the
following assignment on tbe note :
"Fur value received, I assign the within
note over to J. W. Busk-one without re
course on me. C. Newkjrk."
Sedalia, Mo., July 1, 77.
Tbe preachers of the Methodist church
are generally in the habit of collecting the
debts of the church; the money which
myself aad Ifewkirk furawhed went tn
ward enmrdeUag thechaich; I often met
with tbe trastees of the church; Hiram
Lowry did most of the carpenter work on
tbe audience room or the church; Brother
J. R. Saiith, a carpeater, worked oa the
church; I rothcr Smith put up tbe Sret
stairs to the audience room, and it cost
Goodtuan, Haecock; Newkirk and others
acted as a committee to let the contracts
I msd no contracts myself as far as I can
now remember; friends "in fit. Louis gave
me money to buy carpets, chairs, organ,
etc, for the church; it wa voluntary sub
scriptions. JtOTV LoSO.
Cross-examined by E. J. Smith. I am
tfty years otd; I johaed the otinfereace in
1861 or 1812; 1 waa a local preacher he
fare; I was chaplain-part ot the time da
ring; the war; part of the time I waa on
Gen. Howard's staff; I thoaght wbea 1
came acre thai I wss to finish tbe church;
I hsd a wife and one child when I came
here; the latter time nf my stay here. Mis
GrimVttved with 0.
Smith did the carpenter work on the
parsonage; .don't remember whether I
planned the house or not ; I do not remem
ber that the psraonagc coat a great deal
more than it was irst estimated that it
would ; there wss a debt ef about $6000 on
the church wbea I came here,
I dn not remember lhaf the oficial mem
bers of the chnreh objected at that time to
risimiva of the chckc:i ;
I cannot call to mind anybody hesitating
to going abend with the work ; I know that
tbe Board of Traateas agreed that they
would borrow $2,500. but I do not recollect
tbst it was agreed to asertgage the church
to secure those wbn signed the nates, but
my mind bsa bean refreshed since 1 have
been here, by seeing the oScisl records of
the ehareh ; there were one or more mort
gages en tbe charch.
To the best of my recollection it was
saggested tbst I should ge East sad
rsise money for the church, bat not to pay
this particnlar note, aa far as I can remem
ber; I do not remember that tbe District.
aonference reaaested me to ask permission of
tne annual coslerence to go c,at snd so
licit funds for the church.
I did net handle a dollar of the money
that was paid for the gaishicg of the
jfe&LlLWM id I a-pausr by.iiiel
U-HU1114 vaasmtitee. i
1 bare aclaaliv mill N'rwLirfc fer thi
1 mm - T
trid Camti hrfnr hr wiei! me; Mhen lj
maoe a tinal Kcttteuient with Imii. f!er hei
old my land, he tn:uif ute pay ihf i..tc,
Cit and attornrv lee in the ruil atui-l !
me. ed the CimU mi.l alitor. -vm f.-t. i.i il:-
& note; In? holds tu- ite iiar: i n c : - v:an nii.i. t cr.. a-...! t ,? kisih , urioi;. 1
on nay land for neurit-; the new now? amaiivua.w at aruvr,. ;
Riven hioi wa for $2,300 "and over, 1 think. OT0Tv, ' J
i THOSE who DAKCC Pay. " ' i The reader 1 tin- IVv, v't'A v. ry re:d-
1J-?rlS:"kii-iu 'I By Which Charier Caae wdl Iv!" ".''r' - ' "l,M u . .
it iu the Unite.l .State Cv.urt aK:iint l1? afternoon, r.f a cutting scrape that
hire. s - - I took !(v at a writing Mtiool uer Pilot
I went Et'l in the uM of 1868. I kneivjClrove, rind at h?t th reirtrr w enabled
E. 1. Winnl(i;v, who formerly lived here; 1 i tit -rulit-r thr
doii'l recollect havinj: nv anderxtmidin;
with him about co.f.j. tt, iUi.m M, tsn-' trLI- "Unci. t-t
there after the H-ople lihii roiimin! troia
. i . .
Philadelphia nd .New York, and then rf
turnvti to f!alta
me watering puiv.. .lf,a VllatWy CVe dttfictiltv I com ine KJi.viUe.lrf.r.f- In- a v-r u,-f
rJxilriLt?Ll i, tKr H3K,IS,?rlV: ." won,.,..o:oour.a.:J bad ihw1,.i:v wJs yc ; irre.t,ng article hd, "lW,r.r.t Sc,rl.; .
1-ast and wdkit .'or thV chuid.; 1 i-..t m ; -x?std Utwteu them rvr in.-e. He wa ariwtr.t 't.i vrrknnr l.da, Petticoa, " I ot- i,i y. i:n im n. Sr.ia!U j
Ierraiion frctu fht-iiiiurly VoMtWut. j TU-y dirt- j,tli known ii. ih nrlhlK.rh.. h! Kiia-, whi'r noikin'c uith hi 1 lher. rt-- nnd iy th-y are iis.t ! i tfrui.i
1 went to Lnfavem-. IikUhiiii, tiiM; ttnl n.l j wh.'r.-thev r.-ide lwint : htrl .-t not S H wa lo.gl iu j-i: the:, lif re h- re- jof ear!.M -ni.-i.at l.ut w .iM riht f
t,!bc!lZT iLllV"! ' ' m;'iu! uiilr..i.iW.i. .x. m the Ciov- up t., :l,a on evy ,Ti-r1,:i.y. ;
- a V i
fl to S!lta 1 don't renumber! ,,;.. tlHrt b.u lhcir ,rIflpiWM ,;olr., o( K-r;-, tor hU delivery u. Mi..,uri
Brllvl r V "v "V, TT ! ""IT'iWrnsbir. l ,l,,t, l- ! ihem i.;t,. 1 oflif- L- nI' L-nvrrtt... rrivl
r:llT,u: Url lifficlli N.ihi..,, b,we.er.i;- P-;r .,i .ly
. l ........ - . 1.. ..AlltltH fill - I m.Wm t.Lm
or not.
oot Si 25,
I do not remember of expreoiiig myelfj
well eatiffied with the rex nil o m viit tot
New York and Brooklrn. for I had eo little I
. T ...... ,i- ;.i ,- , , ,
if - I fin mtt r.nit!pi nf t.k!m .!'
