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Three Affidavits Which John
Trimmer Heard Will Dis
like to Peruse.
Reputable Citizen Denounce His
Alleged Explanation as
He Did Say that a Banker Had
More Influence With Him
Than a Laboring Man.
Fayette, Mo. July 3 Special. Mr.
Heard and his pa.inaster brigade are de
nouncing and abusing people throughout
the d strict soundly We girt a sample in
the matter below : ' The affidavits, we learn,
are only a few of man? that could be ob-
: Liuned. All are from th most reliable
I democrats and a good citizens a there are
in the county ; also, all reb-1 soldiers ami
goed ones. We quote the affidavits : Fay
ette Advertiser is requested to copy.
County of Howard. j S6:
On this, the 2nd day of July, A. D. 1886,
.eesonally appeared before the undersign
ed clerk of the circuit court within and
Chicago Meet
Washington Park, Chicago, July 3. The
weather was delightful ; if anything a irifle
warm. The racing was fully up to an aver
age of the previ )us day. The principal
interest was in the boulavaid stake which
Lizzie Dowlver won verv easily. The at-
w mm
tendance was peyond description, by
far exceeding that of the first day.
First race, live-eighth mile; Vesit. 100
pounds weight, Scott, rider; Allegheny, 100
pounds weight, Wheatley, rider Grisetie,
100 pounds, Miller, rider; (termania, 103
! pounds, Ford, rider. Keppil, 100 pounds,
. Jones, rider; ifargel, I'm pound.,
f larra, uder, Withrow, 103 pounds,
Tompkins, rider Ixmibard, 100 pound.-,
West rider; Brutus, 100 pounds, Cording
ton, rider Truant, 100 pounds. Cooper,
rider, Alimony, 100 pounds, Walker,
Non-starters, Command, Denny, Brock,
BtthiniL, and Keppil, "0 pounds: Marjrc
and Allegheny, 40 pounds; Field, 25
When they get to running Griaseue took
a lead of ten lengths ; Allegheny second,
they ran . without change to the end.
Grissette won handily by one length ; Al
legheny second : Lambard, who could not
break at the start, but who came very fast
when the boy got him started furnished a
bad third. Time 1:02.
Mutuals paid $3.25.
Second race, one and one-eighth mile,
Had Covington; Buchanan, 1-0 pound-,
The Bazoo having sent a photograph of the great John Trimmer Heard
to a celebrated phrenologist for the pnrpose of getting a chart made of his
cranium, the result as given above will prove to numberless people that the
"half has never been told." It will be seen first of all that the bump of
"conscience" is after a very small pattern, and the phrenologist states that
at first it was scarcely discernable. The bump of "self esteem" is abnormally
developed and seems to be getting the bulge on the great hand shaker. The
bump of "destructiveness" is very prominent, and as it lies just above the ear
will probably have a hearing as soon as Johnny gets the "noble order" down
fine. The bump marked "sublime idea of himself" has a distinctiveness of
outline, which is most marked, but since nobody else shares that territory he
will probably not do any harm by it. The bump of "acquisitiveness" will
convince people that Johnny Irim was really not to blame in endeavoring to
make money off the governmeut by pushing fraudulent claims. The bump
of "memory" will prove that this quality has never applied to the kind
deeds of friends, and in fact the other bumps need no explanatioa beyond the
fact that they are there and are bravely holding their own. The phrenologist
in further remarks concerning the head, says that the result "would have
probably proven more satisfactory, but the head was much swelled, hence
could not be properly estimated. He thinks, however, that after August he
will be able to do bet er, and requests the public to be patient.
A head of wondrous bumps is it,
With self esteem so great ;
It reaches out from Washington
And stumps our lovely state.
for the county and the state aforesaid.
James Waters, a respectable and credible
citizen of Howard county, in the state of i Jones rider : Syntax, 105 pounds, Stoval
Missouri, who being duly sworn, according rider; Ring Bone. 100 pounds, Wot rider;
to law, states, on his oath, that he has J. M. Douglass, 120 pounds, Duff rider:
read the following statement in the Fayette,
Mo., Advertiser of the date of Julv the
1st, 1880", to-wit:
"Some of Mr. Heard's political enemies
in Howard county are busily engaged re
peating the old lie that Mr. Heard made a
statement to the effect that the name of
one merchant or banker to the name of a
petition was worth more or should be en
titled to more weight than the names of
t fY M
iwcni mriuers. n course it is a lie
manufactured for the occasion for the pnr
pose of prejudicing farmers against him.
