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This week our buyer is in
"the eastern markets. He
takes cold cash with him and
expects to invest in the larg
est fall purchase eyer brought
to Sedalia.
To Make Room
For the raft of new goods, we
throw on our counters to-morrow
morning a line of mer
chandise at heretofore un
heard of low prices.
many who loved.
us irom day
with the
AFewoltlie Many Bargains.
"Wool Filling Dress Goods,
double width only 15c a yd.
Henrietta Cloths worth 35c
now 25c.
Habit Cloths, all wool,
down to 50c.
Broad cloths, others sell at
$1.50, our price $1.00.
Gringhams at 63C worth 10c.
Seersuckers at 6c worth
Yard Wide Heavy Muslin
Linen Towelings 5c a yard.
Linen .Napkins 2ic apiece,
and a thousand other drives The Annual Reunion at Higgin
that must be seen to be ap
preciated and can be had only
Frank B. Meyer & Bro.5
Written for the Sunday Morning Bazoo.
If only there's nothing bat m&lice, my
To worry or wound on the way as we go;
Then life may be reft of its trials and end
With only the semblance of 6orrow or
No journey away was ever, I ween,
Quite free from ajar, or perchance, of a
No wheels ever turned that a friction be
tween Its axles and tire at times did not get.
So, ever our feet must find in their path,
Some wrong, or some hate, which envy
doth stir,
Some thing which, unclean, enfolds in its
The sting of a serpent, the bite of a cur.
And shall we then lose the fragrance that
O'er yon where the sweet-briar in mod
esty smiles?
Shall we mi9s the glad hills where forests
have room
To wave their green arms for miles up
on miles?
Shall we breathe not the breath of the morn
wet with dew,
And freighted with scents of the valley
or mead ;
Or fail to behold ihe canopy blue,
Which pinned up with stars lies fair oy-erhead?
Of the Core of Skin Diseases when
all other Methods i'ail.
Shall we wot not the
since tha few
Have hated and wronged
unto day ;
And earner the thistle, entwined
While roses smile up at us, close by the
way ?
Nay; wider the range of the soul which
Not the smallness and meanness of triv
ial things :
But mounts to a plane where faith still
Life rounds best by music of angelic
Rosa Pj akle.
Psoriasis 3 years, covering face, head
and entire body with white scabs.
Skin red, itchy, and bleeding. Hair
all gone. Spent hundreds of dollars.
Pronounced incurable. Cured by
Cuticura Remedies.
My diswse (psoriasis) nrst orojee out on my
left chee. spreading across my note, and almost
covering my face. It ran into my eye?, and the
physician was alraid I would lose wy eyesight
altogether. It spread all over my ncad, and my
hhir all fell out, until I was entirely bald-headtd ,
it then brok- out on my arms and snou tiers, un
til mv arms were lust one sorp. it covered, my
eutixe body, my lace, head, and shoulder being
the worst. The white stabs leil constantly from
my head, shoulders, and arms; the skin would
thicken and be red and very itchy, and would
crack and bleed if s ratched. After spending
many hundreds ni dollars, 1 was pronounced in
curable. 1 heard ot the Ccticora K km edits, and
after usinc ttro bottles Cdticuua Resolvent I
cculd see a chance : and after I had taken four
bottles, I was alrni st cured ; and when I had used
sis iMDitiea 01 lcticuba kesolvent and one ikoc
of Cuticura, and one cake of Cuticura Soap, I
was curtd of the dreallul disease from which 1
had suffered for five yers. I thought the d it ease
would leave a ve y deep scar, but the cuticura
Remedies cured i without any scars. I cannot
express with a ren what I suffered Irefore usinc
th c TTicuRA .Remedies. They saved my life,
and Heel it my duty to recommend them. .My
hair is restored as cood as ever, and so is my eye
sight. I know of a number of different persons
wuo have used the luticuea .remedies, and all
have received great benefit from their use.
liockwell City, Calhoun Co., Iowa.
