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"Will he pan! for every Strip of
which breaks with four month's wear.
We are sole agents for
Health Corset!
Your choice of oOO pairs
Lisle and Silk Gloves !
Big barraiu in
Kid Gloves and Sumr Hosiery
to le cleaned out regardless of cost.
Linen and Mohair Ulsters
At Cot.
Daring Escapades of
"Annie Reilly."
Charity, Virtue and Theft- Sliding
cint. of sinir Sine- on . Bn
Rope - Mourned as One
Sow York MtTf iiry
A bright ray of light has recently j
been thrown upon the identity or 3iiss,
Annie Reilly, who is now meeting her
retribution in three vears term at
Blackwell's Island tor some heavy
robberies committed in New York a
few months since. The discovery
may lead to restoring the unfortunate
girl to her parents, whom she deserted
without any provocation some fifteen j v
years ago, aim no uu
mourn her as dead. ,
It seems that she is a missing
fTl.i j. --1 L 1 1 1
uisier county gin wuu icil ner noine
as . . 1 I
in intih. i-ipnr. nnnii trriiriivincr ipr
... x--. v-u k a '
fifteen and went to service, aunung
at diflereut times the names of Anni !
Onmllv, Anuie Reilley, Mar .lolm-
Reynolds, Kate Williams, Kate ,
ot hnrs. It was not so mtmh t he mere
7 '
io -
love of romance as it was a pure hero-
ism of a higher type which prompted
tkownfU nrl ali.ft f. lioranlf op
in kab iirri l zitrri 11 iniiun m.i 1 1 vii 111111
,ni;.r mi,tivM ,n,l fln ..Lr.
ance and pei'sonal
manners, strictly
EZuS32TrS a
latedtouke a leading position and '
4.nmni;cli nlmnaf aivfKiiin
accomplish almost anything upon
whinlishp had Pt hpr hpjid and hpirt
her head and heart.
Arriving in New York. Miss Reillev
Arriving in Ke York, Ife Keilley
. . U : -,1
all her spare moments in thought and I
study, k record, among the scores i
JLi -i.. u u. L;.f, .? i,.. 5
SiET W S in v, ,
or accomplices. She is spoken of!
evervwuere as a very nice gin, oi i
; kind and generous impulses, high cul-
ture and refinement. There seems to '
Vo Kiif- t Km (iilinrr riaccimic in
kleptomania per se and the desire to
relieve the sick and needy. Her life
has been j
filled with thrillixg advextures '
and remarkable escapes managed with
wonderful generalship, nerve and
courage. She has turned in under so
many aliases and so disguised her
identity as to succeed in committing
more robberies than she has ever been
charged with, and her personal mag
netism is such that when on trial she
generally keeps her victims from
bringing in exparte testimony, and
thus gets light sentences on only one
or two indictment instead of a dozen.
Even then she does not serve out her
term unless it happens to be a very
hort one, and not worth the wuile to !
plan and consummate an escape. ;
was first known to the police aud the
public in 1866, up to which time she
had committed an incredible number
of robberies. She was arrested by
Officer Kierns, of the detective de
partment, convicted of grand larceny,
and given two and a half vears at
Sing Sing. She was there only a few
months when she made her escape by
scaling the wall, being the first and
only woman who ever eluded the vigi
lance of the guards and got out with
out the assistance of the others. Later
on she made a still more perilous es
cape from Sing Sing. Unlike an
other woman of her class, Annie
Reillcy had no carriage to rescue her,
and though she disabled herself con
siderably by her leap for liberty, she
made her way afoot to a farm house,
where she remained six weeks for
treatment ; then came to New York,
New Jersey and other places to carry
on her operations. At New Bruns
wick, N. J., she ingratiated herself
into the good tavor ot a wealthy ium-
ilv, ami in the dead hour ot night
! pillaged the house from cellar to attic,
then made
. A
l r' vr in"
and coverlet taken from her bed, low-
ered her booty and herself after it.
rhe wont directly to the police station,
her huge basket of valuables upon her
orm nut rmimv mninrori u-npti tiia
next train would leave for New York.
