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Th J. Wtit Goodwin Printing Company.
Mr, including 8undsy, per year
Sttnlay edition per yer...MM.MMM.
Weekly, 52 numoerf, per Yeir...
Daily, delivered, per week
.56 00
2 50
I 00
- 15
Jtagnlarly rapplied at 2 cents per copy.
Jul aabseriptioaa payable in advance, and dia
ntinuei at ead of time paid for.
lifctance May be made by diaft, money
nr rcnKtpra lttpr. at our risk- Give POSt-
i address in full, including state -:d county'
President and Manager.
fiisiness office...: 48
rooms .-. 169
The Influenza loves a shining
mark. Kings, princes, emperors,
queens, countesses, dukes, dudes and
dunderheads are among its victims in
Europe. The microbes of la grippe
seem to have aristocratic tendencies
and loves to tamper with patrician
membrane. The people of this city
should prepare to sneeze.
Prof, T. B. Showell, of the As
sociation of American Anatomists,
says that there is a striking similarity
tgimihe nervous arrangemant of a man's
spine and that of a cat. This is
doubtless true. But there often
comes a strong temptation at night to
hurt our felines.
A disgruntled Ohio Republican
says the Democrats are better off
than if they had elected Cleveland.
In his opinion Harrison is doing more
to build up the Democratic party and
to assure its permanent control of
National affairs in the future than
Cleveland could have done if he had
been President. While this individ
ual opinion is probably founded upon
xr ml disappointment and the re
sultant sourness or mner which
arises in a man when he wants
office and can't get it, still there is a
good deal of sound philosophy in it.
President Harrison's mistake is sup
posing himself an Andrew Jackson,
The latter could rule and hold his
party together, but Harrison is mak
ing a miserable failure of the dictator
role. That disgruntled Ohio Repub
lican is probably right wheu he says
tliA. Ti a m no, rst f a -or! 11 Tu t1o yaa I
beneficiaries of the Harrison Adminis
- The man who a few days ago sent
out from New York City a circular
headed National Bargain Em
porium" thought it was safe to test
again the strange fascination a letter
head has over many people. His
circulars were accordingly prepared
u the best style of the printer's art.
Is They showed that the company was a
large one. that the inducements it
offered were exceptional and that its
references were of the highsst charac
ter, It had special arrangements for
purchasing goods below market rates,
and these advantages, with, a most
unbusinesslike disinterestedness, it
offered to share with its customers.
Baited in this way the circular was
spread broadcast, and the returns
quickly proved that the projector
was not" mistaken when he decided
to make one more draft upon the
almost inexhaustible reservoir of
human credulity. He found there
were plenty of women eager to get
"black gro3 grained silk, 21 inches
wide, and worth $1.25 a yard, for 55
jent8 a yard; fine English cashmere
ireas goods, double width, worth 40
cents, for 16 cents a yard, and extra
I ne IHeacHed inuslin, warranted with
out blemish, worth 10 cents, for 4
oents a'yard." The feminine anxiety
to purchase dry goods at halt price
was undiminished, and the "National
Bargain Emporium" profited by the
1 fact. How many dupes the projector
Of this enterprise obtained will probably
never be known. The former are never
1 anxious in such cases to admit that
I thev were victimized and the latter is
not compelled to criminate himself.
But one day the police descended on
the "Emporium," and, instead of the
trrQEf rtfTr Hrn!r1inrr,? wTiftrp. "low n.nf.
prices" were given by a firm which
was using all its "energry and business
tact" to serve its customers, they
found a front attic, a small
stove, a wooden chair, a pine table
and lots of letter-heads and stationery,
presided over by a smooth-shaven
I man. who save his name as "John
Jones." He confessed himself guilty
of running a bogus establishment and
was arrested. There was no more
legitimate basis for his enterprise than
there is for a lottery, and
yet thousands of people were ready to
invest in it who would feel insulted if
saked to buy a lottery ticket. They
were fascinated by a circular which
simply "read well," just as the rec
ommendations around a patent medi
cine bottle or a bottle of hair dye do.
