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A party of young men were spend-
ms, an evening together in social en-
. fc u 4,
J - . .
men who were
v a
JU&L CO It; L Ug a
professional life, each in the particular
pursuit which he had chosen.
After dinner ail sorts of subjects
were discussed ; at length the conver
sation turned upon apparitions, or
supernatural appearances. George
Lawson, who had just begun the prac
tice of medicine, was among those who
strenuously opposed the idea of super
natural visitation.
'Why' said he, "it is contrary to
all reason, to science and philosophy
"I admit," said the artist, who zeal-
, . i
ousiv supporter! tne question, mat
with our present knowledge ..f natural
laws and their operations, many oc. I
currences seem past comprehension, ,n; , , , . . , .
and may vet be discovered to be only ! h Proceeded, unobstructed, into
the effect of some hitherto hid-Ien hi!tbe rle- The 'I00'3 T'?
of nature; but these are undoubtedly
cases of mysterious appearances which
it is utterly impossible to trace to any
Thus was the subject argued pro
and con. At last the artist proposed
to Iawson to accompany him that
evening to his house a short distance
in the country, and that he would
there convince him of the reality of
supernatural agency.
Lawson instantly consented to the
proposal, if his friend would promise,
on his honor, that no trick would be
resorted to
Wine and cigars now circulated
briskly, and the evening passed in the
greatest harmony and conviviality.
The artist took his glass cheerfully,
while the surgeon reserved himself, as
he observed, 4To be in full and sober
possession of my faculties, that what
ever may be presented to my sight
mav be examined through the medium
of reason."
The company broke up rather early,
and the two friends set out on their
spiritual adventure. When they drew
near the house the artist paused and
traced a large circle on the ground,
into which he requested his friend to
enter. He then said, in a solemn
gone: "Lawson, if you have any mis
givings as to your having sufficient
resolution to remain here alone,now is
the time to speak, and we will defer
this business until you are completely
prepared, in your mind, for that which
I warn vou will be a terrible trial of
your courage and resolution."
But the surgeon replied : ' 'I am as
well prepared now as ever I shall be,
for anything of this sort ; but I intend
to visit immediate and candign pun
ishment upon any perpetrator of a
practical joke."
"I give you my word ef honor
again," replied the artist, "that this
will be no trick to frighten you. I
sincerely believe the truth of super
natural appearances, and have come
here for the purpose of convincing vou
of the same. My dear friend, yeu ! A silence fell round about the table
know not what I am risking to con- j until, one by one, we all saw it.
vinceyou of the truth of the assertions. Then one thoughtful man observed :
And now, whatever you may see, stir "It was impossible to give the
not from the spot until you see me answer because the dean had con
Again. If you step beyond this circle, ! J rived to reserve the answer to hini
it will be your own immediate de-!self. I could not, for instance, say
,truction. that it is right for me to pick "an
He then left the surgeon to his own artist's pocket because he had picked
Lawson looked around on all sides,
to observe from whence he might ex
pect his ghostly visitant. He directed
his glance toward the grove of trees,
and observed a spark of fire a consid
erable distance within its. jrloomv
shade. The light advanced nearer
and nearer, at the same time increas-i
ing in intensity. j
But now a figure of the most mule- j
finable description absorbed his whole
attention. What appeared to him the j
more remarkable, was an awful be-!
nignity portraved in its countenance,
and with which it seemed to regard 1
I, !
Atter a while he raised his head
and beheld the light fading away by
degrees in the dark shade of the grove ?
from which it issued. It soon entirely I
disappeared, and his friend joined him !
in almost the same moment. During
their ride to the artist's house, the
former asked his companion : "Are
you now conymced that what you
have just witnessed is supernatural?"
The surgeon replied : "I cannot, on
natural principles, account for what I
liave seen ; it certainly was not like
anything earthly ; therefore, I beg to
be "excused from saying anything more
on the subject, which I cannot com
prehend." "I am sorry," said the artist, "that
you are not convinced. I regret still
more that I ever tried to convince
Arriving at the house the young
doctor assumed a gjyety foreign to his
feelings, but in proportion as he
forced conversation his friend declined
it, becoming every moment more and
more thoughtful and abstracted.
