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.After Abusing His Family L.
P. Heldman Leaves
A Man Who Would Oast a Stigma
Upon the Name of
"Man oorn of woman is of few days and
full of trouble." So it is said, but tbe
Bazoo is of the opinion that the woman is
ihe one wno generally sees the trouble.
When a man tatses unto himself a wife he
solemnly vows to love and cherish her
through life, but how often does it happen
that that woman would nave been far bet
ier off had she never .seen the man. At first
he is all that is good, but gradually gets
ii iij i i i
coiaer ana coiaer, ana neglects her more
and more, until life itself becomes a bur
den to her ; and how often is it that the
hardened wretch, who is unbefitting the
name of man. or who would taint the name
of the commonest cur dog. is directly the
cause of her death.
rx a i i
Hanging is too gooa lor such a man.
He should be driven clear of the state be
fore others follow his example. Whisky
is no excuse for a man's abuse to his fami
ly, but the drunkard is an angel by the
side of the man, who, through pure cussed
meanness, assaults the one who should be
dearest on earth to him.
Humor spread through the town yester
day that L. P. Heldman had deserted his
family, leaving them in somewhat desti
tute circumstances. A reporter called at
their residence on Third and Massachu
setts streets to learn the particulars.
He found the wife and daughter at
home, and when he had stated his busi
ness, they talked freely.
The following is substantially her story .
We haye lived in Sedalia
along time about eighteen years. My
husband is a mechanic working in the ma
chine shops in East Sedalia. I have two
children here my daughter by my side
and a son who keeps a lemonade stand on
the corner. I do not like to make this
matter public but I have suffered all
not allow her to remain at home.
I have waited on her repeatedly when 'she
was extremely sick for days, nd her
mother had to visit her clandestinely, and
always seemed in mortal terror for tear
Heldman wou'd find it out. The girl was
a good and pure young woman, and seemed
anxious to do something for herself, but
had frequently recurring attacks of sick
ness of a serious nature which make it
very hard on her to earn her own living.
Reporter What do you know as to his
treatment of other members of the family ?
Dr. I only know what they have told
me. Mrs. Heldman had to earn the living
for the family, and that while being con
stant abused, tortured and threat
ened by Heldman. Miss Hattie.
an exceedingly amiable and
good young woman, and his own daughter,
too, he drove out and she has been at Mar
shall lately and may be there now at
work in a private family.
jKeporter what do you know about the
character of Mrs. Heldman and her daugh
Dr. Their characters are irreproachable
Mrs. Jit-juman is a gooa. motherly old la
dy, who always looks, talks and acts as
her heart was just on the point of breaking,
i oeneve inai me gins are as pure and
good as any in Sedalia, and that is equiva
lent to saying tnat they are as good as any
girls anywhere. I neyer heard a whisper
against one 01 them.
Reporter Did Heldman beat his wife ?
Dr. I don't remember that Mrs. Held
man ever stated that he beat her. In fact
she was always very reticient about family
. A M. A. A 1 1 ,
maiiers, except as 10 imngs wnicn sne
knew that I knew something about. She
is not a tattling woman, but is sad, quite
and unco nmunicative, except when under
extreme provocation.
-Reporter Doctor, what do you think
ought to be done with men wno maltreat
and abuse their wives ?
Dr. I can answer that question in three
words rope, tar, feathers. There is no
aw that will adequately reach a man who
can strike the wiie ot his bosom and the
mother of his children. I think that there
ought to be enough good, strong young men
in Sedalia, who love the names of mother,
The Electrical Effect Produced
a Social by a Daughter's
sister, wife and daughter, who will organ
ize, and whenever a case occurs which
needs attention, take him out, coyer him
with tar and shake a pillow over him.
They ought to be taken out in pairs, so that
the man in the moon for an audience.
.mortal could bear. I make this public for they can "double up" and dance does with
.u l 1 j i. t iL . i r
iue uatic ui iuy tuuuicu auu iu lei me peo
ple where we formerly lived, Kevena, Ohio,
know just how this business is. I think
my husband intends to return to that place.
He left yesterday for Kansas City, I think,
out don't know.
