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Another Chapter of the War
renshurg Murder Given
to the Public.
Billie Hamilton, the Murderer,
Suspected of Poisoning the
Sister of His Affianced.
Tne Deatn of Mrs. John Mossi-
mann Brings to the surface
Startling Facts.
It was supposed until yesterday that all
oi the facts in connection with the murder
of Carl Stiedle, who was killed by Charlie
-1 T"l?71 TT j 1 - -r-1 . .
ana rume namiiion, anas iia. Aultman,
near warrensburg several weeks since, had
Deen aisciosea, out me death or jvirs. John
Mossimann, the sister of Miss Mary Lefler,
the affianced oi Uillie Hamilton, which oc
curred Tuesday night, develops new facts
in the brutal murder, and seems to entan-
gie tne wreicn, jcsnne Hamilton, in a net
work of circumstantial evidence pointing to
inm as the perpetrator ot another coolv
planned and deliberately executed murder,
irom wnicn ne win una 11 aimcuit to ex
tricate himself.
A iJAZOO reporter learned vssterday that
the relatives of Mrs. Mossimann were fully
convmcea tnat ner death had been
administered by Billie Hamilton on the oc
casion of his visit to .the family on the
same day that he in com-
- fM 1 TT .I.
pauy wua vnarne Hamilton, was
arrested for the murder of Stiedle. The
murder, it will be remembered, was com
mitted Sunday night, March 30;h, and the
j fortunately for him his wife, although not
j suspecting Hamilton of any evil intent, in
i sisted upon returning home.
1 It will be remembered by thoe who have
read the particulars of the Warrensburg
murder, that Billie Hamilton, after the
murder of Stiedle, left with Mossimann
forty dollars in gold and a plain gold ring
to be delivered to Miss Leiler. and that
Mossimann immediately after learning: that
Hamilton had been arrested for murder
turned the money and ring over to Sheriff
Hamilton, as is well known, is already
in the
being imprisoned at Kansas City, and it is
not at all probable that anything can b
J t i 'r i '
uone uy ms irienas, 11 ne nas any, to pre
vent him lroni stretching hemp.
1 he circumstances above detailed, how
ever, will aid materially in completing his
record as one ot the most heartless, cool.
calculating and fendish murderers, who
ever cursed the stale with his presence.
For His Watch and Chain and 825
in Money, by Trusted
Frank Durst, employed in the capacity
of a brakeman on the'K. & T. road, was on
Wedntsday made the victim of misplaced
confidence, by parties whom he supposed
to be his friends. Wednesday morning.
Durst met Jack Swift and Thomas Nolan,
two railroad acquaintances, and the trio
started out to have a good time. All drank
ireeiy, out did not become intoxicated to
such an extent to attract the attention of
those with whom they came in contact.
arrest was made on the following Wednes- i Shortly after dinner Durst expressed a de
dav. On that day Hamilton, alias Ault- Slre t0 tae a nap and was accompanied to
man, as already stated, called at the Mos- "-J3 caboose by fawilt and iNolan. He re
simann residence and took supper with the clmed on his bunk and was soon in :
family, his affianced, Miss Lefler, being sound slumber. When he awoke he found
absent in the country at the time. On the l"at he had been "worked" for all the
following Friday Mrs. Mossimann, who money he had and his watch and chain.
had previously been in good health, was He, of course, suspected Nolan and Swift
taken suddenly ill, suffering with violect ad at once informed Marshal Shy of the
T . - I 1 mi m.
vomiting spells and giving every indication robbery, lhe marshal soon traced the
oi having been poisoned. In the meantime men to the depot where they were about to
the particulars of Hamilton's horrible take the west bound tram.
crime had been given to the public, and xoian was at once taken into custody
fearing that a man who had been euiltv of and Swift was followed up the track to "the
fiULU ix uiauunuai cnuic liiiKiii, nave DiaCcU I nucic xic iinu uccu sccu w eil-
ier a oox car. ne was pulled lrom his re-
An Old ijady Jumps from a Mov
ing Train Near Jefferson
A neatly attired lady about 65 years old
boarded lhe Missouri Pacific at St. Louis
Wednesday night and took a seat in the
smoking car After the train had pulled
out she asked one of the male passengers
how lar it was to feedalia. He told her it
was about 189 miles. She replied that that titude. awaited the rulincr of the court on
could not be, as she had lived in Smithtou an application made by his counsel to ad
for seven years and knew it was only eight mit him to bail. The application was re
miles to Sedalia. The gentleman fused; the unhappy prisoner kissed his
told her that she was not now wife and the wnndprinu- littlp nnPQ crnnil-
A Sad Sight.
