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A gorgeous costume flashed beneath the brilliant lights of a ball-room;
"a queen of society is radiant to-night."
The nervous hands of a weak woman have toiled day and night, the
weary frame and aching head have known no rest for "the dres9
must be finished In time."
t, nnwn nf nr!ptv ami her dressmaker we would say a word.
One, through hot-house culture, luxury, and excitement, and the
other, through the toil of necessity, may some day flud their ailments
a common cause. The Vegetable Compound will enable both to meet the
demands of society.
Is the only Poaittre Car aa jrlilaaate Renedy CUWIKUU Tt V
for the ptculiar weaknesses and ailments of women. .
It cures the worst forms of Female Complaint?, that Bearing-down Feeling, Weak
t. i. 1 1 : - nrwi nt.niMmnt nf tin. Wflmh.
ttU iiioisc nf th i;ni4 nr Wnmb. and
solves and expels Tumors from the Uterus at an early stage, and checks any tendency to
Cancerous Humor. Subdues Falntness, Kxcltalpillty, Nervous rostral on. hxhaujtjon.
and strengthens and tones the Stomach. Cures Headache, General Debility, Indigestion,
etc, and invigorates the whole system. I or
W ' - Mn r.l
All Druggists sell it as a ataadard article, or sent by malL in form of Pills or
inzcnires. on recemi oi iiitfv. lvum
An Illustrated book, entitled "Guide to Health
yilae to ladies. We will present a copy to
Tnrtsca Kcmwly, cures Nervous
Drblllty, Wakefulness, Vital Ex-
bausUon, Lossea, Weakness, Lost
Manhool, Evil Drfcams.Qalckness
aadaUwaetlngdiseaseaoausedby J
Errors of Tooth end Excesses,
Tflilca lead to consumption. In-
sanity and suidde. Pat op in
I condensed form to carry in the
pocket. Price 71. per box or a
complete treatment of alx boxes
wlthaWriiUa Gaaraatee forts.
Boat post-paid in plain package to
any addren. Circulars free la
plain envelope, all letters private
and confidential. When writing
mention this naner.
269 Dearborn St, CHICAGO, ILL.
Aug. T. f lei-chuunn. Cor. 4Ui and Ohio Sta.
Graphically Writtea Up by One
of the Bazoo's Esteemed
San'AstOXio, Nov. lOib, 1891.
Editor Bazoo: I prjinised lo
write you ol. the trip just made to the
Mexican birder, hut I fear it being
such a quick one, much th it is of in
terest was missed ; you mint there-1
fore take the will for ths deed, to
some extent, ai least.
Stirling from Sedalia over the M.,
K. & T and enjoying very much
the comforU of a fine train, we passed
through Southwest Missouri on to the
rolling prairies of the Indian Terri
tory, waiting patiently for the ap
pearance of "the man with the hoe,"
and trying to realize hiwminy homj3
will, iu a few short years, dot the
prairies that now have almost no e:a
of human habitation. Mjrning fi ids
Mi at tue "Gile City" of Texas, Deni
s)n, anl here, for the first time, we
strike the color line of travel. As
you are aw ire. coaches are set apart
all through the state for negroes, anl
no while man or Mexican admiUel to
We spent Sunday at Wacu, that
and were shown the wonderful wells
of hot water, of which there are t:x
or eight. It comes to the surface
thr jugh artesian wells, from a dep'h
of 1.800 feet. It has a. origin 1
pressure of 700 pounds to the square
inch, which at the surface is 72
pounds, and the temperature 101 de
grees Farenheit. A fine bathing es
tablishment has been recently built,
where all sorts of bathscaa be h id,
and the people of Waco, not without
reason, expect the place will shortly
rival the Hot Springs of Arkansas,
as a sanitarium.
At Austin we did not stop, but are
informed tie capital city is miking
rapid strides in the right direction,
building among other th'ngs an im
mense dam, with the idea of mak?nr
the city a manufacturing center. Ah
over the state great interest is taken
in the discussiou pro and com of t .e
"Alien Land Law." It h s friends
and enemies ; the former corner -
chiefly from the farmiog eNtrrnt,
while the business aud profession?'
men oppose, not only because of the
scarcity of money cau 2d by the
vitndrawal of foreign capital, but in
addition they fear an uncertainty has
been created in the minds of
which even the repeal of the obnoxious
law cannot remove for many yeais.
