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THE I he clear, or a democratic houc will ' the purpo-c .r preventing -i reduction
citit a T X A T A T7ff i.n. mJiw.1i I !ii ilirofi ' in taxation. But si fctart
OJllM-'-r 1 w , ---- '
The J. West Goodwin Printing Co,
Terms of Subscription :
Tbtlr. Intlniliri-Sun.lav. wr year 1 OO
Bundij' edition icr year .
Weekly, 52 nurntwr, per vear.-..
opposition to republican procedure.
A lias been jrencrallv predicted,
the monetary conference, now in ses-
i i
can ic inane no
House will act with decision and limi
ne. Kvery ainount .-aved now will
ii;nnm.li hv o much the burden of
J JJ-rfon at Brussels, will adjourn without . peopc and the einharrassincnt of (
15 the accomplishment of any of the ia-t1L. i)CIU(K.R1tie Administration next1
1 . - .1 ...I . f.... ...1.T..1. Iinturwit Itur rw i I
lenai riauiiMui nmui iin,iuv.us . vt..r
A careful rulin of the pro-, . - .
- I .1 t ........ fl... ..it'll -rr
I'llllMU UlfJ'itM MM!
nr. cecuiHun Mure . . . . ... .....
I conference would lead one to Wlicve ; vice comm.,-..,,. examined ;MM pco
,Ma lImttlM!W u liir,,c ummnt pie, ..fwlml-' I -O were found .,,,,
Wl IIIC U,lu llllllin
All sufncripti-MK payable In advance, and dls- QjjUp,"
continued at emltil nuie pam iur. i m ... p .1 I
now to send hoskv. , cecdin".-; .-nice the organization ot the ,
Bemlttanre may 1 raaile lr draft, money order j
r registerea leiirr, m imr ri.-i.. i
address in lull, including Male aud
Address ... ! , IH'tCllt
u. -o 1 iciuiosm inaiMiii"n. .
lTcMdem n.i .Mmyr. tent ',:ml ,receiveil appoiiiimeni.-, a
I . . .. 1 1... . :.. I . 1
i Lantam msen, who iiasjun '.nn,ir .4: nun ip rnun: 01
tin- previon- year. The piiMirtinn of
women apjxiintetl i- found to be in-crea.-iiur.
and the number of women
promoted for efficiency increa.-e.-. A
number of ca.-es of violation of the
tor Infants and Children.
"CBStoriabsKwcn adapted to chlVlrRiLhAt I Carter! cart Colic, Ootwtlpallon.
: recommend it-riortoanyprccripUoa I g di
known to me." II. A. AncriR, II. D., I ersUon.
Ill So. Oxford St.. Brooklyn. K. T I Without
Sedalia, Mo.
Typhoid fever appear to be di-ap-pearing
from St. Loui.
The treasury deficiency for the cur
rent fiscal vear is S14.G'"."tM, of
which 810,300,000 is due on account i t,nie
of pensions.
plotted sixty-one years of ervi"
the United States senate, keep-
snuff in a box that 'was given .v. by
the great Daniel Webster. An;..i'g
the dL-tinguished men who have inl.cn
a pinch from the Captain's- hi.-toric .jj .t.rvjoe jaw asrAtl.i p.ilitir.il as-
Imix are nearlv all of the great men
who have rcrved in the .-enatc fitun
inurious medication.
Tns Caarracm Compaxt, 77 Murray Street, K. Y.
The democrats should insist on the
admission of New Mexico and Arizona
at the present session. Let the re
publicans put themselves on record.
The news came from Washington
that about sixty of the two hundred
employees of the immigration bureau
will be discharged on account of lack
of funds.
It is not possible that the energetic
citizens of Pettis county will see the
new year come without the subscrip
tion to the S. S. M. & X. road having
been completed.
Citizens of both parties in Arizona
and New Mexico claim the United
States Senators for their respective
norfiiu a nn iiri'iiment iu favor of
their admission as states.