The attention of the spectators in the
criminal court room yesterday was attract
ed to a man who sat inside of the railing,
beside a heart-broken and delicate looking
woman, who held a sweet looking little
girl in her lap, while another little inno
cent clung to her skirts. The man, while
eaim anu coiiecieu, presented tne appear
ance of one who had gone through weeks
and months of suspense and suffering. His
name is John M. Cline, and several months
ago, while iu a mad fit ot rage superin
duced by a too lrrc use of liquor, commit
ted murder. He was pale from long confine
ment, and in an apparently despairing at
Cases Disposed of Yesterday
Motions Filed and En
tries Made in Other
Bail Kefused in the Case of J. M.
Cline, Charged With Murder
in the First Degree.
in Smithton. When near Jefferson
City she went to the water cooler and
got a drink and then re-seated herself.
The sleepy passengers paid no attention to
her until she opened the coach door and
stepped out on the platform. A gentleman
lollowed her and lust as he opened the
door saw her step to the t-ide and
jump on. lhe tram was running at the
rate of about twenty-five miles an hour at
the time, and all supposed that the unfor
tunate woman had been killed. The train
was stopped and backed up, but no signs of
the missing lady could be found. A tele
gram was sent to the nearest station and a
body of men at onct started in search of
ner. Un reaching Jefferson City the con
ductor received a telegram stating that the
woman had been found, nnd that she was
not seriously hurt. She arrived in Smith-
on yesterday evening, where her relatives
ive. From her action and conversation it
is judged she was afflicted with temporary
bye, and the poor woman left the court
room to again take up the burden of a sor
row, the crushing weight of which aoue
but she and her God can appreciate and
Mvsterious Disappearance of
Young Man From His Home
Foul Play Feared.
About two weeks ago a young man by
the name of James Stagner, 8ged about 22
vears. and residing in Ca!dwell county.
came to this city for the purpose of visiting
friends and seeking employment. He was
a guest of Judge Halstead during his stav
in the city, and it was noticed
The following is the record of proceed
ings in the criminal court yesterday :
City of Sedalia vs. Frauk B. Fesler ;
motion for new trial and in arrest of judg
ment taken up and heard ; both motions
overruled ; defendant excepts.
State vs. John M. Cline, murder in the
first degree; defendant arraigned, indict
ment read and plea of not guilty entered
cause continued and witnesses recognized
for their appearance at the next term of
State vs Frank Bell, felonious assault ;
cause continued on application of the state;
defendant recognized in the sum of 8500
with Ira Hinsdale as surety ; Clarence Mel
lor jand Louis Stanford witnesses for the
state, and Green Dulan, Aaron Hill, Abe
Dillon, E. D. Wells, Wade Willfong, wit
nesses for the defense, recognized in the
sum ot $100'each, all for their appearance at
the November term, 1884.
State vs, Nick Burmester, assault ; con
tinued generally by consent.
btate vs. i?ree London, keeping faro
bnnk ; defendant recognized in the sum of
$500 with E. N. Morrow and John W.
his appearance at
Boston Dynamiters.
Beston, April 17. Last night two men
drove rapidly from Cragies bridge, and
soon afterwards a loud explosion occurred,
and investigation showed that the explo
sive had been placed in a powder can and
fired by a detonating cap and fuse. It is
thought that the attempt was directed
against one of the many horse cars which
pass this point at this hour.
Jersey City, April 17. Harrington and
Peacock, on trial ior conspiracy to defraud
me Aiuencan -Legion oi Honor, were con
victed to-day.
