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Full Particulars of Their Exe-cution-Their
Last Words
and Acts.
How they Hunted Heaven
from the Hangman's
Rope To-day.
CI ' .M4.;-Rnn IT
firs are oiueu uiuoaxxj
gleaming swords and bayonets from the
wDi Anr tn the vehicle. Fifteen min
utes later Sheriff Russell appeared, with
the prisoners in charge of the deputies, and
made his way to tne carnage, mejr .luuuw-
muffled by
his frame
er b
Charlie, his roice
ho nminnns black can,
tmhlinr-with emotion, continued to pray. ftt. Pa was
His last words were: "Before God 1 m Q , . nftrnnera verdict, rendered room
innocent of this crime." "And so am i, , Theu thJg tbere.
V - " 1 .V. I Amrnca
the general opinion. Kussell nd Gossage found the tot he h.d console money
tne general . w.mntonB were not Stiedle said that he wanted to go
not Stiedle said that he wanted to go
Hamilton informed him that
Iw m wv
the street was to be a ball he had a iriena x yv arreuauu uu
' 1 A 1
came irom me omer oue. - m. .vrn,j AVflr the Across the Street; was to ue uaii lie uau "H " -r ,
At 11:35 a. m., Shexm liusseii, ki? uu - PerhaDS thev would come suggested that they go to tnat pace
large hsnd-axe, raisca h aiou, mnu - ana. -o , pnn together and from there tne three
th words "Bots may the Lord have mer- kit led BY THE CARS. to the ball or go to meir ruuw. Suw
tneworas, xxjs uibj w ju ,u I KHitD ux iat, v,ai. o th f wnnld po west.
rv on vour BOMB J lei luau, ve"UK a Worronahnnr Anrll 1 An UU- iuc uuiucio wusunv,- ' 0 i TX,:ua
?Lio ihPtwnthe Hamiltons and l WarrensBurg, P1 r . Qfnv, whn- not an officer for In accordance with Hamilton a
ruuc i.ua t I i m AnnnA!an m nu k iiiiiii i kiuu &i n m wvu P i i it
.JSr him it the HamlltoM knew all the officers, suggestion, he and n mum iei.
rope that lay
When ttie Orop leuine -rr- .oo nnrrlofl in
hrouehthe Hoor, and forstTeral seconos morning, xna uuuj
;nf motion was perceptible in either of the most terrible manner making H
them ; then they began to twirl around and inp0Ssible to recoguize him."
some time early yesterday
I . t 'a 1 1. (J.. Wott eiranintt TAT
At the station was ttiis cny iaat
a young man. WarrensDurg. J.ney gou uu Qu
He was trnstv, but had been unfor- Montserrat, Hamilton pretending
Full History Of the HorriDle -1Dg him. Charley was in front and step
Murder for WMcH tbey p W iM.
Died. his guard. The line of marcn was
then taken up, the canalcade moving nortn
XTAn-ry otrcot in PinP nd thence West
I ujj XIU'UU OkWbk v J. -w ,
Thrilling Account of tne Searcn to the piace 0f execution. On the way the
A-Pf o-nrl n-ntlira OI loliowing conveibauuu ucuu
nnnrlpmned men:
the Fiends. 0 HUch levity.
uaA trw lv steadied bT those above.
The coroner, Dr. V. V. Smith, then
came forward, and examined their pulses,
as follows:
Charlie Hamilton, at the end of one min-
u te, pulse 60.
Two minutes, 50.
Three minutes, 80.
Four minutes, 120.
Five minutes, 140.
Ten minutes, 100 and very irregular.
Dead in twelve and one-half minutes.
Billy, at end of one minute, 46.
Two minutes, 72.
Three. minutes, 100.
Four minutes, 108.
Five minutes, 72.
Six minutes. 100 and very fluctuating.
Light pulse until ten and oHe-half min
tunate. He was a tramp, and was ar
" that he thought they had reached
Billy was laughing and making
The Wild Excite ment an d the guard surrounding them, and
n vv ixu. , n h eniovins himself immensely.