:- - i?r . o. . - n !
lyn; I do not recollect getting a dnllsr in
ot- r ieei -in-ri v-oarco in nrooK
tfrooklvn for the Sed.ilia i lmreh 1 wa !
abent from Sedalia three or four week. .
a t
V wa aia'a a, a.A Sis aS v
lyn at that time and take up a collection
amounting to $30 or $40?
Anawer I have no recollection of it.
I got about $125 while EaU which 1
turned over to the church.
cJl w. wnJ,n ?DiII: hen I came jlo J
KanrlmlsM ffia fP CAA . ?e m rw T
bon.1: I was worth SS.OCO when 1 left Sr. -
. r .....St '1AA I 1 :i . 1
tXmm -w,,uc
f . !.-.. - I
t.4urt adjoiimeil until Monday morning.
. . J
fiedalia Destined to be a Manufsc-
1 tnnnr Vmnt 1
ing on the
forte rears of .ire. who mail inmnriM I
. . . , . , . .
iu iue uuuiuer ana location oi tin; varinUM
. ....... i
parrijtfr nil .in.tn ttlmrw i r Ira itt II.-.
L.uiiiir miii wiiun fiiuio in tnc city. 111!
... j
appearance did not juctifv the belief that
. , . . , . ,
he wa a drummer, hi dress hem tdaui
,, . .; , ..
ar.d the onlv article of jewelrv uion hi'
,, , J . :. '
lierNon was a sold watch and chum. Ns.t-
penwu was a gold watch and chain. Kit-.
,, , , .... J
urally the reporter began making tnouititA,
. , . . t
aud jioon found out that the reuUt'tuan he'
wan -r9Ki-K to, wai
the well-known tuauuUcturer of wayor.s,l
huggie, and aurictiliural implement f St. j
Lnui, and further inquiry revealed the!
itft I it liat area s C l 1 Z 1. .a li. I
. """V"
prwpects for a branch of his manufactory, j
It he decides to build a br.tr.ch here, work j
:n . i u i i..:n:. .l
"" tuu.iws. """""f
"u"1""3 ,vi e "uioj
S:a.tu 9.. mm a.t U 1 1 i
...... . . . j aim iiariev isirt-n ui ni iiij.a-' ruin etui i
while the reitorter w.i tand-5 . ... nlw wa. He talknl Irrelv nnd sltblv
... .... I a I, Y lur; '.uM ituiiietli.Uolv Jrll to the 1 " ., .
corner at the city ball, he was ... . . , , . wtiifiu reserve about hi .-ituatn-n.
br a man apparentlv about I , , , ,. : .... and in ihe opinion of manyitwillbeor.lv
botb bU Joe and Runs (.iiy, and was not .Simmon, ut up hi- fci.iie, nitrr i;.:ii!; the jone .( onr neblr-. eold a cos to a pant ,j,e ,nm while her lir- w-re hanin like
aatisued with eilner, giving as hhi reason j blade, and r-.hU "1 helieve I ,3V.- kilird . ioprifiei.i. i.d il- o. wa n. 1.- de- j,, dfoI lrotu m tttjWt.r either" r.-.l or
. a . s a aa.s . aH.. B
tuatinenei.1 in toe lauerctiy was cr..wu- him, and.Urt..l t.. r..m in. ha not bn livrml to Mr. Rkk.'r. liri:.,' three mile- mn Mb, am! rant y,M:t,z girU would ia-
ed, and there wasn't enterprise enough in I seen or hc:.l ..f -.n.e Word a- ent to j-.-..it!twc-t of thi pLcr. The cw de- i.;n(. .. Wl. iw.i.
tne tormer to jutiiy him in the under! ale- the proper olluer-, i l ti;-y hsve been on
ing. lie exprefrd himself as x,e Iwkuiit f. r j r-.tml.le u:iu.!rrer, hut
3ICCH 2-i.CASKl WITH SEOiUi, j up to the. latr.il :tit : I. ut i.t l-u -uc-1
and thinks the future of the city is bright 1 cersfu! iu hi-. e-uiWre.
indeed. Mr. Burton has the capital and! rW ANS ,unjyN,
ability to erect the work, which will con-j ,jVe Jh thr ,;,.,;. v p;,. L:tK ,
sume the raw material and lura il into LmaJi rtM,ioil nurli: ... .Mtji, on the M..
s a a a .a
a m av.
ouggies wagons, piows, ana nearjy an otnert
kind ot tmplemenu used ou the farm. 1
. 1 I
This is just rxactlv what Sedalia tandai
. 1
in need of, and it is unuecery for the;
i . . .n ...ii . 1 . 1 t . 1. .1. .. 1
iiie geniieman uouiu rt-ceive an poioie
j courtesy at their hand-. The building of
the Warsaw road has placed us in
direct communication with the iron and
lead fields of Beaton county, and now what
is wanted is manufactnnes to
and those who come to Sedalia looking at
the prospecta for enterprises of thi. kind
should be properly encouraged, especially
when they proK.-e erecting all necessary
buildings at their own exprtire and on their
own responsibility. "Thi is the beginning
of the second growth of Sedslia. Manufac- j
tuiies bring people to a city from all parts
of thecivilixed world. Let the 000m go on. j
m m . I
Special Elootion, Jan. 10,1880, for
Member of Congreaa -Sevonth
j 3
Camden .
