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SEDauIA weeklt bazoo.
In the State Penitentiary Mor
tally Wounds Two Wiite
Men and a Negro.
He Steals Upon His Victims
While Asleep With Mur
derous Intent.
The White Men Will Probably
Die, But the Black
Will Recover.
Jeff-rson City, Dec. 13. Special J A
blotdy tragedy occured at the penitentiary
last night, the particulars of which are
about as follows: An cp-leplic convict,
named John Mrton, who was sent here in
September, 1S82, since which time he has
"been mostly a hospiul inmate, arcse from
his hed about midnight, and goiDgout into
the hall, procured an iron rod used for a
poker, which is three Jert and six inches
lone:, and about an inch thick. Armed
with this weapon, he went into the ward of
the hospital ued for cranky convicts, who
aie classed as insane but harmless. In one
room four men were sleeping, nd
and before they were aware of his presence,
commenced striking them over the heads
with the poker. The first one he ?ssailed
was Charles Zsgner whom he dea't three
terrible blows over the head, one above
each eye and one on the(forehead, breaking
his skull over each eye and inflicting a
serious scalp wound on the forehead. He
next attacked Louis Hoelscher, whom
he struck five powerful blows over the
head, breaking iu the top of his skull for a
distance of nearly five inches and otherwise
cutting his head and face up in a terrible
manrer. Mason next visited another
ward where he assailed a negro, named
Andy Allison, whom he struck once over
the head cutting an artery. By this time
named JacksoD, was awaked hy the noise
and slipping upon Mason caught the po
ker. A struggle ensued, and a com
motion was raised that a guard
from another part of the build
ing rushed in, and taking in the situ
ation at a glance, disarmed the raaniuc aud,
locked him up securely. Dr. 0. E. Oglesby
the prison physician was hastily summon-j
ed and hurrying to the priton an awiul
sight met his gaze. On one bed laid two
men with their skill's mashed Id, and on
another a negro with an artery cut in his
head and slowly bleeding to death.
The doctor at once proceeded to
tie up the aitery in the negroe's head and
afterwards rend-red all the relief possible
to the two white men. Strange as it m-ay
appear, both of the whte men are living at
this hour of writing, although they are cer
tainly both
The negro will, in all probability get
well. John Mason, the maniac, who com
mined tbe above terrible crimts, is
about fortv-five years old and is a
Frenchman by birth. He ws sent
Brighton Beach Races.
New York, Dec. 13 First race, non
winners, selling allowances, three-quarters
of a mile; Yorktown won; Agmcourt,
second ; Jesse James, third. Time, VJ21.
Second race, selling allowance, mile nd
one-half ; Paterson won ; Ligon, second ;
Leroy third. Time. 2:47
Third race, handicap, all ages, mile and
a furlong ; Herbert won; Frank E, second ;
Burton, third. Time, 2:0H.
Fourth race, penalties and allowances,
seven furlongs ; Modoc won ; Glendower,
second ; Fredia, third. Time, 1:35. Cross
was suspended for the year for not making
an effort to win on Glendower.
Fifth race, penalties and allowances,
seven furlongs ; Windsail won ; Treasurer,
second ; Quixote, third. Time, 1:36J.
Chicago Chat.
Chicago, Dec. 13. Bach Brothers, deal
ers in leuf tobacco, were closed by thether
iff to-dav on judgments by confession.in the
sum ot $930. Liabilities 35,000, of "which
$25,000 are due to eastern parlits ; assets,
$22 000.
In accordance with the circular of Com
missioner Fink, the east bcund roads to
dy announced new lumber rates on a basis
of 32 cents from Chicago to New York and
37 cents froai Chicago to Bcs'on.
The general passenger agents of roads in
the Colorado Railway association are in ses
sion here tr.-day. It was dtcided to make
the same passenger rte from Conncil
Bluffs, Pacific Junction and East Nebraska
City to Colorado poinJs as from Omaha
and Kansas City, thus abrogating the
bridge toll hereto) ore collected.
Contracts Awarded.
Cincinnati, Dec. 13. Brown, Howard &
Co., of Chicago, were awarded the coniracts,
amounting to $5,297,000, in connection with
the building of the new tquiduct in this
Mrs. Dora Stelpe, claiming she rendered
services and incurred expenses in returning
Victoria Hueskamp, nee Morrison, to her
parents ahortly after the young lady eloped
with the cowchman, has btrgun action
against Giovanni Morrison to rt cover $500.
