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Continued from Third Page.
Warrensbvrg, Mo,, for God knows I
aever intended to do any harm to
CarL The threatening of C. Hamil
ton kept me from confessing until a
few hours ago, but finally the con
Bciounsneis has over came me.
Your poor brother will be buried
again to-day I suppose.
If you like to get all the particulars
about it direct your questions to me
and address the letters to
Mr. W. H. Hamilton.
Care Mr. Russell, Sheriff.
Warrensburg, Mo.,
Johnson county.
Write English or German to sait
yourself. Again I ask your f orgivness.
Your greifing,
Billee Hamilton.
After this Charlie was again plied
with questions. He was told of Bil
lie's confession, that Billie laid it all
on him, that he ought to speak the
truth. Then he weakened and con
fessed. He admitted he struck Steidle
with the wrench, knocking him down.
Billie then sprung upon Steidle,
choked him to death, rifled his person,
placed his body on the track and they
left him thus. Alter his conression ;
be seemed very penitent and wept
the news spread in the town of the
terrible confession and people were
seized with frenzy. Sheriff Russell
had been right. They had been the
dupes of the gbastly April fool.
These cold-blooded demons were even
now- among them. They had even
confessed. Why should they be let
live? Groups began to gather in the
streets, men were seen in little knots
talking in low and ominous tone3.
At the depot, where the body lay,
were throngs of people. At the sta
tion house, where the murderers were
confined, the crowds began to grow
dense and boisterous- A telegram
was sent to Sedaha for the officers
and those who knew Steidle to come
and identify the body. The sheriff
begged the people to await develop
ments, but they were impatient and
threatening. Something must be
done. As the train time drew near
most of the crowd went to the depot.
Now was the time to act.
and taken near the depot. While
the crowd watched the Sedalia officers
disembark, Billie was placed on the
cars and sent to Kansas City. When
the train was gone and the
crowd learned this they were
still more indignant and again began
to assemble at the station house. The
Sedalia officers, after recognizing the
hnHv of Steidle, went there, too.
The officers consulted. The situation
was serious. What should be done (
Charles Hamilton said he would show
the officers where they had buried
Steidle's watch, where they had burned
some of his things if they would con
duct him to the place. The crowd
told this. Thev consented to al
low the officers to take him. He was
brought out and placed m a buggy.
They drove away to the scene.
"here are my tracks,"
iH Charlie: "there are Billie's,
there are Steidie's, there are the ashes
T-r-h ara TCP burned his things, over
there Billie buried his watch while
sat here." The watch chain was
found in the ashes ; the watch wa3
not found until the next day. It was
growing dark. Sheriff Eussell and
Officer McGhee consulted. How
ahnnld thev set the prisoner back ?
It was decided to take him only part
wqv and slin him back to the station
afoot. It was done with only a few
seeing it.
When McGhee appeared on the
street again with Sheriff Russell and
James Holland, ot seaaiia, me crowu
mistook Holland for Hamilton.
"Where is the prisoner?" asked
citizen of McGhee.
"In Sedalia by this time, I hope,
said the officer.
"Ain't that him ?"
"No, sir; that's a Sedalia man.
Did you not see Hamilton go in the
buggy?" ,
"Yes, but they brought him back.
"You are mistaken."
"Come," said Russell, "let us go
to the depot."
The three men started and the
crowd followed, hooting at Holland.
They were about to attack him. The
trio stopped and conversed. Then
Holland started back. The officers
Anf. nn to the depot. The crowd,
seeing their 'mistake, divided ; half
-went to the depot ana nan uaun iu
the station. But the
Other officers had taken him by an
other route near the depot and se-
.rAtftd him behind some stones to
await the train. Sheriff Russell went
to the ticket office. Officer McGhee
cat. hv a wmdow where the crowd
could see him. He listened to their
d answered them as
hp liked The crowd were baffled.
ri,Q nome at last. When the
-LUG UtUU " .
vn roncr start the officers hurried
VJjtl- lUUg W w-
into a car where he
yiUvU & lwvw -
crouched behind a seat trembling
with fear. Some of the crowd saw
him and cried out. A rush was
made, but too late. The train
moved too fast. Only a few
could spring on, not enough to
resist the officers, and they sprang off
again, and Charles Hamilton reached
the Sedalia jail in safety, where he re
mained until his trial.
