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Too Much Circus Convention.
Great National Character
istics as Exhibited at
Chicago During: the
Speaking of dreains, said Shorty
"Williams, I expect I can place on
record as clear a specimen of off-hand
dreaming as has ever been heard of
in this land of the free and the home
of the political liar, I was elected a
delegate from Montana to the Cnicago
convention, and on my way there I
took a run over to my old home in
Iowa. Sells Brother's big show was
there and of course I took it in, and
when I went to bed the continued
thinking of the great menagerie and
of the convention sort of turned my
brain over and built up the dream
of which I speak. I dreamed that I
entered the great menagerie, and lo !
the animals had escaped from their
cages, and weie holding a presidential
convention. The idea of the animal
kingdom sending delegates to a con
vention to elect a president ! But of
such was the baseless fabric of my
dream. 1 dreamed that 'the giant
elephant, Emperor, occupied the
chair, rigged out in an evening dress
which he had taken from his trunk.
The various committees were report
ing as I got in, and it was soon
evident to me tnat an imaginary-
lumber yard was being overhauled,
supplying planks for the platform. The
convention seemed to be run on the
co-operative plan, as I soon discover
ed that the stalwarts were led by the
big elephant, the half-breed by the
coyote, the democrats by the lion and
the republicans by the tiger. The
greenbackers were led by the parrot
the workmgmen by the beaver ; the
monopolists, as always, had the
greedy side of it, and were led by the
bull and bear, and the colored
element by the coon. Bruin had
iust been makine a speech as I enter-
ed, and concluded by saying :
This is the first general convention
the first gathering, grand gathering
I will say, of all species of animals
since the days of Noah, I
Here he had to bear an interrup
tion from the parrot, who shouted :
I Noah thing or two about it myself, I
(Cries of cheese it ! cheese it I) jno
cheese for me without crackers, cried
the parrot. I
But he was interrupted by the
stork who cried : Mr. President, I
would like to say a few words regard
my silver bill.
Silver bill, replied the chair, may
do for storks but they will not stand
nosing from this body.
I, said the coon, would like to intro
duce a measure regarding the fowl
Never you mind the fowl, exclaim
ed the chicken hawk. I'm on to
your game.
This out break caused the laughing
hyena to shed tears. My friends, said
he, that is a grave assertion. I pause
Yes, ye3, corrected the chair, but
you keep your paws out of it.
Mr. Speaker, cried the goat, I
would like to say a little word for a
, scent here
Wo there, shouted the horned
horses, what's the matter with draw
ing the line at two bits I
Order being finally restored, and
the tiger having obtained thefloor he
held the attention of 'the vast con
course of animals certainly more
than ever before assembled for fully
an hour while in glowing terms and
with wonderful force and power
he advocated the framing of
some law, he cared not what, for the
suppresssou of gambling. Concluding
with a brilliant peroration, he said :
I appeal to you, for the sake of justice
of fairness, and of him I
mean brutality and I must say for
personal reasons and on behalf of my
constituency, for I can assure you
that we have to stand the brunt of
the whole matter. No reasoning
voter, whether be wears a bull's head
or an ape's will attempt to deny that
all classes who gamble make it a point
to buck the tiger.
Before, however, any action could
be taken upon it, the lion jumped to
bis feet and said : Mr. Speaker, I
move the previous question, and re
gard it as the main one.
At this juncture the elephant gain
ed the floor and exclaimed : I trust
that the lion's motion will not prevail,
at least until this body has taken
some action upon the important ques
tion of leasing the public lands by
the great trunk lines (cries of, Ques
tion, question, from tb,e African quar
ter.) During the short time lost by
this crossfire, the three-horned, black
rhinoceros gained the floor and erect
ing his snout, broke out as follows :
Mr. President, I would like to have
the civil rights bill. The coal black
sacred elephant, the black bear and
and myself have held a consultation
with representatives from our respect
ive constituents and have so decided."
Old Bhinos was nronounced out of
order and had to eive wav to the ze
bra, who came forward with tail erect,
and smiling snout, carefully brushing
hi3 stripes, and made quite a speech
on the prison reform bill. This crea
ted quite a stir, during which the
whale spouted from his tank : "Mr.
