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lie J- West Gooiwin Printing Company
3ally, ncliidingSuaiij.irti jeaj.-
ynday ediuon per yeai.
Weekly, 52 number, jer yer ,,
Daily, diHrereJ )c: weui
6 00
1 00
Bealariy tapolieJ at 24 cents p-r copy.
All satacnpUosa payable ia advance, and dit
Btloase-1 at end ol mau paid for.
Beaittazce may he made by diatt, monry
Order or refir on d letter, at our r.sc. Give pott
Soe addre- Ul lull, including state and court t,
jLld addreu
Pretident and Manager.
Official Paper of the City of Sedalia
Business office. 48
me in the paper." All newspaper steal or unlawfully reward politic.il
men know him they know him to be J favorites ? It has ever been the party
a sneak, a fraud and all that keeps of the people in every mode of legi?-
h im f mm lviinrr i(a li ail Tniti frnm Inttnn nml ,1.... rtt. .1.
being "a bad man from
better creek" 13 because he hasn't the
There is one infallible rule bv
which you can guide your newspaper
venture safely. If yiu can command
the snarling criticism ot ttie abjectly
dependent organs aud the malignant
, hatred ot ttie corrupt aim DiacKmail
inc iournals which here and there
disgrace journalism, you can onfi
dentlv rely upon the integrity
wisdom aud ffliciency of your work,
Col. A. K. McLIure in i'hilade
phia Times.
The awful fate of the miners in the
Indian lernt ry should t-nge our
nravers this morning with a little
more solemnity an 1 a Hub more
earnestness fur Unse who are lett to
mourn them.
St. Louis has done the ladylike
thing in announcing at this earl date
her withdrawal from the contest for
the Democratic National Convention
Chicago Post.
True and she has also acted the
gentlemin in throwing her influence
in favor of Kansas Citv.
The statement of the Central Na
tional Bank of BDOuville, published
in another column, is a fine exhibit
gt hantinrr tnctif 111 Jnti Tlia fnn.
' . . . ii 1.1 11
trai is an oiu concern anu morougniy
reliable. Its manasreinsnt is one of
the lust in the state.
The girl that don't get married this
year, with the game in her own hands
should be made to-rem tin single the
remainder of her life. LaMonte Rec
Yes, but Belva Loekwood says
"There are no men any ni.re theie
are a few brainless dudes left and the
rest are rakes and libertines." Now
if Belva is not away off, what are the
girls to do ?
The people of Springfield are much
tnnpnwvi -iT.iinat .Tn-lcro TTnnstnn
Jame3of tint place who eloped with
a woman of the town and left his wife
and child. Bald Knobbers have not
given Greene county a very excellent
name, but there are some cases where
.such an organization might ba used to
good advantage and James' is one of
The Bazoo is in receipt of the
printed proceedings of the Missouri
PreB3 Association the winter meeting,
1891 and the 25th annual meeting,
September, 1891, at St. Louis. Its
complication is the work of John W.
Jacks, of the Montgomery Standard,
and is admirably done. The printing
was executed by E. W. Stephens of
Columbia and is a typographical
beauty. The pamphlet should be in
the hands of every newspaper man in
hen Join Howard Payne wrote
"Home Sweet Home" there was the
wail of a heart in it which has gone
down the ages in a melody which
never loses its hold, because home is
the dearest spot to all mankind.
Home, the very name means refuge,
it is the hope, the sweet somewhere of
our thoughts, the blessed pauacea for
the world's wounds, the one nlace
where heaven begins and where care
leaves off. We take up the journey
of life at home and no matter how
humble it may be, if wickedness be
not there, there is a preciousuess
about it that earth can never else
where equal. Oh tired man
of the world, do
remember how home looked
it . 1 . .
motner uweit mere and when 3011
knelt at her kuee and heard her sweet
whisper, "say 'our Father,' dnrliug,"
and then do you not remember how
her good night kiss sent j-ou of! to
dreams; do you not remember how
the firelight used to dauce upon the
big armed chair aud how the old
family Bible and the old clock used
to fairly smile at you when you came Chief
home and snuggled down to warm
chilled fingers after a grand ccatt
djwn the long hill just beyond the
orchard? Oh tired woman of the
world, do you n't remen.ber
lation, and to-dav receives and de
serves the plaudit of -'Well done,
thou good ami faithful party."