They took supper; the surgeon
challenged his friend to take a glass
of wine, hoping to arouse him from
those reflections. But the wine and
the surgeon's discourse were alike dis
regarded. Suddenly a heavy step was heard
fu the hall ; it approached the room
in which they were sitting ; a knock
on the door was heard ; me :iril
lixiscu ilia ucuu aim iu:u'i ni'jtu itiu, .
. , . . , rp, T , ;
s at his friend. The knock w.s. rep- at-
raised his head and looked niutiriifuJJv
J orl Knth uprp ssilnr A Hiiril L!nr!r 1
Vvl f till v -
j , Umto tin ?iiiti.'.o l
asking his friend why he did not lull j Among the numerous Americans
his visitor to enter. Ere the artist resident in Dresden and there is no
could reply, the door was thrown j capital in Europe where so manysingle
widely open," and behohU the same American ladies can be found was,
dreadful appearance which thesurgeon 1 ays a correspondent, a striking dame
had already witnessed stood on the i of enormous wealth, who installed her
threshold. , self in royal state in the American
Its awful dignity of countenance j quarters. She came with a small boy
was now changed into the most ap 'of five and a daughter of about the
palling and terrific frown. For a few
moments the figure remained station
7 ttU." luc" i V fil
fo.low it. He rushed toward it: the
ary, and then motioned the artist to
.. , , , i- j
PPn ed , be ore him, and
the surgeon determined to accompany
seemed to open spontaneously before
them From the garden they passed
into the open fields : the surgeon was
about 20 or 30 feet behind the artist.
At 'ast they reached the spot near the
entrance of the grove where the circle
was traced ; the apparition stood still,
when suddenly a columu of name shot
P-a lm"1 le)T heard'
knln KAnmiiJ n toll Y 41 fVIAQ T rtOICTllT.
body seemed to fall from a great height,
aud then all was silence and dark
ness. The surgeon called loudly to his
friend, but received no answer. He
hurried back to the house and aroused
the family. They proceeded tm tke
spot and found the apparently lifeless
body of the artist stretched on the
ground. The surgeon ascertained on
examination that the heart still beat
faintly. He was immediately borne
to the house, and all proper means
used to restore him ; he revived a
little, and seemed sensible of their at
tentions, but remained speechless until
his death, which took place three days
Down one side, from head to foot,
the flesh was livid and black, as if from
a fall or a severe bruise. The affair
was hushed up in the neighborhood,
and his sudden death attributed to
disease of the heart.
Some Terrible Puns.
Punning, says the New Orleans
Picayune, would not be so bad were it
not so infectious. Puns leave germs
which lie in idle minds until they
fructify and bear a baleful crop of
more puns. The other day some of
us got to talkiug about tnat witty oici
cynic, Dean Swift, when one of the
company took advantage of the open
ing and gave us this jeu de mot of
his :
"Why "asked the dean, "is it right,
by the lex talionis, to pick an artist's
It was given up, of course, and the s
answer was, "Because he has pic-1
Here is another conundrum founded
upon a pun, which only the propound
er can solve. An old man and- a
young one were
standing by a j
"Why." asked the young man, 1 Ms
this clover older than you ?"
"It is not," replied the other.
"It is, though," returned the young
man, "because it is pasturage." j
Thereupon an abstracted looking :
person, who had not followed the line
of remark, and who had not under-
stood the illustration, startled us all j
with this irrele vent inquiry : i
"Why can not a pantomimist tickle
nine Esquimaux? "Give it up? Why,
nine HiSouimaux
it's because he can gesticulate."
Married in Double-Quick Time,
a mericus I'cpubHcati.
Not long since a couple presented)
themselves to a Dooly countv j
(Georgia) justice of the peace, ii
timatin" that thev desired to be mar-, sucn ouuaws as Jesse oaraes,
riedassoouas possible, as the girl's why did not you gird on your revol
parents were opposed, and would soon vers, enter upon the hunt for him, send
be present to stop proceedings. The him notice you were coming, aud throw
juBtice looked at the couple, ad, turn- a little salt on his tail and take him
ine: to the persons who were with him
first said : "Hold on, boys, till I
hitch this team." Then to the anx
ious pair : "John, you want to marry
MollieT "Yes, sir, quick !" was the
reply. "Mollie, you want to marrv
John?" "That's what I'm here for,
and the sooner the better." The
justice then asked nil parties present to
rise. "i?ow, Jhn, ketch hold of
Mollie's hand: Mtllie, ketch hold of
John's hand. Now you are hitched,
and the power gin me by the state of
Georgia and the United States, and b?
the goodness of God, pronounce you
mau and wife, and what this court
has joined let nothing bust asunder;
if so let him be maranatha."
