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"Wiintz. for the Sunday Morning liazoo.
BY R. A.
John Seigel, a looker-on at tbe prize
fightat Clinton, a short time ago,an account
of which appeared in these columns, was
shot and killed while in the act of return
ing a hat to a person who had requested
him to do so.
And they buried him, Tom. as he fell;
They took not the shoes from his feet,
Nor washed from his body the smell ;
But in his old work clothes complete
They buried him, Tom, as he fell.
Twas no crime of his, Tom, that he fell ,
Our poor, honest, old, innocent friend.
The people here all loved him well,
And mourn at his untimely end ;
They regret that he needlessly fell.
Twas thro kindness of heart that he fell,
"Twas his last act of life to befriend.
And the bystanders who saw all tell
That a generous act caused his end ;
By a dastardly bullet he fell.
And to bury him, Tom, as he fell
v as scarcely the fair thing to do
By one who had soldiered so well.
In battle, dear Tom, it might do,
But in peace it's a hard thing to tell.
But they buried him, Tom, as he fell ;
"or washed him, nordressed him anew.
It may be, perhaps, just as well,
I!:it it don't seem the fair thing to do,
And for Clinton it sounds bad to tell.
Shiloh's Consumption Cure.
Tris is beyond question the most suc
cessful cough medicine we have ever sold.
A few doses invariably cure the worst cases
of cough, croup and bronchitis, while its
wonderful success in the cure of consump
tion is without a parallel in the history of
medicine. Since its first discovery it has
been sold on a guarantee, a test which no
other medicine can stand. If you have a
cough we earnestly ask you to try it.
Price, 10c., 50, and $1. Il your lungs are
sore, chest or back lame, use Shiloh's
Porus Plaster. Sold bv our druggist.
fitting Bull has turned shoemaker,
and he pegs in his time with all the indus
try of a white man.
It is sad to behold a proud chieftain so
luidly waxed.
A girl at Carrollton, Ark., was be
trothed to one man when she desired to
marry another. She married the first, but
promised the second that at the end of six
months she would elope with him. This
arrangement has been carried out.
Now that was in accordance with the
limes. Perhaps if she keeps on she'll
erve half the men in the country like-
Consul Baker, of Buenos Ayres, thinks
ostrich raising would be a profitable in
dustry in the United States.
I: would as long as the supply of old
iioGp skirts, oyster cans etc., didn't give out
wherewith to feed the animals.
Tom B. "Is the watermelon a fruit
r z vegetable?"
It depends ou how you get the melon.
If you buy it or somebody gives it to you
It is a mere vegetable ; but if you happen
to carry it half a mile, with a granger's
Tmll dog nipping at your heels every jump,
si becomes rich tropical fruit, worth a
thousand vegetables.
Never let woman be moulded to her
caMing, but mould her calling to herself.
Wouder if the writer of the above wasn't
Thinking about her corset V
A drT goods house advertises lawn
-!re-es that will wash.
Well, it would be rather odd for a
"aundress that wouldn't wash.
From tu many friends, and from
things with luce ends, deliver us !
From a wife who don't luv us, and chil
dren who don't look like us, deliver us !
Josh Billings.
A Syracuse hotel has the following
placard : "Excuse the impudence of the
lerk, as he is my son." The son says his
grandfather hung it out when his father
w8 clerk.
County of Pkttis.