Indictments Found.
Cincinnati, April 17. The grand jury
uoa iuuuu mree maictments each against
Ingall and Johnson, the murderers of the
Taylor family in Avandale, and one against
Patrick Hartnet for the murder of his wife.
near which he sat at the time of his last
visit, Mr. Mossiman removed the flour
from the barrel for a depth of about six
inches and threw it into the yard. The
contents of the sugar bowl were also thrown
Mrs. Mossimann partially recovered her
usual health, but complained constantly o
a burning sensation in the pit of the stom
ach, finally being compelled to take to her
i l l - i r. -r
ueu, wxiuju bue never again leu. JJUnng
the last two days ot her illness
and it required the combined strength o
1 - it lJ1 T
several parties 10 noia ner in oea. one re
fused to take the medicine which the phy-
sicians prescnoeu ior ner, unui it naa Deen
tasted by other parties, claiming that she
was afraid that she was going to be pois
These circumstances gave reasonable
grounds for suspicion on the part of the
unfortunate woman's friends that she had
been poisoned, and by their request,
of the remains yesterday afternoon by Drs.
A. V. Small, Ed. Small and Henry Evans.
The autopsy developed severe inflamma
tion of the stomach, but the doctors were
unable to determine whether or not there
was poison in the stomach in the absence
of a chemical analysis. Of course, if there
was poison administered death resulted
from secondary effects.
Mr. Mossimann's little daughter W88
taken sick about the same time that her
mother was, but her illness was slight and
the symptoms exhibited were not the same.
Mr. Mossimann was not sick.
The case is a very mysterious one. If
poison was placed in the flour barrel by
Hamilton, it would natuarlly be supposed
that Mr. Mossimann would have received
a dose as Weill as his wife. There is
of the mystery. On the evening that Ham
ilton took supper at the Mossimann resi
dence Mr. Mossimann ate supper by him
self, as he had a business engage
ment, and was in a hurry to meet his ap
pointment. Hamilton and the rest ol the
family ate alone, and it seems probable
that the fiend improved this occasion to ao
his diabolical work.
It would appear to the casual observer
that Hamilton could have no possible mo
tive for poisoning Mrs. Mossimann, but
there is an ulterior motive which is at
once apparent when ali the facts are
known. Mossimann owns a lot and a neat
little residence on Prospect street. Ever
since Hamilton became intimate with the
family, by reason of his being a prospect
ive relative on account of his engagement
to Miss Lefler, he has endeavored to per
suade Mossimann to sell ,the property, os
tensibly for the purpose of purchasing a
more eligible site on which to build, but
treat and both men were marched to the
The watch and chain taken from Durst
were pawned with M. Cohn by Swift for
$25. Each of the men had a small amount
of money upon their persons when arrested.
A state warrant was sworn out against
them by Durst charging them
with grand larceny. They were
arraigned before Justice Halstead yester
day afternoon to answer to the charge.
Both pleaded not guilty and after a brief
examination Nolan was discharged. Swift
was held to await the action of the next
grand jury. In default of bail in the sum
of $500 he was committed to jail.
No Grease for Him.
"When Cxreece her knees Greece
knees Greece her knees," stammered
embarrassed school boy, forgetting
next line of his recitation. "There is
occasion to grease anybody's knees," shout
ed his teacher. "Go and study your piece'
Neither is there any occasion to grease your
hair. Parker's Hair Balsam is all the
dressing you want. Restores the original
gloss and color to gray or faded hair. Does
not soil the linen ; not a dve : good for
the scaip ; prevents falling out.
he had con
siderable money on hislnerson He left .Tudfre Menifee as sureties, for
iialstead's house, stating that he was goinjr e xovemoer term,
Dr. C. W. Benson's Celerv and flhnmp out on the road, and the last seen of him otate vs. York Kobinson,
i Ti-ii . w I I. "fr.., : t : i: i
assault ; pun-
Grand Auction Sale of $6,000
Worth of Prinfinf
omile Pills are prepared expressly to cur-
and will cure headache of all kinds, neu
ralgia, nervousness and dyspepsia. Proved
and endorsed by physicians.