Rusty old guns are now in demand
and command a premium. A Winni
peg merchant, the other day, soldj
6uch a weapon to a raw-looking cus
tomer, who founil $705 in the barrel.
There will be so many foreigners to
feed next summer at the World's Fair
that it is not unreasonable to expect
the price of both wheat and beef
cattle will raise nnd allow the farmer
to smile again.
i-o.vinents wen- reporieu n me aiioi
! nv rnnonil. who took no action while
the da of .Tacksm to the present tn ciet.t; wa-pending and taken
none .-ince. To prevent future .-olin-
T. i T7.., I.".......-- ihi-k -i l-iiiiiiw fit tins Mirt the iiliiilll.-loll
juoge ruMti i j,-"- - j
fitting rebuke to the Kansas state ! recommentls that it be a jtenal olfeiie
i .i :.. u: ciwf nml Him. rout iinti to 1 for anvone to Milicit a iiolitical contri-
ijtuiii tji iii .iiv.it. '."n i
notice an improvement indeed re
, markable; but :us to our common dirt
ro:ub, the method of building, work
ing ami .-upervising, etc., is to-day
precir-cly the same as it
ha-du-rn for generations.
Why ha-i not this imjortant qucs
. taut of good niads liecn agi-
1 i.itul liititr litwr oirik
Gov. Humphreys. He voice, the . l.ution In.m a government empioxe m , . wni,ittl road build-
sentiment of every honest man when any place whatever, hmploycs could i MAml t,(j nmn.h
he said that if stealing an office was ! then contribute if they wi-hed, but; f " ,
reiranled as "stamling up for Kaiwis
he would "sit down." There is alto
gether too much trickery in republican
politics, and it is becoming more and
more apparent with each succeeding
Conservative men of lwth parties
have become alarmed at the increased
proportions of the pciiMons rolls and
are calling for an investigation. The
increase from 875,000,000 in 1870 to
8105,000,000 in 1SH2, is a matter that
demands serious attention in face of
the fact that it consumes more than a
third of the nation's revenue. It is
.11 i-;.rlit tn mv :i neiisiou to the de
serving, but the time has" come when
the camp skulkers should be shut oil'.
Gov. Francis has scmi-olfieially an
nounced that he cannot consider any
new cases for pardon. He says he
has more cases submitted and awaiting
action than he can dispose of during
the remainder of his term ami do jus
tice to other duties, ami that no new
thev would not be ar-ked to do mi.
An adventurer is extensively ad
vertised in Sedalia by circulars and in
in the columns of the city press, that
he will lecture at Wood's opera house
to-night ami to-morrow night on Ca
tholociMii. Thir- manV name is Slat
terv and he claims to be an ex-priest.
The truth of the latter proposition is
seriously questioned by many. The J In;re f trt roads.
methods and the wonlin-r of the ad-.
vcrtising matter circulated indicate
that Slattery i endeavoring to hood
wink the people secure their attend
ance at the so called lift ure charg-
But siioiMise we had good roads.then
what ?
They would make it jMissible for the
farmers to take advantage promptly
of the highest market, no matter at
what reason of the year.
They would save him days and
weeks of time which he wastes every
year wallowing through the disgusting
basis, then and not until then, can we
expect good country roads.
The Markets.
Kansas City, Mo. Dec 10. A.. 1rr
I am too busy open-
ing goods to write a
detailed "ad" as to
prices. I will -ive a
few items that vou may
and thev are called so
by other houses, but
with us every item of
our stock is a leader in
itself and commands
the attention of every
close buyer.
Doll for lc, dolls for
5c, great big dolls for
10c, sreat bi doll 25
. ? 1.1... liTitiintitj
r,oo. steers dnii audi o t. 15 cent.-pressed with a bonnet,
lower : top steers selling at fed ; cows y
They would retluce to a minimum
the wear and tear on wagons and car-
I petitions would lie considered .111. .,, ,.,,, ,
, . 1 ..T. I.. ...... I .... I c I
tliisiaic uiness new kviuviito ..