On the 12th of April he wrote Mr.
Cottrell, his Warrensburg employer,
the following letter.
I have wronged you in a most
shameful manner and most humbly
beg your pardon. I am quite broken
hearted and am in the need of a few
friends to help me to prove to the
people that I tried to make a man of
myself. I made tne acquaintance oi
this friend who has got me into
trouble, in the penitentiary two years
ago and he treated me as well as I
could expect a friend to do, telling me
before he left there that he would write
to me, and so he did, after he got me
up there requesting me to come to
Sedalia and go into some kind of busi
ness with him. I received 85 the day
I was let go and paid my fare to SeJa
Im. When I arrived he had no
money and asked me for what I had
left from the fare. I told him I must
find work somewhere and a boarding
house. He was at work and told me
his word was good where he boarded
and be would stand good for me for
two weeks. I then gave him the
monev I had left and boarded with
him, looking for worm every day, out
the weather being so cold it could not
be had. At the end of two weeks I
old him I must so away and find
work, so I left him and came to War
rensburg and you know the rest.
I knew it l staid any longer ne
wnnld tret me into some kind ot
trouble. Every day he had a chance
o sneak he would want me to do
something desperate. He knew by a
continual coaxing he could almost
persuade me to do anything, xle
alias Ed. Aultman, near Warrensburg of the villain, Hamilton, thus being
several weeks since, had been discloied j frustrated, he endeavored to
but the death of Mrs. John Mossiman,
the sister of Miss Mary LeAer the
affianced of Billie Hamilton, which
occurred Tuesday night, develops new
facts in the brutal murder, and seems
to entaugle the wretch, Billie Hamil
ton, in a net work of circumstantial
evidence pointing to him as the perpe
trator of another cooly planned and
deliberately executed murder, from
which he will find it dificult to extri
cate himeelf.
A Bazoo reporter learned yesterday
that the relatives of Mr3. Mossimann
were fully convinced that her death
had been
administered by Billie Hamilton on
the occasion of his visit to the family
on the same day that he in company
with Charley Hamilton, was arrested
for the murder of Steidle. The mur
der, it will be remembered, was com
mitted Sunday night, March autn ana
the arrest was made on the following
Wednesday. On that day Hamilton,
alias Aultman, as all ready stated,
called at the Mossiman residence and
took supper with the family, his
affianced, Miss Lefler, being absent in
the country at the time On the fol
io wiug Friday Mrs. Mossiman, who
had previously been in good health,
was taken suddenly ill, suffering with
violent vomiting spells and giving
every indication of having been poi
soned. In the meantime the particu
lars of Hamilton's horrible crime had
been given to the public, and fearing
that a man who had been guilty of
such a diabolical crime might have
near which he sat at the time of his
last visit, Mr. Mossimann removed
the flour from the barrel for a depth
of about six inches and threw it into
the yard. The contents of the sugar
bowl were also thrown out.
Mrs. Mossimann partially recover
ed her usual health, but complained
nnnfitflntlv of a bummer sensation in
upon the unfortunate woman in this
cowardly manner
There are many circumstances
pointing to the conclusion that Ham
ilton had for some time premeditated
robbing Mosssimann whenever the op
portunity presented itself. On one
occasion he accompanied Mrs. Mossi
mann on a visit to friends in the
country, and endeavored to have her
remain there, stating that he would
return and keep her husband com
pany during her absence. It was
known that Mossiman had considera
ble money in his poesessson at that
time, and fortunately for him his wife,
although not suspecting Hamilton of
any evil intent, insisted upon return
ing home.
