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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, December 01, 1898, Image 4

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THE DEMOCRAT! The forty-tirst annual meet-
I in- of the Missouri State Hor
ticultural Soctetv will beheld
r. f. hixson. City EJiicr. 1 at Columbia Dec. 8 8, This
Society has done much for the
$1 Per Year, cause ot truit growing1 in our
grand Missouri the State that
now leads in this important in-
dustry. The membership of the
Society should be greatly in-
creased as every Missourian
should be interested in building
up every interest of our im
perial Missouri. Papers of
practical interest are read at
every meeting of this society.
Words of Information as to
fruit interests in your locality,
your troubles and failures, as
W. J. ROUSE, Editor.
liuaMt ulie intm-Mit Momrwe Ci.y. Ml
onrl. UMOQIld OlMl matter.
MiURSL'AY,. DEC. 1- ,
Do something fot the good of
qr town.
Trustee's Sale.
Vtlx-r.ni. CharlOJ II Cmll" ami San
inriiv lil.su, i,., i(V thtlmruiti I vi'il ol
riai.-ll ' 11.' J.MI ,l.iy ,.r 1 1. . i r,..
i !, ! in ii... Kavonnri nSog f Mourni- (onn
ly. MIs.Miurl. ,n .i.cil 1 o. k ' i.iikv 1T6. ton.
v?yel I.' '.Ii- ntMeftlnied, I'hn Xi.nn
TnwtM. All tha fallowing dewrlbctf KmI I
Mate, -itiMit. .1 lt ii.. uunty of Mmtrotf. stun
i Ml.vturl. vtti
i ho MMUMul mMtterof Notion Ho. riftwn
ti ndtu mhiiiiuik rourth (nnv-lDiirtk) 'f
tin HUfUMMt iiirli r 04 Mil wtiuii I firm
il. i ail in tuiilili ilii four iMl if mini
ulutil IN In all Tmi llun,!i,,'. wet mniv ..r
.B VVIll..l. ..i.i I..
I - ... i u- uimiv in
I trust IvJ jtt-i.Mii,. i). i. t.nvni.iii i.i iin. Mtrtalu !
pntMlaaon nvtM in sunl daod rtaoull bail, and
VlMm ihr mini limes linvt ImMM it kit- n.l ;
ri mam QlipalJ im ihi r. Inn in arr.inlaiii't
with Hit' iiruwlsi.ni.. ..1 saiil Ium-,1 of TrnMt anil '
ai mi-ri-iiii. ..I in, i. ,,',., .. i .., .
I will aruaaad toaull tiu ainivu daavribM KmI
ratal ut tlu , .niii tniukc .lu"r In tin- illv of
ran. In Mm OMitti of Mmuw, him aawa
aid. to lh blgbvtl ImkU-r tot Man, at public
auction, on
K $ M
WMy First Current Business m
Year Closed with Nov, 30,
IX. I .r.. MitlAM ... .. ,i. ;. . el...!!..- t
- I . I . . I : ii i j I.I. II I I I I 1 1 V, I I.I 1 I i 11.. BUVWa 11 111 I. 1IJV
PJ prices are lair and and dealings straight. As evidence of
good faith I BOW offer my customers, a
Care for- Die rich and let 1 he
,.oor pay the taxes is the. He-
.pibllcan policy.
FRIDAY, He 23d flay ll Dec. 1898.
31aine:. 'Congress has.
wore nower to. demonetize
er, any more than, to demom
ize gold !'
lll'lU'l It ttlf Ii..' r- ,t It I MM In Ihu ArkVMWMMI .iti.l '
live lit thf Mllvrii'iii uj ibttdll? luttUffy RAMl
I- Mtv ' tiit'i nun (in- vtnv ; . . i , ui ;
j well as Rucceaeea, all help the tbuuuai
fruit grower." For this all ,,. . .,,.. i
.a DttM low IM Iti iwy of Uttvtabor, iwi
farmers should take an interest 1
il i , . Ill i . .... ; ..,,1, I i
11UI 111 lllklll 111 I
sice, Clean. M Stock cl Groceries
!in the Missouri
Society, if it Is impossible to
j attend the met tings, members
"' - I of the Society can get all the
Irrespective ot political or j papers printed in book form,
religious belief we should all If possible It will pay you to at
ipiu in a movement to push Mon-; tend the meeting at Columbia.
v City further to the front. Railroads and hotels have
-, j j r ?w made reduced rates for the oc-
Our Republican friends kept casion.
howling that we must Keep tne
Good Coffee. 18 Pounds for
Granulated Sugar 17 Ponuds for
Orleans or Hrown Sugar Ll- Pounds for
Coal Oil c. 10c and
Arm & Hammer brand of Stda
Canary brand of Soda
Bulk Soda 2c or 10 pounds for S3C.
