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Destructive Fire.
"Mew Ypare hmiiwht a Kad reckoning to T:
F. Connce, a colore! man lately residing &t
. ... . . , Awuia 208 North Moniteau street. On Tuesday he
A lOUDg St. LOUIS Lad W 110 IS ba(1 moVt;d into lbb hou.e WD-lca had just
been n lilted and in ine eyenmg
! had gone with his wife to the
citv sbopping. While they were
absent the houe took fire from a defec-
Wooed and l eddt d to a
live flue and was totaly destroyed. It was
a frame structure aud the lots is estimated
It w s'ated in the K. Citv papers ! at $G00, with an instance on building and
W.ihocik a contents 01 ju. j ue nre oepariiueuu was
out but were unsoie to gam couixoi 01
the flames.
Tony Browner Disappears After
Forging Several Checks on
His Employers,
Teiday that tfir-s Berti.a
you gladv who is known to several par
ties in ihi- city and iko eij known in
8t. Louis, whe'r. hnr p r . 's res-Me and
where ihe had won s ni tame in amateur
theatrical circ-s, hd w ii un It an en
gagetnent in the Henulon com-
pa y, raanii FI 1 Rid, mem
ber of the c mpam w'-om s e
Bad known only one week. In
accordance with di-iiche froi Mime
ftpoiie, 'inn., it uppers th i Rid is a
scoundrel cif the deeptst 4ye tcl w-s at
one time sentenced to l e ptnrcutiaiy for
flf it en years for an ttn-ciou a-sauit on
& joung actress named o pj- n. He was
at the time of th crime ivady : niried
man, but his wife -ectiied iv?ce fr.mi
liw. He wab fina iy p rdoneii nd of
late has been member of V e Agies
Herndjn cmpny. Mit-H- ndoror Mrs
Jess.-1, was formerly : r sid. nt of
Sedalia and she aud herhu-b:il re well
known here. For ih i-t twelve or four
teen years she has been -nd-avring to
gain a recognized place anionu theatrical
tars, but wi h indinYren suoc s and
while it is hrdly pos-inle ih-t she would
enter into any conspiracy wi h Kit- to en
trap Miss Weelbrook. yet . evidently
did nothing to prevei t her- arriaye with
hito, as it was stated she treated them to
anel&borile wine uppe alter h?ir niar
xiage. Possibly she might hav. wi.-hid
to rid herta f of an unwelcome a in rer f
the f llowing dispatch from Kansas City
can be believed :
Kansas City, Mo , December 30 It now
develous that the m rriaue of uim? Br ha
Scrofula aud Klieuniatism
re q h-kl cured and the cau e remoTed
Hu.uii ,u t's Rheumatic me. Endorse-! by pby-
hieiui-, clrg rat-n, merchants, mechanics, nd
othe. fcen i two cent fctamp tor cur book of iar-
tictilaru c n aining certiticates of wonderful
ea es trotu bvinir ih pie. Dm't be humbugged,
j but b cu-td ai a tin 1 -xiene. Add'ess liuuni-
cut Mt-uiti e Co., Ailani , Ga. For Sal- by drug
gist at 51 jer u .t le.
He Victimizes Several of the
City Merchants and Makes
Good Escape.
Tony Browner, the marble cutter who
has been working for ("lay & Heynen for
the past eight months, is a cOHsiderably
wanted citizen to-day. Tony has disap
peared, however, and there are several
merchants in town who have cause to re
member hia departure. Browner has
orked pretty steadily ever since his em-
Jfcw Yera Glf m.
Justice Bi ir yesterday joined in
Frank "E. Roliitiora of I ploy men t by Messrs. Clay & Heynen, but
TVfis Rp.hl P. Gar: h? was addicted to handling the flowing
penter of ilus county
JLoeklBff for Friends. I
girl of about 16 ctme to th union depot
this morning from Creston, Iowa in very
destitute circumstances. She told Depot
Master Carne3 that her father formerly
lived in Sedalia and that he had been
killed during the war. Mra. Sheriff
Smith iook the girl to her home and gave
her breakfast and she was furnished with
a ticket to Clinton where she said he
thought some of her relatives lived and
that she would And a home.
Big; Output of Ply Iron.
There were about 700 iron lurnnces in
the United State in 1882. These fur
naces turned out in that year over 5,000
000 tons ol pig iron. The through Chi
cago sleeping cr via. th M., K & T.