And what has the republican party
done for the country ? Has it not in
every inatauce legislated against the
niassess and for favorites ? Has it
not backed every uulawful scheme
that smacked of partisanship ? Has
it not squandered the hard earnings
of the people with a recklessness that
would un even be tolerated iu mon
archical countries ? LTok'at the te-
IU so
cord of the "Billion Dollar Congress!"
It is enough to make the count-y
stand aghast ! Aud yet the republi
can party of to-day upholds the ac
tions of that congress where all
millions wrung from the farmers
the couutry wore ex:euded
short a time.
And now can the people of
yu country hesitate in reference to wh;ch
W JCIl I linrtv to rr. ffir !l plilof miniclmluV
Those wafers are for the reliet anil care
of painful irregularities., and will remove
nil ob mictions. They are sure ami sale
every titue. Manufactured br Emerson
Drug Co , San Jose, Cit., and for sale at
Fieischman'ts drug store.
Sales and Receipt of the Chicago, St.
LouU anJ Kania City drain. Lire
Stock and Provl.lui Dealln;
Rrpreseittatlre S.ile-t of Lire
Stock Wheat and Cora
In I.lrerpooL
torjrrfants and Children.
t r.'conuiii'iul ita superior to acyprsscrirtlou
Wnowatorsw." Jt. A. AaciiEc, 21. D.,
Ill Su. Oxford St., UncUxx, :;. Y.
Caatnrta e,-s Colic, CVmMlpstlon,
??.'Hr!!,,.',Ila:u. Itirriiri.a. Eructation.
l.Ua wcreu, p tW-rii, and promote C
Without injurious ccdidtlon.
Tui CcvTiiB Copsv, 77 Murray Street, S. X
Wall Street. some samples. Receipts were S7 ears. No.2
New York, Jan. 9.-The stock market i?? wucaisoidatairfifc. No. 3 hard 73 f$
iff. with first prices . 1 reJC ted wheat, fci ii
"., u. ruu wiicat,sic, o.n red wucat&lc.
rtu. rua wueat -rfrG. Tlie last aamed
opened active and strong
Ollicers of the Creels
Pass Through Scdalia.
There were throe tliitiuuijhcd pas-
seugers on the evening traia from
juur aiau statesmen who preside over the
tender feet were placed always destinies of the Creek Nation.
" I V 1: . 1 1 r . .
on the llower?. the snn.hinn o . ausiisctm me catracier 01 tue
vmva fliimr nr vr har. disiiugues, a Bazoo reporter was not
& .w. 1-"'""M - lift p Pin1wrml tloh !.-
sweetest smile and the tenderest word ,,!.troni7.m..Iv innnirinf
. 1 1 -"C-J l"'""b"' ""
rterveu lor jou me genue pnue 01 man ot the party what his name was.
your father in your girlish beauty and Idenitits were.disclosrd.
t. t t 1 1 ?.i , - , ,1 4,ATv nnmo ia F. C Pamtmin am
me strong suieiu wim wnicn iiome at- r ' uuu
ways surrounded you-like the oJ?
trailing vine 01 roses mat ciamnered "Gosh ! " tha reporter involuntarily
around the pillars of the old porch exclaimed. 'This," proceeded the
spokesman indicating with a lordly
'esture, "is m cousin, Lx-Gov ernor
J. M. Perryman of Eufala."
xMy Lord ! the info, mation bu
reau ajjaiu ejaculated, stasceritsir to a
humanity, but back of it lies the seat "allo-v me the further privilege
rhythm, the tender beauty, the char, "f presenting you," the cruel governor
io you rot remember? Ah, yes, you
do the world rushing on in its mad
race has bruised your heart, has trn
the beautiful fabric of your faith
lty, the peace.
glory of home,
heart that has
the love,
God pity
no home:
;nriliugly continued, "to thd Hon. W.