It will be remembered by those who
have read the particulars of the War
rensburg murder, that Billie Hamil-
ton, after the murder oi ouedie Jeic
with Mossimann, forty dollars in gold
and a plain gold ring to be delivered
to Miss Letter, and that Mossiman im
mediately after learning that Hamil-
on had been arrested ior murder,
urned the money and ring over to
Sheriff Conner.
Hamilton, a3 is well known, is al
ready in the
being imprisoned at Kansas City, and
it is not at all probable that anything
can be done by his friends, if he has
any, to ptevent him from stretching
knew my weak nature too well to let . fa . f the 8tomach finany being
me aiuue. "wtCT 5 compelled to tafce to ner oea, wmcn
my mouth shut when m trouble, and . eyer m left During the last
tnougm auer a ueeu u, t , of her iUnegg
lio -nrniilfi nnt mft m the hole J
mr'C "T ofTtV, 0w she was delirious
,;.,- mo Vnn know his same as and it required the combined strength
O . . , -r-k . -I 1 f 1 1 C navftaB tn hnlfl hPT
well as 1 do. J5V tne loss or sieep ui , eevciai iuW -
that Sundav in bed. She refused to take the
night I submitted to his hellish desire, medicine which the physicians pre-
hphind the scribed for her, until it had been
b s " tasted by other parties, claiming that
Hoping to find you a man that will she was afraid that she was going to
assist me, a poor helpless wretcn iea oe poisuueu.
Urr an i.nVnnwn devil who These circumstances gave
knows nothing but steal, roo ana aoie grouuua iui ouiwuu u r--kill
God knows my heart was right of the unfortunate woraanss friends
hpfnrP T committed that deadly mur- that she had been poisoned, and by
der. I did not break his skull with their request,
the blow I struck : he would not have an autopsy was made
been dead to-day had it not been for 0f te reraams yesterday afternoon by
his choking the man after I knocked jyT y Small, Ed. Small and
him down, and then laying him across jenry Evans. The autopsy develop-
tne rau oeiure ub aa ucau. . j ed severe inflammation oi tne stomacu,
man was not dead when we left him. tne doctors were unable to deter-
As soon as I struck the blow 1 was so e whether or not there was poison
overcome with horror that I stood ti.e st0mach in the absence of a
about paralyzed with tear. 1 could nnpm.vi onalvsis. Of course, if there
do nothing but look on. I am feel- wag poison administered death result-
mg more aeaa 10 aav imm imve. e(i from 8econdary etlects.
1, . J r, rnanorinrr af. timPQ HH hfldlv r ,r..
that I can hardly think of anything. wag taen sic &bout the same time
I think that I will go mad before that ner mother was, but her illness
many days. -Lire is a burden to me. was 8jgnt and the symptoms exhib
If I ever can call my life on this :f w3 Wfire not the same. Mr Mos3i
earth my own again 1, by the help ot mann was not Bc
God. will never assist another man anp nflSft ;s a verv mvsterious one.
who tries to tempt me to do wrong jf was placed in the flour bar
again, as long as Hive. I never will rei by Hamilton, it would natuarlly
forget this deed as long as life remains be supp0Bed that Mr. Mossimann
in my body. Although I am down jave received a dose as well as
and helpless 1 can nonestiy say his wife There is
never would have committea inis
aeea no x - . . ts 0n the evenina that
aieeoiiiquui auu Hamiit0n took supper at the Mossi
Never did I strike any man the mann residence Mr. Mossnnann ate
first blow to my knowledge up to that supper by himself, as he had a busi
day. I would not havl done that nes engagement, and was ma hurry
iad not drink stupified my brain and to meet his appointment. Hamilton
, j a n T conrl and the rest of the ramily ate alone,
o rripnri i'i iMxttti 1x10 lutu iw vuu
He wanted a lunch. I asked Charlie
toitay that night. Offered to give
his friend lodging. They declined and
I paid him off. Billie was in the
kitchen when Charlie went to ask him
to stay all night. Paid Charlie about
$4.50. Do not know of him receiving
any other money. He was drinking
that evening but was not drunk.