In the Circuit Court of Pettis County, Januarv
Term, 1882. G- A. Eckerly and Paul Wack, com
prising the firm of Eckerly Bros. A Co., Plaintiffs,
rs. L. A. Bittinger and Charlts Bittinger, defend
ants. Now, at this day come the plaintiffs herein, by
: heir attorney, and file their petition end affidavit,
alleging, among other things, that defendants
are not residents of the state of
Missouri. Whereupon it is ordered by the
-court that .said defendants be notified by pub
lication that plaintiffs hare commenced, a suit
against them in this court, the object and general
nature of which is to enforce an attachment levied
against their property ; and unless the said defend
ants, L. A. Bittinger and Charles Bittinger, be and
appear at this court, at the next term thereof, to
be begun and holden at the court house, in the
city of Sedalia, in said county, on the first Monday
il May next, and on or before the sixth day o'f
sid term, if the term shall so long continue, "and
if not, then on or before the last day of said term,
answer or plead to the petition in said cause, the
same will be taken as confessed and judgment
be rendered accordingly. And it is further
rdered that a copy hereof be published, acccord
jngto law, in the Sedalia Weekly Bazoo, a newspa
per printed and published in Sedalia, Pettis county,
uMispouri, for four weeks SHCcessively, the last in-f-ertion
whereof shall be at least four weeks before
rhe commencuient of the said May term of this
B. II. INGRAM, Circuit Clerk.
7. F. Athy, D. C.
3enry C. Sinnet, plaintiffs' attorney. 3-7w4U
Written for the Sunday Morning Bazoo.
Ah ! if thou conld'it come back to me,
J ust once, as in that long ago,
With sweet shy grace and winsome smile,
And white rota flutYing t and fro.
If I could tee thee gliding in.
And feel thy hand with light rarest
finish hack from off my heated face
A straying lock, or wanton tress,
I should fal , weeping hitter tear..
And clasping thee with tender fold
Should tel thee, Thad su tiered much
Si uce clinging arms had .owsed their hola.
It yeems .o long -so long ah God!
Why not forget remembering this,
Th.e weary days and month, and years,
Have given thee unending bliss.
Ilemem luring time no more is thine,
Nor cans't thou measure grief, or tears,
As human grieis are reckoned up
God gives tternity not years.
And what are these dark woes of mine
To thfne completed full delight.
What this brief desolateness UTd
To thine inheritance of light ?
Forgive forgive beloved, tast,
Forgive thih weak humanity
That sadly moans thoucan'st not come,
Wait thou ud I will go to thee.
i their appreciation. IJie music was tin-
Any items of interest suitable for this depart- usuallv line as rendered bv the orchestra,
tnent, from Sedalia or neighboring place?., are re- .1 nianY ol ti.e eholars vho ravp reritn
flnectfully solicited. We want a vivacious, active a.uu ma- 01 i" s"0" 110 toae reciia-
j and cheery lady correspondent in all the neightair-
ing towns tributarv to Sedalia. Address all such
communications to Rosa i'earle, society repoiter.
Bazoo office, Sedalia k Mo.l
During the past week but very few
entertainments have been given, and the
most of our society people have contented
themselves, with witnessing the incompar
able acting of Florence Herbert and her
troupe at the opera house. A visit to the
theatre is almost if not entirely as pleasant
as a ball or tocial re-union, occasionally,
and it is now fashionable in all the larger
cities to make up parties consistiag of
perhaps a half-a-dozen ladies, and a like
number of gentlemen, whenever a star
actor or actress occupies the boards for
this purpose. An enjoyable feature of the
afiair is an elegantly prepared and served
luncheon at some fashionable restaurant
after the play is over. To be sure there is
no inconsiderable expense attending occa
sions of this kind, but in this feverish day
when novelty is the worshiped god, and
fashion demands something wherewith to
satisfy its insatiable desires, expense must
be deemed secondary. People who are
entertained must entertain, and while there
may be a lack of genuine heart warmth,
and only a semblauce of real affection in
their hospitality, there must be no lack of
display, glitter and "smell of sandal
wood." Miss Rosa Dillon is visiting friends in
Miss Ollie Depp visited friends in
Clinton last week.
Miss May Belle Kichardson is visiting
friends in St. Louis.
Mrs. Adam Ittle visited her parents in
Boonville last week.
Miss Lottie Scheer visited her sister
at Kansas City last week.
O. S. Wheaton, of Elinira, New York,
was in the city last week.
Miss Frank Louber and her daughter,
Dora, :ire visiting in Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McDonald have
gone to St. Louis for a month's visit.
Mrs. Ed. Bixby and her daughter vis
ited friends in Kansas City last week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hoff man are spend
ing the feabbath at JVlcAl lister Springs.