Cooper. .,
1- JKJ j.i
....'I 138) 2
...J! 1515! 665
Cole .
940 llt'4
259 S51
Moniteau .,
i'ol k
Total ..
' 655
Philip' plurality, 3,843.
Philips' majority over both, 1,605.
Examination of Claunoh.
The preliminary examination of Burrell
Claunch, who killed W. T. Brownlee in
Johnson county a short time since, began
at Warrensbarg Wednesday, before Vquire
Hawkins :
There were twelve witness for the State,
vix: N. H. Trimble, Theodore Seeley,
Frank floss. Miles Smith (colored), James
Davenport, Samuel Hawthorne, Andrew
Cowans, John Orsper colored), R. M. Mc
Clellsn, Alva McCIellan, Sanford Raakia,
T. H. Mitchell and Geo. Davenport. Jaa.
11. Daveapen was not present. The wit
aesses for the defense, four, vix: Mary
Jaae Claanch, wife -of accused, Silvege
Elliott, Joseph Ridenstricker aad J. P.
Tha coasel for Claanch asked for 'If (ecu
auBtttea tisse te await the reception of a
telegram from Col. Philips, ef Sedalia, hat
none being received the examination began.
The evidence given for the prosecution
varies little from that already paUisaed in
the Baxoo.
Col. Philips, owing to Circuit Cowrt be
ing hi sasaisn in twdslis, was enable to take
. Mora health, saaahiaa aad Joy la Hop
Bitters, thaa ia all other re
, toe .....eo. u.e j .uui,lwux t)Ai hvn. . t
.1. .t t II ? 11 T
w f I
m mmmmmm m'mlm, mm, , ,
W j.
bly looaa His 1.1 fa.
",,""sor "
IiiteHietitv Mra received in.Stdalit, Fri
f tin ffir.
AtNiut a year j J.m Sim I wa ktllei! ill V;.uiii;t. Trrtilory. Ltl of r. a i.er r tt aisctt.
wa. th;.sin o: ihe .lidicultv. MhI il.e.,0,,P hIm in ' w',rrr
! nriclitxir- umv, tht it had aen
" lhur-dny niht, the tw.. met
, . . . .
. . . i ' !
Wt,rr fcl'eii, .-inj alter cfiool
.... , .
MP mi v-nane-T ail"ci,e.i joe aiai
noon, wno mw ian.ln.- tIKins ti. -Bie
friend, and aid :
'Je, 1 tmdenuan-i y-u hate Ih-en telling
the 1iy thst you ijHWt icirinjT me a
gMMt whipping the fii-i iiui we mot. I
Sliiimon- replirti lh-.it hr l.-l
! ilAUK No Til KEATS.
sn,j W(,,(i rb j. M ,VM ,
Pi tHi.rll- V.. ii 1 .r mn.i I
... : : : : . :
. , ....
hH d;ht, il rm :ne not iiw.rd. :tmt at
, .....
the .-:imi? ttuic lie3ii untwine; oil tu- ii mi.
. , .
MiumoiK -nrl iiO!hiiitr more. et utu hi
, , , r .
hand in bii ia 5cri nn turn mt x Sarxe
ik. t nife. 1 hi- w;.. .. .1 ru be
who ru-hnl forwaul :ilii! Mm.-. itUltlOI.: in
i the fjce. Sto:iii..ri- i- -n-n toirike Unrk '
.. . .
Jonce stiiniiH'ti.d.
, . . . . ,
phv-ictan toiiMi tliat lue kntS-
iwnetr.tted ilu left hr.--r i.. t.e !:.! h of
. . , ... . ,
about iw.i inche. ml Iim! z-t.r ihro'igh
. . .
the lung. A :i- ilile. ts-
.... ....
rtiUMveit t-f hi l.mie, in tie virion hut
... .
. . ... .
at Ii ur clk eterl:tv . vemu tht-te n;K
j.. , ,
little hope- f I.i rrr.-.Yirv. bieathinc
- , i ... . , ,
i h iro, e.ml liin-xi S tnr:i the wotii.d
j whenever hi- Klii-mj.i-u .r.tv I
ii- l.renth.
"ed an ndiuary l.t.-tlj-!e.i irk-l- ,
knit, ihe hai-: hhiiii; :u.s .n iei?i Kur j
llirlisal lei ?as:asii ie .1 i r s.tT.t I.T.. t.
. " " " '
ing weapon. It ;tie . niy wei.u i:h
', :t is Mir-d. Muiuiims v nnuixl.
W. ..a
3nK.1mTr.11: iv-i ;.-r :iw cry t:.3n
R T 1U5U:tV j (-M(,.,rifItv. T;.ev
mrr, ..j. , ., ...
arc Ikitti id fee iaf p.ii-ni:.;H, And live
-,. - . . . - .
with their ii-ient-. tunn:-i. 1 a!-out
twenty -I w. yean af, nd L!e dbntit
Thinfs Booming in Narrow
Gauge Circles.
The Railroad Mecuog at. Wheat
land Thursdny.