Threats Of Lynching at mUBt be a pleasure ride,"
fun of
Charlie;-, "you had better be thinking of
your fate."
"Ah." said Billy, "that is not troubling
How the Brave Officers Saved "SXTT&j-
the Prisoners irom moo Charlie, in a solemn tone.
rpv, nnnffiseion. Trial, Conviction
Mv 1
Sentence and Execution.
"I am better prepared than you. Are
you prepared to die?"
"1 want you," said Billy, after a short
ntiBP. durincr which both were looking
out of the carriage window, "to make a
statement on the gallows and tell tne trutn
about this matter."
"You had better do that yourself," re
plied Charlie, il have nothiDg new to
TTptp Sheriff Kussell interposed andbeg-
eed them to remember the occasion, and
i .1 tir i
nnt RtiPnn tneir iaai aaii-uuut uu
earth in vituperation and sinful quarrel
The Last Scenes.
The law of the land, just and inexora
ble, has been vindicated, and the Hamil
ton's, the savage and brutal slayers of Carl
Steidle, are men in memory only. Noth
ing remains but their bodies in the Potter's
field, and the memory of their crime. That
this is right, no man in the great state of
Missouri, having any value for his life,
can doubt. The law says, "an jiye for an
eye," and the law is satisfied. The lives of
these two men were not taken in revenge,
but for the example of those who would
follow in their footsteps. The execution is
a warning alike to the robber and the
drunkard, for to these two evils do they
owe their death.
was taken bv the condemned men, "Wil
liam nd Charle3 Hamilton, on Thurs
day evening, from Sedalia to Warrensburg,
of Sheriff H. H. Russell and his
deputies. They were taken from the jail
here at 3 o'clock and thence to the depot,
where the first passenger train was wait-
inpr. A laree crowd of people was present
to witness their departure, and it was with
difficulty that the sheriff made his way to
the car. On the road to War
rensburg they chatted pleasantly
with their guards, Charlie, the
while smoking a cigar. The two prisoners,
although chained together, had very little
to say to eaeb. other. Just oetore tne tram
reached Warrensburg, and
they alighted and walked to the Simmons
Sheriff Russell trying thus to
thwart the crowd which had assembled at
the depot. In this he was unsuccessful,
and was met, long before he reached the
hotel, by the excited and tumultuous mass
of humanity. They swarmed around him,
blocking his way, trying to get a sight of
the prisoners. Once at the house, the
howling mob could not go through its
walk, and the condemned men were safe
from public gaze. They both ale a hearty
supper, and seemed remarkably light
hearted. In their rooms were the death
watch and their spiritual advisers, and
not until near midnight did they try to
sleep. Charlie slept soundly until 5
o'clock, but Billy was restless, and arose
shortly after 4 o'clock. He dressed him
self neatly, and busied himself until break
fast in reading and chatting to those
around him. At the hour named Charlie
arose, and kneeling by his bedside
tn God for the reception of his
soul and the forgiveness of his sins,
heir breakfast consisted of chicken, ham,
friftd efs. potatoes, bread and coffee. Of
this Charlie ate heartily, drinking two
r.nns of cofiee. and smacking his lips in ev
ident relish of the repast. Billy was more
dainty, scarcely touching anything, and
sipping his coffee in a listless, absent
minded way. During the day a boy
bought and sent to Charley a fine water
melon. Charlev ordered that it "be cut in
two and one-half sent to Billy, at the same
timp offering it as a peace-offerine. and
with the request that it be received as such.
Billy acceded to this, but said it went
"strongly against the grain ; don't much
like to, but wm nave to xorgive mm.
At 10:15 a carriage and the body-guard
nf armed men arrived at the entrance to
the hotel, the guards surrounding the car
riaee and forming a doable column of
- "
. . i i r rni. r nnn n woo
i i. their destination, lmsuiwuiac
. tear. ."BT A for a Dune. From Monster-
Two young men were standing on educated, tne c qr uau myi "Tiw tn Warrensbure. ar-
. . t a -AT L-. f i L- W A 1 V "V I I d. 1j L11U I II AVN v - " U'
riving there about dark. Hamilton
at once introduced Stiedle to his
friend, Charles Hamilton, and then
taking the latter aside, tola mm mat
the stranger had money and wanted
the depot platform. With them stood to do some writing while he waited
a woman, a courtesan. iue juuug news iruui ui ycuic
Innk of disaDa- wealth v. He knew the Hamiltons.