Baking Powders from .. JJc per can up.
Canned Tomatoes, Corn. Peas and Beans 10c per can. i 5ir
S3 cents.
Apple butter -
13c per gallon.
..7c per pound.
Be per H)uiis1.
ONE NIGHT ONLY W grated peaches
.ukj Matches
U Extra brand small pickles
lislauds Dewey
then Mclvinley
bands. Why?
CAptured and
bought the is
Missouri is to have
roads in the neat tuture.
.she Will move to till
:u.)ie rapidly than at
in her history
any time
The establishment of tile
whipping post to punish petty
criminals will do much to les
sen crime and save costs to the
honest law abiding tax payers,
It is evident that something
must be done as our criminal
costs are getting too heavy.
What does a certain class care
to stay in (all during the win
ter? In fact many petty crimes
.Hi- committed by worthless!:
8-pound can for lOcents.
6c per pound.
t boxes for ."c
S5c gallon.
I A t i d Above are only a few prices on leaders, but every
' . fflf AH 1,1 Ctrtrtf It'flf .Tllncl o ..liAn All L... . i-f
i ij 1 -' - - j;w- IV-t V.H.IIU. J I.I an 1
Melodrama In Four Acts.
The Derby Winner, S ' ':: t?,e block at )H,'n,:ar aud
7 11 quality guaranteed.
Including their great PICK- j r nm in the market for all classes of
iFresh Meats
TniNtN and syndicates are
. mini, tlilturii livi-il in the new
t ... n, -, .,i b a ins persons in order that food, and
possessions of the United otaies j i
' .. r i , rL ,. shelter will be provided bv the
tp favor the few and tp rob the f
, public and the tellows have no
masses still more. f 1 ,
work to do. It is tune lor a
An Income ta?s is
:pason givt
states should
siderable money in tjutt way
daily pre
vere weather the ginnl people
who meet m the churches and
societies todav ought to be
change. To some the whipping
IUM il ill . I 1 1.... -
i s nuv nnnear ri i 11 s. i i l . .1 41 1 r
, . 1 , 1 1 - 1 miiiii 1 in ii iiic uii.-ui iivtro 011
II1U LIU. 1- v.i.1. ' 1 ..
Yours tor further acquaintance.
Turkeys. Geese, Ducks. Cliickens. Eggs. Hides. Pelts
i';;rs and Game, including Rabbits, Ducks. Qvail. Tnrkeva
in substance, the luyBear, or Deer,
said: After the se- r ..
r iviaKino an outlet r cvi.wt i.nrY i -. 1
.V o - " 7 .....g ,i isuiiji.. iitjv, to
U'VCt 5. T'p' it assured .rfllie fact that but jdoill(j what they can for the! 52
i not Z d " "le whipping will be neces- poor. Tlie (lailies colinilitteil !
a ., ; " saryandthe number of criml- thi8 error, instead of calling the C
mey 111 th;vt w.iv. I,,.,.. .1 ,..1 ... ,i.' h. SL
A better road aysiant, must
be adopted. The present sys
tem has been tried and under it
if there is any improvement in
tlie public roads the people
tin Is will decrease and at
same time criminal costs
tUe ' ;it 1 .inti.-in .if ir.ifw.i.l ,)liiafrlfi n
aild i h lltTMriticr i-if tlii nnnii
. . , 1 " w' rvv"
expense ior care 01 criminals; thev shmilil have called the
will decrease
! tention of the world to it.
arguments of the
I T 0110 1 11 Ii tiir Miiimiuilii Iiiv'-i
must besides. paying their taxes ' o....i r i
North Dakota. South Dakota,
go down into then pockets tor x. . .
Arkansas, Louisiana, Wyoming,
Colorado, Montana. Idaho,
more money.
Alter Moreh Uh next tin
Oregon, Washington, and more
too. McKlolev uavs IS0.000.
tire control ot tile government. ,)00 tor , t f 1,lamis 10
we an nope met men 000 Miles a way.
scatter that prosperity waiere !k.
it will do the people 4food
I he Prv. Irl R. Hicks.