The police captain, much pleased with
her, sent an officer to carry her has
ket ami gallant her to the depot. The
girl continued at large for two years,
committing many robleries, and was
again arrested bv Officers Kierns and
Kelso. She was sentenced two vears
to filackwell's and served her time, t
j She now changed her base of opera -
tions and opened a campaign in Con -
necticut. committing heavv depreda-'
tions in New Haven, and "wound mi
a i
with a vear at the prison at Weathers-,
'field, Conn. She returned to New i
York and became very active. Her 1 the staff of nurses. She went up
Miss career was stopped for a while by 'stairs ostensibly to get something for
j meeting a wealthy lady living atja patient, entered a small room ami
' Yonkers who had met her while visit-
mS lue feinS SingiK ison, and who had ,
? 'taken a great notion to her." This,
ood woman took her iuto her house
!orl irnntml l.m- K!r n 1nnrHt.r mw
her piano lessons and educated her in
'all the accomplishments. The -irl
'made a good record for herself and
A ..... , u,. u,.
, , , , w t YonkPr4. Uor
weeks or two months, ami left theMulry and Corey, of the Twenty -
house in charge of Annie. Her thiev-, second street and Second avenue jw-
ing propensities mastered her, and she j lice station, held in $3,000 bail and
locked up the house and came to New 1 convicted last September before Judge
jYork. She answered numerous ad-
ertisemeuts m person and made a
mmher of Wg ;
jmjf a year looking for her, and were .
quite mortified that Uov. Uix called
. . il . ?
I -
II I I t'l I I II III HI I HIT liLlllHC UI .Illl-L
. . ..i.
anfnn rmxr mir. nrpir mnn m ni:
i-..,,.... i-: jitj u .
set traps for her.
- i
ieieuuves uuvcniscii iu iiciii ;u uu
"7"? ?n a '"'j
and as the plot for her arrest flashed
she quickened her
hcr mind she quickened her
inn rcr tri a run HAr nil rnorc
!!,osel in P her "id she descendel
. r."ww , , T
im" a , ' ,U1 " , ,
in the hallway and toolt her to heart-'thug
1uar,eK. where she confessed. A
? the Mt'StafjuriWfi. her MM and.
ffifi VS'JKTZl
luc "uuuiwa w auujw wucic
; ' , ; . u T .
left P'eg68 and tore up the ticket,
'V" i r V A .7l V '
- ...L :.
?he, Bve the dates and the names she
au nsjuiucii, wni ifcieisicu " ucic
pawnbrokers demel ever seeing her, .
a"d she ound correct in every ,-;
stance. She wrote several beantilul
l?er, ...her vieti,S, regreuing what
.she had uone.
A ladv called to the
I am very sorrv," said Miss Reiliev ; -
"here are the tickets. 1 only got $601
' .... 1 .... J .xnU T A Ir. ft...
, :j?cftiL.v r...
,uu iiieiu. aim yuu jwui iw naun .
t:. r ti 1.4.1 r.
, R-t f . :. , v
u,e "mm TT'T JUUU -
you must nave ieu 10 get up ami
hair to put ox your heai,
Annie staid only a day at the house
of one of her victims. She was SO
prepossessing and sweet looking that
her references were not examined.
The children and all the family took i
to her at once, and she had the run
f a 1 oi 1 .11 I
t . j i , "
Jl Ollt UUUCba uuuciaiuuii net
uusmess ami coiuuiencea uy sound
ing the forks and spoons and putting
4. 1. .1 . A.Z . 1
uieui luner :n., miu wpuauuK i
solid silverware from the plated ;
ware. Ai u e nit upponumiy sue
uictcu uF : iT, - J'
waicnes, untceieis, siuues auu cioiu-
ing aud was off before noon the next
i . ji i i .
uav. ai anoiuer piace sue nut on a
lot of valuable clothing and her own
evening dress over it, went in and did
I the honors of dinuer, then slipped up
stairs, put on some braids oi light col
ored hair, belonging to a visitor and
resembling JUiss Keillev s own natural
hair, bedecked herself with jewels
and boldly . walked out. Some one
remarked in the hall, "What a wealth
of hair you have!" Yes ; it is all
natural," said Miss Reillev.
the girl was sentenced to Sing Sing
for four years, and would have re
ceived eight years more had it not
been for the sympathy of the people
she robbed. " But she soon escaped.
