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Prosecuting Attorney Longan's
Natal Day Monday Evening.
The dinner party given by Mrs.
George Ldfcgan, complimentary to
the thirty-third birthday of her hus
band, the well known prosecuting at
torney, last Monday evening, was one
of the most enjoyable and well man
aged affairs of the kind ever given in
the citv. The entire residence was
made beautiful with cut flowers and t0daJ-
Death's Doing.
The funeral of Ernest H. Ficcher, 6on of
Louis and Mina Fischer, took place ihis
afternoon at 2 o'clock from the family res
idence, No. 324 West Cooper street. Ser-
vieea at tne uerman .evangelical church,
Rev. Kohlnaann officiating.
Mr. Thomas Plumlee died yesterday
afternoon. The funeral took place irom
the family residence, 119 Pacific strept,
this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Services by
It. D. Black.
Elladay, the little daughter of Charles
Gray of Camp Branch, died yesterday
morning at 3:30 o'clock.
W. F. Alverson died at his home nine
miles northeast of the city yesterday and
was buried at Providence church cemetery
Mr. Joseph Oliver died at his home. 918
East Fif ih street, this morning, in the 74th
year of his age. The remains will be sent
to Washington, Indiana, ior burial.
A Second Adventist Tells of
his Disappointment.
potted plants and the dining room was
festooned and adorned in such
a fashion with flowers and vines that
the scene was a most effective as well
as beautiful one.
The central dining table was orna
mented with a floral design in white
flowers bearing the figures 33 and
from the chandelier depended trailing
vines of smilax and Irish ivy. Mr
Iiongan with his beautiful little baby
HRiitrhter. Afrnp.R8p.ntf LnncrHn VipriHa
C3 CD IS J I T a T-l I . 1 1 W
Mm and his handsome wife iut back iaet J? naay, was tne day set by
of him presided over th nentrnl tsihU the Second Adventists forthe wor Id
while two smaller table similarlv L come t0 an end- There is but one
decorated with theflarger one, were this county belongm to
presided over bv ieeal friends. that 3lBfc Mr- Jacob Wel1-7 llvIQg
Tho mpnn wQ VnorfiQf about d miles east of thiscity. He
one and was served in pirrht. was in town to-day and a Bazoo re
courses under the eraceful man- Per being acquainted with his
agement of Mrs. George P. B. Jack- peculiar religious belief interrogated
son, Mrs. lieorsre Galbreath, Mrs. W. mm m reSara lo De mauer.
P. Woods, Mrs. Frank Donohoe. "Yes," said he, "it was a great dis-
Misses Eva Johnson. Trfa Npwtirlr appointment. My wife and I con
Emma Longan and Lizzie Yeamans. Gently expected the world to come
The menu consisted offish, oysters, t0 an end and we 8Pent the daF on
, fcirkey, ham and other meats with our knees in PraJer- We have two
entries of salads, olives, coffee, ices, chlIdren. bota of tender years. My
frozen fruits, cakes, meringues, Koman Wlfe took the baby in her arms and I
punch etc, followed by cigars and t00K ine D0J m miDe ana we wauea
wine, and waited. When the sun went
At the close of the dinner in a dwn I began to doubt the correct
neat and happv address, Judge Z. h ness of lhe calculations made by
Bailey arose and in the name of the the. head of the church at
countv officials presented Mr. Lon- Bridgeport, Conn., but my wife
gan with a beautiful gold charm in reminded me that the day did not
the shape of a locket set with a dia- &"ly end until midnight, that gave
mond. me hope, for, since my mind wa3
Mr. Longan received lhe made UP to S 1 reall7 wanted to wit-
- 3 il i f j i Tit 1 1 i
sift in a. frracefu wav and ;n pess me wrecK or me worm, ana we
A Startling Letter Picked up
the Street.
WHAT DOES IT MEAN? would lose most of its point and
strength if all the voters of that state
possessed the mental and moral quali
fications to enable them to use the
ballot intelligently and honestly.