Mrs. Stelpe sys these services wtre per
formed at the request ot Mr. Morrison.
Monison makes a general denial.
Stay Asked.
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 13. In the
Blaine-Sen'inel libel suit in the federal
iourt, to-day, John C. Shoe akr, presi
dent of the Sentinel company, filed an af
fidavit asking that further proceedings be
stayed until the plaintiff has answered the
interrogatories which were filed wish the
amended bill. A discovery suit is set for
trisl December 23d, and Judge Woods will
probably rule on Monday ou tl.eiequest
for the stay ot furlhir proce.drngs.
For Creditors.
Pennsylvania, D c. 13. P. B. Imighlio,
v:ce-pj evident ot trjelelnnct Pennsylvania
bik made a voluntary ass;gnineni to-day
to J. K. F. Steele, of Arnistong county, for
the benefit of crtditO'S. The afsipnment
covers all leftover and above ihe judgment
of $90,000 confessed lat week for the bfue-
fit of individual creditors. No apprsis
meni has yet been made. Judge Ewiog
to-dav refused to grant a petition lor
change of venae, asked for bv t he defend
here from St Lonis in September, 1S82, ants in suits growing out of the Pennsylva
- r r t- l 1 . r .t J
on a ccmtiicc ui leo years ior xuguwy nia nana, iaiiure.
robbery. Soon after his arrival heie.he
showed unmistakable signs of epilepsy
and was accordingly placed in the hospital
-w 1 1
He was always looKea upon more as a
harmless crank than a dangerous maniac,
and never before did he show
any signs ci harming any ot tne
other convicts. The hospital is dividtd
off into wards, and the insane are kep
to themselves. Ihe insane are divided in
two classes, dangerous and harmless. The
dangerous or violent class are closely con
. if .t .i
nnea, eacn lo&iiuseif, ana tne otners are
put together or near each other in the
same ward. It is ihe duty of the night
hospital curse or raiher watctiman to stay
up all night and see that no disturbances
occur, but it appears in this case that
at the time the tragedy occurred, otherwise
it could never have gone to tne extent it
did. Of the two white men hurt but little
is known ot their history. Charles JL.
jZegnor has been here twice before for petty
offenses, and is said to be ircni bouth Mis
souri. Louis Welch is from St- Louis. He is
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 13. A Times
CofiVyville, Kas., spfcial, savs : At a well
attended meeting of Oklahoma colonists
nere wis aiternoon, an organization was
formed with the following officers :
Capt. H. C. While, president.
"VYm. Barricklow, vic-preaident
J. C. "Roniick, recording secretary.
H. L. Slrougb, correfpondirg secretary
Thcs. G. Ayers, treasurer.
A meeting for further work will be held
the 20th ltst.
i t mm
Judge Lynch.
Denton, Texas, Dec. 13. News has
reached here that F. P. Jones and his wife,
who were ssulted by some negroes a few
weeks aco at bulphurJ-prings. recently died
from the effects of their wounds, and that
the negroes, Alsbrooks and Riley, who made
a coniesion and admitted the ciime. were
summarily dealt with by Judsre Lvnch,
Friday. The particulars of the hanging
Z . cW To, ;o- vT T i could not be obtained, but people all seem
X ihSSSL ?? her?1l0D to think that the murdererfmet with their
isotn the white meu are subject to epilepsy. t
The ntgro was employed as a kind of a
cook in the hospital and slept in the epilep
tic ward. He is also here on a short sen
tence. The abofe facts were lt-arned from
Dr. O. it. Oglesby,the piison physician, to
The Copper Pool.
New York, Dec. 13. The question ss to
the legality of the pool lormed for the pur
pose oi controlling the market and beep
ing up the price ot copper and dispose of
All Quiet.
Des Moines, Dec. 13. Everything is re
ported quiet at Argus and Snake erf ek
among the striking mineis to-day. One
company of state troops ate still kept on
duty at Snske creek and will probably re
main there several days.
The Belief That Both Their
Bodies Were Stolen From
the Grave.
