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SJ'iffgyu Ut BAZOO
PQv, Including Sunday, per year f 10 00
KDasy edition, per year. : 250
Weekly, 52 numbers, per year.......... 1 QO
DfkQy, delivered, per week. 35
Segularty nroplled at 2 cents pr oopy.
All subscriptions payable in advance, and
TUcontinued at the end of time paid for.
Remittances may be made by draft, money
rder or registered letter, at our risk. Give
toftefflce address in full, inclining state and
Jcnfcy, add address
Sedalia, Mo
TUESDAY, JULY 15, 1884.
A telegram -which was Teceived in
this city yesterday contained the an
nouncement that Fourth Vice-President
A. A. Talmage had severed his
connection with the Missouri Pacific,
and takes charge of the "Wabash to
morrow. The news was received with regret
by both officials and employes of
the road in this city, as will be seen
by a perusal of interviews with them
in another column.
Not only is he the ablest railroad
man in the western country, but one
whose influence has gone abroad and
brought him commendation "all
along the line."
Self made, having mounted by slow
degrees to the success which he has
won, ne is a man to whom even the
masses attribute qualities which mark
greatness and to whose indomitable
energy and zealous perseverance no
man high or low but must give hearty
recognition. When he first grappled
with the Missouri Pacific, disor
ganization and other greater difficul
ties met him at the outset, but like
an able general, he managed his
forces until to-day, perfected, finish
ed, the road is a model of strength,
power and financial success.
The Wabash will have a good
manager, a man whose ability has
been "tried and not found wanting,"
and one in whose list of cardinal
virtues there is no such word as fail.
That the democaacy have done well
in choosing Grover Cleveland of New
York as their standard bearer, is best
proven by the character of the oppo
sition witli wnich he was and still is
conironted. That a man should be
chosen to represent the principles of
true and honest democracy, or for
that matter the true and honest
principles of any party having the
welfare of the country and people at
heart, who could consort in or find
a congenial element with such men as
compose the Tammany hall clique, or
adhere to Ben Butler, is the height of
absurd imagination, as well seek for
an ishmailite who would surrender his
life for love of his fellow men, as well
seels in the bottomless depths of hades
for an angel of light and purity. That
Grover Cleveland is not of these, but
of that higher class of statesmen
patriots arid broad minded class whose
countries Ood and the welfare of its
people are to them over and above,
any personal end, or tie of kindred or
friendship, is well evidenced by he
bitter hostility of Tammany by the
secret, but active opposition of Butler
and disrabble of unscrupulous followers,
by the haste with which a venal and
paid partizan associated press en
deavors to suppress the truth of the
grand and spontaneous enthusiasm
awakened by the announcement of
his victory over corruption and
political trickery. And it is again
evidenced by the unanmity with which
good men, irrespective of party,
grown tired of the long reign- of
thievery, jobbery and cruel deception,
hasten to recognize in him a fit leader
to bring about its overthrow. Of
course Mr. Cleveland will have to
run the gauntlet of their vile slanders
and assassin like innuendoes. But
his character is spotless as his record
is elear, his courage as indomiftble
as, his principles are fixed, his energy
is quick anfr strong as his principle
is unyielding, and the end will be not
only to rally to his support every
better element of society but a great,
grand, sure victory of right over
might, reform over corruption, and
prosperity over collapse.
So sure as the Ides of November
shall come will Cleveland like the
conquering Css3er be able to exclaim
"Veni Vidi Vici."
If the men who believe that
democracy and democratic principles
are right, just and essential to the
welfare of the country expect to see
those principles triumph, they, must
do something to advance them. It is
not enough a man should have con
victions and talk them, he must act
them, live them, practice them, and
encourage others to do so. It is a
mistaken idea also, that because
Missiouri is a sure democratic state
all that is needed is to lie quiet until
election day and then quietly carry
the state. What would be thought
of a general, who having an army of
150,000 should allow 10,000 of them
to oppose alone an enemies army half
so large as his own, while he lay with
the bulk of his army idly secure.
Those who conquer must be aggressive.
If Missouri democrats desire to elect
their ticket they must be up and
stirring, let them organize and be
active, let Cleveland club3 dot the
land as leaves on the tree. Seeing
your activity will give heart to your
brethren in the weaker states, and
they will rise and strike and win with
you, lie idle and they seeing no enthu
siasm at headquarters will grow rest
less and disheartened and suffer defeat.