1111 admis-ion and making a tlis-
m-il iVihiro of what he claims to bean
exposure. Catholocism or jinite.-tant- j
ism cannot be hurt or he trailed 111 the
dust by a mountebank. let him come
bv what name he chooses. Slattery V
advertisements smack of an attempt
to get the peoples" money by their
credulity and curiosity ami he should
not be patronized. If Jie lectures pay
J no attention to bun. I le and his rant-
Tk iw.lM.iv .nlvnrtispr i abroad in I come to IMit since the conviction ofj
the land, and it may be remarked tub j the prisoner establishing his innocence !
. - 1 I T . ...... i
roa that he is the popular man of the ' of the crime chargeil. Parties con- j
day. In addition to the lonts 01 ere- temjuaung going 10 .leiicrsou v,u i ;
1 ..i.:i.i-nn ...i.,..- .... l.i int-rA-tiwl in ' .
ailOIl, wouieu anil ciiimicn s'"i; unutui uihuik i-
1 .. - 1 .r ... 1
praise of him and his wares
The holiday trade will be very large
this year, and dealers who judiciously
ailverii.-c their wares will get the lion's
share of it. Modestly, but emphati
cally, it, may be stated, that as a me
dium between the merchant and the
people, th: Bazoo is unequalled.
this information.
Bradstreet's trade summary reports
almost unexampled prosperity alfc over
the country. What else could have
been expected when the glad tiding:
The many friend- of Hon. George
. Lougan here and elsewhere are
ging him to lieconie an applicant t
or apiMiintnient to tne ihisuioii 01
United States district attorney for the
tj 1. . ti.n ..ii.iw- 1.1.1111.! Vptfrn district of Missouri bv
XI. Oil Ullk IVilsll, .in-i ...... 1 . . w- ...... .
ties fail to raise the required sub-crip-1 President-elect Cleveland ami it is
tion to the Springfield, S., M. & X. ,.j)ai,lc that Mr. Longan will consent
R.IL the 8100,000 to be raised l.y. f minC . tIml
Greene county should be placed in es-, .
crow as a bonus to the first railroad J wt:ii before Mr. Clevelan.ls inau-
.1 -It 1 i. I .:.... C1.,..1,I l.a .l.a b Iwi Will
that will oe ouui lino mis cuv iiuiiiui-.muu. '"iui .......j m
the Missouri River. Sedalia "is slow j have a united and enthusiastic siipiort lM"'tuHce :ls public highways and be
. . ....... srt 1 1 - . 1:. 1 . I 1 HA.....i7. ...I,. !... tin, ct-ito
They would lessen the expense of
keeping horses in working order, and
fewer horses would le required in the
country to perform the farmer's
Thev would require less to keep
them in repair than do the dirt road.
Thev would make it easier tor a
tram to null several tons over their
smooth surface than to draw a wagon
through the mud.
They would afford ready communi
cation with the outside world at all
seasons of the year.
They would" save the fanner many
vexations and nervous strains.
They would practically shorten the
distance to the local market.
Thev would increase the demand
for country and suburban property.
Well, admitting this, to be true,
what U the best remedy for our pres
ent trouble? 1'irst. our roads slial
be classified under three heads, viz
State roads, county roads and town-
hip roads with reference to their 1111-
Good hoiw steady : others weak to 5
cents lower. All grades 84.75 (
0.25 ; bulk 8(5.05 fi.15. Sheep re
ceipts 1,100; shipments none un
changed. ST. l-OL'IS STOCK.
