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sedalia, Ma
SUNDAY VOl? tf JULY 11. '86
; Announcement.
We are authorized to announce Richard
field as a candidate for the office of judge
f the circuit court for the sixth judicial
liatrict, subject to the decision of the dem
scrapie judicial convention.
We are authorized to announce Wm. H.
Letcher as a candidate for the office of
judge of the circuit court for the Sixth ju
dicial district, subject to the decision of the
democratic judicial convention.
The Paper Published for the Peo
ple Now on Earth Would
Like to See.
It rain.
A circus cone.
Corp kept in jail.
The railroad built north.
Johnny Trim politically buried.
A few more honest men in politics.
The weither iret too hot for the book
agent fiend.
The Democrat, the organ of the boycot
ters, reform.
The Goat House and Alex Owens
make friends.
Murrell, an ex-striker, go to work and
cease to be a vag.
Evertbodv smoke Bazoo cigars. For
the smokers now on earth.
The druesrists advertise so as to do
their part in developing the country.
Mr. H. H. Allen, of the Vwioero, have
another matinee in front of his office.
A tax receipt in Pettb county made
out in the name of Johnny Trim.
The record John T. Heard made aa a
bolter in 1876, when Crittenden was nomi
nated ior congress.
Corrected daily for the Bazoo by C. G.
Tylor, Horologist and Optician, No. 108
oio street, ior ine tweniv-ionr nours enn-
;at 8 o'clock p. m., July 10, 1886.
7 a.m.
(p m.
9 p .m.
73 29:17
89 29:18
80 29:16
I Clear,
i Clear.
Extremes, 72 and 89.
Notice to City Subscribers.
On and after July 1st all patrons of city
circulation will be called on once a month
lor amount due and if they fail to pay,
delivery will be stopped without further
notice. No exceptions will be made to
this rule.
Seymour Selover,
City Circulator for Bazoo.
Morgan for Heard.
Versailles, .Mo., Jaly 16.-Special.
Ine precinct elections came of in this
Morgan county to-day.
Heard earned the county, but by how
ladv delegates is not vet known.
Cosgrove has carried three precincts and
robab y more. The Versailles precinet
rent for Heard by a majority of 61.
The election was one of the most excit
ing ever held in the county.
Wife Murder and Suicide.
Wichita, Kansas, July 10, 1886. C. K.
IMcClintock who came to this city from
Louisiana about a year ago and was for a
ime in the erocerv business here, shot his
kife fatally in the abdomen and then sent
ball crashing through his own breast.
The wife died about 4 o'clock this evening
.nd physicians be'ieve the husband will
lot live nnt 1 morning. Jealousy is the
jause of the terrible deed.
The Jaynes' Monument
The work of setting up the monument of
ol. A. D. Jaynes was completed yesterdav.
It is of Scoth granite and an exceedingly
ne work of art, the color being especial lv
eautiful. Messrs. Clay & Heymer, of Jhis
jity, were the contractors and deserve
rest credit for the skill and artistic taste
isplayed, samples of which equally as
ine, can be iound in many parts oi tne
The Jaynes monument is a very coatly
nd elaborate afiair, as can be snrmised
rhen it is known that the freight bill alone
mounts to $730.60, The granite was
I hipped from Aberdeen. Scotl. nd, and
dessrs. Clay & Baymer nave been about
ne year completing the work. The spire
tne largest in tne worm witn one excep
u, jxhich is in Scotland.
The cost of th2 monument will aggregate
Pour Large Gems; Only 50 Cents.
Photographs $ 1.50 per dozen for a short
me only. BuffhanA, 313 and 315 La-
une street. 7-4sAwti
W You Want the Best
on Phillip Hahn, manufacturer and
jtealer in harness, collars, blankets, robes,
irry combs, bridles, orusnes, saacues or
mything in the harness line. Remember
le place, 11 second street, near market
louse, Sedalia, Mo. 7-13 6m
Chris. EckoflT will rusticate with his
wife and child at Smithton to-day.
J. C. McLaughlin and family returned
from Pique, Ohio, after a pleasant visit to
relatives and friends.