was in the Missouri Pacific yards. ishment ot six montns imprisonment
t Young Stagner was drinking quite freely, county jail commuted to hue of $25.
and this circumstance togeter with the fact State vs. Charles Allen, forgery; Mrs.
of his having quite a large sura of money Mary nogue witness tor the state
i i - r . . . J I : .u r ci tif i
Two Couples Fired Out of tue Jay
Gould Hotel Laat
Wednesday morning's issue of this paper
contained an article in regard to the arrest
of Church Lee, A F. Reed, Ida Etlie and
Mollie Gleason, for disturbing the peace.
The four boarded the Missouri Pacific
train Wednesday afternoon for Kanias
City, and returned to this city yesterdav
morning. The two young men went to the
Jay Gould hotel yesterday evening and in
quired of the clerk if they could get rooms
for four. The clerk supposing they meant
four young men, replied that thev
could, and that he would give them a room
with two beds in it. Thev registered as
Jones and Johnson, and then went out,
returning presently with the two girls.
whom they marched up to the office, say
ing they were ready to retire. Seeing the
girls, the clerk told them they could not
have the room, whereupon they claimed to
have been married, but it was no go, and
they were unceremoniously fired. Had
thev registered as man and wife in the first
place they might have accomplished their
purpose, but as it was the wily clerk was
too sharp to be taken in by such suckers as list oi medicinal agents."
they have proven themselves to be. Later
the two girls were seen by a Bazoo repre
sentative parading Ohio street, but it is
not known where they stopped. The offi
cers are on the watch for them, and if taken
in they will not get off as easily as before.
They are a disgrace to the city and should
be severely dealt with.
on his person, causes his friends to fear
that he has beeu foully dealt with. His
brother-in-law was in the city last week in
attendance upon the republican state con
vention. He expected to meet the vounsr
man here, and on failing to fina him was
somewhat surprised, but supposed that
he had doubtless started home,
where he had arrived by that
time. Upon returning home and "finding
Stagner still absent, the brother-in-law be
came alarmed and advised the young man's
ool., " "u uciuto i viitcu Ul ills
prolonged and somewhat mvsterious ab-
sence lhe sister, ot course, feels very
anxious about her brother, and was in the
city yesterday consulting with friends as to
the best course to pursue.
Young Stagner is highly spoken of by
his friends and acquaintances, his niisfor
lune and greatest fault being his uncon
trollable appetite for liquor. It is to be
hoped that the fears of his friends are
groundless, and that when he reaches home
and discovers the anxiety he has caused
them, that he will resolve to reform.
I will sell at Public Auction on
May 21, 1884, to the highest bidder,
the followiug Printing Material, con
sisting of the Sedalia Times, Sedalia
Eagle, Sedalia News, Sedalia Free
Horsford's Acid Phosphate,
A Valuable Medicine.
nized in the sum of $100 for her
ance at the November term, 1SS4.
State vs. Albert Lewis, felonious assault ;
jury trial. The jury, after being out a
short time, returned a verdict of not guilty
and the defendant was discharged.
State vs. Joseph Morrison, irrand lar
ceny ; jury empanelled and sworn ; case
State vs. J. M. Cline, murder in the first
degree; application made by the defend- Press, Sedalia New Age, Missouri
City of Sedalia vs. Frank B. Fesler. Printing Company, and the Sedalia
wife beating; defendant makes application a -it i.