My husWtad has neglected me and been
cruel to mV and my children for
but has been worse since
When the article was written for yester
day's .bazoo in regard to the heartrending
case oi desertion and cruelty ot JL.r, Held
man, it was. not thought that
A good joke is being whispered among
thebon ton concerning one of Miss Wright's
pupils. The story goes that, having taken
sufficient lessons to develop quite a talent
for portrait painting, the young lady pro
cured a photogiaph of her father, and,
with Miss Wrignfs assistance, succeeded
in producing a very handsome portrait in
on oi me oiu gentleman, in order to stir
prise him with her intended present, she
had it surreptitiously conveved to the par
Jor and careiuily screened behind a netting
to await the propitious moment. The next
morning, however, she made a trip to Sweet
springs, and did not return until one day
I..... i- i i t i -. . i
jaai ween, iieu aue arraugeu lor a lllUe
social, and in the midst of the festivities
A Oase of Mistaken Identity,
One of those occurrences took place at
the depot the other day, which are so an
noying to railroad officials, to the infinite
delight of those who are looking on. While
. AT . aT
the h:hj tram was standing on the track.
ihe conductor was leaning against the
door with all the carelessness and dignity
common 10 mose in such a position
A healthy looking middle-aged lady with
more than masculine boldness came through
the crowd, pushing men right and left.
She had on a bias cut waist and an
extremely loose polenais, and her
hair was done up in an ar
tistic wart on the back of her neck. Her
eye had such a mother-in-law look that
men began to hide behind beer bottles and
view the horizon to see where the cyclone
was going to strike.
When she saw the conductor her face
lighted up with a look of triumph that
now she would get her heart's desire.
luarcnmg straight up to him, and not
Kobert Beatty, of Springfield, 111.,
Beaten and Robbed au
ow They are Working
What the Employes
Robert Beatty, of Springfield, Ills., pass-
cu mruuga uie city Monday evening,
The shops will not be open until Mon
day. Some of the boys are complaining
route to Kansas City, and told a Bazooite bu" T 'Tl i t .
how he had been assaulted by thuss in k-Zi! l ' .f" . , xingion
Hannibal, beaten robbed and left for dead ? w18 "rougni 10 me nospuai jester-
she mounted a chair in front of the picture wailinK, for an introduction, she spoke as tance of about
--- "iicu in xj.auuiuH.1 ninriiv in
I A.
... . . a
company with a tnend and they intended
to go right through to Kansas Ciiy. At
nannibal they changed cars, and by mis
in Ke got on uie i. ?c at. joe instead of the
K. & T. train. They were not aware of
meir mistake until the train had reached
me western suburbs ot the ci:y, and here
they were informed by the conductor that
they were on the wronc tram.
The train was stopped and thev aliVhtP?
a ! . II . . I O " '
lnienumg 10 waiK back to the city, a dis
and, addressing her sire in her most be
witching style, said in substance: ,lMy
dear lather, our little gathering this even
ing is for a double purpose for social en
joyment and to convince you of my grati
tude and that your means have not been
squandered when expended upon my edu
cation in iqi nne arts, .for this purpose J
A . 1 f
uave speni many nours oi secret ton in
producing a fac simile of your dear fea
tures, which the few who have been in the
secret pronounce an exact and striking
n Ken ess oi yourseit. and 1 now desire to
one having authoriiy:
"tri'mc that ticket !"
"What ticket, madam?"
ductor, with astonishment.
said the con-
ine one J gave
you," said she, poking 0fl their guard.
a mile and a half. As
was very dark and
light poor thev ennM
hardly find their way, and not thinking
auuui iueeuug anyone iney were ot course
out her hand to take the tickes or clutch
his hair, as the occasion might demand.
"1 havn't got your ticKet " said he. look
ing around for means of escape. "Ask that
gentleman," said he, pointing to a man of
similar appearance and making a step for
"Here," said she, and that bony hand
Ihey had proceeded half the way when
they were overtaken by four thugs, with
Daniel McCarthy, the Missouri Pacific
spring setter, has resigned hii position, and
left yesterday for his old home at Louis
ville, Ky.
There has been no engines in the shops
for several days which were badlv dam
aged. The foreman says they are a'll doing
very gooa worK.