X NASAL INJECTOR free with each
bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price
50 cents. For sale by all druggists.
Minneapolis Woman's Advent
ures Abroad.
Miuneatvolii Journal
same ag. She was herself not more
than twenty-three or twenty-four. Of
course she was presented at court. As
she passed before the queen, the fas
tidious monarch called the chamber
Iain, and, pointing out the new comer,
asked who she was. The chamberlain
looked at his list and gave the name
The ro'al hostess then declined to
have her presented, and requested rhe
mortified official to inform the stranger
that she could hod he received at court
with a dress so extremely decollete.
When informed of the queen's refusal
to permit the presentation, the Min
n apolis dame laughed in the chamber
lain's face and saucily said : "I don't
wonder she objects to low neck aud
short sleeves ; if I were such a fright
as she is, or any of her court, I would
wear a s-al-skiu sack the year round."
This uucourtier like speech got out, as
wicked things of the sort always do.
and when the heroine went to the
opera thereafter every glass in the
house was leveled at her. The iovial
... ... ... .'.I
Albert noted this, and found out the
cause. Unlike his wife, he rather
liked the
and he caused the spirited American
to know that he enjoyed her wicked
wit. The two came together one day
in the pretty little suburb of Parna.
The king paid madame marked at
tention, aud soon gave her access to
the royal chateau. When she drove
through the broad alles and the horses
drew up at the music stand, the good
natured Albert would ride up on his
tine white charger, and pass an agree
able half hour chatting with the auda
cious American. The flirtation went
on for mouths in the public drives at
Parna. The king made a party, 0f
to go down to the German Sevres the
pretty little town of Meissen on the
Elbe, where the Dresden china is made.
He selected a pair of the mo3t co3tly
vases for the dame and frave onen v-
I pression to his infatuation. Then the
queen put her wits to work. She sent
tor the American consul and found
mif fliCk orlflrAaa nf niadoniA'o lififli.i..s3
In the course of time that unsuspicious
mortal received surprising news which
took him from Minneapolis to Dresden.
On his arrival he was met by a high
personage, who, it seems, convinced
him that Dresden was an unwholesome
place for a famiiy so delicate as his.
To the great surprise and no little
amusement of tt:e town, the fine house
of madame, on the Molke platz, was
advertised for sale, carriages, srtuary
and everything. A week later the
gay dame, carefully guarded by her
husband and accompanied by her
children, took steamer at Bremen for
New York. Court people who had a
chance to know deel ared that Albert
didn't dine at home nor speak to the
queen for a month But everyone who
saw the latter at the opera thereafter
remarked that she looked serene and
com; lacent.
Facts worth Remraaberingr.
Most enijnent physicians sivc testimony
that the besr, safest and mildest remedy
for all form? of blood-poisoning, whether
inherited nr contracted, is Ackejis Blood
juaii, iuv.ii nine iinu wiiiuiv u
the svstem, throwing oil all evils remov
ing pimples, scrofula, rheumatism, etc. ,
0!(i ov uani v .niner,
Why Didn't They Take Him Alive '
From the Columbia statesman. j
lake him alive I Why didn t you
take him alive? If you are a special
Take him alive ! Why didn't you ,
devotee of this politer form of dispos-
Ulivc : xviij uiau iu tuo ciac vwio u-
thoriaed to do so, who would or could ;
for months ago the governor, by proc
lamation, ofTered a large reward for
hira calive" not dead. Why then
did not you engage in tne interesting
and pleasant pastime ?
But you and these carping criticing
editors left it to Bob Ford to" take him
alive," and he took him alive (for if he
had been dead he would not have
wanted him) much after the same
.1 1.1 - T T 1 lfAt
method mat d esse James nimseii iook
others people "alive" shot him with
out notice.
positive rure for Catarrh, Diphtherea and j
Canker Mouth. For sale bv all druggists. .
Session Acts for Sale.
For 1&S and 1841, State of Missouri.
3-3dlf J. West Goodwin.
A Romance of the Camera.