v for reduction of fine; fine reduced to Set). 8un comPsing 1 one-eighth medium
btate vs rant jfcii, teionious assault; Liberty press and steam fixtures, 3
the delendent as principal, and Edward ' v
Gahart, William Tarleton anu Aaron Hill proot presses, 6 imposing stones aod
recognized in the sum of S-500 for defend- ,
ant's appearance at the next term. Stands, bo fonts of wood type, 300
ciuirirSufcL'SLd. fonts ofjob type, and a large number
verdict of not .guilty, and defendant dis- of commercial cuts,
State vs. Michael Leahy, grand larceny; One hundred pound font of pica
defendant sentenced to "two years in the j isa iu . -r r-- n
penitentiary. donc lo lb nt Plca Roman, 7o lb
Statevs. J. W. Sandridge,same ofiense; font small pica, 500 lbs long primer,
State vs. m. MoNaal, obtaining money oOU lbs bourgeois,
Dr. W. H. Parmelee. Toledo. O. savs
'I have prescribed the lacid' in a large va- hJ cheat and frad; same entry,
rietv of diseases, and have been amply sat- 11 was ordered that the sherifl be fur
isfied that it is a valuable addition to our nlsed one guard to assist in conducting
prisoners to the penitentiary.
Court adjourned until the November
WILL YOU SUFFER with Dvspepsia
and Liver Complaint ? Shiloh's Vitalizer
is guaranteed to cure you. Sold by Bard
& Miller.
The Sedalia Fair.
The next fair and exposition of the Se
dalia Fair association will commence Sep
tember 23d three weeks later than last
year. The change in date is made in order
that there may be no conflict with other
fairs in the same circuit.
The officers and directors of the associa
tion have been hard at work for several
months past, and everything indicates the
best and most successful exposition everi
held in Central Missouri. There will be a
number of special attractions, and the at-
xenuance win uououess oe the largest m
Charles Hamilton, One of the War
rensburg Murderers Also Sails
Under an Alias.
readers of
and Billie
murder of
It will be remembered by the
the Bazoo that when Charles
Hamilton were arrested for the
Carl Stiedel on the night of March 30th,
Charlie was confined in jail here and Billie
aken to Kansas City, both to await the ac
tion of the Johnson county grand jury,
riiine aamniea at me time oi his arrest
Sad News.
Mrs. J. F. Barrett, yesterday received the history of the association.
the sad intelligence, that her brother. Gen.
G. W. Bietzler had been thrown lrom his
buggy at Tuscon, Arizona, and instantly
killed. General Bietzler resided at San
Francisco, Cal., where he will be buried on
the 20th inst. by the Knights Templar, of
which order he was an honored member.
mmion, nonpareil
1 1 CA T Of-
mm pean, ov pairs cases, ZO pairs
italic cases, 8 double stands, 3 single
stands, 5 cabinets, brass rule, labor
saving, single, dotted, parallel and
dguble, 50 column rules, 150 lbs met-
The grand jury sworn and empaneled forTnl fnrnitnro nnH 7K 11 Inoo
,i , i . - -torn t i - i - w .V ia
the April term, 1SS4, of the criminal court
of Pettis county, respectfully report 3hat slugs. , .
they have examined the Pettis county 'larT , TJ . , . .
and find it in good order and repair. The WlA1 be SOm lots to suit pur-
prisoners are comlortably situated and with chasers
a iew exceptions, seem wen sausnea wnn
their treatment. We have have no changes
or improvements to recommend, but com
mend Sheriff Conner for his management
of the jail, for the good order and
To the Hon. Jno. E. Ryland, Judge of theCrimina
American Art,
Photographs, Engravings, etc., can be
exquisitely colored with Liquid Art Colors
made lrom Diamond Hves. ImiII direc
tions for this beautiful art work, with a
handsome colored cabinet
I ho rflnoi vf ni tha rliclmciinn nmnn ...nr. n I - - 4
, K V aIiy address for 10 cents.
great shock to Mrs. Barrett, who has the
heartfelt sympathy of her many friends in
her bereavement.
Wells & Richardson Co.,
Burlington, VL
tdutly maintained that he had given his
rignt name. xNotnmg to me contrary was
known until yeEterdav, when Hamilton
endeavored to smuggle a letter out of the
jail by a fellow prisoner,
At the residence of Rev. J. M. Plannett,
t Httth ctrmt nn .tttirwta,. ardninrr at
a a term is tne u uiuo upuu iue teem, wuxi uie sierung Oclock Mr- Roherl McMillan and Mias
Uharlie, however, preservative ana punuer, ouaj-UUa, m am,;P r-
If People Will Chew,
hat his right name was Ed. Aultman, and thev should counteract the injurious
under this name ne served
Missouri penitentiary.
ment of everything connected with the jail,
and for his mode of caring for the prison-
ers. lhe slight complaints made by a few
of the prisoners we believe to be entirely
without foundation.