Mrs. Wills and her niece, Miss Katie 1 eIlv. 01 "s arrangement renecis mucii credit
Costin, have returned from a visit to Iowa, j 011 lts or,Smator-
Miss J. M. Warde nee Miss ilaidee Grandma Kuluier, who has lately re
Patterson, is visiting her parents in this j turned from an extended trip in Michigan
city. and Indiana, left some very warm and ap-
Mr. Frank Hoberccht and hi.daughter ) j'ci alive friends behind "her, as the fol-
Bertha, of California, were in the cit? last ! ONV1"S ll,,cs .w"llen am "awarded to
weefc " her by one ol them will testify:
Mr. Vincent Terry, of Lamonte, will
shortly bring his family to reside in this
Mrs. M. A. Rubv of Warrensburg, is I
in me city, visiting tne lamiiy ol Kobert
-Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Stevens are visitinjr
the mother of Mrs. Stevens at Olathe,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Beattie, of Janes
ville, Wisconsin, have permanently located
in this city.
Mr. John S. Landes returned home
Wednesday from a mouth's visit with j
friends in Pennsylvania. j
Mr. Longfellow's 75th birthdav was 1
Maine Historical Societv.
Miss Mary Johnson and her sister,
Mrs. Lemon, of Holden, were visiting
friends in Sedalia last week.
Maj. Wm. Beck who has been spend
ing a few weeks at Hot Springs, Ark., has
returned to his home in this citv.
Mr. W. H. Speers, his daughter, Miss
Bettie, and Miss May Berry, of Browns
ville, were in this city last Friday.
Miss Ada Greenwood, of Kansas City,
is in Sedalia. Miss Greenwood has won
considerable notoriety as an elocutionist.
Miss Fannie Plant, of Boonville, ar
rived in this city Friday evening, on a
visit to the family of our new postmaster.
Miss Frankie Miller's address, deliv
ered at the teachers' meeting held at the
Broadway school building, has been much
Mrs. Ott, widow of the late F. J. Ott,
of this city, was united in marriage to Mr.
Charles Valrath, of Chicago, last Tuesday,
Feb. 28th.
Miss Mollie Hirsch, who has been
making a protracted visit with friends in
this city, left last Tuesday for her home in
Mr. David Tate, who has been visiting
friends near Dallas, Texas, during the
past winter, is at present the guest of rela
tives in this city.
Miss Sallie Hopkins, of Nevada, Mo.,
who has been visiting relatives here for the
pa6t week, left Friday evening for Little
Bock, Arkansas.
Miss Emma Davis who has been paying
her sister, Mrs. Beinenstock, of St .Louis, a
protracted visit, will return to her home in
this city this morning.
The ladies of the East Sedalia M. E.
church have organized a missionary society
and held their first meeting at the resi
dence of their pastor, Rev. S. Alexander,
on Broadway, Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. John F. Philips and her daughter.
Miss Hortense, returned from St. Louis
Wednesdav evening. Miss Hortense, who
I has been attending school in that city, is
not leehng at all well and will recuperate
for awhile.
Mrs. Emmet Philips gave two differ
ent "coffees" last week to her lady friends,
and any one who is acquainted with her
need not Ik? told that under her careful
management and good taste there was
nothing lacking at either affair to mar the
The country residence, seven miles
north of the city, of Capt. Wm. K. Ramey,
was a scene of much happiness last Wed
nesday. The occasion was the celebration
of the golden wedding of the Captain and
his wife A large number of friends were
present and a feast that would have doue
credit to royalty was served. An inter
esting feature of the affair was the mar
riage of the captain's grand-daughter. Miss
Mary Ramey and Mr. Thomas Grinstead,
son of Col. J. C. Grinstead, one of the old
settlers of Heath's Creek township.
The entertainment given by the pupils
of room No. 11, Broadway school, last
Fridav evening, was verv satisfactorv and
j enjoyable, and a large audience test i tied to
tlOUS, etc., not only Old well but displayed
much talent. Among those whose efforts
deserve especial mention in their efforts
were Misses Mary Learning, May Small,
Julia Linings, May Montgomery, Nannie
David, Myrtle Slurtevant, Maggie Tewmy,
Theresa Gowdy, Annie Jackson, Gertie
Faulhaber and otiiers. The whole affair
was well conducted, and both scholars and
teachers deserve much credit.