1111.11 O A UVJ tww -w - 4. I - J
tinn hut otherwise bore evidences of They would employ him.
intelligence. uE'res your Times." They came back. The young man
1 1 A II l,v l?HJn' of WorronC. I mna CDT1 1 t fi tliR flfipfiei he sat bv a
burg" shouted a newsboy. The two window, looking out on to theHamil- go Charies Hamilton
men shuddered oerceptably. Their tons room. Nine o'clock, ten o'clock The cupid ity ol onanes
r .1 -1 j t 1 1 uh m 1 iiii-.n muuaw.
eyes meet. One of them beckonea passed, they am not come, raeve. T- - fi h t
to the boy whom he gave a nickle and o'clock struck, still no one, but hark ! ed, lhat is too
took from him a paper nervously. He Two young men are walking up tne -
Monppri nver itc columns, his face re- street. They stop in iront 01 me the murder and robbery
laxed into a peculiar smue.
steps and look up. It is dark, you 11T1Hii?nectin
t. their features. They con- was planned. The , spec?
.Wi. "Its all right I guess BiHy," he T dmarl was then decoyed into a
They wire cut down in twentr-one min- said, handing the paper to his com- ersein a ww tone, im a ey o , t near the town, and upon ar-
m-ftnh 11 n the steps enter tne room anu a time ---r mQa
ine watcner ovei tuc nj pjnlrmtr nn a heaw
fromhisseat,yawns8leepilyandsays, or toof me. Wkmg P W
utes and placed in plain pine dffins stained pani0n and pointing to a paragraph, up the steps enter the rooman
the color of walnut. , , As he spoke his eyes wandered to the a light. It is the Hamiltons.
The comns were lasen cnarge ui ui
nAn "R T.annnm. the citv sexton, and
VJiC" 1 . . 7. . r.' 1 . I -t
i,n0H tft.Hnv in tb.R Fotters neia. mem.
The Dr. Lee, of Pleasant mil, wno od- He caiiea uuiy, gianceu ai tue iwa-
tainpd -DermiBsion from UUly to appiy tli cruess so he said.
electricity to his dead body, failed to ap- Qm aQ back tQ Sedalia?" Said
pear, but telegrapnea onerm .iwu
hold the body lor mm, wmcn tni geuuc-
man refu8d to do. "1 ea, said 13illy.
M k o p.n rpnnrtor after the ex- Among those who had gazed upon
naa CCCU J j j-'-aw w 1 . . . .
ecution. and asked now ne leit. me mangieu uuuy iu mc ucuu .1
"Tt war a solemn affair." said Henry tiill fine featured gentleman. He was
"and I am glad that it is over with.' countv sheriff. His name H. H.
"Had you any sympatoy ior me Doys i , , . fl bufcsaid noth-
"YPR. 1L Was UUl iu suuiv
riving there, the bloody deed was
TISeS COLULUILLCU. rriuixuuw r "
track wrench which lay near, Chas.
it 1 mnat on Tfi nea. 1 - ..
j. uumv 1 w I tt '1 a J 14- U4-irLrlla O ruiwOrili 1
He goes out onto the street then he til
, and hurries to the station, mow ,'r
"But how
your part
"I kept the memory
Whpn the urocession arrived at the
ground, considerable difficulty was experi
enced in forcing a way lor the carnage
throuerh the immense throng of people. It
is estimated that 15,000 people were pres
ent, all trying to get a position near the
guard line, in order to hear what might be
said, and the task of making one's way
through the ranks was no easy one letting
olnno tViP. narriasre and fiftv soldiers on
fnnf . The Hamiltons stepped from the car
rinpp. to the erround. and so far as a casual
observer could see, ascended the steps of the
scaffold as if going to their own private
rooms. The scaffold was built so as to lace
the north, the trap near the north eage, the
steps from the south, and chairs placed
along the east ana west siaes. onarue,
passed to the east side and took the front
seat, facing the audience on the north.