Kailway, '-Burlington Route" (C , B. & Q.
E. B.) and Hannibal, which leave.
Sedalia at 6;10 p. m. every evening, turns
out its patrons in Chicago at 9:15 next
Into Matrimony Marriage of Mr.
William Matthews and .Miss
Liiiiun Mayes
At Girard, Kansas, Under Sp
prising Circumstances An
Justice Fisher performed a like cir-
mouy on the first, day or the year for
Geo Paul of Fiat Cret-k and Miss
Jennie VViMams of this viciuity.
For beauty for comfort, for improve
ment of the compf xi., use only Pozzons
Powder; there is nothing equal to it.
Keady For JBasiaess.
The Seduiia 1 rauch of the Missouri
and Kansas Telephone Company is
now. iu ope ation and is rend)" for
business. J. H. Bker is manager
with his headquarters at the Mo. P.
R. R. telegraph i ffice tie r the Union
Depot. Through this line, telephone
be had between
in impecunious cir-
commuuicnon can
Westbrook, the St. Louis ladv who recently here and Kmsas City. It is bound
J J-l i. - . ... A .... I I ,,m...t. .n I .
to be a erat convenience and will
made ner debut in i ih Airue-. tternuon
company, and Mr. Harr, Feton, it a
Dears was in love with MUs Herndon. or
Jdrs. JesseJ, as she iskuown in private life,
and shortly alter ni marriage wtta uss
Wetbruok ann"uuced that it was to spue
the fair star that h to k the t-p mirimo-
doubiless do a good business.
The transition from long, lingering and
painiul sickncs t rnbus' heal h marks an
nial. Some days ago reston indiUrd a epoch in the life of tue. individual Such
ushiner 1 velttter to Ms tierndo . At a remaikable evnt ts tr mured in the
this Mr Jessei who is man gt-r. took ot-l memory and the agency whereby the good
fense and a wor.iy war eut-ued. but without health ha been ail.inei, in gratefully
a t .i . it w t . 7 - t r i l
serious results. fliucu bympauiy is ex- p lessen, rtence it is inni so mucn is nearu
pressed by theatrical propie low in the in praise ot Elec ric Bitter.s. So mauy feel
city for Miss VVetbrook, and r resion ihey owe their re,-location to health, to
coaduct is vigorously cunJemnd. rls the use of the Great Alterative and Ionic.
name in private life is Henrv E. d, and
w- Uiofion of a nractictng physician i f
Mineapolis. zit-nia&iij lelt this morn
ing. -
Another dispatch from Cincinnati also
makes interesting re id ing and it is not
much wonder that Mij-s "We-ibrook's pa
lents in a lxuis are a j most cruzy over
their daughter's escapade-
Cincinnati, O., Dec 30. Hnl Reid, the
young actor, who was m rned in iLms.ns
City a few days ago, has an unsavory
lecord in this citv. He came to Cmcm
nan irom teaarvute, u., aoout, ntteen
jears ago and lived with his parents, who
were respectable peop e and relatives of
Jion Whitelaw Rid, on West Eighth
street. Beid first came into notice ty a
1"Iln H way m a tnh scui. JLXu VV xtlovj
beautiful Kentucky girl.
of Col.
If you are troubled with any disease of
Kidneys, Liv-rorStoimch. of long or short
'standing, vou will biir-lv 6ud relief by use
of Electric Bi lei.. Sld at 50c and $1
per bottle ai Mertz & Hale's drug store.
Justice Halstead on the last day of the
vear joined n the. holy bonds or wedlock:,
Johr- F Alien and Mis-? Mntilda M. Da
vidson, Frank B. Padgett and Miss Sarah
bnwi and was mostlv
1 his morning three of the firm's checks
came in from the Third National bank of
the issue of which they had no knowledge
and so they reported. Investigation
showed that the checks were endorsed by
J. A. Lamy & Co., The Famous
and Frank Krueger, the wholesale
liquor merchant. At Almy & Co., the
salesman who received the check, remem
bered receiving it from Browner on Satur
day in payment for about $6 worth of
merchandise. The amount of the paper
was $13.50, the balance in cash being re
turned to the purchaser. He remembers
also that Browner was very much under
the influence f drink. The other cases
were similar, purchases being made to less
than the amount cf the check presented
and the balance in cash being given.
