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Foe the son of mai has come
to seek and save that which is
fhe J. West Goodwin Printing Companj.
Sun I j, f er year.
....$6 00
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per re ir..
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Dally, delivered, per wee
Regularly supplied at 2 cents per copy.
Jul subscriptions payable in aivance, and dia
continued at end of time paid for.
Remittance may be made by diaft, money
rder or registered letter, at our nsK. trxve post
ftce address in lull, including state and county
and address
President and .
Business office 48
Job rooms 169
An Eastern exchange says the
chestnut crop is short this year. There
is no cause for alarm, just as many
chetnuts will be found in the columns
of the Bazoo's contemporaries as ever.
The Pa'n-American delegates have
done one thing to make their visit
memorable and that is, they have
proven that they can beat any ail
American that ever wore hoot leather,
when it comes to
banquet with wine.
washing down a
The Pan-Americans will stop next
at Springfield, III. There will at least
be Lincoln's tomb to show them at
that point, if nothing else, and some
ofthe parly may have heard of him,
if they were a little surprised at not
finding Indian wigwams and buffaloes
in Kansas City.
"With the exception of a change in
the name of the hotel the "Cured of
Flirting'' article appeared in the Kan
sas City Star of Tuesday verbatim as
it appeared in the Saline county im
portation this morning. It would
appear that talent of the "men folks"
"variety is not above a deliberate
Fred Gephart, Mrs. Langtry's par
ticular pet, is to be disciplined by the
Manhatten club of New York because
he brought a man into the club who
was "in a condition outrageously ob
noxious to the other members of the
club." It would appear that a mere
act of drunkenness is condemned by
the Manhatten familv much worse
than a life of adultery such as Mr.
Gephart has led for years.
Another remarkable faith cure is
announced, this time a young lady
who had lost her eyesight, and by
prayer had it restored. There cer
tasnly is no reason why prayer should
not accomplish the same miracles now
as it did in the'time of Christ, but does
it do so is the question. Nearly ev
ery day some remarkable case "of faith
cure is announced and vet but few
persons have come into actual contact
1 with such cure3, and there is no doubt
that at least a portion of the cures are
due to natural causes, rather than
.any exalted or divine influence.
Boulanger has retired from the
political notority he has hitherto en
j oyed and is now of no more impor
tance than a fossil. Boulanger pre
sumed on the peculiar disposition of
the French people which held in
tender reverence memories of their
illustrious Napolean and with cun
ning plans looked forward to forming
a new empire. That his influence
with fhe people merely existe'l in his
own brain, notwithstanding the sen
sational demonstrations in his honor,
there is Utile doubt since the late
election. The French Republic was
never sronger than it is to-day and
Boulanger like a rocket has dis
appeared. The late A. A. Talmage, of St.
Louis, was one of the best railroad
men in this country and as he made
his own success by careful attention
to his employers' interests, bard work
and ambitious determination, he
probably deserved his success. It is
possible, however, that had he be
stowed mare time in inculcating les
sons of probity into the minds and
hearts of his young sons and less on
his ambition, the name of Talmage
would not have gone on a peniten
tiary record as it will now do, young
James Talmnge having just been sen
tenced to ten years in the peniten-
JhSlj, including
Son Jay edition per
Weekly. 52 numbers,
tiary for killing a telegraph operator
at Brunswick, Mo.
Only fifty miles of new
have been built in Kansas thus far
this year. That is enough. The
i i j . t j
5ecarde i litewTly gridtronedThe
state, and fiwrr nnnntv whirh rrn-
duces more than enough farm pro-
ducts to feed the people and has voters
enough to hold a bond election is well
supplied with the means of transpor-
tation. Kansas can get on for some
years without any more railroads. It
is not necessary to run a branch line
into every coruneitt and potato paten
m tne state. Kansas oity star.
ne btar is ri'nt ana while Mis-
sonri has not had the same craze for
railroad building which has possessed
TToncoc TTof elm oar, n-nf oinnrr ttt
well with the railroads she now po-
sesses for some years to come.