Mij K. If. Moll. .11 4!endnl the railroad
umiiig at heatlmd. Hickftry countyt
Thursday, and fmiu him the repnrtrr
Ral the tollort in fart :
mere are ! inn-r-ot reute. one running
to Fierce City on ihe hue of the St. Iiuia
and Ssn Krar.c3'.. Railroad, and ihe other
from Wheatland, through Polk county, to
Springfield. Some talk wa also indulged
in looking to runtiing the roid to Carthage,
but as Japer county wa not represented
at the meeting, the uppoaitin is they are
not over anxioti for the road. All coun
ties alons the other routes were, however,
well represented, and the ufm'Mt enthusi
asm prevailed, the delegates statiitg tht
that the people nf their iepertiTe Cvuntiee
stood ready with
to build through to the next cottntv line.
After hearing retxrt and listening to
speeches from variou gentlemen, ihr boaid
ananimnuly reilved to begin the survey
from Warsaw to Whettland, and from thst
point would r urrey U.th r.te. :md dnride J
on the best om money cu-idi rations and !
v l
The people of Wheatland and Hickory
county stand ready to py nil expense of
the survey aa well a their full share of tbe
amount necessary to 'build the. road from
Warsaw S-juth.
Of one thing the people of Sedalia may
he certain : If they wilLextend to the Nar
row Gauge that sympathy and support
which was given to the Mn K. & T. daring
its dirk dsys, and shelter it from thestorm
until il is able to stand alone, it, ton, will
and ia the coarse of a few years be able to
repay them sa head red fold for their fos
tering care. Il is the intention of the pee
pie el Warsaw to raise as mech money as
possible and in connection with the rail
road bridge over the Ossge at thst point
baild alo a wagon bridge, charginf sa
amoui aaScient from wagons swd other ve
hicles to keep the bridge la repair, hat still
charge less than if they had to ferry. This
will be a great convenience to the people of
Benton eonnty in general.-'and speaks avich
for the enterprise and progressive spirit of
the people of Warsaw. The Baiuo hax
ards nothing in predicting for the Narrow
Oasge a glorioas latere, aad its surram
will be but the succesa of tha Sedslia
Fire Qjama, OBwB joimt, Ur
i 1 .1 I . I f - i
if.. rx:mi:it.it!oii Hie
had i ,
ml at nioBmU aVzTjedstwm't.
and eoeVM'leU Ui.: retrj Jro for
graml larceny, aiid -.-i t to t!t- pi.itrniia y
for einhi year-. In t ir -;-r:i nt 1ST.S l.r !
ic-APi:it n: 4 uir rv, :
ioce which liiiif hr . !;-.ir.i in-ui
occaainn-illy. 11.' h-ni :ii VvX
with bin father. uiiukt, !ut the
ward offered ni .Gciriil to o so far. j
sentirt! Mitri w iiitjeiiii ihv iivcinor i
9114 ijikii I u-w M lun .iiii tiiru r
j luib to hi old quarter.
, " r , i
land baa the appenr c of not li:tvmg
are.i ttaiiir mure hi etcapiiie. tie
aya that wba he left the pen hr came
direct to Solatia, when a "friend" xT
hint a new uil of clnthew. He then went
to where hi father wn at wr.ric on the line
nf the Chicago A Alton railrnad, where be
vraaincd thtee wre. lie theu went to
low where he got into
He l:.n left Iowa on very hort notice and
wnt to Fort Sena. Karnaa. He did nr.t
jt4r how hi:g he tarried at Fort Scott, but
. : lu!e there he aw Jmh Turner and paed
't i . . .
i times the oat
not retvirntzrtf.
! ..... ..
K-.t tii? he movrd h ami to Tex:s
, .... . ...
where hi father waa at the time. Hi
!, . . , ., , , , . . .
I father - health got bad and the whole oul-
! . . .
1 ;I
ieni) Boyd in the: same dare-devil hr
i. w hmii'- i uiti iu mir mat im.tii
' , , ,
:le-Kr. Mt nighi, very highlv of the treat-
. , .. u , . . ,
luent of Olat-er ti lsvriinn, in whf-e
. . . - , ,
fii-iilv he w alter Jearui Psola :er-
j ,
U ijiiite proper to slnte that I-.yd
i . r mi - . , mm .
i iuw ion nwueo two neo ana
: "Held tho Fort."
KtiMtia private SeUer nritt, i. !.k y.ug
. .
jBi'tyf, t inersl :n th.cty, .Uttl t Hu -
,B .Jl-ri.. p0b iiv. la-t Wnliesbr. a i
BaK r Kni mm'tiir u :u ike the
.:oliowiiicstract: "Y..u. in t:e cit. tli
t ......
not si...w whl xenuine tun 1-. .Mr. I.'rowt.,
livrer! n-ierr..iitrct.and all iiippo-ed
to fair. She ;: t?, 3iid the next day
wa to U taaeii to .Springfield, to the
- . - hmhier hooe. Biker was coing to
..rit,lieSd next d tv .n iwir.e.( and it oc-
:. ,;rre. to him thU hecould
! hill two att witk osewwe
s by throwing a nooe over tbe bon 01 th
aniiu 1! and driving her along. The cos
w.n a docile brate o are all cows that we
read about in story books ana was
: aever known to nee her bom. But uon
tin- of-csion she did, and ued theru with
a vengeance, and Mr. Baker think -he
j wih; have fcnowa what Ba they proposed
Later a ivpon !i. c:rmila::rir. itmt he mmmmaawTOBammWaawamp
i t niMliiin ( ! alwii h will
j pntting her to. He irst approached her j . ftep-!adder when he comes ; bet as yonsg
hia;elf, and succeeiled in throwing thejnian want lo U: , .srrTiBg a step-lsdder
ror over her bnru. Ihw was the signsl arouud everywhere he goes. In tact, we
for the combat, and lowering her bead she jTr ;t ourcndil opinir r. that long girls
made a ruh at him, but he ran too fast, shouldn't be courted at all.
4tid etirceedni in falling over a high fence ... ... ....