Mrs. Dave Emrich left for Moberly on
a visit to her relatives, she will be absent
about three weeks.
A. J. Stafford, the popular traveling
salesman for a Kansas City firm, arrived
yesterday and will Sunday in the city.
Conrad Scheben, representing Chas.
Wezler, of feu Louis, is adding more
names to his numerous friends in Sedalia.
Miss Fannie Judt, of i ulton, Mo., who
has been visiting Miss Annie Dickman, of
this city, for some cays, will return home
MissSallie Moss, a charming young
belle, of Paris, Mo., was in the city yester
day, the guest of Mr. J. M. Offield. She
left last evening for Sweet Springs.
Jacob Crowley has returned to Sedalia
once more and will take a position in the
Missouri Pacific paint shone. Mr. Crowley
is a firbt-class mechanic and a Sedalia boy
clear through. The Bazoo welcomes him
Mrs. H. H. Cordes and her two bright
little daughters fiom Denver, Col., have
been the guests of D. Miller, 727 East Fifth
6treet, for the past few days, and will leave
in the morning for St. Paul, Minn., to visit
relatives there.
Geo. H. Russell, treasurer of the Bee
line and brc ther-in-law of Adam Ittle,
yesterday left for the east accompanied by
his wife, two of Mr. lttle's children and
Mrs. J. R. Stewart. The party will spend
:he summer east.
Dave Hughes, for some time past a
clerk at Sh hers, has accepted a positi m
as clerk in a prominent hotel in Pittsburg
and will soon leave for his new field of
labor. Dave is a favorite with the travel
ing nublic and will doubtless be as suc
cessful wherever he may go as he has been
in Sedalia. His numerous friends here
will regret his departure and wish him
that abundant success which strict atten
tion to business and courtesy merits.
Miss Eva Gentry joined Mr. Theo.
Shelton and family with the two Misses
Gauss in St Louis yesterday and left for
an eastern trip. They go first to Chicago
and Niagara Falls, then through Canada
and down the 8t. Lawrence river to Lake
George and into New York, down the
Hudson river, via. Saratoga, then to Long
Branch and Cape May, where they will
remain three weeks, then return via.
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and
B. L. OF E.
Union Meeting of the Brother
hood of Locomotive
The Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers, will hold a union meeting
at Coates opera house in Kansas City
to-day, which will be addressed bv
Grand Chief T. M. Arthur, of Cleve
land, Ohio ; First Grand Engineer
James Ca vender and others. Special
trains will he run on all roads enter
ing Kansn City, in order to allow as
many engineers as possible to be
Grand Guide J. H. Fitzgerald of
this city, and a large delegation of
the brotherhood from here, will be in
The People of El Ltorado Springs
Would Like to Know.
How much water will it consume
to drown a book agent?
Who it was that shouted hello! at
Schell City on the telephone and did
not get an answer?
Who will be the first man to preach
at the am pi theater ?
The name of the woman who left
here very hurridly in the night, and
if there is not a rattling good sensa
tion in the details ?
When the stage lines will cease to
quarrel and charge a living price for
transportation to and from Eldorado
When a certain merchant will
cease boasting that he never advertises ?
If the iady who lifted the porker
from a place of confinement in the
park, has gotten over her embarrass
ment? If Bill Smith still sells liver at
the old price and loves his mother-in-law?
If Davidson will ever recover
from his trip to Sweet Springs?
Grand Preparations for the An
nual Encampment at
Sweet Springs.
Ihe Whole Force to be
the Grounds by To-Night.
How They Will Come
Where They Will Come
Other News, Notes and
dits at Missouri's
Sweet Springs, Jaly 10. Special.
Fveiything is hurry and bustle here, pre
paratory to th inauguration of the grand
est event which has ever transpired at the
Springs, the military encampment, whidh
opens to-morrow.
Governor Marmaduke and Adjutant
Jamison are here and very busy with an
able corps of assistants as is also Capt. Hil
yer, quartermaster of the Fifth regiment,
and his aide, Sergeant Duetsch.