St. Ijjiis, Dee. 10. Cattle receipts 700 ;
vtn-.,K- IIikts. 1.200: market steady;
prices raiiKe from $5.80 to li.10; rlivvp,
400; linn.
ciucAdo ritnncvi-('iMi-ir.ii
IW. 10. Cliwi- Xw. 2 wheat
cash 722; Jan. 7:12; May. -17 J. Oats rteady
cash 'Ml Jan :51i. fork steady cash $1.41i;
Jan. $L"Vi ; Slav Sl..ri7."i. Itrd steady
rash i'Mll Jan. S7I;May $SHVi. Short
rihbs cash 50l-; Jan.l..
yj-r fj.i-ii IKh-. 10. Clir-eil Wheat.
c-ish. lietter (S1. OntintK steady, Dec. fSl,
Jan. IRI, Mav 7."i J, J ill v 7J. Corn higher
cash :JS,' lee.":Wl, Jan. liS'i, Feh. :, Mav
A'.l. "ats cah linn :rj, May niser i.
rrfc, linn, jobbing SH.au. l-ini ingiier
Cl).."0 (jfj $J.C-21. .
ClUCAOO. Iec. 10. Cattle Keccijit
. iiui. wliiiimi-nu 1.10(1 ; slow, steauv:
Chriinia-li!Vcs$S7ri;piol toelmleesti-ers
$M0C" iw' metlitim 5;.i.i (" ; cnia-
inon, S2..l.i ; .-W; ciws s-i.i. ( w;
lw.lf..r.s7.".ri..:!.ri(l: stiK.-kersS1.70c -r0;
fi-ederSifiOfn :U0. Hos -Kceeipts 12,-
r.iui. .l.;.,,.ii.t JirMMi- niM-ned stron:;.
""l -j- - 1 1
..i.w.l ."w. i.i. 10 ii'iiK lnu-i-r: rni"h and
iiiinmonS-i.7r ( ."iJJTi; iiaekins and mixed
S-VJOf' liS; prime, heavy SoVM) (t ti.4.
II.....I...N sa: t. :ai liniiL j it iir u..;.
Pi;:-! and skip SLoO ( - &eep
lamU Kvceipts 1,')00; shipments C00
s-lronfT. iirisiinai -.. ,
1 i..:.i...n l-mil. sXV7."i f i!.2": natives S-l
i.ii 1 1 "i ti.... ...... - - . m
(., UHl, TexansSM;t)( -l.'.K); lam! S.t.i-
in raLing 800,000, which is not credit
able to that rich ami enterprising city.
Spmvjfiehl fonder.
Don't nt unea.-v. neiirhlior. Lar'e
0 . i 1 .
KK. .ln.K. nA '1iAnt1itimi.i
limilC? V r-H7i . umi v. ...... x. . .11
r1. ----- i:. .a democrat. A more .icscrvcu aj-
was flashed over the country mat .or v ,-.,. .,. hc Ilia(le. Mr,
r 1 1 1 . -. 1 1. " 111 11 n t iniA ill h or IlillMl UUMl slIMnt1. .1
c i. .1 .,..-.n,.,tiJ..fv maintained, respectively, by the state,
and a stn.ngsiip1orLfr..m many other ".nnty and township, each division
sections of the state where he is well
and favorably known as a lawyer and
It seems, from recent reporls, that
the custom of stringing a prisoner up
by the neck to make him confess that
he has fractured the law still obtains.
In cae the results arc fatal, of course
that is the prisoner's fault: he should Mast year.
know better than to have so weak a
" q"-,; , , .,
Our people know a good thing, when 1 crvc. u,,s , mniy accepi-
L.Li iwor- n..,;.. 81 1 'v the legislature, where his talent
th. S S M. t X.. is ours i l'11 h,m :l "sl"'!. lM,t"-
In spite of the cholera this fall both
.... j - 1 .in'
T ' I .1.. .. ..,.!
unncu Jiiaies iiicrca.M.11 giiiiu i tatiou
ror the twelve months'
Prince Bismarck has 50,000 inves
ted in Milwaukee street railway stock,
and when he and William fail entire
ly to hit it off he can go to that city
and try his hand at directing city
street railways. A man with his ex
perience in directing ought to make a
success ot it.
