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Youse ain't de kind v hloko 'ml Imp
Yor mouf shut, would yi'i'f You'd
! Put a good frltnd next.- r fought
a, Ii'k hot. yintte nonld.
I ain't c.iu or 40 boy WbSjtj Mw" Dene's gujra 'ud kiw It to dacMelvM
lay lu..-.i... I'ntll doy 'd pliMd dtk bote.
I ri-ckomuoft fiut.w cu ItupOinpiAloOg I kMrtd you wasn't uivin' tno
Vn' snorehet mo, ' -o ttiong staer w'on you eoiM opi
An' xtart Hi. attest a-.i-nnStu'- off w : lea whut's drippie' oft do end of
i.m)mi ! Me dngrrs
An wilt- neoullartlll d colors blend ; An' splnhin.'
Ai.' shrinks UW -hoon two MM,
This, is Otoe of Gen. Miles'
stories. In the confederate
armv i .onistreet s cm ps w.i
;rot it I
On do sidewalk': Yoiiho miht t'irk
Pruto do anpearaca of dat nolsture
wnsi". dry.
Hat's w'l.ve youse It off your base,
V I'm do empire.
Mo front is warK;d nndscaswi-i-rai-k-
ed nil down.
If Mft'ioa maile ino OOUgh, It'ud
V'nii m underskirt .limbs up m baok i H,iL It
Vn' I till:' - knirdrftWB terglt aim-am soakin-. Dio yon sny any-fine.
It'rt hot
you're (kftbd riftM l'hPfc
Whoever tinned it otli you
I'mSwIf youae or. jUHpt-ppoUlpO'
vev,, .'ev n-stot v ljOUM falls on BH
I tumble eeoi
ter stop me
flrat 'en
i don't need no t'emoroetor
Sot no lii.oc k-koot d
Irlnnln', nogglSeyedi
pndicadbd clyitppj
Ti.t 1. 1 1 mi: what's d
It' hot. !
if Acre's any w'lto chln-whlskered
aid Inhabitant
Dat makes a spiel hi- knows
It was hotter, I'm right her
To say 'now many kind,
i Jf ii liar ho is. .
la-a-.v ,
Wu l shlrei ii.' when you conn
A'uz n o tvise frostbit?
Wui l swinglif me mi
v:i ' m
n" stompta' mo fee '.'
V'ouse makes mi- tired.
Wen do troetaprtoltl
pavctnenj .
n' l'o Body fii,i.t:win.-
i h bcln mobbed,
putfi boo a gent Btaunli
in Jttf ii ',. s. fnouitt' hiss
Wit'. '-.it an! wlpln' i i
Wit" 'iis Iww'kerohlcf.
' jjii youse st p up and pa;
:'h hoi..
,in't i i. .rait&PQ .ferry
(allied up in bUnW'
jx'i de Bah la dn lake
lff i in' for Ice wnter'i
Vhnt's lf tar btibblin
I )o rcoaf blocks for'
oVn hORaoa wearln' sponges
r 4: ornament'
tt.may, be honor in
I mil1
i- !ja'-;in dc
' wit' wet
, No, I (juoKH you didn't. You wouldn't
miy. tvot'in'
Not if you say mo tongue Itlckla' 0U,
you wouldn't.
)ere ain't tvot'in '.a sight f 01; ma unlo.s
it's work.
Work in dls wodder I t'ink I son my
self wid do aajihault tvti
LUtln1 a 80 pound rammer and lottln,
I it dvop
i At di! rata uv 2S ii mini'
I On do Dice hoi powder.
I might got a job i-i a smelter
! Or stokin in a tugboat on i lalte.
sny, mi' frtan'i
. tVhut di you want mi- tar say''
Don't you understand not'ln oxccptln'
j it" hot?
Ain't yattae goin' to do anyt'in after
makin1 dat funny cracky
Don't char know what hot weather
calls far?
It rails far beer.
I Two beers, an' do gpy wbut s:ys it's
hot buys.
