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nSTOAfin CONVENTION, country. They are plentifully supplied dentally developed m tne
W lijxXJ Kjvn v an u. . m and one resuU of their Jabors some one suggested that i
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is tne annes ranee oi muiuiuucs uinuircr
Defenders Of Democratic portraits in conspicuous places. They look
. . . , exceedingiv iiKe me mnograpns ui -rurc-
Dogmas Arriving oy paueh the'drcus man, with -vhich the pub-
Delegations, lie has become so familiar. There is noth
ing at ail in r lowers canuiuauy. acuas
been worked for all he would stand by
Scenes and Incidents on the hungry
Eve of the Great Politi- parcel of adventurers
who have flattered his vanity very success
fully, convinced him that the liberal ex
penditure of money will secure him a
i i .i mi ii ii -vt
How the Pactions are Work- "I"1- J'V
Flower's name as a rallying point, and the
friends of such candidates as Bayard, Mc
Donald snd Butler have endeavored to
give him as much prominence as possible
in order to weaken Cleveland.
There is a decided reaction towards
Cleveland and he is now, without question
the leading candidate, with McDonald a
good second. There is little doubt that
Cleveland has a clear majority of the New
Paint Odor From the Y?.r,k delegation which will give him the
SOliU vine Ui luui aiaie. nuuum tuia uc
the fact his nomination will follow without
much of a struggle. He seems to l)tiJej.
garded with great favor by the delegates
from all sections of the country, and his
success would seem to depend entirely
uoon his ability to command the support
His workers from New York are well
organized, aggressive and enthusiastic The
cal Battle.
ing and the Probable
Ben Butler's Brawny Brigades
Muster With Mul
Frail, Frost-Bitten
Tilden to be Nominated, but
Grover Cleveland the
At Chicago.
Chicgo, July 5,-De.egates to the demo- t S'LS
cratic national convention continue to ar
rive m straggling detachments which in
few cases number more than five or six.
and the combination ticket of Cleveland
and McDonald seems as likely to be the
They have thus far arrived principally as iS' (o nPM
individuals. One-half the Louisiana dele- , JJ2?. L0t?le:?P!erlT,5eJ5
plentifully supplied dentally developed in the discussion when
some one suggesieu m&i in sucu & uaae,
while Tilden would certainly decline
and then how would the party feel with a
real heavv tail and no head. It would be
a case of fishing for trout and catching a
gar. The talk went on and on, and no
definite conclusion was arrived at. In
view of the fact that no mliuence can pre
vent Mr. Tilden's name from going before
the convention, however, it is very proba
ble that his friends will all Join in and give
him an ovation. To guard against the ac
cident above suggested it is thought that a
rule will be adopted proposing that the
president shall not be -r"v united on the
same day, in order that the latter may not
be selectad with the undue haste and reck
lessness which mark most conventions.
Even Mr. Priest has at last let go his grip
and concluded that
This morning's train from St. Louis
brought Col. J. G. Prather, tMiffidurPs na
tional committeeman : Peter L. Foy, W.
H. Bliss and John O'Grady. Col. Prather
is the only one of the four, however, who
-oomeft'on political-business. He is not out
firthe race for his own successorship yet,
and it is not at all impossible that he may
yet muster enough strength among the
country delegates from Missouri to defeat
the O'Day-Scuilin-Shields combination.
If Mr. Priest hag abandoned the fight on
his own account, it is absolutely certain
that his support will go to Prather, as
they are old time friends, between whom
marks were distinct only to those near
Gen. Butler began his address as the pro
cession advanced, until its head had
reached the hotel entrance, but the crowd
was so dense that further progress was im
possible. The mounted marshal who led
the column attempted to force his horse
through the midst, but a number of men
seised the bridle and forcibly pulled him
back. A gigantic policeman then
endeavored to lead the horse but the crowd
wrested his club from him and the terrific
man Ed Cahill
Before their departure John Kelly said
the democratic party has
this time as it has not had in twenty-four
years ; we hope the convention will nomi
nate a man on whom all can unite : "The
friend of corporations and the enemy of
the workmen is not such a nominee.
Among the Irving hall delegates were
Sheriff Davidson, Jcdge Callahan, State
Eire Commissioner HAPS AND MISHAPS.
Fourth of July Casualties.