A. Palmer, national auditor public
This was tha straw uuder who
eaerally from X to per cent better
than those of last evening, while Missouri
Pacific was up per cent and Chicago Gas
was unchanged. The closing out of old
deals, however, soon developed a weak
temper iu the list and everything but Chi
cago Gas retired fractionally dur.n? tho
early dealing. That stock, after an ad
vance of percent, followed the rest
Of the list down. New Kngland ded
the decline, which amounted to y por
cent in that slock, when Lackawanna
madeaspurl of pjr cent, rising to M)
find the general market rallied and under
tho lead of the coal stocks. The market
narrower than usual of late and a dozen
stocks attracted almost all the attention.
New England being still most prominent
in the dealings.
Tho market showed no further Improve
ment after 11 o'clock, hut on tho contrary
prices generally dropped and Louisville &
Nashville again became especially weak,
dropping from Si to SOJc, while New
York and Northern preferred,
vnlch was so strong yester
day, settled away to 21 against -VK at
prauc is mo most diillcult of all to sell.
Corn was strong. Eastern shippers were
paying 33: f cf:iic. Buyers for Southern
trade were payin? mXQSoc, and local
mixed corn without blllin-soM at33c, white
corn, 36c. Receipts were 40 cars. Oats
vera steady at 25c for No. 2 mixed and Ms
or No. :s mixed. Ueccipts wcra 9 cars.
ye. lirm; TOjjVJc for No. 2 and .c toe
Vo. :l Ueccipts were 11 cars. Flaxseed,:?
n the basis of pure. Ueccipts. 1 car.
iron, weak; 70c in 100-lb. sacks Hay,
ccclpts, 12 cars, and market tead"y.
Juotations are: Timothy, j7.0J-7.5o per
on; fancy prairie, 5 ..): goad to choice,
.4.S0j7$5.0U; low grade, .SiSOJiOJ.
St. Louis.
St. Louts, Mo., Jan. 9. Receipts wheat,
JO.ftW bu; shipments, 32,0 u bu; receipts
Mm, 231,0 MS bu; shipments. 1 15,000 bu.
Closing sales wero: Wucat Cash, S9c;
.March, 91Kc May, 03i July, SSJc.
Corn-Cash. XiXc: Mar. 3c. Oats
auy.soiucu away to -t agamsi -..4 ai Oash 31c- Mav 31 Vc
its best yesterday. All the leading slocks J -asn.Jlc ta' -ilc-
l.so snowed mater.al losses from tlrst
prices and New England retired below
5S. The bank statement checked the do
clinc iu a measure, but the close was active
nad heavy to weak at tho lowest prices of
the day.
The following are closing pneos;
Atchison 41 1,N. American.
C. B. & O lasv Kcadine.
C C. C.& tst L. 73KIN. Western..
D., L.&W 140;,Uock Island.
Lake Shore 122 St. Paul
M.. K. & T.
Missouri Pacific
Manitoba llij
Manhattan 107
Jersey Cen tral . . 1 lii
New England... .'Otf
Northern Pac... 2."k'
Nor. Pacific pfd. 6'Jtj
I'lax, It ye and Ilarlcy.
, Chicago, Jan. 9. Closing prices: Ryo
-Cash, Si)fc; May. Wi Flaxseed No. 1,
:aih, SMJfc; May, 51.0131.01- Barley
January, i)a
I St. Locis, Jan. 9. Ryc-SlJc bid. Flax
iccd, 9Ja Castor Beans ;i.sO.
. 41?f
. 93
.. &1 Vi Union Pacific. 47J
.. W; Vabashprd.... 31.'
ic Ot'iV. Union S3.V
umcago uas ii
Lead Trust 19?r
Sugar Trust. .. HX
C S. Oil 3.
Pullman ICV
Silver 94
Wheat and Corn ia L'Terpool.
: Livektool, Jan. 9. Wheat Holders
oiler moderately; prices unchanged. No.
2 and winter and. spring, Ss ljd, steady.
Corn Holders olljr moderately; prices
unchanged. Spot 5s 5Jd; January
Meady,4j9;fd; February steady 4s 7d;
March steady, 4s 6Xd.