Cure every species of aconizing, humiliating, itch-
mp. weeding, burning, scaiy, bioicny, ami pimpiy
di-ease? of the skin tea p, and blood, with loss of
hair, fr-m pimples to tcrofu'.a, except possibly
Sold everywhere. Pr'ce, Cuticue. 50c.:
Soap, 2Gc.; Resolvent, SI Prepared by the Pot
"i:end for "flow to Cure Skin Diseases," Cf
pages, SO illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
"DTTWPLES. black-heads, red, rouch, chapped,
A XllLand oily skin prevented by Cuticura Soap.
Open to Ija.dies etnei Gentlemen
BflSbr'"BLfAiXyLKSH- -r'iSiX' lSHlfc""jyiiSSBFf fBwtiWKKkHff. vBSBMHnTJJWSfl.l"LWjSBliff?TBg.BBaS3fc
BmI , "fiTW Srv T 3 rfc t Bfci? ri Ti IWSBji P w mtwSitwEd BRMffi.i.HSMSfcrTiSlSBfi. In i "tBrir"lriSBBMSSSSSoiSBBrBBM
Grand U
u tti,
304 & 306 Ohio St.
Lon Luther, of Lainonte, was in the
city yesterday.
Sheriff Cranmer, of Cooper connty,
was in the city yesterday.
Harry H. Lacey left last week for St.
Louis, where he expects to locate.
Hon. W. F. Tuttle was in the city yes
terday from Dresden. He is preparing to into line and headed bv CoL H. "NT
cut his corn crop. Bledsoe marched to dinner. After irnr.
"T Mis.s ?ra Bronaugfc, of Clinton, was by Rev, Birchfield, the veterans pro
?Jfe?W!!! !S?Lwi!&2? fou,to ceeded to enjoy the eleeant renast
xici. xiuuac xiwiii a visit tu xeiaiiYcs in VIT-I J v ,i nr ,,. --
spreau Deiore mem. iurs. miller was
. 3 j i i , ri ., -.
Mr.!M. G. Van Scooter and srand "irouucea oy president fcmitn and
The reunion of Mexicau War veter
ans at Higginsville yesterday was
largely attended and was a great sue
The veterans met in the north sec -tion
of the amphitheater and were
called to order by President Smith of
Warsaw. After prayer by Rev.
Burchfield of Sweet Springs, an "ad
dress of welcome was delivered by
Major J. W. Branch of Higginsville
followed by a reply by Col. T. P. Hoy
of Sedalia the secretary of the association.
Then J. C. Tarsney of Kansas City
the member of congress from the
Higginsville district was introduced bv
President Smith and delivered an in
teresting address.
After the address the veterans fell
3acc ache, kidney pains, weakness.
rneumuism, and muscular pains be
lieved ix one jjinute by the Cuti
ccra Asti Pain Plasteb, the flrst
ana only instantaneous pain-killing plaster.
The probate court was occupied
this afternoon with the trial of the
question of insanity of James L. Hall
a well-to-do farmer living about half
way between this city and Dresden.
The above cut represents the students at work in ma
Stud- hall of the above institution.
Come by the month. Pay nothing if not satisfied with
school. Catalogue free.
He has been subject te spells for some A Flip Young Man Lodge
time when he would be clearly out of
his mind, but a few days ago he be
come violent and it became necessary
..1 A .t
to taKe sieps to nave mm tasen care
I 1 11- .1 . ml
or oy puonc autnontv. xne case is
on trial before a iury of 12 men. but
in Jail For
On the 6 th of last September a
there is but little doubt but what yUDg m named Henry Garrett
they will declare him a fit subject for went t0 the residence of John Yarnell
the asylum. He has a family and is m Creek township and raised a
in good circumstances. general disturbance by cursing and
auusjng iurs. xarneii, nis aunt. iur.
lis Mixrkct.
