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Sedalia Bazoo. ('.V)
The experiments ot Lydia E. Pinkham
that years ago gave to the world that bless
ing, the Vegetable Compound, were made
through a feeling of sympathy for the af
flicted of her sex. She discovered that
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Lydia E. Plnkham Med. Co., Lynn. Man.
The Xr Senator Will Assam Bla Oal
clal Duties an Tuesday Tb Opin
ions of Prominent Kaniana on the
Appoint men I InfralU Speaks
Very Highly of the Gov
ernor' Choice.
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Torr.su, Kan., Jan. 2. Ex -Congressman
Bishop W. Perkins was made a United
States senator at 5:30 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, when Governor Humphrey at
tached his signature to the commission.
Mr. Perkins was in the governor's private
office when the decision was reached.
Governor Humphrey said last night:
"After the notification of the death of
Senator Pluml and untii r.ftor his funeral
I refuse-i to permit any person to talk to
me on the subject of succession. On Mon
day I began to receive the friends of the
various candidates, and as stated on
several occasions to them, my embarrass
ment was not from any lack of good ma
terial, but from the fact that a half dozen
candidates were presented, each of whom
would have been regarded in every re
spect worthy of the appointment in point
of ability. My purpose was to givo a fair
( hearing' to the friends of the several can
didates and to listen to the a 'vice of
prominent citizens interested in l.o mat
j ter regardless of candidates. A good
( many advocated the appointment of some
man who would be expected simply to
serve out the year with the understand-
ing that he should not be a candidato for
1 a I ! . V. . I- ... ..... . 1. .
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Broadway and Locust St.
Do one Lonrs work for us.
ttiovlncunrcrw prxxlt to
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SOO Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILI
Cold at Excelsior Springs.
Excelsior Sprios, Mo., Jan. 2. Great
excitement prevails northwest of here
over the finding of gold and silver at
depth of fifteen feet. The gold assays
f 105 and the silver 1150 to the ton. An
other lead was found at a depth of fifty
leet which appears to be much richer.
i A Hote4 Skowmaa at Best.
Pbtlasblfaia, Pa., Jan. 2. James T.
Cooper, proprietor of the Adam Forepauga
now, ana at nis residence in this dty
yesterday morning of inflamatlon of tae
stomacn. no was Dora in rniiafleij
re-election, with
would leavo the
year hence for many candiaatcs as
might aspire to the office I inclined how
ever, to the view generally expressed that
I should appoint a man well equipped with
, experience to represent tne slate in all
thdso matters that pertain to
the senatorial office. Having in view
. the long service of Judge Perkins
' on the bench and in the lower house of
congress, where he was by common con
one oi me acKnowjeagea leaaers ox
the Kansas delegation, It seemed to me
that his anDointment would nrova .itli.
. lacwry u th3 people of the state.
"It may be said that my motive in the
appointment of Judge Perkins was selfish.
in that It would remove him as a possible
candidate for congress in the Third dis
trict, in tho interest of myself for the
office. On this account I hesitated is tl3
matter, but the fact is that Judgo Perkins
, was not in my way for oanj-reas. hsvinc
puDiiciy acciarea as well as privately to
me and other friends that he would not be
, in the race. On tie other hand other
friends In the immediate section of tho
state have advised mo against tho ap
pointment of Judgo Perkins, hav-
jlng in view the fact that in the
future some Republican will in all human
probability succeed Senator Pcffer and
that by tho appointment of Judge Perkins,
residing in the neighboring countv from
me, I- would thereby foreclose any pros
1 pect I might have in that direction. To
j both of these propositions I uniformly ro
plied that I should not be governed by
personal considerations of advantage to
J myself, but on tho coit;nry would endeav
or to mako a proper and Judicial appoint-
J ment regardless of its circots upon any fu
tare political prospects that I might have.
j "Recently in the contest the impression
( seems to havo grown that all things being
ciuat a wouia uaturauy oc inclined to tho
appointment of Judge Perkins. This was
followed by an apparent disposition com
mon in political contests to make common
cause against him. Still later I was men-!
tioned in connection with the contest.
nue I cenress that there was sdme temp
tation to do this it seemed to me unwise
and unnecessary to Jo so in view of the
number of candidates of recognized ability
and fitnes
Senator Perkins was born in Rochester.
