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The Sedalia weekly bazoo. [volume] (Sedalia, Mo.) 187?-1904, May 07, 1889, Image 1

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for Infants
"CMtcris is so -well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
fcscwii to me." IL A. Archer, M. D.,
Zl Bo. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Superior11 Cool Stoves!
"JEWETT'S Kefrigerators'
The best goods to be had. Headquarters for
Hardware, Cutlery, Stoves !
Tinware, Granite and Janaaj re. Bird Cages, Force
and Chain Punros, Gu,r echanics' lools, Fly
Poors and Windows, . ire Sc:ene, House Furnish
ing Goods. All Goods Guaranteed as Repre
sented cr MONEY Refunded.
Large Assortment Xjow Prices.
1. Our JUM.BO RIDING HAKE rakes clean from thesivjth and ii lifts and carries iislos.l from
the ground to the stack. Write far circular.
Preventing th d'rt mixing with tl e liny ami reducing tue draft over oue half ot drag rakta
2. The Giant has a forward dump which delivers the ha in broad, loss" llskes in the centre of
a rick 30 jo feet Icug. from end to end, keeping the ceuter full ami more . ' lid than the outride
psrt, thereby causing the ricK to settle straight and in the ben of order possible to kep welJ.
8. It i6 the only Stacker that will dump its load
io the topping out of the rick.
IX OUR MACHINE DEPARTMENT we repair all kinds of Machinery, Reapers and Mowers.
Knives and Sections and other lepaiis kept in .stock, sheet Iron Woikw, cmoke Stack, Gas Pipe,
Globe and Ange Valves, Be!ti ig and Packing. Bargainsin sc-oud hand Enginesand Boilers. 5-7w:;m
Win SI. Gentry In 31 omoriam.
The time is so short. The echo of
the footsteps aud the voice have scarce
ly died away. The wouud is so fresh
that we dare not disturb its drapery.
Pardou me for bringing you into the
"Halls of Death." But 1 must have
help ; I need a brother ; I cannot
bear this weight alone. Will you be
my friend ?
Gently move this way, while J turn
back the winding sheet, and show you
the face of the dead. Thre eyes but
a moment ago, could see, this mouth
could voice the will of the soul. This
hand was warm. But now the hand
is cold so very cold. The voice is
still. Oh, how silent. Theae eves
but do not weep, I feel that I must
die. How taint. What can it be
that binds like cords about my heart.
Ah ! that is well, replace the winding
sheet. I knew that we must part,
but of the day or hour I had no knowl
edge. It seemed as though some
mighty monarch walked into the
house and with haughty mein
"o'er awed us sll." He spoke to no
one save him who now lie3 beneath
this sombre paviliion, and with a tone
irhich fairly startled us he laid his
hand so heavily upon my love and
this is what he said.
"You must be gone," 3ad death,
"these walks are mine." My love
O, I can never forget, he spread
and Children.
C&storfa cares Colic Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
trnig Worms, gives sleep, and promote di
gestion, Wittiout injurious medication.
Tux Cextjlch Coih-xsy, 182 Fulton Street, K. Y.
GitsoiIii(5 Stoves
at any desired height from
the ronimencement
BRO. & CO., Sedalia, Mo.
his arms aloft as the wings of an uu
caged bird hastening to its native
place and ere he parted from us, be
turned to death, and with a look that
spoke of victory, he said
"This hour is thine :
Thou art the shadow of life, and the tree
Stands in the sun aud shadows all beneath,
So in the light of great eternity
Life eminent creator the shade of death.
The shadow passeth when the tree shall
Eut I shall reign forever over all."
A Fkikxd.
Sedalia, Mo., May 4, 1SS9.
J. A. Lamy & Co., yesterday put in a
lot of sewing machines which they were
running by steam in the manufacture of
ready made clothing and overalls. This
firm are tireless, progressive and irrepress
ible, Last Horse Found.
A few days ago Mr. W. S. Castle
lost a valuable hor3e from his premises.
He offered a reward aud instituted a
di'igent search for the horse but no
trace of it could be found. Yester
day a colored man named Peter May,
living on Fiat creek 7 miles south
east of the citv called on Justice Hal
stead to see about how to dispose of a
stray horse which he had taken up.
The horse proved to be Castle's and
May promptly handed the animal
over to the owner.
The Free Pass Inquiry by tlie
Interstate Commission at
Washington, D. C.