Mrs. John L. Hall, assisted by Miss
Belle, gave a "colfee" Friday afternoon,
which was pronounced very enjoyable by
those who had the pleasure of being pres
ent. The refreshments, which were served
in a delightful manner, consisted of French
sandwiches, salads, cold tongue, rolls,
chocolate, lemon and angel cake, orange
ice, vauilla cream, choice fruits, confec
tions, nuts and coffee. There were present:
Mesdames John G. Allen, Joel Gentry, J.
C. Thompson, Kev. Duncan, Rev. Beattie,
Will Ugenfritz, Emmet Philips, Dr. Ed.
Evans, May hew, of St. Louis, Frank
Houston, Will Beitler, Charley Brown,
Harry Deuiuth, Cloney. Oflield, Wm.
Maltby, Misses Hattie Marvin, Gertie
Gist, Nannie, Bettie and Mary Gentry,
Sallie Potter, Ella Porter, Allie Chappe
lear, Mattie Sneed and Clara Allen.
Mrs. Ben Lyon, although she departed
from the Utftial lorm of entertaining her
friends Friday evening, did it in a very
handsome manner. After serving an elegant
"tea" at her residence on Broadway which
was partaken of with much enjoyment,
carriages were announced and the entire
party were conveyed to the opera house,
where they witnessed the play of Frou
Frou, as presented by the Florence Her
bert company. The invited guests were
Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, Mr. and Mrs.
F. E. Hoffman, Mi:s Sallie Potter and Mr.
George Staunton, Miss Allie Bitter and
Maj. Dowland, Miss Hattie Marvin and
Mr. Gus Houston, Miss Lon Zerring, a
a guest of Mrs. Col. Eddy from Texas, and
Mr. Tom Kehoe. Col. and Mrs. Eddy were
expected to le of the party, but owing to
an accident wherebv the Colonel had the
misfortune tosprain his ankle severely, they
were unable to be present. The theatre
party was very much enjoyed and the nov-
"With earthly seenes'ui almost through,
And I am glad and sorry, too;
Glad to be done with toil and strife,
Sorry I've erred so oft in life.
Glad from temptation to be free.
Sorry it yet o'er conieth me ;
(find I shall soon be clear of sin,
Sorry it .-tiIl doth lurk within.
Glad when I reach the shining shore,
111 greet the loved ones gone before;
Sorry the view so strangely dear
Should dimly to my sight appear.
Glad for the hope thatcheereth me,
That I shall soon my Savior see ;
Sorrv dark clouds obscure mv wav,
And caue me irom mv Lord to strav.
Glad when I see Him face to face,
Behold the fulness of His grace,
Then perfect love and constant joy
AVill leave no sorrow to annoy."
Mrs. F. W. Howard.
Lafavette, Ind., Feb. 18, 1SS2.
Miss Floy Hall and her cousin, Miss
Agnes Lester, having returned from a visit
ing tour to relatives in St. Louis and else
where, are guests of Dr. C. Lester Hall.
Married. In the Baptist church at Mt.
Leonard, by Rev. W R. Painter, on the
night of the 12th inst., Mr. E. R. Small and
Miss M. J. Davis, all of Saline county.
Mr. W. M. Pearson left last week for
Fayette, Mo., where he engages in the
drug business.
Mr. John Killion, one of our worth
iest young men, is now a student in the
Warrensburg Normal school.
Miss Maggie Wrhiteworth, of Aull
vile, returned home last Frida morning,
accompanied by her little cousin, Miss
Mary DeHaven.
Miss Meda West, a bright, amiable
young lady and a general favorite here, re
turned last week from a visit to her sister,
Mrs. E. C. Bernard, at Slater.
Several conspicuous receptions will be
given after Lent.
The Alpha society met at the home of
Mrs. D. Kelso, Wednesday afternoon.
The Soh-Do club will be the guests of
Miss Nellie Harlow next Tuesday even
ing. Mrs. James Morris left Sunday after
noon for Waco. Texas, to join herhusbaud,
who is stationed at that point.