J. Galivan, an old Missouri Pacific
boy, left yesterday evenincr for Hnhten.
He will run an eusine on the K. & A rnrl
for a short time.
While the shops are closed to-dav
to-morrow the Westenhouse stationary
gme which runs all the machinery of
shops will be repaired. It will have a
gang plank put on.
Some little fun was created in the west
in the Arabian nights.
"That gentleman has your ticket," he
remarked, as he thought of the liberty be-
quethed to us by our glorious ancestors.
With one eye still on the conductor she
marched up to the other victim and made
present it to you, with my compliments Poise(l over his" coat collar like a spector
and many assurances of gratitude.
With the closing words she removed the
covering and exposed to view, in a hand
some guilt frame, a picture of one of Mr.
Gentry's donkeys. The thrill of feeline
and emotion which took nncipinn nf th
entire company is bt vond descriution. and a remark which was lost in the noise. But
for one moment rendered utterance imnos- I DeXDg convinced she followed him on down
sible. Then there was a wail from the dn. the platform, while the conductor leaned
tiful daughter of a decidedly hvstprinnl against the door again to cuss and medi
character, a groan from the parent, and a late on tn8 probable effects of the spots on
burst of doubtful applause from the visit- ine sun
Ors. HOW the snnrfpn trHnsfnrmntinn woe I
effected in the portrait is not positively Samsons Legs and Locks.
inown, but the young lady charges it to When Delilah clipped ofi Samson's
. i . : : . J v""o-i i i j i . :
which the city abounds, who at first onlv 'uuuu uouse yesieraay Dy a boy trying to
11. I m o - r ma rk In v 1 ffll .
pushed mem aronnd, but afterwards knock- r"aua&c a iac llVi Aue water power
ed them right and lett. His friend sue wa? l UCIf Ior mm throwing him down
ceeded in making his escape by runnine aDU 8IV1D5 nm a iree bath.
U... t 4. . . ' I " 1 . .. .
uut lie was not so iortunaie, and it was vuue a numoer ot the bovs will tn in
not long before all lour of them iumoed the Lamine liver fishin? and h
1 A I . O & v
onionim. day. lhey are eom? in waerons. nn w?n
. ... . ... ! . T" J " M
Alter beating him in a horrible manner, take hshmg tackle, eruns. etr.. Pwnp;iiir
t Kl OTT Vl T-QIL- dim in n Aiinl o.l 1 f . I T i (lia an fPt. 1
r -li.- n . . . 1 - a "
ior ueaa, navmg nrst appropriated 400 Six new
narrow gauge railroad ca.ru.
and two hand cars passed through the citv
yesterday. The rail cars are built expressly
for carrying rails for construction wort.
There is nothing but a Lame. trucks and
oi his money and a gold watch. Mr.
.Beatty remained in the ditch, being too
weak to move, from 11 o'clock Saturday
night until Sunday morning.
wnen ne-was iound by a colored man r!rhoc fn fUm n
who was looking for his cow. Fortunatelv frmt ro 0aii oi00
or ooin, ine gentleman who escaped had preventing the rails from falling off. Taken
the railroad tickets or they would probably altogether it is a handy contrivance.
aiau, ueuue uiey were
top of tbe
purpose of
her brother, and they are noi now on speak- locks that mighty athlete at once
ing terms, while an oppressive gloom per- "as other men." If it could be pre
have been taken
able to proceed on their way to KansaR
Mr. Beatty ays he is confident he would
know the men again if he saw them, and
Chief Engineer Arthur, of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers, and three
committees of engineers of the Jersev Cen
tral railroad, will visit Keceiver Ke'im, of
me rveaaing, to-day, on the subject of ob-
vades the house when the subject is men
before. He never drank. He often used
-very abusive language to us, and sometimes
even struck and beat ns.
He has never provided well for us but
keeps his money for himself. Frequently
ne have had scarcely anything to eat anci
have been saved from want by the kind
ness of neighbors. Often when I have
wanted anything for the family he would
, . i . i i i - , .
xjoi get ii uui aouse me ior asKing nim ior
it. He has treated his children in the
same way.