Do bar keep "holds dam lonjr glasses
i De tap and Jerks do Ii
Station, only s-ven miles from when he realized that d'ncre
Riclimond, where we destroyed jtion was the better part of
by tire the station house and valor, and crawled into, the
confederate store. Our carni thicket to escape capture. J3e
1 1.-. 11...:- . .. . . J
a was mwnupicu uy rt Known, .however, w. braTcr nk:B a n'jflil march. About
infantry suddenly banging into I man straddled a horse than f0uv o'clock in the mornlnp;,
US. Wo beat a l.asty re-real, -the Flying Dutchman." as the j w1igh everyone was worn out.
and halted on the 2d long chunky G-enmtn, lieutenant was a CeorjfM refiment stopped. A
enough to bury our dead of the cUe. He was later promoted I Georgia soldier put Ilia rifle u
81st, after which we marched captain, and tinally capturoil, Uainst- the tents on the other
all night In the ram. arriving with the major part otovereg- l.ide of, where Lougstreet was.
Oil the morning of .Time Jird at inK-nt. in the Alley, of which I ! "Well," he said, "this is prettj
Uhl Liiurciuown. on tne roao will tell later on. W. A. Rod
gers, in National Tribune.
from Richmond to Wliitw House
Behind great intrenchments
filled with infantry xve were
given time to unsaddle, feed,
coolc and sleep until toward
night, when we galloped off to
the ii;Tit, and were ordered to j has is his livi r.
prepare to fight on foot.
We soon put to flight some
Gray-backs'.' In a strip of woods,
after which w,e mounted and
formed in line of battle, joining
infantry on Dr. Tallow's plan
tation, a position ill which w.e
remained for j-h hours, ready at
any moment to repel a flank
movement of Lee's armv, while.
Gtn. Grant was pouting hot
shot into them at Meadow Hot
I ton) and Cold Harbor, where
j the confederates were routed
! nitlVxgreat loss.
On the early morning of June
i 10 our regiment was sent
through the earth-works, be
hind winch lay thousands of
colored troops. and
Love in a cottage is all riyht.
only it's hard o the cottage.
hard to fight all day and march
all nigiht. But I suppose I can
do.it for love of my country."
He continued " c;ui go hungry.
Lean fight. If need he I can
die for n- country, because I
When a.man is in danger of,love Iny country. But when
falling iu love the, best friend he this WOT is over I'll be blowed
! if I'll ever love another conn-
Some men's idea of heaven is try." Woman's Journal,
a good deal like their, favorite
W loon, only a llttfe bigger, ''QLb 1 CL.KS AT H )MB"
Hit If .the men when thev am.! vw-nave just racoivoa a oapy of tn
pose do it to see what the girls
they proppae to will say; the
An' OOO lost ltl do city runs a yard
An" don stops, foatnin' at do DlOUt'
an' delorgest ed in a jtiue woods
were )lac
RS reserve
pickets. Artillery and musket-
other half do it 1o see what
other J4 iris will nay.
The men have an idea that
i when a woman smiles to Her
self she is thinking how fine her
husband, Is; .the women have an
idea that when, a. man does it
he has been up to something.
A woman's sigh is less likely
to have heartache in it than ap
petite. If the men loved their wives
baJf as much as they love them
selves, the women would love,
their husbands 'most half as
tinost variations on ''Old Folks at
j Home" hat hns over boon Issued in
1 America. Composed by .f. I'. Lerman.
It ta.a grand ami. showy Piano I'mn
I position, brilliant and not too dilli
loult, suitjpble for concei'tn, exhibitions
and parlor entertainments Is- winds
up with an elegant Negro llagTIrao ti
nalo on tilts most, beautiful melody.
