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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 27, 1899, Image 4

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W. J. FOUSE, Editor.
R. F. HIXSON. aty Editor.
- - - Si Per Year.
ti -re.l it t lb poatoOc at Monro City. Mi
. i iri. , i c; SlMI matter.
The American people have
l.r more than thirty years been
pouring their bard earned
money Into the National treas
..ry ami a- bondl have been
retired and interest paid tn
other bonds tlif people have be-
All the talk abo-.it silver not
being an issue in 1900 Is being
done by the tjold standard peo
ple. Democracy Will not take
a single step backward, but tn
the Other band Will make sev
eral steps forward In the inter
ests of the masse.
An Income tax is a fair and
just tax and it places the bur-
denol supporting the govern
ment on those who derive the i
most benefit from the govern
ment and who are In position tj
pay tax without Injury to them-;
The primary election is
We bare just received from the manufacturers a nice line of Boy's and Cbildrens
Suits, the late things in the new Vestee Suits. Below we quote a few prices, but the
goods must be -.ecu to be appreciated.
lieved they were reducing their fairest, most honest and best
national debt. Never was a Way to nominate party candl
eater mistake made. They dates for office. It heads off the
have simply been pouring their tricksters and gives every mem
money into the coffers f the ber of the party an opportunity
fund holding class. Our dept to vote his sentiments.
i . now much greater than it
...s in l m. m March 1. l- W. J. Bryan has a fin grasp
... the national debt would have on all the great questions be-
luirht 1 4lffi.H42.105 bushels of fore the American people and
tvheat The last of August he has the honor and the
i-40rt .i n. r n:i vimr interest and hood to always be
.rincinal on bonds of morerthan of the people
on the side
is tile man
!,: j, 000. 000. 000. We find our na
i.oiial debt would have pur
i liased .448,0150.030 bushels t
heat, or all other staples in
' lie proportion. The gold
.'.andard is responsible for tbi.
ow do you like it? It is time
I turn ariur.nl. We are near
' le falls over which many pros
; toils nation- have gone to
iiestruction. Will we profit by
I 'eir experience and turn about
will w g" on to destruction,
liryan leads the way to the time
hen what we pay on our na
I mal debt will count toward re
il icing it ami at the same time
a Ue all tin-people prosperous,
vm't st ick to any party that is
irrying us as a nation to de
duction, but help rescue the
i it ion.
for president in 190
"So man is good enough to
govern another man without
the other man's consent." A.
Every few days .our fold
standard friends bury the silver
t irgauize for the battle of 190i
Lot BO.302 is a neat plaid all wool t este e
suit for the little boys, a cut price. 2.25. i
It GO. 11 a tine quality in the fancy vestee
Lot 90,800 a still tiner one at 13.00
Lot 20,055 a nice knee pant suit all wool
double seat and knee at $2.75
Lot 20,141 a 1 i lC i 1 1 fancy worsted and nobby
suit - - $:t.75
i it 90,007 the best thing we have at. 4.o0
Lot 30,005 boy's all wxl lung pant at t.(0
Lot 40,187 a fancy worsted the tinest we
have in Stock at fcO.50
We give a special invitation to the ladies of Monroe and surrounding country
call in and look over our line of chlldrens suits. Remember we mark everything
plain figures. ONE PRICE TO ALL.
Yours For Business,
- a
In the (fold standard press
v e frequently see fake inter
:ews with leading bimetal lists
i which the blmetallist is made
v t say that the Democrat party
ill not be for silver in 1900 or
t (at it will not be a prominent
.sue in the campaign. Quite
cenily Gen. A. J- Warner,
president of the American Bi
; tetaltic union, has been re
ported as saying sliver will lx a
secondary issue. Gen Warner
declares that he has never said
anything to lead anyone t- be
I eve that silver will be a sec
ondary issue;, but, on the other
I and has s;.id that the money
question will be a prominent
Issue and he further gsaj's that
he does not think an v back
v-;ird step on this question will
betaken by the democrat a, in
l'.loO. There Will however be
other prominent, issues the
trusts and imperialism.
The Young Society people of
town have been more than
feted in the last two weeks, but !
none has leen more enjoyable
than the lartre nartv siren by '
this time it looks like a lot of
trouble for the Hanna -McKinley
combine next year. Kan
sas City Times.
Thursday's St. Louis Repub-
Miss Katberine Stephens on . lie contained a fancy cartoon of i
Wednesday night of las-t week Alger,
in honor of Misses Payne of marked
McKinley and Mark,
down and out.'" It
Klrksville and Sparks of Shel-' showed the Secy, of War in the '
Pensions, tariff on lumber ami
Embalmed IJeef, backed by
Mark Hanna were too many lor
Otis ran his sword through
censored dispatches and the
press correspondents didn't do
la Mine nut run trie -Pen
through Otis. '-The Pen i?
mightier than the Sword. "
ee Our
l ina.