Lately he has become much worse than
formerly. I got groceries by going to my
groceryman and asking him to let me have
them on credit, saying that my husband
wouid pay for them on pay day. He did
go and pay for them in part but always
complained that he had it to do.
He often came home for his meals and
complained that I had not prepared any
thing tor him when 1 had nothing to pre
pare, or would come in late and complain
that iiis supper was not ready when
we naa Deen waning ior nm until our
patience was worn out. He came home all
the time until last Friday. Since then he
has been taking his meals away from home.
I think he has been boarding on Fifth
street for a day or two.
At A. "l 1 .
adoui a weejs ago ne went 10 our gro
ceryman and ordered him not to let us
have anything more, saying he would not
pay ior them. When I tried to make
snmptVnncr fnr m vci f Kv tatrinrr in coirinn
he lorbid me to do so. tie said he was go
ing to starve us out, and when he did not
succeed in this he said that he would burn
our property. He has treated our prop
erty badly, compelling me to sell all my
flowers and has wontonly broke my dish
es. Last Saturday he came home from hunt
ing with a gun. He said that the gun was
loaded for me. He pointed it at me and
struck it against the gate-post so it would
go off and seem to be an accident.
Early Monday morning he came into
the room and laid his hand on my head
heavily. Being afraid of him I screamed
for help, and threw out my hand. He
scratched me on the hand with a knife or
something. He then run into another
room, and when I came to him he said that
so soon it
lien tor years, wouid be called upon to add a second chap. n e 01S ine b0s .lna nad writteD,.l
Christmas than ler to that disgraceful afiair. It was GteneT? Pnger Aent Snattuck, at Cm-
Forty-four Years Walking.
Will lam Marion Bennedict resides near
Kising Sun, Indiana, and he is probablv
now at Jilk Jballs, ilansas.
William Marion, Saturday night last.
stepped on an v. cc Ai. tram at Aurora,
Indiana lor the nrst time.
He told the boys that he had written
tnougnt by all that he had lett lor parts
unknown, and that he would never be
heard from again. Scarcely had the ink
dried upon the paper when it was known
to some that he was still in town. It seems
that he is determined to carry out the
threat so often made to murder his wife
and family.
xi is not uenmteiy ascertained, but cir
cumstances prove almost beyond a doubt,
tnat he spread the report that he was go
ing to Kansas City only to hide his where
abouts. He purchased a new suit of
ciothes, so that he is not easily rocognized,
but several are confident thev have seen
him since Wednesday morninsr.
His lamily, who live in mortal dread of
him, feared that he might return to do
some harm, and took every precaution to
prevent his entering the house during the
night. They securely bolted the doors and
placed chairs, etc., against them. The son
slept in the middle room with his bed
pulled out against the door so that it could
not be opened. He also had a revolver in
reaching distance.
About 3:30 yesterday morning the whole
neighborhood near tue Heldman residence
on Third and Massachusetts streets, was
awakened by piercing cries of "murder,
help, help!" followed by the report of a
xne ponce hearing the cries, and guess
ing what was the m?tter, rushed to the
house. They found the back door broken
in, the middle door partially open and the
family almost frightened to death. Held
man, or whoever had entered, had fled, and
no trace of him culd be found. The son
says that it must have been his father, for
no one else would know so well how to
open the doors.
The wife sbvs that she and the dauehter
were awakened by the shock of some one
breaking through the back door. She then
neara tne son cry out. jviotner, there is
someone in the house." Ihe boy
then seized his revolver and
fired two shots into the door
and wall. The person then fled and es
caped the police. Heldman did not know
that his son had a revolver, and it is
thought the two shots gave him an un
pleasant surprise. A warrant was sworn
out for his arrest yesterday afternoon, and
it was another man. His daughter said
that she saw somebody go through the door, the police are on the watch for him.
Some additional facts were learned
He has also tried to get into the house by
prying the door open with a knife while
hunting the gun, which my son had hid
den in the shop. He has often threatened
to kill me, and I believe that he tried to
do it.
He has often tried to ruin the character
of me and my daughter by talking to other
people about us. I want you to ask about
the standing of myself and children.
She gave the names of several whom the
reporter should see.
