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", in. or 10 vcars, with privilege
of rcpavin:- PART OR ALL AT
ANY TIME. I aU write Insur
ance. W. H. RlTCHEY,
114 Ka-t Second St.. Sedalia. .Mo.
Sedalia, Mo..
TniAY. m.,y::o. 1M::.
Points of Interest About Peo
pie You Know or Hear of.
-E. V. AchiMin Nat the I.etiraude.
J. W. Keeil, of Temple. Texas '
the Sicher.
Mrs. Owen l!rown left vi-tenlav
"Visit the World's fair.
George Wright left yesterday for St.
Xouis t.o sjiend Sunday.
II. A. Klyman and S. A. Millen.of St.
Xouis, are at the Sicher.
O. L. Faulhaber, Esq., will arrive
irom Germany this morning.
' Mis Lottie Gueles, of Parsons, Kan.,
is the guest of Mr. E. G. Felty.
The irrepressible Jack Carter, of the
Xaruontc llioml. wa in town ye-terday.
Major Henry A. Peed, editor of the
Sweet Sidings imiH. wa. in town yester
day. Mrs. J. I. Gantt, of Clinton, was in
Sedalia vesterdav on her war to Jefl'ersoii
Isaac Wolf, Esq.. who lias lieen in 11
lieu 1 th for sometime. is letter and on the
Walter SJiirk, of Tojieka arrived in
the city yesterday to visit relative and
Kev. Alexander Alien, of the Calvary
J-!piscopal church, was a passenger ea-t,
Kev. T..M. G.bb, pastor of the M. E.
Cliurc-li, .oiitii, at Lexington, returned
Lome yesterday.
IIuv, G. "W. Hvde, an eminent I'aplist
umiister, arrived trout Lexington vester-
day afternoon.
Mr- and Mrs. G. X. Hound returned
yesterday from a pleasant and interesting
trip to tlie .Worlds lair.
Prof. A. II. Sa liter, one of lloonville's
mort prominent bachelors and musicians.
"Was in rxHialia yesterday.
Kev. Dr. J. C. Hart-ell, of Cincinnati,
is the sliest ol Kev. A. K. Lronce, pastor of
the first M, b. Uiurcli.
Mr. Joseph Hughes, who had liven
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Kolaud Hughes at
Parsons, returned home last evening.
Mrs. Mont Games, after a delightful
"Visit m Springfield, retunied home last
evening. Her many friends welcome her
"Tip" White who has !cen absent
Jrom this citv for some time, returned last
"week. His manv friends welcome him
Frank W. Eichelberger, Ej., a promi
nent lawyer of .Southern Iowa, arrived in
the city tiiis morning and i the guest of
his hrother-in-law, 11. A. Pratt.
Kev. U. II. Kriggs, of the Southern
Methodist Church, preached at Dresden,
Friday night, and passed through Sedalia,
.yesterday, on his way to Jefferson City.
Miss Allie Hardy, an attractive young
lady from Lamonte, who had leen a guest
of Misses Sailie and Stella Lyons, at ItfiM
Lamine street, returned home yesterday
The .National Kailway Surgeons' con
Tention of the United States will meet in
Omaha May 31, continuing three days.
Drs. E. F. Yancey and W. C Overstreet,
of Sedalia. will attend it.
M. V. Shook, who attends IJrown's
Fchoolof telegraphy, went to Windsor Fri
day evening, where it is altogether proba
bly one of Windsor's fairest young ladies
will great him with "hello! sweetheart."
Hon. C. C. liell, wife and daughter,
of 15oonville, were in Sedalia yestenlay,
ru route to Oregon, Holt county from which
place, after visiting a few days, they will
goto Chicogo and sjieud a month at the
World s lair.
Hob Willett will spend the Miuinier
with Frederick Wanle, at the latter's sum
mer home, White Lake, Sullivan county,
2C. Y. Hob will also likely viit his Seda
lia friends lieforc the oeliiiig of the next
theatrical season.