I am a German. Live in Sedalia.
Known Charlie Hamilton since Feb
ruary 24. He came to my house to
board. Know Billie Hamilton. Board
ed at my house. Left one Sunday
to go to Kansas City. Saw Billie
again when he was arrested. Charlie
came back Wednesday morning before
he was arrested. Said he came back
to pay his debts. Paid me $7.00, all
he owed me. Saw Billie in a saloon.
I knew Carl Steidle, he never boarded
with me. He boar Jed with my neigh
bor, I was at the inquest. The body
was the body of Carl Steidle.
Live in Sedalia. Knew defendant.
Billie Hamilton brought defendant to
my house in February. Am a car
penter. Billie brought him there one
evening. Knew Steidle. He has been
to my house. On Sunday Billie said
he was only going to Kansas City, but
he had told bteidle he was going to
California with him. They all three
left my house to go to the depot, rfext
saw Billie Hamilton and Charlie
April 2, where I was at work. Next
saw Charlie at my home. uiy was
gone up town. Supper was ready
TU nTrnnmof TiP.P above detailed, and my wife proposed to wait until
however, will aid materially m com- Billy got back. Took supper by my-
u: -nnr.A a nno nf trip mnqt. Self. OS I WSS going off. After I got
1 1 1 M I . i 1 1 ' iiia xcuuxu e v v. . , "-
heartless, cool, calculating and fiend- back, I said it was terrible the way
ish murderers, who ever cursed the that young man was killed at War
state with his presence. rensburg. Billy said he hadn t heard
' his anrioH thP. P.hanter OI Q1SC10S- ui u auu aoncu vumo xx ,
ures until May 10, when ?.a'i,n0; h&J,f k.
mnp TRIAL I Oteiuie to ivauaaa viuy. xjuij suuncu
Ar1lA1 Tn ilia nirnil if. rnnrt at me a little sack. It contained two
Worrpnuhnm. and resulted as follows : twenty dollar gold pieces and a gold
. , oi . ... I - tt :j i. 3 .
tu r. f nhac Hnmi tnn was nu?. ne aaiu ue wauieu uie w kivc
oiin .f Q oVlnnfe of that dav. W. tnese to nis gin my sister-in-iaw
W. Wood, prosecuting attorney, and Said he had borrowed $30 of her. I
a -d t .nrrart onnDorod fnr thp. state, turned the money over to Sheriff
onA TTnn R P. Snarks reDresented the Conner.
uuuv. -..r"-"- t - rpi .:i
defendant. Mr. Wood outlined tne oross-exammeu xuty simu uuw
PflP to the iurv. after which the lol- about y o'ciock. iiy wne is aeaa.
w?no. pvidPnnfi was offered bv the Died since they were at my house.
ii iu w . -v. - . . . . . 11 m
qiffprpnt witnPRSpq: one tooK sick on tne ionowing ues-
ULUW&XU .. . I ... -.. T 1
Charles shields. day. JBiuy aian c say wnere ne got
wQ nraVpmftTi on a freight on the money. When he left he had a
II -J - CD I - .
AfQn ai Was Rtandincr on the gold watch. He had a silver watcn
JJU(U.V1X n I". . . ... -l
pilot of the engine. Saw a man on when he came bacfc. inarne naa a
the side ot the tracs: an cut to pieces, waiuu wiicu uu wamc v.B. w
We went back after taking the side had on a new suit.
foolr "Wntffifid Mr. Dixon. The jcuus gdkde
the Knew Carl Steidle. I am a machi-
licHU. Mao uu duo qj u.vw w. i -
rnV TTis limbs were on the track, nist. We worked m the same shop.