Also upon examining other public build
ings in the city we found the means of es
cape in case of fire, satisfactory.
E. B. Gibsox, Foreman.
CATARRH CURED, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Reme
dy. Price 50 cents. JNiasal iniector free.
Sold bv Bard & Miller.
Sale positively on above date.
For further particulars, address,
Sedalia, Mo.
-Ajfct 0111 ey at Law.
Oitice: Room No. 5 Porter Block.
f 1 A T 1 ?J - t M . t 1
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ders the gums healthy, but banishes from
the breath every objectionable odor. Cer
tain tooth powders, pastes and washes, al
though they cleanse, also injure the dental
alone, both of this city. Mr.
.McMillan was formerly an operator at the
M:ssouri Pacific general offices. The
couple left for Chicago
where they will
Bound for the Pen.
The sheriff of Howard county passed
through the city .Sunday
in reality, as it jis now believed, that he
of the money accruing from the sale. In
order that the sale might be more readily
effected Hamilton, who is a painter and a
good one, painted the house inside and out
and also made a handsome sign, "For
Sale," which now adorns the front fence.
Mrs. Mossimann strongly objected to lhe
sale of her little home, to which she had
become attached, and the plans of the vil
lain Hamilton thus being frustrated, he
endeavored to
upon the unfortunate woman in this cow
ardly manner.
Theie are many circumstances poin'ing
to the conclusion that Hamilton had for
some time premeditated robbing Mossimann
whenever the opportunity presented itself.
On one occasion he accompanied Mrs. Mos
simann on a visit to friends in the
country, and endeavored to have
her remain there, stating that he
would return and keep her husband
-company dp ring her absence. It was
known that Mossimann had considerable
money in his possession at that time, and
who had iust been discharged, enamel, nut this matchless toilet auxiliary
... . - . I i. r. ..."
The latter was intercepted by Deputy Sher- preserves ana sirenginens u. us origin is
iff Fred Conner and was found to be ad- botanic and its llavor and odor delightful.
dressed to iXH. Nalskev. McGregor. Iowa."
Upon beiner opened it was found to be an Dr. Frazier's Root Bitters
annpfll hv Hamilton tn his fnthpr fnr nid. Frazier's Root Bitters are not a dram
He stated that he was in trouble, having shop beverage, but are strictly medicinal
killed a man and needed money. Upon n verj sense. They act strongly, upon
learning that his identity had been discov
ered, Hamilton desired that the matter
should not be published as he had brothers
and sisters whom he desired to save from
disgrace if possible.
Deputy Conner says that while in Jeffer
son City, where he went Tuesday in charge
of prisoners for the pen, that he was in
formed by Deputy Warden Bradbury that
oSalskey, alias Hamilton, was one of the
desperate men m the prison, and
the Liver and Kidneys, keep the bowels
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If you suffer with sick headache, con
stipation, sour stomach, or bilious attacks,
Emory's Little Cathartic Pills will relieve
you. 15 cents
caused him a great deal of trouble during
his incarceration.
Hamilton remarked to Dentitv Conner
upon the latter's return from the capital, unnatural losses, and all weakness of Ge
that he supposed Bradbbury had given him nerative System ; it never fails. SI pkg,
Allen's Brain Food botanical extract
sirenginens the brain and positively cure
nervous debilitv, nervousness, headache.
a hard name.
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At the residence of her sister, Mrs. John
McGinley, at 1:20 o'clock this morning of i
consumption, after a lingering illness, Miss
Maggie Hollywood.
The remains will be taken to Marshall
for interment.
High Grade Cattle.
I have one car load of high grade short
horn bulls and heifers, from ten to eighteen
months old. for sale at my Walnut urove
farm, Moniteau county, Mo.
2 -2Gw2ni J. A. LANDER.