(). M. Krooks, manager if the Over
vtreet Pharmacal company, has sent in his
resignation, to take eflecfjuiie 1. He will
enjoy a brief vacation, but has not yet de
cided as to what his next step will lie. His
Lost of friends will wish to see him remain
in Sedalia, where he is mi highly esteemed.
r-Kev. I)r. J. 15. Fuller, pastor of the
Tirst Kaptist church, left ye-terday after
noon for Lexington, where, to-day, he
jmsiches the commencement sermon of the
iapli.-t Female college. The eloquent
gentleman will doubtless delight all who
may have the good fortune to hear him on !
tins occasion.
Prof. Charles Ellis was in Sedalia ves
terday on his way to Ixiugwood. Last Fri
tlay he closed a thn-e months school in the
Thatcher district, near Green Kidge, where
he gave so much satisfaction that his
salary has liven increased and he has Iven
engaged to teach an eight months term,
beginning in September. This is a well
merited honor.
Mr. F. ISehnke and his accomplished
wife have made preparations to leave to
morrow for Chicago, where thee will take
in all the sights at the World's fair.
Thence they will go to Wyoming. Iowa,
where they will participate "in a familv re
union, an interesting incident of winch
will be the meeting of Mr. liehnkeand his
sister for the first time after a separation
of twenty-one years. Tub Kazoo wishc-s
these Sedalians a happy time and afe rc
tnrn. Lane's Meoicine Moves the Bowel: Each
Jn order to be healthy this is neceaary.
When a man's in love lie Ioes not know
The time of day, nnr rain from .-now,
Xor enough to eat when an edge i set
On Jiis appetite: hut yon ran let
The price of roses he's bound to know,
Ami of Iivcrv team-, both fat anil "low.
Ihtrt'it tribune.
When a man's in love he docs, not know
Whether the winds Mow high or low,
To eat or drink he wouhl not tir.
I!ul buys icecream and "gum" for "her,'
lint when the hill rome in yon Nt
lie knows enough to kiek and sweat.
l'nif. Oivelhiss class in double entry
liook-kceping u ill meet in the lempsev
htiildiug at 8 o'eliM'k Monday night.
Henry I'rowthcr, who has a line or
chard on the southern limits of the citv.
think hi fruit crop will W light, owin
to the odd. wet weather.
Capt. IHck Kaker had a great deal of
slHirt on Flat I "reek vctcnlav. Uesides
catching four line catfish, he killed a mad
dog. The Captain got in a good day's
The contractor is at work taking np
and rehiring the tiling in the alley lie
tween Second and Third streets, from Ohio
to Limine. The ditch is now oeii and
the red lights are shown on I-amine street.
A carriage containing Mr. Thomas
Sturgi and Mrs. W. Kanisey, iipse at the
corner of Ohio and Second streets. The
iip-et re-lilted from making the corner too
rapidly and ahniptlv. Fortunately the
occupants ccsaped uninjured
-Hilly Owens," Mr. Frank McAllister's
noted young trotter, that had his leg
broken sometime ago, is so far recovered,
through the treatment of Ir. Smith, as to
bi able to return to the turf. He isexjiectcd
to break the leconl this season.
There will lie quite an interesting
game of base hall at the Association park
Decoration day. Manager Hull's youths
will on that day proceed to wijie up the
earth with Moberly's crack team. The
game will lie called at 3:30 p. ni.
Charlie Pierce, a St. Itiis liquor
drummer, was m town yestenlay. I.ast jail
he won SH21 on Cleveland and Stoic Yes
terday he received a telegram while at
Sichers', that he had got caught to the
tune of some 1,700 in a little bucket shop
deal in Chicago.
The Co-lctt bnithers, James and
Joseph, w ho were arraigned in the Jioltce
court Saturday morning for disturbing the
j-cace, on complaint of A. J. Allen, have
swornouta warrant liefore Judge I-cvcn,
lor the arrest ot Allen lor nuke int.iction
of the Jaw. This is a sort of retaliatory
Miss Shelton Wins the Excur
sion To the World's Fair
' With Over 4000 Votes.