We are authorized by Mr. Heard to pro
nounce it a base and infamous falsehood.
Like the 'Cherokee Indian' business it
will not bear inspection, and we are sur
prised that any sensible man would be
guilty of repeating such nonsensical buncombe."'
But oh, alas ! the bumps he lack-,
Say gratitude and trust,
Will -send that head to grass fall sowu-
The public deal is just
McVein, of Tiptou, are guests of Miss
Florence Stephens.
Mi. Carlos Pulley, of New Pales
tine, died lust Monday. Another
good man gone to rest.
Mr. James Glass, treasurer of the I Dave Laytou, ot Boonville, was
Sedalia branch of the Irish National out last Sunday. Dave seems to like
Land League yesterday received the j the fresh air of the country.
Official Acknowledgement of the
Generous Contribution
From Sedalia.
letter appended below which is self
explanatory. As will be seen, the
collection list is left open for those
who still desire to contribute to
the fund for the liberation, or at least
the partial emancipation from a tvran-
Mrs. Elev and son and Miss Em
ma Snyder, of St. Louis, who have
oeen visiting Dr. Ha woods, returned
home last Wednesday.
BuDceton boys had a very inter-
esung game oi nail witn tne JLebanoii
ny greater than has cursed any other ; boys, last Wednesday. The score
nation or people in modern ages.
r olio wing is the lette:
Treasurer's Office, First
National League, De- v
troit, Mich., July 13, 1886. )
Mr. James GIom, Treasurer, 1014 Main
Street, Sedalia, Mo.
Dear Rir ; Your welcome letter
of the 28th inst at hand with New
York exchange ior $550, whicn I
have placed in the parliamentary
fund from branch 6L9 of Sedalia.
While thankful for the generous re
mittance I am gratified to learn that
the collection list will be kept open,
as the above is now on its way in a
transmission to the honorable trus
tees of 300 pounds sterling to-day, and
we remain ready to take care of more.
Very respectfully yours,
Cha8. A. Rclly,
Treasurer First National League of
stood 1 8 to 19 in favor of Lebanon
Our boys played at a great disadvan
tage, in not having their regular
catcher and only eight men.
Miss Sallie Stevens is on the sick
. list.
T. B. Stephens, of Sedalia, is vis
iting friends here:
Miss Eva Henderson is visiting
Mrs. T. B. Goode,
Miss Fannie Hickman, of Lone
Elm, is visiting relatives here.
W. t. Wilson has been visiting
relatives in Sedalia this week.
Willie McCutchen, of Pilot
rove, has been visiting relatives
Messrs. Keister and Sutton, of
pton, have been visiting friends
Sam Evans, of Marshall, Ho.,
has been buying mules here, this
Messrs. Vaugh, Williams,
Hutchison and Bronaugh have been
with ns this week.
Miss L. Hill, of Kansas, and Mise
A Bit? Trade.
Cyrus Newkirk, president of the
rirst .National bank, of Sedalia, has
exchanged his large stock farm of
1,000 acres, south of the city, for
Kausas City real estate The value
laced upon the farm was $50,000.
ajor R. H. Melton was the prime
mover in making the deal.
Through Negligence.
Kansas City.Mo., July 3. The coroner's
inquest was held this morning to investi
gate the case of Nelson Pope, killed by the
cable cars Thursday evening. Several
witnesses testified that Pope's wagon was
carried fifteen feet after being struck by
the car, and as the g ade was slightly up
hill at the curve it was thought
the grip was not released
as soon as it should have been. It was
stated that Mr. Pope was dragged some
distance and when picked up was between
the grip car and the other car. The ver
dict of the jury was that Mr. Pope came
to his dsath through the negligence of the
employes of the cable company.
Found Dead.