And now comes the Post-Dispatch
and being duly sworn, upon his oath
"We beg to apologize to our read
ers for having given place in our
news columns yesterday to a stupid
falsehood sent us by the associated press
from Chicago, to the effect that the
Cleveland majority in the New York
delegation were in consultation with
New York and Albany with a view
of withdrawing his name. Our suffi
cient excuse for publishing it is, that
in the pressure for time during a rush
of news we cannot undertake here to
pass on the truth of news iurnished
us from Chicago. We should like to
give the associated press the benefit
of the doubt regarding its honesty in
the matter, but, unfortunately, all the
evidence points the other way. It
was part of a little scheme to which
the associated pres3 has lent itself
only too freely during the convention.
No human being except the agent of
the associated press has heard any
thing of the withdrawal of Cleveland,
or of the existence of the Field boom,
or of anything indicating a desire on
the part of a great national conven
tion to award the presidency on a
basis of Western union lelegraph
And further deponent saith not.
From the celerity and promptness
with which the usual republican
editorials about the "democratic
blunders" and the "weakest candi
date" being chosen, one is led to
suspect they were not only written,
but set up previous to the nomination,
a space being left for the name of the
luckless candidate. They remind us
of the story of the big strapping
bully who threatened a timid quiet
little fellow with a thrashing! Well,
said the little fellow, I can stand it if
you can, for under any circumstances
you will get the worst of it. "How
do you make that out," said the bully,
"why replied the little fellow if you
try it I shall whip you if I can, and
if I do not I will get all the sympathy
and you all the blame for thumping
on one so much smaller than youself,
while if I succeed I shall be praised
for my pluck and you will be ever
lastingly disgraced ior letting so small
a man club you."
The latest libel on Butler is that
accrediting him with having said he
' 'would make a fair square fight for
the presidency and if defeated, would
forever go out of politics." It is a libel
so plain, however, and so contrary to
every principle of Butierism it can
do the "cock eyed son of destiny,, no
harm, because every one will know
it not to be true. Butler is no more
capable of making a "fair square fight"
for anything than he is of "going out
of politics," and he is as incapable of
going out of politics as he is of getting
a free pass to heaven on his past
record. When Ben Butler goes out
of politics it will be when the devil
gets him, and it would not be safe to
bet he won't get up a clique to try to
beat the old fellow out of the con
trolling voice in the affairs of Hades
when he gets there.
The nomination of Cleveland is a
death blow to any hopes may have
been cherished that Tammany would
support the democratic nominee, but
while it drives that undesirable ele
ment to its usual assassin like tactics.
It draws to democracy all the in
dependent vote of the republican
party and that clas3 who honestly
desire a reform for the sake of the
country and people.
Sedalia needs a young mens demo
cratic club will Messrs. Vest, Lane,
Steele, Longan et al see to it. It has
one before another Sabbath comes,
Cleveland your conquering leader
calls. Are you ready to muster, if
not when the enemy comes and sur
prises you unprepared for battle, don't
say the Bazoo bugle sounded not its
blast of warning. Organize, organize
at once.
Sedalia democrats should organize
a young mens" Cleveland club. If
democracy expects to win it must be
upand doing.
Minor Pebbles from the Quarry
City, Lifted by the Bazoo
Miss Dollie Fisher is visiting friends
at Garnett, Kansas.
Miss Belle Veitch, of St Louis is the
guest of Miss Lena Kosenthal.
Mrs. W. H. Lee has gone to Flem
ingsburg, Ky., to visit old friends and rel
atives. Mrs. D. L. Stewart is visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. W. H. Pemberton, in Callawaj
Died, in this city, July 6th, Lester,
son of T. A. and Ellen Williams, aged
about eleven years.
Misses Nellie Hillhouse and Susie
"Wagner will spend the summer with
friends near Windsor, Mo.
Eev. T. H. Proudfit, ot Sparta, 111.,
will preach at the United Presbyterian
churcn to-day at 10:30 o'clock.