The matron of the prison was quite
infatuated with her and put her on
get two costly braids of hair, j town by Lafayette, who nearly lost L
Just received, to lc sold 20 per cent cheap
er than ran le had elsewhere.
: ratJinicrrc. biiot bargains of the year,
! 13 cents a ya.nl.
, .
' F.roraJclle well worth cents .-cllinlor
: JO cents a yard.
j -,,.;,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,, . -
Sun,h,a ""hj"' Ion lo u nl
Ifo bargains in Lace ami dress (Jin-'baius. j
I L;u and '"lomlenes cheap.
Call earlv to secure
lirst elioiee of the
two ear loads of new
' or7 num c:t,RPVT
! U UH1U bitttLti,
P. s- and Slipper cheai
---- t
Men wear down to the IkhI rock.
i ever.
locked herself within. She jump! j
fnm the window to a Ml rope some
seven feet awav and slid down to
the ground and was soon at large,
Tk. ...ii.Ar!i ,.n,.Ll ,..,r :,,,;,:
what had liecome of her, andthe!
.theory of her escape was arrived at '
j bv the discovery of blood and pieces
ua .
i rv..k..
mtM u,, s
Gildersleeve, sentenced to three years
at Black wells under the
r.i xr
I ."5lie was visited ov a mercury re
porter on Thtn-sdav afierncMni ami a
I . ....... .mm.... k.. . . . .... lB.k.,.
- . . . 1
Illl':i:il21 ITIIIIc;iIllIIl 1 .III
i : ' '. : . ... . ...
nothing ot her own lree will. .Miss
a'u 1(M)k n hv -vr lwentv-five
1 l0?k a - tV?.. ' "J.?!
r?ne IS piumi) ami uioomiug wim
good heal 1, ami smr.tS In a,.,.ear-:
ance she is of medium height, reu-
Jar features, dimpled chin, light;
lar features, dimpled chin,
mnmlnMnn nrap naval avaj iiwi
light hrown hair, and in toto a very
preuv ami annexe gin. i i.vrc arc
her ever set
down to a quiet hie at home 1
with her parents or marrying even if j
'''ttst herself to .promise , to j
iiscouiiuuc ner mouc oi me ami nasi
""m ...
not decided upon any plans tor the j
fture. .
- -
aii-h, Tu.
At the H a
Gun Lafayette Kissed.
atervliet Aienal is a 12
ss Citiinou with a historv
pounder bra cannon with a historv
It was captured at the siege of Yort-"
his lite in the effort, so nearly, indeed,
that a solid shot whizzed hetween the,
firiiiid itut t In itSoitu ctriL-iurr 1ia
f.M...;d .....1 tl... .. CL.;
V'.. iteelf .. iIe tlie 1)rizc
...... ...v ...v, fc..v
Min.. itw i.:i i,A
r. " 'llT .7." I 'ir
uwgcu i um nues. a uu in-
dentation made in the cannon by the
shot still remains, and in lJ5i4 served,
to ideutify the gun when Lafayette '
visited Troy aud the arsenal. Mr.
Johnson, who is emploved at the
arsenal, states that he heliied row
Laravette across the river here
:... J
m u i. f 1. .i ...i :
v.utA ciiv m. iciibiiiuaji iiu;; .illtl
ivicocu me "tin i v:iiiiitvict iiiui ji
his field service in the V ar ot Revo-
lution. It would be eminently fitting
that the trophv shotiW l3e sent to York-1
town t0 its part in the comiuff,
ceiebration lhere. Whe the news ot
Lafavette's death was received
the old
sunrise to sunset
Shiloh s Consumption Cure.
This is bevond question the most ue
iresslul cough niedieim: we have ever sold.
