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Sep alia, If
Corrected daily for the Bazoo by C. G.
Taylor, Horologist and Optician, No. 108
Ohio street, for UV twenty-four hours end
i ig si 9 o'clock p. m., Nov. 27, 1S86.
' 29:'0 I S N , Um&j
! Clear
7 m. la.
2 p. m.
9 p .m.
29-38 ,
It is to be Widened to a Standard
Gauge and Extended to
Tin- Work to Commence at an
Early Iate The Colorado
and St. Louis Road.
Hare the Largest and Choicest Stock of
Kxtrerues, 2" and 51.
Yesterday was almost as balmy as a
summer day.
Died Nine miles south of Sedalia Nov.
2C, Chas. B. Van Dyke, aged 28 years.
Chas. Simmons has a larg- white owl,
captured on Flat creek, which is now un
dergoing a taxidermical operation.
J, S. Bane a young Morgan county
farmer and Miss Rose Smith of Ottervilie
Wire granted niatmge license yesterday.
Justice Taylor, of Houston i a was in
the city y ester. lay securing the necessary
legsl outfit to do a booming busing-
The new moon put in an appearance
ye(terday and according to the Indian
sign it is to be a warm and moderately
wet one.
Frank McConnell, Chas. Bass, ' Col."
T. M. Latsch and H. P. Johnson, of ti4e
express department, are oft' for a deer hum
to-day, but their friends declare the deer
they are after spell their name "I-e- -r.'
The Sedalia Improvement Company
yesterday received irom Peters & Leu lie,
of St. Louis, a new patent boring auger.
free of cosL The auger will be used by
the company in the prosecution of their
Henry Knapp has a horse which he
think will take the blue ribbon anywhere.
Last Thanksgiving, in company with Rev.
Van Wagner, he drove from the (ireen
Ridge church after the services to Wm.
Van Wagner's, to take dinner, in one hour
and fifteen minutes. The distance is said
to be fifteen miles.
$1,000 and upwards,
in Pettis count v, at Six
per cent, interest, with
special privileges, including partial pay
ments. Bothhell A Jaykes, Attys.
12-20d&ly lllgenfrila Building, Sedalia
Mesdames Blanchard and llginfiritz
were the guests of friends in Warsaw last
Chas. H. (ireen representing Kahu -shoe
manufacturing company, of Hamilton
Ohin, is registered at Kaiser Hotel.
Mr. T. J. Myers, formerly manager of
the United Lines telegraph office, this city,
leaves Kansas City to-day for Denver,
W. F. Knox, of the iunior class of the
Bute University, came in yesterday to low themselves to be out generated by j
spend a few days with relatives and the new roads and are not twiner to. I
- - ;
you can rest assured. The extension
oi tms road win give tnem asiutheru
From pwariffflrtHI who arrived in the
city yesterday the Bazoo KeanM that
tin survey of the Si. Louis aud Colo
rado road has been completed almost
t ) Windsor. The surveyo rs having
broke their camp at Cole Camp la?t
Tuesday. The road crosses the nar
row gauge at Coal Camp, just west of
the depot and follow a northwesterly
course from the town, and ihe survey
ors state that the the probabilities are
that tbi will be the permanent loca
tion of the route, as it is impossible to
go through any further smith than
Coal Camp.
4But I will tell you something still
more iniKrtaut" .-aid one of the gen
t emeu. The Missouri Pacific com
pany arc preparing to cut the thr .at
of the new road and also of the (tulf
route, through the medium of the 'it
tie narrow uage."
"How is that?"
"Simply enough, by making it a
standard trauge and exteudiui: it
through to Springfield to connect wit
the Frisco and the Memphis
"What makes you think that this
is leimr contemplated f
"I have it afreet from the officials
themselves and this week both super
intendent Lyans and general road
master, Fitzpatrick, were over the
road and gave orders that no more
narrow guage ties were to be received
for the road and that all standard
guage ties were to be held for use on
the road. The section foreman have
also received orders to put in nothing
but standard guage ties in making
repairs, and to this end standard ties
are now being distributed all along
the road."
44 When will the work of extension
and widening begin f
"If the winter stays open the
chances are it will commence Terr
soon, but under any circumstances
work will begin in the spring."
"You seem very confident about
the matter." 4
"Certainly. It is no secret and
every one in our section understands
the need of it and that it will be
done. The Gould system cannot al
IBS' 1
Ever Shown in Sedalia
Is unsurpassed in Latest Styles. In DRESS VS1MMHKB and
STRIPED VELVETS, tliey carry the largest stock in the city. A
cordial invitation is extended to the ladies to call and see.