Billy went to the left and took a seat.
They ere followed by Kev. Hermann, of
Sedalia; Sheriff Kussell, James Gossage
and others of the death watch. On ihe
scaffold, Mr. Russell stepped to the front
and spoke as follows :
" Gentlemen, I hope and trust you ai
realize the awful solimmty and terrible
responsibility of the proceedings about to
be enacted here, and observe that decorum
and reverence due an occasion so fraught
with the tragedy the law, made by man to
protect himself and society, has made neces-
rouses up, ananurriea 10 uusau&uuu. " -u-'u fWour himoelf
Eussel, Baldwin, Gossage and Mc- ground, after which he threw htmself
5 . 1 -. - l; nnMi hio victim and
Pher8on are there waiting ior mm.
"Well, says Mr. Kussell, as ne finished his murderous work
enters. , . . i
uThey are there" he replies. by choking the remaining spar ot
'Let us go," says Gossage. life out of the dying man. The two
They look at their revolvers by the fiends then riffled the person of the
eras licrht to see they are in order, dead man, taking his money, papers,
.uvu fil In a few moments and watch ana tne cneu
svmpathy for two young men thus cut off mg. He seemea to oe tninKing. iy uen " standing beneath the window baggage which had been sent to
f i;f tlior cnatrpaterl accident, he OmV . i-r...tt tt m tu on rlarof1 t.hft
miuBpiimcuiiu. vv, j - c--"--" . w nf the room where tne -tiamiitons are itkansas vuy. j-j r"r
did you manage 10 penorm shook his head. When tne jury gave Aps the street are the hodv across the railroad track and
XZXL their verdict, he J d Jto'" S&the woods about a mile
always before me, and never lost sight of ma neaci again rx " -3 hre e red handed murderers and and a half from the railroaa tracK,
the dead body of the poor German." depot and went to the hotel and sat ersDetween them stand the built a fire and burned up all of the
effects of the muraerea man, euept
his valuables. The watch they
Howshall we proceed ?" says Eus- SgJjSS
j. r
"Quiet and easy is best," replies and saw tne express irum
Gossage. run over the body.
- "Who shall go upr asks Kussell. d ft mur.
"I will," says Gossage, and he tom tte bank
mounts the steps and knocks at the torn There th '
tn Kansas Ulty.
there?" asks Charles Ham t,nnt 'f
their victim, by presenting his bag
gage check, and after securing some
gold coin contained therein, it is sur
mised about 8 1 00, shipped the bag
case to Sedalia, they following on
"TVipn vnn hace no fear that vou have
executed innocent men?"
"T should sav not" replied the gentle
man, with an incredulous smile at
the reporter. uIf those two men
were not guilty, 1 never want
to see the back of my neck.
Half-minute examinations were made of
the pulses of the two men by Dr. "V. V.
Smith, coroner, assisted by Drs. J. M.
Ward, of Cornelia, Johnson county; J. F.
Eobinson, of Leeton, Johnson county ; G.
B. Hunt and James I. Anderson, of War
rensburg ; B. J. Fewell, of Odessa, and Z.
"R Adams. Thev all expressed some sur
prise that Billy should die first, Charlie
being so much the larger man. The drop
was the same on ooin ropes.
The workine of the trap was perfection
itself and reflected credit on its maker, Orl.
Stillwell, who made the traps through
which both Daniel and Davidson dropped
into the other world. The ropes were hatt-
an-inch in diameter, of new hemp, and well
oiled. The knot around Charlie's neck
bad to be cut before it could be taken on.
sary." . . . , ,
He then asked the iamiitons 11 mey nau
anything to say, and Charlie came forward
and said ;
Charlie's speech".