Cleveland, July 5. An accidental ex
plosion of fireworks last night killed a man
named Durfee, oi xsewhurg, and a young
son of Dr. Cleveland, of Bnrton.
Kansas City, July 5. During the cele-
enatr. n.r wii or.,1 -rvTqo nnmm;inn. bration yesterday at Centralia, Mo., John
uproar continued for ten minutes, during Houghton Finks and Dell Conger were killed by the
u hi aK a L?A-t U t 4 Iam c? t rr r4 r? f rt hit? hoan I
The delegate are lot) strong.
which time Ben Butler stood with his head
uncovered, waving his hands at the mob
and annealing for silence, then he turned
to the committee and said,
He left the platform surroundered by
tne members oi tne committee and alter a
desperate struggle with the unruly gang,
The Kansas Delegates.
Kansas City, July 6. The majority of
the Kansas delegates left here to-night
i - . . i
over tne JJumngion. At Cameron mey
will meet a party from Leavenwortn and
Atchison ana some of the Missouri dele-
reached the hotel entrance and passed np to gates. A special train of six sleepers was wretch passing along the crowded
his room an immense crowd followed him
but only a favored few were admitted. Af
ter the crowd had surged and banged at
tne door awhile it was opened to admit a
committee from the trade and labor organ
izationsof Chicago, who welcomed him to
Chicago and delivered an address eulogiz
ing his course as a patriot and friend of
made up and they will arrive at Chicago
at two p. m. to-morrow. A number of
representatives and politicians from this
city and vicinity also started to-night, .-
premature discharge of a cannon.
Wellington, Kas., July 5. The fourth
of July celebration in this city was turned
into profound sorrow on account of a se
ries of sad accidents or deeds of criminal
AbDut ten o'clock last night a drunken
Southern Delegates.
Cincinnati, July 6. The delegates to
the Chicago convention from Tennessee,
the workingmen to which Gen. Butler re- Alabama. Georgia. South Carolina and
discharged his revolver over his shoulder.
the ball passing through the veranda of
the Hotel de Barnard struck the little eight
yea old daughter of Mr. Perry, the pro
prietor of the Genda Springs
hack line ; the ball entered her side ang
gassed almost through her body, killind
er instantly.
The slayer disappeared in the crowd, but
Forty-one of the members of the New
York delegation held a confetence to-night
at the Palmer house. It was intended to
have a caucus but as the delegates could
Florida arrived to-night by the Cincinnati a man named E. Miner was arrested during
Southern and leit lor unicago ny tne Ji.an- tne nignt wno is supposed to oe tne one
kakee line.
nothing more serious than a clash of aspira- not all be gathered together, some not hav-
.? 1 j t I i Vs ' i
tions has ever occurred, in tnis connec
tion it may be pertinently remarked that
Mr. Scullin, who aspires to the place of
national committeeman, is not even a voter
in Missouri, his name not having appeared
ing arrived, tne plan was abandoned.
Among those present were delegates for
Cleveland and a number of friends of
State Chairman Manning was made tem
Philadelphia's Delegates.
Philadelphia. Pa,. July 5. The Phila
delphia delegates left for Chicago to-day,
escorted by the Americus and Kandall
gation, howeyer, arrived this morning and
the entire Iowa delegation, numbering
twenty-six, came later in the day. Quite
reached the city late last night and their
presence caused an activity and animation is especially
at tne hotels wnicn tne delegates atone
conld not impart. National Committeman
"W. L. Scott, General Opinola and Thos.
T. Grady were among those who were early
on the scene this morning. Ex-Governor
The Phalanx En Route.
Albany, July 5. The democratic phal
anx started for Chicago this afternoon, one
land will probably unite on McDonald, on the registration books for the past four porary chairman of the delegation. There anx started lor Chicago tnis aiternoon. one
whose strength and ayailability are gener- years. was no division of any kind, so that no test hund!ed strong, accompanied by a band
ot the relative strength of Cleveland and WAJ1U6
Flower could 4e ascertained. It is also
alb conceded. He is the second choice of
a large number of Cleveland delegates, and
many of them in fact would prefer the
Hoosier but for their belief that Cleveland
available in the east Mc
Donald has the solid support of the Indi
any delegation, with a strong backing from
Illinois and Kentucky, and scattering votes
in almost all the southern and western del
egations. lhe manager ot his campaign
Sterling Morton, of Nebraska, was observed will be Senator Voorhees and E. C. Bell, of
in the lobby of the Palmer house and was
afterwards seen in consultation with ad
vanced advocates of revenue reform.