Kansas City, July 2. This morning a
young woman aged 20, unmarried, was
foutid dead lving on a sofa in her room at
1312 St. Louis avenue. Her name is given
as Ren a Frances. The last seen of her
alive was at 8 o'clock last evening. Coro
ner McDonald viewed the body and con
sidered her sudden death due to abcess of
the lungs.
A Small Shortage.
Bos tan, July 3 The shortage of K. J.
Lane, the alleged embetzler of the Bock
Island, amounts to $247,000. The bank
examiner began investigation of the busi
ness of the suspended Abington national
bank, and has already found full confirma
tion of his charges against President Lane,
WO! CI e Monday.
ashineton. July 3. By direction of
C 0 w
the President, all the executive depart
ments will be closed Monday.
Said James Waters further slate that
said statement attributed to Mr. Heard is
not a lie, as stated, but is the truth, and he
declares tha said John T. Heard declared
to him inFavette, Mo., ou or about the
10th day of June, A. I. I88& that the
signature of one merchant or banker would
weigh with hi in on a petition equal to
from twenty to twen'y-tive ether persons
who receive but huie mail. I esteem my
self too highly to mutter "liar" in every
sentence or "base and infamous1' in every
breath. I leave such to Mr. Heard and
his own. James Waters.
Subscribed ani sworn to before
this the 2nd day of July, A D. 188w.
W. C. Knaus,
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
seal By A. Ci. Kxai , Deptv Clk.
Coi itty ok Howard.
On this, the second day of Julv. A. D..
1886, ersonally appeared before the un
dersigned clerk of the circuit court within
and for the county and state aforesaid,
Augustus B. Deatherage. a respectable citi
zen of Howard county, Mo., and one en
titled to credit, who, being by me duly
sworn, according to law, on his oath,
makes the following statement, to-wit :
I have seen the editorial in the Fayette,
Mo., Advertiser of July the 1 t, 1886, in
reference to which he further says, that
John T. Heard stated to him, and in his
presence, on or about June the 10th, 1885,
in Fayette, Mo., tha in considering names
on a petition he would make the
or merchant equal to from (25) twenty
five to (50) fifty farmers. I make this
statement to correct a known and willful
falsehood on the part of the writer and
John T. Heard, and to perform a dutv
which is imperative though unpleasant.
A. B. Deatherage.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
the 2ud day of July, A. D. 1886.
Seal W. C Knaus,
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
By A. G. Knaus, D. C.
Fayette, Ma, July S, 1886.
I have read the above and endorse it as
true snd correct, with this explanation, he
used the words to me, "Twenty-five or
thirty farmers or laboring men."
Signed. F. H. Niffer.
County of Howard.
On this, the second day of July, A. D,
1886, personally appeared before me, clerk
of th- circuit court, Solon Shepherd, a re
spectable and credible citizen of Howard
county, Missouri, who, being sworn, on his
oath, says that in the month of June. 1885.
Jean T. Heard called on him in Fayette.
Mo., (or rather met him on the streets) and
stated that he had been wanting to see him
(Shepherd): that he Heard) had under
stood that he (Shepherd) had been telling
it on the street that Mr. Heard had
sard he would consider the name of one
merchant or banker of more influence on a
petition than twenty-five to fifty farmers; to
which Shepherd replied that he had.
Thereupon Mr. Heard entered into an ex
planation of his general manner of esti
mating petitions, oat he never denied mak
ing the statement attributed to him. His
explanation was that he was governed by
what be called representative business
democrats, to which I replied that that
was not democracy, nor was it democratic,
8olon Shepherd.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this, l
. a a m 0
tne seconff a ay oi Julv. 1886.
W. C. Knaus,
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
seal By A. G. Knaus, D. C.
Porter Ashe, 10-" pounds, Fuller, rider :
Pope Dale. 115 pound-, Murphy rider:
James McKinney, 97 pound, Cooper
rider; Alamenda, 113 pounds, Hook
rider. Betting J. M. iNjugla, 2oO
pounds, Syntax 55 pounds, Berthon 75
pou ads , Field 100 pounds.
Jim Douglass led, closely followed by
King Bib, Hopedale and Buchanan.
There was no change for even-eighths of
a mile, when Hopedale took the second
place. Jim Douglass won ea-ily by one
length, Hopednle second, one length in
front of Buchanan, third. Time, 1:42.