The St. Joe Gazette's Article,
14 Was Bateman's Body
St. Joe, Mo., Dec. 13. Special. The
Gaz2ttee of to-morrow, under the caption
at "Was Bteman's Body Dissected," will
publish an article which furnishes almost
conclusive proof that the bodits of two
marderers have been resurrected within
the patt few days and are now undergoing
dissection in two medical colleges of this
city. When Oliver Bateman was
hanged at Savannah, on the 21st of
November lafct, several leading physicians
of Sr. Joe, including Dre. S. S. Carpenter
and J. W. Henddeus, professors of anatomy,
in ihe college here, were in attendance and
offered large sums of money for the
body. These ofiers were refused and
the" remftios were taken in charge
by the father cf the deceased
and interred within three hundred yards
of the family residence iu Andrew county.
Within the past two days it has loan
rumored that the body was subsequently
sto'en and brought to this city. In refer
ring to this the Gazette will say it is now
known that a week alter the ex
ecution ten strangers, with a covered
wagon, having in it a large commercial
trunk were seen camping in the yicinily of
where Bateman was buried about dark,
aud before day brek the next morning
had disappeared as mysteriously as they
come. It in also known that two men with
a wagon, described ss above, drove into St,
Joe after midnight the same night and
were seen to drive up in front of oae of the
medicnl colleges. The professors of anat
omie in both schools were interroga ed, but
we:e reticent upon the subject. They
would not deny thrt the bocy had ben
resurrected, neither would they admit that
it had not. This much is positively
known, that the bodies of two men who
were huo are now lei g dissected in
this city, and tie bedy of
ore, as ascertained from a
student, answers the descsip'ion of Oli
ver H. BaiemaD. It is admired that the
other is that of Ch&s. F. Sttvens, alits
"Omaha Charlie," who was hanged by a
mob at Marysville, last week. It is believed
that the Northwestern college is carving
Ba.eman, while St. Joe college has Stevens.
Efforts were made to day to suppress the
publication of the article in question but
to no avail.
The Graphic Sold.
New York, Dec. 13. The entire prop-
any surplus production of this country by erty of the Graphic company was pur
selling it for export Hnder bonds that it chased by J. W. Hinkley Tuesday last.
snouia not De returned to mis market, was it was told piece ny niece, and it is now
before Jrdee Lawrence in the supreme said that Mr. Hinklev's title is "bullet-
ChafFee's Opinion.
Denver, Col., Dec. 13. -Ex-Senator Jer
ome B. Chaffs, chairman of the exveutive
committee of the natiou-il republican com
mittee, arrived rom New York to-day.
Speaking of General Giant's refusal to be
come a Uniied States pensioner, the senator
gaid to the mterTiewer that for one reason
apart from all others the hero of Arpouiut
iox could not consistently do so, from the
fdet that he himself vetoed just such a
measure when president as lately proposed
in his own behalf; but what Senator Chaf
fee warmly declared should be accorded
General Grant, and what he believes he
would accept, is his official retirement with
full paj from the time of expiration of his
military services.
He'FesBed Up.
Kansas City, Dec. 13. A Times Delphos,
Kas., special says : There have been a
number of horses stolen in this vicinity
recently and to-day a stranger was arrested
on suspicion, who, after being strung up
several times, admitted bis complicity in
the thefis. He stated that there was an
organized gang of horse thieves and made
knon their place of rendezvous. A band
of citizens is now out in search of other
members of the gang.
Time to Resign.
Chicaga, Dec. 13. Mayor Harrison to
day accepted the lesignation of Peter
Hanshrough, Wm. J. Clingen and John E.
Stearns in the employ of the city and in
dicted by the federal grand jury for par
ticipation in the alleged election frauds.
"Very Likely.
St. Louis, Dec. 13. The new order of
the Western Union company, catting off
extra pay to operators, will 0 mto opera
tion here Monday next, ihe practical ei
iect of this will be to slightiy increase the
service ol tie day force and make that of
the night force depend upon the
amount ot business to be done.
All Sunday work will he paid for
as extra ss heretofore. The division of
forces will be better arranged than former-
iy, the omce win he oetter manned in
every respect and additional promptness
to the dispatch of business assured.
Virsrinia Fire
Norfolk, Va., Dec. 13. B. Kahn & Co.,
hat and gentlemen's furnishing goods, and
E, Ball, dry gcodp, were destroyed by fire.
St. Louis, Dec, 13. A. J. Fo3ter, a
wealthy stock dealer, of Jersyville, 111.,
Euicided this morning. Cause, financial
A Man and Team Drowned.