Heldman's sister, a married lady, eloped
Trith a man at Ravena, O., in 1S76, which
in a
talk with the wife vesterday forenoon.
Heldman said to her that when she was
murdered he would be traveling hundreds
of miles from here. He once offered his
daughter, Hattie, S500, if she would poison
her mother. He also ofkred his son a deed
to their property if he would swear that
his mother was crazy.
cinnati, and told him he was going west to
see his brother and wanted a forty day
Shattuck answered that he could get the
ticket by putting up, and he would hold
the train Saturday night at Aurora until
he arrived.
3ir. .bennedict got into Aurora on time
and seated himself in one of the varnished
cars of great luxurance, for which that
thoroughfare is noted.
At Vincinnes he looked into the lunch
room. He saw a dog at the door of the
lunch stand and the dog barked uproar-ously.
"What is the matter of that dog?" said
Mr. Bendict to a bystander.
lhat dog has bugs : he has been living
offof this lunch stand," said the stranger.
Conductor lom fcessenden lead Benedict
away and seated him in the coach and
asked to see the forty day ticket. Our
hero showed the ticket and in due time he
arrived safely at the St. Louis union depot
and landed into the embrace of Conductor
Knowlton of the Missouri Pacific, who
pointed toward his train and said : "There
is the wesU there is India and there is the
best train on earth."
Benedict arrived in Sedalia at four
o'clock Sunday evening. A Bazoo repre
sentative found him and interrogated him
regarding his trip.
.Keporter Is this a pleasure trip?
Benedict Yes, sir: but my head is a
little dizzy.
K. How old are you ?
B Forty-four years old.
K. And never on a train before ?
B. Never until last night.
R. Where have you lived all
B. Born and raised in Switzerland
county, Indiana, near Kising Sun.
xv.-now ao you like it as lar as vou
have got
B. All right, but I don't like this diz-
Mr. Benedict was very fearful the confi
dence men would get him in Kansas City.
He was told by Conductor Knowlton bow
to avoid them if they approached him with
the long-lost brother act or wanting a little
. w
money 10 pay ireigni.
Bra&emah Killed.
t r t ii . .
j. xi. j.rvin, a oraKeman on the mam
line of the Missouri Pacific, was fatally
injured at Harnsonville, Sunday. He was
making a coupling and his shoe caught in
some manner dragging him under the car.
The wheels passed over him cutting his
right leg off abo7e the knee, and the left
leg off below the knee. He was brought to
Sedalia on the morning train and taken
If it could be proved that gave the police a pretty good description of - fa"'DS -aay, on ine subject ot ob
of luxuriant hair would them before he left Hannibal. He said he a? e or emPtoj. If they
v uub gck a ucuuuc ouawer, iney say, ail
tne men on me Jersey Central, Southern
the possession
enable men to tear open lions' iaws. His
p. i j i i -i i f . i .
uui ts v,u wouju oe uriven wiia in me el
fort to supply enough of Parker's Hair
Balsam to meet the demand. As it is the
Balsam prevents your hair from falling out
and restores the original color if faded or
gray. Besides it is a great addition to the
toilet table simply as a dressing.
would have stayed and helped the nolice
r ... " i
ierrei tne case out, but urgent business
called him to Kansas City, and, anyhow.
ue um uol nave mucn iaiin in ever recov
ering the money again. However, he in
tends to stop at Hannibal on his return
Central and Lehieh and Susouehanna
roads will strike.
The Missouri Pacific company has an
nounced that arrangements have been made
with the Mercantile Trust company to cash
A Worthy Woman.
Mrs. Cringle, the wife of the man re
cently sent to the insane asylum is now
living on South Engineer street and is in
destitute circumstances. Some time ago
some ot the liberal-hearted railroaders
It is about time the citizens of Hannibal the coupons, due July 1, on jNew" Orleans
were doing something to rid their city of Pacific bonds and will hold the coupons,
these cut-throats, men who do nothing but uncanceled, subject to redemption. The
liy around and assault the first unlucky
individual who tails in their way. She
is getting famous and widely known for
the bold robberies and cold-blooded mur-
oers committed within her limits, and it
made up a collection of S10 and oresnnted seems as though no one is ever captured
it to her. and the county court gave her and made to pay the penalty of the crimes.