In this connection, it might be well to
eav that the statute has not been bus-
tajned by the rial? waxto ia the cases J
I nttammntlnn. Omrian Troubles, and au
is invaluable to the Chance of Life. Dis
the cure ol JUancy compiaims ox must
t. kink map ncu. vu- ivnnamrw
and Etiquette," by Lyd!i EPinUamJofgreit-
anyone addressing us wltn two -cent samps.
11 tuuugut it o--.-
BUDrenie COUlt wheil it 15 passed UpOU
. , . . -. i
DJ that tnUUUai.
, i t , nn Been cotton
Any man WUO Ha3 UOl Been lAJiiuu
rrrnwinrr or h-int? nickel. Will fallu
o 0 , , . . . ,i., .1,. -
very much to interest them during
the ride, or both the
and I. & G. N. run through the
cream of Texas cotton lands. At this
Beison of the year a good deal of the
crop has been harvested, mil mere is
still considerate to be picked and the
faimera ai 3 bu?y at it. Iu these
days when enterprising railroad
companies are doing every
thing tuey can think of to male the
traveler comfortable, it ia a ple'-ure
to note that the International and
Grea: Norbem is in the front rank.
Their rouipment is first class in
every respect; the trains are in charge
of courteous and competent men who
are full or information concerning the
interesting country through which the
road runs, and very obliging in
put to them. The road bed 13 unusu
ally cood, and one is surprised after
several hours of travel to find how
little fatigue they feel. There is an
other thine for which the I. & G. N.
shiuld be especially commended : two
or three hours neiore me irun rescues
Laredo, an official, wearing on his
hat band the words "Passengers' As
sistant," makes his nppeantice, ascer
tains who is noing into Mexico, ana
dees al! that he can to facilitate their
transfer to the Mexican iSaliotial
Riilroid. The services of this gen
tleman r.re of inestimable benefit to ihe
people iatending to croas the border.
H-; can inform them as to the Uuslom
Hou-;?. f'requiromenvs, assist in the
transfer sml checking the baggage,
tell them all about the trams and
hotels in Mexico, look after sleeping
car accommodations, etc.: and if as is
gomeUmes the case, baggage has beentweca y?n sovereign ana mo ma
. . - . "1 O . irhnnrollnr nnil n irulf was farmed which
aeiaycc, iu3 tounsi csu winuuue uu
nis journey, leaving wtta tue pasea
er assistant, his checks and keys,
with 'he assurance that his trunk will
be promptly forwarded to its proper
destination whenever they arrive in
We have slopped here a dav or two
on cur way back and are thoroughly
enjoying the .-st after the continuous
travel 01 tne past tew aays. 11 is
Broad streets, fine buildings, in short
in some mpects the most metropolitan
lookiug city in the state, it has much
of interest for strangers ; the "Alamo"
right in the town, the "Missions" dis
tant from thu3to five miles, being
perbcp3 the most prominent features.
The climate in this part of the ettte
is simply delightful. At this season
of the year, roses are still in bloom
and the grass and foliage looks as it
does with us in June. I can imigine
lo mora inviting spot to spend a
month or indeed a whole winter if
oue could, than iu or near San Anto
nio. It seeuis a long way off to be
sure, but when you remember that
you can take a car in St. Louis, Chi
cage or Sat' 'i and not get out of it
until you reach your destination in
Southern Texas; ride comfortably,
get good meals, paaj from the region
of the wheat field and maple tree to
that of the cactus and mesquite, anl
be entertained all the way, the dis
tance is but a trifle. : P, 1
The Fateful Scene U Confidently Narrated
by Count Herbert Bismarck and
Fully Explalne the Dla-
.i ruptlon. i
osuos, Not. 14. The Swiss corres
pondent ol the Daily News reports an In
terview with a confidential friend of the
emperor. In which the latter says that Bis
marck gives tho lollowing exact, account
of his quarrel with the emperor:
"Saturday, March 15, lb90, at 8 o'clock
in tho morning, while I was still in bed, I
was informed that tho emperor was wait
ing to sec me In Count Herbert Bismarck'
apartment at tho office of the secretary of
state. When I entered tho room the em
peror received mo with tho following
words, spoken in a tono of the most vehe
ment manner: 'A short tlmo ago you for
bado tho ministers to mako their reports
directly to me, but I absolutely wish that
my ministers shall put themselves person
ally to me.
" 'Your majesty,' answered I, by virtuo
of tho law, I alono am authorized and
charged to make direct reports to your
majesty. This is absolutely nocessary It
the proceedings of government are to havo
a firm united character. If, within the
last few weeks, some ministers have got
into the way of making reports to your
majesty, it. Is in opposition to the law,
which gives this right to the chancellor of
your majesty alone But as soon as your
majesty orders me, I will yield to your
wishes and propose a change In the law.'