The title page in .Very handsome and
oontatna ;i oor rse Uu'a) engravirg
of Adallnn Pattb iho groat singer, All
good players on the piano should l
in possession of a copy, PMeaTooents
retail. All readers of our paper will
raoolva copy, post paid l.v sanding
26 oonta tn silver n- noutatru stamus
Musiti -1,1(1 .Vov-
on glue de rim to de klssor,
T'row brek yoaae bead an' -1
No' It don't matter, not'ln at all,
1 1 uin't dry. -Chicago Record.
y were belching iu thunderous 1 much as they love each other.
' .... !.. 1.4 11 '
wuea uu our rigui. ML). an oc Fluck jB Ulu aunUtV that
crack'! crack! on the
left, while iu our J 'rout all seem
ed quiet.
makes a mau look happy when
his draw doesn't, help. his small
! pair any. It. is also, what lie
to Are Union Mutual
ilt-y ( (., m Bast llth
Now York.
.lust at noon, while men and lias when he gets married.
Lite and I Wju;)1 women call
ou eacu
j Incidents Ol the Dash Sheridan Made1 horses were eating a
ai racnrooiia. everyiu:nS seemed penectiy otluM. tlwi Ullk uVvays reminds
Sheridan's cavalry on., that I 8afe a daBn was wade by ttujlypg 0 t,v WIiy jhe barber tells
in Phlllppeens f famous raid around Richmond enemy a cavalry, take mag 14 you you look with your wliisk -
in May, 1804, was a formidable
force of S&000 syleudidly
mounted men. divested of all
incumbrances, taking only a
few ambulances, a battery or
two of light artillery, no bag
:it Doiico won't stand fer a half
At vat 1! f nwalin worn ,deoollty
yn", a pain-Jeaf fan -not in Chicago
Day wun't Dam rgalinnl coatooma
Dat dajn racopceatcaydocs
An" nAtntygoes an' do restnr dedagooi
( takln solid comfort in 'ud raise
A riot Ca)l on ('lark; street.
I let!
tint r.i".'t .nojla,
1 kuev, h's ho', boh' 1 heaatL.anotbet
Guy tfajBOw
Day tuk him ton 1 country hoapICal.
Qe next ei.o mala;, da orr.ok
At me gOCS 'or i!e niOTgW u k1t
stnttdV Dat ain't no blpfl -It i;oas
Mo broil In' oa.de roof all ngh&
An' broke by noonean' not a guy
Ast if got a mout' on uu--.
lint day strps up. likf yo.u. an' dey
It's hot.
s,-aj-a-y. t, ' ma dat again;
fj t ma hear dun words oDoo-noya,
1 don't know but what it's 4-j below,
Dera'l snow piled up on hot lidos UV
Dar street, ain't daraf
Vousc: niu''sryin' da hae'nbo.:y
Of winter's broke.
n' ni-ns is pointji to AR . oariy
An' do oponii:' iv navigation?
Somebody's been tellin' you dat do Ice
is goin OUtar :'e straits'
Youso ain't scon no bluebird Bftsttn'
frothing uv dat sor'-j .
Yoiihu bettor obasa, yoiu-ojf
Up tor de Atidit)iitvti,wi' giva
IK- weddctr man a tip. Tell him
It's hot.
IV doit. t know It.- riore's all kietja.
:t money in it if yo' uu' simn- well-
Ppstod treczer liUe you'd wi-anlo j we OUUd a nOtOMatt named
later, a Informatkm bnrow. Dare's 1 Jesse Winnimax, and bid family.
Kti. woman an' kid- f.ousands uv ( Qg was in bidlng..t0 keep out of
Hijrht hare ia Chtoago djt'.s worklo'
Palmhnf fans, an' drldtfffc! rod pop:
IVy don't have no idea, what's
tiivlu' dom yrri,ef. Dwy don't know
I('r hot
Deiy ain't nobody t'ir tip "oui.
Ijkno.tf.it, doutfli.. Doro ain't ,tio need
I'Vr yojisc tor tell me,
Hat's B'lb'rtght; youso don't Deed.) tar
Apologiae. Ay youse not um- do
l( ymp) daa'Vvoat to mtxjfip
!s u-r wills uu.