President, I am interested in the pas
sage of a tariff bill, and consider the
main question that of free trade. Oil
iiavesome farther remarks to make
upon this subject.'-'
At this point the ostrich tipped me
a wink accompanied by the remark
that he was going to make a speech
which would be a feather m his cap,
but as I did not hear of him up to the
time of mv departure, I suppose he
gave it up. However, ostriches do
not wear feathers on their caps.
A row interrupted the proceedings
at this point. It appears that the
cynociphalus called the hypopotamus
a bloody, black nigger. Fears were
entertained for a while that war was
imminent, but a threat uttered by the
president that he would send for John
L. Sullivan quieted the unruly beasts.
However, 1 left the tent at this
juncture and went out into a blinding
rain. As I passed the ticket wagon I
heard the giraffe whisper to the moose,
"Let it reindeer. As these were the
first and only words ever heard from
a giraffe, I marvelled much over
them and kept on my way until I
awoke and found that I had been on a
trip to dreamland and there seen Sells
Bros.' Mammoth 50-Cage Menagerie
in convention assembled "w hat tools
we mortals be."
The Experience of a Lady who Re
cently ViBited Newgate.
For lame Back,
oh"s Porous Plaster,
by Bard & Miller.
test use Shi
cents. Sold
An Aldeimanic Skater.
Sunday Herald.
One of our most prominent alder
men has ever been an earnest defender
of roller skating, although until
Wednesday evening he had never
visited the rink. In conversation
with his brother aldermen he often
remarked that there was no more
healthful exercise in existence, and
that when a boy his greatest delight
was to fly over the crystal ice on
steel-shod feet. He often said that
when he was a young and guileless
youth no one could pass him on the
runners, and he talked so much about
his achievements that his brother
aldermen began to hint that his
capacity for blowing was far in ad
vance or ni3 SKatatoriai SKiii. nis
made him mad, and he told them
that if they would meet him at the
rink Wednesday evening he would
give them an exhibition of skating
that would paralyze them.
He was there as advertised, and
buckled on a pair of the rollers with
an air of confidence that was com
mendable. He arose to his feet with
a glad smile, and told his friends
that he felt like a boy again. Then
he struck out with boyish vigor, but
he didn t go tar. He sat down m a
somewhat impromptu manner to fix
one of the straps of his skates, but it
was noticed that he sat down with
emphasis enough to almos. loosen
bis back teeth. He made some re
mark about the skates being new and
the straps out of adjustment, and
alter tigntenmg the leather securities
he again arose and started around the
rink. He made two or three brilliant
strokes and then paused. He paused
with both ieet in the air and with a
vigor that caused the north end of
his spine to muss up his back hair
He sat down with a dull and sicken
mg umu tnat gratea narsniy upon
the ears ot the numerous skaters who
were in his immediate vicinity. He
paused so suddenly and so uncere
moniously that he has ever since been
afflicted wTith curvature of the spine
This made him mad and he got up
again and told his friends that he wTas
just a little out of practice but would
be all right after a few strokes, but
when he started again he discovered
that his feet had become possessed of
it. . .
a revolutionary spirn ana aesirea to
dissolve partnership. One of them
struck out in the direction of Min
neapolis while the other sauntered
carelessly down toward LaCrosse, and
the honorable gentleman again sat
down to reason with the unruly pedal
extremities. He sat down without
the studied deliberation he might
have exercised had the occasion been
a less urgent one. When the elbow
of his body smote the floor his eye
brows brushed his cheeks and
his 'spinal column assumed the
graceful form of the letter S.
He was taken home in the patrol
wagon in a somewhat sad and deject
ed frame of mind, and it is hinted
that at the next meeting of the
council there will be one vacant chair.
He will not for several weeks be able
to sit with the ease and kingly grace
which is due to his exalted position.
Do .Not be Discouraged
even if you have tried many remedies for
your Kidney disease or Liver complaint
without success it is no reason why you
should think your disorder incurable.
The most intractible cases readily yield to
the potent virtues of Kidney-Wort. It
is a purely vegetable compound which acts
on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels at the
iame time and thus cleanses the whole sys
tem. Don't wait but get a package to-day
and cure yourself.
Boston Herald.