IIiiiiIiIc Slurc
Furniture and Undertaking
I have the cheapest line of Furniture ever ottered in Sedalia. Get my prion n
Bureaus, Extenstion Tables. Cupboards and Kitch-n Balaa LoMgH, Js& The hupesl
stock of Coffins, (Jackets and Robes in the city. Night clerk always nt store. M1Msv3m
Miss Emma Klein Mysteriously
Disappears in Sedalia.
Her Fathers Anxious But Vain
Search for Her Yesterday.
impact! prohibition ii a failure, while
in another light it is a su
The Bazoo has a numlx-r of
jiiliscribers at Le Koy and there is a
continued prospect, for all of which
the manager of that paper should be
There I world of children in
Le Koy, from the number of the
rising generation that troop along the
street at school hours approach, there
. mm
AnUmine Klein is an honest Uer must le several to each family and
ncan farmer who resides near Flor- more too.
ence iu Morgan county with his fam- ( D. Miller, the miller, has a fine
By. Among them is a daughter, a flouring and saw mill combine a. The
handsome youog Miss of seventeen i proprietor is one of those genial,
summers, round and plump, medium . clever gentlemen, that has a good
size, brown eyes rather weak, weight digestion, for he is so awfully clever
about 125 pound. Like most irirls and accommodating to strangers,
of German parentage, Emma has been The Alamo, uuder the manage
taught to believe that an iudispensi- ment of mine host, W. H. Johnson,
ble step to womanhood, is to ' is a most comfortable home for the
learn to work, and that to j traveler. Neat, clean and cheery
do so properly, is to go away , rooms everything denoting cleanli
from home to work out, with this end j ness, which is only attained, in a
in view Emma came to Sedalia about j hotel, by the utmost care ami indu
three months ago and secured a pos- j trv. The table is sup plied with all
itiou with the family of N. L. Norton, that any one can desire, this being
He Murders and Cremates
Whole Family Who Refuse
to Associate With Him.
Budget of Local Information
for the Especial Benefit of
Railway Men.
There was little of note at the
ahops yesterday beyond the fact that
husiuess was resumed with the usual
Ralph Hey worth with sciatica
was admitted to the hospital yester
day. He is a fireman from Parsons,
A. McDonald, a section laborer
irom Weeping Water, was brought to
the hospital yesterday suffering from
frosted feet.
List of Patents.
Grrauted to the citizens of Missouri
ibr the week ending Saturday, Nov.
27th, as furnished from the office of
F. C. Seward, solicior of patents and
couucellor in patent causes, 914 Fifth
street, Washington, D. C:
George C. Hale, Kansas City water
Thomas W. Hughes. Butler, lad
der. James W. Levy, Clinton, fly trap.
Richard J. McCarty, Kansas City,
Teh ci meter.
George Schubert and F. Thies, St.
Louis hinge.
Frank Stearns and G. L. Wells,
Creighton, revolving shot case.
Samuel H. Terry, Fulton, grip for
cable roads.
Squire S. Turner. Columbia, eud
less chain sickle for mowers and reap
ers. Hermann Winter, Hermann, inva
lid bedstead.
No disease can show such quick re
sults as heart disease ; do not delay, Dr.
Graves' Heart Regulator is a specific. $1
per bottle at druggists.
Perfect Sight.
As thousands can testify, there is nothing
so much to be desired as perfect sight and
perfect sight can only be obtained by using
perfect spectacles. C. G. Taylor, oar horns
optician', exercises great skill and patience
in fitting those needing spectacles with cart
and comfort to the wearer. 12-1 1 dtf .
Democrats, republicans,
prohibitionists and independents should
smoke "Our Senator Vest" cigars, the best
oc cigar on rartn. fcoio at wholesale and
retail by
tf Ehrgott A Ney.
route to all points north and east
which will be much shorter
than any of the com pet' g lines
which it will tap or cross, and of
course will enable them to maintain
their present advantages. A route
via of Sedalia to St Louis or Chicago
from Texas or Tennessee is much
shorter than via of Kansas City and
the same may be said of the lake re
gions. '
Inquiry made iu official circles
confirms th? reports so tar as the
orders issued are concerned, though
there is a good deal of reticence as to
the time when the widening of the 1
guage will be made, as well as to
what her it is intended to extend the (
road, though it was admitted ties
rrp hpincr rpwivd tVvun maher I
along the proposed route of the road
between Warsaw and Springfield.
about three miles north ofthiscitv.