"TTind fellow creatures, vou all know
that T am doomed to die, and I die for an
AflTanna T hnvp never committed. You all
heard the evidence, which pointed out my
innocience. Although convicted, and with
the rone of the law around my neck, I am
standing here before God and man and as
sert that the blow I struck that man did
not cause his death. All know these tacts.
down in the office.
Presently the proprietor came in.
"Mr. Cottrell," said he, "where is
vnnr hired bov. I want my boots
J J 1 V
blacked ?"
"Charlie has left," said Cottrell
"Last night."
"I do not know."
"I do not know."
"With whom?"
"His brother."
"Where was his brother?"
"He came from Sedalia."
"Last night."
"With whom?"
"Who is
"Only me," replies Gossage.
t.Anrl vchn is me?"
'And who is me?
urinnri smrl see.
The door swings slowly on its
How are you Charlie?" says Jim,
"A stranger.
entering. "I want to see you a mm-
Billie, during and after, his confes-
.nfl renuested
ute on business. 0.;flf -d,,! fn apnd
Billiy is setting on the bed. In Ins " r Caroline steidi-e.
1 "1 I li m- - I I n 1 rilXLiUXI
sv- nnnm coo it id rc n rprl I
find the three at him. domestic, requesting her to come
They were gone. He went back' Mwme over uu uun- . the bod of her brother. Me
"Where is the stranger?"
"I do not know." "Why do you
ask?" hand is a cocsea revolver f fa deceasedj at Erie,
"Because" Mr. Russell got up and sage does not seem to see it is pomwu lvania where she is employed
went out. He tried to find the three at him.
rA"A1Vi" men. xuey were guue. weuuuiu; 7 T, oava and get the body ot ner Drotner. -tie
There are those who believe the life and looked at the corpse. The train to ask you something, ne says to ala0 sked for wrjting materials, and
of the newspaper chronicler a cease- came in. A gentleman got off. He Charlie. "Leave the door open its te fetter to the gfcter of the mur-
less round or gay pleasure ana exciu- knew Mr. Kusseu ana spoxe to mm. wo wmw i , . man Tne epl3tie is written m
ment-apath strewn with roses and They talked of the dead man. Then As Charlie osfth0 Gflrs a bold and legible hand, and is ad-
with fpadt:. frnli'ft and free L t.WnaR. sage turns to tne oea. neno: are nTT0lnne to "Miss
UCUilcu nu J vx vvw a-- I - . , -n:i1 J Tm,t UrebStJU UiJ. two .vr- .
passes, and these same people wonder ccBy the. way said the stranger, you here too xmy. ,;, Mfc "Utt Steidle, servant girl, Erie,.
he is so callous, so hard-hearted, wnen saw iir. uottreirs bell boy on tne aomg wuu tuut Pennsylvania. Following is a verba
ls iiiihprRtelv nen the mo3t cruel trnin vectrdav- He was m company "I did not know who it was, re- j
ilO vw.ww j r - - .." j 7 . I -r..it I 11 LU UUUV
Tc nllnwmnn ( nil ri thfiV mith nnnfhormnn. Thev had ft woman DlieS JDlllV.
tUlUJiO Wl ww. J niuu ' J .I I . . , J T 1
Ut l,rtw hrmr hia henrt aches when with thpm find nn d herfare tO Seda la. "Well, PUt lt-UOWH, X am uuig- jyiisa ivarouna 0(ute .