-Mhs Eatnvi Abbott says that "jte"""
4 married agrees with good ingers."
IXTO A XCU II .I.K j,, U lotB- lh
bef.e the cow reoche,! the plve. The ?oiVf ,Ipind; tbe ,UBt.t tnlmtgtn ;Le an
special which the cow wis going w.u llw;jn.ilh. ere, u.e aidney. swestsns
great tuat ne ran rigni mio tne iei.ee. ar.a
I . . I
I f. . r ?. a
licking hiia-elt i
I'jtUiUf ui : iiiauiTr. runnc
went, and approached tbe cow, whico wa
iiuieilr chewing her rud. holdiu out hi
hand and saying 'ajok-cow' Thf cow
allitwe-.l hitu to appnttcli ai'hin a tc- tret
of hi-r, when suddenly giving a bellow she
made a dash at him. The hired man
wasn't !aciiig iu courage, h it concluded
that "di'tanee lent euchaiitmeut
and slarte I
run with all his mihl aad main, the cow
just at hi heels. As he leaped over the fence
tbe horn of the animal caught hi panta
loons at a point wade for anather purpose,
and Itnded him.ahout tea icel oa the other
-i-1e .f the fence, fu cw had now
otrr hi:k HASf l,
and epyinj; a do -he toed hiai into tl.e
air, after whfch she gored a v.-Mi.hle hnre
to pucIi sa ext-ui th a hdiefl within : few
1 hnirr. Mr. itker now approached the
an-liajf nhmn he gut him on her horn and
i,M.. i,..i.:, 1.;,,. .... ;n. the nr until he
wm- $ v..vev mm V mjm- m iitw mmwmw mm m w mm m m m m mmm m
j was inrowu on tne oppnte stue 01 ine ier.ee.
inecow wan uecnreu tne vioior. tne
men went in lo put something around them,
their clothe having heen literally torn off".
The next morning the cow was grating
as if notbiag had happeaed, ami allowed
Mr. Baker to approach her and tbev started
for Springiek, aad, if notbiag happeaed,
ere tbis the people of that city are regaling
themselves oa her meat.
An Old Itaam.
A tbe reporter was persmbalaiiag the
etreets yesterday he saw two men la earnest
conversation. One was teiliag a retaatkable
atery, aad the note beak ef tha scribe wss
oat ia a jif y. 8sid he : The eld man came
hams very late in the evening. He was
considerably aader tbe mloeace of liquor.
and was very boieterows, tearing things
arouml and giving the old woman sad the
eaildrea n terrible thrashing. The hoase
burned down that very aigbt, and the re
mains of the old maa were taken oat of the
! alahru the aext day hy the neighbors. Tha
wemaa snd children disappeared, aad have
never been heard of since. Here wss just
what the neacil-paahsr was after, aad step.
piag ap to tha Onager ha asked ; "Where
did that happen T "Abeat foar miles west
of Oeorgetowa.'' "When did I aader
auad yea to say it occurred T "Well."
said tha Granger lighUy acratchiaic his
he had haard aasaph, aad aa
kwd naacil leek to tha wBse.
SaJaWriac his
p some 01 11 u..-i. i-icaing nuu-eii S,!,. kMp . nh, jelHof ths bene
up.Mr. B.k-r lleJ n the hire.1 u.,gw jrfve from getting msr-
Yammrammmmmmmi mmmff k
wBawBrnmammmmmmmmmmmm Bmmmmm!
aammmawmmmammiS H aTat jABmw
BwaaaawamBmamrHA: a mamH
Shf wor? :t Wtr ; ul-ter cJ...
A:I tftttlonetl duvtn :.. -.
A -nin!ini; Cottar. nl lit- tie
I ;hink waa m: -it- w.ir.
A j.'k-y liAt -a !-r i:n-r
rltf C.irrird h i.ttt.i..
And all whosiw hr eotildrA tell
The lady front a min.
--JfJirMiti lify VV.'i'.lff.
rhe wore her hair nil bangeii hehinil,
A long "witcii" haigtrg doi n;
A love 01 bikunet sat .t her IeiS,
And ihe rqneesrd around ;
A bow knot obued Ijrfcre Iter head
A beau catcher, you big fool,
And lhoe who saw her trip aloritf.
Swore he w; equal to a mute.
The Kiaprooof Kusia rent five villas
at Canne, wliere she has everl pltjjdcians
.tnd many priet of tbe Greek Church.
St. loaiV FfMi-Dlfo'ck.
Indeed? Then it Lo.'t wonderful so
iuuy people are dving thereabouts. But
ay. dtww it nually take "many priest" to
:;ive a woman 'piritaal cr.nilaMoM ? We'll
ii our boots Henry Ward Beecher would
lie s mnch aa any woman could well stand.
"nine Kew York partie have offered n
pnis for the beat device for rapidly empty
mr theater. Exchange.
Berry Mitchell is jat nnw dly in need
I a.t t. ttl .4M.nl ft Ii. Wall mta-
I . , ... , ,
iire. B'l mr uiu.
1( woman had the ballot what would
she do with it? yeli aa exchange. Fasten
it on liehind and parade tbe streets with it.
iuvigimrig it wa -tne new-fashioned bus-
tie, you foot. A-lv Fle. Bite" omsthing
hard next time.
"Never leave what vou undertake un
til you cmi reach your rtrm- an.und it and j
clini'h your hand oi, the other -:de," save!
u r"nllv ouMuhei! iv-ilt lor voune men !
lh:ttT- jii?t exactly what r toidSntlkm,
f Fifth street, bin after the uirl had begun I
, ....