Last iiiirbt vitne?scl tliu close of
the teacliers contest winch lor some
time has been running in the Bazoo
fid which lia? caused much energetic
work by the friomls of thore who
rceojrnizcd the I.zoo'e oiler as an ex
ceptional one.
At firt, votes were sent in for man'
teacher?, but at last the contest nar
rowed down and it was- soon seen that
the prize belonged to cither Mi
Jackson or Hsi Shelton. The friends
ot both these ladies were determined
to win and several times it appeared
that the contest would be diflictilt to
determine to which the prize should
be awarded.
The friends of Miss Shelton, how
ever, made a grand rally and 918
votes were cent in for her which put
he so far bej-ond her competitors
t"iat of course the prize will become
The figures uwlay areas follows :
Miss Emma Shelton -M"l
" " vt.... .mi-.-.
Hallie IVt .8 1
Kettle Hopkins 11)10
Lida Kurres: 410
Hattie Gold- V.U
Eliza Nichols 41
n it
Iiirdie .ShaOer... VAH)
Mattie Letts lii'l
Mrs. J. K. Wilcox : Hi:
" " Lilly l!erry 10?
Mrs. Carrie Ibgbw 119
" " IJessie Willi.im.,. 'S,S
" " Hattie Van Antwerp-
As it will be seen, Miss Jackson
rank second, Miss Io-t third and Miss
Hoiikins fourth. All of these
are lovely and accomplished ladies
and the Bazoo only wishes that all
could be able to go on its excursion.
As it is Miss .Shelton has fairly won
-11 !
ine nonor ol hcmg tlie most noimiar
teacher and hence the excursion will
be hers. She is a resident of Morgan
county but formerly mught in this
; citv and was a great favorite here.
Tin: Kazoo join with her many
fricmls in congratulations.
More Teachers Elected.
The menilers of the Sedalia school
board held a business meting yester
day. Miss Sue Kernoodie was elected
principal of Summit school. Miss
Mamie Wilson, pupil teacher, and
Misses Mattie Arey, Berta Spicer,
Ethel McCluney and Daisy Btimgar
ner, graduates of the high school this
year, supernumeraries to fill vacancies
;is the- may occur.
The Three Graces
are represented with iierfi-clly develojKiI
forms U-aiity and health combined. So
decayiil-ttMiihitl man or woman can lie
healthr, Ihcaiim! digestion must he imiKT
fect. UM:.SOZOIK)NT,get healthy Ulh,
g km! digestion and a sound body, "llevive
the lliiee graces.
Ringling Bros.' Mammoth Cir
cus Pavilion Levelled To
The Ground.
People Panic-Stricken Excit
ing Scenes and Incidents
Not On the Program.
Thewomcn last night forgot in their haste
That to rai-e high their skirts is very xw
When in public, but law!
The men were too scared to tell what they
Scores of Sedalians had experiences
last night which most of them wi
likely remember long after the
World s fair has become only a fade
J he mornintr opened cool au
cloudy and tlie sunbeams broke but
fitfully through the ttnpropitious sky
1 lie day was anything but prouusin
for the Kiugliug Bros., whose great
shows arrived early.
Hundreds of visitors came to town
however, and thousands of people wit
nesscd the grand parade at ten o clock
The afternoon exhibition was largely
attended, but by the time the perfor
mance had closed a drizzling ram
set in.
At seven o'clock in the even
when the doors opened, the rain was
coming down at a lively rate ami wa:
beating through the seams of the
splendid canya. However, aw or
400 people had passed in and were
making the rounds ot the menagerie
Far along the western horizon were
dense masses ot dark and ominou
clouds. J he experienced circus men
on the outside looked uneasv, for
their practiced eves seemed to sec
something more than rain. A tornado
was brewing.