Nearly all the preparations are complete,
and the grounds for camping and drill
purposes are in excellent condition, and on
to-morrow when the troops arrive they will
find everything ready for a royal recep
tion. Latest advices report everything at the
different military headquarters moving
smoothly and without a hitch, and though
this is the first regular encampment in
years indication- are that h will bear more
the appearance and regularity of the move
ments of an army of regulars than of fresh
the same place as and during the first week
of the summer school of science and peda
gogies of 1887.
T. Perry Smith,
Soldier, will you work I
The grounds look beautiful.
One thousand soldiers will ar
rive to-dav.
A dancing party at amusement
hail last night.
There will be a ball every night
the coming week.
The sutler is on hand. No army
is complete without a sutler.
Sweet Springs ginger ale is a
popular and pie tsant beverage.
Mrs. L. V. Pierce and daughter,
of St. Louis, arrived last night.
The Governor, Col. Ball and
General Jamison went out riding last
Mrs. C. C. Leonard and Miss
Minnie Chappell, of Sedalia, arrived
last night.
Charley Grasy danced last night
and talked Kansas Citv real estate to
the ladies.
Geo. S. McGrew, wife and
daughter, of St. Louis, are among
late arrivals.
J. M. Cartas, of Sedalia, will
perform his toilet before the mirror
in No. 76 this moruing.
C- H. Grasty. a newspaper fiend
is here flying around among the
ladies as if he was a single man.
-Gen Jamison is a fine looking
iOsle s on Land 1"
pwarda. Special inducements.
Both well & Jaynes, Atty's.
12-20dAly C ox. Third and CLk cit
A Fall In Wheat
Yesterday as John G. Senior was
iloadm? a load of wheat at the ele-
itor in Lamonte his mule team be-
une unmanagable and in their strug-
n Til-
ie nnauv went on me anve way.
lling to the ground twenty feet be-
The wagon was totally wrecked
id the mules badly but not fatally
Mr. Senior escaped without m-
Foot Fettered.
Sherman Foote was yesterday ar-
by Constable Wallace, on a
mt, charging him with having
jturbed the meeting of the George-
wo library association on the 15th
March last, A warrant has been
It for him for sometime, but he has
led capture, until yesterday. He
taken before Justice Marvin and
bond for his appearance July
Wm. H Kerns Dead.
The Globe Democrat says : W. H.
Kerns, died at his residence, 3107
Lucas avenue, yesterday afternoon,
after a brief .illness. He was secre
tary of the National Editorial Asso
ciation, whose meeting was at Cin
cinnati. He was editor of the Great
South West, and of an agricultural
journal at Little Rock, aa well as a
contributor to the Journalist and
other periodicals. His health has
been failing for some time, and he
recently spent a couple of months at
Hot Springs. On his return, about
two weeks ago, he seemed considera
bly better, but the improvement did
not last, and he, unfortunately, drank
too freely for a man with a debiliated
constitution. He was found in an
unconscious condition on the streets
on ftunday. ana taken to tne City
Dispensary, where he gave every in
dication of delirum. A card in his
socket disclosed his address, to which
he was taken , but in spite of every
care, be grew worse, and expired
yesterday. He leaves a widow, but
no children- His remains will be
taken to his former home in Sedalia.
Levena Levee.
ml . 1 .1
ihe extreme neat seems to nave a
tendency to warm the blood of the av
erage bruiser into beligerant activity,
judging from the number and nature
of the warrants considered bv Re
corder I -evens yesterday.
Jane Stevens and Ellen Chilcote
were the first to appear. They were
charged with raisiug an unseemly
racket and indulging in violent dem
onstrating prejudicial to the peace and
good order of the neighborhood.
His honor, at their request, allowed
them until next Monday morning to
Henry Leist, who keeps a clothing
store on East Maine street, and Ed.
Parker, were next arraigned and also
allowed until Monday to answer to a
charge of disturbing the peace by
fighting. Each gave bond for his ap
pearance in the sum of $50.
Ed Walker was in a very dilapi
dated condition and seemed to be suf
fering from terrible bruises and cuts
about the head and shoulders. He
stated that Leist had demanded
of him the payment of a bill
which he had already
settled and on his refusal attacked
him with some kind of a weapon in
flicting the injuries named. Leist V
hand was also badly lacerated. He
claim it was done by a knife in the
hands of Mr. Parker, but the latter
denied having had any knife and the
police claims that the wounds are evi
dently the result of the concussion on
the weapon used by Leist when he
struck Parker.