: '- rn':,a, l,M o1,1 ,M "l " w,t1, " .
f thiti:ilT-iisrrelel shot irun, the ui.l iuii
etrtii-k a bjrk-tetion wi: over the !:". k
,.;rfP nf hesd. he thoncht .itr sdvifej
.,,.,;, woplh a .. ftc to hi heel.
Ayounlady wtiu that "ki-ies on her!
; , A 'y wir.n i- on ner
ihrow are the rtchet dndeut a ouiauV
... .
The mm who wtild kia a pre!iv alrl on
A smtll boy never ni-h- he was twin
except when two different Sunday chui
Chritms trees are being held the aae
evening. .Verotaoa Iiidrpeitdent
1'erhspsnot, but many alsrgehov wishes
be wa twins when he eea itirl of his ac
quaintance trying to climb over a high rail
An English 'girl e.nuu to know hiw
long girls should be courted. JSwsaaer.
Well, it i hard to tell. Our opinion,
however, is that long girl should be courted
in the same manner aa short one. In case
the girl ia too Song she might whisper to
her lover thst he had better bring around
, ,Blih..t -k.i'. th a-? V
Hurry up and get married, Em , and
in the course of n year let know the re
sult. An ambitions but iui-guided woman,
in Lyon, Kew Ycrk, went into a dress
maker's establishment the other day and
had her dre-a -'Stted' until one of her ribs
was broken. Eiekmtft.
This ought to be a sad warning to Mis
souri girl. Heavens! think of it! All
that pressure wasted on the desert air,
when, if spread over two or three Snaday
nights on one divan or rocking-chair, it
might have made n young msn happy !
Foolish girl !
Bask as is a Bank.
Kw!o6Cf. Sea YorW. Hue.
Tbe lie rata to-Jay gtea so account ot navel
huki ug ir.Mitntioa btsrtsg ih tiu st "The
IavlieV iVpostt. Its pronec:u. prtatrd oa a
lil'Je fm'Xm of cheap red aapsr ays thst tbs de
lki.it 1 a "charttaM mtttntioa tor -iuttU laSies.
o!lant Toatic." act ooctAias Hms to!;9'm start
hii rnpcitHn :
lR!ert.atthe ra!eo(cthc dolara in a has
lired per month. ipAii aerj three rnoaths ia
asno. The principal can fc wittvdrasiD up
on ealt, any day eicopt Huaday.
No dloit received froai persons owciog a
The Herald reporter waa not ant ta gst all the
isXanaatioa teat ha wished at the "Ladies De
posit. laoojtbbe v:sitsdtaatinttatioa ia petti
eoats, saJ.aoeording ts his own Seconal, very
aaturjlljr cio-1a:ts i iwaelt'ia h character ul
a wo ruin. u cuiua not u-ura irio tne sasaaiisr.
sjasaa CiaataH, how tb eoBera could agora
to pay M par cent, a year oa deposit, or what
disposition was made of moaey received that
rasa) it so vaiasas. 3svenrietrs, aesaw a de
positor corae m. aat saw ar advance laterest
waid ovar to her ia the ssAaasr atirxuatsd.
LsAeratbsasy a rsportsr for a cswisjsieial
AjrtK'y rallrd at the -tmiiur UwpoaU. but n
couSddut teara ranch more. Hs waa told that
Mrs.H. E. Howe waa presUsat of taw concern,
aad tbattbstaoaey dpoit(I was awt loaasd,
butsmpiojari tor ctiarttabie arpsss. It eoald
i pay sixti a hixhrate e; tau-rat. thepreu
j '.tJZS??
not aw issrnea now m nepoasi coma anora ta
buatossa. oset;onabo asraeter
nf tho tasiaess aaa awsa tawsatjtet sf arts
uoa ty tow aatnontiss. wao t oeid
e4 that aa ao eamplaiuta bava svor tsssa
asad ty pesos chuwiag ta bava hasa
swicdied ta say way, a&d aa ihe "hank" docs
not c4iU aatioaags, tnsy are aotoallea ansa
Aliaoaga iheir tsuraess is ei. ad acted aaoa
aa appareatty preaosterniui baaia. aad with tha
auaosi seerecy. ine tact itau iaa ataaaaers
solicit ao twtiaeaa. bat reesiva moasy oaly
iran raeawwaa easse vataasaruv. ta saia tw
cisar tbsai tram legal respoasHjiIity shoald any
oaa eut la rsasivw principal aad laterset atwor
diac ta sgrrcassat It Is rsmaraabla that sack
a tasiassa as this baa awsa swtag a it m
heart of the eity for asatiy two years, wKh aa
Bwf 1vBjy)OBwB)aB
Iaacliea ef tha Kidaeys aad Urhtsry
anas aha wem ef di
Hep Bittafa eama.
K liKA 111 i
smmV .wamV
Anmmmw. .tsmmmmmV -
ammmmmmnfekmnmrnmnBaaamnma. amwT Bam
m?Km?S?flBiRnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmr 4
yy3iij?nammmmmmmmmmmmmmT aaa)
nrmKawWtLanmS " . Bmvmmmmmmml
SmmemBmBfe-mat- ammmmTwa f
lSpaBBT w 1
BKtI-aammmmmmmmaaJ 4 - i-H
"aBBnW W
l i ii a. i iv s rit i: v: v .
Carrita) an extemiYC lin of al) kinds of HARDWABE
Rooflnit done on short notice, and offers superior indnce
aentt to Farmers, Builder, Merchants, as well as the trade-
"FAVORITE" cook: stoves
Roth well known anl highly ree.muneMle, hy .ill.
CTEl, jsmm
' i
Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music,
And evrry article, in the musical merchandtso IIn-. Th In-.-t. inakr
PIAHOS anJ OBGAHS coostantly on hainl.