Governor Mortin declares that the party
must, in justice to itself, declare unquali
fiedly for reform of the tariff laws.
Congressman Morrison declares that the
Indiana, Henry Watterson,
and Gen, Black, of Illinois.
There is still a good deal of
and nothing is more probable than an at
tempt to spring his name on the convention
and to carry it throHgh with a whirl. A
platform of the party took precedence over amV oca, " 6 wmn. A
LnrtMn. oIcp Kp npl&ral ;tT. tTip 89 mDV legates will hear nothing else
everything else. He oelieved with the
platform the party could go into the fight
with almost any good candidate and win.
He declared that the South and the greater
portion of the West could be relied upon
to support a; reasonable reform tariff prin
ciple. Many northern and New England
delegates would be opposed to it and it was
a question whether the South and West did
not constitute a clear majority.
It is recognized that the tarriff question
has taken precedence in point of interest
thus far in the preliminary work of the
convention as the free trade advocates have
)een outspoken in their demand that the
inbiect be clearly defined by the national
To a representative of the associated
press, this morning, Hon. Henry Watter
son said the statement that Mr. Harrison
bad defeated Mr. Morrison at Peoria gives
a verv wrone impression of what really oc-
w a
- curred there. The Illinois delegation
adopted a tariff, for revenue only, resold
Mr. Harrison started out to quash this,
but finding that he would be defeated, he
modified bis demand and asked that the
resolutions be simply referred to the Na
tional convention about to assemble. This
the state convention was willing to concede
to the man who was about to be nominated
for governor.
4It should not be .forgotten." continued
Mr. Watterson, "that Mr. Harrison is him
and said in his speech that 'protection is
robbery., With the action of the state
convention Mr. Harrison's power over the
Illinois delegation in the National conven
tion expires. It is an out and out reform
delegation, and Mr. Morrison will be its
member of the platform committee."
The New York Tammany delegation has
hung out their rebanner at the Palmer
house this morning and the New York
county democracy also hoisted their pla
card. Around the New York delegation gravi
tates very largely the interest centered in
the presidential race and the most widely
diverging reports are current as to the
of the respective candidates in the delega
tion. The -Cleveland and Flower coherents
both stoutly claim a majority of the dele
gation and it is conceded by both wings
that Senator Bayard has a following.
It was expected that a caucus of the New
York delegation would be held this morn
ing but owing to the announcement of
Chairman Manning that a caucus could
not be held without full numbers, a post
ponement will be necessary. It is now
stated that the caucus will probably be
.held to-morrow night.
nvwas reinforced this morning by the arrival
ot JohnB. Manning, -Ur. Crittenden, of
Buffalo, and James Money, the latter of
whom is a labor agitator.
The Iowa delegation immediately after
its arrival effected a Temporary organiza
tion by electing Judge L. 0. Kinne, chair
man. Permanent organization was de
ferred until Monday. The delegation is
stated to be for Cleveland. The conven
tioB hall is receiving its last touches. The
force of the sergeant-at-arms will be sixty
doorkeepers, sixty ushera and thirty pages.
They reported this morning to Col. Bright,
sergeant-at-arms, who made them subscribe
to a written form for a faithful perform
ance of their duties, and to exclude all
but ticket holders from the hall.
The pre-convention excitement has set
in in good earnest and the several presi
dential booms are being worked for all
Jhey are worth. A little squad has arrived
JXUul IUC cool nuu uccugftgcuiu ixuviaixu-.
ing from the house tops that Eoswell P.
flower is the only man who can save the
than his nomination. Nevertheless, his
closest friends deprecate all mention of his
name, and declare that it would be impos
sible for him to accept the nomination,
even if it should be tendered by acclama
The Butler boomers are working hard
but make little impression. Payne is not
mentioned, and Thurman and Hoadly are
being used to kill each other off. Judge
Field is hardly spoken of. There is talk of
Gen. Slocum, of New York, both for first
place and for second on the ticket, with
McDonald. Bayard is still prominent, and
in Chicago from Boston this evening, on
the 6 o'clock train over the Michigan Cen
tral road. He was accompanied by his
secretary and several personal friends. A
representative of the Associated Press met
the party at Kensington, a few miles out
from Chicago, and accompanied the gener
al into the city. Gen. Butler was some
what fatigued after his long, hot journey,
Ktit still Kasrc in hia rtavsmn otr? rl onncva nf
Jlentucky , physical vigor. His hair is a trifle grayer
than when he last visited Chicago, and
has pushed its skirmishers well out to the
outward crown of his head which was cov
ered whiU in the car with a black skull
cap. Upon being introduced by Col.