Ihis. however, is very far from beiog
the case. It is known to the think-
The following letter was picked up haree DrOUOrtion 0f the voters of the
the street near the intersection of Inhr nU nF atoa ,
umo ana Main this morning: an(1 -i flnf3 fl!tn(yf
her Hnwnrthv
Dear Mother-I am going send ?bis ? be w,ith the privilege of
to jou through the mail this afternoon and l?e sunrage, wnue in tne smaller
when you get it vour ooor Lulu will be no cities and the rural districts the onno-
more. I bought four grains of morphine this site conditions prevail. In more than
morning and have secured a nice room one canvass the illiterate and purchus-
don .nSief " "d ,ay able element of New York City, the
I can't Jive. Georee nromised faiih- democratic stronghold, has overcome
fully to marrj me and on the strength of the intelligent and incorruptible vote
that I slept in his arms last night. tThis of the remaindei of the state, in which
morning when I awakened he had gone tDe Republicans are heavily in the
and left a note sayiug that he would never j i . j J., i
mrry a girl that surrendered her maiden- preponderance, and turned the scale
hood :o fiim before married, as he classed ln tne national contest.
such girls as no better than women of But the dominance of New York
the town. My God, what Citv in national nffaisH hats nndnnhr.
an awakening that note was to me. 1 1 olrr nnooA Tk u
studdied a long time whether to kill him fi .r , j ...
or not, but I love everv hair on his head &.,v-" bUO icjiuuhwiuo o icuu uuu
and I can't harm him." Oh, how I do love virtually makes them independent of
that boy. He won't love me and I can't New York in the future. In the
live without him sol am coin? to mrhrpimnf. haa
A STRIKE THREATENED. A Startling Discovery.
Dr. and Mrs. Ed Small entertained
Mayor and Mrs. J. D. Carwford.
Children of Blacklisted Parents Hr aZdJS' 2 ,H- Hil, Mr and
uirs. vx. r. u. jacsson, Mr. ana Mrs.
Driven From School by the
Jeers of Their Play-mates.
J A T T . , .
ueain, ism sorry momer, to onne so
much misery upon vou. I wish I had
taken jour advise and remained at home
when George called. Watch Bertha and
don't let her be served as I have been,
Good Bje, Lulu.
toe aaamoii or luaiana to tne sure
republican states would give that
party the victory without New York,
even if the democrats should hold
New Jersey, Connecticut and the two
The letter was written on a sheet Virginias. This calculation is on the
of fools cap in blue ink. The hand- basi? of the present appor
writing was very good and its gen- tionment. The new allotment of
eral get up indicated the writer was a members of the house of renresen-
girl of considerable education and in- tatives, however, which will be
telligence, but there was nothing to based on the national count made
indicate who the unfortunate girl is next year, will undoubtedly increase
or when she comtemplates commit- the relative Republican strength in
ting the act she threatens. the Electoral College and perhaps
.w.n.i,.'L be efficient to give the Republicans
-upHUOfl. the victory even if Indiana should be
BYLER ROBINSON. ,08t; But m any event it is hardly
prooanie mat tne district witnm a
radius of a mile of the city Hall in
"V r t n:. ;n -
I W I Mlk 1 t U J Will Ml. HITRin
1 Pleasant Wedding Which Took cise the sw Jin preaidentiai
riace at ixoon TO-liay. tests which it wielded so often
in the
and Dr. Geoiere W. Kobinson. of
his response testified his appreciation C0Dtinued our prayers until the clock Trinidad Col , took place at 12 o'clock
in a manner which won him manv 8truck midnight. My wife arose and , to-day at Calvary church. Mis3 Byler i
is the ddushter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
PrP Vi)9 n f rnrr mhn litr-f? in o enrinn
TbeweddiBg of Miss Lilly Byler He caught sucb a cold that he could not
ju n manner wnicn won mm munv
compliments. Among other things Put tne cnildren .oecI and DOln of
ue aaia mat wnue to nis wire and ju"u"i-u) , umu,
child belonged the honors of the even- and 8mce that nour we have not SP0'
in?, vpfhft himsAlf bH Wno ff i,A nen a wora to eacn otner anout our
charm " disappointment of last Monday.