The next prir of victims to appear
were H. J. Murrell, white, and Frank
Bell, colored, they were charged with
engaging in a fisticuff and placed
under a bond of $50 each for their ap
pearance Monday.
Bazoo Cigar.
The well known cigar dealer of this
city, Sol Kingsbaker, has put on the
market a brand of superior cigars
known as "Ihe Sedalia Bazoo for
the smokers now on earth, and through
Mr. Kingsbaker's courtesy the Bazoo
has been placed in possession of a
box of the delightful and very palata
ble specimens of the weed.
Smokers, try the Sedalia Bazoo
cigar. It is a daisy.
These cigars are for sale as follows :
Chris Eckhoff , Sedalia ;
Heckman & Teubner, Sedalia ;
L. Kuntz, Brownsville.
lOO Empty Syrup Barrels for Sale.
Only 50 cents per barrel at Chas. Walker
A Co's. Candy Factory, 314 Ohio street.
7-11 and wtf.
James Finley, a poor demented
creature who some time ago was cart
ed off to Sedalia by the Carthage au
thorities, doubtless with a view to
get rid of him. and who was sent out
oi town by Marshal Jackson some
two weeks ago, again made his ap
pearance at police headquarters yes
terday. Finley is an ex-convict from the
Leavenworth penitentiary, where he
is said to have been incarcerated for
mule stealing. He is now, however,
entirely non compas mentis and ought
to be cared for. It is said he has
relatives living north of Sedalia.
militia. Thanks to the skill and experi- officer and in his uniform i.s the
ence of Governor Marmaduke and his able evnosure of all young ladies' optics.
iIac InffiMM f rum Sf I rmi statA thai I
the first brigade will leave that citj and
proceed to this point in the following or
der :
The Cavalry Company will assemble at
their headquarters at the Armory, mounted
and in uniform, at 1 o'clock to-day. An
order issued by Capt P. L. Henry directs
that the troopers shall be provided with
"white gloves, uniforms shirt, towels, soap
and such other things as are required.
TU will Iasi-a tka A Mnstm 1 .OA
I o'clock sharp and march to the depot at
Seventh and Popular streets, where their
horses will be loaded ou freight cars. A
special car will be attached to thr through
freight train for the convenience of the
men. The train leaves at 3 o'clock and
will arrive at Sweet Springs about noon
Sunday. Capt Henry will report to Col.
Wm. Bull at camp, and will be assigned
The guns of the battery will be taken to
the Springs on the cavalry company's
train, the members of the command ac
companying the first regiment on the fol
lowing day.
The Fiist Regiment will assemble at the
Armory at i o clock Sunday morning, pre
pared for a six day's service. The troops
will be drawn up for inspection by the
company commanders. Maj. Comfort will
then assume command, and with the r gi
mental drum corps in the front the regi
ment will march to the Union Depot,
where thev will take a special train on the
Missouri Pacific road for Sweet Springs,
arriving here on the evening train of the
same day. They will proeeed to the camp
grounds immediately, and Maj. Comfort
will report for duty to Col. Bull, and the
regiment will be assigned to quarters.
is as follows : Lieut-Col Robert Buchan
an commanding, Capt. Edwin Batdorf, A
At A G., Capt Michael Fritz and Capt
Geo. A. Priest, Aides de-Camp. First
regiment : Maj. W. A. McCandles Sur
geon ; Oapt J. K. Hereford, Assist a t Sur
geon : Capt. K. W. Ooode, J udge Advocate;
Capt. H. H. Hinton, Ordinance Officer;
Capt W. Walsh. Commissary ; Capt John
Snyder, Chaplain ; Capt John Lund, Quar
termaster; E L Keene, Quartermaster
Sergeant J. Y. Johnson, Sergeant-Major,
and M. F. Wing, hospital steward. Com-
Sany A, Capt J. H. Cookson, First Lieut
I E. Speikerman, Second Lieut H. J.