F. G, Altaian, the Kansas City
jeweler, who was robbed in daylight
by a bold thief of 82000, sometime?!,1 uuerenui a
ago, has received numerous letters
purporting to reveal the hiding place tee any more wheafc growers' conven
of the gems and he i3 led to believe sions in Missouri.
that diamond stealing is an exceed-
ingly common occu fence. The fact
that so many are anxious to appear
in the lip-ht nf Wine- Rtnlon fhp M.
i ,i . r
monds . presents the curious part of
xTj.1. .cxumitus e-punei ue auu aiuue
Tvr- An : j i I t
mak-es it worthy ot comment. It is a
s.range peculiarity ot thieves and
murderers that they are ambitious to
be known as havine perpetrated their
crimes m what may oe termed by
. y , . ,
their brutal convictions of right and
wrong, courageous, and they will go
w i
to any length to impose this idea on
the minds of those who will upon any
pretext listen to them.
In another column will be found a
telegram from San Francisco referring
to a Utile child wh.ch had been sent
overland to that place from some point
in New York "to find her papa."
As in her case, it is growing tofbe a
common thing for people to send little
delicate children on long journeys in
the care of the trainmen, and yet
there is something so singular
heartless m the sending that Columbia. Col. Swilzler is threat
the gentlemen who had pinned a let- ened with paralysis, the result of in
ter to the little child's dres3, who wa3
sent to San Francisco, was right when
he asserted that the party or narties
who sent the child "should be jailed."
1 X
There of course, my be exceptional
cases where it seems nece33ary to
send a child on a long journey alone,
but such necessity must be rare in
deed since in this day of continual
- a mm
journeying it is not diihcult to hnd
some one who would assume charce
of a little child, when the proper rela
tives or guardians were" unable to do
so, for the sake of having it cared for.
It is to the credit of railway em
ployes that their kindliness of heart
does not fail them when helplessness
of either childhood or age appeals to
them, but as was said before, there
are few cases where it is really neces
sary to make such an appeal.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, S. S. j
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarbh
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day ot December, A.
D. 'S6.
SEAJ Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
and acts directly on the blood and mucous
suiface of the svstem. Send for testimon
ials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
O. SSTSold by all Druggists, 75c.
Some very curious electrical ex
periments have been made at the top
of the Eiffel tower, and many pheno
mena new to scientists have been
brought to light. The atmosphere
at the summit of the tower is free from
all influence of the soil, as would be
the case at the top of the mountain,
and the air is in an extraordinary
state of electricity. The tower will,
it is said, be the most perfect con
ductor of electricity during a storm,
and all within it will be in a state of
entire immunity against all danger
from lightning. New York Telegram
Important Notice.
We are now making small size Bile
Beans (40 little beans in each bottle).
rni ,t , ...
xney are tne mosi convenient to use
specially adapted for children and women,
Price 25 cents a bottle. J. F. Smith & Co., j
St. Louis, Mo. 1
Seventy-two thousand voters are
registered in Sr. Louis this fall.
Nothing is left now of the street
railway at Mexico but the streets.
J Jasper county is m the nnc: with
a mu i'T Sa1Th & 60,1
MIS3 Marion HUH tias Deen ap
pointed postmistress at Burlington
A case of leprosy is thought to
exist at bt. .Louis that is physical
The wild geese keep up such a
racket at Jeflerson City that the people
can t sleep.
The next a A E encampment
of Missouri will meet at Jefferson
City April 10.
The decomposed body of an in-
nun was iouna in ine wooaa near
Marshall Monday.
The internal revenues on tobacco
paid at Sv. Louis last month amount-
ed to $367000
There is a cat-fish boom and a
rp, v - , j 9. . ,
Missouri has 4.000 churches, but
there is talk of building an audition
to the state penitentiary.
&e utile town or ew iiaven,
Franklin county, has just subscribed
sfi I0 ffir n nnA fthpMft
I lactory.
M. Kyle, 30 years old, shot
himself m the head yesterday at Har-
risonville. He has not been iu his
rj8 "ma lorsome time.
I . ' J .
escaped irom lue Vernon county jail
L - xr a oa .,:uf .....
prisoners refused to leave.
ab xi c v au a uuuuar umut. xuc uluci
Senator Cockrell knows how to
talk tariff reform, and he notes at
vasnmgton tne way ne tarns in
An ordinance is pending at bt.