The souvenir cards were pretty So far as 1 know mJ wife and 1 are
creations and bore eiVhf- fnnnnnHnima the only Second Advent people in
for the correct answer of which a tnis cou.nly-. There was a family of
a prize was offered of a beautiful pair inai Delier ilvm near seaman a year
of jrold evA alftsRPB Tha foil Jorso ago, butthev removed to the
Capt. L. Bridges, the "booby" going west some months ago.
n A?Dgan Wlre 1eXU1Blte Kheumattc Syeup Co , Jackson Mich,
gown of blue surah with a scarlet Qenis: For years I have been ereatlv
Iront, Mikado sleeves, diamond orna- afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism,
ments and carried a fan of white mar- ibe pain and soreness of the joints at times
about nlnmntrp beini almost unbearable: could
Byler, old and much respected resi-
t .1 '.i-i e .i --
Arrnaa Knnrf T r. cool oniy wnn me use or cruicues. m
as a picture in a dainty costume of
cameo pink surah and duchesse lace.
ition to this my stomach became badly
diseased, and neuralgia set in which
threatened to end my day. A travelling
Among the gentlemen present, m.an stopping with me gave me quite a
nearly all of whom were local legal f15"7 or niooara s pneumatic byrup,
lights or conntv nffiniak wprn TT n h?4 lhe peculiarities of its combination,
vf n J w wnicb induced me to try it. 1 have taken
fcmnett, Ueorge r. B. Jackson, six bottles, and no act in my life affords
Xouis Honman, Henry Lamm, me greater satisfaction than in writing you
Judge Z. F. Bailey, Frank Land- that I am well man.
mann. P. H. SAno-rPP T A Wmon j. Deueve it 10 oe me oest remedy ever
Col. Hoy, L. L. Bridges, Ellis Smith.
E. L. Collins, John Montgomery, jr.,
Thomas Mitchum, Judge Halstead,
B. H. Gray, Emil Landmann, W.
O. B. Dixon, Gilmer Gilbreath.
John K. Clopton, A. B. Easton, John
lucu-miey, Vr. Uverstreet, B. T.
Gentry and others.
other guests were Mr. P. G. Walker,
father of Mrs. Lonean, and Elder and
Mrs. Longan, father and mother of
Mr. Longan.
WINE OF CARDUI. a Tonic for Women.
A Tall Chimney.
A chimney 340 feet in height has just
heen completed at Fall Eiver, Mas. It
is thirty feet gquars .at the base and cost
28,000, It is next to the tallest chimney
in the world, the tallest being 500 feet
high, and is located at Paisley, Scotland.
The Fall Eiver chimney will furnish draft
for the boilers of four new factories.
It requires the most skilled labor to con
struct such a chimney, and the slightest
deviation of fixed rules as to the reduction
of its diameter, which lessens at about 1
inch in 80 inches ris, or the failure to
construct the cores which extend fiom the
base to the top, would result in the col
lapse of the whole structure. The build
ing was watched with much interest until
the last brick was laid. As the chimney's
altitude increased the size of the workmen
decreased to the eye to that of vertable
Lilliputians. The steel-nerved chimney
builders walked about their narrow scaf
folding at the top of the chimney with but
one plank between them and eternity, with
as much ease and carelessness and chatted
and laughed with as much nonchalance as
though they were in the middle of a
forty-acre pasture lot.
A. J. Bowrarx", Proprietor,
Empire House, Independence, Iowa.
W. E. Bard, Druggist, Sedalia, Mo.
The Sins of the Ancestors
The Bcripture declaration that the sins
of the fathers will be visited upon the chil
dren even to the fourth generation neyer
fails. The society seeking to reiorm fallen
women, carefully inquire into the history
of the generations back of the woman
they Eeek to reclaim. If there is a single
licentious or dissolute person among her
ancestors she is lost beyond
all possible hope and the society
does not expect a permanent rtform, but if
her ancestry are all pure people who lived
the right kind of lives, reform is sure, but
the facts show that less than 2 per cent of
the fallen wome have such ancestors.