The spectators hoisted their uni
brellas awl circled around the catre.-
viewing the huge liipiMipotamus, the
laughing hyena, the long-neckei
giralie, the lions, the tigers, the par
rots, the nionkevs, the sacred cow.
the henls of elephants and drome
J lie red-coated hand m the mam
moth circus and hippodrome pavilion
struck up an liisiurinir air and about
200 persons had taken their
seats while the min beat upon them
ami the wind was growing stronger.
Then the vivid lightning liegan to
flash and play around the horizon,
the wind still growing stronger
and the jrrcat pavilion sway
ed to and fro fearfully
The baud men held to their seats and
kept plavinir. out when the large
poles encircling the hippodrome track
began to lift and swing ami plunge,
the people sitting on that side and
those in the reserved seats on the east
side commenced a mad stampede. Mr.
Alfred Kingling appeared promptly
on the scene and told the panic-strick-en
crowd to run out the main entrance
and westwanl.
The musicians maintained their po
sitions and kept playing, thci music
mingling with the roarol thunder and
sounds of the terrible tuniulL
In the next instant one of the mas
sive center poles snapped in two, the
west wall of the huge canvas was
lifted from its moorings and came
down with a crash. Then the next
moment, the whole pavilion, heaving
like some mighty balloon, was lilted
high in the air and collapsed, falling
in a great shapeless mass. .Light
were extinguished, the darkness was
pitchy, the taiu was falling turiotislv
The screams of men, women and chil
dren, the crash of poles and seats and
scenery, the thunder's roar and the
keen flashing of the lightning made
up a thrilling scene.
A Bazoo representative and a
young printer fiom the same office,
had come down from their reserved
seats and were standing conveniently
near an opening in the canvas witli
Mr. B. Quiscnberry, the stenogra
pher, who was kindly sharing with
them his umbrella, and watching the
stampede. When the crisis came, the
t'iree friends did not pause to say good
bye, but made a frantic dash for the
Whatever became of Quiscnberrv
remains a mystery. The last seen of
him he was headed for Flat creek.
Trent struck a Nancy Hank's gate,
cleared, like a deer.a barb-wire fence,
which stood in his way, and was found
roaming around on the prairie in the
ram, in a sadly dazed condition.
Capt. T. 0. Holland and two other
men were standing together, when
they were knocked down by a plung
ing pole and caught under the canvas.
The Captain, who distinguished him
self in Pickett'n charge at Gettys
burg, says that he doesn't want
another such experience as last night.
He crawled almut halt way round the
iippodromc track, through the mud,
looking for an air hole or a place of
escape, finally tic touml one. His
companions got out Rifely, but one
mourns the loss ot a new hat.
Some of the ladies fared badly, and
several nf them made records as sprint
ers, unite a number lost their bats
and other wearing apparel. All were
fearfully frightened and some of them
gave an arenic performance not down
on the programme.
Every available canvasman was
set to work to save the big menagerie
tent. It set southaud north and not
being so large, and being more firmly
secured, stood the stress of the storm.
A part of the fleeing crowd took
refuge there. The mixture of fright
ened people, unruly animals, the
waviiig of the tent and the tumult of
the tornado was extremely thrilling.
An ellort was made to get the herd of
elephants out, but they stolidly refus
ed to move.
After a Inlf hour the fury of the
gale subsided, but the rain fell in tor
rents and the lightning and thunder
grew more terrific.
The people, drenched to the skin,
made their way home as liest they
could, or took refuge in neighboring
houses along Park avenue and Thml
street. The performers, who-e ward
robes sufleretr sadly, reached their
hotels late in the night. The group
of little Japanese actors, when they got
mlii Hotel Kaiser, were nearly drownot
ami kept themselves busy helping
each other to ring the water from
their clothing.
The fat woman, weighing 510
pounds, in the side show, got very
wet. In fact, she was so thoroughly
soaked as to he Wholly unmanageable,
until a fire was built around her and
she was dried out. She absorbed
more ntin than half a dozen other peo
ple put together.