Items of Tnterrst Picked Up 15y
Bazoo" Detectives Local
Cn the Itith tilt, the Interstate Com
merce Com mission at Washington, D. C.t
if-tued a circular to about twenty-i-even
railroad companies, ordering them to ap
pear before the commission to answer and
set forth the persons anil classes of persons,
if any, to whoai each of them have issued
free pa-ses or free transporiation, other
than its own officers or employes and tht
officers and employes of other companies.
The cr-aipanies were also expected to pre
sent all the conditions a:.d limitations
connected therewith in eech instance, ami
the manner of doing this branch of busi
ness. In response to this order there were
present at the meeting Officials
md counsel representing mostly eastert.
roads of the number of thirty five Each
road was called up separately, and repre
senatives of nearly all of the roads interest
ed presented the information called for by
the order of the commission. Among the
rnlroads represented were the Pennsylva
nia, the Baltimore and Ohio, the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Ntstern, the ew lork
Central and Hudson River Railroad Com
pany and the Central railroad company of
New Jersey.
Hugh L. Eond Jr., appeared for the
Baltimore and Ohio road and submitted a
list of the annual inter-stale passes giyen
by the road. He also presented as far as
ii was practicable, a list of passes issued
since the 1st of Xovember. It applied
however, only east of the Ohio river, others
he promised to supply later. He also filed
with the commission on argument regard
ing the transporation of parties. He could
also furnish information through a witness
that no passes were issued to inlluence
traffic, but would file an afiidavit to that
h. M. Cole, general ticket agent of the
Baltimore and Ohio, said that no blank
passes weie issued with authority to per
sons receiving them to fiil them up.
S. M. Williams, comptroller of the Cen
tral Railroad company of Xew Jersey, sub
mitted in detail a lull and complete state
ment of the classes of persons, railroad,
telegraph aud other organizations to which
passes have been issued, including the
members of the legislature, which are, how
ever, limited to travel within the state
Edmunds Wragg, local manager of the
Grand Trunk Railwav company, fur
nished a list of the annual passes issued
since January 1, of the piesent year, and
the periodical passes issued since Novem
ber 1, lfcSS, with certain descriptive infor
mation in relation thereto. Replying to
Judge Cooley, he said that it was the cus
tom of the company to keep a record of
passes, and what he furnished was a com
plete record of those issued for use in the
United .States.
In submitting the reply of the Maine
Central Railroad company to the order of
the commission, W. L. Putnam presented
an argument taking exceptions to the
jurisdiction of the commission in calling
for specific classes of passes issued by rail
road companies.
Receiver Cross of the M., K. & T. is in
W. J. Davis traveling freight agent
of the M. K. & T., will go to Hauuibal
his evening.
Receiver Eddy, of the M.,
left for Leavenworth Friday
spend Sunday.
G. H. Bush of the general freight de
parjmeut has returned from a Hying trip to
Davenport, Iowa.
John Emery one of the M., K. & T. en
gineers for the Cherokee division, was up
Irom Persons yesterday.
Traffic Manager Waldo, of the M. K.
& T., arrived vesterdjiy morning and will
assume toe duties of his new position.
Hereafter the hours in the general of
fice of the M. K. iv T. on Saturday will be
from S to 12 a. m. and from 1 to 4 p. m.
W. P. Loufbourow, of the general
freight department of the M., K. & T., re
turned from a trip to Kansas City yester
H. A. Richardson one of the postal
clerks in the railway mail service has re
signed and Claud Reed of Parsons appoint
ed in his stead.
Mr. J. W. Allen, assistant general
freight Jtgent of the M , K. & T., was at
Kansas City yesterday attending a meeting
of the Trans-Missouri Freight Association.
CapL H. L, Partridge, of Parsons, for
many years postal clerk on the Sedalia and
Denison run has been re-appointed and ar
rived here yesterday to take his old run
" The M., K. & T. Telegraph department
has completed the construction of a pony
line, connecting all the telegraph offices,
railroad shops, depots, etc. in the city.
Railway Postal Clerk McKnight of the
Sedalia and Denison ruu has been trans
ferred to another run and L. A. Sheward
editor of the Parsons Clarion appointed to
take his place.
A report was in general circulation
on the street yesterday that the M. K. &
T. receivers had closed a contract for the
purchase of the building and grounds
used for hospital purposes.
The Wabask Western h as issued a
handsome bill, calling attention to its St.
Louis and Kansas City car service, with il
lustrations of the boudoir car, the bullet
sleeper and the reclining chair car attached
to the regular express trains,
Mr. A. 8, Dodge, general freight agent
of the M., K. & T., and Mr. Waldo, the
- j -i -" - - ...w -
recently appointed general traffic manager, j
(arrived from St. Louis Friday night. Mr.
j Waldo spent yesterday in investigating
; the condition of aflairs in the traffic de-
' partment. I
The finishing touches were put on the
addition to the M , K. & T. headquarter of"
fice building yester.lay and two nandsome
rooms made ready for occupancy to-day.