Browner was very well known about
town and at each of
Harris Bob ami on and Wife, of
Henry County, Supposed to
Ha?e Made Way With
Their Child.
Sheriff Calloway, of Henry county,
passed through the city this morning
in charge of Harris B ihdnnon and
wife, whom he brought on requisition
from Illinois on charge of havijg
murdered their S-months-old child,
near Clinton about two months ago.
Bohannon lived in the country
about five miles from Clinton. About
the places it was the date mentioned tbsy were known
known that he was an employe at the mar- to have left home in the evening and
oie worKsanatne cnecKs presemea were g0 into camp about two and one-iulf
not questioned. He was a trusted man ., x -o i. .
about the wcrks and of course, well knew miles away. Persons living near say
where the firm kept their deposits they heard the child cry during the
and thus made the forgeries easy night but in the morning Bohannon
work for him. The amount reported that they had woke up and
t i-he ,1 . Ti pap? foUDd the infant dead. He got up
thus far discovered is $3o.00 but how much , , . , , , 6,. , r
more it may reach of course cannot be told Jd . b""ed ,lL aou , davlight.
until the checks come through the bank, onenn Calloway beard of the cncura-
Browner disappeared on Monday and no stance and with his accustomed vigi-
trace has been found of his whereabouts, lance, looked the matter up. His
suspicions were aroused and he went
He is a shrewd German and has served a
term in the penitentiary at Jefferson City
for larceny.
to see the parties- but found they had
fled. Search evidenced that they had
gone to Illinois and he followed and
arrested them near Farmington. They
Better Late Than Never
"Don't put ofl lo-morrow what can and
should be done to-day," is wise. If you will be tried on charge of murder.
1 i crr7 nATrn t I Q
uave never useu ovjaj ukjix l ior your
teeth, m ke a bee-line to the druggist and
get a bottle and begin to use it at once.
"Verb, sap."
Mr. William Matthews, a quiet,
demure, sleek lookiug y-iung man of
Sedalia, has embarked in the matri
monial business and has caused some
what of a sensation in doiug so, not
that it is unusual or strange
for a hant some Sedalia
gentleman to marry an attractive
young lady, but owing- to the
manuer in which he did so.
Mr. William Matthews and Mis3
r Mi i i i i
jjiiiian iuayes, tne eiaesc single
daughter ot Mrs. E. K. Mayes, pro
prietress of the Le Grande hotel of
this city, were married lust Thursday,
Dec. 26, m fchrard, Kansas, at the
I f r ITT t- It? II
residence oi lurs. w. is., wens, a
married daughter of Mrs. Mayes.
lhe first intimation Mrs. Mayes
had of her daughters marriage to Mr
Matthews or of any such intention on
her part, was yesterday morning when
she received her Sunday mail, which
contained a letter from her daughter,
announcing the event
The facts in the case, make the
marriage rather a novel, as well as a
surptising, one.
Mrs. E. K. Mayes is a lady of
wealth and refinement, who has taken
great care and pride in raising her
daughters. The eldest is the wife of
W. R Wells, a prominent lawyer of
Girard, Kan?as. The second
daughter, Miss Lillian, now,
gy WINE OF OAROUI. a Tonic for Women.
Funeral of Mm, While,
The funeral of Mis. Mary B. VVhite, who
had been ill for over four yeirs, -nd who
AtaA at .Iior homo nn Wi 1 1 or.nn a VP t Til II TH-
diuyhter day evening at 8 o clock took place this
Wiihers, a well knowu tonacco afternoon at 2 o'clock fom the Christian
He treated his wile most febarut- cnurcn, Jttev. La vis omciatiDg. ana was
Two Fort Scott Parties Who Will
Remember Their New Year
in Sedalia.
McElree's Wfne of Cardui
for sale by the following merchants in
August T. Fleischman.
W. E. Bard.
Mertz & Hale.
O. W. Smith.
C. W. Leabo.
JT. 6. lien m & Sun.
W. E. Crawford.
Drisskell Bros.