"And suppose a wiraan is unbear
ably aggravating, kicksj and shrieks,
etc. I suppose you put her in asmall,
dark cell ?" I query. "That we do
after all other measures are tried in
vain," replies my host. "Well,
please put me in one and go away
for five minutes." I request. On
this I am led towards the cell ''most
politely," as is sung in Princess Ida.
"Please, Mr. Jailer, I want a new
sensation ; I want to struggle and be
forced in, and hear the key click in
the lock with a spiteful snap ; else
how can I write of the dark cell real
istically r
On this I proceed to throw my arms
about and behave otherwise in most
rebellious manner. With a quiet
smile I am humored in mv little
"crank," and in a second I find my
arms pinioned in a firm grip, and am
pushed into the dark cell, hearing
the key click m the lock, and over
the one wee bar at the top seeing the
last of the light. I know it was
silly, but, overcome with terror, I
was speechless for one brief second,
and it seemed to me as if an icy cold
hand held my temples in a cruel
pressure. Then from my dumb lips
came a piercing shriek, that echoed
through those deserted halls with
horrible distinctness. Five minutes !
It wa hours before they returned
with the lanterns. "Oh, dear, I
groaned, ''will I be here always?
Have they forgotten which one I
i i t'i T n y .
am locnea mr l ten that much
longer of solitary confinement would
turn mv bram, and I began to gasp
for breath. At last thev come:
the gleam of light increases; the
steps sound more distinctly on my ear
returning to release me. I hear the
jailer's keys jingle with joyful sound
of freedom from.my self-imposed tor
ture, and the door flies open. I can
not speak, and, womanlike choke
down a sob instead.
At this my friend show me his
watch. "How long have I been
there?" I faltered out. ''Exactly one
minute," he replied. Sure enough,
this is true, yet in that one minute all
my life seemed to come up before my
mental vision, just as it is said one s
life comes up to the drowning man or
I am told that usually one dose of
the dark cell suffices the culprit, and
I can not banish the impression that
it is haunted with fiendish spirits. I
know it was silly of me to be so un
nerved, I, who have gone about Lon
don's slums, and knowT no fear of living
thieves in London's streets, met at
uncanny hours. Well, call me senti
mental if you like, for, all the same,
I soleranlv assure vou that I had
rather die on the instant, be shot
down in the twinkling of an eye, than
be locked and bolted for one night in
the dark cell at Newgate, with no
more tangible terror than those born
of my terror-stricken apprehensions.
It is such a little place, only big
enough to sit in a little dark closet,
in fact. Some inhuman mothers shut
up their refractory children in a dark
clothespres3 as a punishment. At all
times I believe the woman who strikes
a child to be a human monster, unfit
to hold the sacred office of "mother."
After this I shall still more loath the
woman who shuts her mischievous
little child in a closet for five minutes,
or even a minute, as a punishment,
for I know now by experience the
awful fright entailed.
Oh, mothers I don't terrify the
little folks. Perhaps their vexing
little pranks are only an overflow of
animal spirits. Learn to curb your
own temper, and be gentle with the
mitea. Take the hot, fretful little
girl in your arms, undo the pinafore
and wee frock, and, slipping her out
of the burdensome clothes, place her
in a warm bath daintly perfumed, and
my word for it, the nervous little one
will soon be splashing about the water
in merriment. .Don t forget tnat
children have nerves as well as grown
folks, and that they have their troubles
in child land. But I implore you, do
not put children in dark closets as a
punishment. If you can't control
your own nerves, you are unfit to
quiet your children's nerves, and host
employ some woman to manage your
offspring who is actuated by more
lofty principles and mere well
balanced nature than yourself.
The Kind Of Man Wanted.
Cambridge Tribune.
Jack Williams was a brave sergeant
of a regiment which, undrilled and
undisciplined had joined the Army of
the Potomac jnst as the terrible
campaign of 1864 began. Before the
army reached Petersburg, Jack com
manded his company, the captain and
lieutenants having been killed. His
galantry was so conspicuous that he
was recommended for a captaincy in
the regular army. Ordered before an
examining board at Washington,
Jack presented himself, dressed in a
soiled, torn uniform, with bronedz
face and uncut beard. The trim,
dapper '-fiiceis composing the board
had never i.een under fire or roughed
it in the field, but they were posted in
tactics and in the theory of war.
Though they were shocked at Jack's
unsoldierly appearance, they asked
him all sorts of questions about en
gineering, mathematics, ordnance
and campaigns. Not a single ques
tion could Jack answer.