The lower room will be occupied by the
general freight department and the upper
room by the general pasengr department.
A. V. Dickinson General Superintend
ent of the Pacific System and Col. J. W.
v, - vuiucw ui in- auiuc iwu'
accompanist! by 11. O. Uark feupermtend-
eul ci the Missouri Pacific arrived late
yesterday evening. Messers. Dickinson
and Way went east on the owl train last
S. D Mardock of Pittsburg, was
elected prsident of the railway surgeons,
... .(...: : . i t - . t -
tuci. uuuveiiiion iiisi neiu in r. i.oiiis.
First vice proident Dr. W. B. Ontten, St.
Louis. It was decided to hold the next
. t- ....
eral freight agent, has assumed the duties
f thnr riffir... irirh ilm niio J
freight and passenger agent, rr. Nourse
has been appointed vice chairman of the
Transmissouri Association, having charge
of the passenger department.
It is said that CP. Hunlirgton, the
Republican railway msgnate and demo
cratic newspaper publisher, always re
trains from labor on Saturday and Sunday.
This isn't due to the fact that he h:s money
enough to sat My his gred, but that he has
a strong religious vein runumg through
his system. He is noi certain whether
Saturday or Sunday is the day appointed
by diyine decree for rest, and so he ob
serves lioth.
The managers who have been wrestling
for two days at the Southern Hotel in
St. Louis over the vexed atiestion
of organizing a new Southern ireiijht asso-
ciation reached an afhrmative conclusion
Friday. The new association will absorb the
Mississippi Valley Traffic Association and
it will be known as the Southern Freight
Association. There will be two divisious.
with one chairman for both, and the head
quarters will be located in St. Louis. One
ii i vision will embrace tie Mississippi Val
ley territory and the other the territory
east of the Mobile and Ohio road and south
of the Ohio river.
The following railroad officials have
agreed to close their respective officer on
Saturday of each week at 2 p. in., begin
ning yesterday and ending on the first
Saturday in October; M. L Dohcrty, Wa
bash; James F. Aglar, general agent Ree
Lint; m. Duncan, general freight agent
Ohio and Mississippi; H. W. Hihbard, gen-
er:i! frpiaht nopm Vfin.loli-T W Rni,r
connecting freight agent Mobile and Ohio;
. -c,---- . w. "-v i
S. J. Cassetty, gneral freight agent St.
Louis Division, Louisville and Nashville:
F. A. Wann, assistaut general freigh agent
Chic tgo it Alton.
pin yivivii i!irr in vjmivcl'u
Jill JiiruaU dill J. UlfcJU&dLJJ.
.... . , ,
LllOSe L01ieenie(l LOinil Be
Jfroiight Into Court
$187,500 Involved.
Kansas City, 'May 4. The injunction
and damage suits brought by Henry V.
Mauwell against the Ruby Silver Mining
company to recover one-eighth of the capi
tal stock of the company, valued at S1S7,
oOO, was dismissed by Judge Henry to-day
at the instance of ManwelPs attorneys.
The reason for the dismissal was the ina
bility to get all the persons concerned into
court. Manwell asserts that he gave W.
C. Touker the money to buy the mines and
to form a company of which he was to
have one-eighth of the capital stock. Ton-
ker got the mnes and formed a company
but refused to transfer the eighth share of
the stock to Manwell.
rnr .... 1 .
.a. ii i in uuLiiuu suib n iu i ii iriiiirii ItX llir I
.r c . i i ..r.t
convention in ivansas uity, out owing tojounson, 0i .uontgomery : .Mtinnis,
demurs from the eastern contingent it is I Mackay, Major, Marchand, Moran, Perry,
possible the place may be changed to Col- Sebree, Sheltcn, Smith, Taggarl, Thurman
uaibus, O., or Pittsburg, Pa. 16.