Blood will tell. It has been discovered
that the father of the young woman who
ran off with O. F. Kelsey last week was
killed for seducing the wife of a friend.
She is not therefore to be blamed for bengj
Poor, unfortunate, Batrachian! In what
a sad plight he must have been. And vet
his misfortune was one that often befills
sogers, iuany a once tuneiul voice amoo?
those who belone to the "eenus homo" is
dents of the eUy, and is a young lady utterly spoiled by "cold in the head," or
nf intpllitrpnrR nnd refinement, -with a on the lungs, or both combined. For the
- & , i . , ,
l n ;w,l nf fSianAa 0j uuve menuoneu -croaKer- we are noi
- i uu: , i j . - w.wv.
auniirera. vs. xwumtruu, ia a but we reioice to know that all human
well known and prominent singers may keep their heads clear and
resident of Trinidad, is president throats m tune by a timely use of Dr.
of the state medical association and a S3fieS cfJa"h -medy nd Dr. Piercs
n nfmonv rfmirRh1e. minifies nf uowen weaicai discovery, Dotn oi wnicn
both head and heart. Calvary church are 60 7 ruggists.
was beautifully decorated with au- THE S TODD A HD CASE.
lumn leaves and flowers for the cere
mony and the beautiful ring service
was used by the Er. J. J. Wilkins, The Defen(ient Held Eor the Ac-
wnu baiu me wurus tuat xxjuuc tuc j. e .
bridal couple man and wife. The uuii ui iuo urauu jury.
bride wore a verte green lamise cloth
gown with an entire iront of Koman
embroidery in copper and green shades.
The directoire coat was also finished
with the copper and green
embriodery and with this beautiful
gown was worn a Yelvet toque ana
gloves to match. In her hand she
carried an elegant prayer book, the
gift of her mother.
The urbers were Messrs. Charles
Dexter, Will and Lee Byler, broth
ers of the bride, and "WillRitcbey.
The weddug march was performed
by Mr3. B. B. Lynn. After the cere
mony the immediate bridal party
were handsomely entertained at the
Byler residence, corner of .Fourth
and Lamine, at an elegantly served
luncheon, after which, amid many
good wishes, Dr. and Mr3. .Robinson
left for Kansas Citv where they will
remain until to-morrow and then
to their own elegantly fitted up home
in Innidaa.
Among the many choice presents
were paintings, solid silver vare and
rare china, engravings, brie a-brac.
bronzes and many other articles.
The Bazoo together with many
friends wishes Dr. and Mrs. Robin
son a life of prosperity aud happiness.
The trial of Mr. Stoddard, theEaJ1
Sedalia swichraan charged with a fe
loneous assault on Pat P. Murphy,
was concluded before Police Judge
Brady last evening, and resulted in
being held for the action of the grand
jury. His bail was fixed at $500, but
he was unable to give it and was re
turned to jail.
Jno. Hall, at a 6 o'clock tea Tuesday
afternoon. Col. Crawford and Mr.
Jackson spent a few weeks early in
the fall on a big hunting expedition
in Colorado and they were full
to the brim with huutinsr stories.
The Missouri Pacific shop men claim They claimed that thev had slauerh-
that a number of their fellow workmen tered bear and elk, the royal game of
haye been placed on the black list by the mountains, and produced photo
the Sedalia brauch of theMercantile graphs of themselves surrounded with
Protective association, who got behind piles of that class of game. Their
and are not abte to pay their debts at stories would have passed at par had
the present time on account of sickness, not Mr. Hill happened to place a
They have the sympathy of the entire magnifying glass over one and no
force at the shops. The greatest in- ticed that the bleached featere3 of
dignation prevails among the men on the Elk's horn3 had been reproduced
that account and they propose to by the faithful camera, but so light
withdraw their patronage from the that it could not be noticed by the
merchants who furnished the names naked eye. The horns looked as if
of these unfortunates to the associa- they had laid upon the mountain
tion. The children of one of the aide for a year or more and forced the
blacklisted men came home from conclusion that the photograph man
school at noon to-day with their books had fixed up an ouifit k please am
in hand and declared that they would bitious hunters. The bears had a
never go back. They say that this suspicious Icok. It may be that they
morning on tne play ground other really killed the game phetographed,.
children twitted them by saying but these old horns look bad.