What is echelon ? a3ked one of the
Don't know, answered Jack.
What is abatis ?
Never saw one.
A redan ?
You fellows hare-got-me again, re
plied Jack.
Well, what is a hollow square sir ?
Never heard of one before. Gues3
they don't have them down at the
front do they ?
What would you do, sir, if you
were in command of a company and
calvery should charge on you? asked
a lisping fellow in whit kids.
Do, you fool ! thundered Jack; I
would give them Hail Coluinb a that's
what I'd do !
This ended the examinations, and
the report of the que tious an an
swers, with the adverse judgment of
the board, were sent to President
Lincoln. His private secretary read
the report to him, and when he came
to the only answer that Jack had
given, the president said :
Stop ! read that over agaiu.
That's just the sort of men our army
wants ! said the president, taking the
report and dipping his pen in the ink
stand. On the back of the paper he
wrote in a clear hand :
Give thi3 man a captain's commission.
A St. Louis Style.
Post Disptch.
The guests at the Laclede who took
their breakfast late this morning must
have noticed that there was a little
hitch in the unusal smooth running of
the cuisine department, and perhaps
noticed a tastier, spicier flavor to their
fries. There was immient danger of
the stock of china being sadly dimin
ished, and of blood pudding and
fricassed darkey being added to the
bill of fare, dne of the darkey wai
ters took an order to the cook in which
scrambled egg3 were included, and
when he called for jt the scrambled
eggs were missing. He called the
cook,s attention to the deficiency, and
that official whose temper had doubt
less been brought to ignition point by
the combined efforts of a boiling
thermometer and a red-hot range,
told him to go where both are seasona
ble all the year round. The waiter
remonstrated with the cook and told
him that he dared not face the guest
without the eggs, but the irascible
frying pan professor dismissed his plea
with anuopprobious epithet, thatj no
cuilud gemman would take without
protest. Then the war began and the
torrid atmosphere of the kitchen was
black with batter cake3, steaks, bis
cuits, cup3,- saucers, pans and dishes
hurled with dire intent by the com
batants. Finaly, the cook grasped a
butcher knife and made for the waiter
but before he could show his skill at
carving, the darkey picked up a heavy
iron spoon and caught the cook a rap
on the head which downed him. The
presence of Mr. Sperry on the scene
nut a stOD to further hostilities. The
cook wears his head in a sling, and
the darkey wears a smile of triumph.
He got the eggs.
Swept into the Stresm.
One Thousand Acres of Land and
'Kiarht Smart of Bears"
On the deck of a big Mississippi Means boat stood
an aged Souhern planter. Indicating by a sweep
of his arm the waters the boat as passing over, he
said to a passenger from the North: "When I was
tweWe years oldl killed iny first bear on a new
plantation my father was then cutting out of a
forest that grew directly over the waters of this
bend. That was a mighty good plantation, and
there was uhi smart of l.ears there too. But
that one thousand acres of land went into the
Mississippi years ago."
It is putting no strain upon the figure tosav that
great forests ol youthful hope, womanly beauty
and manly strength are swept in the same way
every year into the great, turbid torrent of disease
and death. Yet it should not be so. That it is so
is a disgrace aa well as a loss. People are largely
too careless or too stupid to defend their own in
terests the moat p:e ious of which is health.
That gone, all is gone. Disease is simple, but to
recklessness or ignorance the simplest things
might as well be as a proposition in Conic Sections.
As the huge Western rivers which so often Hood
the cities along their shores, arise in a few mount
ain springs, so all our ailments can be traced to im
pure Wood and a small group of d'snrdered organs.
The most effective and inclusive remeuv tor
disease is PARKER'S TOXIC. It goes to the
sources of pain and weakness In response to its
actijn, the liver, kidney., stomach an i h-art begin
their work afresh, and disease is driven out.
The Tonic is not. however, ac intoxicant, but cures
a desire for strong drink. Have you dyspepsia,
rheumatism, or trouble which bae refused to
yield to oth r agents' Here is your help.
CatarrH H ay Fever
til ..
Absolutely Pure.