Bottled pickles of this year's growth
are offered at 10 cents. They are put
up by half a dozen firms, which are
gaining quite a reputation for their
products. The list includes onions,
cauliflower, chowchow, celery sauce
and sweet pickles. Large bottles of
imported pickles sell at 40 and 50
Owing to the wet summer the grape
crop is not as large as was expected.
The bunches are uneven and grapes
of irregular size.
Watermelons on ice are sold at 15
to 35 cents. Good watermelons are
milliard's Rheiim:itip. Lfvp.r "Pills Yarnell was so enraged over the mat-
These pills are scientifically compounded, ICI "j uc amc uc.iUlc uice -onur
nniiorm m action. JNo griping pam so auu fla a warrant is3uea ior tne ar-i Apples are 1U to zo cents a neck.
.1 r - n m . I a 1 1 mi . I . - . i
commoniy jonowmg me use oi pins, rney rest oi nis nepnew. xne .constable
are adapted to ootn aduils and children made two triDS to Flat Crpek aftPr
with perfect safety. We guarantee thev ! fn T. li l :
have no equal in the cure of Sick Head- J P TT1 u.T uc aume mauT
aclie. Const nation. Drsneosia. Billons- cr. wuueu lue omcer ana
ness, and, as an appetizer, they excel any finally left the country and
other preparation. W. E. Bard, druggist, did not show up again until yesterday.
ne supposed tnat the case had settled
On a Bad Kond. itself somehow, flnd Tip. nnnnlnrlprl tn
- - - j m-m W W W A V A WW
Charley Summers and Alfred Fer- return to his old haunts again. As he
guson a pair of white boys, aged 10 passed through the city yesterday en-
thir former fc Kofn.o ihi, I ' t "ibu meaj. one lanzing the residence of Ed Maushand tody. He pleaded sru tv and was
i.". i-ii"". i saiu sun naci ivnpn nir i t t r . . r .in --. , -
-George W.TuthilL now of Jefferson a mrl 14 vP.r, nlrl th " eneson streer ers enter- npedM! and cost amounting m all to
City, where heis engaged in state printing, herq of Cnl Tnnhn JZnnt Tn ea tne nouse and secured a small sum bl.Me did not have the money to pay,
wasinthecityyesterdlyenroutetoSwelt ,Pfrph-p regiment to 0f money while Ferguson watched, and was lodged in jail. His father was
Springs, where he will spend Sunday with ferresnments wnen they arrived at the familv beinn-temnnrflrilv nbPnf in tnwn but hp AenUveA that fo
TiTq famiW t. L.OUIS Oil their WAV homP. nrl nnw I a ,i , " 7 1 J . . , rv.u fc"
j . - - j -" as rnp nnvs uprp rnn vnnnortn nn msh
RhP wontoH fho. rklnocnt. f Ul I . r-T . J is "
O. A. Morrison, a prominent stnnkm an ouc uqulcu lug measure oi waiimer on tt P fU u mn 7 i
of Southern Pettis, wal in the city vested them again. The veterans thawed n XT "
. "Muu 10 a tucuiucr ui tue iici, umbilici lc wouiu. anorn thpm . . .
firm of McCulloch. Davis & Morrison. ' i " " J Zt . I ? dltlon tbflt tbeir mothers give them
They have a large stock farm near Gailey, fZuaA C7f Ti, F , i u an old fashioned spanking. The
in this county. The other two members of mvited her to occupy the post of hon- mothers were present and later in the
mm "c m juiu auu aur. luorrison is "w hqv ua KrtTT? 4-
in charge of the business. He is construct- Thelassociation re-assembled at 2 '1 11 L.",
ntr & milp trnV nn tUform 0A U Ml' - J 3 x . I wu u erraUU tiflU It Was DQUCcQ mat
a busirTesIo Trlin every now and then he felt the rear
XT T-ti - m , I J wiuiui
-LAiity xKJiien came in JLuesoav irom a frv. ri tt- i, j
Sedalia. after an extend v?t. w?A U1- tuc eiry ana
tiyes at that place Ed Petty and Babe lICt5Urfr-
.Livingston returned home from Sedalia. J-wauiuuoiiH were adopted re-
Tuesday, where they haye been sightsee- turning thanks to the citi
s-t j t a wv.arc epidei zens ot iligginsville, to
viancu me oeaaua exposition on Tuesdav TT1., oc,P;: j
part of his anatomy to see whether it
was all there, and it is presumed that
his mother did as she .agreed.
