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Sedalia, Mo.
Correct daily for the Bazoo by C. G.
T trior, Horologiat and Optician, No. 108
rtuo street, for the twenty-four hoars end
w at 2 clock p. m., July 29, 1887.
9p.BL J
29:16 I
29;08 I
73i and
This is the wretch, 60 jolly and gay,
That passed along in a reckless way.
And nnto each person he met did say
"Is it hot enough ?w
This is the man who answered -Hey !"
Then killed the wretch so iolly and gay,
That passed along in a reckless way,
And unto each person he met did say
"Is it hot enough !"
This is the judge so grim and gray,
That tried the man who answered "Hey
That killed the wretch, so jolly and gay,
That passed along in a careless way,
And unto each person he met did say
"Is it hot enough r"
Miss Marcia Marvin, daughter of
Bishop Marvin, has left St. Louis for
Brazil, where she will help along the
school at Pencicaba. Miss Marvin has
for years been deeply interested in mission
work. In the Indian Territory she has
rendered faithful and self-denying service.
While at home she did all she could in
the missionary societies.
The new college of the Lutheran
church for the west, will be located at
Atchison, Kan. The college has been
named "Midland." To secure this prise
the citizens gave $50,000 toward the build
ing, and twenty-rive acres of ground val
ued $1,)00 per acre, for campus and pro
lessors' houses. The site is a wooded emi
nence, less than a mile from the center of
the city, and furnishes a beautiful view of
(be Missouri river and surrounding coun
"Medal of gold and
iudee so grim and
This is the sentence :
nothing to pay,"
That was said by the
Thai tried the man who answered "Hey f
That killed the wretch, go jolly and gay,
That passed along in a careless way,
And nnto each person he met did say
"Is it hot enough ?"
It is red hot.
-Wont it please rain.
Get ready for the fair.
The thermometer jumped higher in
the air yesterday.
Melons on ice at J. E. McCormick's,
118 West Second street.
Tom Money rapaid an act of kindness
to George Schell, an old friend, by robbing
him of $8 in cash.
Justice Fisher has completed moving
into his new apartments over Fellows and
EastyB bookstore on Ohio street.
The well-known charactor "Mexican
Pete" has been arrested for cutting one of
the employes at the water works with a
John Menifee has just purchased the
nnest lot of mules of Lot Haggard, that
have been sold in Sedalia for a long time.
The art hall at the fair pounds
which has been under construciion for
the past few days will be completed to
morrow. "Humpty" Warder, the Missouri Pa
. tc switchman, was beautifully knocked
out in the railway yards on Friday all on
account of a grasshopper.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
John Todd, residing three miles north of
obe citv. died on Friday. The funeral
took place yesterday at 10 o'clock
Born To Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bowers, of
Houstonia, on rnday, a "bouncing baby
boy." Joe "set up" the cigars to the boys
and was occasionally congratulated upon
his good luck.
E. B. Quisen berry, who has lately
been appointed official stenographer of
this judicial district, will leave this even
ing for Lexington, Mo., to assume his du
ties on Monday.
Messrs. Sangree and Lamm have re
moved their office from the northeast
corner of Main and Osage to the second
floor of the Pettis County bank building
No. 308 Ohio street
Mr. Montgomery was busy all day
yesterday folding and preparing the
state fair lithographs for sending out
over the state to such places as the travel
ing agents can not reach.
The funeral of the late Adam House
holder, took place from the residence of
Samuel Sprecher, Friday afternoon, Rev.
A. H. Stephens officiating. The remains
were interred in the city, cemetery.
Chas. Fuller, manager of the Pacific
Mutual Telegraph company, is the recip
ient of a small, long-haired Scotch poodle,
ent to him from St. Louis by a friend who
it spending a two month s visit in the
Mr. Peter Jefierson, the livery man
was overcome with the heat on Friday
evening, he soon recovered, however. Miss
Nellie Barnet was also stricken by the ex
cessive heat, but soon rallied and has al
most recovered.