A few doses invariably cure the worst cases
of rough, croup and bronchitis, while its
wondertnl success in the cure ol cousnuip- 1
tion is : without a parallel in the history of
medicine. Since it?
first discovery it has .
been sold on a gua:
been sold on a guarantee, a test which no 1
other medicine can stand
If vou have a
coiirIi we earnestly ask you "to try it. j
Price, 10c" 50, and Si. If vour lungs are
Tni',. Atu ... . ' "n"'""" " nomugMHi i uigui. j nree-iourtns oi iius amouni
Latavetts death was re- :., h. 3 ,u. i .
ot VoA.Jnt irnJ ; lAQi uujoiigu, hi am ui ingc auui uB.reacnca rans ana nas aireauv oeeu
Tttt l" export to America in
sore, .chest or back lame, use Shiloh's J fifty-five intimidations ; aud twentv
Porus Plaster. Sold by your druggist. J five tMeg 0f injury to property.
Newlfarriw Wcenaee. Crittenden in St. Louia.
County recorder Richie vesterdav grant- c. f M- A . ,
ed marriage licenses to Oscar lxck and UI? Augltst 6. Governor
Mary E. Scott; George Washington Smith Crittenden arnved here to consult
and Annie Cooley. with the railroad men regarding some
I DV fP"PT XT' "D A Ll U
JJ X I Pi I iPilTfln r Ml
The Day's News by Wire, Re
i gardless of the Heat.
Wicked New Yorkers Enjoy-
. TPi-of oof a rf Wtiaf
m 0rta8 01 113,1
'The Story of Lamproix Pro-
B(1111J M Voyin tut
, Porfimlarc
Dr. BllSS Still Talking About
the President and His
General Chalmers, of Missis
! sippi, by Endorsing the
Greenbackers, Raises
a Storm of Indig
nation. The Events of a Day Flashed!
by Wire for Breakfast
Table Reading by the
Patrons of the
Executive Mansion, :o0 a.
. r-xecuiue .uansn.u, ... , .-
i lie prcsiaeut nas passed an exccueni
wSUt-..Iwping sweetly the greater
Imrt the time VIthout , the ""J.?1
morphine or any other ; anodyne 1 his
morninir lie is -neerlul ami all mni
cations promise another favorable
lay. I'lilse. 02; temperature, 98
10: resninttion. lo.
1 L!?,?ne"J
At the End of the Rope.
Spttiul tSfin!uy Murniii' Bano.
Nevada. Auk. . A man uamei
rick Clay committed Miicidr !y
himself to-di:v at Sheldon, a new
town in
. . . j. .
. ...... .,, .. flu. I iirnnrhm .v mirii.
iuii.iniim. .v .....
No cuijm; assigned for the
' rh act.
Yes, it ia Warm.
Xew vYork, Aug. 6. The ho!
- weathi'r continues. The thermom
, ; . ,
Orville Grant Gone.
Morristown. N. J.. Auir. .
Granl brother of (ieneral Grant.
(Ued a, Mwrfe pjain8 ve9terday.
Lord Mayor's Banquet.
London, Ausrust t. The lord
It is False.
lucson. Arizona, aiijt. t. tne
u. ,
storv of Ambrose Umproix, the en
gilleer, capturetl hy the Apaches, re-
icentiy telegraphed, is false in detail
as to the number or movements of
.1. - .. -i 4 r?.
me savages or me pie.-ence oi ic-
Lowell's Dispatch,
mdon, Aue. 0. In the house
commons last night Sir William Har-
curt said the disnatch of United
i . f ?. T .11 r?...l '
oiaies flimsier iowen, 10 jan wran-
vine, was coi.cnci in a more irienciiy
tone than he hail anticipated, ihe
was received with much
e .
A Small Falsehood
Koche-ster, N. Y., August f. In I
the heavv storm at noou hail
.i 1 1 i n i '
the average size ot marbles, tell dam-
' .1 izrl . 1
I SlIlv Wile Lilt:! t:t I liUIU l' ll
vas six feet square
Sitnio iiaa
picked up measuring from three to
four inches in circumference.
v.u nwi.
Suicided Through Remorse.
Portland. Oresron. An mist 6. Geo.
- j r o
s wound, tie Med to t September.
the woods and committed suicide.
Henry Yilliard has given the Ore
gon State University $7,000 to re-
- ! I ?X 1 1 A 1
t ucve us inueuieuness.