TV. to noTi-rfor not-r r VBnpA m.TTVPl .if nuntT
auw r - - - r '
nnii ami wlinlannipnpsur Mnrp poonnmical than
the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in compel!-
tion with tne muituuae oi low ieai, snort wei$ui
Rlum or pnospuaie powuers. oom muij m v-
Rhtai. Baking Pnwnea On., tor WH-.t x
Breeder and dealer in
Registered Berkshire Hogs
Is a. tvne of ca
tarrh having peculiar
I symptoms It is at
tended bvau lnnaoneu
condition of the lin
ing membrane ot the
nostri's, tear - d ucts
a'd tin oat, aflectiiiK
the lungs. An acid
mucus is secre ed, the
discharge is accom
panied with a painful
burning sens a t i o n.
There are severe
spasms of sneezing,
frequents of blinding
headache, a watery
and intlamed state of
the eyes.
.... . - C ii .
is a remeuv lounded on a correct uiagnoai? m mis
disease and can be 'epe ded upon. It has
patnwl nn tnri hl r-nutation wherever known,
displacing all ot'er preparations.
ot a lilquui orMiuii. Appiy oy meuusw
into thr- nostrils. It will be absorbed, effectually
cleansing the nasal passages of catarrhal sirus,
causing healthy secretions. It allays intfamation,
protects the membranal linings of tne head trom
additional colds, completely heals the sores and re
stores the sense of taste and smell. 50c at drug
gists; GOc by msil. Sample bottle by n:ail 10c.
ELY iJKO THJfcKS. Uruggists, uwego, j . i .
Pipe smoking is the real tost of o tobacco.
It Is tho regal way of smoking. You get
mere directly at the flavor and fragrance.
You take the smoke cooler, and the tonic
cleanlier and safer. Pipe smoking is
smoking reduced to a fine art
The more the question of adulterated
tobacco forces itself on the attention of
smokers, tha more desirable It becomes
to know precisely what you are smoking.
In Blackwell'a Bull Durham Smoking To
bacco you have a guarantee.
L I own unadulterated product.
Jfc J Ita fragrance, flavor, and
I unBurpaseed quality, are de-
nvea irom uie buu suu r.
Try it. and you will be af.
ujled. None genuine with
out trade-mark of the Bull.
All aucceeaful Fishermen and Sports
men smoke Blackwell'a Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco, and they nJoy it.
Unequaled Fast Time
From St. Louis to All Points East.
The O. t M. R'v is now running Palace Sleep
ing Cars WIthont Change
from St. l.onis in
10 Hours to Louisville.
10 Hours to Cincinnati.
30 Hours to Washington.
31 Hours to Baltimore.
38 Hours to New York.
Honrs the onlcKest to liOnlsville
and Cincinnati.
Thonrsthe qnicKe.Hi to wasninyion.
4 hours the quickest to Baltimore.
Vnranl T.'flt TilllP "Wlf ll OtllCr 1 1 II PS tO
New York,and without change of cars.
With Through Day Curs, Parlor Cars and Palace
Bleeping uoacnea.
IsnowRu uinga
Palace Sleeping L Daches
Leavinon Morning Express via the B. A O. R. R.
and on Evening Express, via N. Y. L. E. W. R. R.
County ok Pettis. JT
In the Circuit Court of Pettis Countv, Missouri,
m Vacation, July 2d, 1884. John D. Crawford,
Plaintiff, vs. C.J.J. Leopold, H-rman W. Leo
pold and Theodore Leopold, defendants.
Now, at th's day come the plaintiff herein, by
his attorneys. Sangree & Lamm, and files his peri,
tion and affidavit, alleging, among other things,
that defendants are non residents of the state"of
Missouri. Whereupon it is ordered by the clerk
of said court. In vacation, that said defendants be
notified by publication that plaintiff' has com
menced a suit against them, in this court. The ob
ject and general nature of the petition filed by
plaintiff, in baid cause Is to partition section
twenty-five, township forty-four, range tweuty.