It was a delectable sceance that
.fully, and on one occasion ran her around largely attended by relatives and friends I Judge Brady presided over in the pe
ine house with a butcher knife. His cruel- who have lor years Known this lady and liCe court this morning.
ety forced her to desert him an., he kid- mourn her decease Fmnk pamerj aQ aj & eQ
capeome cnna, wmcn ne was auai . iuiwwuu a. .fu . , , . . -p f . ,
fsiat frt en rfjnrl. ita mnlhar l.un elm MttrPh VV. I .X ! Sh WUC mamr! Irt Ji"" .wAHwwvb,
AUU iu ouituu if w.v . ....v... o.. " " I T7 r Ol - . . 1 i
obtained a dtcr-e of divorce. KeM went Keubeu Bluir Nnvembpr 16, 828, aud be- -Ciynn, a teiegrapn operator
from Cincinnati to Minneapolis, leaving a came a wit'o iu Mtigs county, Ohio, who sa 8 be IS about to assume a po
number ot creditors. The voung tnsn was August 1, 1849.g aition in the office at the same place.
regarded here as a libertine, absolutely aiarcn 3 ..po. sne was married o t seems casuallv dronned into the citv
I - U.r n..vrii. rirwt Kim I H trior A K VV lillo tolin fiton tn NailullO I J i
has never since visited Uctober iy Ibt'Z 5he was the mother of
nine children, all boy-, six of whom are
living, viz.: A. J.. F L . E H.. E. R.
The Pulpit aud the fcage. and B. G. Blair. She as a member of Last night about 11 o'clock the There was quite a large sized $ew
Bev. F. M. bhrout, Pasto- United Breth- he Lhnsii n church lor fortv nine years. pohnps nf fln nnrnar were hpard in th Years' row on Conductor Mallorv's
len Church, Blu Mound. Kan., says : "I and her many virtues won for her not only . . . f T)amnnt Mfl north bound eveninfr train on tho Af.
feel it my duty to tell whit wonders Dr. the esteem, but in Ivrol everyone. Dur- ''y...."." . , . , ;--
ir;,...D Mom Ti:, A hohor drPi fn Riiflpiii u nf innr vphk On USage SireeC. UQ rBDainng 10 me w jwiciuay. xxb vsillllUU
Hy lungs were badly diseased, and my she never murmured, but bore the cross scene, Officers Gossage and Tripp 8tation some aozea or more parties ot
iaia upen ner, wnn jorti tide and pa- fnnnri thp dv hPthrA m pti 1 1 nn pH JLrisn extraction noaraea trie
thought ..ir:, o rtroat- orln tlio train all nrettv well filled nn -with
&.wv.H I . . . tr
to flight, and he
night before last and concluded to
celebrate. They fully realized tbi3
morning that they had succeeded.
.Last night about 11 o'clock the
Quite a Disturbance on a North
Bound M.j JL & T. Train.
parishioners thought I could live only a
lew weeks. I took five bottles of Dr. Ki: g's
-New Discovery and am bouqU and well,
gaming zolbs in weight.
Arthur Love, Manag r Iive Funny
Folks Combination, writes : "After a
thorough trial and convincing evidence, I
am confident Dr King's Iew Discovrry
for Consumption, beats. 'em ail, and cures
when everything else fails, fhe greatest
kindness I can do many thousand fr ends
is to urge ihem to try it.' Free trial bottlts
at Mertz & Hale's drug store. .Regular
sizes 50c and $1.
Depot Burned.
The Missouri Pacific depot at Smithton
was entirely comumed by fire lest night
about eight
caught by a
.Joss is about $800.
' until a new depot
iisnpo ciiLTairiBii n iravii ntr ina innnanr i
.t x i.mi I Ti t ir i . I uJdAiuc
inai"ino&e wnom ne joves. ne cnasten- , . . , r - . nnrn j " t
eth." To the sorrowing relates the i5Axoo c,aret mowing ireeiy irom -ner iair J- " w u
countenance ana nerseli m a B"c uu uruer or ine "jLronny
that most distressful condition generally. uruofc JC?air was commencea. xne
"Heglveth His beloved, Bleep." Palmar and Flvnn wp.rfthotrt standing conductor assisted by the "train hands
The pall be-rers select, d by Mrs. White Lear and the latter. Nora charged endeavored to quell the disturbance
previous to her de in werr : Messrs. W. , . tiT: T. an for mm0nt0 a
rt. Herrou;, ft. W. Barneit, J. N. Dalby, Wii,u UttVAU5 "uu&u viuicuuj uu mc - -r ;
. . . - . m - i u i v ru t u v it w rm r- w i . . mi r
r J. McClnre, A. Farnh im and J. 8. nose as sne came ouc or ner neuse. -j tu uuic xicma awuuu
Hughes. Bo' h were drunk and taken in. This was reached the cars resembled to
morning Palmer was fined 82.50 and some extent the appearance of a
Iiheumatic Lver Pi s the coat for beino- drunk, hut Flvnn butcher shop but the train men
These pills are scientific!! irrpodnded, fared worge He nleaded verv feel- were yictorious tnd the Sons of Erin
nniiorm in action. iNo j-ripmg pain so i- .l.i l. j:j i i-. wifh barlW offn rTo
i f-. : .i . 't ..tni n i lmriv Luab ue uiu uul kuuw wnab jib i . wuroiutuuiuica
are adapted to botu adults .nd children was doing when the occurrence took were Put. on . W. . Mathews, the
o'clock. The fire with perfect safety. We gn rantc tbey place, and that he was never drunk new son-in-iaw or .airs. iiayes
defec-.ive flue. The haven- qual in the cure of Sio.k Hej d- before, and that if the facts were proved himself quite valiant in his
A box car will be used i actio, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Bilh us- 1 fn L?o -ManAe ?fc nuM rn?n assistance of the officers to the tram.