Saw a wound in the head, baw a
hirr wrpno.h. This was about
KJ 1
Keep a restaurant here. Saw de- n
fendant in my place oi business bun-
day night, March 30. Billy Hamil
ton was with him.
j. d. eads. I
Am a druggist. Saw' Billie Ham- f
ilton on Sunday night, March 30th.
He came to my drug store with an
other man and wanted a bottle of
wine ; I refused to sell it.
Live at Centerview. Defendant
was at my restaurant about 3 o'clock
Monday morning with another person
whom I have seen in custody of offi
cers. Tke'y wanted liquor and break
fast. They ate cake and crackers.
They cursed over the breakfast ; the
little fellow ate heartily. The othe?: 'i
did not eat. He had money, kefa '
and trunk checks in his hands.
I am a Missouri Pacific freight con- f
ductor. Defendant, accompanied by
another man, rode'to Kansas City on
Morch 31st on my train from Center- i
view. They drank considerably.
Hollzneak, of Kansas City, testified
he traded a suit of clothes with de-
fendant on about the first Monday in &
April and sold him a watch. They f
had two ten dollar bills. Billie done k
most of the trading. Witness identi-1
fied Hamilton's clothes and watch as I
the ones sold by him.
Live at Kansas City. Have known
Hil Hp. two vpars. Saw defendant and
Billie about noon Monday, March 31.
Went to my house after dinner ; had'j
their baggage brought up; defendant
sold a revolver. (Witness identified
the truuk.) They left my house
Tuesday afternoon ; defendant had
on a new suit when he left my house.
Am book agent ; knew defendant
at Simmons' house till Sunday, March
30th ; next saw him on train ; I no
ticed a change in his countenance ;
he had on a different suit from that
in which I had seen him ; Hamilton
shook hands with me and asked me
to have a cigar ; there was a woman
with him ; noticed him showing a
watch ; he had a roil oi pape
monev ; he told me not say any- j
thing to Mr. Cottrell about his 3
going through town: I told Mr
Russell of my suspicions, and he took
me to Sedalia with him, where we,
with four policemen, arrested them ;
saw him searched ; had on him 13.
45. a watch and chain ; found a
cocked revolver in their bed.
Made arrest Wednesday night
about 11 : 30 o'clock. Mr. Baldwin
had told me about a woman being
with them. We laid the case before
the Sedalia police: we found out
where their room was ; put a guard
to watch the room and continued the
search over town ; we received notice;
that they had gone to their room ana
Mr. Gossage and I went to the roonf
We roomed together ; had two beds
in the room. (Witness identified the
in.S We were ffome west. The watcn as tne one similar ro one ui
w. that, had riABsed was a passenger Steidie's) Steidle had two watches.
going east. We met it at Montserrat. Here a trunk was brought into court
rfru ua tog Tn tno dppn nut between and unlocked. witness laenunea
lilt; uuu V v?o f' I - .
the wacon and foot bridges, east oi several aruuiea m iue uuun
WorroTiohnrcr dennt. The wrench oropertv or aeceasea.