It appealed to their cupidity and cred
ulity, two of the strongest human irn
pulses, and they invested only to fiud
that credulity had got the better of
their judgment. There is probably
no way to prevent a repetition of such
swindles. They will go on until men
and women learn that letter heads are
not capital, that something cannot be
obtained for nothing, and th tt neith
er cupidity nor credulity is a safe
guide in business transactions.
Tmpure Blood, Cause of
The supreme importance of puriOying
the blood and of restoring the diseased
liver and kidneys to healthy action has in
deed made this subject one of great study
the results of which haye enabled us to
present to the afflicted, Hibbird s Kheu
matic SvruD. a combination of the b-si
known remedies. Prepared by Rheumatic
Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich.
By cure3 unprecedented it has proven
its right to the title of "The Greatest Blood
Purifier and Kidney and Liver cure ev-r
discovered." We challenge any, medicine
to show an nrmreciation at home like that
which has been Dcuned upon Hibbard's
Rheumatic Syrup.
W.E. Bard, Druggist.
Marshall didn't get the orphan
school, but she has her 56,000.
The Shelbina Torchlight has
changed hands, but that will not affect
its Democracy.
The state pays for cost; of its crimi
nal cases for 1589 and 1890 the neat
sum of 6510,000.
Almost every town of any impor
tance in Missouri has a big religious
revival and a murder case.
The farmers of Johnson county are
going to get a chance to knock the
stuffin' out of a proposition to build a
$50,000 court house.
Pleasant JBLill has eubsoribed -$25,-000
for a woolen mill that will give
fimploymont to flttjr Of -fivfjr Vionrla.
and the mill will be built at once.
A picnic party from Verona killed
nine water moccasins at the head of
Spring river on Christmas day. A
climate like that speaks for itself.
According to the St. Joseph News
St. Louis is ail "shook up" over a
matrimonial mesalliance which in
volves a young man of that city who
has always been a 'high roller."
There will be a meeting of tht
friends of the Osage river in Jefferson
City in February. A stream which
turns out such a fine quality of catfish
as the Osage naturally has a very few
The Jeffersou City Tribune suggests
that the headquarters of the State
Democratic Central committee be es
tablished at that place. There are
some things in favor of that propo
sition, but how about the whisky ?
Don't give up, there is a cure for
catarrh and cold in the head. Thousauds
testify that Ely's Cream Balm has entirely
cured them. It is a safe and pleasant
remedy. Is is applied into the nostrils.
It is not a liquid or snuff. It cures by
cleansing and healing. Price 50c.
Songlltfor the last hundred years. A
remedy for catarrh, hay fever and cold in
the head found at last in Ely's Cream
Balm. Safe and pleasant to use and easily
applied into the nostril. It gives relief
at once and a thorough treatment positive
ly cures. Price 50c.
A Method of Treating Disease.
Hospital Remedies.
What are they ? Tere is a new depart
ure in the treatment of disease. It consists
in the collection of the specifics used by
neted specialists of Europe and America,
and bringing them within the reach of all.
For instance the treatment pursued by spe
cial physicians who treat indigestion,
stomach and liver troubles only, was ob
tained and prepared. The treatment oi
other physicians, celebrated for curine
catarrh was procured, and so on till these
incomparable cures now include disease of
the lungs, kidneys, female weakness, rheu
matism and nervous debility.
This new method of "one remedy for one
disease" must appeal to the common sense
of all suffereis, many of whom have expe
rienced the 11 effects, and thoroughly real
ize the adsurdity of the claims of Patent
Meaicines which are guaranteed to cure
every ill out of a single bottle, and the use
of which as statistics prove, has ruined
more stomachs than alcohol. A circular de
scribing these new remedies is sent free on
receipt of stamp to pay postage by Hospital
Remedy Company, Toronto, Canada, sole
If yoji once try Carter's Little Liver
Pills for sick headache, biliousness or con
itipation you will never be without them,
they are purely vegetable : small and ssv
; to take, all druggists sell them.
JHlsfit Christmas Freseata.