"In a still excited tone his majesty, WU
liam II, said : 'In tho workingman's ques
tions also my plans meet with your per
sistent opposition. I look to measures
which I consider useful being carried out
'I don't oppose the improvements
which your majesty thinks of introducing,'
was my reply, 'but my years of experience
tell me that somo of them need certain
modifications which are absolutely neces
sary, and I shall have the honor of sub
mitting them to your majesty.
'O, no; no modifications interrupted
the'emperor. 'I wish my orders to be car
ried out just as I gave them."
"The severity of this expression of wlU
exhausted my calmness and I said: 'I
think I can prccelve that my services are
not fortunate enough to pleaso your maj
esty and that somo thoughts exist
of getting rid of me.' Tho emperor
made a confirmatory gesturo with his
hand, upon which I continued: 'In that
case thcro is nothing else for mo to do but
to hand your majesty my resignation. I
should only like to beg your majesty to lot
me remain in office until May, so that I
may personally defend the military bills in
the rcicbstag, as I fear my successor may
fled it difficult to break the opposition in
"While I was speaking tho emperor
shook his head several times and at last
said: 'No.no.' I bowed without saying a
word and waited for a sign from th em
peror to withdraw. After a few painful
moments of suspense, his majesty said, in
a still much excited tone, There is still a
word to be said about your mysterious ne
gotiations with Dr. Windthorst. I know
you roccivo him in your house, and I know
of the meetings.
"During all this I had kept my temper
with the greatest trouble, but I now broko
out and said: 'I know quito well that for
tonie time I have been surrounded by
spies and, tale-bearers who watch every
step I tako. It is true again I say it is
true that I have invited Dr. Windthorst
In order to discuss certain things with him;
but It Is not only my right, it is my duty
to have communication with skilled poli
ticians, whether they bo members of par-
hamcnt or not; and nobody, not even
ma?sty. wUl aWa ?rcTCnl V
0jesr;hc3e WOrds, spoken m the grcaU
est excitement, the emperor dismissed tho
chancellor with a simple movement of tho
hand. And so ended this fatal scene be-
ncver bridged ovcr
Ex-rreildent ClerelanJ'a Acknowledg
ment to the CloTer Club.
Philadelphia, Nov. 14 In a letter to
Charles R. Deacon, secretary of the Clover
club, acknowledging the receipt of the
spoon presented to Baby Ruth by the
club, ex-Prcsidcnt Cleveland says: "I do
not believe that the ordinary and expected
Joys of new paternity so exclusively
pertain to the Incident itself and
fill so completely tho cup of a
father's happiness as to leave no room for
the gratification not necessarily growing
out of tho situation. At any rate, while
I Intend to bo entirely loyal to the con
cededly wonderful child which has come
to my home, I will not be denied the
satisfaction of acknowledging that
the pleasure attending her advent has
been greatly enhanced by the delicate re
membrance by the members of the Clover
club of the mother and child. Please ex
press to my good friends of the club the
thanks of the delighted parents, who ask
them to accept a lien upon tho future grat
itude of their child."
Pardons for Package Ageata.
Topee a, Kan., Nov. 14. A delegation of
Prohibitionists, headed by James Trout
man, president of the Kansas Temperance
union, visited the governor's office this
morning to protest against executive in
terference in tho cases of Jockeck and
Touchman, original package agents sen
tenced to jail for violating the prohibi
tory law. Theso agents, with numerous
Others, sold original packages after the
supremo court had decided the Wilson
law constitutional. They were found
guilty in the lower courts and the finding
was approved a few weeks ago by the su
preme ; courtr Numerous petitions art
In circulation urging tho governor (o par
Aon them. - -- tJ-
Archbishop Corr!-an Telia How Be Mar
lie reinstated.