After tbe guests had
they were presented
ONLY $20.00
with a
blank card and the hostess read
the i .itialsof each person pres
ent and they wore to write a
word or sentence beginning
dumps. It was followed by a
leader stating. Alger bad given
up the tight, resigned tbe port
Friday afternoon Frank Gen
trv and his little neice, Ruth
out. Then gave Alger's career
in chapters as follows:
Salient features in the life of
With the initials. Several were the bead of the War Depart
A protective tariff .meant a
partnership between private
Individuals and the government
in the interest of the favored
Class, the class protected, to
the injury ol all other classes
Protection is, dlshouett, In
theory and ,ln tact, it would
be just as honest froir a moral
standpoint to hold vp a person
ou the highway and take from
htm his purse and v.!" it to an
other person as it is to levy a
tax ou one .closs -the masses
to build up and enrich another
class. It is not written in out
SOnstitUtiOQ that the govern
ment has the right to take from
oiie class and give it to another.
Santa Fe. Monroe C unity.
hn a newspaper. The Adver
tiser. It is edited by Uev. L.
F. Linn who is well and favor
ably known by onr people.
Rev. Linn has :or some time
been publishing the Advertiser
at Mexico but thinks Santa Fe
a better field. Success iq the
Saata Fe Ad ertiser.
A J, Cay wood, the founder
of '.he Laclede, Blade and H
M Standly a prominent young
man of that city have taken
charge of the Blade. Mr. Cay
wood isr. most excellent news
paper man and in every respect
except politically he will give
the people of Laclede a model
clever enough to form a word .
from each and the straw con
test was resorted to. Gardner .
Wade was victorious. At 10:30
ref res u me uts consisting of va
rious ices and cakes were serv
ed. The rest of the evening
was spent in merry con versa -i
lion. As each guest bid good-1
' night they expressed a regret I
that the evening was all too
short. Those present were:
Mioses . Payne, of Kjrksville,
Sparks, of Shelbina, Vida
Strawn, of Paris, Auua Boul
ware. Mary CarSOB, Lena
Wuncb. Gra.ce Stoddard. Ger
trude Sharp. Myra Lewis. Cora
and Claud Settle. Rose Hog
lanJ. Sue Anderson and Nell
Jackson. Messr Tom Boul
ware. Verd CafSon, CI and Hen-'
derson. Gardner Wade. Emmett
; Yowell. Chas. Smith, Will Los
' son. Bailey UoKutt, Japer Mc-
folio nnd would step down and I Hawkins, were driving a frac
tious mare to a rr,ul wagon ii
the east part of the city. The
mare took fright at a drove of
sheep and cramped the wagon
and little Ruth sprang out ami
one wheel passed over ber back
hurting her very slightly. Mr.
Gentry promptly laid the whip
OU the horses tender Hank and
she didn't do a thin but kick
the wagon to pieces ami her
self free from it.
The Qui ucy Herald has put ' Cbrtic. Ellet Tompkins, Ira
it makes Melsca and Loot. L ranstou. ,
of sweet '
It is encooraeins! to see so i
many leading republican news
on a new dress and
her as neat a- a girl
sixteen. The Herald gives the!
news; and the market reports
some fourteen or sixteen hours papers coming out with an -open
a her d c f t lie
morning papers
Carl Smith, former, editor of
the Laclede Blade came home
Thursday to spend several days
with the homefolk He and
Ins brother. J. P. Sapth left for
Viuita L T. Sunday morning
Vet it is betnii done. History
uniformly demonstrates the ? ad will remaiu tliere several
fact that the( agric iltural and days.
laboring classes always suffer j Elmer Sbryack "aad family
Ijfpm a protective tariff. who ljave been' spend,ng seVer.
There is nothing good for the al weeks touring the west are
people lu imperialism. J expected home Sunday.
confession that the trusts must)
: go. and the only way to kill.
! them off is to destroy that
I which makes .thssn possible
namely, high protection. But
the eastern leaders of tlve re-
i publicau party will never per-1
mil the uational convention to
j declare for a tariQ or revenue 1
only, and in that they will be,
seconded by Hanna and nearly t
.ill tlio trvctom iil..r! Thfn
what will the anti-high protec
meat, Who has now resigned.
Born in Ohio sixty-three years
a go.
Worked on a farm until he
was 17.
From teaching and law prac
tice turued to pine lands specu
la t ion.
Enlisted as private from
Michigan and rose to rank of
Absented himself without
leave and resigned commission
to avoid court-martial.
Amassed a fortune by buying
and selling pine lands.
Elected Governor of Michigan
in l.4.
Sought presidency in 1888 and
was accused of buying Sher
man's Southern delegates.
Rebuffed in efforts to secure
place in Harrison's Cabinet.
Supported Blaine for Presi
dential nomination in 112.
Appointed Secretary of War
by McKinley in 107.
Resigned office under fire cn
July iy. 1800.
The finest cluster of apples
s-een this season was raised by
W. Burditt. Tliere were four
large yellow ones on one twig
and almost from one stem.
A ''moonshine"' picnic was
given Tuesday evening by .7. L.
Hayden at his home near Flor
ida. We will wager two cook
ies that all present bad a grand
The Christian Sunday School
is enjoying itself at the Rock
House to day.
Miss Henrietta Sheetz. one of
Palmyra's talented belles is tbe
guest of relatives in the city.
Frank Ray, one of the good
boys of Hagars Grove, was in
the city Monday with friends.
For you. to buy 5 10 or 20 acres of greuad ad.
joining. Monroe City.
You can buy it worth the money, on reasonable
tiou republican organs do At I hsshshsshsmi

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