Louisville, Ky., Dc 13. While cross
ing Barren river rear Bowling Green, Ky.,
John Strauser, with his wagon and team
were washed from the regular ford and
She May be Lost.
Chicago, Dec. 13. The schooner Melvi
na, with a crew of seven men has been mu
ting nearly two weeks and ftais are enter
tained that she may be lost. She left Elk
Kapids a wtek ago last Tuesday with a
cargo of pig iron.
Not Confirmed.
Frederick sburg, Va., Dec. 13.
porled drowning of twenty-sevm
the Bappahonnock river on Tuesday last,
is not confirmed. Two steamers from there
have arrived tiao2 then and had heard
nothing of it.
Depot Earned.
Philadelphia, Die. 13. The depot of the
Philadelphia Trcction company, Forty
first and Haverford rod, burned this
morning. Loss, $30,000. The building
was used for the storage of cars, a large
number cf which were burned. Insurance,
Steamer Sunlr.
New Cleans, Dc. 13. A Picayune's
Shreveport special say3 : The Red river
coast line steamer, Corine Branton, sunk
at McGee lauding, 175 miles ahove Shreve
port. The steamer was partially insured
in Cincinnati companies. No lives were
ChicagOjDac. 13. The original complaint
againstJos -ph C. Mackin for alleged par
ticipation in the Eighteenth ward election
frauds, was withdrawn before the United
Stat'S commissioner to-daj iu view of his
indictment hy ihe grand jnrv embodying
the same charges.
A Strike for Liberty.
St. Louis, Dec. 13. A Post-Dispatch
special from Caattanooga, Tnn., says sx
convicts, working in the coal mines at Coal
Creek, Tenn., made a dash for liberty. The
guards fired, killing Samuel Musci and
Joe Vi'ilsou. John Pre3$ne!l and Hugh
Stafford were fatally wounded,
two were recaptured."
The other
A Sad Accident.
Louisiana, Mo., Dec, 13. Mr. Homer
Ginley was feeding his chicken on Friday
when the family cow insisted on getting a
share of the feed. Mr. Ginley was trying lo
frighten the animal away, when one of its
horns was thrust into his left eye and tear
ing off about three-quarters of an inch of
the white.
court to-day. February last a pool of the
copper mining companies was formed, the
output oi tne pool to be handled by the Cal
umett and Hecta companies. The pool term
does not expire until March 1886. The
Quincy company, one of the pool, how
ever, has been making foreign contracts.
and a temporary injunction was obtained
by all the other companies of the pool,
who appear as plamlitts against the Quin
cy company, which was to-day ordered to
show caus why the iniunctioa should not
be continued daring the pendency of the
present sction. The
Philadelphia, Dec. 13. The general
freight agent of the Pennsylvania railroad
denies that there has been any general
cutting on through freight rates by parties
to the trunk line.
Subscription Closed.
New York, Dec. 13. The subscription of
the Courier des Mats Unis tor the victims
Ouincy comnanv is of cholera in France has closed. Grand to-
represemted by S. W. Fullerton, who ar- tal, $12,972.
gued that the contracts should have been .
enjoined or made an order, to prevent the Fsttl a -Dinner.
tree competition ot the pool companies. New York. Dec 13. fatti was given &
and to enable one part of the pool to con- dinner to-night in recognition of the com
trol the amount oi Lake Superior copper pletion of her twenty-fifth year on the lyric
Sntnponthe market to keep up prices, stage. Fred. Schwab, of the New York
he papers of the latter decision were re- Times, made a response in behalf of PattL
Washington, D. C, Dec. 14. Missonri
Good Time.
Ban Francisco, Dec 13. Governor Stan- valley : Partly cloudy weather, with rain
ford's four-year-old filly, S&llie Benlos, trot or snow ; east to sooth winds, becomim ra
ted a mile to rule inf:175. This beats the riablt ; hichet followed by lower tempera-
iow-yeix-old record.
The Methodists.
Baltimore, Dec, 13. Hon. G. D. Shands,
oi Mississippi, a prominent member of the
M. E. church, presided this morning over
the conference. Alter the reading of the
minutes of yesterday a number of rejolu
tioas were offered and appropriately re
ferred. A rasolution was offered by Dr.