Amrasl SJnuuiM ana monthly pa
n". Voi:d an-o Wniiu-o .....
1 . . ' ..,1.. . i c j 1 1 m 11 . . .1 .: w-. in wwa
rcuiij u.wv jrcain kucproicwKu 1 uuuuing irustsare ineones mat J Mn m lose. . ari. plemsdlsi
democratic party paid ', christians have been trying to j ought to kill them. Under the Uw attention of our raatkn t
existing laws no ship can re I e Alwanic for laca, now ready, it.
a -iMenumiy prm:oJ ami UliutnMad
tx-M.k ..f USoagM aud Uk; lorai fire-ii.-.ts
and diavMina :i.i .
sense, folly. The law practi-nJ seUntiiic matwr aro unM4o to
but callysays: Buy from our build-1 ytff that has over born teen be-
look after the poor and have
received scant aid from the
world in doing so.
It is a long time to 1908,
ceive the American registry un
less built in the U. 8. Nod-
ntinHl!can nartv will have en I
' v 1 - .
it is a short time for the pre pa iers- pay their prices or vou
ration of a World s fair that 1 hall not sail the high seas and
I fore iu a 39 lVnt
Journal. WORD
to this time it has all been for. other nattoll,. K;
the favored few.
txiok. Hi mvinahly
AN'D WOHmi. is nmi
nf tli.. Iwi, ii. .
must be made grander than anv ! rt' your native Hag. That law life ,;io-:i..- il X .' . 1 . S0l7
tint, ot course : of its predecessors. Poat-Dia-1 Was passed bv the Renublican eoiuainin.r hu .....n,ki.
0,000,000 barbarians, I natch. Before that fair Mmn party, that law went American with ejtoi&natin. ' ....
. . j - - t 1 ' nuir
and may get several tights wirh I ,,tT tha Monrm Pitv IlninraiT commerce from tha lii.ri, .... I pon priou of WOBD twn Wna
This is the. time of the year '
when a class of beings commit
some crime 111 order, to have a
insas City 1 Hill give the P. D. some
it in English bot-
H U.UU ptr your and a um ..f
in .1. . 1 .
I . r . , . . - .. tiling -1 ... 1 . -I 1 . ... ' 1 mm a
1 -.!.' aumi. 1. ) J J " liri u IIU H IICII I .'. IIK i . . llii.ll to
the time comes we will bet dol I deatroyed American
grand dukes of Wall
are hunting for an ex-
111 on fur tli . - ..ii.. i.i I, tm
, r . 1 : .. i'... .1.: , iw
nome 10. u,t tut. , t,je f the .s400. j ihe country press we are satis- people
class a rock pile should be pro- aathnrl-d hi I tied that it will, and when the vou?
utiluj I Im iirorr ritiiiitr If. wamu J
. , , , - congress when war was declar
1 provided they, will not be so , T, . ,.
T 1 . - . ... ed. Kansas Cite Times,
anxious to get Into ja,l. Dut
point -land placed
h . -Jiii; 4.
ipping eoies of WOBD AND Waa m
lars to doughnuts the P. D. j comes lit-fore the people and j tvnu- Po ot -Maian-.u.- jii.ine 25.
will not reproduce them, but 1 asks for more deaths head and-1 ,v'u" . St'ni1 fow "ler u WoSBj
baying faith in the integrity of cross-bones for the American 1ND 0las Pru- ? 1Uossi
ou can tno .:. Will- ,
The worst
the whipping post will do more
to keep down crime
if our citkiens desire Monroe
Qity tube as good a,nd prosper
oils town as ahtt should bs. they
should get together and appoint j
lititii i lit ik n i ' . . in '
teuigen.1. puouc .spiriieu men
Our Republican friends are
, perfectly willing for the peo
ple to foot all the bills and
Mie trusts to reap all the bene
- tits of Republican legislation.
dorm in flftv mm
couniry press turns loose, the swept the New England coast
wind in the P. D. sails willl New York. Nov. 28 Mrs. B 1 8unds. There was 80 reasels
make ribbons of them. : B. Granuis, the local Social near Boston alone, that went
J Parity leader, is quot.nl as say-jdown. Snow banks are piled
Longfellow to bs Illustrated. speech at Cooper Un-1 up all over Connecticut t. A.