and Wednesday Mrs. T. L. Sparks TRr C J -T A- V ' wi , u m . ,J ai a
and two sonc -Rmmptt. mi mv or t branch for the generous hospitahtv distance. When she began to talk, you
D. Adair and family, ' of Glensted, took in extended to the association ; also "allzed that she never used SOZODONT,
the Sedalia fair The Misses Bremer, thanks to Hon. J. C. Tarscnv for M Her breath was unlike the breezes of Araby
ri Sari olio aiianAaA tUn : "CI I ri a.' 1 1 , ttt -r-i . . I the blest.
,., ii,uCU mC piuuiu at .riurence jiueresiiDg aaaress, to w . Jo. Maior, m
Jast faaturdav Morgan Countv Leader. I u. n.. ,,J . I itrvtit? a f. prrcivwca pnr rf np
, M , i lug juuimiLi.cciiittijj ior nis excellent j vv -:iV3rJi:j
Police Dciaii. preparations, and onering condolence o.T..
r!itTr "W"iViol Tnn4:n 1 ,i I in Vila bprPOTTPmonf nnna cinnnrl I
e"!""r, ucl"eu ine uj tuo -Fall term opens to-morrow. At this
ux tt uicuiuei ui uis lamny. writing there are many from a distance
1 he meeting closed with the elec- who havd entered. AWll give their names
tion or the omcers lor the ensume vear ana addresses in a later issue.
asiollows: College Eeunion remember the sixth
Capt. S. W. Smith, of Warsaw. Pt8 Friday at 8 p. m. Everybody in;
nrp.aiflpnf. T "FT! Rfor,lna nf "NTi ' Tlletl don 1 wait r a special mvirtaton
r V . icicuii. hut Pnme rnn re wolonrno TV.
Distance Lends Enchantment.
Maud has a fine figure, good face and
pretty name. One should see her at
police for September as follows :
From noon to midnight, Officers Jackson
on Main, Kahrs on Ohio, and Jim Gosa&re
in East Sedalia.
Prom midnight to noon, Officers Tripp
on Main, Joe Gossage on Ohio, and Bar-
nett in JEast Sedalia.
Officer Eifer has been assigned to duty
on Main and Ohio street, from 6 p. m. to
d tv. m.
Officer Bledso north of the railroad, and
. Officer Kelly, subject to the mayor.
Death oh tbe Corn Crop.
Farmers in the western part of the
county aay the dry weather is seriously
damaging the corn crop. The damage al
ready accrued is considerable and will be
serious if the dry weather continues much
Seeking- fieieat.
Abase ball club from Dumpville is
bunting for & matched game with one of
the 8edalia clubs. They say the Dump
ville nine is a holy terror, but when they
meet the Sedalia club it will be found that
they are not tke only holy terrors in the
To the young face Pozzoni's Complexion
Powder gives fresher charms, to the old
renewed youth. Try it.
orrj tt iir -pwi c -oi . Tx-ii "ui toujB jou are welcome, me exercises
and H. M. Bledsoe, of Pleasant Hill, win consistof a welcome address by one
ior vice presidents : Uol. T. Hov. of our former students, reoitfltinnu frnm
or toedalia, secretary and treasurer. some ot the veryjbest talent of the city, in
.aui ui jiLi&isuun. vucui aau insirumeniai
music from the best talent in the State,
and a general good time consisting of a
social. Be sure and come. To be in colleore
Our shorthand teacher has arrived
from Indianapolis and is making every
preparation for & very large class in short
hand and typewriting. He has had sever
al years experience in teaching the Gra
ham, Scott Browne, Munson, Ben Pittman
and other leading systems. We confidea
U ally hope for the very best results from
his teaching. Try him one month and if
not pleased at the end of that time your
tuition will cost you nothing.