Plimpton, to the associated press represen
tative he recalled to the general's recol
lection, an incident of the early days of the
war when General Butler, then in com
mand of the United States force, at Fort
ress Monroe, secured for the writer, at the
time a private soldier, who had just been
thrashed at Big Bethel, a seat on the fiat
boat for a ride across Hampton
creek. The general smiled grim
ly as his memory ran back
over his checkered military and civil ca
reer and he remarked
stated that neither side appeared at all
anxious to bring up any test question at
the present time ; and it may be safely said
that the whole delegation, when it
The Yacht Race.
Milwaukee, July 5 The yacht, Wasp,
who fired the shot, and was lodged in jail
to await the prelimsnary examination
which has been continued until next Wed
nesday. A BOYS FALL.
A boy fourteeu years old, named Taylor,
fell from a tree at the grove during the
day and received injuries, from which he
died last night.
A barber nimed Chas. Woodruff, while
carelessly handling a revolver, shot him
self through the knee, the bones being so
badly shattered that amputation will pro
bably be necessary.
Aside from these disasters the day passed
meets, will be nearly evenly Capt. Prendeville. of Chicago, owner, won PJ iurauon was grew
ned until Mon- fh r hatween th Chicago and Milwan- ?uw. xuimcuac utuwu ui pcuuie was
divided conference adjourned until Mon
day at 11 o'clock, and many of the dele
gates present seemed to think that a fur
ther adjournment would be taken on that
day until evening. Fifteen of the
arrived this evening and started the Kan
dall boom with headquarters at the Grand
Pacific hotel. Among the prominent dele
gates were . F. Hawley, B. F. Meyers, W.
id. bowden and John Campbell. Wm.
A. Wallace is expected to-night and Sam
uel J. Kandall Monday. The Philadel
phia delegation is expected to-morrow
the temper of the cfty was completely
changed irom its quiet to-night by the ar
rival of the Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,
Texas and the greater portion of the New
York delegations. The demonstration or
ganized ou behalf of Butler also tended to
lend to the air of excitement,
here and the day was ushered in by the
the race between the Chicago and Milwau
&CC J tlUULO IU UQJ . AUb TOO .B TO OSJ n . J 1.11
heavy no small vessels started, leaving 8 ringing 01 ueua,
only the two Chicago yachts and three
from Milwaukee to start. The Idler, own
ed by Joill Bros, of this pi ace, was dismast
ed, but no one was hurt.
Waahinprton Park Races.
Chicago, July 6. First race, purse $500
for three-year-olds, one mile ; Templehof
won: Admiral, second; Hannah, third.
Time, 1:47.
Second race, Hyde park stakas, a sweep
stakes for two-year-olds, three-quarters of
a mile, iourteen starters . JLereno won :
Beele Pate, second; Joe Cotton, third.
Time, 1:19.
Third race, commercial stakes,
Brass bands from several neighboring cities
united with the Wellington Knight Temp
lars band in furnishing excellent music.
The Wellington fire company and Wel
lington guards made a fine display in the
Eloquent addresses were delivered by
Hon. T. B. Wall, of Wichita, and Judge
J. L. Grides, of this city. A variety of ju
venile sports interested the little folks
while a grand ball at Wood's opera house,
at night was the attraction of lovers of the
dance. The city was profusely and gaily
decorated with bunting and flags, and was
brilliantly lighted up in the evening by a
grand display of fireworks, one thousand
a length in front of Gleaner, third. Time,
Fourth race, purse '$500, mile and
quarter. Wedding Day won. Harry Gil
There is a greater displav on everv hand mores second, Athlone third. Time 2:13.
those "were BA-A-A-TK-ER warm TIMES, m point of bunting and in the number of Fifth race, hurdle race, mile heats.
stakes, for all ages, one mile and a hall ; dollars havlDS expended for that pur-
Aria Rlpnn wnn - Boatman, second, half
The Ohoctaw Troubles.