An interesting tale, with a variety
of the most pointed morals, is told of
a Brooklyn belle aud her faithful ad
mirer. La3t year the lady in Ques
tion and her mother were among the
l J i .1 i . . . .
burvpark, and among the regular i
ic u j,.8, J
featurday-nighters was a friend of I
OOamers 111 Olie OI tne note s ftf As i-
tne iamuy--ana especially of its
younger female member about whose
punctual habits and great devotion
no doubt was permitted to exist.
Never a Sunday passed that was not
spent in the young lady's company
and a pair of uncomfortably tight
patent leather boots upon the sloping
sands of the beach, and as the sun re
tired behind the western hills, the
young couple would sit beneath the
scrawny branches of a dyspeptic sea
side cedar to watch the "play of the
rippling waves or the sails of the sea
ward going ships. On such occasions,
too, it may be imagined, words of love
were whispered to the accompaniment
of the mosquito's musical hum. Thus
the summer passed away till the sea
son's close, and the young ladv re
turned to her residence on -'the hill,"
where her admirer could enjoy the
rapturous charms of her society "much
more frequently and at a much small
er expense. Of this advantage he
did not fail to avail himself, and all
went merrily until recently the young
man was informed that a photograph
er at Philadelphia possessed, and, in
deed, had put on exhibition, an iu-
1 terestir photograph of himself (the
I Y- ) and the young lady, sitting on
ia( it mm
Ine 851(1 san(l!ana oacKea dj a naio
- r1 T t flit r
i inipaueise uiuurena. xnis miorma
tion being conveyed to the young
lady, she was greatly concerned, as
she, too, had a vivid remembrance of
the photographer's green van. Acting
as her guardian or brother would have
done, under the circumstances, the
young man induced the Philadelphia
artist through the use of a good deal
of "laughter" to destroy the nega
tive and send him the pictures. With
the precious pictures in his possession,
he hastened to the young lady's resi
dence, and upon being ushered into
her presence, announced his success by
waving the package aloft and crying,
'Eureka!" or words to that effect.
After congratulations had been ex
changed between them, the gas was
turned up and the package opened,
the young lady being anxious to see
that the photographer had kept faith
with them. The young man took out
the pictures.
There was a hoarse and utterlv ir
reverent remark, a shrill scream, the !
crush of crumbling tin and the slam of1
a vestibule door. j
It was the young lady's picture, but S
tne arm Jal(1 trusttuily about her can
vass belt was not his arm.
The picture had been taken on a
week day.
relieve Croup. Whooping coujjli and Bron
chitis. For sale bv all druggists.
New York Society.
Speil Telegram to Chicago Timet.
The wedding epidemic rages more
fiercely than ever. Old St. Mark's
has been the scene of two very gay
marriages this week. Miss Susan
Lawrence, who was married to Mr.
Walsh on Tuesday last, had the pret
tiest group of bridesmaids that have
been seen this season. Their dresses
were of delicate pink, surah, the fronts
cascaded with soft lace, and they car
ried high bouquets of Jacquemitiot
roses, thus producing the curious ef
fect of red and pink in color, which is
now so fashionable The brideWress
was greatly commeuded for its richness
and simplicity. Miss Bozeinan's mar
riage with Mr. Rylance was also
solemnized in that venerable church
and was followed by a brilliant recept
ion at the residence of Dr. Bozeman.
The batch of foreign noblemen who
are expected to arrive to-morrow may
I nof tlallt 1 ri avnnnfnl t.-v nt rtrrl. ?
rmrlirflllv lw ovnorfol t cof onoiofv In
a flutter. The party includes the
Duke of Manchester and Lord and
Lady Mandeville, Lord and Lady
Churchill, Lord ElphiustOUe. and
.i ' i-i r . -
the Couut ami Countess Moutsaulin
The Duke of Manchester comes here
to buy agricultural lands. He has al
ready purchased eighty thousand acres
in Australia.
Good Intelligence.
The valuable preparations of the eel-!
ebrated Dr. Acker, tso favorably known :
throughout Europe, have lately been in
troduced among our people. Dr. Acker's
DvsneDsia tablets will be hailed with iov
by all who are distressed with disorders of j
the stomach and liver, for which they are
a sure preventive and cure. They are
very pleasane, and sold in elegant boxes at
twentv-five and fiftv cents, bv Bard &
For Sale.