Kynett that the bishop3 of this conference
prepare a pastorial address to the ministers
and pople of Methodism. Adopted. A
general discussion on the subject
of revival ensued, after which
Kev. John A. Williams read an essay on
the "Rise and Progress of Methodism in
Canada," which was followed by an essay
by Ber. Charles J. Littleton, on 'Metho
dist Piomers and Their Work."
At the afternoon session of the conten
orary celebration of Methodism, Governor
Robert Pattison, of Pennsylvania, presided.
Bishop St. Jones read a paper, 'Vis Meth
odism losing Its Power AmoDg the
Masses?" A general discussion was con
tinued up to the hour of adjournment. To
morrow will be a general celebration by
the Methodist Sunday schools, of Balti
more. Twenty-five thousand scholars will
tike part. Exercises will be htldis twenty-one
Cape Girardeau, Mo., Dec 13. Passen
ger train No. 3, on the Cape Girardeau
Southwestern railroad, was derail
ed yesterday about four milles
1.0'th of Lakeville, and the
mail and passenger coaches thrown over on
their sides- The cause was the spreading
of the track from yesterday's heavy rains.
Two of the passengers were slightly in
jared. Origin Unknown.
Pittsburg, D.o. 13. A Newark, Ohio,
special says a fire at Johnstown last night
totally destroyed the Chester block, consist
ing of C. Dietrick's dry goods and grocery
stoie, F. More's dry goods store, C. S.
Churzman's hardware store, Masonic and
the Odd Fellow's hall and George Levin's
hotels. A man hy tbe name of Reilly,
locked up in a saloon, was burned to death.
Loss $20,000; partially insured. The origin
of the fire is unknown.
Jail Breakers Spied.
Galveston, Dec. 13. A Fort Worth,
Texas, special, says : Among the pris
oners who broke jail at Decatur, yesterday,
was Jim Mclotyre, wanted for murder in
New Mexico. Mclntyre was a partner of
Tom Courtright, the notorious detective,
woo recently escpeo irom me midst ot a
crowd of officers in this city. A rumor is
current to-night that Courtright and Mc
Intyre were both seen this evening on the
outskirts of the city and armed and well
"Segro Mobbed.
Baltimore, Dec. 13. A morning paper
11 I A . T
puDiisnes a siaiemem mat nez Kiaii
Brown, a colored school teacher, in a lone
ly part of Howard county, was banged yes
terday by thirteen masked men. They
charged that he became too intimate with
a young white woman that he declared ae
had married but no record of marriage
could be found. The lynching was said to
have occurred in a wild section ot country.
sparsely populattd. At Ellicott City,
the county seat of Howard county, noth
ing was heard of it. The state attorney
sent a messenger to ascertain the facta.
Three Murderers.
Little Bock, Ark., Dec 13. Sheriff
Worth en this morning went to the Tate
plantation where Lewis Fox was assassi
nated while at a table writing, Friday
night. He found the body had been robbed
of $69. a sold watch and a pistol. Three
cotton pickers, Lige Parder, colored, W.
N. Hopkins, and A. M. Brim
Ielt, both white men, were suspected
and arrested in cabins on the
plantation. Parker confessed that the rob
bery had been planned several dayp, in the
belief that Fox had a large sum of money.
and that Hopkins fired the fatal shot and
Parker.entered and obtained the bcoty. Both
white nen deny being present. A sack con
UiniDf the money and watch was found in
Parker's cabin.
jail here.
The prisoners are now in
A Serious Blaze.
St. Mary's Ka3 Dec. 13. Fire broke
out at 12:20 this morning in the grocery of
Mueller & DeBacher, burning down two
rock and six frame Btores. Losses, A. Ur
bansky $40,000, insurance $16,500; Mueller
& DeBacher, $2,600, insured; JohnOxFlan
agan, printing office, $1,500, no insurance ;
Mrs. Palmer $800, no insurance, Renry
Hammer $800, no iniurance; M. Dimler
$400; H. C. Linn $500, no insuranca:
Barney Sheridan $500, insured. Total
loss $47,300; insurance $19,500. One man.
Alva Higby, police judge, is missing and
is supposed to have been killed in the Ur
bansky building. Another man, Edward
Byrne, had his hands badly burned by an
explosion of powder.
from the fire this morning : The loss is
estimated at $38,000 ; insured. The origin
of the fire is unknown.
Worse Than Reported.