We can give you no
better offer than this. A night school in
shorthand as well as in air other branches
ill start the second of September Be
sore and start if possible at comence
ment of term,
-Luc executive committee was in
creased by the addition of W B.
Major, of Aultville, R. M. Scott, of
Keytesviile, and Steve Calloway, of
The association decided to hold its
next reunion at Fayette, September
25th, 1890.
Marriage .Licenses.
Eecorder Landmann issued a marriso
license to the following couple:
Ben E. Fultz Pettis county
Florinda I. Ward Pettis countv
Take te tbe Asylum.
Sheriff Smith took J. L. "Fr.ll
to the Nevada asvlnm Prid
Hall was adjudged insane by a jury in the
probate court.
man should get no help from him.
A Disappointed Conple.
Yesterday afternoon Recorder
Landmann was astonished when a
great big strapping man came into
his office leading a little girl and de
manded a marriage license. He said
his name was W. T. Brewer of Sa
line county, and the woman at his side
was Miss Jennie Lee Flower, also of
Saline county. He gave his age 30
while she said she wa3 15. She had a
note purporting to be fiom her father
giving his consent to the marriage
and directing the recorder to issue the
license. The recorder however.
could not accept such an order and
declined to issue the license.
The girl, if she is 15, she is
young appearing for tier age. The
couple stepped out side of the office
and held a brief consultation after
which they started off looking exceed
ingly dejected.
An Interesting Xote.
Considerable curiosity was aroused
yesterday by dainty perfumed note
in ieminiue nanu writing picned up
near tneM., js.. x general omces.
It reads:
Aug. 30.
Dear Joe: I will be at Sunday school
at y o ciock bunday mornuig.
Forever thine,
The note had the appearance of
navine been sent through the mail
and the chances are that Joe got it in
due time and will be at Sunday
school. If Joe don't go to Sunday
school after getting as nice a hint as
thathia father ought to whale him
or neglecting the means of grace.
Persons wanting prosthetic dentistry
will do well to consult Dr. Wilson. Chary.
es reasonable. Comfortable, easy fits, nat
ural expression ; . first-clsas execution of
work guaranteed
There were some fine eating apples in
tne market tnis wees.
20 cents is asked for a peck of car
rots and 25 cents for a peck of parsnips.
California plums are retailed at 15
cents a dozen; wild plums are 65 cents
a peck.
Praches 75 cents a basket, 20 cents
Lima beans are selling at 20 cents
a quart.
A gallon of grated horse radish
costs 75 cents.
Prime creamery butter is held at 25
Irish potatoes are retailed at 15
cents a peck.
35 ceuts will buy a peck of crab
Damson plums were scarce yester
terday at 35 cents per gallon.
Tomatoes are 10 and 15 cents a
Sweet potatoes, 30 cents a peck.
A nickle buys a head of cabbage.
Spring chickens, 30 to 25 cents.
Muskmelons, 10 and 20 cents.
String beans, 20 cents a peck.
Celery, 5 and 10 cents a stalk.
Cucumbers, 15 cents a dozen.
Pears are 25 centsa dozen.
Oranges, 60 cents a dozen,
Grapes, 5 cents a pound.
Egg plant, 10 to 20 cents.
Spinach, 25 cents a peck.
Corn, 10 cents a dozen.
Beets, 20 cents a peck.
Squashes, 5 to 20 cents.
Bananas, 25 cents.