"Your pa is no good. He is on the
black list and don't oav his debts. WHOLESALE ROBBERY.
while our papa pays hi3 debts and is
To say that the parents of these The Entire Winter Stock Stolen
children were mad don't express the . ....
idea. Tha father nf th nhiMron rom a Montserat store.
- w a, w A www VUiAvIA w Li
claim that be got behind while his
family was sick and he has mt been
able to catch uo although hp. One of the stores at Montsprat w
has paid all of his surplus robbed last night by a couple of men
earnings on his debts every month who drove up to the rear door with a
since. wagon and loaded up a lot of new
TbG railroad man while speaking to goods, about 600 worth, and drove
a Bazoo reporter about the matter away undiscovered. The track of the
said, "I tell you the next strike will wagon was so plain'that it could be fcl-
be a strike of right against wrong and lowed quite a distance. The goods sto-
we won't quit work to win it either." len comprised the winter stock which.
Shopmen in the Missouri Pacific had been rece'ved the day I e'ore. Some
shops say they don't care how much a of them haa been unpacked and were
dead beat is black listed, but they ob- lying on the counter ready to be
ject seriously to having: good men who placed upon the shelves. The robbers
have always paid their debts until they took the whole outfit but did net
were overtaken by misfortune, treated touch any of the old stock.. The Ba-
like a dead beat. There ia consider- zoo's informant was unable to give
able talk about striking back by boy- the name of the merchant nor any
cotting ail belonging to the more of the particulars. The town
association. In their move in was all stirred up over it this morn-
that direction they get strong back- ing as he drove through the town, and
ing from the merchants that a party had started out in pursuit of
association and
was looking the
There is no sweetness in a kiss,
Unless your leeth are just like pearls,
Then would you share its trembling bliss,
Use SOZODONT at ence, sweet fiirls ;
For it alone gives to the mouth.
White teeth and fragrance of the South.
MeElree's WINE OF CARDUI for female diseases.
Missouri's Mineral Wealth.
For the week ending last Saturday the
mines in Southwest Missouri yielded lead
and zinc valued as follows :
The Joplin mines, $14,53S ; Webb City,
$21,064 95 ; Centerville, $5,226 ; Zinctite.
$4,442 ; Lehigh, $3,652 ; and Galena, Kan.,
$9,438. The Center Creek Mining com
pany's mines in the Webb Citv district
yielded 1,100,000 pounds of zinc ore aod
24,740 pounds of lead ore.
cELBEE3 WINE OF CARDUI for Weak Nerves.
Have You Kheumatism ?
If so, a2-ceat stamp sent to Hunmcuit Medicine
Co., Atlanta, Ga., will put yau on the -war to be
cured. Their book will be s-nt containing won
derful accounts of cures enected by this remedv
"by well-known physicians, clergymen and others.
Don't delay, but address them, with stamp, at
once. iet it out of your system before your heait
become permanently diseased.
In cases of Fever and Ague, the blood
is as effectually, though not so dangerously
poisoned by the effluvium of the atmos
phere as it could be by the deadliest poi
son. Dr. J. H. McLean's Chills ani
Fever Cure will eradicate this poison from
lhe system. 50 cents a bottle.
Frequently accidents occur in the house
holdjwhich cause burnE, cuts, sprains ana
bruises; for use in such cases Dr. J. H.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment has for
many years been the constant favorite
family remedy.
Great Reduction in Horse-Shoeing.