The Irish Outrages.
London. August 6. The number
of agrarian outrages committed in
Iwlu.l T.il. OKQ :l...l $
t ing four
. i
at liersons: eleven
asult ; twenty arsons; seventeen
cattle maimings: one hundred and
v;.k. train mMw Kut hlonli'nfl
to give any further information to the
public. He says, however, that
measures are in progress which he
hopes will result in the arrest of the
New York, August 6. John O.
Qwinlan, financial editor of the Times
and for sometime connected with the
uAui-iaivu pre.- mwi him, eve-inn-
after an illness of tive weeks. He was
; uarmlv cherished as a friend by his
associates on the press and among
mo., in tl.. ,.n11iiU whm h hJS
fiHinntei-ei in the pursuit of his? pro-
Embarking Troops.
London, Aug. 0. The French
i . 1 .1.1
! government nas requested tne steam
boat company to place at the disposal
of the military companies several
steamers for the conveyance of the
troops to Africa. It is calculated
ithey will cost 9,000 francs. The
j Turks are scattered along the north
African coasts. It is proposed to dis
patch oO.tKK) trench troops to Africa
before )ctober.
Bill of Fare by Wire.
Kxccutive Mansion, 1 p. m.-
president continues to do well.
I patient said to tne surgeons
morniu" that
felt letter than at
any- time since the injury. His
i breakfast consisted of I)eefsteak and
)otatoes, toast, tea, and a few straw
berries. The latter were much
relished. The patient has had, thus
far, a comfortable day, and at this
hour his pulse is 100; temperature
and respiration normal.
The Prince of Wales Scared.
London, August 6. The principal
members ot the International Medical
j Congress now in session in London,
were present at Folkeston to-day at
the unveiling, by .rrolessor Owen, of
the statue of Harvey the discoverer of
the circulation of the blood. ,
It rumored that the Prince of
Wales has been advised not to give a
dinner on board his yacht at Osborne,
which has been the usual custom dur
ing his stay at the Isle of Wight, be
cause of -apposed Fenian designs.
Suratntra. Ruras. i
f, . . - mu is .
Saratoga, August o;--The rst
race of one aud one-eighth miles,
uirone. ist; reitowpiay, zna ; vat-
leria, 3d. Time, l:54i
j w. l.i -
i fourth miles. Checkmate, first ;
The second race ot one and three-
Bushwhacker. 2nd; One Dime, 3d.
Time. 3:01.
fl I L' J.1 f -il 1'
j.jiiru race oi inree-ioimns oi a j
railej Onondago, 1st ; Night Cap,
2nd ; Glenarara, 3d. j
Fourth race, one mile. Knhzht
Templar, 1st; Brooklyn, 2nd; Time,
1:42. Unlv two run.
Wicked Chalmers.
Washington, D. C, August 6. It f
is conhrmed here that lieneral Chal
mers has announced himself as a
Greenback candidate for the United
States Senate, in Mississippi, in op
nosition to Lamar. This osiirps mmp
j indignation among democrats here.
" some of whom sav it is a move of
Chalmers to get the votes of the Green-
.1 liackers in the House of Representa
tives, to keep him m his seat which
is contested by Lynch. The president
continues to improve. Dr. Bliss said
at i. (TOft-. .-ji .... Bf
,at uoou tnat ne is getting well as tast
C0l,j( be exnectetl.
: Gold for America.
i .
Loudon, Aug. 6. The Paris cor-
respondent of the Economist says the
I -n t i '
accounts oi me rrencn narvest are
! less fuvomble. and it now annons: thp
1.1 ...:n i i
iwu wui ue ies uimii lasi vear, ana
i .u
scarcRiv equal to tne average one.
Wh,,e the croP "M hae to be over
. . -
an nvmai0 tr moal nnnonmnfinn V r.
;siijjj win pruuuuiy ijc uiiimueu irom '
i .... 1 1 ui i. I A ,
. . . .... 4 '
Lussm. and in view of the coming ex- j
ports of wheat, the bank of St. Peters
burg has been reducim? its stock of i
f gold, and is reported to have sold j
Ifnrtv mitlmn fVnvc ?ani K in a 4Vmf.
v m auv; nvi mi aim 4a Jwii
The Great Snake of Maine.