in Pettis county, Missouri, among the plaintlfl'and
the defendants, C. J. J. and Herman w. Leopold,
in accordance with their respective intersta there
in, as set out in the said petition, and to bind the
defendant, Tneodore Leopold's interest in said
land as mortgagee by the judgment render. d, and
to charge upon the one third interest of the de
fendants, C. J. J. and Herman W Leopold, in said
real eseate, the one third of eighteen hundred and
eighty-eight and 1)7-100 dollars, expended in the
payment ol taxes and advan'ed by plaintffs grau
tors and assignors to preserve the common interests
of the tenants in common in said land and forany
other and further relief to which plaintiff may he
in equity and good conscience entitled And "un
less ihesaid C J.J. Leopold, Herman W. Leopold
and Theodore Leop'Id, be and appear at this
court, at the next term thereof, to be begun and
holdeu at the court house, in the city ot Sedalia,
in said county, on the first Monday of September
next, and on or before the sixth day of said term,
if the term shall so long continue and if not. then
on or before the last day of said term answer or
plead to the petition in" siid cause, the same will
be taken as confessed, and judgment will be ren
dered accordingly . And it is further ordered that
a copy hereof be published, according to law, in
the s'edalia Weekly Bazoo, a newspaper printed
and published in Sedaiia, Pettis county Missouri,
Tr lour wetKS successively, me lasi liiseruuu
uheieof stall beat test lour weeks before the
commencement of the taul September term, 1S54,
of tub coutt.
Attest :
B. H. INGRAM, Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record
Sangree a Lamm plaiuitf s attorney 7-Sw4t
In the Circuit Court of Pettis cou-ty, May 19,
1SS4. May Term, 1854. 3tat of Missouri, ex rel.,
M. R Priest, Collector rf Revenue Within and
for Pettis County Missouri, Plaintiff, vs. Georce
W. Embree, G. W. Holliday, Geo. F. Bell.
Georue M. Iivtn, Belle M. Woolridge, Powhat
tan Wtolride, Linda B. Woolridge, Henrv M.
Woolri ige. Iilly M. Woolridge, and Bettie M.
Woolridge, Defendants.
Now, at this day comes the plaintiff herein, by
his attorney, and fileh his petition and affidavit,
alleging, among other Thing?, that defendants, Geo.
W. Embree, G. W. Holliday George F. Bell and
George M. Diven, re not residents of the state of
Missouri. Whereupon it is ordered by the court
that said defendants, be notified by publication
that plaintiff has commenced a suit against them,
in this court, the object and general nature of
which is to enforce a lein of the state of Missouri,
for taxes for state and countv purposes for the
years 1S74, 1S75, '376, 1877, 1S78, 1873 and 1SS0,
together with interest, penalties and costs thereon
upon the following described premises to-wit : Lot
(11), Block (2) in the city ot Sedalia, Misnouri.
And unless the said Geoige W. Embree, G. W. Hol
liday, George F. Bell and George M. Diven, be and
appear at this court, at the next term thereof, to
be begun and holden at the court house in the
city of Sedalia, in said county , on the first Mon
day of September next, and on or before the sixth
day of said term, if the term shall so long con
tinueand if n t, then on or before the last day
of said te.m answer or plead to the petition in
said cause, the same will be taken as confessed,
and judgment will be rendered accordingly. And
it is further ordered, that a copy hereot be pub
lished, according to law, in the Sedalia Weekly
Bazoo, a newspaper primed and publish d in Se
dalia, Pettis county, Missouri, for four wetks suc
cessively, the last" nsertion whereof shall be at
least four weeks before the commencement of the
said September term of this court.
Attest :
B. H. INGRAM, Circuit Clerk.
By M. W. Brady, D. C.
A true copy from the record.
W . D. Steel, plaintiff's attorney. 7-8w4t
Whereas Mary S. Ming and Jno. O. Ming, her
husband, bv their certain deed of trust, dated the
lstday of April, 1SS2, and recorded in the recor
der's office of Pettis county, in trust deed and
mortgage record 21, at psges 570 to 574, conveyed to
the undersigned trustee the following described
real estate, situate in the county of Pettis and
state of Missouri, viz: Lois one (1) and two (2) of
the north-east and north-west quarters of section
live (5), township forty seven (47), and range twen-tv-two
(22), containing X5 44-100 acres, more or
less, which said conveyance was made to secure
the pavment of a certain'promissory note and in
terest coupons thereon, and whereas default has
been made in the payment of one of the said inter
est coupons, when due, nnd the same is yet unpaid,
and waerea3, by the terms of said deed of trust,
it Is provided that in case of default in the pay
ment of any one of said interest coupons, when
due, all of said debt shall become at once due, now.
therefore, in accordance with the terms of said
deed of trust, and at the request of the legal holder
of said note, I shall proceed to sell the above de
scribed real estate, at the court house door in the
city of Sedalia. in the county of Pettis, and state
aforesaid, to the highest bidder for :ash at public
auction, on
between the houis of nine o'clock in the forenoon
and five o'clock in the afternoon of that day, to
satisfy said notes, together with the cost and ex
pense Ot executing in is irusi.