Mutuals paid $8.30.
Third race, Boulevard stakes, one arid
one-quarter miles. Lizzie Dwver, 113
pounds weigh i. Murphy, rider ; Beacons
field 120 pounds, Carlisle, rider : Bennett
150 pounds, Kelly, rider: Exile 113
pounds, Dufi v Boling, rider ; Lizzie Dwv
er 100 pounds, Bennett 90 pounds. Field 45
pounds. Beaconsfield and Benne' t won ;
made the pole two lengths in front of Liz
zie Dwyer and Kxile even. There was
no change for seven-eights of a mile when
Beaconsfield was beat. Bennett then took
the lead, followed bv Lizzie Dwver. At
the eighth pole Lizzie Dwyer went to the
front and won easily by two lennxth, Ben
nett second, Kxile third. Time 20.
Mutuals paid, $9.0.
Fourth race, one and one-eighth miles.
Hettie, 108 pounds, Covington, rider, War-
fellow, 106 pounds, Richardson, rider,
Eloise, 98 pounds, Johnson, rider. Revenge.
108 pounds, O'Hara, rider, Clarence, 100
pounds, Tompkins, rider, Bonnie Eloise.
60 pounds, W a rf el low 25 pounds. Field 50
pounds. Eloise from the start
took the lead, followed by Clo
nee. Thev ran without change
to the three-quarter pole where Clonee
gave it up ; Revenge second taking his
place ; Eloise was never 'in trouble and
swerving some at the finish won by one
If ngth ww! cond ; Het ie B. a poor
third iiujcLo.
Mutuals paid $14.20.
Second heat. Betting, Will Davis $50,
Field $22. Empire some lengths in ad
vance made the running over three hurdles,
where Will Davis went to the front, follow
ed by Guy. Will Davis won easily by
four lengths, Guy second, Empire distanc
ed. Time, 1:51.
Mutuals paid $0.80.
Nearly 12,000 persons were at the fair
aa - .a
grounds 10-uay 10 witness the running
races. The crowd pushed through :hc
ropes onto the track as four starter came
up at a furious pace.
Al Secly and a boy named Richardson re
ceived injuries from which they will pro
bably die and half a dozen others were
more or less hurt.
At Browns vUle.
Brownsville, Mo.July 3. Special. The
National day was ushered in here by the
usual waste of good gunpowuer, which was
followed later by a series of amusements
presented to a vast concon-se of several
thousand persons who congregated to have
a good time, and had it. First on the pro
gramme came the tournament. The first
prize being the selection of the maid of
honor. Second prize $15. Third prize $10.
Wm. Werthum proved the victor and
selected Miss Dooley for the high position.
S. Beat tie won second money, $15, and
Arth .r Edwards third money, $10. Fol
lowing is the score !
Worthum three runs, 11 rings.
Beattie three runs, 10 ring-.
Edwards three runs, 9 rings.
Next came a foot race, 2U0 yards dash ;
entries: Worthum, Benyman and Beattie.
Worthum won easily, with Brryman sec
ond and Beattie third, giving Worthum the
pot of $10.
Third came a quarter mile dash toot
race: entries: Williams' loadfcsan mmd
orthum. The latter again proved the
victor by five rods, raining another $10
Following tho was a grand shooting
mafch for a purse of $50. Ja-i-es Houston
won first money, Eisner and Lindsay divid
ed second money on a tie, and Messrs.
Hawkins, Blackburn, Conway, Kincade
and Parson tieing on third, had a shooting
match of their own, which resulted in a
victory for Kincade.
The performance of the day closed with
a grand tire-wor display.
Washington, D. C, July 3 The senate
consumed its time yesterday in consider
ing the naval and river and harbor ap
propriation bills. Numerous amendments
increasing the amount of appropriations
were added and the senate adjourned un
until Tuesday with the bill pending.
The house was occupied exclusively with
the deficiency appropriation bill and a
long report trom the pension committee
urging the adoption of the vetoed pension
bills over the presidents veto. The report
makes a vie ous attack on Cleveland.
The house adjourned until Monday.