Mungey's Weekly: What this
country needs more than anything
else, just once a year, is a misfit Christ
mas present exchange.
An enterprising gentleman has al
ready started an establishment where
one can dispose of duplicate wedding
presents, but a person gets married
once only in his life, while he or she, as
the case or sex may be, endures many
How sweet and pleasant it would
be, for instance, if a young and pretty
clergy n an who ha3 been remembered
by seventeen or two dozen of the ewe
lamb3 jf his congregation with a pair
of slippers from ech, could trade off
most of them for, say, a meerchaum
pipe or some perpendicular linen col
lars. Until such an exchange begins
to nil a long felt want, the daily pa
pers could help on the good work by
permitting their patrons to insert free
such advertisements a3 the following,
at holiday time :
"A boy of 12 wishes to exchange a
new copy of 'Josephus,' handsomely
bound, for a secondhand copy of
'Beelzebub Dick the Terror of Gorry
Gulch,' or 'Deadhead Dan, the
Young Detective of Mulberry Ave-
uue. '
'Young lady would part with
seven Chrisimas cards (four of them
hand paiuted) in return for a diamond
engagement ring."
"Married man desires to exchange
a pair of ice cream colored wrlsteis
for a glass of beer "
'Young clergyman will dispose of
an assorted lot of slippers, some of
which are embroidered with blue dojis
with scarlet eyes, for serviceable pair
ot winter gloves, fur lined preferred.
Must be mates.
"Boston young lady temporarily
residing in New York, would like to
exchange light copies of Browning's
comp'ete works, all new and unused,
for a pair of goli lined spectacles, No.
5, near sighted.'
"Young married man will trade a
box of cigars for a ten cent plug of
chewing tobacco."
"Gentleman desires to part with a
pair of red mittens. Will except a
two-ply ham saudwich or three Frank
forter sausages in exchange,''
'Youth will give a copy of Lamb's
f oems of Childhood (leaves uncut,)
for a base ball bat or a cheap pistol
with a box of catridges.''
"A musically inclined girl will ex
change her brother's irresponsible
cornet for an upright piano. 99
"A young gentleman of 11, in long
pantaloons, will give a fancy cap,
lahled 'For a Good Boy,' for a ticket
to anv accessable dime museum."
'Young lady of 14 wishe3 to ex
change a wax doll, with real hair for
a copy of the 'Quick or the Dead;'
also rubber cry doll for 25 cents
worth of chewing gum, vanilla or
How's This !
We ofler One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that can not be
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. I. CHEXEY& CO., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney fcr the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions, and financially able to
carry out any obligations made by their
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggisc,
Toledo. Ohio.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Drusgists, Toledo, Ohio.
E H. Van Hoesen, Cashier Toledo Na
tional Bans, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catanli Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the sy&lem. Price 75c per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
The only reliable vegetable substitute
for calomel, which acts on the liver, blood,
kidneys and stomach, and best anti-bit-
lious purgative is Maguire's Cundurango.
Indorsed by Archbishop Ryan, of Phil
adelphia ; Rev. McNally, of St. Louis,
and a host of prominent people.
Perfect Siglit
As thoceanas can testify, there is nothing
io much to he desired as perfect sight and
perfect sight can only be obtained by using
perfect spectacles. C. Q. Taylor, our home
optician, exercises great skill and patienc
a fittinif these needing spectacles with care
nd comlort u tie wearr J2-Ildtf
Diseases of Women.
Nausea, indigestion, bloating, general de
dility, depression, sleeplessness, liver and
kidney troubles and kindred affection, per
manently cured by using Maguire's Cundu
ango. If sick headache is misery, what ar
Carter's Little Liver Pills if they will pose
itively cure it ? People who have usp
them epeak frankly of their worth. They
are small and easy to work.
Carter's Little Liver Pills will be
found an excellent remedy far sick head
eche. Thousands of letters from people
who have used them prove tbi3 fact. Ask
your druggist for them.
J)9 Ton Submit ?