The members of the Young Ladies7
Readiug club met at the residence of Miss
Nellie Byrnes last Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hunt ieft last
week on a visit to Texas.
Mr. Thomas Day, of Butler, visited
friends in this city last week.
Mr. II. D. McCollough has lieen vis
iting friends at Jefferson Citv.
Prof. Turner Hornbuckle is at home,
his school at Rowletta having closed
Mrs. J. L Hickman left last week for
Paris, Texas, where she will visit with her
daughter. Mrs. Marcus Allen.
The ladies of the Baptist church gave
a most enjoyable oyster supper on Friday
night last. The attendance was good and
a pleasant evening was spent by all.
An entertainment, under the manage
ment of Mrs. H. Martin Williams, for the
benefit of the Baptist church, will be given
on the 7th of April. Mrs. Williams will
present to our people the child elocutionist
and dramatic reader, Miss Olivia Barton,
of Jefferson City, who possesses such won
derful dramatic powers as are seldom
found in the leading dramatists and actors
of the countrv. Warrensburg Standard.
Mr. Philip Isley was at St. Marys,
Kas., last week.
Miss Mollie Douthet visited Center
view on Monday of last week.
Miss Florence Briggs was visiting her
friend. Miss Pearl Horseley, recently.
Misses Cinnie Pay ton and Susie Ins
keep visited Warrensburg last Saturday.
Mrs. Sarilda Kazee, of Pleasant Hill,
was visiting her relatives in town last
Misses Annie and Lulu White and
Florence Briggs visited at C. W. Maron's
last week.
Mrs. K. King and son will probably
return from Temple, Bell county, Texas,
this week.
Mrs. H. R. Taft is in the city.
Mrs. Callie Dunn is in town on a
Clarence Lackland has returned to St.
A.S Houston ami wife have been vis
iting in Paris.
Mrs. E. P. Thome has returned from
a visit to Kansas City.
Dave Steele and wife have returned
from a visit to Perrv.
Mrs. E. Coatsworth, of Laddonia, is
visiting friends in Mexico.
J. R. Johnson and wife have returned
from their wedding trip.
Mrs. P. B. Smith and children, of St
Louis, are visiting friends in this city.
Mrs. Martha Botts and daughter have
returned from a pleasant visit to Texas.
Misses Emma Howard and Lottie
Rice, of Fulton, have been visiting friends
in this city.
The Home club will give another one
of their enjovable dances at the Ringo
I house next Tuesday night.
Miss Mary Lee, who has been visiting
Miss Linnie Allison, has returned to her
home in St. Louis county.
Miss Nora Forsyth, who has been vis
iting Mrs. Wm. Keith, has returned to her
home in Brunswick, Mo.
Mrs. Champ Clark was in the city
Tuesday, en route to Callaway county, to
sec her mother, who is very sick.
M. J. Oliver and wife have returned
from their bridal trip, and, we are glad to
learn, will make Mexico their home.
Prof. Mahler will give his dancing
class a grand ball before he leaves. This is
expected to lie the most recherche affair of
the season.
The International Tea Party, at Har
din college, Friday night, given for the
benefit of the college library, was a success
in every sense of the word.
Dr. Haire took in Nevada Sunday.
L. B. Sullivan took in Ft. Scott Mou
day. W A. Vaughn and bride spent Sun
day in Schell.
G. S. Hoss, of Nevada, was in the city
Prof. King spent Saturday and Sun
dav in Nevada.
W. li. Phillips, of El Dorado, was in
the city this week.
J. Walton Talbot, of Nevada, was in
the city Thursday.
Will Duck left Thursday morning for
Marysville, this state.
Miss Medora Cresap visited Nevada
Thursday, accompanied by M. F. Brown.
Misses Anna Robertson, Katie Thorn
ton and Sadie Minchler, accompanied by
Tom Hutton, of Nevada, spent Sunday
evening at the Duck house, visiting Mrs.
Duck and fa mil v.
R. W. Whitlow visited Sedalia on
business, Tuesday.