11, i t ... ii avivtiiu miwuuui . u iwum uau l
can'be buill. ness, and, as an appetizer, n ey excel ?ny i kt -l j.u . j I j j
. McEfrgg'. WINE OF CARDUI for female diseases.
The remains of Mrs. Frank Trnmball,
daughter of Dr. Hale, who died in Denver,
arrived to-day and -were interred in the
cemetery. The funeral services were held
in Denver.
uy i : vr i :j .u. j
mdor nrm.ornlinn K UrA Arntrai I imt JlOWCVer BttiU lUat, 111 ttU"
7- anion 10 striKingner, me prisoner naa
Jln mtties Oeset fhrPArPTiPd to nnt. pvpti hnlpq thrnnorh
. r " to
her. and do divers other acts that
Advice to JHothers
' J.JJDJUTT o.buuuiiqi' ovruii snonia-
always be used ildren teetning. It
iOAtha the chDdJWfje&the guins, allays
all pains cures wind-colie, and is the beVt
ttaedy for diarrhoea. Tweaty-five cento a
kotUe. 9-6eo!4wly
In the decline of life,
ns to which our vouth and mntnritv were
u :" 1 . .i 1
ject .to derangement, but nothiug equals wuld interfere with her enjoymtnt
I guarantee my patients
Jnost durable, natural and comf
in artificial-teeth.
21 17w3m
Give me a trial
T. H. Wilson.
Balm as a regulator t f these organs.
Catarrhal 'Deafness fiiay FeTer. A
T IVew Home Treatracmt.
Sufferers are. not generally, aware that
these leases are contagi ju-, or that they
are due to the prrB-nce of living parasites
in the lining membrane of the no.e and
eue-tach-an tub-s. Micros opic research,
however, has proved this to be a
th fi j fcl and result of this ditcoyery is that
tne finest, ja 8impe remedy has bren formulated
iortable nt . k-QK noa-h . A..t j
j nutiruy uaiarru, vni iifua; ueaioess ana
hay ftver are permanently cured in from
I one to three simple applications made at
LACK-DRAUGHT tea cures Constipation. ? home by the patient enc- in two weeks.
m d inis iream ni is not a snutl or
Xook Out, Pettis Co., Mo., O 1. 15, 189. an ointment ; both have oeen discarded by
To Whom It May Concern: About renutaMe physicians as injurious. A
one vear ago I wag afflicted with a very pamphlet explaining thU new treatment
distreesing congh. Several good physi- is sent free on receipt of aiamp to pay post
cians who treated me, thought I had con- age by A. H. Din.n & $cn, 337 and 339
aumptiuu. My neighbors all thought I W&l King ktreet, Tot onto, Canada
was goi gto die, but thanks to Dr. Miller's Christian Advocate.
j)URh Bitters, I am now as well and
ihtarty aI tvr wm in my life. j 8nfferers from catarrhal trouble ihould
M. B. McMullxh. carefully rerl the above.
of health and comfort. The evidence
was very strong against ITlynn, and
Judge Brady said that he could
only let the prisoner off on charge of
being drunk and guilty of disorderly
conduct and assessed a fine of $10
and costs. Flynn had a paas to Fort
bcott and told the judge that it he
Through Chicago Sleeper,
Every evening via the M K. & T.
