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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, April 03, 1902, Image 4

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W. .1. ROUSE, Kditor.
K. r. HIXSON, City Kditor.
lH VfiAH
filtered tt tho pot office at Monroe Oily, Mo.
M Neooud-cUni matter.
Tl.1.1 PHONIi NO.
- !.
Volume 15.
With this number the Demo
OCRAT begins the fifteenth year
of its work for the upbuilding
of Monroe City and tile entire
country surrounding. For
nearly eight of these fifteen
years it Ins been under the
present management. We have
worked unceasingly for tin? best
interests of Monroe City and
vicinity and we believe that
our work has to some extent at
least been rewarded and that
Monroe City is a better city he
cause of the work of theDEMO
CHAT and thi-Uall the people of
the city and vicinity have re
ceived some of the tfood effects
of the work done by the DEMO
CHAT. While we have done the
work in the past as best we
could, we can see a greater
work for the future. In order
to do the greatest good for the
people, we ask the hearty co
Operation of all citizens who
are interested in making Mon
row City a better town in every
respect. The Democrat will
continue to tight for the princi
ples of Democracy because we
believe in equal rights to all
and special privileges to none.
The live business m n of Mon
roe City have liberally patron
i.ed the DEMOCRAT and forthi.;
we desire to thank them. Then
our list of subscribers keeps
right on increasing and of
course we are thankful for that.
We desire to say here, how
ever, that several hundred of
them are delinquent. This is
doubtless due to the conditions
existing in the country, but
permit us to say that it costs
us mon now to get out the
Democrat than formerly and
we hope our delinquent friends
will make a special effort to
pay up and that all will pay
one year in advance. Then we
can make the improvements to
our plant which we desire ami
will thus be in better shape to
do more and better work' for
Monroe City.
Thanking all for past favors
and asking your hearty co op
oration in the future we are
Democrat Printing Co.
A Tribute of Respect.
As the troubled stream of
time rolls on into the peaceful
ocean of eternity it occasional
ly happens to bear as its bur
den, some being more valued,
more beloved and more nsetul
than those whom every day life
presents to view; whose loss
leaves a void in the community
which cannot be easily tilled up
and leave behind but the memo
ry of his virtues and his useful
ness. A most striking instance
of this happened in our midst a
short time ago. in the demise of
Mr. Jas. H. Elliott. His death,
though not unexpected, yet was
none the less mournful, bring
log sorrow and sadness to a
large circle of relatives 'and
friends, and making desolate
the hearts of his beloved wife
and affectionate children. And
knowing that there are many
who desire to see the memory
of this good man honored by
some special token of respect
the writer, who has always
esteemed Mr. Elliott a living
examplar of many social and
Christian virtues, respectfully
offers this little Tribute of lie
Mr. Elliott learned in early
life the principles of righteous
ness as taught by Christ and he
ever sougnt to regulate his
conduct according to these
principles. He believed that
true nobility of character was
to be gained by the practice of
those social virtues that are
based upon the observance of
divine laws, hence he daily
strove to become truly rights
ous through reverence fo; and
the practice of the laws of the
living Ood. He professed firm
belief iu the Catholic religion,
as the Church established by
Christ upon earth and his de
portment was consistent with
his profession; his motives were
guided by the dictates of his
conscience and his conduct was
illustrative of the rectitude of
his motives.
He never aspired to accumu
late great wealth, but merely
labored earnestly to keep his
family in comfortable circum
stances. This left him free to
devote himself with more undi
vided attention to the proper
training of his children and the
other duties of domestic and
social life; and he is to be ad
mired for regarding the eternal
interests of his family as a
higher and worthier object of
his ambition, than the storing
up of the perishable riches of
this world. He preferred to
move in the ordinary walks of
rural life, rather than seek
those more elevated and re
sponsible stations which so ab
sorb one's whole attention, that
they have little or no time for
the discharge of other more im
portant duties. He was also
a decided enemy to deceit of
every kind, and always dealt
honestly and uprightly to
wards all; he would never in
trude himself into other poo
pies business affairs, but went
about quietly attending to his
own, and if it ever happened
that some one did him a slight
injury, he could bear it in si
lence, rather than involve him
self iu trouble by retaliation,
whilst at the same time, he
forgave from his heart the of
fending party. He particular
ly endeared himself to those
who lived near him, and he will
ever be remembered by them
for his many deeds of neighbor
ly kindness, lor he was em
phatically a friend iu need.
Such are a few of the social
and Christian virtues which
shone forth most prominently
iu the life of the late Mr Jas.