There she remained until about three
week :iLro, when she left and came
back to the city to Sv-cure a place in
town. She applied to Juo. Reed, a
painter on west Sixth street aud was
engaged. After breakfast the next
morning she complained of not feeling
well and said she wanted to go to A.
Mc Lachlin's, the wagon maker, aud
departed. Since then she has not
been seen or heard from, so far as
could be learned. Failiugjto hear from
his daughter Mr. Klein yesterday came
to the city in search of his daughter
but was unable to learn anything more
than the facts above stated, though
he visited all the localities named.
;ohn Heed, however, is also missing,
tUe neighbor saying that he had
moved a war the next dav after
Emma left and it i? barely ossible
that she may have gone with the
the main study of the manager and
proprietor, who i one of those indom
itable hustlers which Kansas i- noted
lor. May the suu of prosperity shine
ou the Alamo.
Items of Interest to Play-Goers
From K very where.
Harry Laeey and Miss Edna
Carey are doing the "Planters Wife
at Chicago.
Jim, the Penman. ' is such a
prouounced success in New York City
that the manager proposes to make a
vear's run of it.
Louis .Tame aud Maria Wain
wright legin the first New York en
gagement ou December b'th at the
Windsor theatre in " Virginius.'
( Kvin.r Xi kttil htisine Frank (
r i i a. iL i Z i : r 't ' ' " . "
iamuy, oui me cmkh-ci inquiry lam-u cjoseil his , at Wooming
to reveal their whereali-iuts. j ton, IU., last week. He hopes to re-
Klein is very mach troubled about bs orgjmiie ana stltrt out again.
daughters disappearance, and euter-
tuna rrrv biri as m hr ttifP ft-. h x
Z i i u i adding "Julius Cjesar to his reparto
says she has alwavs been a dutiful r u ,
j-j ... , , - -i i i rv oeuire mc nu.y oi uk- sr;iMii. c
gin ami uvea nappiiy n ucr noun-,
and until the psst three weeks has
communicated with the family regu
larly. The matter was placed in the
Horsford Acid Phosphate.
Dr, CL Roberts. Winchester 111., says
' I have used it with entire satisfaction in
cases si debility f ron age or overwork, and
in inebriates and dyspeptics, and am well
pleased with its effects.
The Austrian Government has
issued au order prohibiting poker-playing
within the domination. Thus is the
Berlin Treaty again defied. It was
distinctly stated, we believe, in that
document that the game of poker
sd on Id be protected by all the Powers
to the end of time. It was further de
creed in detail that a prince who did
not ante should be compelled to ab
dicate, that three kings beat anything
on the board, that bluffing was a fine
art and should be nourished as such,
that any diplomat Vaught with a flush
should fee considered unworthy of his
profession, that the Powers should
never play straights, that two knaves
always beat two queens, etc., etc.
And now Austria has thrown all these
able rulings to the winds and has ut
terly boycotted poker. We shall soon
hear from the astute European corres
pondents as to how this move will af
fect the status quo in Bulgaria.
iouisville, Ky., November 2. Soecial
Kvening fW special from Williamsburg
Kentucky, gives details of a horrible
trtgedy in Knox county. About a month
ago ihe. house of a farmer named I'oe was
burntd and the family oi six persons and
two young ladies, who wtr visiting the
house, perished in the Hames. Air. Poe
was absent at the time and it was supposed
at the time, that the whole atlair was an
accident Near the Pue resideuce lives an
uumaxried couple, who lived together aa
man and wife and who had an illegitmate
child. The boy is ten years old. Poeshad
tefused to associate with this couple, nam
ed Concubine, because of their bad reputa
tion. The latter wasjhighly incensed at this
and threatened to get even. He selected a
night when Poe was away from home, went
to 1j is house and found the family asleep.
Concubine, with a razor, cat the throats of
all from ear to ear, piled the bodies in the
middle of the Ho"r and on top of them
several bedo, and theu set tire to all. Con
cubine recently gave his by a sevt-ro
whipping and the lad informed the author
ities. The couple were arrested an l are
now io the liarberviHe jail. There is
strong talk of lynching.
A report has reached Wiliioasburg, Ky ,
that the Poe family, thought to have been
destroyed by tire in Knox county a month
ago were in reality murlered by a neigh
bor named Concubine. The mother and
Hve children and two visiting young ladies
were found buried in the ashes oi the des
troyed hut, the story of the murder it told
aa follows, by the illegitimate son of Con
cubine, aged 10 years, whom the repute 1
father had threatened and made mad.