Louis prohibiting the display ot the-
blocks of a schoof house or church
F , , Bowman, accordinfr to
the Bionville Advertiser, was the
husband of three living wives. It is
not every man who can leave three
, - 11 mi 1 u- i
fori t r ho nriiintilx7 ill a r hio hnma in
cessant labor.
The St. Joseph street railways
have PaS5ed trough the last stages ot
transaction from mule to electric pow
er. The citr now has forty four miles
of street railwav.
A wild man has been discovered
running loose in the woods near Ridge
Prairie. From the scantiness of his
clothing it is supposed that he was
formerly a country editor.
The Jopliu Herald, the pioneer
morning newspaper of southwest Mis
souri, has been purchased by Hacken
shall & Snyder, formerly of the Deca
tur (111.) Morning Heiald.
Four great panel paintings of
Wimar, America's greatest Indian
painter, are rapidly being ruined by
exposure in the court house at St.
Louis. The paintings are said to be
worth $20,000 each.
Wallace Elliott, sentenced from
California, Mo., to thirty years in the
penitentiary for killing Rudolph "Neid
erhouser, and subsequently granted a
new trial, was sentenced to ten 'ears'
"The supreme court meets on
November 4 to hand down opinions,"
says the Fulton Sun. That's hardly
the way to express it. It sounds too
much like a clothing store.
An admirable system of rock
roads has been made possible in Calla
way county by the labor of the pris
oners in the county jail, and the same
plan is being discussed in other
counties in Missouri. It is perfectly
plain now why sin came into the
"Win. Yocum, a farmer boy of
Buchanan county, brought a drunken
spree to an end by falling upon the
floor of a Winthrop saloon. His head
struck the floor with great force, pro
ducing concussion of the brain, from
which he died a few hours later.
Joplin Herald : Jack Armil, the
railroad contractor, was quite sur
prised yesterday at discovering in a
wood wagon on the street a mule he
owned when grading on the New York
Central rriiroad. The animal is evi
dently about 40 years old as at that
time it was an "able bodied5' mule.
In an able article on the naviga
tion of the Missouri the St. Joseph
Herald says that at the close of the
war there were between eighty and
100 steamers on the river. In earlier
days it was common for a steamer to
make three trip3 from St. Louis to
i n t T i 1 r r n.r nrr .
f . Irm SS,uuu to
20,000 each trip. Kiver men are of
the opinion that the stream is as safe
for navigation as ever and that boats
carrying freight at one-half the prices
charged by railroads could make a
good profit on the investment.
The IVomen ol Kansas.
St. Joseph Herald.
The women of Kansas are far ahead
of those of all the other states in the
union in progress. They put prohi
bition in the constitution, thev have
full municipal and school ballot, co
education in its state university, and
the number of women preachers, doc
tors, and lawyers is lanrer tnan m
any other stale. The assistant attor
ney general is a woman, and women
are farmers, bankers, county school
superintendents, editors, printers and
merchants. Women serve on the
school boards in every county, and
there are women treasurers of school
boards, superintendents of schools,
registers of deeds and at Cottonwood
-Balls the police justice is a woman.
Hlbbard's Rheumatic Liver Pills
These pills are scientifically compounded
oniiorm in action, ixo griping pain so
commonly following the use of pills. They
are adapted to both adults and children
with perfect safety. We gnarantee they
have no equal in the cure of Sick Head
ache. Constipation, Dyspepsia, Bilious
ness, and, as an appetizer, they excel pny
other preparation. W. E. Bard, druggist
Manv people have curious ideas re
garding the hour of death. Some
hold that the largest proportion of
deaths from disease occur when the
tide ebbs, while others think that the
same is true in the early hours of
morning. There are yet other more
or less widespread impressions on this
subject, but these mentioned appear
to be the mo3t popular one3. It has
recently been stated that from time
to time careful observations have been
made in hospitals which have resulted
in showing that the act of death take3
place with fairly equal irequency
during the whole twenty- four hours
of the day. Very recently an investi
gation has been made in Paris, which
showed that there wa3 a certain falling
off of the number of deaths between 7
and 11 o'clock in the evening, but
that, with tbi3 exception the pro
portion of deaths is about even. Bos
ton Herald.