J he canvasinen had an ugly job
frftftifur tlirk iriit tmit in Timlin tn lifl
on the wagons. Hundreds of holes
were torn in it by lioles, or cut in it
y people seeking to escape. Xot
until tour o clock this morning was
the wreck cleared up, when the first
section ol cars left for loouvillc. 1 he
second section pulled out an hour
Frederick L. Longan Dies
His Home at Houstonia
This Morning.
Frederick L. Longan. an old and
prominent resident of Houstonia, died
arly this morning. His death was
lue to paraly.-is. The funeral will
take place at 2 p. in., Saturday, at
the family burial grounds near Hous
The deceased was born in Boonville
nearly 71 years ago. He moved to
Iettis county about lb;. He
was a most successiul tanner
ind stock raiser anil at the
time of his death was the iHis-essor of
-400 acres of fine lands near Houstonia
For the past few years he has resided
in Houstonia witli ins sons, who are
imminent business men of that place.
iJeiiiles an aged wile, -Mr. -Longan
eaves four sons to mourn his death
The sons are: W. F., cashier Hons
tonia bank ; II. A., druggist and
lostmnster: D. E. and J. C, drv-
goo 's merchants and grain ami stock
lealers. He was nu uncle ot Hon.
George F. Longan of this citv.
Mr. Longan was a man held in
very high esteem by his acquaintances,
who arc legion both in Pettis and
Cooper counties and it will be with a
pang of deep sorrow that they will
learn ot his demise.
Of Applicants in Sedalia Under
the Civil Service Rules.
There was held in Sedalia, vester-
lav, the first examination of appli
cants lor post-ofiicc positions under
the new civil service rules.
There were fifteen of these appli
cants, but only eleven put in an ap-
caraiicc at the appointed hour.
1 he examination was held at the
roverntiieiit building in which the
po-t-oflice is located.
Ine board of examiners was com-
osed of W. H. Harris, of the mailing
lepartmcnt; C. W.Tunihani, carrier,
and "W. II. Nichols, of the registered
clter department.
bix scaled blanks, each having
sepcrate set of miestions,
tad been forwanled to the board, and
were not opened until the examina
tion was begun, at 9:o0 o'clock, a. m.
1 lie applicants were questioned, one
by one, on orthography, copying pen
manship, arithmetic, local delivering
and reading addresses.
There were fifty of these addresses,
representing names and localities in
many parts of the United States ami
other parte of the world. Some of
these were puzzlers, Moute Video,
Uruguay, lieing one of them. One
well known Sedalian "fell down" on
lis addtess.
The examination was a written one.
There was one colored applicant
Coughing Leads to Consumption.
Kemp's Balsam stops the cough at once
Still at Large and Probably- En
joying Himself At the
World's Fair.
The lone robber who held up and
robbed the Pacific Express car, near
Pacific, Mo on last Wednesday night,
is still at large and but very little
chance of his ever being captured,
unless some one to wnoni ne lias un
folded the robbery should give him
away. There was but one man involv
ed in the robbery. This is now settled
lieyond a doubt, as the engineer, fire
man, expressman and baggageman all
say that only one man was visible. All
throughout yesterday and up to a late
hour last night, hundreds of clews
have found their way to police head
quarters. Some give descriptions of
mysterious men on horseback who
were seen in some cases many hundred
miles away lrom the scene of the rob
bery, while others espied two mysteri
ous men talking to each other at a
depot near Omaha. As these clews
are of not much importance to the
police they lay them aside.
The ground where the robbery oc
curred was again visited yesterday by
Detectives Allender and Smith, and
carefully gone over in hopes that the
"Black Bart" of the East, as he is now
called, should accidently have left
some clew behind him. Nothing that
would furnish a clew,, however, was
discovered, and at a late hour last
night the detectives returned to the
city with no information at all. The
robber was evidently a professional
and no larmer, as it is supposed tor
He lias not lelt a trace ot any kind be
hind, and has disappeared as if the
ground had swallowed mm. Detec
tives Allender and Smith are working
in the dark, they not having any
material to go on.