Kantat Cltr Hank Clearlns.
Kansas Citt, Mo., Jan. 5. Tho Kansas
City bank clearings for the week thus far
and for tho corresponding timo last year
aro as follows: -'--rtf-m- -r.'rr.-.
pity the heart that has no memories discoucertiug weicht the interrogation
! . 1 i w O
of home, for even hopeless, homeles? ??IDl couia no "Dger stand with
with the merciless beat of want and r . , n QUU KeruumP ne ,e
.. , , .. . . . tainting to the floor.
poverty, wun aegrauation and death He was -.rrfprf nt in an nnnnneninita
useir U3venng near, the echoes of state, on a stretcher too short for his
'home, sweet home can fall like the dy,to a livery stable.nud it was only
dew upon the tramnled liilv end when another attache hurried to the
whisper of home, not as an ile. hnt ,nter?w . tu?t wrlher particulars
I twra nh'amaH
as a welcome guest in that home Tho tii,n ntu :.u i.
where Gcd and his angels have made ernor'a son, were en route horn, irom
it home not alone, bat Heaven.
St. Louis whither they had gone to
accompany that far, four delegates
irom the lerntorv who went to
Washington Uity to represent a cer
lain interest ot the Creeks.
Every enterprising Missourian should
be for Kansas City for the next dem
ocratic nat'onal cenvention and Seda
lia for the future capital of the state.
'Nevada Democrat.
Every enterprising Missourian is
for Sedalia for the future capital, and
certainly the Democrat is right when
it says every enterprising Missourian
ought to be for Kansis City. So far
as the Bazoo is concerned it honestly
believes that Kansas City would be a
most excellent place for the conven
tion and anything it can say for that
city it is glad to say.
Politically, the year of 1892 prom
ises to be msmoiable in the history of!
this country. It will witness nomina
tions by the various parties and the
plppfinn nf a fttitof tnarviolMfa aha
wno, to a great extent rules me des- John Hornbrf peneraI B ;Q.
uues 01 me American people, uniie tendent ot the J?ort Wort hand Rio
no kings, emperors, czar?, princes or I Grade railway, passed through this
other potentates are known, yet the CI.ly en TOUte 10 Chicago, Friday
president of the.c TInitpd Rlo n,6ht-
known mi KCT . power L w"o?Sff kSI
uuuie una uuroau. i is a power mat aad Texas, was io the city a short
is also justly controlled by an equit- time yesterday. Kinsas City Times,
able constitutun and delegates elected tn. v
directly from the people.
There will be a representative from
each of two great parties parties that I
for years have b.en struggling for
cIieriB Wm. Mahan and Denutv
Ji. Conkhn, of Ozark, passed
political supremacy-the republican home from Jeflerim C.UV l,or ti,
anil Hia lomAtnt It 1 x 1 1 . , it i mm
mv uiuiuuiu. uau cane ui aenvpr n wnmon ,Mnr
But how stands the record of these rison, two prisoners, sent to the peni-
narlies ' Which has been the fripnil icuuary lor live years eacil. intir
of the people, and which has been the 5ames a,re ?ox 811(1 Y?"0gb!ood. the
ltl former having committed burglary,
p any of econr my ? whil i - '
First, impartially, take the record I a rt'le, rapists should go up about
c .1 i l .. Aila r- r a
ui every ueiuucrttitt; auiuinistraiion I t,f3uk cci iuoicuu uj uvu yeara,
from that of Thomas Jefferson and
ending with that of Grover Cleveland.
Has there been any administrative
ccandals or corruptions ? Has it not
Deen a lact that reasonable economy
This is a common occurr.mee and nro
that will 1st oeoDle ud ordtnarilv 6 in S
weekf, yet we will cnarantee Billard'a
Snow Liniment to cure anv case of
The man who is alway telling the
newspaper to pitch into this, that and
the other thing, and claims it lacks
nerve because it does not rip people
up the back, is the same one who will
jump on the paper with a libel suit if
it should ever become necessary to
show him up. Exchange.