J. W. Rameys of Detroit, consul at Val-
J. L. Camp rf Texas, register of land of
fice, Prescott, Arizona; J. J. Taplefr. post
master at Longmont, Colorado.
A ead Cashier.
Washington, July 3. Horace A. Whit
ney, of New York, cashier in the treasur
ers office, died suddenly thi morning
from apoplexy. He was in the cash room
about twenty -one years and was promoted
to cashier a little over a year ago.
At Jefferson City
Jefferson C ity, July 3. Governor Mar
raaduke granied the Fourth of July par
dons to-day. The fortunate ones whom it
pleased tht warden to release are : Morris
Maddox, sentenced at the October, 1877,
term of the rerrv county court for sixteen
years and Charles W. Adams (colored) St.
Louis, sent up in August, 1874, each for
murder in the second degree.
The holiday at the prison will be kept
on Mondav, the 5th.
The governor has issued a jail pardon
to Felix G.Johnson, confined in the Nod
away county jail for forgery in the fourth
At Juliet.
Joli-t, 111., July 3. The National anni
versary and the completion of the new
court house were jointly celebrated here to -dav
with elaborate exercises.
Not Storm Proof.
Paris, July 3. The French torpedo.
Boats have been lost during the re
cent storm on the Atlantic.
Everybody Disappointed.
London, July 3. Both political parties
are disappointed at the present results ef
the election. The tories, to use the ex
pression of Lord Randolph Churchill, were
"cocksure" of making greater headway
than they have achieved. The Liberals
profess to be gaining in spirit.
English Eleetions.
London, July 3. The ministerialists are
becoming more anxious. The conserva
tives to-day gained seat in th following
districts: Lincoln, Boston, Gran1 ham
Stafford, Salisbury, East Birmingham, Kid
derminster, Aston. Maner, Oldham and
South No tingham. In South Scarborough
he election went against the ministerial
ist . There were many close contests.
At midnight the totals were 145, conser
vatives 25, unionists and ministerialists 53.
"Britannia Rules the Seas.
Halifax, July 3. The Cuiser Terror
has captured two more American fishing
chooners last night at Sand Point near
Shelburn, and took them up the latter
harbor this morning.
A Chicago Boycott.
Chicatro. Julv 3. At the packing house
of Ievi Doud S Co , a box car was in pro
cess of being freighted yesterday about
noon. The car was to be shipjed over the
Lake Shore road for the east The hands
informed the firm that they would not
return to work unless they were assured
Tli:f tht- nrr.nlrl Ka nnl ri titiA n. if .klnruul
t ill aii1H h. it m ,nu mi... L.n u ! Paris, July 1 the report ihat
Lake Shore. The firm protested against j Fencl) Ho boats had been lost
Kr tUv tr4 k ,r,.o ,i;..to.; atlan tic was erroneous. Theboats
The men however, pere obdurate and were
about to leave the packing house when
they were called back and assurances were
given that the Lake Shore would carry no
more of the firm's meat until the existing
differences were patched up. With the
exception of three men who went to work
on the second d iv all the men have held
out. Chairman Riley says there is enough
o.oney in the treasury to keep the men Icr
two months and when that is exhausted a
per capita assessment will be levied
every switchman in the United States.
Now its a Lie.
Paris, Julv The
to are sate.
on the
Base Ball
Cincinnati 8 Athletics.. 2
Metropolitans 15 Louisville 7
Philadelphia 8 Kansas City 2
Browns...... ....
Detroit ...
4 I Brooklyn - 0
I Boston. M
Baltimre... ..12 Pittsburgh 3
st. locis.
St. Louis 3 I WTashingtonM 2
aSc i ork 7 j 01vic&O M .. 3
Brighton Beach Races.
Brighton Beach, July 3. Winners to
day: Bill Bryen, Amulet,Lutestring,Mani-
toba, Fellow Play, Bonnie S. Lookout.
Powderly Pouts.
New York, July 3 Mr. Powderlv said
to-day: "It is the intention of the board
to address a letter to Superintendent Mur
ray and request him to furnish information
as to the action of Captain McCullough.
We have learned that the Cooper union
hall has been frequently rented to secret
societies without the presence of policemen.