Acute and chronic rheumatism can be
effectually and permanently cured by the
use of Hibbard's Kheumatic Syrup and
Plasters. W. E. Bard, druggist.
Bit by a Rat.
J. B. Barnhart is suffering from a wound
caused by the bite of a rat which threatens
to cause him the loss of a part, if not all,
of his left hand. About four weeks ago he
was threshing in the country and at night
he, with a party of threshers, went to the
barn to sleep on the hay. They spread
quilts down and were quite comfortable
until the rats began to run over them.
One big fellow stopped on top of Barn
hart's breast when he hit it with his
hand. The rat gave a sprinjt but landed
on the hay against the side of Barnhart'a
head. Barnhart grabbed it frantically
when it bit his hand. The wound annar-
entlv healed up. but a few davs asro it be
gan to swell up fearfully and the wound
Broke out into a bad-looking sore.
A Gosrdlaa Appelated,
Mr. Charles Turner has been annointed
guardian for W. Hall, who was declared
insane by a jury in the probate court Fri
day. The insane man will be sent to the
asylum, but as he has plenty of means of
his own, the county court will talre tin no.
tie of the matter,
The only graduate optician in the city
has charge of the optical department a$
Townsley's jewelry store, 230 Ohio street,
Sedalia, Mo. Persons made to see who
have not been able to read for years, arti
ficial eyes inserted, spectacles and eye
glasses adjusted and all errors of refraction
corrected. If your eyes itch, matter, burn
or feel tired after using them or you haye
granulated lids frequent headaches or cross
eyed you should call and have them ex
amined and corrected.
Examination and consultation free.
Geo. W. Townsley.
The Flannel Sblrt Business.
Chicago Journal.
Thhe father of four big, healthy
and growing sons unburdened him
self in the following strain in my
hearing last evening ; "At first I
thought the flannel shirt business was
a great thing," said he. "It will
save laundry bills, I thought, and so.
when my boys one after another put
in applications for the article, I made
no objection. Each of them got s
fine flannel shirt, and for a while was
happy. Was that the end of it ?
"Weill guess not. Tom, my eldest
came to me a few days after and
said ; Paw, can't I have a pair of
cool, comfortable, tan shoes, they
look so well with a flannel shirt
for a neglige costume, don't you
know ? A year ago Td have brained
hiji if he'd used such a word, but
I'm learning to bear a great deal
lately, so I only sighed and bought
him the shoes. Instantly there was
a howl from the other three hopefuls
If Tom had tan shoes, so mu9t they.
I averted the storm by taking them
all three down town and fitting them
out as they wished, and then I thought
my troubles were surely over. Not
so, however. This morning that
little dude Tom dropped into the office
and cooly remarked that all the other
boys who had flannel shirts and tan
shoes had also a blazer jacket and a
pair of white flannel tennis pants
apiece, I succumbed after awhile,
knowing that to surrender to Tom
meant a "similar course to the other
three. This evening I am informed
that they want a 67 tennis racket.
Of course Pm going to fix 'em out,
for I mean my boys to havS
what other boys have, so long as they
are good. I think it was kind of low
down however, to strike the old man
for the shirt and shoes first in order
to lead him gradually up to the tennis
ouifits. When I was a boy we used
to play marbles and football and
fight-not paste a soft ball at a cotton
net with a cat-gut bat. If Pd known
my boys were going to play tennis,
I'd have sent them out on the plains
and made men instead of dudes of
TMe Osage Baptist AssciatiOB.
The 20th annual convention of the Osage
Missionary Baptist Association was held at
the Fester school house in Cole township,.
Benton county, last Thursday. The reports
show that there were 12 deaths during the
year but the net gain in members for the
year was 50, the total membership at the
present time is 652. The next meeting
will be held at Brtshear's Valley church
on the Hickorv county line 7 miles south
east of Fairfield oi the Thursday before
he 4th Sunday in next August,

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