W'alkiu's good excrclao. H warms
f). tanti u;i. Say. if yon fpughl
i v. iu bl,
they seemed to come from all
sides with their infernal yell.
Haversacks and nosebags flaw
ill all directions as the rebs
cam:.' charging into U&
The surprise was so suddan
gage wagons, and sutUcientl ana optiiete tir.it ij.1e.11t.. Henry
blacksmith forges-on wheels to jX Blough, our company coin
shoe cur horses.. No morerbeaur 1 mandeg, barely sa.vgd himself
tifltl, sight could, be imagined , by quickly crawling to ;i hiding
jthau Slieridan's troopers on the , In a tlii-. Itet. from Which I t; saw
j march, tour horses abfeast.J Ws floe lioxse captured by a.reb.
while ou the ught and left, at.l
Ifl distance of L'OO or yards.
In single tile goose fashion,
! moved the Hankers. These cav I
ers cut like lie knows, you al
ways wears them.
A mother's love tor lie'" oldest
child U a very strong thing, a
good deal like the feeling a
mau lias for a pipe he has smok
ed iu three OS four countries
I and. has a lot. cf names of differ
ent ciUeg cut. on it.. N. Y. Press,
In the slashing ol sabers and
euu for life which followed sev
eral of out?, company wore hit
and wound ad. Jim T .nn. find
airy tonka are the lengthen j.TyUu A. Smith were .C5M,turt.d
army on the march. The writer aR(1 llever rctunied. Sergt.
was a flanker during toe day. Aaam PoorbjHlgh was verely
Cue lllgl-.t While. massing wounrlfld. hnt.mnnmro1 a rlila
woman's yard!,,,,.,,,,, ,,,, ,..,' i.t
J - '
I inside the breastworks,.
through an old
about sunup, heard her bemoan
ing the destruction of hr gar
dep by the Van Us. We ventur
ed to inquire how long they had
been passing.
"Laws sak! Since yesterday
mom ill' an' yo'. hain't all done
gone y it. Wtaat yo' all-gwine'.''-'
said she.
She was a woman worn autl
thin whom the world coudemu-
ed for a. single sin, they caatitrunksaxoat of whitewash.
Plow "shallow" in your
Don't plant fruit-trees on poor
land. It will not do.
Planl a few shrubs and frail
trees about your house.
Wood ashes are good for a
lawn, especially on sandy soil.
If selecting a fruit orchard
spot, bo sure that it is located
Plan your gardens-, so tha'iyou
can stir them with a cultivator.
Dig up urouud your trees and
nrix'inte the soil coal or wood 1
Heavy land should lie Well
drained before an orchard is
planted on it.
Scrape the bark lice from
r 1 1 i - -i . ,
yotn jruii irwa uuu jiive cue
I In our rug up the roajl and
I through the thick, hot dust
Yanks and Johnnies, got so pro
miscuously mixed up that many
came imsida the breastworks
and were captured, One big
fellow galloped alongside the
-ta ii..i,m,-,i 4 i x- write and asked: "What side
to UtCUmOM to. O&ptWte Tell , ,
n-,, U. ,ni W1US'' ...uswei : ivui
"Wall. I reckon yo' all be
thai- when yo' git tliar."
She arog tk typical Virginian.
,-. I 1 r xT.. i.
"uu 1 '7 ,UNe vauas. 1 we were reinforced--, by, our
FV r I'll-. 1 I a 1 I r
v "7" wuriiiouao brigade, and :aimediately stait
we touud a umouisti. named 1 1. .... n. .... ,1 ....
tru IftUHi oil . 1.. -.' .1 I 1 , ip. 1 1 it1. Hi '4
side," seSmgd to satisfy him.