Ohio, October 18, 1S4 J. His father was a
leading man and his ancestors were sol
diers in the revolution and prominent even
before that time. When young Perkins
was 14 years old his father moved to mi
ne's and was prominent until the panic of
185", when ho' lost his fortune. Young
Perkins was at college at Galesburg, lit,
at the time, hut was forced to leave, and
in 1650 went to Colorado, where ha engaged
in mining, with but little success. Then
ho went to Jfcw Mexico, but soon returr.cd
and, after working as a iaborer, started a
grocery at Gold Dust, Colo. His partner
skipped,and the young m&n returned home
and in July, 1SC2, enlisted in an Illinois
regiment as sergeant. His war record was
excellent. After tho war he studied law
in Indiana, and in 1309 located at Oswego,
Kan. There a month later he was made
county attorner and later iru oWtn,!
bate Judge. In UTS he was appointed dis
trict Judge.
Mr. Perkins was elected a member of
congress in November, 1832. He was one
of the famau hlg four congressmen from
Kansas Morrill, Peters, Pc.-kins and
Hanback. He was re-elected from the
Third congressional district in l64, 18S8
and 1SSS, but in 1S90 ho was defeated by
B. H. Clover, the Alliance candidate. He
was a delegate to tho RopuDlican na
tional convention at Chicago in 1880.
After his last defeat by Clover ho re
mained in Washington and opened an office
there but claims to have maintained his
residence la Oswego. During bis entire
service in the house ho was on the com
mittee on Indian affairs and was its chair
man in the Fiftr-flrst conm. n
cured the passage of the bill first openln
Oklahoma to settlers and had charge of the
bill forming a territorial
Oklahoma. He worked hard for the open
ing of the Cherokee outlet. "
Mr. Perkins was married Anrfi 11 in
tt CalambUl. O,, to Louisa C ashman
daughter of George W. Cusbman, si rela
tive of the famous actress,Charlotte Cosh
man. Senator Perkins has been connected
with a great variety other than purely po
litical organizations. He is a Mason, Odd
Fellow, member of the Grand Army, Son
of Temperance and Good Templar. He is
liberal In bis ideas of religion and has
been identified with nearly ail the public
improTcmanu oi nis section oi ue state.
Senator Perkins will leave for Washing'
ton this afternoon at 4 o'clock and will ar
rive there Monday afternoon ready to as
sume tne senatorial duties Tuesday. He
will appoint for his secretary Frank Flea
iken, SerAtor Plumb's private secretary.
There Is a disposition among the appli
cants for senatorial appointment to rebel
at Perkin's appointment. The situation
is not accepted good natnredly by Major
Hudson, J. W. Ady and William Buchan.
Among the local politicians there Is
nothing but criticism for the governor.
Chief Justice Horton has rushed to the de
fense of the governor and the state politi
cians generally are disposed to make the
best of the situation. "Perkins appoint
ment will be unsatisfactory to 85 per cent
of the Republicans outside of the Third
district," said Secretary Higgins
this morning. "So far as leadership
this fall is concerned he is simply
not in it. The serious mistake was
made on the part of the anti-Perkins
forces to bulldoze the governor. Hum
pbro? i.as shown a great deal of nerve and
when a delegation of five men called on
him Wednesday to intimidate him by
threats, his mind was made up and he de
termined to appoint Perkins. Governor
Humphrey has Injured himself politically
by the appointment, but I believe ho would
have maie it if be had been absolutely
certain that it meant his political death."
J. W. Ady said: "I do not care to ex
press my views on the appointment. I do
not believe that Governor Humphrey
will De a candidate for congress in
the Third district. If he is a candidate,
I ''o not believe ho will be nominated.