Geo. T. Cox head, general secretary of
the Y. M. C. A., leaves St. Louis to-mor
row to join his family at Normal Park, 111.,
where tbev have been spending the sum
mer, and will go thence to Geneva, Wis.,
fortiis vacation.
Judge Joe Carter, of Green Ridge, was
in the city Friday and stated that things
in that vicinity were in a most prosperous
eondition ; that the farmers there were
highly elated ovei the prospects for a
aounteonr harvest
A fire broke out on the farm of A.J.
Deane, five miles southest of the city, on
the M., K. & T. railway, Friday, and had
destroyed a large amount of fence when
extinguished by a lot of section men, who
happened to be passing at the time.
A. man loaded to the brim arrived
from Texas Friday night and waa in the
act of retiring for the night on the corner
f Osage and Main streets when he was
disturbed by the "cops" who escorted him
to cell No. 2 in the calaboose.
The Missouri Trust company will be-
fin the work Tuesday of removing their
uildings on Fourth and Ohio streets to
make way for their new bank building.
The contract has been awarded and work
will speedily begin. The last sermon in
the old church will be preached to-day.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kiefer have been
married eleven years and until Friday last
never had been blessed with any children.
On the day named at 3 o'clock in the after
noon a boy, said to be the very image of
hi father, put in an appearance, and will
make his home with Mr. Kiefer for several
Charles Roll, of Kansas City, is in the
Col. M. S. Jett, of the postoffice de
partment, is in the city.
Mrs. James Johnston left for Eldorado
Springs yesterday morning.
Dr. E. H. Depp has gone for a weeks
stay in New York City in behalf of bis
patent motor.
Art Jbewis, ot Kansas ity, came
down yesterdav evenine to visit relatives
mm a rm V
Loionei amuei lrvme, master car
builder of the Missouri Pacific, was in the
city yesterday.
J. W. rowers who has been visiting
relatives in Howard countv, returned to
this city yesterday.
Mr. C. E. Guenther returned yesterday
from New York City, Washington, D. C,
and other eastern points.
Mr. and Mrs- Thomas Quinn will
spend to-day drinking the waters and en
joying the beauties of Sweet Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoffman have
returned from Eldorado Springs, where
they have been spending a weeks sojourn,
Mrs. Adam Vernaz, of Ouincy, 111
who has been spending a week in this city,
the guest of her father, Judge O'Brien, re
turned home yesterday.
W H Ward, representing L. Simon
Co., clothiers, of Chicago, is registered
at Sicher's. Ward is young in years, but
old as a commercial tourist.
F. C. Ludeman,H. T. Hoberecht,A. L.
Lozier and A. C. Ludeman left for Mc
Allister Springs last night. The boys are
prepared to have a good time.
Transfer of the Week.
The following real estate transfers have
been filed during the week :
D. J Williams et al. to J. C. Thomas,
part of the nw of section 23, township
4t, range 22 ; consideration $225.
James C. Thompson and wile to Daniel
Lewis, n of lot 16, block 6; considera
tion $400.
V. E. Shaw and wife to Mary IE. Led-
gerwood, part of lot 7, block 1, McClures
addition ; consideration $1,000.
Milton Rodgers and wife to M. K. Srope
46 acres in the w h of lot 2 ne 1 of section
31, township 46, range 21, consideration
W. Y. Evans and wife to George H.
Baldwin, lots 30, 31, 64 and part of lot 65,
western division of the town of Dresden,
consideration, $1500.
John G. Hisler and wife to Frank
Landmann, lots 3, 4, aud five, block 10,
Smith and Martin's addition, considera
tion (6,500. .
J. R. Owens et al., to Mary B. Smith,
lot 10, block 16, original plat ; considera
tion, $2,025.
Wm. E. Lash met to James S. Rogers,
55 feet north at se corner of se of the ne
of section 9 to 45, range 21, west 330 feet
to center of Ohio street, thence north 212
feet, east 330 feet to east line, thence to
beginning ; consideration, $400.
Robert E. Warren and wife to Interstate
Gas and Waterworks company, land in
section 22 and the ne of ne j of section
21, se of se of section 16, township 45,
range 21 : consideration $153.