The proposals to suspend immigra
tion for one year does not meet with
very general favor. Indeed, it is rad
ically wrong, unless an emergency
arises, not now on the surface.
America should invite a good class of
immigration as well as take measures
to keep out paupers and irreconcila
Last Friday Hon. Jno. J. O'Neill
eerved a notice of contest on Chas. F.
Joy, to a seat in congress from the St.
Louis district, and claims to have in
disputable evidence of fraud on the
part of the republicans which will en
title him to the seat. The facts must
lie has served his countv four year.-
us nrosecutimr attorney, in which im-
the imports and the exports of the'jj,,,, j,c m jstly acquired the repu-
of a vigorous and an efhcient
iro.MHMitor. He has served !ii party
endingOcL "A our exports were $082,-, faithfully as chairman of the county
844, 685. For the year ending Oct. ventral committee of this county, and
31, 1891 they amounted to $!27,!10.-' ; t.r
wavs. always being subject to
012. Next year if all goes well, tl ' tin. n!l f Iiis iarty ami renly to re
United States will ship to foreign;.. ,1 He w well oiialified as a law-
countries over a billion dollars worth 1 VIT . ., (binix-rat to fill with credit
of American products. Step by step' t. jMMtioii for which his friends are
1 I ? .. ..I .1.?. ...... ' . .. , .....
eacn year me mimics.- m mis h1111. urging nun, ami nw appoininieni
country grows. ror the twelve Would be a most worthy one. A lict-
months ending Oct. 31, 1801 our im
ports footed up $810,002,822. For
the like period tins year nicy are
The most important duty of the
present session of Congress i- to re
trench in the public expenditures. A
begiuning was made at the last ses
sion iu some directions, but more re
mains to Ih done. To avoid a new
taxation or a new debt the expenses
of the government must lie cut down
at least 850.000.000 a year. It may
not lie possible to do all this until the
Democrats shall come into full poscs
sion of the government, and can re
peal some of the permanent appropri
ations made by the republicans for
ter or more .-ati-faetory one could not
be made.
looking after its particular class of
roads. Then abolish our present sys
tem of road overseers and
have instead a state road commis-
iiinpr who shall uc a siate 01-
licer, then a eouuty roat
ojich county and a
supcriniendent of highways for each
township, so that the labor sind money
could be expended in a judicious, sys
tematic manner under the State Com
missioner through his subordinates.
There is no question .but what thous
ands of dollars are annually thrown
away upon our own roads under our
present system which would be saved
if expended under the direction of
efficient capable officers.
Another evil which should be rem
edied is the wagon tire. All wagons
used for hauling on our country roads
should have tires from three to five
inches wide so that instead of cutting
up the road way into deep rub", it
would have more the effect of a roller,
each wagon packing or rolling the
ground until the roadway would be
come smoothc and bard.
France leads the world
We note with intense gratification
the carnc-t, determined, systematic
work now 1 icing done in behalf of
ll. I u 1 . " 'I'l.n .I..1a .Mill 111 !.
"(MHI rOIUIS. lilt ..unit luiiuiii 1 ,111.
1... .. !....:.. ;....! in the matter of nood roads and much
press, piiipu, nr-miiii, lur-iinji? .1.111.. . .. i-i l
and fireside-has at last come to real- " her success in this regard is due to
ize how far liehind the times we are in P'er magnificent system of working the
the matter of road building, and is
clamoring for good country roads.
The nineteenth century has witness
ed a most wonderful advancement in
the scientific and mechanical world in
line of business, in all the different
avenues of the commercial world we
highways ami also the wide tires used
upon all her vehicles, especially the
heavy wagons.