Last year fharta. Daiia ;ibso 7
UliMtralad -ThelW, d Dicuc . . 1 wa -loretl blood ia fld snow tore through t ha full
tor the Ladle' Bom Journal. TW,ilne,r reins, Mrs. W. H. Feb length of
Homo Journal. Tha rwu- fel- i lengin ot the Hudson valla v.
I plotares wars sutxiewsful thai this ton. of Carterville. Ga.. replies : Tlie suffering in New York Citii
1 ...1 J t mm w ! 1 mi I Wm
If the "open door" or free voai- irtaf MM vear, W. L. 1 and savs: "The womau ever
is a (food tiling in our new
iwwci s;'mn u 1 1 1 v nnlJ it nnt
to get facts about our city aud , . . .. ...
. " 7. 9 . the .right thing for the entire
was te:r:bte and it will, be im-i
possible to make an estimate o.
the country surrounding and
make them known to the world.
...i . :.. ...... I..,-.. u
ine uu.e e How to increase the trade of
Monroe Ctty must pwshjor- ri u km
Tiiard. AS a trsdiSg POUU-MOU h Should receive the care
rpe City has no superior but we fu, COR,iaeratc attention
uiu.il .oiuinue -o g' inter
I country J
verv citizen.
trade. Our city is an excellent
location for factories, and. , VSVTSU.Aeeia i.r n;-iuwy . t;he sjwa
need them not only to give onr Amf" .S yw
" J maa. A .'unsiilcus auiheulK-. liwtory. Uliitinii-
laborlug men employment .nd vlth ort M UU-MM iiu-iiui tmi am
L-.....iir AMtlmiaii.a lNlM4 i.Ictiirt-K. I.rR royal ocU.vn
Taylor. Uu? Now Kjlaod ariis who lastingly defiled herself bv ut-
art. will illusu-ato .The l'eo,d- ol 2? she 10 tUe Ioss ancVMy. .
bnafpHew" stro tor Tbe Iiita' I d far a base purpose."
Home Journal. The pooiu seiseiod i Several months ago Mrs. Fel- Capt. Crowntleld .hve( of tbe
a,v TielNalmof Ufe." -Hiawaiha." too. who is the wife of an ex-1 Bureau of U. S. Navigation, has
Miles tttaadtSB," "Tfca CkUSna'l m ,7 . . rn aW .u ii ua.
mil I n; t lit H..iiif li r . i i . . . . , , -
Hour. "Um illasre PUlutuiUi,
and otfie.rs.
vU:in'. MiiM-rli iMiiili. nunluui.l for uulv .u
ejsewhere but to. increase tl t.. rfnt uump uken. w nn Hhtii mm gra
..... ,H ,, and nrosoeritv o ouj cn- Thcrp"l,ipHimiiyofrtyr. A4
weaitu anu prosperity o. ouj drM. xhe wcrmkh MUtriBT. Akro,L
FfiP.t- iSte u.-3-ik. tecfeU. money
men o, llie soutll to .vac l l.lUM Ct;cideii will, th- VWlili ami.
ncgreas weekly if necessary. German. He has. arrived a.
that tbe white - women nf k i Ihu Am-I...inii l i... .:-..ri.
The LaGrange .Indicator tells Siu.th be protected. It looks i can Now per hundred shots.
who stopped, like a Turk bad ca..fct a T Attar lidaat more ahob home thaany
or. water. The v.
notHig, i American Navy mad.va record
r c 1 1
oi iwg lenoas
over nigpt near that city and ad until the whites and blackslnavy on earth
presented a new ten dollar, bill of New York Citv nuit ri.iiw ! a M.-.V-
payment. Nine, dollars, in 1 the oot should nnt .-.:i k. u.' i ; .w. , .. r , n.i 1,-m w, i
iven tbera. The ! Ila hlaek . i m - - --
1 ... ...... .7 ouJ lllill L. VM I.
re was
iVit IIM.IH. 1 lie tic blaC i. St.ltiti. Jmir 1. . : .,,1 T..iiliini.iri-.inr'Ml.
I II . . II1UI 1- I
u... inuicu 10 oc couaieneit the heav est ner-.w nf i,,u i i,a .il nn ir the.
Other exchanges report couq-j and quarter bloods are north oi Americas is a supej lor shut .
terfeit monev. . li!,...,i.i u, i nt i .
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