J.a.-t evening the express messenger
Samuel Hammel, ami At cuumoiis,
the baggageman, called at police head
quarters and again i elated their ex
perience of the robliery. It was taken
down in writing, and was the same
that has already been published in the
G'fo'v-Ihmocnil. The amount taken
by the robber, so say the express peo
ple, will not reach over $1200. This,
however, is not believed by the know
ing ones, and it is the opinion that
the amount secured wa.- in the neigh
borhood of SoO.OOO, for the reason
that if the thief had not secured a
number of packages containing cur
rencv from the safe he never would
have dumped over SoOO of the $1000
ag ot silver into a corn field three
blocks from the robbery.
Intormation was given that on the
lav letore the .robbery a voting
man, who now answers the description
of the robber, went into the powder
store of Latlin & Hand, Second and
Pine streets, and wanted to purchase
some dvuamitc,claimiug that he want
ed to iise it to kill fish. When the
young man was informed by the clerk
that there was a law against such do-
itigs, he appeared very cool, anil said
he knew that, but where he proposed
to kill the fish he knew it would lie all
right, as he was acquainted with the
country and many persons in the vi
cinity. The clerk informed
the police that the man
acted strangely, though very
cool. Similar inforiration came from
other powder dealers in the city, and
when the detectives got through with
the investigation, they concluded that
the purchasing ot dynamite by young
is U'cll us old people was a daily oc
currence, and that the one who
wanted to purchase the dynamite at
the Lathi it Kami store was not the
The onlv reward ollered for the
robbers capture so far has lieen S300
mil this was ollered by the governor.
The express officers have not as yet
ollered any reward. GMic-Denwcrnt.
The Mis-onri Pacific proposes to in-,tl'
. . 1 ..
create and improve its tacilities lor'
andling World s Fair traffic. In the i
first ill ace, the time between St. Louis
ml lexas -mints will he shortened
from three to five hours. To-night a
new chair service to Galveston and a
new sleeping car service is to be put
on train .)5, which leaves the union
depot in St. Louis at 8:o0 o'clock.
Other changes in the line of improve
ment are in contemplation and Gen
eral Manager Doddridge pmposes that
all shall be done that can lie done to
make the Missouri Pacific's service the
best attainable by the traveling, pub
lic. '
31., K. A- T. CHAXOES.
John W. Allen, general freight
agent of the M., K. & T., with head
quarters at Sedalia, has been appoint
ed general freight agent for the Texas
lines of the same system, vice John A.
Smith. The Missouri division will le
looked after by General Freight Agent
Haile, whose headquarters are in St,
Louis. Denison is the dividing point
of the two divisions. The appoint
ment goes into effect on Monday. Mr.
Allen, who has been a resident ot
Sedalia for some time will he much
missed here, while at the same time I
his many friends will wish him success
in his new position.
Siorx City, May 27. The Chi
cago", Milwaukee and St. Paul road
has discharged 12") men on the Sioux
City and Manila division and 400
Italians working on ballast work on
its South Dakota lines. Superinten
dent Beardsley says that men are
being discharged on all the lines for
the purpose of reducing expenses and
mat an improvement work is being
to crirr.Mi. Kxriaf.-i-s.
Dkx.visOx, Tex , May 27. An or
der ha? been received "at the head
quarters of the Missouri, Kansas and
Texas railway, directing that all work
at the machine shops and other depart
ments be shut off two days in each
mouth to curtail expenses.
Vice-President and General Man
ager Purdy, of the Missouri, Kansas
and Texas, left last evening for Chi
eago. Until the Burlington's bridge
across the Missouri river at Bellefon-(
taine, sixteen miles north of St. Louis,
is completed and ready for operation
the through business of the Missouri,
Kansas and Texas will be handled via
Hannibal and local trains will run
over the Missouri, Kansas and eastern
line lietween Sl Charles and Frank
lin. St. JjnuU Globe-Democrat,
Doings In the Municipal Justice
Shop Yesterday.