This boy says the man cut from ear to ear,
the throats of each of the eight persons
while they slept, that his mother then drag
ged the bodies to the middle of the room
and then set them on tire. They also tired
the house, took Home bed clothing and
other articles and departed. On the boys
statements arre-t and investigation fol
lowed and Poe's a. tides were found iu
the cellar of the suspected parties house.
They refuse to be interviewed and are now
in Barbourvill jail awaiting examination.
i he niuima
Wa- the most eri,us that ha ever o riir
reo in the anthracite col fields this year.
It is now definitely known that forty-two
men are beverelv burned and others slight
ly injured. Twelve of the men will die of
their injuries The scene at the colliery J
while the injured men were be-1
iag taken I mi the shaft way
terrible. A rrjwd of several hundred per
ttSMI had gHlhoictl at the mouth of the
shft, anions theui the wi-es, mothers and
laughters of the injured men. As thev
were taken out oi the pit. they were
brought to the engine house ami the
women made desperate eflorts to gain an
eutrance. Their entreaties and
were heartrending, but they were sternly
kept outside the budding, while the black
ened, scorched and bleeding victims of the
disaster were wrapped in blankets -i aked
in oil. The floor of the engine house was
covered with writhing huxan forms so
disfigured by the tire as to be unrecogniza
ble. As fast as possible they were taken
to the hospital or their homes anu so rap
idly was the work done that by 9 o'clock
evry one had been taken out and carried
away. The recovery of the following
is believed to be entirely hopeless.
11. Sweeney, aged 27, laborer, unmarrUtar.
Eda Nervs, aged 2t, laborer, uninftr
ried. liichard Coulter, rgeJ miner, wife
and family.
Condy Shannon, aged SI, miner, wife
and large family.
Thos. O'Brien, aged io, miner, wife and
arge family.
Cornelius" Boyle, aged o, miner, wiie
and family.
Jno. Cannon, aged 40, miner, wife and
Christopher Brundago, aged 3o, laborer,
Michael Abner, aged 30, laborer, un
married. Daniel Long, aged 32, miner, wife and
large family.
Jno. Dougherty, agei 31, laberor, un-l
Denis McCabe, aged 4o, miner
A Pipe in a Mine Cause an Ex
plosion Which Kills Twen
ty Persona.
will take the role of Antony.
It is hoped that Rosins Yoke.
will be able to resume her place at the
hands of the police, who are making1 head of the company ou Monday
even effort to find her. Mr. Klein 5f8 at the s,r'1 theater, New
offers a liberal reward for her disoov- itK-
ery, aud any one knowing oi her. Minnie Hauk s concert receipts
whereabouts, will confer a great favor. wre Mornini at BajCitj, Mich
unon the distressed fumilv bv addres-' ?an. Manager C lay, Burkley and
1 J mi . I
iiur Mr KUin r Klnriu. .0 v . 1 Haver, 1 "le
1 : i l u . ix: I clftiniincr S.'itH) damaores for breach of
leaving word at the Bazoo office.
One of the amusement events of;
the season will be the first production
iu this citv on to-morrow night, bv
The Hotel Alamo is receiving a . .i ' f:.k i
, , ueauuiui ami in iuresuuc iiimi xjio.
Com 2o cents per bushel.
ma, "The Ivv Leaf." It was first
"Get outen the rye, you slick tail
You can't ketch a coon with a pokeberry
Said a customer to his druggist, when he
handed him a bottle of iron bitten, V
stead of Brown's Iron Tonic his favorite
medicine. Sold by Metis A Hale.
fresh coat of paint,
The fall wheat iu thi section prx)duce.l iu Detroit, Mich., last seas
looks very promising for the crops of t ou all instantaneous :md
1887. pronounced hit. Si uce theu its career ;
The Kausas City and Y ichita has been one of continued success,
train runs through here. The train In New York and all the larger cities
is doing a fine business and is a sue-1 it has been well received, the critics
cess. ( ln-iii a unit almost as to the gi.-at
The two banking institutions of : merit of the play and company. The
the place are reliable, sound and ! company is a 6ne one, each member
have the unbounded confidence of leig carefully selected for their par
the teople ' ticular role. Its elaborate acenerv
-The omnibus man at this place is '""-hauical are wonder-
positivelv molest U a fault. He is flv effective and taking. T. con
too mmlest to ask his passengers for clmle, the organ, tion , under the
their fare. ' management o W in H Power, who
. . . .. , j will oe remcmoereii ror ais nne acimg
This w almost a railroad center. b ..The Galley SUve- ..Mj Gerai.