Baltimore, Dec. 13. The steamer West
moreland, from Rappah mnock, arrived to
day and those on board report the destruc
tion of life by the Tuesday storm much
greater than heretofore reported. Off
Can.l House landing.considerable distance
above Urbana, several boats were swamped
and all on board perished. At other points
lives were lost. The Baltimore Morning
News, in its account of ihe disaster says:
The officers of the steamer Westmoreland
report so far of the party of colored men
whose boats capsized in theBappahannock,
near Urbana, that twenty-eight are
known to have been drowned
in addition to those already reported.
At least six were drowned at Canal House
landing in the same river. At Mill Creek,
another landing on the Rappahannosk, a
youug white man was drowned In speak
ing of the fact that few who were cut in
hrats escaped drowning, an officer on the
Westmoreland remarked that they could
have easily reached shore and avoided the
accident which befell them, but that the
squall broke in all its lury without a mo
ments notice and the boats swamped before
they were fuliy aware of what had taken
place. The negroes all along the river,
and especially in the neighborhood of Ur
bana are greatlv exercised and frightened.
A Large Number of Factories
Close Down on Account
of Hard Times.
Banks Suspend Mines Cease
Operations A General
Washington, D. C, Dec. 13. The secre
tary of the navy received a cable message
this morning from Bear Admiral Davis at
Nagasaki, announcing the revolution in
Corea, and stating that the United States
vessels, Trenton and Assipee, will go there
The conferces upon the bill for the for
feiture of the Atlantic and Pacific land
grant held a final meeting to-day and dis
agreed, ihe house conterees reiuse to as
sent to any provision which would send
the question to the courts.
The prosecution in the Swain court-mar
tial rested their case this morning Ttith the
Arrangements for the Openinjr.
New York, D.c. 13. Commissioner Gen
eral Morehead, of the World's Exposition
at New Orleans, to-day perfected arrange
ments with the "Western Union for the
opening of the exposition by electricity
Tuesday next by Presideut Arthur, from
the whitei house. Powerful batteries will
be placedin position at Washington and
New Orleans in on!er that the current of
electricity may be transmitted without be
ing repeated en rout?. An experimental
test will be made beforehand in order that
no hitch shall occur on opening day. Com
missioner General Morehead, who returns
to Washington to-night, says the ceremony
in Washington will in no wise take the
place of the imposing ceremoniei already
planned for N&w Orleans, but will simply
be addendum.
Will Strike.
Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 13. Coal miners
employed at the Hampton railroad mines
struck to-night against a reduction of a
mine rate from three to two and a half
cents per bushel, and men working in
Plum Creek and Sandy Creek have resolved
to quit work Monday if the tribunal rate
of three cents per bushel is not paid. If
the operators of these mines insist upon
the reduction a general strike of railroad
miners is probable, as the latter will iefuse
to work unless the uniform rate adopted by
the trade and tribunal is paid all mines,
Will Resume Operations.
Milwaukee, Dec. 13. The Merchant
Iron mills, the Fish Plate and the Nail
Plate mills atBayview, will resume opera
tions Monday. They have been gradually
laying men off and curtailing or entirely
sup2nding operations for some months,
and since a week ago the entire rolling
mill workers have been idle, all the mer
chant mills shutting down at that time.
y r?suaii,0.n f work 1,400 men will
oe given employment
In Full Blast.
Eidoradc, Kas.; Dc. 13. The Butler
county 'woolen mills, with six looms and a
capacity of one hundred thousand dollars
of manufactured goods per annum, is now
in full operation, and i3 turning out
blankets, flannels, yarns and other woolen
goods for the trade of our city. It is in the
center of a very large sheop-growing district,
and it is anticipated that this new enter
prise will develop e into an important in
dustry. It is probably the largest woolen
mills in tho state.
Hyatt Assigns.
TnrlTononnKn Tim 19 TI. T 1 J-
examination of Gen. David McKibben, wS3 ft k, ' i uu"rua;,8
who simply corroborated the testimony Jt &Zt f T.Am P?rta
rnnw ,Mf0a, J Eltsha Hyatt, one of the wealthiest men of
given by Col. Morrow, yesterday.
Paymaster General Rochester was called.
He identified the letter written hy Col.