Mrs. Barks, of La Belle, Mo., has been
in town several days.
. Mrs. Rosa Benedict, of Los Angeles,
California, is in town visiting her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gaunt.
Dr Will S. Hutchinson returned to
Boonville on Wednesday, after an absence
of six months among the Mexicans, at
Gaudalupe, Old Mexico.
Mr. H. B. Benedict returned last Tues
day from Los Angeles, Cal., where he has
been visiting for several months. Mrs.
Herbert Benedict and her two children re
turned with him.
James Callahan, Esq., and Miss El lie
Harris, were married on the 23rd inst., in
Boonville, Mo., at the residence of W. D.
Mahan, who performed the ceremony.
Long life and unalloyed happiness to you.
Mr. H. M. Lane visited Sedalia last
Mrs. Will Carter is visiting her
mother near Montrose.
Mrs. Geo. Stahl returned from Kansas
City last Saturday.
Mr. Marsh Wright and wife went to
Boonville last Monday morning.
Mrs. A. H. Camp, of Brownington,
Mo., was in the citv on Tuesdav.
Miss Bettie Edmonson, of Calhoun,
was visiting in this city on Saturday.
Rev. J. N. Pierce and daughter started
last Saturday upon a trip into Texas,
Mrs. Mary Tutt, of Calhoun, paid Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Ware a visit last week.
Messrs. Jnnpc Sffpw-jirt nnd .Tnlm
Quarles, of Montrose, spent Sunday in this
Lee Shrewsbury started for Nevada j
yesterday morning, where he goes to spend ;
a week or so.
Mrs. S. H. Shields and Mrs. S. K. :
Kinney, from Mining City, Ky., arrived :
here last Saturday. Tliev are visiting rel- i
atives and Irienus in this countv.
i Mrs. Dr. Kincannon, who has been
visiting relatives in Clinton, returned to
her home in Walker, Monday morning.
Judge F. P. Wright and wife left for
Jefferson City last Tuesday morning,
where they go to permanently locate.
The festeval given by the ladies of the
Cumberland church, on Friday evening,
was a grand success in every sense of the
word. The attendance was very large, the
supper excellent, the ladies entertaining
and the result financially entirely satisfac
tory, the amount taken in being S9o.
Several of the young gentlemen gave
a social partv. at the Citv hall, on last
Tuesday evening The music, which was
furnished by Messrs, W. J. Seifried and
August Klgis, of Clinton, and Emiel Bener
and Louis Pfaff of St. Louis, was very j
good, indeed. Those who attended seemed I
to enjoy themselves. Among those pres-1
ent was noticed Mr. M.P. Wright and lady ; j
Mr. Emanuel Suavely, wife and sister; t
Misses Mollie and Maggie Quarles ; Fannie.
Salmon, Bertie Jones, Lena Barlow, Meta
Snyder, Cora Montgomery, Lola Doane,
rannie lerwilliger. rannie Highnote and
Kate Taylor, of Clinton, and Bird Ewing,
of Nevada; Messrs. W. L. Wright and
many others.
Dr. T. L. Hewitt suent Fridav and
Saturday last in the city, and returned to
.Aoruorue, :iu., 011 uie ouuuav morning
Afr W f! Ifpndriv whn ur;i rprp n 1 1 v
w , " J
married to Miss Orie De Long, returned 1
with his new bride from a visit to relatives
tt 1 mi f
in neasanton, last inursaay.
Andy Scott and wife returned from
Arkansas last Saturday,, where he has been
engaged in the management of the forces at
work on the 'Frisco extension to Fort
Mrs. J. V. Woodhouse, wife of our
smelting works manager, has been visiting
her husband in this city for a week or so,
but contemplates returning to her home in
Joplin in a few days.
Dr. T. A. Glasgo has qualified as ex
ecutor of the last will of Eli Glasgo, de
ceased, and has entered upon his duties as
such. His family has arrived from Ohio
and will spend the summer here.
The M. E. church festival at Cowles'
hall, last Friday evening, was well attend
ed, and it may be prouounced a successful
venture resulting satisfactorily in every
respect and reflecting credibly upon the
committee having the matter in charge.