The fight for congress did not
dotermine tho appointment It was
something else, and what that something
else was, I don't care to say. George It
Peck claims that he is satisfied with the
appointment. Mr. Peck also claims that
the place was tendered him without any
ill Honorably Discharged soldiers to
Receive Pensions Payment for Im
prisonment A D1U to Abolish
the Pension Agencies and Es
tablish a Pay Department
la Washington. J"
-w . me piace was icnaereu nun wilnout any
tato an open field a strings to it and that he positively de-
'I was for Maior Hudson." said Mr.
Peck this morning, "and of course would
have liked to have seen him secure the
place, but I am too good a Republican not
to accept the situation gracefully."
Governor Humphrey, when ho left the
executive office this morning, heaved a
sigh as he remarked: "Christmas and tho
rcw Year were a blank to me. I am go
ing nome to rest and the exact date of my
return is uncertain."
Hiawatha, Kan., Jan. 2. Major Morrill
pronounced tho appointment an excellent
one and said that Perkins is a very able
men with a large legislative experience
and will exert a great influence.
Senator Schilling said the appointment
is an expression of friendship a choice of
one man Governor Humphrey against
tne wishes ox almost the entire state, ox-
tcptlug tbo ThtrJ connrcasluurU district.
Ins-alls' Paean of Praise.
AtcuisOK, Kan., Jan. 2. To a reporter
ix-Scnator John J. Ingalls said:
"The distinguished array of strong,
popular and unexceptionable candi
dates mado tho governor's task ex
tremely difficult and delicate, but
he has acquitted himself with great
honor and given the pcoplo renewed confi
dence in his high character, devotion to Re
publicanism and unerring political 6ncacitv.
Judge Perkins is a pie; sing speaker, has
parliamentary experience, acquaintance
with publicmen, knowledge of tho methods
of transacting public business, firm health.
attractive manners, good ability, a Judicial
tempcrment and an immovable loyalty to
bis party aud friends. Ho will bo nccu-
liarly acceptable to tho supporters of Mr.
numb, with whom his relations have al
ways been cordial, and his loca
tion Villi appease tho geographical senti
ment which can never be altogether
ignored in Kansas -politics. I am confident
that Governor Humphrey's action will be
commended and approved by the Republi
cans of the state and country."
TMer BuliTbead Dvad.
TAHLEQUAn, L T., Jan. 2. Ex-Chie.
D. W. Bushyhead of tho Cherokee nation
died Thursday night.
Tlie "City or Par!? itousb Voyage.
New Yokk, Jan. 2. Tho tempest-tossed
City of Paris, of the Inman LTne, finished
Thursday the lowest trip sho has ftver
made between Queenstown and this port
lier time was 7 days, lu hours end 30 min
utes. Forest-like masks of salt crystal on
her triple funnels indicated that sho had
been well soused with spray on her voyage.
Capt. Watkins says he has never had a
rougher time sinco ho took command of the
Blankets Reduced I
LargelLine of Dress Goods Cheap!
Just received many netf fancy
Goods for Xnias, to be sold with a
small profit.
Big stock of Fur Capes
and M if ,
6-lOdftwiy 810 OHIo street.
Washtsoto.v, Jan. 2. Senator Peffer Is
succeeding in causing considerable com
ment here. The pension legislation is the
object of his attacks and be has intro
duced two bills which radically change
existing pension laws.
Ono of tho measures provides for a ser
vice pension and in order to provide for
the payment of such a pension by the
government, directs the secretary of the
treasury to Issue paper money to the
amount of 103 million. It is to be known
as the ''Service Pension Money." One
hundred millions is to bo in denomina
tions or 1, 2, 13 and to, and five million
dollars is to be in fractional pieces. This
money Is to bo exchanged at par for treas
ury notes or coin certificates or United
States notes at the treasury in Washing
ton, when presented in sums of tlCO. and
legal tender in payment of all debts, pub
lic and private, receivable for taxes and
all public dues.