. . II n 1 L ..1. t
3, but this is now exhausted aud the poor uet lue cuens procure a piece oi hemp,
woman is now sunering ior want ot the uut" cauuiu, auu arrange ior a six loot-
actual necessities of life. She is the mother drop necktie sociable. Perhaps this will
of six children, the oldest of which, a girl influence these midnight marauders to de-
of 11 vears. wanL? to set a nosition to carp lueir neianous work.
for a habv. or do some other kind of liaht
7 T .. I A -KT T-l
work- n n rrivate fnniilv. AWruw iUSC&pe.
Mrs. Cringle a iWrvincr lad v nd if A farmer named Van DvL-e. tpbMi passed making the d :struction of trunks.
there are any charitably disposed" ladies in about thirteen miles from the city, came to oxesi valises or packages by the railway
dividend and interest payable at Boston
amount to $9,443,649, made up of interest
on bonds, $5,900,641 ; dividends on manu
facturing stocks, S654.500, miscellaneous
disbursements, $1.049,999. Globe-Demo-erat.
The New York legislature, at its last
session, seems to have been the most vig
orously reformatory body that has ever
been seen in legislative halls. Many of
its measures have been duly commented
upon ; but one has escaped notice until re-
reuuy. At is now learned inai a bill was
the city, here is certaiuly a chance to show town yesterday with a load of wood. As
it. By all means let some of Sed&ha's
ladies take the matter in haud and help
Mrs. Cringle out of her trouble.
Yesterday morning's west bound
non ball train collided with a work
between Lees bummit and Little
None oi the passengers were injured but a
brakeman on the work tram named Tom
O'Carroll was killed,
The accident is said to have been the
ault of the employes of the work train and
Lew Ihomas was snt ont to relieve Con-
luctor Seymour, and Al Hunicke to re
lieve Engine Battersby. The wreck has
t i
been cleared away and trams are running
as usual.
A Vicious Brute.
he was driving up Third street he noticed
an engine standing on the track near the
Third street crossing. As the engine was
not moving, however, and the flagman told
him he could cross, he did not stop the
team. He had not proceeded more than
half way across the track when the engin
eer opened the throttle and moved the en
gine. The horses became frightened and
turned squarely around, nearly upsetteng
the wagon, hut Mr. Van Dyke succeeded
in turning them down Third street, until
they came to Hancock street, but here
he lost complete control of them and
they ran south on Hancock street like a
streek of lightning. Mr. Van Dyke held
on like grim death until near the hospital,
when the frame fell ofi", and he was precip
itated to the ground. He was picked up
and carried to the hospital, where
it was
The Warsaw Times says: Last Thursday found one of his legs was broken at the
a ternr.iniiq snw entered the honce nt . nhn uo,t' -u" ousiatucu uu
Daltnn living in the western tinrf nf thic omer luiury, ana he may well
Township, and seizing a fourteen month consider himself lucky, for 'every one
child dragged
baggage fiends a misdemeanor, with a pen-
any oi cou ior eacn onense. as the law
makes the railway, which employs the bag
gage smasher, responsible for his havoc,
travelers may rest in peace while their Sar
atogas and hat-boxes are in transit. There
will be no more hurling of trunks from the
cars to the platform as if they were a new
kind of a projectile, and a gaping trunk
revealing all the fair owners new dresses
will become a rare sight. The Pittsburg
Dispatch says if the New York legislature
will only pass a law protecting the public
from having popcorn packages and flash
literature hurled in its lap while it is sit
ting inoffensively in the cars, that state will
become the elysium of travelers.
Dr. Frazier's Root Bitters.
Frazier's Root Bitters are not a dram
shop beverage, but are strictly medicinal
in every sense They act strongly upon
the Liver and Kidneys, keep the bowels
open and regular, make the weak strong,
heal the lungs, build up the nerves and
seizmo- n tnnrtpen mnnlh uiiuacu luuftj, iui cxwjr uuc wuu
7 t . . I .1 A L.1J A 1 t .1 11 . 1 111 I . f .
it away and but for the saw lue ieaui ruu awaJ ueiu meir oream, cieanse me oiooa ana system or every lm
When asked if the article in Thursday's l?, he ""oad hospital. Everything pos
Bazoo was severe enough, the wife said
that words could not express his cruel
treatment of them, ishe then added with
emphasis, "I want you to investigate and
state the character of my children for he is
Mrs. Heldman desires that the statement
'was published in the papers oi thai date.