Fort Smith, Ark., July o. The Choc
taw troubles, which originated in the re
fusal of certain property owners to pay the
many of his friends are hopeful, but the those were ba-a-a-tk-er warm times, m point of bunting and in the number of -bifth race, hurdle race, mile heats, permit tax, has assumed a -enous attitude,
difficulties in the way ot his nomination Then he relapsed into silence while he cast uniformed marching columns. Very many First heat Guy won, Scalper second, Loupe Milo Hoy t, a prominent Choctaw leader,
appear insuperable to an impartial ob- his eye meditatively out of the car window of tne state delegations and nearly all of third. Time 1:53$. has been outlawed, and dxiven into th
the situation
is by no means complicated, and the fight
over the nomination will not be prolonged.
It is pretty sale to predict that the ticket
will be either Cleveland and McDonald
McDonald and Slocum.
The crowd will be much larger than at
tended the republican convention although
li arrives later. j.nere win oe more
noise, more banners, more music and more
hurrah than there were last month.
There will be a hot fight on the tariff
question. The tariff reformers are in dead
earnest anu are not disposed to mase any
over the calumet flats. He did not take the marching clubs are accompanied by
with extreme kindness to any discussion of bands of music. Only the vanguard of
current politics or possibilities of the dem- lhe independent organaations have as yet
Second heat, Guy won easily, Fisherman Cherokee nation, where he has a gang ol
ocratic convention but said there would
undoubtedly be a protection plank in the
platform promulgated by the assembled
democrats of the country next week. Refer
ring to the wrangle among the Illinois
democracy which efieresced so hotly at the
state convention last Wednesday, he
glanced at the reporter with a peculiar ex
pression in his eye and said they needed
a presidential candidate who would
all factions. The inference was obvious.
They profess great confidence The subject of southern sentiment in his
direction was insidiously introduced, and
in response the general observed that he
had no doubt New Orleans would give
him an enthusiastic reception should
in the result. There will be a lively fight,
however, on
Henry Watterson, William R. Morrison
and Frank Hurd are working hard for an
outspoken plank favoring a tariff for reve
nue only. .They say that at the least
twenty-three out of the thirty-eight mem- general's position in the
Ders oi tne piauorm committee will oe with
them, and are confident of a handsome ma
jority in the convention.
Morrison says he is for Bayard for presi
dent, lie is opposed to McDonald, pre
sumablv for geographical reasons.
Watterson tells me he wants Thurman
for permanent chairman. The South,
however, will probably demand the honor
put m an appearance, and it is now confi
dently expected that a crush will be wit
nessed when these adjuncts of the convention
proper are once fairly upon the ground.
lhe composition ot the delegations already
here is one to create favorable comment,
as it is acknowledged that as a rule the
best representatives of the party have
been put forward.
contains menaces of manv of the most
finished orators in the active party service,
and numbers at least six are prominently
named lor the paesidency. If the oppor
tunity oners on the uoor ot the convention
i jj i ii .
a spienaea iorensic aispiay is deemea as
among the clear possibilities. As indicat-
second. Loupe third. Time 1:55$
Tne -judges disqualified Guy and gave
the race to Fisherman and Scalper was
given the second place, Loupe third. All
bets declared on.
Chicago Trot.
Chicago, July 5. Second summer trot
ting meeting of the Chicago Driying park; daily expected.
weather bright and warm, tracK rough and
heavy on the inside from yesterday's rain,
and all heats trotted thirty feet from pole.
In view of this fact, the performance in the
race for trottera with running mates was
about thirty men, mostly desperate
characters who have rallied to his support.
Fifty Choctaw militia men were called out
and the Cherokee authority asked to co
operate with the militia in effecting the
arrest of the Hoyt's gang. Warrants have
been issued for the arrest oi Hoy t for burn
ing the Choctaw court house. A fight is
ter oi the interview ended at this point.