A comulete countrv urintinsr office for
A - x, r- i
sale cheap. It consists of "Washington
! hand press, Gordon jobber, type, cases, j
J stands, imposing stones, sticks and type in '
J. West Goodwin,
Sedalia, Mo.
Ice cream, orange ice every
day at Sichers
Intense Love Within Limits.
Chicago Tribune.
"Pull up your pants, papa."
AristiuVs MeGuire heard these words as
they came from the ruhv-rtd lips of Gwen
dolen Mahatlvand floated to his ears on
the softlv sighing and sensuous breezes of i
" T " i TJ-. 1 1 3 I !. !
ouive evening, nc iuumu auu sa me
1 and shapely ankles of Gwendo
Ion. as she picked her way careful! v along
the muddy crosswalk. He noted the ten
derly solicitous toue in which she ad
dressed her father, and that tone thrilled
his very hlood ,
Weiss beer would also have done it, but !
Abides was not so lly as he might have
Scarcely knowing why he did so, the j
young man followed the jiirl and her j
father, until finally they turned up Ogden (
avenue, and as Gwendolen headed south- j
west and stood for an instant with her '
nolonaise fluttering in the wind, she!
turned to her companion and said: "Ours
ie no v r tr tho lie Iiiica nn tlm effort
isn't it papa?"
"Yes, my darling," replied the old man.
"How long is this street?" asked Aris
tides of a policeman.
"Five miles."
The young man entered a neighboring
saloon and sat down with a dull thud. "I
love her madlv," he said, "but heaven help
me, I am not Charles Rowell."
Eminent Dr. J. J. JCaldwell, Balti-
more, Md.,
States : "I have used Colden's Liebiff's
Liquid Extract of Beef and Tonic
lnvigorator largely in debility, fabrile and
nervous diseases, and I have found it one of '
the most reliable of nutrient tonics now in
use or to be found in pharmaev." (Tae
no other.) Of druggists. '
He Paid the Bill.
' ,-hp Williams, a merchant f Rutledge,
Ttt! "SS"
niiT pnTPTPfi Tilt vu in ; inrinuc nncuinn
held out the summons in one hand,clutch
ed a long knife in the other and said :
"Williams, have vou sued me?"
Williams knew that an immediate "yes" J
would make him sure of a stab.
"Iet me get my spectacles so that I can j
read the paper, he said.
He went behind the counter and came
back, not with his glasses, hut with an ax
across his shoulder.
"Yes," he said, "I have sued you."
"All right, replied the desperado, "I
guess I'll pay the bill."
DR. CLuiiK
lik Blood Syrup.
InuDx aciss.
Dyspepsia, Liver Dis
eases, Fever and Ague,
Rheumatism, Dropsy,
Heart Disease, Bil
iousness, Nervous Debility, Etc.
Tha Best SEMEDY KNOWN to Man.
12000.000 BOTTLES
This Syrup Ptiste&e Varied Proprieties. i
It Stimulates tin I'tyaline in the Salvia, which '
converts the starch and sugar of the food into glu- I
ctc. A Uciicjeney in Ityalim cau.-es wind and
souring of thefMd in the.it'otuach. If the medicine
i taken immcdiitely aftir eating, the fermentation
of food i prevented.
It acts ii;ku the liver.
ItactMipnn th kidney.
It regulates the bowels.
It puittio the blood.
It UK'tS t!iesyNte:.
It promotes igttinn.
It nourishes, strengthens and Invigorates.
it carries nil the old hi.od and makes new.
It opens the pores of the skin and induces health v
inspiration. j
It neutraltcMhe hereditary taint or poison in
i J.I. ..v.J .. U;..i. ..... i .1
the hliNHi. which generates scrofula. prvsinels. and
all manner of skin diseases and internal humors.
There are no spirits employed in its manufacture,
and it Kin le taken by the most delicate babe, or by
the aged and feeble, care only being required in at
tention to directions.
I wish to inform you of the facts of one of the
most remarkable cures of Dropsy known in this
country. I was afflicted for a number of years, aud
tried diflerent doctors aud various remedies, but all
to no purpose. One doctor said I could not live
three weeks. I was advised o try some of Dr.
Johnson's Indian Blood Svrun. which 1 did. and in
ja short time l was able to up to town ami call npon
the doctor who said I could not live. It nertectlv
cured me.
Vkkosa, I.awkksck Co., Mo.