BwrCail on or aiUir,
.T. W. T R i; X te i.i
S-10dAwIyr Corner of Fourth .mil Ohio .Snft-, SeiUHs. .Wo.
TbofnllAarintfline are from ths X- Orls
Pica june. as I ! n:ta ly Mtt'v A-iit-y
Towns ad.
lej.l inthoinonrr.i fh-n-. nolv cU1rr.ir.-4 i;-r
NoNely wau-hing be:t the vounff h-!t"t.
Nohodymiins her. nniK.l r ii:rnin Je;r.
Jiohody rB'jjjraniKlx-wjMC he : rfan
Out a the ntghr wind he tttnn lanipi tlnr.
Autumn laarea oni ol tbc-tr .ra'i-'he ure
Yonder, with d"d eyelid? rMdcd dons drearily,
P.Kir hR.T:sn leaf tintt.'d out of uk ..rio :
Nobody moiirntng her. no one o daring.
Poor frafpln wreck on IttVa d.olitt ho re,
rVitr Chnt itaratn inch deijvinn,
Murmur forjircns. and "uo sua 1.0 more.
.YouthRil ani Nir once, white-vu!vni aud win
ning. Pure a th purest that ever drew oresin.
Kreh aa a Sswer in it bud snd U-jr'nnmjr.
Love, like a lti. stanglttbvauty to death.
Poor, wretched heart, with u arm to enfold it;
Cheated and wronged of it tender?: m-eds.
Like sores trail vine, with no 300.1 thing to
hold it.
Turning at last to entwine nbut weeU.
Out ea life stag to snd all too crowd l.iixing
Shis.i-tentif, and aiming to hide her poor taca ;
Reaching tor aim thst torvner ner mis-int; ner.
Fainting ami foiling iaaaateaiMiltgrai:e.
Bat ia the morgue there is ao more to worry
Chanty. love cor upnghteous draw ueur.
Tooctroaly Parity e'en hsipta bury her.
Virtue too holy to give her a tear.
Bark! comes a sound from the ranks uncsspec
Jturmaref voices a woman's kind toe
gayinx, "Ti shameful to leave her aeglected,
Frieadlss, forjaksa aad dead hers s.'ons.
uCoaMybsr, wosasat Oar asgors sha!l spin
Mhroad whits aa say for aai at in the land ;
S7e ars all sinner aad she was a sinaer
Lot her receive Christ iaa rites st our baad.
''Pvormarderedcresturs! Our hsrts know tba
Love tamed to a liar, ran rite with a c?er;
All of ua know jukI hat cruel forsaking
hattrtvd tht jtirl'a hlsnud hurried her here."
CoSn her tenderly hroud hers!! whiiely
Twine ye th roe ia crua sail in crown.
Place her tiled feet soti hands decently, rigntly.
So did tbie wumen thera ihey oi the tows.
They to that hrin In ih- morgue brought th
TYcpt they for whom nobody wotiM on
A fe'l Ihe word of Christ Jesus, the t.-3oh-r.
"Who without sin? let h:me.stthe 6ri stono."
80 did tbey bury bar thsy the unholy;
So did tlley civs her pity and care;
80 tbev wopt for hsr lost and the lowly
Woa tb 4ed ao recngnitioa up thrc I
Ayt on the pane which the sncel was smitttag
With stus of tb Lost, a great glory swept
Setting aasiast them ia luminous anting
Tata dead at th woatsn there thav of tho
De. nichardsea aavs that the bod saoaid be I
in iu best nhv-ical condition at io swr; for.
thirty years afUr the orfanuatioo "Son 14 o -
eemaator aerCsct; at 70 old age should begin
aad last . arteeayers. when from ssto it thero
saauld be npe old age without disease or pa:n.
bet marked by a general ul.deuce 1 in
vital fuactiaaa. This is his ideal limit ot life
where caturu has ita undisturbed course. i lao aad44-lserea o of tlta Seen std ef tot
--The Irish carrespondeat of the London Field, two tn the Northeast quarter f sestioa ana
tb leading aaerting paper, write : "Among ia .town-hip fsrty-sevea, raaae nveatyaee.
those out to-day waa aa Americaa geatleaiaa ! said tra:t neiag 11 9Siea easia vat ea
st Pshafe Hnsaire. wha vtBdicstsd the her of 1 the et end snd 14-25 chains oa lk aeMena..
hi eouatrv one th atoat akivalrona ia Xd-I which aasd caveyaaeawaeMVm tratt la ea
rosa by railages straight and danntteaa s if
th Want country had beu his shoottnjc '
ground through life. Th gentleman alluded,
ta ia Mr. KIIk znorawski. of Morriaania, N.
T., well kaowa on tbe nolo groand st Newport
aad with ta Long Istsnd hounds.
Cea. Maaane. the aew Senator frem Virginia,
sad took
rat coat tot of
troops iale tha breach
in Ins rebel warka at Pstarsannr be the
aapleslea ef Baramda's mine aal aaved th
aevsr knswa te s iaia a
ittiae ta taae aHaar
. He is of a liaht akyaiaua. waiaa
a graaaat at ta Virginia auiiurv
Ha waa see sf Le'a finhUax OeaeraJs.
part m msav at tha ajMstdesae
law) last-war. K!dhis
lag net
ieaalxs TMaaaa-
. H
II .1
--It 1 ituihwvite.v -i.itI tii'.r t !'nBlr
Jpr:.rfu. wii. iu- . ji.r tne ir-ek Hi
.1 in tHkii; in.. ul.- .VjM-it;(.a- ;".t us.y
n iuTon-i- u-r. n' Mi li- -iir! eit:i-in!aird
lir.iuir .VRtii)Ht u." ir'-. h--nw ;iiflt ihet
ha u-i-lii. -n -iiI.r..iJ proof ai:h which.
t .-u-tnit ..- :.rtn.-- :: iT'iiHn: ui.x iiln
Siir.!!:!"!. riixt ntin.-;f.i n:-. li.wr t prvea
n- lanhr r i i : mi..f. A reV-nciliHrioir
t--i-n the tiu-li'.n-i : m:i Iooki-o fur a an
C'lOtlL.t i"ii..vl t:i.