Morrow, asking to have his (Morrow's) pay
stopped except as to the Washington
action, the witness took in regard to this
letter was, he said, to instruct
his chief clerk to write to all
Divmaslers to stop paying Morrow's
pay accounts until further orders, except
as to Washington. This order was issued
about the 18th of April. 1883. In answer
to a question by Gen. Grosvenor, witness
sa'd that at that time he did not know
Morrow's pay accounts had bsen impli
cated. He said he might have
known it through newspiper rumor.
testified that the practice in the
department, when it was
Dayies county, made an assignment. Hyatt
was president of the banking house of
Hyatt, Levings & Co., which suspended
last month and the hank failure is the
cause of Hyatt's embarrassment. Hyatt
is said to ne worth a quarter of a million
and his liabilities are supposed to be about
$100,000. W. M. Hyatt & Hugh Rogers
are the assignees.
The Glass Workers.
Pittsburg, Dec. 13. The window glas3
manufacturers have notified the r employes
that unless the reduction of ten to fifteen
per cent, in wages is accepted the furnaces
Hp. will be blown out on Saturday preceding
WflP Christmas and will not be ''fired up" until
discovered. tracle improves.. The Glass Workers' asso-
ciation was in session till a late hour to
night considering the proposition, but no
officer for an explanation definite conclusion was arrived at. Another
uieeuug wiu oe nem eanv next wees.
New Dentistry.
Nashville. Tenn., Dec. 13. The students
in the dental department of the Vander-
bilt university, to-day witnessed the first
1 A 1
an officer had over drawn or duplicated
ms nay accounts, was until a year ago. to
call on the
Since then tbe ustom nas been to report
the facts to the war department. He add
ed that it has not been the custom of offi
cers ol the pay department to take no
tice of mere rumors. Witness said, Col.
Morrow had asked that matters De so ar
ranged that his piy coald not be drawrr application of ths new local anoethetic
except as to Washington, hence he had muriate of cocoane ever app'ied to dentis-
ordertd hi? pay stopped at all other places, try. Several parties were operated on with
He did not know at the time that there was success.
anvthiner wrone with Morrow's oav ac
counts. WHl Protest.
Major A. D, Carey, of the paymaster- New Orleans, Dec. 13. The leaf tobacco
general's office, was the next witness, tie boird of trade, at a special meeting to-day,
testihed. to having received Morrow's let- resolved by aunanimouj vote, to protest
ter in the anserine oi ten. jsocnesier, and against the ratihcatioa of the pending
to having taken it lo me secretary oi war. treaty between fcpain and the United
AI30 that the secretary had declined to states. Tbe protest will b-8 engrossed and
have Morrow s name placed in the stop- sent to members of congress.
Base circular, but had said that he had no
objection to having the paymaster notified Short Time.
that Morrow's accounts were lo be paid Des Moines, Iowa, Dec 13.The Central
only at Washington. That had terminated Iowa, has cut down work in the shops at
his connection with the matters. He did Marshalltown to five davs of eicht honra
iw'a an. I U f J J
not know at .the time that Morrow's ac
couuts were duplicated. He first learned
that they were from a newspaper dispatch
in May, 1883.
Jftx-opeaker Jttandaii will soon start on a
trip to the weet and south. He will leave
Washington immediately upon the recess
adjournment of congress, going nrat to
Louisville, where he will remain two or
three days, and then go to Nashville and
from there to Birmingham, Alabama.
per week instead of discharging men or re
ducing wages.
Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 13. The ten to fif
teen per cent reduction in wages of the
Union Iron mills employes has been ac
cepted and work will he continued after
Monday as usual.
A New, Building' Company.
New York, Dec. 13. The Mexico Land
and Building company filed a certificate of
incorporation to day with a capital stock
r--! r nnr nt .
oi iow.uw. me purpose oi the associ-
The comptroller oi currency authorized ation is to deal in real estate in Mexico.
the Mercantile bank ot Cleveland to begin
business on a capital of 1,000,000.
The Bartholdi Ctommitte.
New York, Dec. 13. Wm.N. Evarts
rave a dinner lo-nignt to the jsartnoidi
atatua coaimittee. After dinner the com
mittee considered a war of raising tha
ndffll 1150,000 for tht ibaadatios.
The W. IT. Out.
Kauai City. Dec. 13. The order cutting
off extra pay of Western Union telegraph
operators, went into effect hers to-day.
New York, Dec 13.Th Peeiakill
stove works will clotc down next weak ior
tht winttr.

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