Iandseer Never Had This Chance
Cincinnati Times-Star.
James Beard, the now celebrated
animal painter of New York, followed
portrait painting in this city many
years ago, and is well remembered by
old citizens as a good painter of por
traits and a yery witty fellow. A lo
cal artist relates this as one of Beard's
jokes: Some one was lauding him for
the great skill he displayed in depict
ing animals, when the painter re
sponded in the way of explanation of
his having acquired such .proficiency,
"Oh, yes, I painted 'portraits in Cin
cinnati years ago.3'
Rheumatism Can bo Cured.
It has baffled the skill of onr best phy
sicians and there are to-day more men,
women and children suffering from this
terrible disease than ever before, and the
opinion seems universal that it is incura
ble, but this is a mistaken idea for it can
be cured by using as directed Hibbard's
Rheumatic Syrup and Strengthening
Plasters. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup
Co., Jackson, Mich ; price $1.00 per bottle,
or six bottles for 5.00 ; or, we will send it
to any address on receipt of price.
W. E. Bard, Druggist.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should
slways used for children teeming. It
sooth's Hhe child, softens the gums, allays
all pains cures wind colic, and is the best
remedy for diarrhoes. Twenty-five cents a
bottle. 9-5eod&wlv
A full stock of lumber, lathes, shingles,
lime, plaster, cement, posts and all build
ing material. As cheap as any house in
Central Missouri. 6-21d&wtf
Dental work, the treatment of diseased
eyes, and castrating natural and Ridgeling
horses a specialty.
I also carry a large assortment of specific
remedies, sach as salves, liniments, and
colic cures. I prepare these remedies my
self and have used them for years with the
best success.
I have been employed in the govern
ment service of Germany and guarantee
entire satisfaction.
Office at my Grocery Store 109 East
Main street, and Residence S. W. Corner
cf Fourth and Kentucky streets.
Salesmen. "Strxcst and Cholcvrt Fruit.
Bert trees. Rest terras. Bert plan. Best out
fit frtc XO. 3EKSEBY CO.. LmMiu. Ja.
Double "FF"for WOMEN
IIoTe ottd in bbt special practice for last 30 jearj. Will Increase
.Appetite, Blood. Weight. Slreaglb, Vljor. In.ure Better Cobs
plertion. Uninrpaed for Scantr or Painful Irreralarltlaa.
jg fvb 'ifefc IP9Vi IKSwP
SwiTt'8 Specific entirely cared me of a severe case
of blood poiion which obstinately resisted and refused
to bo enred for over 26 years. The regular medical
remedies of mercury and potru'i only added fuel to
the llamc. I suffered during moat of this ions time
with ulcers, blotches and sorea of the most offensive
cliaractcr, and was for a lonjj time practically aa in
valid. Iu less than thirty days use of S. S. S. I was
all cleared up sound and well. This has been nearly
n year ago, and no sign of any return of the old ene
my. John B. Willis,
87 Clark Street, Atlanta, Ga.
Swift's Specific cured me of terrible Tetter, from
which I liad suffered for twenty long years. 1 have
now been entirely well for five years, and no sign of
any return of ttic disease.
Rogers, Ark., 3Iay 1, 1SS9. W. n. Wight.
Treatise ou Etood and Skin Diseases mailed free
Tub Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga,
Health is Wealth!
TREATMENT, a guaranteed specific for Hysteria
L-izzincBS, Convulsions, Fits. Nervous Neuralgia
Headache. Nervous Prostration caused bv the ns.-
cf alcohol or tobacco, Wakefulness. Mental De
pression Softening of the Brain resulting in insan
ity and leading to misery, decay and death, Pre
mature Old Aee. Barrenness. Loes and SDennat
orrhoea caused bv over-exertion ot the brain, self-
abuse or over indulgence. Each box contains on'
month's treatment. $1.00 a box. or six boxed fo
S5 00, sent by mail prepaid on reeeipt of prices.
To cure any case. With each order received by 1
for six boxes, accompanied with 25.00, we wiL
send the purchaser our written guarantee to re
fund the money il the treatment does not effect
cure. Guarantees Issued only by Otis W. Smith
Druggist. 912 Eaat Third St. Sedolia Mo.