Henry Lamm to Richard T. Gentry, lots
17, 18. 19 20 and 44, Kumm & Lesher's ad
dition ; consideration, $475. Also, Henry
Lamm to Daniel Rtnken, lots 11, 12 and
IS, block 3, Hughesville ; consideration,
Not Guilty
"Thomas, are you giilty or not
guilty V asked the judge of a small
boy who was charged with robbing
Jones' watermelon patch.
"Not guilty, jedge ; they wern't fit
fer a dog to eat.
A Case of Sun Stroke.
Louis Wetsel, a member of the Se
dalia band, was overcome with the
heat at 6 o'clock yesterday evening,
and at last reports was very low. He
was taken to his home on Sixth
Married At Last.
Chas. M. Luther and Miss Sprinkle
who were refused a marriage license
the other day by Recorder Landmann,
yesterday secured a written permis
sion for a license from the bride's par
ents and were married accordingly.
To Be Removed.
At a meeting of the directors of
the Third National Hank at 2 o'cloc k
yesterday afternoon, the Campbell
building, corner 3 and Ohio streets,
was leased for a long number of years.
The back wtll be removed during the
winter months. Nothing else of im
portance was transacted.
James Castelle was arrested yes
terday for being drunk and was con
fined in the calaboose to await trial to
morrow morning, after which he will
probably break rock for the city for a
few days. Grant Weathers was also
arrested for the same offense, and
was locked up.
Caught In The Act.
John Ross, the colored blacksmith,
was standing in the back room addi-
tionof his shop yesterday afternoon,
when Wm. Mitchell entered and
pocketed a lot of horseshoe nails, and
1 t 1 M
went through ms vest wnicn was
hanging on the wall. Ross caught
him in the act and calling an officer
had Mitchell arrested forthwith. He
gave bond to appear before Recorder
Levens to-morrow morning.
Assaulted the Wrong Man and
Pays For His Mistake
Incidents of the Trial.
A Clear Complexion.
How can you expect a clear complexion
when the blood is full of impurities ami
the stomach clogged ? The blood becomes
impure because the liver does not act
properly and work off the poion from the
system, and the certain results are blotches
pimples and eruptions, runty the blood
with Simmons Liver Regulator, and regu
late the liver, stomach and bowels, and
then the skin will become clear.
Plenty of Water,
The board of directors of the fair
association at their meeting yesterday
afternoon appointed Walter Jackson
uniei oi roiice ior tne iair. it was
decided also to distribute twenty bar
rels of ice water thoughout the
Gored to Death.
William J. Baskett, one of the
most prominent and wealthiest farmers
of Hewarri County, died Wednesday
morning from wounds received from
n ii a ar ik i
a vicious nun. Air. isasaeti was
driving up his cows and was knocked
from his norse and gored by a bull in
the pasture. He grew worse until
death ensued.
A Caboose Smashed.
Yesterday morning about 8 o'clock,
a freight train drawn by engiu e No.
327, ran into a switch at Burton, on
the north division of the Missouri
Pacific, aud completely demolished a
caboose which was standing on the
rack and damaged the engine con
siderably. Through carelessness the
section boss had left the switch open,
causing the disaster.
More About the Waterworks.
Contractor Hurley will commence
work en the add tion to the water
works building to-morrow morning
and will complete the work in about
one week. The building will be
30x40 feet in dimensions and when
completed, two new boilers will be
added. On the loth oi August a full
m ii i i a v
torce oi water will be used ana mere
men added. The original sum set
aside by the city to build the works
was $100,000 but it is evident before
they are completed the expense will
be between $150,000 and $200,000.
Carter's Little Liver Pills are free
from all crude and irritating matter. Con
centrated medicine only ; very small ; very
easy to take ; no pain ; no griping ; no
Perfect Sight.
As thousan s can testify, there is nothing
so much to be desired as perfect sight ana
perfect sight can oaly be obtained by using
perfect spectacles. C. O. Taylor, our home
optician, exercises great skill and patience
in fitting these needing (spectacles with care
and comfort to the weani 12-lldtf
Death of Adam Householder.