For further information all inquiries were
respectfully referred to his secretary. The
matter was that
he was deficient in information as to the
status of the candidates and had
Upon the arrival of the train at the de
pot the distinguished visitor was waited
upon by a committee representing the la
bor organizations of the city, headed by
Mr. Muldoon, and after a short season of
for Hubbard, of Texas, or Hampton, of hand shaking the general was escorted to a
South Carolina. carriage and driven to the Palmer house
John McLean, of Cincinnati, proprietor there he was met by a crowd of about one
of the Enquirer, says he is for Hoadiy and hundred citizens, who greeted him with
Kandall, or Kandall and Hoadiy. His three cheers by an adroit flank movement.
actions, however, indicate that he is for Through a side door he avoided the neces
Blame and Logan. sity of making a speech which was called
A conference was held last night in Dan for, and retired to his room. On the route
Manning's room at the Palmer which through Michigan General Butler was
lasted till a very late hour. The gentle- warmly received at various towns along
men present were JJan Manning, jEdward the Michigan Central road. At Michigan
Cooper, John G. Priest, Daniel Magoon City the mayor boarded the train and in
and Smith M. Weed, all personal friends troduced Butler to the people saying that
of Mr. Tilden. and the subject of discus- the demonstration was an evidence that
sion was the proposition to give Mr. Tilden I they.approved his course.
ci wuipniucumij uuuijuauuu. THE LOCAL LABOR DEMONSTRATION.
opinions differed m the Butler interest did not take place
as to what course should be taken. The gen- DnU1 nearJy 1U o'clock. The labor societies
tlemen were all agreed that Mr. Tilden was representea oricK layers, norse snoers, sea
. . I 1 A T - T
not only out oi the race, but was not de
sirous ot being put to the necessity of
again refusing to serve, being content with
the knowledge that the convention is dis
sed to defer to his choice of a candidate.
me of the gentlemen, however, thought it
would be a graceful thing to do to give the old
he appear on the streets the political chap- ed in the earlier dispatches the tariff prom-
men and the various typographical unions,, unify
d,uw speaKing strictly, and carried a vari
ety of transparencies all of which bore the
face of Butler, sapplemented with various
ises to be a live topic both in the commit
tee room and possibly in the open conven
tion. The revenue reformers speak confi
dently of their ability to control the action
of the convention, it was given out to
night that a
will be held Monday night, which will be
addressed by Carlisle, Hurd, Morrison,
Yiias, anu oiners. xnis is expected to
give the key note of the revenue reform
campaign, "lhe lailure of the ew York
delegation to caucus for a candidate to
present to the convention is variously
commented on. lhe word had been given
mat no action would be taken pending the
arrival ot the lull delegation and this pre
vented in itself any test vote. It is also
now conceded that the contest inside the
delegation is a very close one and owing to
it.- -i . t t .
mis xact his contended in some quarters
it . .1 r r .1 .
mat me inenas oi two oi tne leading can
didates are not anxious to make a prema
ture measure oi their respective strength.
xo-morrow is expected to witness the am
val of practically all the delegates
and the marching organizations
is given m an interview with one of the
members of the Tammany hall delegation
to the effect that his people will insist that
iwu-iuirus voie win De required to
the New York delega-
in favor of any particular
candidate. It is simply applying the rule
of the-parly, said the delegate in explana-
t l: i- a" it -i .
nuu, wxuuu requires a two-mirus vote
Tf ,:, :
As the column approached the vicinity of .r,ni;j ?t ; u -u nw,i,,wa u4. t, ji
etntocman a fnrmsl nnminodnn 00 if I tile r&lmer nOHRP. LTIP tfTlP rWVflmP n PT. I .!. . . .S ..1
" aaaaa wxvU, "nUUlu . egauon may go into tne convention with a
LM JM1 T t- t I yy onr Kl nnVa A I
me uinuy Aieiexairions wmeu come nere ill- I lul mauj wivAao iu ccu uucuuuu were
structed for Mr. Tilden, and which will in- filled with a mass of people numbering
sisi on obeying those
The New Yorkers Bn Route.
FULLY TWENTY THOUSAND New York. Jnlr 5. The Tammanv TTflll
who awaited the appearance of the Masa- delegation left for Chicago bv tb Tf
chusetts man. The great crowd may not York Central this morning, over six hun-
have been drawn out solely to se and hear dred strong. The train has aixteea cars.