G-i7w4t imstee.
No Change ol Cars for any Class ol
Passengers. First and Second Class passengers
ere all carried on Fast Express Trains, consisting
of Palace Sleeping Cars, elegant Parlor Coaches and
comfortable Da v Coaches, all running THROUGH
The onlv line bv which you can get through
cars from Stl Louis to Cincinnati without paying
extra fare in addition to money paid for ticket.
For Tickets. Rates, or any particular informa
tion, call on Ticket Agents of connecting lines,
In St. IiOuisat 101 fc 103 N. Fonrth St;
W. W. PEABODY, W. . fciiA X 1 IjU,
Pres't and Gen'l Mangager. Gen'l Pass'r Agt.
Cincinnati, O.
G. JO. BACON,Gen'l West'H Pass. Agt,
S t. JLouis, Jfo
J. M. CAYWOOD, - Prop.
Leaves Warsaw Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturday.
Leaves Ciiaiax Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. 11-20-wly
Pi-ttts fTorxTY I '
In the Cireuit Court of Pettia connty. September
term, 1SS4. Susan E. James, plaintut, vs. Jas
per Janie, defendant
Knw i ihfs tlsiv poms nlaintilL br her attornev.
and files her petition and affidavit, Alleging among
Oiner lIlinKI, umi ucieuuaui ia uui. a ikiucui ui
the state ot Missouri
urkarafnm it ? nrrtprpd hv the elerk In vaiation
that said def ndant be notified by publication that
plaintiffhas commenced a suit against him in this
court, the object and general nature of which is to
fiiaanivA th j. tnnfl nf Timtrimonr existincr between
plaintiff and defendant, on the ground ot habitual
drunkenness o: aerenuani lor me space ui one year
. . m it 111
and for tne lurtner reason iaai ueienuaui, is guilty
of suchconductas to constitute him a vagrant with
in the meaning of the law respecting vagrants, and
unless fam aeicuuuui. uc uuu yycu. i,
at the next term thereof, to be begun and holden at
in thn citv of Sedalia. in said
ctunty, on the first Monday in September next,
3 VMAMA n V . I dirt T f OQIrl tfll-TM if tllA
term shall so Io g continue, and if not, then on
or before the last day of said term, answer or plead
to the petition in said cause, the same will be taken
as confessed, and judgment will be rendered ac
cordingly. And it is further ordered that a copy
hereof be published, according to law, in the Seda
lia Weeklv Bazoo, a newspaper printed and pub
lished in Sedalia, Pettis county, Missouri, for four
weeks successively, the last insertion to be at least
four week before the commencement of said Sep
tember term of this court.
A true copr from the record.
A- D. Fisher, plaintiff's attorney. a i-Sw-tt
Notice is hersby given that letters of adminis
tration on the estate ot Geo. Ewers, deceased, were
panted to the undersigned on i he 20th day of
June, 1SS1, by the Probate court of Pettis county,
Missouri. All persons having c aims against said
estate are required to exhibit them for allowance
to the administrator, within one year after the
date of said letters, or thoy may be precluded form
any benefit of such estate; and if suoji chuims be
not exhibited within two years from the dateot
this publication, tbey shall be forever barred.
This "0 h dv of June, 18S4. ,
6 24w4t' Administrators.
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Adminis
tration on the estate of Commodore McFarland.
deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the
tSSSy of June, 1SS4, by the Probate Court of
Pettis county, Missouri. ....
All persons having claims against saiU estate are
required to exhibit them for allowanceto the Ad -ministnitoi
within one year after the date or said
letters, or thoy may be precluded fro-u any bene
fit of such estate ; and if such claims Jf not exhib
ited within two vears from the data of tlus pub
lication, they shall be fortver barre.
Tin "tst dav ot June. lwt.
6-21wJt ZACU. McFAKL.D, Administrator
. - 1 -

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