Until we adopt something of a simi
lar nature in this country and revolu
tionize our road building, placing it
ujion a common sense business like
:er ; iop steers semog iu e ; ms
idy to 5 cents lower; top grades! only 25c; DliJSjer 'aild
selling at 5?4; stoKers aim ieeuers aim -
Texas steers quiet feeding and stockers better, OOC; a beauty,
selling at 3.85 for liest grades. Hog . . . . .
receipts 0,700; shipments 1,000. niCCiy dreSSed 111 Single
J 1 ...1 1. .. -; -' -
boxes 30 inches in
length, 50c; kid body
dolls from 20, 24c,
49c, 99c ; iron tire en-
mnoc rmnb-c nnd lnd-
ders, trains of cars, hose
carts, tin toys, mechan
ical toys, mechanical
engines, 25c ; children s
kitchen sets, china
dishes, toy tubs, clothes
rineers, rattles, horns,
chimes, drums, rocking
horses, shoe flys,
wagons, toy pianos,
bed room sets and
other things to numer
ous to mention.
A larore line of La
dies and Gents pocket
books and purses at all
prices and qualities.
Jewelry bond gold
rings, rolled plate,
breast pins, baby pins,
earrings, scarf pins, cuff
A few leaders in
Furnishing Goods
Infants wool hose, 5c,
up ; Ladies wool hose,
10c, 15c, 20c, 25c.
Ladies mereno wool
vests and pants at $1
a suit, worth $1.50.
Gents heavy Jersey
overshirts, lace front.
43c, 50c, worth 7oc.
Gents white mereno
underwear, 43c each,
85c suit, worth $1.25.
A large line of fancy
motto Handkerchiefs,
5c. A line of Ladies
25c Handkerchiefs this
week for 15c.
Come and see the many bar
gains we have for you.
All Millinery at less man.
cost, to close.
Remember the number.
Remember the place.
313 Ohio Street. 313
The Racket.
Drirrlptlon orn Ob 'slnff. Alwayi Well-
llch.lTrd Jlaldrn.
Sir Edwin Arnold eives a very pret
ty description of tho dainty little Jap
anese table waitress:
She nover speaks or settles to any
serious duty of tne enieruunmeni
without falling on hor little knees,
smoothing her skirt over them, and
knocking her nice little Uat nose on
tho Boor, and will cither demurely
watch you use your chopitick. in re
spectful silence, or prettily converse,
and even offer her advice as to the
roost succulent dishes and tho best
order in which to do them justice.
It is not so very difficult to use the
chopsticks, those simple knives and
forks of Eastern Asia, if you learn the
secret of the guiding hnger Deiween
them. Otherwise you will drop the
fin.t mouthful from the soup bowl on
vour shirt front to the gentle but
never satirical laugnier 01 juu-
Amwl thn talk that buzzes arouna
you will have inquired of her already:
-What is your nonoraoio namor uu
iXmm mnv are vour honorable
vears?" and she will hare told you
. ... ... , i " i
that she is aiissaiar. -Miaa v.u;
li&" or "Miss Antelope" and that she
was 18 or otherwise on her last birth
day. Shn raiinsols vou to seize that tiny
lump of yellow condimont with your
chopsticks, to drop it in tho soy. to
stir up and flavor these with the pinlc
flakes of salmon, and you get on fam
ously, watched by her with the warm-
oat no rcAn I
Jiow and again she shuffles forward
on her small knees to fill your cup or
rearrange the confusion into which
your little bowls and platters have
somehow fallen, always with a con
summate grace, modesty and good
breeding. With the condiments hor
little fingers havo mixed, the uncookea
trout is so good that you cease pres
ently to feci like a voracious seal and
wonder if it be not wrong, after all.
to boil or fry anything.
Environed by all these tiny dishes,
n.i liiri.iii- i'.iiinrint? from one to an
other, you begin at last to be con
nf bavin? dined extraordinarily
wriL So vou say: -Mo yoroshii" (It
is enough), and tho service relapses s
Uttle for music ana aancmy.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria,

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