There will be a picnic at Markey's
lake next Thursday, at which there will be
boat riding, swinging and other amuse
ments. Kev. G. M. Caldwell has severed his
connection with the First Presbyterian
church, and will remore to Caldwell
Rev. L. M. Berry will begin a course
of lectures on the "Sabbath," at the Mar
ket Street M. E. church, to-morrow morn
ing, at 10 o'clock,
The game of base ball on the Fourth
of July, between the Warrensburg and
Montserrat clubs resulted in a victory for
the visitors by a score of IS to 11.
The ministers of the city churches
have decided to hold Sunday evening union
services during the months of July and
August, beginning next Sunday evening.
A, B. Logan returned from a visit to
his old home in Ohio last Wednesday.
His daughter, Miss Minnie, who accom
panied him there, will remain during the
Dr. H. G. Jackson, formerly of Sedalia
but now of Glasgow, Mo., will have
charge of the quarterly meeting services
at the Market street M. E. church to-day.
After the morning services, the sacrament
of the Lord's Supper will be administered.
mayor's report.
Mayor Clark has sent the following re
port of the city's finances to the board of
Aldermen :
The receipts during the past year were
as follows :
From taxes collected $ 8,654 59
From licenses collected 720 98
From cemetery lots sold 288 73
From fines collected 2,741 85
From street tax collected 461 65
From rent collected 5 00
12,872 SO
Total receipts
Distributed as follows :
To general revenue fund $ 5,162 96
To general interest fund 7,421 11
To cemetery fund 288 73
Total J$ 12,872 82
There were in the treasury on the 1st of
July, 1883, the following amounts, to-wit :
General revenue fund . 494 46
General interest fund 1,075 5S
Cemetery fund 242 78
Total in treasury July 1, 1883 $ 1,812 82
On the 1st of July there were in the
city treasury, for the benefit of the different
funds, the following amounts :
General revenue 410 02
General interest 2,013 52
Cemetery 4S0 31
Balance in treasury $ 2,903 85
The family of the late Jerry Bresnahan
desire to return their sincere thanks to
many friends for kindness nd favors ex
tended during his long and severe illness
and in the last sad hours.
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Whereas Mary S. Ming aad Jno. O. Ming, her
husband, by their certain deed of trust, dated the
1st day of April, 18S2, and recorded in the recor
der's office of Petti? county, in trust deed and
mortgage record 21, at puges 570 to 57-J, conveyed to
the undersigned trustee the following described
real estate, situate in the county of Pettis and
state of Missouri, viz: Lots one (1) and two (2) of
the north-east and north-west quarters of section
five (5), township forty seven (47), and range twenty-two
(22), conHiniri &o4!-100 acrs. more or
less, which said conveyance was made to secure
the payment of a certain promissory note and in
terest coHpn"t: thereon, and w'lprea 'ef ult has
bten made in the payment of oueot thy bai-I mer
est coupou., when due, and the same is yet uup-id,
and wnereas, by the terms of said deed of trust,
it is provided that in case of default m the pay
mentofany one of said interest coupons, when
due, all oi Bald oeot snail oecome at once due, now,
therefore, in accordance with the terms of said
deed of trust, and at the request of the legal holder
of said note, I shall proceed to-ell the above de
scribed real estate, at the courthouse door in the
city of Sedalia, in the county of Pettis, and state
aforesaid, to the highest bidder for sash at public
auction, on
between the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon
and five o'clock in the afternoon of that day, to
satisfy said notes, together with the cost and ex
pense of executing this trust.
5-17 w 4t Trustee.
County of Pettis, j
In the Circuit Court of Pettis County, Missouri,
m Vacation, July 2d, 1884. John D. Crawford,
Plaintiff, vs. C. J. J. Leopold, H rman W. Leo
pold and Theodore Leopold, defendants.
Now, at th's day come the plaintiff herein, by
his attornevs, Sancree Jfc Lamm, and files his peti
tion and affidavit, alleging, among other thiags.