Portland Argus
One year ago an item went the
rounds of the papers in this state to
the effect that Mr. Osgood Knight,
the postmaster at East Deering, saw a
snake ot extraordinary length and
tliTfL-nAaa 1 .lb:n l u
J ... . i Af A .6. 6r
a piece oi woods in that vicinity. It
now appears that this reptile, or its
twin brother, has again put in an ap
pearance, this time at Gravois Hill.
A day or two since a boy named
Weymouth, while following a path
along the foot of the hill, was almost
paralyzed with fright to see, a few
rods in front, a snake fully ten feet
long and at least six inches through in
details of the plan for capturing the
the middle. The monster opened it
wi.mtii -Mn q.wiwk to take in arab-
j bit, and the boy, turning his back on
I the fearful sight, tied for home like the
j wind. 1 he same day a Sawyer boy,
, living in Falmouth, driving along the
j road in that locality, saw this huge
I snake cross the road and make otf into
the woods. He states that the rep-
tile made as much noise going through
j bushes as a dog would. The snake
has also been seen by several men,
. om none oi tnem eareci to maKe a
verv close investigation.
What the Pope Says.
Rome, August -6 The text of the
Pope's allocution is published. The
Pope comments with great warmth
upon the responsibility of the gov
ernment for the recent disturbances in
Xkw Youk Moxky Makkkt.
Xkw Yokk, August t.
Money -2A(Tr
Prime Mercantile
Bar .Silver $1 ll..
Kxehange Steady,
llovernnient (Quotations Finn.
Kather lhrln demands
Storks --After II o'clock speculations
was weak in tone, ami prices showed de
cline of A to 2 per cent., in which entire list
New York, Aug. 4, II a. in. -Stocks
opened shade weaker, and prices immedi
ately liesran to sell on", entire lUt partici
pating in downward movement. Incline
ranged from to 1 ter cent., trunk line
shares, granger stocks and coal properties
I lcai,in8
Ni-:w Yokk Markkt.
Nkw Yoi:k, August 6.
Flour Cnchanjicd.
Wheat Shade stronger: Xo. 2 red .Tulv,
1 8T
Corn Without quotative change.
Oats- -Shade stronger; Western 454H.
Beet Firm.
Pork New mes $1$ 00.
Lard -Higher and firm ; steam $11 50.
St. Loris Markkt.
St. Louis, August 6.
Flour Unchanged.
Wheat Higher; No. 2red,$l ll 19
Xo.:tdo$l 12; No. 4, $1 0G1 07.
Corn Lower. 5(a;5SA.
Oats Cash, higher ; S8e.
Whisky Steady.
Pork Firm; 17, drv salt meats 6i;
$S 8o ; $9 10.
Bacon Strong; $7 25, 7")(310.
Lard Normal : $11 12.
Hogs Active and better : Yorkers,
i 45 ; Mixed packing, $6G 40 ;
choicJlo fan. heavv & 50t
Receipt., 2.000, shipments, 3,100.
Chicago Markets.
Chicago, August 6.
, heat Strong and higher: S
Corn Steady and firmer; 52
and higher: $1 24.
Oats Weak and lower; 31s, Sept.
Kve Unchanged.
Barlev Same.
Whislcv Unchanged.
Pork Steady ; $18 15.
Iard Firm and steady : $1 1 40.
Hogs Receipt 6 000 ; active and im ;
j "S!
ittflfL-m AUS.i; 4.".- Unvv Sii ftS.
I CT "' 7 " -
Cattle Receipts 1 400, steady exports.
i $tKt 35 : common to good shippiag,
i$4 a05 70; butchers, $2 204 90.
ka:9as cixx" WimltKT.
Kansas City, Mo, August 6.
Hogs ReceiptH, 2 000; sale, 2506; Mar
ket active, and five cents higher thaa ym
terday, ranging from $5 90 to $8 f0. The
hulk of sales, ranging from $6 30 to $6 40.
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