As I am tiied of doing most of my work
on erf dit, I have reduced the prices of
horse-shoeing to the following terms, for
cash :
Old shoes, 15 cents a shoe "j 60 cents all
around ; plain shoes, 20 cents a shoe j 75
cents nil around ; new steel toed shoes, 25
cents a shoe ; $1 all around.
These low prices are for cash only.
E. J. Kelsllkg,
314 West Second rtreet,
9-29j&wlm, Sedlia, Mo,
fevF Toi-K as a Decisive State.
St. Louis Globe-Dem'crat.
Senator Frank Hisccck Iiopes that
the xiuie is near at hand when lhe im
mense democratic majorities in the city
of New Yo: k w ill not bejpolent enough
to decide presidential contests. Good
citizeES of all parties and of all sec
tion3 will join the Jistingoished New
Yorker in this aspiration. In four
national elections, exclusive of that of
last year, the result wpj determined
by f.he vote ar the empire state. The
support drawn from the whigs in New
York in 1844 tnd given to Birney,
the candidate of the liberty party, en
abled Polk, tie democrat, to carry
tho state aud the election, and defeat
Clay for the presidency. Four years
later a diversion made by Van Buren
from the democracy in that state de
feated Cass and senl Taylor, the whig
nominee, to the White House. In
1880 the siate elected Garfield, and in
1884 it defeated JBlfine and placed
Cleveland in the presidential chaii .
The objection to the potency which
New York holdd in national contests
Altncky Strike.
A party of Sedaliaus, recently purchased
a piece of mineral land in oueof the South
western counlies for a trifle. They have
naa ii propeciea ana succeeded in open
ing two shafts yielding enormous quanti
ties of zioc and lead, one at a depth of six-ty-fiye
feet. They are elated over the find,
and they can afford to be, as the land con
tains a dozen handsome fortnes. They
are so exceedingly modest that they forbid
lhe mentioning oi uieir names in connec
tion with the mines. One of the gentlemen
is arranging to build a lesidence here to
cost $10 000 and he expects to dig the
money out of hi3 miue. He has been of
fered $1S,000 for his interest, one fifth.
A century of progress has not pro
duced a remedy equal to Ely's Cream Ealm
for catarrh, cold in the head and hay fever.
It js not a liquid or a enufF, but is perfectly
safe and easily applitd iuto the nostrils.
It gives immediate relief and cures the
worst cases.
Don't say that there is no help for ca
tarrh hay fever and cold in the head,
since thousands testify that Ely's Cream
Balm has entirely cu-ed them. It super
seeds tho. dangerous use of liquids and
snuffs. It is easilv aunlied into the nostrils
and gives relhf at once. Price 50c.
Nevada in JKonr or Peril
Nevada is stirred up over a scheme
which involves the huiiding of tliree rail
roads through Vernou county neither of
which will toucn Nevada. A meeting has
been called at the courthouse to-night and
the Mail in a double leaded notice frantic
ally appeals to all .Nevadians to come out
as "this is an hour of pril to
Nevada." "If we fail' says the
editor," "there will be two roa-1 running
thiough the eastern p3rt of our country
neither of which will touch Nevada and
n the north the Missouri Pacific will car
ry the trade of Vernon county to Fort
Scott. Nevada will be a garden roofed
over aud deprived of sun shine and rain."
don't belong to the
while the reporter
matter up he found clear cases where
the outside merchant was doing all
he could to stir up hostility to the as
sociation. Their object is to get the
men to go into a scheme to boycott the
insiders and of course thev will
thereby get a large increase of trade.
lhe merchants of the association
ought to be careful about blacklisting:
names and be sure the man they thus
ruin is really a dead beat and not an
umortunate. ine blacklisted names
are quite numerous nearly three made a careful
pages closely printed in fine type.
i K
lie robbers, but he did net stop to
learn any farther particulars.
Baby wii tick, fmtarCHtaH,
"Hin lit fTfrnna lfliw. i
Kemarkable Presentiment
Caused by Such a Letter. ,
Fall i-astnrage.