One who kindly submits to being told
of his faults is on the road te reform and
so i3 soon to take tne through Chicago
sleeping car via. the M., K. & T., "Bur
lington Eoute" (C. B & Q R. B) and
Hannibal, which leaves Sedalia every
ermiDg at 6:10 p. m.
FiTS.All Fits stopped free by Db.
Klct's Great Nervz .Restorer. No
Fits after first day's use. Marvellous cures.
Treaties and $2 trial bottle free to Fit
cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch street.
PM!adelpbia,Pa. '
A Western Editor's Views on Tarloos Mat
ters and Thlnga
Stop It. There's too much poetry
In this Western country ten times too
much. Every week fifty or more men
and women in this locality, who ought
to he engaged hoeing potatoes or mak
ing rag carpet, worry the life out of
the best part of seven days to 'dash
off1' a poem for the Kicker. Not one
out of five hundred is true poetry, and
not more than one out of a bushel is
worth publishing. Ther,e should be a
law applying to the country west of
Omaha a law to make it a penal of
fense to send a poem to a newspaper
unsolicited. We are satisfied that this
rhyme-jingling has retarded the growth
of the West twonty years, and it will
continue to work against us until there
is a law to stop it
Not Appreciated. The efforts of a
hundred or more of our citizens to
make up for the lack of natural
scenery in and around the town by
standing on the street corners with
legs crossed and hands in pockets is
not appreciated by those competent to
judge of effects. It is pretty hard for
a red-eyed old squat like Judge Harri
son to pose in such a way as to pass for
a noble cataract, and the efforts of
Major Philbrick to pass himself off as
a substiture for a precipice five hun
dred feet high brings ridicule on the
whole county. Gentlemen, your proper
pose is in a lock-step line. We are ad
vising you as a friend.
We Can't See It. Our contempo
rary down the street is tickled almost
to death because Major Bilden has been
appointed postmaster of this town,
and because, as it affirms, the editor of
the Kicker got left. We can't see any
thing to laugh at W e were the best
man by long odds among the twenty
applicants, and if Wanamaker
couldn't see it the fault was not ours.
We expected to get the appointment
and ought to have had it The man
who did get it doesn't know enough to
run a peanut stand and if the Kicker
doesn't make his life miserable for the
next year then we don't want a cent.
As for our old knock-kneed, bald-
headed, squint-eyed contemporary who
wears a grin on his phiz, wo will see
him later. We are fishing to get hold
of the chattel mortgage given on his
omce inree montns ago, ana u wo
succeed he will hear something drop.
We Stand Neutral. The editor of
the Blicker has been asked to express
his opinion on the conduct of Presi
dent Harrison in furnishing fat places
to so many of his relatives. We stand
neutral on that question, having an
application on file in Washington to
he appointed Indian Commissioner for
this reservation. If we don't got tho
appointment we shall have a very de
cided opinion on Mr. Harrison's nepo
tism, ll we do get it we shan't bite
tho hand which feeds us.
Oxe More Chance; Billy Dobson,
proprietor of the Blue Front saloon
and gambling house, was the first
subscriber to the Kicker. He en
couraged us and occasionally lent us
money, and out gratitude has pre
vented us from drawing attention to
his den of iniquity. We can't promise
to hold off much longer. We shall
give him one more chance to reform
the place, and if he doesn't improve it
we shall give him three or four col
umns per week of the hottest kind of
language. Gratitude is all right up to
a certain limit Beyond that an editor
owes a dut3T to the public
Please Excuse. Our proof-reader
was off on a drunk last week and our
two printers were called to Tombstone
to see their mother die. We were
very busy in our grocery, harness
shop, hardware and millinery store,
and the Kicker did not present the ap
pearanco and interest we could have
wished for. We had to chuck in six
columns of old patent medicine ads,
and the first page was the same mat
ter as tho week previous, but these
things are trifles incidental to the bus
iness of a great publishing house. We
trust that our suhscrihers will over
look all mistakes and encourage us to
greater efforts by promptly renewing
their subscriptions. Detroit Free
Manufacture of Celluloid.