I was troubled for a Iouk time with Kidney
Disease, and also with Chills and Fever. I tried
? , .1! . r.-it t i
vuriuus reuicuiea uuaucwsaiuuv ior niuuins. i meu
commenced takiug Dr. Clark Johnson's Indian
Blood Svrup, which has completely cured me. I
am now as stout and healthy as I over was.
Bkdford, Mo.
I have used Dr. Clarke Johnson's Indian Blood
Syrup for Chronic Disease, and have received great
relief therefrom. H. CUMTON.
Agents wanted for the sale of the Indian Blood
Syrup in every town or village, in which I have no
Agent. Particulars given on application.
Laboratory, 77 West 3rd St., N. Y. City.
Dealer In all kinds of
Beef, Pork, Veal "and Mutton of the beat quality.
FINE SAUSAGE always on hand. Stand No
8. Market Hons. l-13ddwtr
j QqW Hlld Silver Headed CftllflS
I w mMXJJt
01vyvaiw ltllLyjll I .
1 a .
lis first apparent etf'ect is to increase the appetite
It aasists digestion, and causes the food to Msimilate
properly t hus the syatera is nourished. It also, bj
its tonic action on the digestiveorgans, induce more
copious and regular evacuations. The rapidity with
which patents take on flesh while under the influ-
j eiiceuf the syrup, uf iuelf indicates that iioother
preparatntu can le better adapted to help and
nourish the constitution, and hence be more effica
cious in a depression of spirits, shaking or tremblins
of the hands or body, cough, shortness of breath,
or consumptive habit. The nerves and muscles
Ktome strengthened, and the blood purided.
The various kinds of waste or decay that aftect
the human lody, though attended each with some
symptom not common with the rest, agree very
much in this that the basis in all is nearly the
same. It is generally conceded, that the majority
of diseases are accompanied by faulty digestion ;
and such Wing the case, we must, in order to cure
such diseases, cause the organs of digestion to per
form their proper functions. No remedy has before
been discovered which has so beneficial an influence
on these organs :is Fellows Comjouiul Syrup of
For sale by all drujcjlis
Money Loned on Farms.
Lorns negotiated on good farms from
$1,000 to any amount desired, in propor
tions of one-fonrth to one-third of the
actual value of property.
Financial Agt,720 Pine street, St. Louis.
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain
apecihefor Hysteria,Dizzineas,Convul8iong,Nervoui
Headache, Mental Depression, Losa of Memory,
Spermatorrhoea, Impotency, Involuntary Emit-
nlni. T..- . mi . .
aiuio, j. ciiuniure uju -Age.causeu oy over-exernon,
self-abuse, or over-indulgence, which leads to
sions, Ferniature Old Age.caused by over-exertion.
self-abuse, or over-indulgence, which leads tc
wisery, decay and death. One box will cure recent
cases, fcach box contains one month's treatment.
One dollar a box, or six boxes for five dollars ; sent
by mail prepaid on receipt of price. We guarantee
six boxes to cure any case. With each order re
ceived by us for six boxes, accompanied with Art
dollars, we will send the pur&aer our written
guarantee to ret urn the money if the treatment dot
not effect a cure. Guarantees issued only by Aus.
T. Fleiscbruan, drugist, 8edalia Mo. Orders bv
mail at regular price. 9-22dAwi rr
&. W. Beady, A. If.,
J. B- Van Petten, A. U 9
Primary, Preparatory, Colltgiatt, Normal,
Commtrcial and Musical.
Courses of study varied to suit the wants of tat
Terms thirteen weeks each, beginning September
5th, Dec. 6th, March 6th.
Tuition in Primary Department from 16.50 to 99.
per term. In the Preparatory, 110 per term. In
the Collegiate or Normal, $12 per term. In the
Commercial, with or without studies ia other de
partments, $18.
Board from 2.50 to S3.50 per week.
Send for Catafr"'-
Attorney at Law.
Office: Room 2S. 5 Porter's Block,
i2-muwiy SEDALIA, MO;
Popular illustrated book (260 pages) oa
Manhood! Womanhood! Marriage!
Impediments to Marriage j the cause and
cure. Sent securely seated, post-paid, for 5a
cents, by Dr. C. Whittier, 617 St.
Charles Street, SU Louis, Mo.t the greai
'setialist. Read his work.
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