The Farmers' Eeyiew of Chicago has
investigation of the fall
pasturage in tne western states. In? pa
per announces that there is absolutely no
fall pasturage except in Ohio, Missouri
and Kentucky. Wisconsin and Minne
sota have sufieied the most from the
drouth. The lack of faU pasturage will
materially affect the cattle raising business.
A Night .Engineer's Strj.
The Brunswick (Ga.) Times tells
good railroad story : "I was on the
Tuesday morning Mrs. Stegman re- night run," said the engineer, "and
ceived from the dead letter office a my train was about thirty minute
letter she had written to her son late. I said to my fireman 'keep
about three months ago. He had her hot , I mean to go to meeting
been in Colorado, but left before his point on time.' During the next fif
mother's letter reached him. She had teen minutes I was not long in passing
not heard from him since and better- the mile posts, for my engine flew
ing that the stamp of the dead letter along at the rate of fifty miles an honr
office meant that he -wa3 dead, she down a long grade as straight as an
lamented in the most heart arrow. Suddenly something struck
broken manner and would neither be me in the face, making a slight
comforted nor accept the explanation wound. I slowed down. Whats
of her friends of the functions of the that near the furnace door V I asked
BLACK-DRAUGHT tea cure? Conitlpatioa.
t 11.. nr T t
aeaa teller omce. ner mends were
startled about 4 o'clock the same day
by a telegram from the authorities of
a Kansas City hospital, stating that
her son Jb red had died there about a
week ago and inquiring what should
be done with the body. Mrs. Steg
man was not any more startled than
she was when she received the letter.
The remains were ordered to be
shipped here. They arrived yester
day morning and were buried yester
day. It appears that the young man
had been at the hospital but a few
days when he died. Nothing could
be found to tell where his people lived
and the remains were kept until, at
last, a clue was found.
Married in St. X.enls.
Richmond Deane, assistant general su
perintendent of the Pullmaa Gar company
at Chicago, formerly assistant to the divis
ion supesmtendent here, will be married
to-day to a young lady well known in St.
Louis society circles. Globe Democrat.
Mr Deane was formerlv a resident of
this city and is a relative of Mrs. A. E.
Easton, jr. The young lady to whom he
was wedded to-day was Miss Katharine
Finn, an accomplished young lady of St.
Louis and daughter of Mr. John Finn, a
prominent resident of that city who resides
at No. 2715 Lucus Avenue.
A Former Sedailaa.
President Harrison denied the applica
tion of J. M. Dayis for a pardon yesterday.
He was sent to the penitentiary for a term
of three years for stealing in the Indian
Territory. Davis formerly lived here.
of the fireman, pointing to a little bit
of white paper just to my left. Ther
fireman stooped, picked up the pa
per and handed it to me. In the dim
light of the steam gauge 1 read z
Look out at the river bridge ; there
is a tie on the track.' Sure enough,
just at the entrance to the bridge X
found a tie securely fastened across
the track;" The piece of paper has
been framed and hung over the en
gineer's parlor mantel, and he calls it
his mascott, for he has never been
behind since it was thrown into his
cab. Exchange.
Carter's Little Liver Pills will be
found an excellent remedy for sick head
ache. Thousands of letters from people
who have used them proye this fact. Ask
your druggist for them.
FiTS. All Fits stopped free by Dr.
Kline's Great Nervz Kestoreb. No
Fits after first day's use. Marvellous cures.
Treaties and $2 trial bottle free to Fit
cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
If you once try Carter's Little Liver
Pills for sick headache, biliousness or con
stipation you will never be without them,
they are purely vegetable ; small and easy
to take, all druggists sell them.
The only reliable vegetable substitute
for calomel, which acts on the liver, bloodr
kidneys and stomach, and best anti-billions
purgative is Maguire's Cundurango,
Indorsed by Archbishop Ryan, of Phil
adelphia ; Bey. McNally, of St. Louis,,
and a host of prominent psople.

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