We wish therefore to know whether Capt
ain McCullough received orders from high
er authority to have the policemen d resent.
I see by the papers that Captain McCul
lough classes the Knights of Labor with
anarchists and communists. I have never
at any time expressed nor will there be
found in any of my public speeches or
letters, nor in the work of the order any
thing that could be construed as savoring
of the doctrines of either anarchists or
Forest Fire.
Sandwich, Mass., July 3. A large forest
fire is raging in the woods near this place.
Crowds are trying to stop its progress.
Monmouth Park Races.
Monmouth Park, July 3. Winners to
day: Florence E. Hanover, Miss Wood
ford, Rupert, Mille Brambleton, Polanea.
A Woman's Candle.
Aaron, O., J uly 3. A woman's candle
thrown from a pisstoger train sat fire to
the Phoenix mill causing a total loss. In -
furaiyx fUAWU.
Gone Back on Thier Friends.
Chicago, July 3. The most important
action by the labor organiz- tions of the
city against the anarchists since the Hay
market roits was taken by district assem
bly No. 24, Knights of Labor meeting last
night. A series of resolutions were passed
calling upon all local assemblies of
the district to expel anarchists
who may now belong to them, and
ordering them to admit none hereafter.
The assembly has over 100 local assemblies
on its roll and its action will tend to cool
down some of the ram pan anarchists who
have been endeavoring to use the order to
work up sympathy and assistance for the
eight prisoners now on trial.
Chicago, July 3. The four small chil
dren of Paul Grabowiaky were burned to
death last night through the carelessness of
their parsnts. They were locked up in the
house while the father and mother went ta
o fire in another part of the town. The fire
started in tn- uf sxu a.e little ones
were overcome.
Worse Than Anarchists.
Cairo, 111., July 3. Hydrophobia ragts
among the cattle in Pollard county, Ken
tucky. Upward of forty head have died.
The cattle become frantic and chase other
animals, even attacking people. Horseback
rabies abound here. It is supposed to
have been communicated by two mad
dogs, which were killed here
Bad on Crops.
Norfolk, Va., July 3, Accounts from
eastern North Carolina and the lower coun
ties of Virginia regarding the cotton and
other crops are discouraging, owing to the
recent heavy rains, which, it is thought,
have done much damage.
How It Is "Called In" in the Territory at
A man was one day making a trip oa
s mixed" train on a Dakota road.
Passage on these trains is never taken
except for journeys of considerable
length; walking is as easy and mnea
faster for short distances. On this oo
casion the movement was even mors
deliberate than usual and the passen
ger called the conductor to his seat
and said:
'Isn't this motion prettv slow?"
Well, we ain't flying, I'll admit"
Sure everything's all right?"
I think so."
Wheels all greased tf
Yes, I greased them myself."
fTires all on?"
Yes, we run through the creek back
here and soaked up the wheels so they
would stay."
Any spokes loose?"
You are certain the wheels are all
on the rails?"
They was when I came in."
Couldn't be possible that any of
them are off and the axle dragging,
could it?"
I guess not."
Are we going up hill?"
No, this is pretty mid'iin lerel.
Do you always run st this gaitr
No, we generally hump along a
little faster' n this."
May I ask what is the trouble
Certainly. We found s two-year
old steer stuck in the trestle back hers
before you got on and stopped sad
helped it out. You know the rules si
the road are that in such cases the sal
mal belongs to the company."
But I don't see why that should
make you run so thundering slow?"
Why you blame' fool, we're talon1
that steer alone to headquarters, got H
tied behind sua it ain't used to leadin
and don't walk up very well. I'm do
ing all I can, got the br&keman prod
ding it up with an umbrel' and an ear
of corn tied to the end of the bell rope
if you think I'm going to start up
sad go howlin' along and yank the
horns off as good a steer ss there is in
the Territory why you're mistaken
that's sill Us trainmen can't expect oat
pay unless we bring in some
ner while,' EsUlUw(D, T.h
a aww was engages ss SB
kH st YeBtJo, Cal. hrn em
I s MI est of eierant jew ami.
taw articles were a neewlacc sad
te chain, pin, stud,
Ml rold. sad

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