The neighborhood adjacent toTwen-
ty-sixth and Harrison streets has lieeu
in turmoil for some time past on ac
count of wrangling ueighbors. Yes
tenlay, A. J. Allen had a warrant is
sued for James and Joseph Coslett,
brothers. The Coslett brothers are
charged by Mr. Allen with using pro
fane, obscene and threatening
language toward him circus day. The
Cosletts were arraigned in jwlice court
this morning and the hearing of the
case was postponed until Monday in
order to give the defense time to se
cure witnesses, if have the stories
told are founded upon facts the Cost
lett family is anything but pleasant
John Henry Summers was up
again in the police court Satur
day moniing. lie had been drunk
and was cooled off in the "hock."
John Henry did not appreciate hi
berth. The recorder is trying to de
vise ways and means to get rid of this;
old nuisance, but has not yet dis
covered a plan by which it can be ac-
Summers' mother took him home
and promised to have the colonel in
jhilicc court Monday morning.
Joe Swope, of Lamonte, brought
his girl to the circus Thursday
and fell into the hands of the
police. He was labeled "druiik,'nn(I
was given a hearing this morning.
Swope maintained that he was? not
even approaching intoxication, but
the recorder thought differently and
fined him five dollars. Swope took an
Two ''soiled doves" were fined
12.fi0 each Saturday. They were
trn'nn tint 1 1 AfiMiiln in irot tlirw
wh-.ewith to keen out of limho.
Trustee's Sale.
Vi..:::r s.M. O. llreui and Mar- fireen.
li! wife, lr their certain dcttl "of trust
dati-d the first day of Aus-nM, 1M1, and n.-innU-.l
in tlie rwonltr's oifiiv of IVttis
count-. Missouri, in Trust Ivd and Mort
main lucord ImkiIc SO, on iwe -.M, con
voyed to tl.e undersigned James C. Thomp
son, as trilstif, ail their right, title, inter
est and estate in and to the following de
scribed real estate situated in the county
of l'etti-i, State of Missouri, viz.:
The west half of the northeast quarter
of the northeast quarter and tlie imrtlr.vcst.
quarter of the northeast quartei o! -n t'oii
township -I-!, ranje "id, am' l; -m-rtii-east
.(Oaiter of the southeast -jin. ;er of
section 21, town-hip -15, ranf-e 2, and tin
north l.nlf of section S, township 44, range
20. and "lie handled acres olf of the west
side of the northeast quartcrandthesouth-
east ii'urte r an( all ol lots one ami two ot
tii!t quarter e.-copi .one hundred
I ?ir4 i ttin nf tfc ws,t side til section o.
.. , ..a
which said" convevamx- was made in
trust to eettre the payment ot a certain
principal promisor- note and interest
coUNius thereto attached, all of which art
fully descrilied in said deed, and
Wllta'CAS, Said deed anion'; other things
provides that in the event default is msde
in the payment of the note r any part of
it or the interest thereon or any part of it
or the taxes, as the same lieeoiue due ami
payable then said principal note shall im
mediately liecome due and payable; and,
WllEHEAS, Default has lieeu made in the
payment of the interest due tin said noti
au'd the same is now due and unpaid and
the taxes are now due and unpaid, by
reason of which said principal note has lie
come due and payable according to the
tenor and effect of said deed.
Now, therefore, in accordance with the
provisions of said deed of trust and at the
request of the legal holder of said note I
shall proceed to sell the above described
real estate at the west front door of the'
courthouse in the City of Sedalia, in the
county of IVttis, state aforesaid to the
highest bidder fur cash at public auction on
A. D. 1893,
lietween the hours of l o'clock in the fore
noon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of that
dav to satisfy said note together with the
cost and expenses of executing this trnst.
James "J. inoMrsox , -.trustee.
J. T. Montgomery, Attorney. 5-30wot

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