that defendants are non residents of the state of
Missouri. "Whereupon it is ordered by the clerk
of said court, in vacation, that said defendants be
notified by publication that plaintiff has com
menced a suit against them, in this court. The ob
ject and general nature of the petition filed by
tiaintitt. in said cause, is to partition section
wenty-nve, township forty-four, range twenty,
in Pettis county, Missouri, among the plaintiff and
the defendants, C. J. J. and Herman w. Leopold,
in accordance with their respective iutersts there
in, as set ont in the said petition, and to bind the
defendant, Tneodore Leopold'3 interest in said
land as mortgagee by the judgment rendertd, and
to charge upon the one third interest of the de
fendams, C J. J. and Herman W Leopold, m said
real eseate. the one third of eighteen hundred and
eighty-eisht and 97-100 dollars, expended in the
payment"ol taxes and advanced by plaintffs gran
tors and assignors to preserve the common interests
of the tenants in common in said land and forauy
other and farther relief to which plaintiff may be
in equity and good conscience entitled. And un
less the said C. J.J. Leopold, Herman W. Leopold
and Theodore Leopcld, be and appear at this
court, at the next term thereof, to be begun and
holden at the court house, in the city ot seuana,
in said county, on the first Monday of September
next, and on or before the sixth day of said terra,
if the term shall so lang continue and if not, then
on or before the last day of said term answer or
plead to the petition in said cause, the same will
be taken as confessed, and judgment will be ren
dered accordinsh . And it is further ordered that
a copy hereof be published, according to law, in
the Sedalia Weekly Bazoo, a newspaper printed
and published in Sedaliat Pettis county Missouri,
for four weeks successively, the last insertion
whereof shall be at last four weeks before the
commencement of the eaid September term, 1884,
of this court.
B. H. INGRAM, Circuit Clerk.
A true copr from the record.
Sangree & Lamm plainifPs attorney 7-8w4t
Notice is hereby given that letters of adminis
tration on the estate of Geo. Ewers, deceased, were
granted to the undersigned on the 20th day of
June, 1834, by the Probate court of Pettis county,
Missouri. All persons having claims against said
estate are rt quired to exhibit thtm for allowance
to the administrator, within one year after the
date of said letters, or they may be precluded form
any benefit of such estate; and. if surM chmun be
not exhibited within two years from the date ot
this publication, they shall be forever barred.
This 20 h day of June, 1834.
6 24w4i Administraiors.
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Adminis
tration on the estate of Commodore McFarland,
deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the
tenth day of June, IS34, by the Probate Court of
Pettis county, Missouri.
All persons having claims ajpdnst said estate are
required to exhibit them for allowance to the Ad
ministrator within one year after the date of said
letters, or they may be precluded from any bene
fit of such estate ; and if such claims be not exhib
ited within two years from the date of this pub
lication, they shall be forever barred.
This, 21st day of June, 18S4. , .
6-24w3t ZAUH. McFARLAND, Administrator
J. M. GAYWOOD, - Prop'r.
Leaves "Warsaw Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays.
Leaves Climax Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays. Il-20-wly
M The 8anlx of cum of XereM IteblHtj, raa
r n C ITul end pbjrsical wektw,lot mfihoo4,rter
P K rTOBS prc6lxtloH, tbo result ofliidUcretlong,
1 HlBHIxccHeoraayuaM.curvab7NERVITA.
Birons faith tht U will euro tnrj cm protapu ma to Mnd to
any gaffere r trial pacJuiR I
co recelr of 12 nts fori
roiaj;e,etc Da. JLG.Ouy,
Box 2,c&JCage,UJ.
In the Circuit Court of Pettis county, May 19,
1884, May Term, 18S4. Stat? of Missouri, ex rel.,
M. It. Priest, Collector cf Revenue Within and
for Pettis County Missouri, Plaintiff, vs. George
W. Embree, G. W. Holliday, Geo. F. Bell.
George M. Diven, Belle M. Woolridge, Powhat
tan Woolridge. Linda B. Woolridge, Henry M.
Woolridge, Milly M. Woolridge, and Bettie M.
Woolridge, Defendants.
Now, at this day comes the plaintiff herein, by
his attorney, and filer his petition and affidavit,
nllrc-ng, among other things, that defendants, Geo.
V. embree, G. W. Holliday George F. Bell and
George M. Diven, r re not residents of the state of
Missouri. Whereupon it is ordered by the court
that said defendants, be notified by publication
that plaintiff has commenced a suit against them,
in this court, the object and general nature of
which is to enforce a lein of the state ot Missouri,
for taxes for state and county purposes for the
years 1S74, 1875, !876, 1877, 1878,1879 and 1880,
together with interest, penalties And costs thereon
upon the following described premises to-wit : Lot
(11), Block (2) in the city of Sedalia, Missouri.