H. Fehrf
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One case in particular was given up by
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tin., . . .
nau an me symptoms oi connrmeu con
sumption cold night sweats, hectic fever,
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stored to his usual health. I found DR.
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constipation, piles, sick headache, jaundice
etc., is Allen's Bilious Physic, a purely
i ll. 1! -1 1.1 r-
vegeiauie nquiu remeuy ; large ooiiies zo
cents. At all druggists.
The unfortunate insane woman, Mrs.
Adkins, was reported yery violent yester-
12-2ow6m day, baying to be tied in bed.
having in
Si,n,tnV TiTi,r charge two prisoners, both colored, one a
r" I f. i 1 1 . r. r mi.
make their future home. CUI,Bie Ul.'u,m lur lUBl""en"7- "e
xuaie prisoner was William uam, wno
served a short term in our
county lail lor
petit larcenv, having stolen a pair of shoes
and a pair of pants from a brother coon
He was at the time of his arrest here, a
fugitive from justice from Howard county
where he was wanted for stealing hoss.
immediatelv upon being released from the
Pettis county jail, Cain was taken to How-
ard county where he was convicted of
grand larcey and sentenced to two years in
the penitentiary.
The woman was sent up for two years
for larceny in a dwelling house.
Sedalia Nursery Company, Twelfth and Moniteau
streets, for your fruit, ornamental and evergreen
trees, roses, flowering shrubs and vines, small fruit;
cabbage, tomato, sweet potato and celery plants r
fresU vegetable and flower seeds. My hot house
plants are healthy and thrifty, not foned, but com
plete in variety. I sell bsiibs of any kind cheap,
a- d have them started or dry. "Wire designs, bou
quets, baskets, and cut flowers constantly on hand
yiy pansies are the finest here. I have the seed im
portod from Europe. Kespectfully,
3 16 dAwlm. PHIL PFEIFFER, Agent,
quickly cured by Shiloh's
Bard & Miller.
can be so
cure. Sold by
The B. & O. is dut with another de
cided novelty, this time in the shape of a
book of travel, which is as unique as it is
artistic It is an entirely new departure
in dook mating, the diherent pages dis
closing a most extended variety of tints,
while the margin, usually blank, is m this
instauce completely taken up with studies,
in blending colors. The ingenuity of
clever artists has been demonstrated in
capitally drawn carricatures not broad
but laughably efiective of almost every
imaginable phase of life, and, on the
whole, it may truly be said to be totally
unlike any other publication ever issued.
It is entitled "On Picturesque B. & O "
Uanora 1 PiKcncrpr A cyan f T.rrrT of
Baltimore, will, with his accustomed kind
ness, forward by mail upon request.
Good Coal Cheap.
The Co-operative Coal company at Lewis
station now has its side tracks completed,
and will fill all orders promptly.
4 it d thurgecsun 2w
Electric Appliance! are tent on 30 Days' Trial.
Tn ucm nmv vmiyn no mn
in kra wnhij iwwnu un vhwg
WHO are suffering from Ksrvous Dkbiutt,
Lost Vitxutt, Lack or Xxavs Fobcx ib
vigor. Wastiko Weackssses. and all thoaa disease
of a Pkrsohai. Natuhx resulting ftbm Abcsss and
07H8B Causes. Speedy telleS and complete reeto-
a tion. of Health, V iqor and Haxhood Guaranteed.
fhe grandest diacorery of the Nineteenth Ceaturx.
Send at onco for Illustrated Pamphlet free. AddreM
TVhoeo debility, exhausted
powers, pruni&ture decay
and failure to perform lire's,
duties property are caused by
excesses, errors of youth, etc .
will find a perfect and lasting
restoration to robust kcaltk
and vigorous manhood in
Neither stomach drnersraur nop
instruments. 1 nis treatment of
Kervons Debility and
successful be cans based oh perfect diagnosis,
new and direct methods and absolute thor
ourhnc. Fnll information and Treatise frsei
Address Consulting Physician of
MARSTON REMEDY CO., 46 W.14thSL, New York.

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