His mistake was soon discov
ered when once iwskle the
her out ou the king's highway,
and passed her by as they went
to pray. He was. man and
more, to blame, but , the world
spared him a breath .of shame;
beneath his feet , be saw her lie.
but raised, his head and passed
her by. They were the people
who went .to pray at the temple
of god on .the holy day; .they
scorned the woman, forgave the
man. it was ever thus since the
world began. Time passed on
and the woma.ii died, 011 the
cross ol shame uhe, was cruici
lied,. but the world,, was stern
and w.ould not yield,, and they
buried .her in the potter's tie Id.
The man dieihtoo, and they bur
ied him 411 a casket of.cloth with
a silver rim. and said as they
turned from , his grave, "we
have buried an honest man to-
uay. . Two mortals knocking aj.
hea venJu. gate, stood, face to l forma Hon as to his whereabouts
the rebel army, and his family
Suffered many indignities., for
their disloyalty to the. south.
Atter.our victory at Hanover,
where our captain was wounded
and my messmate killed, we re
mained all night iu. line of bat
tle, mounted, the horses having
been brought up undercover of
darkness by. "No. fs."
At daybreak. June 1, 1801,
we charged the mounted con-
face, to enquire their fate, lie
Mix-brains with your soil;
cultivate with judgement; har
vest with care; and market with
Co you grow your irttit. read
er, or do .you buy it? If 3-011
buy it, we will venture to say
that you don't have much.
Plant sweet corn in tne
garden -for family use. We al
ways plant Htrowell's e 1 rgreen.
It is late but its yield and
quality are excellent. - Western 1
A l.CS' BOY.
Pfcrry OOopertder, the ifl year
old son of Eli Cooperlder, ot ;
Granville.-left home oil July 3,
and nothing has been heard
from him t. since. His .parent.-.,
are very uneasy about him , au (
would be thankful for any in-,
The boy weighs aboat 1120 j
$ds, driving them., to Ash!;uidcatcli , him,, too.
the Jjglinnlei to ftightaod again
occupying.the pines, from which
Lieut. Blough came fonth. From
this time OH bsidles remained 011
horses', heads, instead of nose
bags. The lieutoiuint, . when
the surpfise caw, had been
eating diuuer, propped, tup
against a pjno, tifet. . while his
liorse, "Mouse," had had on a
nosebag f 10 1 1 of oats.. It was
laughable to see Bloug'.i frauti
cally trying to catch that horse,
and the Johnnies trying to
carried a passport with earthly pounds. Iras blue eyes and light
sigu, but, sue a pardon fromj hair and ia -rather tail.- When
love deviue, O', .ye who judge! ha left home he was riding a,,
'twixt viutae aud vice, which, ' little bay mate, one right fco;
think you, entered. to paradise?. of whiUi vtas white. The bridte
Not he whom the world said
would win, for the woman
alone was:. us,lierd in. Ham's'
' AOKNT8 WANTED.- Fr '-Tlio,.Lirc Ami
ArlMeymm.-iit" or.Mwdrnl lowy." I In tvorlil'a
srnitliwt usvsl liuro. lU Jk111111illnlMiT.1l, tlm
Ibtluns rrlanil 1111,1 iiiIiiiIKt if Uiu nHtlmi'ii lil).
HIirucMt unit IwHt Ifuuk: over n i-(--k KXlu
ImvImiW Mi-Jirl v IU (mv liulftiMiu II 1 11.1 1 iUIomh
Only II. -Ml Kiiuriuiu ilviiiuivl. illi; i-,,ninil-
l..i 0 11 1 II t trtv. i-Iiiiimv il' 11 IIM.1110
... .. . . 1 , .. .... 1 ......... 1.... .. ..... ... .
U lough fell, ruwM?ixruUidx.keiiiii, .j
-na lajj.v.-r,- 11, v, and made
ufrfSjjfcfc (leather. Exchanges
l'lease copy. -Paris Apjieah
The Journal of Hygiene tells
'of a doctor who's treatment f
consumption consists of inhal
ing the fumes of vinegar and
the eating of peanuts. Pie
claims much for the treatm-i ui ,

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