Certainly, and he is the vtry man
that sends in pretty personals about
himself and then pretends to be mad
because "those rascally reporters puts frowned upon every attempt to either! LiBiraeat. Bold b W. E. Bard.
Monday ...KL012")
loeeiiay. .. I.hil.iv.
Wednesday. 1,511.63)
Iharxday ...1.651.373
Friday 1.705,811
y. ...I,M1.10 1.52i70J
Inc. P.et
$2)1.76) 17JD
79,J S3. 1
413.S19 24.1
m.937 S.0
233.KII 15.0
Kansas City.
Kansas CiTr, Mo., Jan. 9. Receipts of
cattle at tbo yards to-day wero the light
est of the week. There wero some verr
good dressed beef and shipping steers, but '
they were generally common. The tone '
of tho market was excellent. Steers '
I were activeiand usually steady to firm, I
with most desirable light cattle often '
quoted strong to higher. The run of cows
2:, Swift 471, Davis 17 and lo.-al butchers
Packers bought 10.5S7 hogs yesterday.
Armour bought 4..VJ4, Kingaa 140. Fowler
4 0, Do!d 1,J7. Swift 2.247 and local butch
ers 4 i Cole bou?h- l.bJ, Harriott & com
pany 337 and other shippers 1,121.
U;cep!s since January 1 aggregate
29.j5t5 cattle, 3-.0 eaive, 73,m.J hugs and
4,-y! sheep. Comptrcd with tho corre
sponding time in 191 those figures shou
an increase of 9.71.1 cattle, si calves, 1.099
hos, aad a decrease of 1,194 sheep.
Ca aio. Jan. 9. Hogs Receipts, 2S,
COJ: otdeial yesterday. 44,107; shipments
yesterday, 17,4 .S; receipts for the week,
141,4'Ji; shipments for the week. 90.O4J;
receipts for the corresponding week last
year, 234,911; shipments for the corre
sponding week last year, 4?,7!2. Pack
ing from November to date, 92I.0J0;
packing to date last year, 1.05,0)0;
left over. about V'OO: qualitv
fair; market active and firm at full yes
terday's prices. Sales ranged at S&DIQ
4.2.1 'for light; $ for rough
??5hijr: Sl.03.it4 ;o for mixed: S4.10.2
4.JO lor heavy paeon? and ship
ping lots; pigs, a30.T4.15. Cattle
Receipts, 2,0)0; receipts yesterday,
S.031 ; shipmenU yosterlar, 3,970. Market
, quiet and prices steady. Sheep -Receipts,
2,500; ofticial yesterday, 5.0J1; shipments
yesterday, 1,597. JIarket fairly active
, and higher.
SI. Louis
Sr. Locis,Mo.,Jan. 9. Cattle Recaints.
3.0. Market strong. Hogs Receipts,
( 2,000. Market active and strong; fair
to fancy, heavy, $4.1034 2J; mixed, $1,702
4.10: Yorkers, $4.0334.15. Sheep Re
ceipts iignt. aiarKet unchanged.
nurrotva'Fathcr Wants Damasea,
Eikminciiam, Ala., Jan. 4. The father
of Rube Burrows has entered suit against
the Southern express company for (2,000
damages, charging that they made away
with Rube's guns, pistols and money.
Ernest WUhelm Brucke. the well known
physiologist of Berlin, is dead.
un or cows . Charles Watkins
was light and with a few exceptions Va., for the murder of his wife
quite common to poor. There was a good Work has been commenced on the Rock
demand and comparing prices only they Isiand cxtcnsioa south a CK
TotaK .1Q.624.8I9 Vi.iSi.za Si.339.H2t 14.4 were steady to strong, but comparing quali- The rahhut im,w.rfn,n.),..1. ' .
tv manv thouehtlthemSe to TO.-hlfhfr thnn ' . V .uox-
- r . -" - lean trnnn sniii aiinn-A.i
locreas. 4 as. .