I IIH 11 Ul.XUkJ'MiM Ik w - I JA, VvVV SI
was west of the body. The court room was densely packed id toid them t0 open tne
a T - X Af LWm. I
WILUAM divers. during tne exammauon oi me uuu- Billie 0pened door ; 1 told him to
Am a freight brakeman. Saw the tents of the trunk and as the witness gtrike a light . te did so ; told them I
bodv outside of the rail. Saw the took out article alter arucie anuiueu- had come after tnem that thef
wrench. (Witness identified the tifaed them as tne property oi uis were cbarged wjtn mUrder; hemadej
wrench as one similar to the one ne muraerea menu auu ruum mate tuc atrange 0f that ; told Uharne to get
coW 1 The wrench was in the center people appeared intensely interested. bis pistol was in bed ;
rfnfmnV. IK re-direct examination another flna t walked to the bed
Cross-examined Live in Sedalia. trunk was here brought in and opened foun(f revolver cocked ; asked Charlies'
Never saw defendant before. The and witness identified many articles how he jad mae it. He said by
- '.. I . 1 - A .-I.t1 M I 1 .til -1 il
bodv was cut in two below tne nips: as oeionging lu otwuie. xma wiuun. x d0n't propose to taiK. joj
joseph dixok. contained a large number ot tne topis 313.45 and watch and chain otf
Am night watchman m Warrens- of deceased who was a macnimsi. Charlie. We brought them to VVari
iena u and it gPeras probabie that the fiend
hOPing VOU Will nub lUUK uuwu uu uic r -
because of the falsehood I have told diabolical work.
before the truth was out. 1 am sorry Hamilton motive.
I ever had to lie to you, but circum- Ifc wouid aDpear to the casual ob
.11. J i. i Li'm I , , .
stances compeueu iubiuuubu. -. pprvfir that Hamilton could have no
- . n r t 1 -1 j 1 r 1
give me. I ask trom the tun aeptn or -ble motive for poisoning Mrs
mv heart, whicn is quite Droaen. Masai mann. but there is an ulterior
vou will stand by me now, though I whipi, is at once annarent when
have done wrong, it will be a great ,j tlje act3 are known. Mossimann
help to me and consolation to know Qwng a lot and a neat uttle residence
that 1 nave some one wuum a. Qn prospCt street. Jiiver since
rely upon, and if ever I can repay Hanuiton became intimate with the
vnn for the assistance that you render ra- hvrMsnn of his heW a nrc-
J ... aX. 1 l i""JJ -V O
me, I will repay you if it is the last spective relative on account of his
thing I do on this earth. I must engatyement to Miss Lefler, he has
humbly beg your meuuauip auu endeavored to persuade Mossimann to
assistance for the coming trial. sell the property, ostensibly for the
1 ours, most humbly, purpose of purchasing a more eligible
I remain, reBpectfuUy, t on which to buUd, but in reality,
Oharies Hamuton. ifc fa nQW believed, that he might
Ui course aunng me umc puuw
sentiment was greatly wrought up
" --e-- -r j n i
rftJnn itn t.hAhiRfnrv nf ot the monev accrueu irom lub am
the self confessed murderers continued In order tot the sale might be more
with moderate zeal on the 16th of readily effected Hamilton, who is a
April this additional painter and a good one painted the
1 mxATxrro nv horrors house inside and out and also made a
fnaf.hfld nronGededit. handsome sign, "For Sale wh-ch
It was supposeed until yesterday now adorns the front fence. Mrs.
that all of the facts in connection with Mossimann strongly objected to the
tno mnrdpr of Carl Steidle, who was sale of her little home, to which she
killed by Charlie and Billie Hamilton, had become attached, and the plans
- . -r. I m, . I UI I . r- it .. 11 K r J
Lvnch Saw the wrench. It was inis witness was a wriuau uuuuic d wanted to see Mr. VJottreii. flira
west of the body. xii3 iimos were to apeah. xju-nau quu xu.. u- 0ttrell went to see mm, out xuuut
cut all to pieces. We carried the ver acted as her interpreter. She n0 promise to him to induce himfj
a M I . a Mn I vvv r" Iir . u m- mm w . I I TT. I a 1 II I 1 I ft I 1 ' J
boav to tne aemu uu . uvjttiu. nucn v-. u.w. conress. ij
VjrU2ci-Atuiiuttiiuu - - - J JJ.C1 C LliO v miwww.w - i
Hamilton as a Porter at Simmons' he started west, she saw him. The Hamilton made before the coronerj
house. Knew him two or tnree two namiuons uamu tu uei uuuac, rury was 0fl6red ana reaa in eviaeiice i
the Wednesday after tne &unaay sne n AtfPTJ, from defendant were the
IIWWU. I . .- I ... .