(JUU nuvil uvu I iiiiu vuw- l - I . . i
nfv f.n nn inexorable public and an Thev seemed to have plenty of lar." My Lady There is no language
exacting master compels him to m0ney." "But what do you want b Avhich i could express fuUy my
delve into the secret sorrows of the "I just heard Charlie had quit and "Not to fight, but if you do not grief and sorrow since I knew myself
heart the law has doomed to extermi- when the train reached Sedalia, he Billy laid down the pistol upon the a certain Charles Hamdton was your
I am prepared to die, and hope to meet yon alion an(j turning a deaf ear to the tr0t off. pillow, and as ne aia so, xvubaen, brotner knocked down witn an iron
11 t A c- fin A oknxro bnnwG H ... ... . . .iA:i : 11 P . I "DIIttt. o nrl IXfol'prn entered the l .I Tinrr rlPflfl YPt. lain
mi in uezLvcu. wuu wj i i.n,iinn run i-ifiini iir 111 ixil i at skiiai.u. i lioiuniu uv& .a. w n ir M.1111 niici hj u vu r i
the statements I have made are true. Let I ld.bloodedness that being's ,rof.e1lol cW. WM stnndincr on the room, having slipped quietly up the acrogs the rails of the railroad tracks
his be a. warning 10 you Vttlsc . . 7 . i. i,0 I J o - u ofono nml ftn?sa?e going to the bed Lf ft,rt AHccnn Pao. fic. so as to be
atform. He went up ana suuuh. -tj , . p , a j.. - ' .
onvicted and perhaps repentant cul- drawn his wages," said Kussell. put it aown, we mu uvc w u uilty of mg compucaieu iu tuc v
and pen in ail its tern oie neuiuus- "(jooa oye, tne tram ia gomg. ja w tempt 10 aui J . ?
n i Cfn;ia Tifr thp. rmip-isn hand of
niin nn th in w iii r v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' i r iyiiwwuii hi ii ui u i ii i Liir: ii i. i.ai l i iniiir i jiti n mi i iij. w w - w
he has brought me to. False friends will be tbat ifc may, it becomes the t tQ tbe station house.
eet vou into irouoie. x uupe
O II u
member me. ioa oiess you an. - , u:.t f o tprrihlp nrima ... n
Billy then arose and spoke in broken w-uay uuc uiaivy " , I , Utonr saiu xuisieu.
English as follows: ana its consequeuuca, uuu U6
"n innocence 1" so and " nothing extenuate or auguu
fitWn of the assemblv.mv friend, set down in malice."
..ll T nn oorih hsR hPn fcilled. and the A GHASTLY APRIL FOOL.
. i -r
Billy "to be my friend, and you see what the reporter a little less harshly. But b d witb bim They walked up picked up the Pisi:
'J -l I. TToic- f;or.fl . . -a. UnA.nne Mm ..... itPhorlpcs nnfi Willi
believed this man" pointing to misdeeds, they might perhaps judge piatform
r 7 .1 U I . . 2. 1 J 1 Inpc Viorelihr Kilt. I f
rltn mm. jlucv wameu up i r 1
i,..rt "CharJ
xii - wi'ii ii ii i iiiiii r .
into trouble. I hope you will re- , f thpTlAnn renorter to give . rr,n TTm. vou are my prisoners said bnenn
M W W I V W - " ' I 1
Charles and William Hamilton,
inrv found me euiltv of .the crime. Cir- T?,Ur n tho mnrnintr nf Anril 1.
J . " . . J. I JJjiil 1 V V4 UUO AASA. .-A.A0 w- - J
lv I mnrt die. He" LCharlie "hs con- 1884, as a workman was nnrrymg w
Si.Tbtt , ndeJen. I n not euilty. his labor along the Missouri Pacific
- . .i i;t I .1 i x I 4-Vn nut ot nnor it
t V.OTTQ mnriP mflnT mmtaKes in mv liie - rqi rnnn Lraus iu luc uuu juai wou vx.
all men commit errors, bpt I would not "VVarrensburg, he suddenly came upon a German.
kill a man. m ine ecienusiB woum iub eliastiy object which lay m his path.
-i1!1 fhpthrofb1 Itgwas aytorn and mutUated body of
"Haye heard of him," said Shy.
"Where is her
"I do not know, he left here Satur
"Did he return ?"
"Not that I know of."
"Who went with him ?"
"A man who worked at the shops,
"For what?" said Charlie.
nn fhiQ warrant cnargmg vuu
U.. .W 4J tf v
SirUCEI UV lUal iudu noo uouau v. . . 3
ouul,a J , , r I . !,.!,. mhnpnh nnritrfano onn
v whi i did was tnrou2U iear 01 a numau ueiut: nfuuacmuuuj
utaiui ' - . . I . , ..(. -1 .
him, and I loved my own life. He would staring eyes though still in aeatu
nave Kiuea me as uc uiu Cppmen m anneal lo iiiui jlul duuuuu
"I want to find Hamilton.''