hi: ho Ky. through Pullman Buffet Sleep-
could raise the amount of his fine by 5dS Car 1ea.v.e8 Seaata and arrives at
seeing some of his telegraph friends Chicago &15 next morning.
in the city, which the judge allowed, ConnecbopB are made at Chicago
Up to a late hour this afternoon, with fast trams of Eastern lues for
however, Flynn was unable to raise Sew. Boston, Phfladelphia,
the required wherewithal and now Baltimore, Detroit, Buffalo and Cana
languishes as a guest of the city. ian pomla. This Bleeping car rnns
6 6 3m, J via M. K. & T. By. to Hannibal and
BucKlcn'g Arnica Salve. Burlington Route (C. B. & Q. B. B.)
The Best Saive in tie world for Cuts, to Chicago, breakfast being served in
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Bhenm, Fever one of the celebrated jBurlington
Soref, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblains, Route Dining Cars. Avoid changing
(rni.andallSfan Eruption, and poai- or degyg TO that your ticket
tively curei the Piles, or no pay required. -m f 1. r c avv t t
It is guaranteed to give Mtiifct?on, or reads Tia the M. , K. &T. By. It
money refnnded. Price 25 centi per box. tt7 M ootamoa ot me jo, , n. & JL.
For ale by Mrtx and Hale. I tgent t Sedaluu
Mrs. Mm thews, is just a
ovtr seventeen years of age.
She 13 pretty, attractive, refined, well
educated and her mother's pride. She
was ju.-t out of school; U'Styear attend
ed Baird college at Clinton. She came
here with her mother abjut the first
of December, this year, and had been
here until recently. She was, and
had been tor some time, ec eased to
marry Mr. W. E. Sen Iyer, a train
dispatcher for the St. Louis & San
Francisco railway at Monetfr, Mo
T T t 1 . I
Her moiher naa sanctioned the en
gagement and lully approved it.
Miaa .Lillian seemed devoted to
her affianced and the marriage
was to have taken place some time
this winter, either at the house of
her mirried sister, Mrs. Wells, in
Girard, or at the Hotel Le Grande
in this city, which wa3 yet undecided
Mr, Schlyer is a man of property and
means, getting a large salary, a fine
business man ana in every way fitted
for a desirable husband. Everything
seemed complacent, Mrs. Mayes was
pleased wiih her daughter 3 choice,
the young lady seemed pleased
and Mr. Schlyer was pleased.
nothing remained but the naming of
a definite day and place and the per
formance of the ceremony, which was
to have been at an early day.
Meantime, about the first of Dec
ember, Mr. Will W. Johnson, the
1 i .
gentlemanly manager or tne new
Hotel Le Grande, engaged Mr. WP1
Matthews to be night clerk at the
hotel. Mr. Matthews was destined,
however, to play a more im
portant post in the Majes family than
that of night clerk. Mr. Mathews
had not been in Sedalia much of late.
He was born in Lexington. Mo., but
was raised n this city. He is appar
ently about 2o years old. His mother
is Mis. F. Mathews, a. respected
widow lady living at 1020 South La
mine street, $hiscity. Will, attended
the public schools 13 this city, finishing
at the Broadway school three or four
years ago. He left Sedalia and has not
been here much since. 1 bat time, so
he says, he has spent in .New Mexico,
on a sheep ranch, and in California,
traveling for a cigar Bouse. Last
November he came back to Sedalia.
The tenth of this month he com
menced to clerk at Hotel Le Grande
the day the house was opened, hold
ing the night position. The day
before that he was introduced to Miss
Lillian Mayes and that
was their first meeting.
Matthews is a handsome, well dressed,
lively fellow with but very little of this
world s goods, so tis said. Nothing
unusual was noticed between him and
Miss Mayes. Two weeks ago she
Mayes daughter to the matrimonial
alter. The couple are still in Girard.
How long they will remain
there or what they will do
no one here knows. Nothing what
ever is known of their intentions for
the future. Mrs. Maje was thunder
struck by the news. A Bazoo re-
porter saw her to-day but she said she
knew nothing except that they were
married. She did not know whether
they would return to Sedalia or not.
She knew nothing of their intentions,
and regretted the hasty action of the
young people but hoped it would
turn out all right. Mr3. Mayes talked
pleas mtly aad wtiile she see-ned -o be
disappointed, she seemed disposed to
make the best of the matter.