Mr. Adam Householder died at
the residence of Mr. Samuel Sprecher
yesterday after a long seige of suffer-
The deceased came to Missouri in
1857 from Clarke county, Ohio. His
wife died several years ago. He bore
a splendid reputation and had a host
of friends who will mourn his loss.
The deceased was 73 years of age.
The funeral took place to-day from
the residence of Mr. Sprecher, corn
er of Third and Grand avenue, Rev.
S. H. Stephens officiating.
Wedded Last Night
A quiet wedding took place last
night at the residence of the bride's
parents No 436 Henry street, the
parties to the contract being Mr.
Louis Bernstein, a well known young
business man of this city, and Miss
Helen Heller a handsome young lady
of this city who has a large circles
of friends Rev. John Herron
of the First Presbyterian church per
formed the ceremony in the presence
of only relatives of the family. After
the ceremony, a repast of delicious
viands was served, and the entire af
fair was very pleasant The wedding
presents were not only useful, but cost
ly and beautiful, and the young
couple begin their career with the best
wishes and congratulations of many
warm friends.
You can't afford to laugh, dear girls,
Unless your teeth are white as pearls
Unless your mouth is pink and sweet.
And your two lips in rosebuds meet:
And you cannot supply this want,
But through the use of aOZODONT.
Laughter Lends a New Charm.
to beauty, when it disclose a pretty set ol
teeth. Whiteness, when nature has sup
plied this element of loveliness, mav be re
tained through life, by using the fragrant
A few drops of "Saldino's Gute" on a
brush, properly applied, holds like a
Minister, lawyers, teachers, and
others whose occupation gives but little
exercise, should use Carter's Little Liver
1 : is for torpid liver and hilliounes.. ne
a dose.
A motly crowd was in Recorder
Leven's court this morning to witness
the case against Albert Harris and
family, for assaulting young Henry
Klink on Tuesday night, while en
route to his home. Harris and wife
were fined $10 each and costs,
amounting to $28. The testimony
given on both sides was about the
same as that eiven before Justice
Halsted yesterday morning. Klink
stated in addition to his testimony on
yesterday that Harris called him
vile names, and threatened to kill
him. Wm. White, who was with
Klink from 7 o'clock in the evening un
til they reached the former's home,stat
ed that he heard loud talking and the
report of a gun ; heari Harris say,
"fve got you now, and will kill you,"
which was accompanied with vile
oaths and boisterous talking. Charles
Felter said that he heard the shooting
and heard Mr. Harris say that he
would kill Klink.
At various times during the pro
gress of the trial, Aunty Harris would
ask to be permitted to question Klink
about throwing the rocks.
Joseph Kliuk, lather of Henry, tes
tified that Harris has been in the
habit of shooting on an average of
three times a week during the past
four months.
All of Klink'switnesses testified that
they heard Harris threaten Klink's
Mr. Harris, when put on the stand,
said When the first rock was thrown
it waked me up. I hunched the ''ole"
woman to see if she was asleep and
the "ole" woman she hunched me.
I'se telling the truth fur I wants "ter
get to heaven."
Miss Emma Harris, the daughter,
gave the same statement about
Klink's legs, which caused a ripple
of laughter throughout the court
It is evident that Harris has been
rocked by some one and no doubt
thought he had the right man. He
bears a good charactor as several wit
nesses testified and a majority of
those present sympathized with him
in his trouble.
nun talk.
An Engineer Corps Coming
From Springfield W it h a
View of Getting a
Northern Con
nection. Mr. A. P. Espenscheid, who has
been spending several days in Spring
field, returned home yesterday morn
ing and brings with him the
news that Springfield has made up a
purse to survey a line of railway from
that city to either Warsaw or Ver
sail es, and that a committee of three
of her most prominent citizens are
now in Chicago negotiating with the i untirinsr in his efforts to nlessp.
officials then to -have the line built at Anomr the )ate arrivalg here are
all hazards. This is a move in the (TV, R rv- c. t v i
right Jrect.OD, and houid be prompt- M H c Muir. K. T. Gentry
ana miss ueiia liaughey, all of Sedalia.