Five large tables were bountifully spread,
and all well patronized during the evening.
These were presided over by Mrs. Christian,
Mrs. Switzler, Mrs. Huckeby, Mrs. Bailey
and Mrs. Crider, assisted by numerous fair
friends of the society conspicuaus among
whom were Mrs. Kuhn and her amiable
daughters, Mrs. Hiatt, Miss Allen and
many other ladies.
Thos. J. Powell has cast his lot with
the Odessa people.
Miss Maggie Douthitt is visiting Mr.
John Grant's family on Franklin street.
Miss Bettie Montjoy returned home
last week after a protracted visit in Ken
tucky. Mrs. Alex. Bennett and her daughter,
Mrs. Lesear, returned Wednesday from
Council Bluffs.
Miss Ella Cromwell, after visiting
here for several weeks, returned home
Monday morning.
Miss Bettie Anderson, of the Baptist
Female college, litis returned from visiting
friends at Marshall, Mo.
Dr. Carpenter and family left last
Tuesday for Independence, where they in
teud to make their future home.
The masque ball given by the Lieder
kranz society was a grand success. Every
one enjoyed themselves until a late hour.
Miss Carrie Hines and Mr. Adolph Kist
took the first prizes and Miss Annie Homer
and Mr. Herman Schmidt the second prize.
A. M. Steinbep' and familv left for St. I
Louis Tuesday evening, where they will
take up their residence.
A grand concert was given last even
ing at Euglossian hall for the benefit of
Key. I. P. Patch, who retires from the pas
torate of the M. E. church in this city, in
consequence of affliction.
Last Wednesday night Mr.land Mrs. J;
Jewell celebrated their crystal wedding
the fifteenth anniversary of their marriage,
which was solemnized in the state of Illi
nois in the year 1867. About fifty invited
gnests were present to share with them the
pleasures of the event, congratulate them
on the past and express good wishes for
the future, thus binding more tightly the
chain of friendship that has heretofore
bound them to each other as friends and
neighbors. At nine o'clock Rev. Mortland
read the marriage ceremony. Supper was
then announced and in due time all the
guests were served with a plentiful supply
of the things that go to supply the inner
man. The repast was prepared with rare
good taste and the avidity with which it
was disposed of was a sufficient guarantee
of its quality. At or near midnight the
happy assembly broke up and departed
for their homes, not, however, without of
fering to Mr. and Mrs. Jewel hearty good
wishes for their future prosperity and hap
piness. The following is a partial list of
the presents and the names of the donors :
Glass berry dish with silver stand, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Seaman, Mr.
and Mrs. S. Jurden, Mr. and Mrs. John
Bebee, Mr. and Mrs. D W. Shideler and
Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. Mittoag ; butter dish,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Taylor; fruit dish,
Mr. and Mrs. Brothers ; card receiver, Mr.
and Mrs. F. Jimerson; two jelly dishes,
Mr. and Mrs. Van Matre.
The Trenton (N. J.) Gazette mentions
the case of Mr. John Wood, with the
American Pottery company, of that city,
who was cured bv St. Jacobs Oil of an at
tack of rheumatism, which had confined
him to his bed for seventeen weeks. He
praises itt unaintedly.
Burglars at Work at Lamonte?
They Break into Wade's
Store, Blow Open two.
Safe's and Capture
8600 and Many j.
Valuable Pa
pers. Ln the early hours of yesterday morn
ing a bold and successful burglarv and safe
blowing job was perpetrated at "Lamonte,
Mr. J. R. Wade's store being the scene of
the crime.
From a gentleman who came to the city
yesterday a Bazoo reporter gleaned the
following facts :
The burglars effected an entrance to the
store by prying open the front door with
an iron bar. This was so noiselessly done
that no one heard the burglars at the work.
After getting into the store they found two
safes, one of them belonging to Mr.
J.R. Wade, the other to Mr.Penquite. Thev
drilled a hole in the top of the safes and
with charges ot powder blew them wide
open, the doors being detached from their
The safes were rilled of their contents,
the burglars finding Mr. Wade's especiallv
rich. They took from it
and some valuable papers, but left several
checks which were filled out. From Mr.