And unless the said George W. Embree, G. W. Hol
liday, George F. Bell and George M. Diven, be and
appear at thi3 court, at the next term thereof, to
be begun and holden at the court house in the
city of Sedalia, in said county, on the first Mon
day of September next, and on or before the sixth
day of said term, if the term shall so long con
tinueand if not, then on or before the last day
of said term answer or plead to the petition in .
said cause, the same will be taken as confessed,
and judgment will be rendered accordingly. And
it is further ordered, that - copy hereof be pub
lished, according to law, in the Sedalia Weekly .
Bazoo, a newspaper printed and publish d in Se- '
dalia, Pettis county, Missouri, for four weeks suc
cessively, the last insertion whereof shall be at
least four weeks before the commencement of the
said September term of this court.
Attest z
B. H. INGRAM, Circuit Clerk.
By M. W. Brady, d. C.
A true copy from the record.
W. D. Steel, pJaintifTa attorney. 7Sw4t
In the Cireuit Court of Pettis county, September
term, 1884. Susan E. James, plaintiff, vs. Jas
per James, defendant
Now at this day corns plaintiff, by her attorney
and files her petition and affidavit, alleging among
other things, that defendant is not a resident of
the state ot Missouri.
Wherefore it is ordered by the clerk in vaiation
that said defendant be notified by publication that
plaintiff has commenced a suit against him in this
court, the object and general nature of which is to
dissolve the bonds of matrimony existing between
plaintiff and defendant, on the ground oi habitual
drunkenness of defendant for the space of one year
and for the further reason that defendant is guilty
of such conduct as to constitute him a vagrant with
in the meaning of the law respecting vagrants, and
unless said defendant be and appear in this court,
at the next term thereof, to be begun and holden at
tne court nouse in the city ot bedaiia, m saia
county, on the first Monday in September next,
and on cr before the sixth day of said term, if the
term shall so lo g continue, and if not, then on
or before the last day of said term, answer or plead
to the petition jn said cause, the same wilL be taken
as confessed, and judement will bo rendered ac
cordingly. And it is further ordered that a copy
Hereof, be published, according to law, iq tne seda
lia Weekl? Bazoo, a newsDaner minted and uub
lished in Sedalia, Pettis county, Missouri, for four
weeks successively, the last insertion to be at least
four week before the commencement of said Sep
tember term of this court.
B. H. INGRAM, Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
A. D. Fisher, plaintiff's attorney. 7-8w4t
Whereas. Ruth Persinger by her certain deed o
trust dated the eleventh day of April, 13S2, and
recorded in the recorder's office of Pettis county at
trust and mortgage deed book IS, page 521, con
veyed to the undersigned trustee all her right, title,
interest and estate, in and to the following, de
scribed real estate situated in the county of Pettis,
state of Missouri, viz : Lot nine (9), in block three
(3) in Leaner and Brother's addition -to Sedalia,
Missouri, which said conveyance was made in
trust to secure the payment of her certain promis
sory note in said deed described and whereas said
note has become due and is unpaid, according to
its tenor and effect, now therefore, in accordance
with the provisions of said deed of trust, and at
the request of the legal, holder of said note, I shall
proceed to sell the above described real estate at
the court house door, in the city of Sedalia. in
the county of Pettis, state aforesaid, to the highest
bidder for cash, at public auction, on
WEDNESDAY, the 13th DAY of AUGUST, 18S4,
between the hours of nine in the forenoon and five
in the afternoon of that day, to satisfy said note,
together with the cost and expense of executing
this trust. O . A. GRAND ALL,
Dated this 8th day of Julv, 1884. 7-8w4t
Is hereby given that the undersigned Treasurer
of Pettis county, Missouri, will receive sealed pro
posals, up to 12 o'clock noon of August 16th, 1884,
at his office at Sedalia, in said county, for the pur
chase of the $1CO,000 six percent, five twenty bonds
of said county, issued to raise money to build
a court house. Interest payable semi-annually.
Said bidders to state what they will give for the
whole amount, and pay for and take 525,000 at once,
and the remainder to be paid for and taken from
time to time in sums of not less than S10.00Q as the
money may be needed. The right to reject any
and all bids being reserved.
7-15w-4t- County Treasurer.
Cures ail Open Sore
on Animals
from any
r7 cause.
Crag StM.
60 Cnti & Box.

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