To the young people, the Bazoo
I extends its congratulations.
Derstroys Property to the
Amount of Fifteen Thousand
A gent' "man wboarriyed from Macon,
Mo., last Light, states that a big fire occur
red there yeMerlay, which despite of every
effort to subdue the flames, resulted in the
entire destruction of a Mock of ix build
ings. The residents of JVIaco", were much
alarmed, as it was feared at one time that
the whole citv would he destroved.
The principal suff rers ue J M. V den
tine of St. Louis, loss $4000, on wo brick
buildings; P. M. Wriuht, loss 5000. n to
bacco factory: r. J Demeler, ls $8000,
on brick building. Loss to tenants of these
buildings makes the aggregate los 15 000.
Piles Piles Itching Piles.
Symptoms Aiolature; intense itching
and stinging ; most at night ; worse by
scratching, if allowed to continue humors.
form, which often bleed and ulcerate, be-
coming very sore, owavne's Umtraent
stops the itching and bleeding, heals the
ulceration and in most cases removes the
tumors. At druggists, or by mail, for oO
cents. Dr. Sayue Son, Philadelphia
TbeHgkts for the A'ew ear.
Bene wed feelings of ambition are svn-
onomous with the opening of a new year.
More resolutions are made than at any
other time, and as often are they alas !
broken. But with some the resolutions
made with the dawn of a new vear have
been carried through to its close. Numer
ous lives of honor and achievement can be
traced to some determination of purpose
made upon an occasion such as the first
day of a year atlords for a fresh start in
the journey of life. We all desire success;
the problem.of life is its winning. Ev-ry
pt-rson Carries in his or her own hand
the key that unlocks either the door of suc
cess or failure. Th true key of success is
labor, and it requires a strong, resolute will
to turn it. It is hard, earnest work, step
by step, th? t ensures success, and never
was this truth more potent thin at the
present time. Positions of trust are no
longer secured at a single leap. Mt-a and
women have ceased to succeed in a hurry.
Occasionally there will be an exception,
but the instances are rare. Success, a
writer has said, is the child of
confidence and perseverance, and
never was the meaning of a word more
clearly defined. The secret of many suc
cessful careers is the through performance
of whatever has been undertaken. An er-
celent maxim ii that which counsels us
never put our hands to any thing into which
we cannot throw our whole energies har
nessed with the very best of our endeavors.
Perserverance is esential to success, since
it is often acheived only through a suc
cession of failures. In 'spite of our best
efforts; failures are in store
for the majority of the rt.ee. It remains,
then, for us all to do the best we cau under
all circumstances, bearing in mind that
races are not at ways won by the swiftest
feet, nor triumphs in battle secured by the
strongest arms. It is not to much the pos-t-ession
of swiftne.ss or strength as it is the
right application of them by which success
is insurtd.
Io starting out upon the journey of life,
it is well :
First, to obtain every kernel of knowl
edge within your reach.
Study people for the knowledge they can
impart to you.
Bead books for what they can teach you.
Next, see what your temperament best
suits you for.
Mark your tendencies, and apply them
Be sure you have not mistaken yonr
Once certain, apply yourself to your
chosen work.
Then work hard, earnest and incessantly.
Don t consider anything benealh you.
Be patient, honest and pleasant in man
Treat all persons alike, high or low.
Have a smile for all ; a pleasant word
for everybody.
Success may not come at first, hut it will
not be far off, and when it does come it
will be the sweeter for its delay. Ladies
Home Journal.
j y-- O
went to Girard, Kansas, to spend a
few days with her married sister. She
was to have been back by Christmas.
Almost a week ago Mr. Matthews
was released from bis position, owing
to the fact that Mr. Johnson, the
manager, bad concluded to do office
work in the day and to put Mr.
J. A. Fisber, tke otber clerk on duty
at mgnr. Mr. iuattnews next day
bade Mrs, Mayes and all others at the
house good bye, saying he was going
to Fori Worth, Texas, to obtain em
ployment. It was supposed that by
this time be was in Texas. But be
never went to Texaa. He stopped off
at Girard and Thursday be Dore Mrs.
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Severe couehs and colds, earning irita
tion and inflamation of the air passatstv
bronchial tubes, etc., are relieved almost
instantly by "Coldicure.f 25 cents ptc
bottl AU draggiits guarantee it

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