J. P. Nrurse has resigned thr position . J5 Anderson, Bybee, Carleton, Head
i.f general manager and ticket agent of the jee e'chuD3' cKillop, Mansfield, Mil
Central Iowa railroad. A.F.Banks, un- ier VeT5?! ?Jchardson, Rvor?, Seaborn,
veui lue utuirjuuu 01 me mock, ana me t- 1 1- i j i -it
damage suit was for misrepresentation as i 1 T" s?"' .died n Anderson vile .prison,
to the character of the mines. A new suit ! a.nd mf ? hls 7dow as granted a pen
has been tenia " S10n of 11 moot" .s"e. marned a man
. named Rarnes and died in 1876. Barnes
took his wife's pension papers and went
One Day's IteveBtie Receipts 21, 1 1D.D5. 1
Kansas Citv, May 4. Special licenses
were issued at the internal revenue office,
yesterday, to the number of S4, the re
ceipts amounting to $21, 149 95, the largest
receipts of any one day since the establish
ment of the office.
To-day's receipts will probably be as
large as yesterday's. Every dealer is ex
pected to have his license in sight by May
10. If he does not he is liable to prosecu
tion. After June 1 penalty of 50 percent
attaches for not procuring a license and a
person is also liable to prosecution besides
the penalty.
One Does not Kenrcsent the Other.
Lincoln, Neb., April 4. The supreme
court has just decided a question of inter
est to money toaners. Growing corn had
been mortgaged ; after maturity it was
harvested and sold to grain dealers. The
owners of the mortgage sued them for the
value of the corn. The court decided that
growing corn is not the corn after it had
been cribbed and sold. In other words,
that the mortgage will not hold.
M.'ivetl on the Verse or Destruction.
Lima, O., May 4. A west bound passen
ger train on the Chicago and Atlantic road,
consisting of ten coaches of emigrants
had a narrow escape from being wrecked
near here yesterday. A crossing over a
culveit had burned and fallen id, and the
engineer did not discover it until within
100 feet of it. He stopped the train with
the cow catcher immediately over the
ditch, which was about twenty-five feet
deep and twenty feet wide.
The School Rend Debt.
The schcol board has concluded arrange
ments to fund the outstanding 6 per cent
rtnndR of the Sedalia $ohnol district at 5
per cent which will reduce the annual in-
pel (.cut nutuu "in icui
terest on the debt 330.
The Measure Fails to Keceivc the
Requisite Eighteen Votes
in the Senate.
Jefferson City,
May 5. As reported in
THp Star l!itsprirr. vp;rriv fh. hpof in-
! Spec:ion bill was defeated in the senate.
i np niii received i rears ami 14 nave.
Eighteen favorable votes were recuired so
' pas it.
I The discussion was becun a: 11 a. m.,
j and it was nearly r, o'clock when a final
i vote was reached. Senators Clav and Mc-
' Ginnis led he right for the bill, while
Senators Teasdale and McKiIIod
l t r
: uc ikoriuu oiiusiliuu
The vote was as follows :
Yeas Alien, Busche, Clsy, Hazell,
T . I e - t . r .
t prS i Is , e.TV
lhe butchers lobby wen: nome sad.
is said they had spent a lot of money.
Central College Captures the
First and William Jewell
the Second.
Jefferson City, May 4. The fourth an
nual inter-collegiate oratorictl contest of
the state of Missouri took place in the rep
resentative hall at the caoitol last nicht.
i An immense crowd was nresent and frpat
interest was manifested in the exercises.
contestants werp:
L. C. Mayfi Id, of the State University
Columbia; subject, "Mortal or Immortal."
A. F. Smith, Central college, Fayette;
subject, "Anglo-America Civilization."
Howard Sutherland, Westminster Col-
I lese, Fulton ; subject, "A Radical Change."
W. H I'erguson, Westminster College,
Fulton ; subject, ' Watchman, What of the
subject, "The American Crisis. '
H. L. Bright, William Jewell College,
Liberty ; "The Influence of the Lawyer on
our National Prosperity."
J. V. Million, William Jewell College
X1 : 8""ect
. free liioucnt made rreer.'
Tu t. t rr
xiie juuges seiecieu were ouiige 1. a.
Sherwood of the supreme court, Senator
Green Clay, Secretary of State Lesueur,
Aty. Gen. Wood and Hon. Chas. P. John
son of St. Louis. They retired at the close
of Mr. Million's oration. After being out
; twenty minutes they returned, and Judge
i Sherwood announced that they had no lit-
tie difficulty in selecting the best from so
many excellent speeches. They had three
points in view in making a selection.
First, the thought ; second, the style ; third
the delivery. After considerable balloting
they awarded the first prize to Mr. A. M,
Smith of Central college and the second to
Mr.J. VV. Million of William Jewell.
These medals were both won in 13S7 by
Wm.Jewell and inl8SS the university took
one and Wm. Jewell the other.