McAllister Springs Drops
J. F. Gow, of Kansas City, Mo.,
praises the baths highly.
W. J. Ferguson, of HughesviiJr,
was one of the week's arrivals.
E. B. Windsor and sister, Miss
Sue, of Pleasant Green, were here
this week.
- Prof. Lucy and family, of Se
dalia, after a week's sojourn, have re
turned home.
Mrs. Dr. G. N. Scott and sister,
Mrs. Cole, are registered for a week s
stay at the Hoffman home.
Doctor A. V. Small, in charge ot
jiuuniria, ana aiso ine oatn.-, is
Items of General Information
for the Especial Benefit of
Railway Men.
Division Superintendent Welch,
ef the Missouri Pacific, left yesterday
on an inspecting tour over the Neosho
division. Parsons Sun.
On the 1st of August the Santa
Fe road will put on a through train
from Kansas City to the west line of
Scott county, a run of 415 miles. The
train will go over the main line to
Great Bend. At that place it goes
over the new track which has been
The Santa Fe people seem to be
pursuing a rather strange course now.
Not long ago the time of its thousands
of its operating and clerical employes
a 1 i
was snorteneti, and now word comes
from Topeka that one-third of the sur
veying force in the field has been
called in. Some 87 surveyors and
250 tracklayers have been laid off.
The Wichita and Hutchinson
papers are having a monkey and
parrot time over the new Union Pa
cific branch that has been surveyed
through Hutchinson, Kingman and
Anthony. The Eagle, of Wichita,
insists that the road will not be built,
while the Hutchinson News is sure it
will be. Aid has been voted or will
be soon all along the proposed route.
John D. Perry, of the Missouri
Central railroad, denies the rumor
that there is to be any consolidation
of his road with the Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fe, saying : 4 'The Atchison
road has recently secured the franchise
of the St. Louis, Kansas City fc Colo
rado railroad, and they are going
ahead with its construction as rapidly
i . a a
as possible, so we are groin ' ahead
with our read. As both roads will
connect the same main points St.
Louis and Kansas City there can
hardly be a consolidation."
T. B. Twombly, General Master
Mechanic of the Rock Island, appoiui-
ed Friday afternoon W. Gessler to the
position of Master Mechanic of the
Southwestern Division, which em
braces all lines from Davenport, Io.,
to St. Joseph, Atchison, Leavenworth
md Kansas City, with headquarters at
Trenton, to fill the position made va
cant by the death of R. O. Carscaden.
Mr. Gessler has been with the road
for fifteen years, and for four years
past he held the position of general
foreman of the shops at Trenton, Mo.
iy responded to by the citizens
of Sedalia in order to
have the line built to Warsaw,
thereby giving to this city a line Jthat
is sure to prove of utmost importance.
Fo stone should be left unturned and
it is very probable that if the citizens
here will not wait upon the
order of their going, but
go at once to making a proper
effort, the line can be easily recured
to Warsaw. Let the ball start to
rolling at once and Sedalia may be
greatly benefitted thereby. A corps
of engineers, with a view of getting a
connection route, are coming from
Springfield to choose between Ver
sailles and Warsaw which place they
will take.
At Brownsville, Jefferson County,
New York, July 25, 1887, Dr. W.
W. Goodwin, eldest brother of the
manager of the Bazoo.
The deceased was born July 30,
1825, and had he lived four days
longer, would have been sixty two
years of age. He was the father of
Mis Helen A. Goodwin, the well
known artist of this city, who was on
a visit to her father at the time of
his death. He leaves two daughters
and one son to mourn his demise,
his wife having died in 1872. Dr.
Goodwin was a graduate of the New
York university of medicine, of class
153 and has been in the constant
practice of medicine and surgery
since that time in his native
county. He served in the late war
four and one-half years as surgeon of
the tenth.New JYork volunteer heavy
artillery, and when peace was declared,
returned to practice his profession in
Brownsville where he died. He was
buried at Brownsville cemetery on
July 26.