1 hree roads alreadv here and more in ' i .m' 4-m i . u: .
n7 7S ; nine, aim -or. v lyuc. iu mis iu
prosnect. The citizens are ambitious JJj mmm ag0f aml iate a9 the
iorweir town aim nopeiui tor me nMm of V. J. Scanlan. whom he
future- brought t as a star. "The Ivv i
The railroad has 4 round house Leaf which closed a week s engage
holding five engines, tnd there is a ment at St Louis .last night, played
contract out to enlarge it and make it to the largest houae of the season in
hold six additional. i that city last Thursday night. The
Two drug stores here deal out indications are that the opera house
plenty of bug juice, and in some will be well fillet) on the occasion.
Wilkeabarre, Pa., Nov. 26. Special.
A terrible disaster occurred this morniuu
in the Convngham shaft. A number of
miners and labo.ers were sittiu at the
foot of the shaft waiting for the inside
boas to begin work. While waiting, a la
borer nained Cornelius Itoyle stepped into
the worked out chamber with a lighted
lamp. The chamber was filled with natur
al gas and intantly a terrible explosion
followed, lioyle was fatally burned as
were also tbe tire loes, Wm. Williamson
and Wm. Evans. Nearly all ot the min
er ne;ir the ImI of the shaft were burned
and others injured. About twenty are
sure to die. All the injured have been
removed to their homes and medical at
tention ijiven them. Tlu damage to the
shall i r.ni(ierable.
The Associated Press dispatches says :
Shortly alter the miners and labo ers en
tered the Coiiyiiingham haft this morning
an explosion of gas took place. The ex
plosion occuired in a shanty at the foot of
the shaft which was occupied by the tire
I os. No work was done yesterday, conse
quently there was a larger quantity of gas
thau usual in the shaft. The accident oc
curred at ten minutes past 7 o'clock.
While the men were getting ready to go to
wor'.., aKout fifty men, miners and labor
ers were sitting at the foot of
the shaft waiting ftr the inside bosM when
the terrible explosion took place. Only
three or four so far a can be ascertained
escaped without injury. Several, possibly
twelve or tilteeu, will die. The others will
be scarred and maimed tar life. The dis
aster was caused by Cornelias Boyle, a
mine laborer, who stepped into the work
ed out chamber which wa tilled with gas
with a lighted lamp upon his hat. Boyle
will die. The damage to the inside work
ing of the shaft is great. The lire bosses,
William Williams and William Evans,
are reported fatally burned.
Thos O'Brien and Cornelius Boyle died
from the enecte of their injuries at 3 p. m.
Two miners whose names are unknown are
missing and it is believed that they were
blown into a damp containing thirty fset
of water and were drowned.
A Brutal Assault
Kama Citv. NoVw 2ti.- A most auda.
ious assault wss made at about 6:30 lax
evening upon Mrs. W. 8. Buchau, wile
senator Buchau, and Miss Edith Convers
her sister, by a brutal negro as they we
on their way hocus along Fourth stret
Wyandotte. They had eaten Thanksgi
iog dinner a their mother 's residence, at
as they walked along noticed the fell
following thtni for some distance, and i
on his geUing suspiciously close stofif;
until he had passed them He appeal
behind them again as they passed
alley in which he ha 1 evidently bt
waiting for them, and alter again being
lowed to pas on he turned aud rubied
wan! tbe ladies crvimr "hands up.'"
grabbeu lor the satchel carried by
Buchan, and afterwards attempted to
the handsome sealskin sacque she
wearing from her shoulder, break
away two of the buttons in the effort,
two women were courageous, however, ;
instead oi fleeing, tainting, or scream
biavely battled with the villian. T
actually once pushed him clean ott
sidewalk aud regained from him aseah
cap which he had snatched from .
Buchans head. Finding that he
rather losing ground in the combat
getting no plunder, he became enra
and picking up a large rock, he st;
Miss Converse a terrible blow upon
forehead, which knocked her helpless.
Mrs. Buchan theu shouted mur
which quickly brought assistance In
house some eighty yards away, but
assailant had by this time tied,
ladies confidently state that they
identify him but it is believed h
stranger and that the chances fm K
are light.
Equal to the Occasion .
Nw York worW.
The faculty of being "equal 1 1
iccasion" is characteristically A
can and ia the direct result ot'our
fictnt institutions, which open
the door ot opportunity to all t
aud give meu the chance to lear
to do things by doing them. N
instances of this ability to meet
and tremendous resionsibilti
seeu in the careers of LivcolS
Grant, aud though less remar
vol- vtrv iTi ltxU ' in t.ho
President Arthur. TheVe
country like this to help a
what is, after all, the prune ot
education aud of life to int
most of himself and to be et
every duty that may be put iifw

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