New Yobk, Nov. 14. Archbishop Corrl
gan was seen yesterday by a reporter re
garding the rumor to tho effect that the
Rev. Dr. Edward McGlynn was about to be
reinstated in tho priesthood of the Roman
Catholic church. The archbishop made
the following statement: "Tho position
I of the church with regard to Dr. McGlynn
has been misunderstood, and I wish to set
the matter right, so that tbere may be no
misapprehension or
of tho attitude of
In regard to tho case
lalso conception
the Holy See. '
of Dr. McGlynn,
it will suffice to quote a letter sent to mo J
' with permission to publish It whenever
' such a step should seem advisable. This
letter has been approved word for word
" by the Holy Father, and the public may
' rest assured that no departure will be
I xnado from its provisions. Referring to
the efforts mado by a friendly prelate in
1 behalf of Dr. McGlynn, the Sacred Con
' gregatlon says:
J 'They make him reflect that the propa
ganda came to the decision reached by
I them with regard to Dr. McGlynn on the
strength of Incontcstlbie documents, after
long and patient waiting and after having
employed in the case every means that the
' wisdom and patience of the Holy Seo could
1 suggest. With this view a brief history was
given of the action of tho Sacred Congre-
1 tton In the premises from which it is made
manifest that the propaganda punished
1 Dr. McGlynnfordisobedlenceot the orders
I of the Holy Father without entering Into
' Tia tnnrlt nf thn rau. FMnftlltr thnv COB-
! eluded to still be disposed to merer should
he recur to the Holy See. In tbU case
the request would not be considered as an
I appeal but a petition for the review
of his case to bo granted only by
I submitting to the following conditions:
1 I. That Dr. McGlynn himself make the re
1 quest and state his grievance. 2. That he
' publicly condemn all that he has said and
1 done of an insulting character as against
1 tho archbishop and as against the Holy
' Sea a That he be ready to abide by or-
' ders and submit
to the ludirment of the ' "-"-"--- w nuvuige 01 conu-
That he promise to aD.lntvninufacturers using French pitch;
I stain from
any public utterance or assUV
r mccUngoa thematter under
onco at any meeting
' "This," said the archbishop, "is the n
I tlmatura. I would be happy to see Dr.
' McG'vnn relieved rnm therjcnaltlps under
which he is suffering, but I have no hope
whatever that anything will bo done for
him until ho submits to the authority of
the Holy See."
, McCarthjlUs Are A-JvUetl to DUcmsa
Political and Not Moral Imoci.
Dcdlix, Nov. 14. It is undenktblo that
, since the death of Mr. Parncll the attacks
t upon his widow mado by some of the op
, poncnts of the Parnolllto section
, of tho Irish parliamentary party
,-bavo grown more and moro viru
, lent. The episode between Timothy Hcaly
I who wai.subsequent to the split in the Na
1 tlonalist party, one of tho most bitterly
. aggressive foes of Mr. Parncll, and Tudor
. McDcnnptt, a nephow of Mr. Parnoll,
I arising from language used in connection
trftt, that lnfti- f ftll frtftaVi In tnitrmhlln
, recollection. It Is stated by the friends J
, of Mr. McDermott that on this
occasion Mr. McDermont called Mr.
Healy from the law library of the fous
courts in this city and that-when Mr. Healy
responded he was severely castigated with
a riding whip. Tho otbor side of the story
has it that Mr. Healy, who is a much
larger and heavier man than Mr. McDcr-
mott, seizod the latter by the throat when
I he attempted to strike him and took the
, whip from him.
I However, whether Mr. Healy war
, whipped or not Mr. Healy repeated in an
, other speech the language complclued of,
, which consisted in characterizing Mrs.
, Parncll as a woman of extremely loose
, moral character. The matter had been car
, ried to such an extent that even a large
, number of those who opposed Mr. Parncll
, politically are growing tired of the coarse
, language used toward' his widow and deem
. that the interests of Ireland would be bet
, ter subserved by discussing political and
not moral issues. Among those who are
' of this way of thinking is Michael Lteviti.
' He believes that Mrs. Parnell is not an
' Issuo in Irish politics and that
' attacks upon her are entirely on
1 called for. To-day a letter written
j over the signature of Mr. Davitt has been
made public. In which be objects in very
' strong terms to the abusivo references
1 made by certain of the antl-Parnellites la
connoction with Mrs. Parnell. The at
tacks that have been made upon her, Mr.
Darltt sari, have been couched in thn
most abusive language. I
I Further on in his letter -Mr. Davitt
I shows that, though ho opposed Parnell as !
I a leader, there was a tender spot in his !
I heart for him as a friend. He shows also !
I that he appreciated fully the extent of Mr.
1 Parnell's devotion to the lady whom ha
I subsequently made his wife, for ho writes
I that all these attacks against Mrs. Par
Inell are against one for whom Me.
Parnell made the most appalling sacri
fices. Continuing, Mr. Davitt declares
that attacks upon Mrs. Parncll will In ns
way serve the cause of the Irish people,
and he concludes his letter by stating that
I in the united -States there Is the keenest
feeling at fta bllujyagata rharactar that
Sedalia Carpet Company.