I have been for several years a suffered
from Hay Fever and severe head colds and
have tried other remedies in hope of get
ting relief, hut have found none that can
compare with Ely's Cream Balm. I would
not be without it for any consideration.
It ia simply wonderful in its effect upon
the nasal organs.
S. H. Bubtt, Wilmington, ?. C.
1 can cheerfully recommend Ely's Cream
Balm to the suffering public for Hay Fever
and stopage of the air passages. I have
tried it and find it gives immediate relief.
J. E. Reitor, 309 Rock St., Little Rock,
The Best Form of Locomotive
Rumor says quite a number ot
cottages and additional hotel accom
modations will be added next san.
Also, among other improvements, will
be a new swimming pool, a large salt
lake in tront of the hotel, and other
accommodations for the invalid.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A p.arvel
purity, strength and wholaomenets. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and
can not be sold in competition with the
nultitnde of low teat, short weight alum
or phosphate powders. Sold only in earn.
Roal Baking PowdkkCo.,
106 Wall 8l,N. Y
The same diversity of opinion as tc
the best form of Womotive for gen
eral use appears to prevail in England
as in America. W hile roupled wheel? j
are mostly preferred for passenger en
gines, five feet to six feet six inches
diameter, a few leading American en
gineers prefer single drivers, and are
disposed to revert to even sevn feet, a
diameter which has been tried and
abandoned in the past as not meeting
the expectations entertained of iL
About fifteen years is the estimated
average life of aa American locomo
tive. It is generally admitted th:it
railway trains in England are driven at
a faster rate of speed than in the Uni
ted States say about twenty per cenL
in excess of the latter. There are ex
press trains, however, between some of
ov principal cities, thatcompare iavor-
ably with those in
England. N.
BTefc Headache and relieve alt the troubles inci
dent to a bilious suae of the system, sack as Dia
ziness, Ntnwa, DrowaineM, Distress after eatiac.
Pais in the Side, Ac. While their most reaar
LI t success has bn shown in caring
Hcadaehe.yet Carter'sLittle Liver Pillsare equally
valuable in Constipation curiaf and prrvntiof
Ihia annoying complaint, wbila they also correct
all disorders of the stomach, stimulate the liver
aud regulate the bowel. Evm if they only cured
Ache they would be almost pricnesa to thoae whe
uftv-r from this distressing complaint ; hu fortu
nately their goodneasdoee not end here, and those
who once try them will find these little pills valu
able in so many ways that they will not be wulinf
to do without them. But after all ajpfj nad
H the bane of so many lives that here is who? we
make our great boast. Our pilla cure it while
others do not.
Carter's Little Liver Pilla are very small end
very easy to take. One or two pills make a doe .
T'lfT t atrictlv veritable ana do not irrip' c-
- - - .-. . ,T l
icuon Diease an wn
purgf. Out OV tncir ;!; kuwi picasc
use tbem. In ials at :.'." ft nta: ne for B. fco
1-y druggists everywb'Tc, ar sent bj .nail.
mi f 3m 1 jL-i ji, lard j :V3"flflkj' - ..K
r5KB WW nJai' LLfflLSHsfli Lav
mtm. mmmcmW IVv f I mwmt z9 EesfBsVESHBHin
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Sirup should
alwava be used for children teething. It
The only Stacker t hat elevates and dumps the hay on the rick at
any height or any place, from one end of the rick to the other. Strong,
Durable and can be moved in ten minutes. Every Stacker warranted.
We huv and sell Engines and Rollers and
Sheet Iron Work to order. Keep on hand
repair same. Make Smoke Stack ami
Boiler Hues, uaa ripea aad fittings,
iootha the child, soften the Kumn, allaja Bra Valvee, Etc. Also Belting, Bam Packing, Mowing Knivesand Section, Rivot
all pains, cirea wind colic, and ia the hssjl ! fr all Machines. X5 A XL I-i JE1 "$T X3 3rL3. OO
remedy lor diarrheas. Twenty-five ceota a . S 24ay3as West Main Street.

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