Penquite's safe very little money was taken,
as there was only about four dollars in it.
But all of his papers, some of them verv
valuable to the owner but utterly worth
less to the burglars, were taken." Parties
heard the noise of the blowing open the safes
but suposed it was Jule Busch or some
one else shooting rats. The burglar
must have been frightened off, as they left
their tools on the floor, a thing they wouhf
not have been likely to do unless their de
parture had been hurried by fear of detec
tion. There is supposed to be three men who
did the work, as this number were tracked,
yesterday, a short distance west of La
monte. Two of the men were shod, the
other one was in his stocking feet. Yes
terday there had been no clue to the burg
lars, other than the tracks, but diligent
search is being made for them.
Mr. Wade has offered a hundred dollars
for the apprehension of the guilty parties.
This reward ought to stir up policemen
and sheriffs to a lively hunt for the
Tbe burglars brokeinto HeraKen's black
smith shop to get the crowbar by which,
the door of the store was forced open.
She Talked a Bazoo Reporter to
Death Yesterday.
The fire reporter of the paper published
for the people now on earth went out yes
terday to learn some particulars about the
fire which took place early yesterday
He saw a mild, pkaant lady, living
next door to the burned, house, and from
her obtained some information.. Then he
left to return to the ofi&ce, where his daz
zling corruscations have beeo the wonder
and admiration of tbe whole "force, except
to his brother reporters,. wo were meanly
jealous of his talents.
As he was crossing a street in East Se
dalia, he heard a shrill voice calling to him.
He stopped in obedience to the call and
was confronted by. a woman 01 rather
ancient years, who thus began on the
young man :
"Be you an insurance agent v The
reporter informed- her that he hachVt
enough cheek for that business.
"Well, then you; most be a reporter?"
The charge was duly admitted.
"I thought so, when I saw ycu talking:
to that other woman. But you didn't
go to the the right house. I can tell you
inore than she did."
The reporter got out his pump- to go to
work on the volunteering and good-hearted
woman. But before the machine could be
put to use, the glib tongue of the woman
was fairly flooding the air with a
mass of talk that seemed" ' like Ten
nyson's brook, to flow on forever.
Not a bit of information was
imparted, but a story as long as the moral
law sent sizzling upon the defenseless
young man. In vain he trisd to ask a ques
tion but he was instantly ohut up.
Theu he assayed a flank movement, un
der ple:i of of pressing business, and triett
to "move on.M It was a dreary failure.
He hung up on the fence, his "face pale
with terror and his friune shaking with
Madam," he gasped, "be merciful-show
some pity to an orphan; let up on me.'"'
But his piteous plea was unheeded, and
when he tried to get away he was. rudely
seized and thrown upon the sidewalk,
while the rattling tongue run faster than
ever. Over his prostrate form bent that
woman' as as she said:
"My father once remarked that procras
tination was the- death of trade, his gen
tle spirit took its. flight to where fires ar
never known aad his eyes softly closed in
Mr. IngersolPs. dreamless sletp."
With proud. exultation the woman west
her way, and the Bazoo wants, another fir
Tiffhtfnff Water.
There are fighting men and women,
fighting aewspapers, fighting coons, fight
ing whisky, but a dog. fighting a stream of
water, yesterday, in front of the engiae
house afforded most delectable sport to
the large and distinguished crowd who
witnessed the contest.
Yesterday mornings after the fire, Frank
McAnally and Henry Willis were cleaning
the "machine" aad were using a stream of
water. "Watch," the engine house canine,
was on hand and concluded to tackle the
water. He did so, in vigorous style, and
as Willis would turn the water on the dog
he would stand to the rack as if fighting a
live foe. To see that dog hop around and
reverse ends made the lamp post smile.
For Sale.
Two beautiful second-hand organs, one
with nine and the other with eleven stops.
These instruments are as good as new, and
will be sold at a bargain. It will pay any
one who has a desire to purchase, to call
and examine them, at 224 Ohio street, II
gen block.

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