KAS3A9 Cur, Mo., Jan 9. -The only im
portant featuro of the wheat market to
day was the strong demand for cash
wheat Red wheat in Chicago is sell
ing at a premium of Hc over regular
.yesterday. Calves were weak and bulls
less active. Heavy half fat feeders were
, Garza into Texas.
to pursue
selling as killers and were higher or about v. u"ks,vUle' Ai woolen mills have
liko they were Monday. There was some ? efilly x "T fire. The loss
activity among common stockers at steady " f'0300 with no insurance,
to strong values. -'w England Democrats are out with a
Tho excitement in the hog market the ncw IUC0T3 respecting the future influence
tho dullness last few days has started activity among of Proposed silver legislation.
No. 2 wheat. Owing to
of ipsculation thcro was an actual de- Kansas shippers and receipts wero' The Indiana State board of agriculture
heavy for. The quality was very good adopted a report whitewashing its mem
and the supply was wanted and it "5ers n thehnatter of bribery charges,
was no trouble for salesmen to get a 1 Tho attonwys or Train-Robber Slye
1 strong 10c advance in most cases to-day. have applied for a writ or habeas corpus
However, a late train of hogs was sold a alleging that the warrant Is defective. '
1 trino easier aitcr me market was prac- -oniK hn h a.i.i
dine of a fraction in Chicago May wheat.
But cash wheat here sold for more moncy
than yesterday. Foreign markets wero
There was little change in the prices of
ccrn. Tho market dropped to c
Cash corn here was rather strong ir than
yesterday. Receipts wero light. Exports
waro large.
The Chicago provision market had to
ittnd a good deal of selling of long
stuff to-day, and prices suffered somo in
consequence. There was a strong opening
with pork up 10c, but prices sagged otter
the first few moments, and closed 5 to 19c
lower than yesterday. Receipts of hogs
were fair. Largo receipts next week are
Chicago, Jan. 9. The following is the
range of prices for active futures:
Jan. a
June ...
May.. ..
tl 43
11 9j
g eo
5 60
5 93
11 30
C 20
5 52
10 30
11 C7K
6 20
tically over and most orders had been
Cattle Receipts, 2,473; calves 43;
shipped yesterday, 1,703. The market gen
erally was activo and strong to higher.
The following are representative sales :
Mo. Wt Price. No. wr Price.
to change
18 CoL.1,493
40 CoL. 1.295
II 42
6 27K
5 60
4 55
4 25
4 00
3 75
3 75
3 70
20 1.194
20 1,2
22 997
45 9.6
1.2 923
. 910
. B3
. 924
. 820
3 Oi
2 90
2 75
2 5J
2 45
2 40
.. 810
.. 491
.. 89(1
.. 903
27 & W.
946 3 33 1 0 LOOS
1 stag.1,243
1 bull. 1,280
1 bull. 800
1 buU.l,U5J
2 05 7 OX,
2 50 14 973
3 40 23 707
230 I
2 00 I lbull..l.700
2 10 lbulL.l,2S)
2 00 I bulL.l.tVjJ
17 civs..
I 00
3 65
a 03
3 60
3 40
2 15
2 10
2 OJ
1 75
1 75
1 50
2 .TO
2 2
2 50
, . . ... ... . .J sprained ankle in 1 to 3 days if applied at
and a just appreciation of the rights once, and to immediately relieve all pain.
-fit 11 1 r a .1 I Cxni I In'prnA .til .11 '
ui tau ptupie nave ueen iorenioat in inei"" ",-' tmc auy om sore on
X I mmm vm ft I I t 1( a
minds of the leaders of that pi!;? BBfcKi'iSSJfi
Will not figures go to show that Chwti Lame Back, Corns. Bunions. For
while the democratic party has ever SS$S
been progressive, -it has carefully Ho ny other white Liniments to be put
guarded the nation's treasury and &mttrffi.JTZ "
Receipts at ChicaTO vojtonlavWhnat
147 oars; corn. 205 cars: oats l.ts rars
E-ttimatcd recclDts Mondav Wheat
120 cars; corn. 200 cars: oats. 140 can:
hogii, 5G XO head.
Tha Chicago Cath Markets.
Cmc too, Jan. 9. Closing cash prices to
day were as follows: Wheat No. 2 spring,
87)c; No. 2 red, 89c Corn-No. 2, 38Jfc;
No. 2 rcllntr mm KJ l. - Kn t)
37K237c; No. 3 yellow, '37c Oats-No.