Tli- 'Co'j't J.-ti.-iini." ul! n-;'i.i ui Cisrs
Jmry r.(- futiii-tui : '!! ut ar?a.t
sihi iirtinii my iot. I-riu:d :! i?7oa'of
ritrol 11. it r.. ni not tske it. Went to break -:.i-t.
The iJiili.it- hmi iiveii two torpedo a
u.e ."mr, i.ui i ,:i. iivi step oa ineiu. Ane
coff.-e ;:nr:t - .-tp-n of prn?;c uid that I waa
nfraid to tlnnk it. Fenn-i u u:otpi.a sa -my
left .Iipror. tmt loelisly .-hook :t odt oeffrs
tutiiiijr it wi. J.i.-t betore ;TMnc iale
c-.rrt:ue to so tor my tnoruii.4 drire it was
blown into :h air. killing the cowehmaa aad
the hormkinintlv. I dni not drive. Took,
light lunch r.i h-rmetiei! ealed Amencaa
canned goods. They can't tool m there.
Founds poi!on-d dier in mv mvont caar.
w,th the point .-Sicking out. Did not sit dob
on it. Had dinner atti p. in., and nsada Bama
Liiichouuowocki tiiMe every dish. H died
hefure tbe otip wn cleared away. Consaateil
ome Riltimore oyster and some London
tout that I h:ve Kni Wked ap for . re year.
Went to the theitin- and wa-hoiat ia tbearst
set. Had :':; euiire nndu-iw hsaged. Wm
home to tt r.-l .'U-pi all nttht oa the roof of
th palace."
Not-c ia hen-hy givea to th creliior aad
other iutervstrd '111 the ehtate of William B.
liucktep. lev-uM-fl, that I, the nn ltrriart
administrator of .nird eaiate, intend, to mails a
final settlement thereof at the February mm;
18, of the I'vtti Probate Court.
January 16t!i. 10. TR 'M8 J. MAaON.
I-'Ju-.i4t Adanniatrstor
Waaaaas. J. C.VsndraruT by asosrtaia 4te
of trust dated the 7th dy o: March. ISTS, ana re
corded in tbe Rfcnrder- fice ot Peuis Count),
at deed hook H. i-e 6". conveyed to the uadet
Mjtued. U. K.ehort. afl his rtaSs. rWv laSstvsfc
and estate, in snd ta tbe toilowiwgdt se rinse teal
etate sitOHtM in th county ot Penm.Staas ef
Miour. vis i Fonttpen and M-liio acres eg of.
tbe south aide of tit -otirh half ot th south
eat quarter of Met mi ttursy-Mx. in toaushia
fortv-mh: of rxnxe tent-oiie.and thirti-aerau
I ai).l8i-H acre on of the uortbside of lac sa.
of the nortri-ea; qiwrter ot sscuoa aaa a
towahip forty-sevea of rsage tweaty sas. said
last decriret tract ljinx8-3t caaiaa waleea tba
esst sad and to-A? eaaias wide oa tha wast red.
containinx in all sfty-trcn and S3 100 acre, waice
aai.t conveyance i mue m trust ta secure tea
1 DAvment of eisht certaiu promisary i
I deed decribel. sad whereas, the said note bava
become dim aad are aepmd, aw, the re Far, m sa
oordaikce with tha avamioaa of said dswd f '
trun, and at the request f the leasi aoleer aC
kcrrl nue. I mhalt Brwitrl tn mil tmm rnhmmm Am
M-nbed real estst at Ihe coart hoase dear ia la
j city of Srdalia, la tn eeaaty at Past is, Baili
afnrertaid, to th nighest bidder for eaan, at naa-
lie Huction.on
beiweea tba hours of Bin ia tbe fsreaeaa sad)
five in the aftereaee of that dev. la satisfy said
not, together wi:h ike coat aaa) xeeaae afeas-
cnttng this trust. U. t. BaOsTt
I-ao-w St Tr
T8 usrr ore uLfc.
Waerssa. Williani Warrsa, aad Issahwita K.
Warren, bv thia certaia deed f treat datd'-l
,'si,t ,iy Uf Ksbruanr. 1879, aad rseardswm;
, K-eoHer'a oflieeof Pwtieceeatv. at. deed h
14 , iwiS, conveyed ta ta,iiiiiiriimni VjlK
si.rttn his right, title, interest sad estate. iasas
(0 t(l lollowtugdeecribed tval. e.ital akasssd in
' ,tv-..r Pti Kit..t Miunnri. Vta.
cur" the payment of eiaht oartasa
note ia said deed described, sad 1
note hav beeoasadue aad at aavaid.i
fore, iuaccordaace with the arovtsioa ef aaid
deed 01 trust; and at the reoaeet at tne leant'
hclder of id notes, 1 baU proceed te, esst nW
above descrtned rsai esaweat tea eeart fei
door, in the city of svdaim. us taaaoaatyat
Htsie nrotesaia, 10 ia aigaeat a wiser mr
nuaia: aueuoa. oa
between the bears ef at net hi tne
five ia tha aftereeea ef that eng. se
aotes, teevther with the seat and.
zcaaagmia ttnas.
. i. - - tr..
iipmsat , .e
i-es aft

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