According to Senator Pcffcr's bill every
honorably discharged soldier who Is not
already receiving a pension is to be en
titled to a monthly pension equal to one
cent ror every day of his service in tho
late war, and thoso who were made
vrisuucrs oi war are to receive an
! additional amount ecii.il tn
for every day of their Imprisonment, and
In computing the time the imprisonment is
to be deemed to have begun on the day of
capture and to ond on the day of release.
The payment of this pension is to continue
during the lifetime of the pensioner and to
tneir widows during their widowhood.
The other bill introduced by Senator
Peffer abolishes all the pension agencies
in the United States, Including the one at
Topeka, and provides for the establishment
of a pay division in the bureau of pensions
at Washington, to bo in charge of a
chief clerk. The work of this division
shall be to prepare and forward
drafts in payment of all pension
era on tho rolls. Senator Peffer thinks
this will greatly decrcaso tho expenses of
tne pension department, Tho same bill
provides for the rcrating of pensions and
recuccs mo number of ratings from 12S
io ten. provides mat all nersons
whose names are now or may here
after bo placed on the pension roils at
tho rate of f5 per month or less, shall ba
raiea ana paia at tho rate of Id ner month:
all persons now on tho roll at a rate of over
13 and not exceeding 111) shall be paid 110;
au persons now on the roll at a rate of
over J10 and not exceeding 115,
shall bo paid at tho rate of
fI5 per month; all persons at a
rate over 115 atd not exceeding $10 per
montn, atJ per month; those from $30
to 125, will be 123 a mouth: from 23 to 130,
will be 30; from I3J to UO, will be HO;
from ti) to $C0, will be SCO; fromJfiO to ISO,
will be ISO; from ISO to 1100, will bo "100.
Hedapetb a Criminal U'ben Yonns
Boo.wiiac Mo., Jan. 2. Marion Heds
peth,oneof the'GIcndale robbery sus
pects, has a record in Cooper county, his
birthplace, where he started his now
famous criminal career in 1SS2, when only
17 years of -age. He, in company with one
Henry Sanders, broke Into a store at Prai
rie Home and robbed the safe. They were
arrested. Sanders was tried and sen
tenced to seven years in the penitentiary.
Hcdspotb pleaded guilty and being too
ycui:g to send to the penitentiary, ho was
sentenced to one year In Jail, the extent of
the law. On March 1, lbs2, no escaped
from Jail, and in doing so ho struck and
almost killed Judge Louis L. Williams.
who Is now world's fair commissioner
from Alaska, but who was at that time
sheriff of Cooper county.
Tlircc Hen Killed In a Wreck.
Dell aire, O., Jan. 2. An eastboutj
freight train on the Baltimore & Ohio
broke into three sections on a steep
grado near Franklin, O., last night.
Two of the sections collided' at the
bridge one mile west of Rellaire
and ten cars were wrecked and the
bridge bidiy damaged. Five tramps were
caught in the wreck. Strattcr Monnen,
aged IS, was bruised across tho abdomen
and will not recover; Martin Crony bad
both arms broken and is hurt internally,
probably fatally. The other threo mea
are injured about the head and body, but
will in all probability recover.
m m m mnm mtm m m m mm
in table
o - i
a a
-Irmavwsk nsA
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line pici
seen miu
Cnr Tlnr
nuaiirrra me Hiaaow Fan
iiur-ic. pvn n nr trie n .