Hogs Receipts 13.11J; shipped yester
day, 3,420. Tho market was active and lCc
The following are representative salo:
No. Wt. Price. Ho. Wu Price. Xo. Wt. Prle.
4 03 63 27 4 00 CO 283
4 tO 49 3j'J 4. 0 52 3i0
4 00 77 IM 395 73 227
4 DO 63 91 3 95 51 273
4 00 79 241 390 63 207
3 91 73 193 S 90 73 232
8 9.1 f,l 197 383 85 '.(X)
390 Co 233 381 5J 2.0
Cd 341
til 313
64 ai7
CO 334
61 20J
CO 27'J
114 2.V)
M 233
73 2rj
CJ 2iil
44 223
91 214
W li3
bO 183
84 123
3a7J 6tl 201
3S 68 233
3S5 67 209
38) C4 133
S 80 70 277
3 80 81 116
33) 21 113
3 75 77 151
Sheep Receipts, 107; shipmenU yester-
uay. iiw. ine market was strong.
3 $2 CO 195
3N 110 164
43 180
54 1;9
C3 154
13 10J
83 l-'4
40 12)
3 N)
3 SO
3 SO
3 70
3 70
2,23Jfc. Timothy-Jjl.l9Ql.23. Pork, fS.25 ! The following aro rcprcsentaUvc sales:
(28.J5. Lard 16.20(36.22. Ribs 13.50 K'. "Vt Prlee- J"'0- w- rr,-
Kaoiaa City.
Kansas Crrr, Mo., Jan. 9. There was
no advaneo in speculative prices of wheat
to-day, but commission men hero were able
to gttKc tola more than yesterday for
5 50 I S8m&L
4 75 I 21 bulls
Un Stock Kotes.
Dressed beef men bought 1.5SS cattlo
yesterday. Armour bought 713, Fowler
37. Bold 109. Phoenix Packing comnanv.
the tariff on wool and woollens by the
national wool Manufacturers' association.
Twelve breweries in and about Cincin
nati, Ohio, have agreed to form a com
bination similar to that of the whisky
An explosion of gas at the Neilson col
liery, at Shamokin, Pa., killed Philip De
serts and Paul Crunzle and injured six
Clayton Wayne, an Ottawa Indian boy
at Haskell institute. Lawrence. Kan., lost
3 37 his right arm in the steam laundry of the
Charles Beyerleln ot East St. Louis has
fallen heir to a fortune 0 1100,000 left by a
nephew in New York, who be thought to
be a beggar.
It is positively denied that Neal Sims
and the two daughters ot Bob Sims, the
lynched Alabama outlaws, have suffered
death at the hands of Alabamans.
Tho British steamer Crystal from Leith
bound for New York collided with the
steamer Ida at Shields and was so badly
damaged that she sank half a mile off the
south pier.
The coffee crop in prospective in Brazil
is estimated at about 3,C0J,000 bags, which
figure is susceptible of modifications ac
cording to the weather up to the end of
I February.
Heavy snows aro prevailing in York
shire and Dorkshirc, England, and in the
northern part of Ireland. So heavy was
the snowfall In Belfast that traffic has
been partially suspended.
The National association of archi
tectural iron workers has been formally
organized in St. Louis with Jacob Hilkne
or Indianapolis as president and Edward
Wilton ot St. Louis as secretary.
French newspapers are agitating the .
Question of tho withdrawal or British
troops rrom Egypt. They claim that the
ncw Khedive will be merely a puppet in
the hands or tho British government.
1 The Ashburn, a large iron ship in ballast
I bound from SundcrIand,England, to Balti
more, went ashore early Thursday morn
ing on Pairamores beach off the south
eastern coast ot Accomac county, Virginia.
The bequest of 410,0C0 left Bowdoin
college by the late Mrs. Catherine Garcc
Ion of Oakland, Cat,, will not be spent at
once, but as the needs of the different de
partments demand it will probably put
Into use.
3 SO
3 73
3 75
5 5J
1 f

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