Morgan ; Company B, Capt J. G. Meara,
First Lieut E. J. Joy ; Company C, Capt
J.C Wiegand, First Liut Ned Miller,
Second Lieut A. C. Daigh ; Company E,
Capt E. A. Warren, First Lieut Lon
Brandon ; Company F, Capt. C. H. Holt
camp, First Lieut. W. H. Scott ; Company
G. Capt C. A. Sinclair, First Lieut.
Thomas Foggo, Second Lieut A. Marks ;
Company I, Capt. H. Cavendar, Second
Lieut Frank Alexander; Company M,
Capt T. R. Roemer, Second Lieut. Will
Murray: Drum Cofps, Sergt H. P. Mack,
Corporal W. H. Durphy.
Col. Bull, Capt K. W. Goode and
Fred. R. Garesche, with a detail of ten men
are already here busy completing
arrangements for the reception of the com
mand. The Fifth regiment which is composed of
the Snringfield, Carthage, Joplin, Pierce
Cit . . Lamar, and Nevada light guards, and
the Carthage band, will arrive by a special
from the south Sunday evening about 4:30.
The other company of this regi
ment the Cape Girardeaa light
guards, will come via of St Louis.
Health first, riches afterward. All forms
of heart diseases, including palpitation,
rheumatism, spasms, bony formation, en
larjgement, valvular derangements, acute
pains in left breast, etc., yield to the use of
Dr. Graves' Heart Regulator. $1 per bot
tle at druggists.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup ahondl
always be used for children teeth inf. It
aootha the child, softens the rum, allayi
all pains, cures wind colic and is the beal
remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a
QKA AAA To loan, Sedalia and
QiCOJ UlA! Central Miatouri
WX) and up Vary lowest rates.
IMly T HoTjrto, 419 Ohio
Missouri Teachers' Academy.
The summer school of science and peda
gogies has been in session here since June
2oth. At the instance of Rev. Norton, of
Cape Girardeau, heartily seconded by Dr.
Laws, President Osborne, Profs. Alien,
Smith, Lynch, Doyle and others now here,
a movement was made looking to an or
Sanizatton which will occupy a sphere
eretofore unoccupied in the state, and
whose success will tend to strengthen and
reinforce all other efforts and organizations
in the educational Celd of labor in Mis
souri. A full organization was effected on
July 7th. The name "Missouri Teachers'
Academy" was applied, and the following
officers were elected for the ensuing year :
President, 8. 8. Laws, Columbia.
First vice-president, B. C. Norton, Cape
Second vice-president, N. J. Morrison,
Secretary, T. Perry Smith, Fayette.
Treasurer, W. H. Lynch, West Plains.
The first regular meeting will be held at ;
D. W. Marmaduke, warden of
the penitentiary, accompanied by his
family, are here occupying a cottage.
W, L. Ellis, a gushing young
man of Sedalia, is here, swelling the
heads oi the young ladies. He will
not soldier.
G Valentine, of New York, who
is supposed to have been born on the
14th ot February, 1836, is here ex
hibiting his avordupois.
Mrs. John Buckner, of Brown-"
ville, was at the Grand Hotel parlor
last evening treating the guests to
vocal and instrumental music.
Mrs. L. A. Nickerson and
daughter. Miss Lucie Nickerson, of
Warrensburg, arrived Friday and are
occupying the Harwood cottage.
J. A. Fisher, head clerk of Grand
hotel is a most attentive and affable
man in a hotel office. He has no
diamond pin but has the regulation
red necktie.
Geo. G. Anderson, a commercial
traveler, is here to inspect dry goods
that may be on exhibition. lie re
ports more orders than an ordinary
house can fill.
Jno. H. Garth, president of the
Farmer's and Merchants bank of
Hannibal, arrived at the Springs
Friday, accompanied by his wife, son
and daughter.
Miss Sallie Moss, of Paris, Mo.
a well known society young lady, ar
rived Saturday evening, and is oc
cupying rooms with Mrs. T. W.
Cloney in a cottage.
The Grand hotel has perfected ar
rangements to accommodate all who
nnv come, in a royal manner. Noth
ing will be left undone tojnake every
visitor comfortable and happy.