The manufacture of celluloid la
largely carried on in France. A roll
of paper is slowly unwound and at the
same time saturated with a mixture
of five parts of sulphuric and two
parts of nitric acid, which fall3 on the
paper in fine spray. This changes the
cellulose of the paper into pyroxiline,
or gun cotton. The excesses of the
acid having been expelled by pressure,
the paper is washed with plenty of
water, and all traces of acid are re
moved. It is then reduced to a pulp
.and passes on to the bleaching trough
Most of the water having hyeen got rid
of by means of a strainer, it is mixed
with from twenty to forty per cent, of
its weight in camphor; a second mix
ture and grinding follows. The pulp
Is spread out in thin slabs, which ar
squeezed in the hydraulic press until
they are as dry as chips. They are
then rolled in heated rollers, and
come out in strips," whiqh are ready to
he worked up into any desired form.
N. Y. Mail and Express. . 1
Strange hut true. "The qute
marriage" makes the most noise when
It gets out Chicago IriterOcean.
Iho Great Exterminator cf CIoocl
lAUof the opis!ou S. S. a. should ctod r.t th
head, of the llzt cf blood remedies. 1 crrl-rcd zl
thia coaclcclca "from the testimony of scores of
persona v.lio hs.vo ta:d rr.c cf t!.e r?x:d rcszl: j f roz
Its ucc. I have beer. tcU'.T'j it. l S. foryer- , r.r
ilium won alarms sdc.
O. A. Clntrorrrr, UaHcTvcr, Arh
Treotlre oaTlcou ar.d tklu Th iz-3 ! "
liculi's Rheumatic Gore
Has stood tho tests of thonaanda. and hu
proved Itself a never-falllnfr and Infallible
fPiC01011"3 BLOOD, 8KL axd
bnllda np the shattered system, and cares dis
ease by removing the cause. Send stamp for
book, ruU of certificates of remarkable cures.
Mirs.ot Hunnlcutt's Tbmt and Lung Cure, for
ths curs of Bronchitis, Ceufht, Asthma,
urns n 4eMumpuoru
Ita Smiles and Tears. Such is the course or
life, made up of sunshine and gloom, glad
ness and sorrow,, riches and poverty, health
and disease. Wo may dispel the gloom, ban
ish the sorrow and gain riches; but sickness
will overtake us, sooner or Inter. Yet, hap
pily, that enemy can he vanquished; pains
and aches can he relieved; there is a balm
for every wound, and science has placed it
within the reach of all. There is no discov
ery that has proven so great a blessing as lr.
Tutt's liver Pills. In malarial regions,
where Feverand Ague, Bilious Diseases and
ailments incident to a deranged liver prevail,
they have proven an inestimable boon, as
a hundred thousand living witnesses testify,
Tutt's Liver Pills
sure Antidote to malaria,''
Price, 25c Office, 39 & 41 Park Place, N. Yi
Acton the liver and bile; clear the complexion;
euro biliousness, sick headache, costiveness,
malaria and ail nver ana siomaca uisuruero.
v.'e are now making small size Bile Beans,
especially adapted for cbfertren and women
very small and easy to take- Price of either
size 25c per bottle-
A panelelzePHOTO-GRAVyREofthe
above picture, "Kissing at 7-17-TOTniaiIed on
receipt of 2c 6tamp. Addressthe makers of the
J. F. SMITH & CO.. St. Louis, Mo-
elys CATARHfc
Creaffl Bali
Cleanses tlie
Nasal Passages
Heals the
Sores, restores
the Sense ol
Taste an cii
ren Street, New York.
Of Pure Cod
Liver Oil and
of Lime and
ia endorsed and prescribed by leading
physicians because botn the Cod Liver Oil
and Hypophosjihites are the recognized
agents In the cure ot Consumption. It is
as palatable as milk.
Scott's Emulsion wi?2
is a xconderful JFle$h Frodnccr. It is the
Bet Remedy for CONSUMPTION,
Scrofula, Brmchitii, Wasiiaf Dis
eases, Chromic Gturhs ant Colis.