How Uncle Sam Was Swindled
For Years on a Pension
5t. L,ouis, Aio., 3lay 4.-Jacon jntie, a
... T - m m -r -w . .
to Pettis county, Mo., where he married a
widow named Rogers. He induced her to
impersonate the deceased Mrs. Little and
she drew the pension.
Barnes died in IS77 and the widow took
up with a man named Ritte. She wanted
to stop the fraud, but Ritte compelled her
to continue it until they seperated about a
year ago, Then she ceased drawing the
money and the government started an in
vestigation. Mrs. Barney was arrested
yesterday at Somerset, Ozark county, and
Ritte was taken into custody in this city.
Base Ball Yesterday.
Philadelphia 0 3 1 1 4 0 0 0 211.
New York 00000011 02.
Cleveland 03001000 04.
Chicagos 00010001 02.
Washingtous .001010
0 0 02.
0 0 0 S
2 0 0 1 0 0
3 4 2 0 0 0 0
12 0 0 0 0 0
0 09.
0 14.
10 4 12 0 0
0 2 0 0 2 0 0
0 S.
0 0 02000
0 3 0 10 4 0
Kansas Cilys
St Louis
0 0 0 4 3 S
0 0 3 0 4 0
Indianapolis 2 0 2 0 7 0
Pittsburg 0 10 8 0 0
0 117.
3 212.
For sick headache, female troubles, neu
ralgic pains in the head take Dr. J. H.
McLean's Little Liver and Kidney Pillets.
25 cents a vial.
1. J. J. See, State University, Columbia;
subject, "Empire and Republic'
J. X. Jackson, Central College, Fayette:
TIic Miltia on Thfir Way Home,
St. Louis, May 4. The Missouri niilit
with Governor Franci6 and staff, return
this morning from New York. Nearly a
took the morning trainB for Kansas Ci
and other western points in the stat
The band and most of the governor's sts
residing in Kansas City go via the Chicagj
Durimgion x umcy ana cannot leav
until this evening.
A School SHperintendeut lai
geronsly Vut With a
Evansville, led., Mav 4. While A.
Layne, supridtendent of the public school
was being shaved in the barber shop of tn
in. George hotel last nign, Charles Jones,
colored barber, attacked him from behiri
with a razor, but was knocked down bv aa
other barber. Layne sprang from trl
chair and ran across the roo-n followed bl
Jones, who cut him dangerously on til
Jones was arrested. Uutil recently i
taught a public school m Posev connti
but fied because he knocked out an eye
a pupil he was chastising.
A Sound LegaljOpiDiOfi.
E. Bainbridge, Munday, s., county a!
torney. Clay county, lexas, says, "Ha
used Electric Bitters with most happy r
suits. My brother also was very low wit
malarial fever and jaundice, but was cure
by timely U6e of this medicine. Am sati
fied Electric Bkters saved his life."
Mr. D. I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave,K
adds a like testimony, saying he positive!
believes he would have died, had it n
been for Electric Bitters.
This great remedy will ward off, as we
as cure, all malarial diseases, and for a
kidney, liver and stomach d;sorders stand
unequaled. Price 50c and $1 at Mertz
Hale's drug store.
bam Jones delivered a eenten
nial address at Haunibal.
The Spriugfield ice factory
rapidly approaching completion.
St. Joseph has 130 saloons. Thl
city receives $80,000 per year frorj
saloon licenses.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A barrel
purity, strength and wholsomcneas. Moj
economic? I - ud the ordinary kinds,
can not be sold in. competition with
uultitnde of low test, short weight all
or phosphate powders. Sold only in cans
Ro"-al Baking Powder Co.,
206 Wall St.,
Sick Headache ami relieve aH the troubles
dent to a bilious state of the system, such
Dizziness, nausea, uron-siness. Distress j4
remarkable success has been shown in curing
Headache, yet Carter's Little Liver Pills
equally valuable in Constipation, curing ami
correct all disorders of the stoniai'htimnlato
l ror ann merit iuto t n k nnu-aia f vwn 1 i z i ikv
natal v their pnnfliiens does ir tend here.and th
Nil i r rrnin rnia i i crroaci mr nnmn ainr- mix-in
. . . 11 lit t .
able in so many ways that they will not be i
IB Tnn no. Tim nr ar iiimiv iivfid tmhi nnrH in 11 nn
twu mi w la mi y rmmT ruiu a t m hit tii i iu ii i il wiiii
others do not.
very easy to take. One or two pills make a dose.
purge, but by their gentle action please all
use them. In vials at 25 cents; five for $1.
by druggists everywhere, or sent by raaiL
Small P3L Ss&ll Mi Snail

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