Henry Elliott. They will serve
to give at least an inadequate
idea of his conduct towards his
neighbor in general. Hut as
regards bis private relations
towards his family it would be
impossible for any, save one of
his own favored household, to
adequately describe them. Suf
fice it then to say, that his
whole character and disposi
tionespecially fitted him for the
happy, though responsible office
of father of a largj family, lie
loved his family with all the
affection of a true Christian
parent. His home was his par
adise on earth; his cheerfulness
andQkind fatherly condescen
sion made him the delight of
his wife and jhtldren, just as
his unaffected, openheurted,
sociability won for him the
friendship of all with whom he
became acquainted. Aud, as
has been said, he strove to do
all through obediance to the
precepts of Christ's law, so
that the virtues of our late be
loved friend are at once the
reason why we so much deplore
his loss, and th foundation of
our hope that in death he been
but translated from earth, the
scene of his temporal usefulness
to that heavenly home where
the faithful enjoy the reward of
their fidelity.
And that now he wears a
truer crown than any wreath
that man can weave him.
atC. M. Sullivan's.
Hawkins Mudd.
Monday evening Stephen T.
Hawkins and Miss Leonora
Mudd, the pretty daughter of
Mr. aud Mrs. A. E. Mudd, after
star yazeing for a while, conclud
ed the old adage:Try try again
was a ((Ood one. so hied them
selves to the home of Bsquire
W. H. Stevens, where they were
made one and happy. Several
weeks ago they wished to mar
ry, but their plans miscarried
on account of their youth, but
by trying again their wishes
were brought to fruitition. May
their lives always be as pleas
ant as a stroll beneath the
milky way, is the wish of the
Al Cassady had an exciting
ride Thuisday morning. He
got to Ely station in time to
catch the rails of the rear plat
form of the last coach. The
door was locked, he could not
get in, SO with his feet resting
on the lower step aud with a
firm grip on the rail, he rode
into this city ok-
In view of the departure of
Rev. Dr. Hatch and liev. R. B.
Briney from our city for other
fields of labor, we the ministers
still remaining wish to express
our appreciation of their charac
ters. RESOLVED: That in the de
parture of these two servant
of God. the churches which they
represent lose two earnest de
voted men, and the town two
high minded citizens.
Resolved: That we, their
associates iu the ministry put
on record our high regard for
them as men and as christians.
Always courteous ane kind in
their contact with their fellows,
they have endeared themselves
to us by ties which time can
never sever.
RESOLVED: That we shall
always cherish' loving memories
of them, and shall watch their
future with deepening lnt rest
as they make progress in In
service of Ood. Acd we pledge
them our prayers for still great
er achievments than they have
ever yet attained
Ministers Association of Mon
roe City."
Dark brown, right bind foot
white and little white on both
front feet; foaled A.pril 10. 1894
bred by M. Lebnuly, Calvados.
France, sired by the Govern
ment Stallion, Lucifer.
it. dam, Mauvlsttsby Btade.
8ad,4aiBi Rtglns by Aoqulla.
3rd, dam, Bill hy lllppoiuune.
4tli. dam. Arjionto by Normaud.
Bth dam, MIsh Annette by Notour.
6tb. 4am, Victoi ionae by Umber.
"Jth, dam by Abraiiton.
Vov full podiKioeeeo bll'i'
Will make the season at Perry
Maxwell's barn east limits of
Monroe City, Missouri.
( W. H. Elliott.
Directors D. D. Melson.
I James Smith.
It Fifty Cent, Seventyfive Cent and One Dollar Shirts fl
" now at ThirtyEight Cents. They arc beauties and Ml
Fifiv CVnt. SrvrotvyfJvp Cent and One Dollar Shirts
now at ThirtyEight Cents. They arc beauties and
up-do'date. Neckties, Puffs and Scarf st almost your
Telephone 67,
.... -.
mm Srasoi
f Constantly on hand
Prices Right
and Fit Guar'
antecd. '
ft Cleaning and
' Pressing a -Oi
jf AFineLineof
k Domestic and
Foreign Piece
r Goods. '
We have the agency for one
of the best special order
houses in Chicago. Suits
from Y1 up. Old clothes
made new.
ff First Door South of Farmers and Merchants Bank.
The Catholics will give a
Monday, April 14th,
GOOD music.
The Imported Percheron Stallion
NO 44029
WW,i..TW If
The Best Jack
in Eastern Missouri
Will make 1002 at aame place.
tiokms. ii to Insure living colt,
for pedigree tee v. 0. Bpaldlng-
win make reason 1002 at v. c. Spal
dlng'i farm known the Polen
Says' farm, I 1-4 mlloa aoutheaat of
Indian Ci k and (J mlloa from .Mon
roe City.
TERMS. $16 to tnnara living oolt.
When mare ta aold lervtoe foe due
Will not bu I'onpontlblo for aooldonta.
DKSOUH'TION. Patlnotr 44020 la
a blaok Pei'oheron italllon l yeara
old, welgba 1000 pound, woa Im
ported from Prance in 1001 i,v .).
Crouoh & Son., Propa. LaFayetto
Stock Par mi liaa great bone, llntah
nuii aotlon.
Monroe Draft Horse Co.
V. C, SPALDING, Manager.
f Building Paper of all Kinds
Corrugated carpet paper that will last for years and
only costs a little. I do not intend for any thing to rot
or rust in my lumber yard. I only say this that you
may know that I will not be undersold.

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