Butler, as the location was the focus of all The Irving Hall delegates left by the
interest which centers about the annroanh "Rrip. msd tVia mnmfnir.
let & minority vote make it appear that the of the convention, but the demonstration, The Seventh regiment band accompanied
professions of confidence in Mr. Tilden and the knowledge that Butler was to the Tammany delegation.
speak, caught and retained the attention of l Anions thrw in the trmm wpm ToTin tToK
the vast audience. Gen. Butler was round- It. Police nnmniiHRioner Nicholas r.hru
ly cheered on his appearing, but his re-1 Commissioner Brennan. State Committee-
instructions. It was
argued that these delegations are deter
mined to bring Mr. Tilden's name before
the convention, and when that is done it
will look better to give him a full expres
sion of the sentiment of the party than to
nave oeen unreal ana insincere. Une very
strong objection to nominating the old
ticket as a whole by acclamation was acci-
Special class, $2,500, divided; unfin-i
ished yesterday:
Felix 1 2
Belle F 3 1
Dick Organ 2 3
Index 4 4
Time, 2:28, 2:29, 2:23$, 2:28.
Second race, purse $5,000 : unfinished
yesterdav; trotting with running match;
$1,000 additional to beat 2:07 :
H. B. Winship and mate 2 111
Frank and mate 12 2 2
Time, 2:16, 2:123, 2:10$, 2:09$.
Third race, purse $2,500, for 2.40 class :
St. Denis 13 2 111
A. T. Pantlind 2 112
Telephone 14 3 3
Nellie L 4 2 4 4
A Stand Falls.
Butte, Mont., July 5. A terrible acci
dent occurred here yesterday at the race
course. Five hundred people were on the
grand stand when it fell in and the founda
tion gave away precipitating the people a
distance of twenty-five feet to the ground
below. One boy was killed and a dozen
others seriously hurt; two of them are not
expected to live. The mayor in trying to
prop up the wreck, was struck by a tim
ber and fearfully cut on the head. Great
consternation prevailed, the women faint
ing, and the children crying. Several
limbs were broken and many otherwise se
rioulsy injured.
Time, 2:25., 2:27, 2:27, 2J26, 2:31, 2:31$.
Base Ball.
A Heavy Storm.
Bich Hill, Mo., July 5. A destructive
wind storm visited this place early yester
morning, demolishing the Presbyterian
church, a brick structure. In the west end
a school house was unroofed. The Meth
odist Episcopal church was lifted from its
foundation. The flax factory was nn
roofed, and a number of small dwellings
were blown down or badly twisted. Sever
al persons were slightly hurt, but no Uvea
were lost. The damage to property in the
St. Louis 6 j Metropolitan 13 town and vicinity will probably reach $20,
-fr i - . 0 I rp li o 1 vuuoiueiouic ucBiiutuuu waa ttlBU UUilw
liaauiuu , xvicui a flt Wa1nn :n thp sttip mnnt
Buffalo 9 I Providence 1 The Forest Fires.
Louisville. Keystone, Ont., July 5. The bush fires
Louisville 4 j Brooklyn 6 5ackof Ktfstone continue to do great
uajuugu iu xarui property ana me nre is
racrincr on the line of the KevKtnna anr?
Philadelphia 6 j Detroit 10 Pembroke railroad.
Chicago. I Eain is now falling ; Menclarendon sta-
Chicago 7 I New York 6 "on oeen ngnung me nre lor a wees,
Ten innings.
East Saginaw - 3 j St. Paul 1
finest timber at Boulton's mill is burned ;
the falling of trees is heard in every direction.
Minneapolis 4 j Bay City. 5
Cleveland 0 Boston 6
Works Deftroyed.
Newark, O., July 5. The . agricultural
works caught fire in the engine room at 4
o'clock this morning and were completely
destroyed ; loss $350,000 ; insurance, $250,-
Allegheneys. 5 Indianapolij 12 distributed among leading home and
i ai, w uuu rru uul ui cuiUJUvnicuLi
Athletics z uncinnati 17
coluhbus. Hard Ashore.
Baltimore 2 Colnmbus 4 New York, July 5. The Steamship
Baltimore Gulf and Vincent from Calcutta, is ashore
Baltimore U 18 I Cincinnati U 3 at Long Beach, Logan Island. The crew
MILWAUKEE. the life savinir crew. The vessel will nrob.
Milwaukee,., 4 Graad Bapids... 7 j ably be lost. The cargo is linseed.

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