Ask for Scott's Emulsion and take no other.
Dojfcli'TF" fir WOMEN
HoTecied la ibt special practice forlJutSOye. WlUlBcre&x
Appetite, Blood, Weleht. Streagth, Vigor. Insure Better Cost
plexloa. nunrewMd tor Scanty or Palnfal ImnUaritles
n ii ten
crviN mnu -1
A particle Is appliad into eaek nostril and is
agreeable Price 5o cents, at druggists : by mail
legistcred, 60 cent. ELY BROTHERS 6 War
The life and murderous crime of BILL
one of tlie most noted
west, executed at Nevada, Mow ; December 28,
1883, has been publishd in .pimphlet form, il
lustrated. The book gives the mil details of
the trial of Pox for the murder of T. W. Hpward
May 20, 1883, and the confession of his murf
J i; x.i - r."m sr TJ
Drino 1fln A rl H -ioa aJlfv&i--
Medical and Surgical Office
For the successful treatment of all
Diseases of ihe
Eye, Eyelids and Ear.
Diseases of the Head, Throat, Lungs, Catarrh,
Hrt iJ.iver Stomach. Rheum uisin. Files,
Skin Diseases, Ulcers of aU kinds, Fistula
in A no, and Diseases Peculiar to
Females, such as Ulceration of
the Womb, Absent, and Diffi
cult Menstruation.
General Surgery
For all Diseses where MedU". Treatment Is
no avail. Grmulatul EvelMs cured
without C; ustic or Burniug.
A suie cure for Cincer aa l Turn irs of all kinds.
Thia remedy in a few hours converts the Tu
mor into carbon and it crumolef away. It
causes no pain and Is n it poisonous to the system.
Family Practice
And Diseases of Chtld.ea Treited Successfully,
Being in practice for the past 27 ye-tre ; 13 year
in Philadelphia and St. imis. an 14 years in
Sedalia can give references from piti-nt whom
he has cured of every disease of the human
OrFlcK. 113 Ohio St-eet, four doori from Main,
SEIMLIA. MO. 7-2M&wtf
P. H. Sanghjse, Hsnky JLax,
Notary Public.
Sangree & Lamm,
X.u -A- "VF Y jJ JHL S
Office: PettU couaty bank building
ront rooms, np Rtairs. 309 Ohio street. ly
, Dental work, the treatment of diseased
eves, and c strating natural and Eidgeling
horses a specialty.
I also carry a large assortment of specific
remedies, s ch as salves, liniments, and
cciic cures. I prepare these remedies my
self and have used them for years with the
best success.
I am a graduate of Prussia and Ger
many have been employed there for years
io the government service and guarantee
entire satisfaction.
Office at Menfee'd Barn, corner of Main
and Moniteau streets. Resid-nce S- W.
Corner Fourth and Kentucky streets. Two
blocks west of court house.
13 2 JoseplL jFit
"YWvs vs e "Boot 5ov
Rubber'Boots until
you haye seen the
with "Extension Edse"
Napoleon Top. This
Is the best fitting and
In the market.
Made of the Best
stock. The "Extension
Edge1' protects the up- .
per, adds to wear of the
Sole by giving broader
treading surface,
with "Outside Counter." Ahead of ALL
others In style durability. If you want the
worth of your money try the Colchester with
At who'e al by Peters & Mil er Siioe Com
pany, 7M and 706 Washington Avenue. Si. Lou s,
Mo., Ask. your m xehant for tlaem. 12 13 w ly
Founded in 1824 by Jacob Keed .
The Undersigned, treats all kinds of
All dental work and the treatment of
diseased eyes a speciality. I have been
employed in the Government service oiV
Germany for years and guarantee entire
sati-f iction.
Kesidence Fourth and Kentucky street
Sedalia, Mo., or Grocery Store and Lunch
Room 109 East Main St.
ueutcher thierabzt. 6-18w6
criminals ever in the
n - t
Sedalia! Ho.
mTT TinVi ;
I nl I.I. Pill
uiuli jl un :

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