I - - V. IMCi
i inmost every winnow pane In the court
I nouse was snattercd, as well as the win-
CoW;u, O., Jan. 2.-rcpccial ? !n,the cnt5ro J"''0" of buildings ia
i .v t -i- rni . . , i "ont of tbc ccurt house. As many largo
to tne UaZOO.J Hie 8ta!e capital is , windows were shattered the damage was
at fever heat to-niebt over the re . considerable. The guilty parties have not
-,.,l,i: .. r .l- tt u c? yet oeen caugnt. i'eople generally who
(iuuin.au wuicai lut me u. s?. neard tne explosion thought that
The Exciting Fight
an effort
ture'ip now being waged by Mierrran , waa made t0 blow UP tBe town.
aud Fdraker. All day long there has Foot Ball at Little Rock,
been incessant woik, both parties ex-' Little nocit. Ark., Jan. 2. The first
, j . - , ,A , game of foot ball in the state was played
pressing CO, fidence in the final result. yc3terday between a team from the Liulo
At the republican caucus this :Rock commercial college and one from ths
eveuintr not a member was aheni i Ypung; Men's Christian Association of this
eveuing nol a meaioer waa aDjeni.( city the score standing 8 to 8 at the close.
The Sherman farces hid azreed up m . The gamo was played under Rugby rulca
Lavlin fnr Br.Afcpr hi'o the Vnroto t the Jockey club grounds and was wit-
j . i - nessed by an immense crowd of people.
1 ...1 lr . . 1 v. . .
uieu ueitcitu mevrrew. Alter con
siderable maneuvering a vote was
taken, as follows : Laylin, 38 ; Mc
Grew, 34; 8o the former w;ll be
speaker and Sherman scored a victory.
However, roraker is as confijeut aal
ever and clinn he will
Mrs. Governor Eagle and
the judges' stand.
party occupied
A Stale medical Hoar Keboke
Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 2 Judge Lea in
the Pulaski circuit court yesterday quashed
an order of tho state board of medical ex
aminers of Garland county which revoked
the license to practice medicine of Dr.
John A. Blaydes, a Hot Springs physician.
sV years tke standard.
km?m ISl irJ
A Pure Cream
Tartar Powder
Contains Ammonia.
Contains Alum and Ammonia.
A Unique Boycott.
Pittsdcro, Pa., Jan. 2. The new Thirty
first Ward school house is approaching
completion, but before it is occupied by
the young Idea there is likely to be war to
the knifo between the school directors
and the citizens of the ward. The latter
emphatically object to the non-union labor
employed on the new structure and several
Other features. A political scalp raising
and unique boycott is likely to ensue. When
the time came for tho construction of the
school bullfcg to begin a number of brick
layers who resido in the ward, union men
who have been on a strike since the spring,
applied for work on the buildlny. It Is
claimed their applications were refused.
Grave Case Wltk tke Jsny.
Dxktzb, CoL. Jan. 2. This morning la
Ike Graves case Judge Fnrman conclude!
j sua arguments lor tne defense sd tee cssfa
Dr. Price gives larger and fuller cans than those
of any other Baking Powder manufacturer.
Above cut represents the comparative size of one pound can each
'Dr. Price's," Royal" and "Taylor's One Spoon." These cans were
set side by side, then photographed down in exact proportions to
admit the plate in this space. Ask your grocer to set a one pound
can of any other brand alongside 1 lb. Dr. Price's Cream Baxincf
Powder, and observe the difference, as illustrated above.
Adulterated powders may usually be detected by their heavier
bulk, as shown by the small cans, and these scantily tilled, often
containing a circular to help fill out the cans. It is a singular fact
that many of the ammonia and alum baking powders are advertised
as "Absolutely Pure," All official examinations prove that it would
be safe to reject all powders labeled absolutely pure. -A
The economy in using Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does
not consist alone in the fact that much larger and fuller. cans are
given, but Dr. Price's is a stronger, purer and more wholesome bat
ing powder than any other known. Does better work, and goes
farther, hence more economical in every way.
What woman would use an ammonia or alum balricg powder if
she knew it ? Such powders not only undermine the health, but
ammonia gives to the complexion a sallow and blotched appc -ance. j
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is reportcc. h all
authorities as free from ammonia, alum, lime, or c.iiy utile
adulterant. The purity of this ideal powder has never beeq
questioned. s
Refuse all substitutes they may .oncjl amonia or alamo.

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