While they were telling this story, both trying to ruin them."
ic uoukui "imj5u"j uuiow i wo mistakes made m yesterday's paper
jmo lean, xue buu anerwarut lum auom are gladly corrected : Mr. Heldman lived
the same story. at Mansfield, Ohio, instead of at Ravena:
as Mrs. neidman reierred to ur. ivmg to tke daughter did not work in a private
veriiy uer sLaitrmems iu naru w uer uub- lamily m Marshall, but went there to try
uauas unu ireaiuiem ot uenen anu uaugu- to get a class in music.
iers, ana aiso as 10 meir character, ine
Bazoo reporter sought the doctor and
found him at his office, smoking a twenty
five cent cigar while a negro boy kept the
flies off him with a six dollar fan. After
the reporter stated his business the doctor
lemaiked : "I don't like to get mixed up
with other peoples' affairs, and more espec
ially affairs of this kind ; and yet I can al
ways afford to speak the truth, and I am
'only too glad to speak it, when, in doing so
I can help the weak."
Reporter Doctor, what do you know
shout Heldman's treatment to his family ?
Doctor 1 know that his stepdaughter,
"Mary Short, has lived away from home
since she was a little girl 13 or 14 years
old, and she and her mother have
always told me that her stepfather would
sible was done for him, but it was evident
that he could not live long. He did not
survive the first shock, but gradually sank
. t ft 1 1 . .
tin he died at six p. m. Sunday. His home
is at Mahomet, Allen county, Ohio. His
uncle arrived yesterday and his remains
will be taken to Leroy, Kansas, for interment.
Horses Stolen.
A pair of iron grey horses were taken
from Geo. Griffin's pasture, two and one-
halt miles east of Smithton. some time
made recently, on her husband's authority, ?u"nS P8 nigni. jut. unmn was
u we wij ouuuajr bcarcuiug ior luciu um
at last accounts no clue to their where-
that she held papers to the amount of
S5,000 from an aunt and that she was try
ing to get rid of him to get possession of
the property, be corrected. They do not
even own the property where they live as
it is heavily mortgaged.
Horsford's Acid Phosphate
Overworked Females.
Dr. J. P. Cowen. Ashland, 0.. says : "It
proves satisfactory as a nerve tonic ; also
in dyspeptic conditions of the stomach,
with general debility, such as we find in
overworked females, with nervoos head
ache and its accompaniments."
abouts or the thief had been obtained. It
was thought the robber or robbers passed
through this city, but although the officers
have kept a sharp lookout nothing has
been seen of them.
So You Will Find.
"Benson's Capcine Porous Plasters are in
the highest degree reliable." savs Dr. Ka-
koff, of New York. 25c.
Some of the rubbish was removed
from the streets veste-iday. Some more
might be removed and not do the city any
. .
prompt action ot the mother who was
tracted ov tne piercing shrieks oi the in
fant, would have devoured it while still
living. The beast was unwilling to relin
quish its prey, and was driven off with
great dicffiulty. Mr. Dice informs us that
the child, though badly torn and mangled,
ix'it nrrtlnKlr cm rtr l T7Q ifc torrifilo loin rioo
but it seems to us that the lesson is one
that ought not to be lost in peimitting
such animals to run at large.
each moment expecting to see him dashed purity. Sold by R. B. Hostettler. 1.00.
to the ground and be killed. The tram
ran over on the prairie before it was stop- J. W. Sharp wa3 robbed Thursday
ped and then the wagon was a complete night. Hir, pants pocket contained S3.60
Bather Reckless.
A man named McCullough was
a lime too much inn all by himself m
East Sedalia Monday evening. He was
shooting a revolver rather recklessly and
hred a shot through the residence of Mr.
i rrn.t t ?n . . mi 1 i,
xuiuer, on .Doonvme sireei. ane nail
and while he was sleeping at Stosberc's
house on Fifth street, the thief entered and
took it. One silver dollar was marked J.