Headquarters for Carpets, Fur Smyr
nas andMoqnet Rugs, Chenille Portiers and
Table Covers, Lace Curtains, "Window
Shades, Plain and Fancy Silks and Plushes,
Cords, Ornaments, Headrests, Silk Throws,
Corner Third and Lamine.
D. A. CLARKE, Manager.
tho controversy between tho Porncultcs
and McCarthy! tes has assumed.
Cottage for Soldier' Home.
Monticeixo, I1L, Nov. 14. Mrs. Suo A.
Banders, national president of tho Worn
en's Relief Corps, Mrs. Mary A. Bradley,
president department of Illinois Woman's
Relief Corps, have determined to have
erected small cottages at the Illinois Sol
diers home, where the old soldier can take
his wife with him when he is disabled.
The movement is meeting with the hearty
approval of the G. A. R., the Woman's Re
lief Corps and the Sons of Veterans.
Slaeaaatas; the Standard Ttaae.
TVIWV Vnr 14 T'V a vans, V. a. An.
eision of New York piano manufacturers
10 adopt tne normal diapason
nas reopened discussion of the much
iebated question of a standard
musical pitch. Some of tho Eng-
usn piano manufactures claim tnat
like action they will injure their trade
j ft e ef Great
aPPtly indifferent on the
DtacBsetBS the Standard Time.
London, Nov. 14. The report of the do
ilslon of New York piano manufacturers
adopt the normal dlspason
ass reopened discussion of tho much
iebated question of a standard
susical pitch. Some of the Eng
Jsh piano manufactures claim that by a
ike action they will Injure their trade
srlth America, to the advantage of conti
nental manufacturers using French pitch;
out tho leading piano-makers cf Great
Britain are apparently indifferent tn tho I
aTaV aTaV W.a.
Amffloala Baking
Bills have been introduced in the New York, Illinois
and Minnesota Legislatures compelling the manufacturer
of such baking powders to brand on the label in bold type,
this powder "Contains ammonia." Physicians and chem
ists condemn the use of ammonia in baking powders as a
crime. Its constant use no matter how small the quantity
deranges the stomach, neutralizing the gastric juice and
destroying the complexion. It is the small quantities takes
every meal that do the mischief.
It is gratifying to know there are pure baking powders
to be had on the market and at no greater cost to the
consumer than some of these so-called "absolutely pure'
ammonia powders.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder, the standard pure
cream of tartar powder for forty years. Free from the taint
of either ammonia or alum. None so pure None so whole
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is re
ported by all authorities as free from Ammonia,
Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact, the
purity of this ideal powder has Beyer been ques- r
tioned. '
LACE TTTHEAD CO., GlasgO, Conn.,
In nnmimi Two Tboiisana Dol
t 10a. I
Hold Com. tor the test specimens of!
Sftmpla SpMl
work, to be made only from the S
l 111.ru iunr.rt.
toollrttidenUcftSe tMUtd,
fT TTy' ' a
Icoin in Premiums.
roar dealer for circulars Etrlne
1 lllmMrattd
information. If not to be had of 1
Thoroughly satisfactory proofs of our rella-J
Duiiy mrnisneo.
LACS TTlIiKAl) CO., Glaa0, Conn. I
1 will loan, at the lowest rales of inter
est, and on Urms to suit the borrower,
sums from $200 upward, on real estate
anywhere in Missouri. Prompt and care
ful attention given to all applicants for
loans. 210 Ohio street, Sedaha, Mo.
Edmund Gojbc sayB that Rud
yard Kipling was bora in Bombay
Christmas week, 1865. So it seems
Kipling ia nothing but a slripUng
Where Work la Pleasant.
T 1 . -.1 I r . .111 i
I iiciL-uicu who it ujtguua i you go
to work?"
I Husband (a nc'er-do-woll) "I ain't
' got no tools."
I Neglected wife "Deacon Smith
) offered you 5 to fix his fence, and you
uuvu u auw, uuu a puma anu n nam
mcr. and nails. What moro do you
The saw ain't no good.
and I ain't got no file to sharpen it
Ole Smith can fix his fence himself."
Same husband (ten years Inter)
4Iist! Say. wife, I've escaped from
I tho penitentiary. Gimme seme otheff
clothes, so I kiil light out agin."
I Wife "My. my! How did you get
Husband "I dug forty feet under
ground with a two-tincd fork, and then
I cut my way through two feet of stone
,wall nnd ten inches of boiler iron
with a saw mado out of a tin dinner
plate." Detroit Free Prcsi
Powder Host Go.

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