"What for?"
"I believe he is a murderer."
"Is he here?"
"I heard so."
"We will see."
Shortly after Sheriff Russell, his
- t i fit
He held him down on the rail and made moment the laborer stood
me get away, x am now uim tu u, uu hnrrnr. Then recover-
face death like a man." ,V;",-W ZII'a t.T " T? T?Mnrin. Marshal Shv.
mi., x 1 lf Toilet WQtT Uaprmfitnn nrf Ilimcpl v HP naSLUt:U UlUh. LU LUC ucuuur, " 1
i thp fiprman ianpnai?e. onH tiri hi etnrv. Soon thrones Officers James Gossage, Mcpherson
and at its conclusion Billy rose and took a ,Lonip hptran fn-nasadown the rail- and McGhee, sat m the marshal s
seat, while Charlie remained kneeling and -mfr crowa attended ofiice. Wliat they said was kept
SanllM where the remain's lay and gad in g
the condemned men took leave of those &We. The coroner came, with him for the Hamiltons and the woman,
around them, shaking hands with all on were men with a stretcher. The poor It was found they had been at the
the platform and then with each other. TOnQ tpnrierlv lifted to Lerov House, but had been sent away.
While their hands were clasped, Charlie & ctrnno- arms carried it Then it was learned the woman had
o vou forgive me?" to the depot. A jury was summoned, gone to the country. Officer McGhee
civ?-V?JSTfi- ThQ hp fnwn name and looked at followed her and found her.
JL C3, SB1U JJliiT. JLUb iUUw wvw ... , , . . .I
"Thank God lor thatl" ejaculated Char- tbe corpse. but each shook their head "Yes," she came to town with the
lie. They were then fnjLPfi Thev knew him not. Hamiltons she said, "Billy had a
placed on the trap, WAC TTTK old. old story. roomon East Fifth street. It was up
facing north, their lees and arms pinioned, a -- stranger : a bottle of a pair of stairs, went up from the out-
thp nrWkes adiusted. the niacK caps put ont u: . r, an oir?p nf thp riwelhncr."
wn and
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crushed to death by the weight of the
train. He completed this most cruei
job of slaughter the much easier as he
kept me by the point of his revolver
from preventing him.
PWive me. I beg. for not having
with murder," replied tbe sheriff. sacrificed my life for your poor brother
"All right" said Charlie. q&ti Dllt believe me that man scared
i-. - r- t l,-f ;B ftmf 9" a oat a "Rillv . -i ft . ?v 1 T ovnonf
iVLUrUUr. lYliau 13 uutu. UTV. thp itannr OILS ilCttllY. www
"You will know soon enough," 1 1 0 frpfraBtice done me by the jury of
said the snerin, anu tue puauucia
were conveyed to the station house
where they were assigned separate
cells, and the young man who had
..." M i.V.
watched for their coming iruin iue
ball room, was assigned to see they
had no correspondence with each
other. The next morning they were
put upon the train and taken
to have their preliminary examina
tion. But notwithstanding, the chain
nf evidence was so weak, there were
few who could believe their guilt
would be proven, and many con
tinued to condemn shena Kussell ior
his wild suspicions. On arriving at
Warrensburg, the prisoners were kept
stxenouslv apart, and closely ques
tioned. Unfortunately for them they
talked. Their stories, were contradic
tnrv thev wove a web whose tissues
entangled them. At last Billy broke
Tn substance, he said :
He became acquainted with the
Pi; mn.
Neuralgia, i
Solatioa, Lumbago,
Sennits, Cuts, Brulut,
And all other bodily chM
nd pftint.
Sold by aU Dratttato and
Deftlen. DirecUon In U
Thi ChirlW A. Veftr t-
CNwhhh t a. voama a .)

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