P., and another J R.
A little boy had his eye severely Kurt
yesterday evening by being hit with a toy
torpedo. Boys be a little more careful to
day with your fire crackers and torpedoes
To Bee Keeoers.
There will be a meeting of the bee keep- w,el through the frame building and lodg- or some one may be severely injured.
am . K I J-W Yft-SV t-A mJ,. m, I
ers of Pettis county at the fairgrounds ior c" 1U l"c wa" "u l"c oi
thp nnmnce nf nrcrMnlrinc Re K-pTr the room. It fortunately happened that To Publishers.
nnriatinn. atwhirh tiniP thrP will hp no one was in the path of the bullet at the mn.
officers elected and a constitution and by- ume or someiuing serious wouid nave pro- graphs of William and Charlie Hamilton,
i sa yt At .i -r I hahlv neon F ha rocult Ad it woo 4Va ninn I . L . .... . 3
laws adopted, n Asnworth. J. w. y ,w " I who are to be publicly executed at War
Mills, L. B. Rhodes, Mrs. J. W. Mills.
7 8 w 32t
pants were badly scared. Mr. McCoul-
lough had better be a little more careful
with his revolver in the future.
The Rev. Keck, an 61d and respected cit
izen of this county, died Sunday morning.
He was amicted with cancer of the stom-
:h. The funeral took place yesterday af
ternoon, from the hirst Baptist church.
Mr. Keck was 60 years o5 age, and had
mhny friends in this city, who
mourn his demise.
Don't Use Liniments or Ointments,
One Benson's Capcine Porous Plaster is
better than all he greasy compounds you
can carry, lwenly-hve cents.
A Trying Scene.
Scene Front door steps.
Time Sunday night, 10:30.
Gent Good night, dearest, I feel sad
fcrirl I am looking for that deg. Some
deeply times he grabs people who are leaving.
jrent uo you have him trained ?
Girl Oh, yes, sir.
Dog growls j gate glams j curtain falls.
A Good Showing.
The Citizens National bank of Sedalia re
cently declared a semi annual dividend of
per cent, on its capital stock. Its undi
vided profits were $4,100, equal to 10 per
cent. gain. This certainly shows a thriv
ing condition for the bank and the city, and
it is doubtful if il can be equaled in the
Tal Hay.
Mr. O. H. Coe brought to this office from
his farm yesterday some heads of timothy
measuring 11& inches, the stems being sir
feet and nine inches in length. This is the
best evidence cf the fertility of Pettis
county's prairies, and until some one pro
duces a better showing the Bazoo will
claim for it the championship. Ft is only
necessary to add, this timothy was not
taken from new meadow.
rensburg, July 11, 1884, for the murder of
Carl Qfjeidle, near that place, March 31,
1884. I am prepared to furnish electro
types, suitable to go in single column of a
newspaper. Single electrotype of either of
the men $2. Sent postpaid. For electro
types of both $3.00, the party purchasing
them argeeing not to print them in their
papers until the day they are to be exe
cuted. Send your orders at once, as only a lim
ited number of electrotypes will be made,
Address J. West Goodwin,
Sedalia, Mo.
Breeder and Shipper of
Poland-China & Berkshire Hop;
Stock all registered and for sale.
Acquitted and Reinstated.
Will not Resume. New York. July 3.A judicial court
Jersev Citv. N. J.. Julv 3. The emolov- 1 nrraidpd over bv Bishoo Harris, nf the
ees of the branches of the Central railway Methodist Episcppal church, last night ac- CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED
in 2ew Jersey, are being paid their Alay quitted Kev. Dr. .Bristol ot all charges of
wflop tn-dnv hnt. rat thpv "will not rpsnmp I mmnwUfv and restored him. rtnatainarl
1, --J J J . I w. v . r I . . -T7IZL.
work until the June payments are also to the minister?, reversing the action of umce Jirei Jjoor we&fcui xiraixauonai
made the Newark conference. Bank, on Second btreet. -oiwlyr

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