E. D. Packard, of Chicago, is here
to try the virtues of Sweet Springs
water on bald heads. He has been
here two days and reports improve
ment and thinks he will have use for
a barber before Monday.
Col. Bull, who is in command
here is the same affable, pleasant gen
tlemen as of yore. He made a fav
orable impression several years ago at
the encampment and is a great fav
orite with everyone.
The day for the sham battle is set
for Thursday, July 15th. It will take
place on the fair grounds and can be
witnessed cemfortably by 10,000 peo
ple. Extra trains will be run to ac
commodate the masses who may de
sire to be present. A special train
will leave Sedalia Thursday morning
at 9:37 for the Springs, returning,
leave Brownsville at 6 p. m.
The great temperance camp meet
ing will open here on Tuesday, the
20th inst, and is looked forward to
with considerable interest. The speak
ers will be as follows : July 20 Gov.
St John and Dr. W. Jones. July
21 John Sobieski and Miss White.
July 22 Sam W. Crutcherand Mrs.
Hoffman. July 23 Green Clay
Smith and Dr. Jones. July 24 Rev.
Sam Jones and Dr. Brooks. July
25 Gov. St John and Geo. W.
He Arrived Last Night and In
dulged in His Usual Amount
of tiush.
John Trimmer Heard, the abscond
ing member.of fag, congress in the sixth
district, arrived in the city on the
midnight train last nigh He in
dulge 1 in his usual amount of hand
shaking and was very jubilant when
he met a Bazoo reporter at Sicher's
hotel. He had received several tele
grams, one of which stated that Mor
gan county was for him slid. While
it may be iossible and even probable
that the various townships
in Morgan county insf ucted their dele
gates for him, yet as has often been
demonstrated, they are liable to
change their minds, when in a county
convention, especially where the con
test is as interesting as in thia dis
trict. In Boone county the convention
was held yesterday, and the Trimmer
rejoices on the wrong side of his
mouth in the fact that he received
five votes, against nine for Rev. W.
Pope Yeaman.
mHn about Howard county?"
asked the Bazoo of Mr. Heard last
4 I will carry it sol'd," said the
Trimmer in the presence of a few gen
tlemen, who winked increduously.
' Where were you to-dav, Mr.
"At Glasgow, in Howard c unty,
and I made an excellent speech, oh, I
am solid over there, as I previously
After a brief consultation with
several of his henchman, the soon to
be ex-congressmen, annouueed that
he was tired and went to rest at
The Boycott
The Tribune says : '"The boycott
is an odious, lawless, wholly un-American
practice. It is a coward's and a
bully's weapon; a base agency where
by sturdy loafers may wreak a sneak
ing vengeance upon poor women.
Labor, American labor, that is to say,
cannot aflord to ally itself with those
who resort to so contemptible a prac
tice. Public opinion, which is so po
tent in the United States, will not
countenance any such proceeding.
The Chicago Knights of Lahor have
had the sense to realize this fact, and
have cut loose from the anarchists
and their works. We hope the New
York labor organizations and those of
all the rest of the country will prompt
ly follow suit, and. so convince the
foreign mischief-makers that if they
are not DreDared to abandon their ob
jectionable doctrines and accept Amer
ican governmental theories they would
better return from whence they
All kinds of seals. Orders by mail will
receive prompt attention.
J. West Goodwin.
To all who are suffering from the errors
and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
new, earlv decay, loss of manhood, &, I
will send a recipe that will cure you,
FREE OF CHARGE. This great remedy
was discovered by a missionary in South
America. Send a self addressed envelope
to the Rav. Joseph T. Ixmax. Anim. n
m 1 - -
TheKingof theTractions
For new and second-hand threshing and
saw-mill machinery, engines and boilers
and repair work, go to
G0. WELLS' Machine Shop,
East Main St , Sedalia, Io
5 18 d&w2m
A il everything in the music line. Ordexw
li . ming and repairing promptly attended
to and satisfaction guaranteed. All
warranted as represented.
A i'ne Wlthu Kail
IM4WMSV Xreau chf0nic liatatea.
I Rett of reference Book tent free. Per-
naaneaUy located. Call on or address

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