last saw bteidle. rao A addressed to Mr. Mcliili, al
Witness here identified manv arti- i nAA roosor tn Mr. T. .TT dot
TTpld- inauest- Completed mque3t nyno rtr nintWnor Pt.r . fmm the minks
A - , .... -y-, X I ItO VI v.vuMo, 7 I Tell. f
Thursday alter the killing. Examined th Dr0liertv of Steidle.) She did cur;ff pngSGn being recalled, said
- . 1 1 1 I I v - l w w. a
j M -4 a rrrr ma i kt mm wu i i . i a i a r i . v n i
srouna : uunueu uwu t spp the r,riSoner at mat ume. ;nt ftir innnest toot detenaan'.
-. foi i u: i . i uu xxifu .
- - . . T T I - I LU KJCUIVlJCk , wjv
tobacco, baw indications oi oooy Charles had on a suit of gray when at jim Butler's in Kansas City
navmg oeea urasScu v... h ief t mv emolov ; ne naa aiso over- Qftli hp left Steidie's overcoat a
J . l w" -
ct i la vv npn i HHw iiiiii ii a uau i i Knnooin onmiR. suiici lit i hvh
r n ri i i 11 rwiiii i a. & m a r- r. 3 t i r i wwiai 1 i
I AJtV t w
I had charge of the racmc Mutual nnuv Tn former conversation wit
teleeranh companv. About a month mfi i,a told me that the wat
hnnso sicrnt'fi niiiits. l u ao uaicu i hn riiri . rnaro wnmn hiiii 1 1 i w ii ii:
uwv.ww, I UIU , iu"w " ' x r-
- . i . vb'&.a r i in . m Bill -lull i n . a i i i a wi
.1111 II 3 1. lllt.i:! A w ' lir III" Mil F 1 r. 1 r"V uux I . w m u
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once, wim me iu -""o" I tne truns at oim duuci a in xvnua
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about 9 o'clock Monday ; was told t WOnld : found coat and vest at Mi
Hamilton had gone to nansas uity.
Fjiva at Montserrat: saw two
strangers get off the train Sunday,
March 30th. Have seen one of the
men since ;
First saw body at depot. Left leg
was cut off .below thigh, left arm below
the elbow.
There was a wound on the left side
of the head, indentation in the skull.
Skull was not fractured. It might have
been made by the wrench before me.
This is blood now on the wrench.
Had body exhumed Thursday and
held inquest.
Am sexton at cemetery. Heard
that a strange man had been found
dead on the track. Was a member of
the coroner's jury. I buried the body
had a box made. Exhumed the body
Thursday. Defendant saw the body.
Know the defendant. Keep the
Simmons hotel. Said he was a stone
cutter, hunting for work. He asked
for breakfast. Said he wanted to stay
with me till spring. I employed him.
He was there three weeks. Left me
on Sunday night ; on the same night
the body was found. He left with a
man he introduced a3 Billie Hamilton
Holtzmark's and revolver
Hunker's in Kansas City,
s. BUBY.
Keep Leroy house in Sedalia sa
Jllll-ft 111 1 . I 'II I Z L J
: . r . defendant at my nuusts xuesuav uiguj
saw mm m charge or . . atnVi nTl t TH
I h III I I XU J kvv awav a am
officers. They call him Billie Hamil
ton. The man I saw with Billie Ham
ton was dark complexioned, light
mustache. Hamilton went m the de-
DOt. said he got otl at the wrong
place ; let's walk it. They started up
the track.
Joseph Morley testified similarly to
J ITT' j !
crovft me an uveruuu nut
identibed overeoac.
Here state rests.
The prisoner the only witness ft'
i , i if i
the dfitence consumea aDout a naiLj
hour in relating the details oi
VX -
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