P. H. Sanoree, Henry Laxm,
Notary Public.
Sangree & Lamm,
ILi A. vv Y Jh
Office: Pettis county bank building
front rooms, up stairs, 309 Ohio street. Ij
Baflering from the effects of youthful errors, early
decay, wastingweaxneas, lost manhood, etc., I will
send & valuable treatiso f sealed) containing full
particulars for noma cure, FREE ot charge. A
splendid medical work ; should Toe read by every
man "who is nervous and debilitated. Address,
Prof. F. C FOWLEB, Moolus,yConiu
The life and murderous crime of BILL POX,
one of the most noted criminals ever in the
west, executed at Nevada, Mo., December 28,
1883, has been publishd in pamphlet form, il
lustrated. The book gives the full details of
the trial of Pox for the murder of T. W. Howardj
May 20, 1883, and the confession of his mur
der, implicating- the woman, Mrs. Eose.
Price, 10c. Address,
Seclalia, Mo.
Tke beat testimonial we ever had. ' Jairies Means & Co. are the bears of the boot and shoe
mrke. They have revolutionized tlie business by making high priced goods unsalable." Trade paper.
AM a .a.1
LSTYLE un equalled
Paalf Ivelv none
Unexcelled in Merit.
enulne unless having our name
Boots and Shoes so stamped if you insist upon his doing
not insist, some retailers win coax you into ouymg
Bpon which they make a larger profit. Ours are the
Shoes, and those who imitate our svstem of business
to compete with us in quality of factory products.
ataiatied olalnlr on the soles. Your retailer will suDDly you with
we are the largest manufacturers in the United States.
How your boy does wear out his shoes!
JnmcH Meann &Z Sheen for Boys will outwear any other
bojs' shoe ever made. You can have lace or button.
$2.50 Buys the Best Farmars'
A Reliable Kip Boot for
10 DIM make one Cent;
19 Cents make one Dime;
10 Dimes make ene Dellar;
10 Dollars make
And iHft a Quarter Eagle any Farmer in the
Country can now buy a boot that will satisfy him.
Farmers have been looking for such a boot for
a long time and now it has come.
BsetH Had Sfcees fren ear celebrates1
facte ry are sold by wide-awake retailers
in all partu ef the ceantry. we will place
them easily within your read
;card and write to' us.
Territory If you will Invest one cent in a postal
isliy witnm your reacn in
any State or
Special Offer on the James Means Quarter Eagle Zip Boots for Farmers.
In order to Immediately distribute samDles of these Boots all over the country, we will send them
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Territory of the united States. We will send them by express or by mail, with all charges for trans
Dortation to destination prepaid by ourselves, on receipt of reeular price. S2.50. Send money by post-
office order or registered letter, we will accept United
In order to get a perfect lit, take a piece of paper
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oe or your root, kcenine your ?encii close to tne
day we receive It. Take great care to be very accurate, and be sure to give us your full address, town,
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atoro-keepercan supply you with our goods if he wants to. but some dealers will try tosell you inferior
goods on which they make a larger profit than they ought to ask for. In that case, send to us.
JAMES MEANS & CO., 41 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass.
The name and location of our customers' in your town will appear under this advertisement, In large typs
httt wo sm triai tn aiirmlv vou If vour dealer
u soon as we receive uieirraji oraeriorwiuuaseorunencoi ourgoous.
Dr. T. L. Wilson, Ft. Scott, Kan.
Can cure your cancers without the
aid of the knife, or burning. Iso
cure, no pay.
Founded in 1824 by Jacob Reed.
The Underf-igned, treats all kinds of
All dental woik and the treatment of
diseased t-yes a speciality. I have been
employed in tht Government service of
Germany for jearo and guarantee entire
Kesiderce Fourth and Kentucky streets
Redalia, Mo., or Grocery Store and Lunch
Eoom 109 Eat Main St.
and price
so ; If you do
mrenor gooas
original $3 and
are unable
In our lines
Thick Sect,
ene Eagle
there is a post-office or railroad in any State or
and place your foot upon it, then mark out the
States postage stamps for the odd half dollar.
the vav around. Then take the last boot
the same way
root an
We will fill your order on tne same
will not. Anv boot and shoe retailer or any country

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