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II . I I.
Untile (.ieo. Bird ic reported quite
Bi.'k. .',.v.. jr,. f, . Sullivan,
W Monroe city wfcs i-alled to fetM him
tJundiij. ,
Mr. MftOffiftlc and fttmily weie
WM1t with yourcitv rtiMiill Bnt.
rrWhw :.!., . , ,IT
Church iVj,V)t4 will be ,cid nt
Aerial SuqJv,
SewraJ from this piloe attended
the fuiiMral of Dr. .T. J. Norton Sunday.
Mr-. HV'hr.t-Womlwvif N.-oiri.-
tr. . ..i.i,
iin- corn husking nawo It athaud. j
ion Kmtliluy ami family were chop
plnn'n Monroe City Monday.
Joanna Items.
wiie.it here i up anu
Joe Shuck, of Stale), wa iii this
vieinity arviog notices on thaJuagea
of the lection.
Rio. Huekner tl Moy Preacher"
pr-aehed Pleasant (ii-ovc Sunday
morning and night.
.lames Berry is hauling wheat to
Monroe City this wei-k.
We understand that .we are to hivve
a new store lu il0 near future, Kitunt
ed at Cross Uoads Ji milM aMt of
Some of the ferraera attended the
Hale of Will Wybrant, near Noonau.
Perry Johnson and wife, of near
Joanna, were visiting friends near
Vietor Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Anu Moss has been risking
thefamily of Henry Thompson .this
Indian Creek.
Misse Sadie Hagar and Marv
Pike, ol Monroe
mas here Suu-
PiUe and Will
City attended
Will Elliott, wile and baby,
of Hassard, were visiting at
John Montgomery a Sunday.
The Court of Honor gave their
first bail here Friday night
whicu was argely attended.
George Smith is in from Mon
tana visiting the homelolks.
He intends to spend this winter
in the business college at Chil -licoliie.
A number of Miss Annie Car
rico's friends took dinner with
her Sunday.
Harry Boswell, of Laddonia,
has been visiting at Miss Mary
Green's the past week.
Mrs Cusick treated her
friends to a nice dinner Sun
day. John Woods and MissTnur
nan were out from Monroe Sun
M Lacders was a business vis
itor iu Palmyra Tuesday.
Miss Maude McOllntfc left
Satuiday for the Fnture Great
where s'e is visiting her sister,
Mrs E P Melsou.
Miss Mattie Smith is now on
the reportorial statf of the
News. We extend the hand of
brotherhood to her.
U S Curry and family who
resided east of the city have
moved to Hannibal where he
has found employment.
MissOllie Buckman, a stud
ent at the Convent, speut Sat
HrrtrSy and Sunday with the
bomefolks at Likenan.
H E Duunavere and wife, of
jflteaJuireviileii Ky, are spendiug
tbe week in the city witb Mrs
Dunnavere's pis-ler, Mrs J Por
teB'BmtioiiJii l.-j'rj'n ;(-jn . i
MiylIieWayfs.'a stu'ejen t
at the Centenary ina5fmfyra.
spent SatuMaa'Wtf lifrielay,Iin
biSjf hW mitt
ana Mr M Landers. 9Vjntj
nJleTard; slJJOjtai leSo.
cainJ4wwr4b loakiaif tei Mk ficaA
estate near tins city. IwJwill
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and sympathetic wife went
limine to be with God. Since
then his mind has been on heav
en more than usual. The fif
teenth day of June he was
Strieker, with paralysis, depriv
ing linn of the power of peech
from which he never rallied
Quietly and peacelully on
Oct 16, his spirit took its leave
of the In ly and he was not for
God took him
1 ne Itinera I services were
held at the First BaptistCliurch
at 10:30 Sunday. Rev. Wiley
J Patrick, of Bowling Green,
Mo . opened with prayer and
was followed by Rev. B. F.
Wxson who delivered the eulo
gy His Pastor. Rev. I W.
R-ad closed the service at the
church with a history of Dr.
Norton and a sermon from Heb.
2:4 "He being dead yet speak
eth."' "Abel though dead still
peak a."
A large' number of Masons
from near bv towns were pres
ent and toolf charge of their
brothers remains and escorting
them to the citv-of the dead
held their beautiful and im
pressive ceremony after which
the mortal portion of Dr. J J.
Norton wer." laid by the side of
those of his wife.
Resolutions of Respect oi Monroe City
Lodfe No. 64 A. F. & A. M.
W HERB AS, it has pleased the
reat Architect of the universe
to remove from our midst, our
late ami well beloved brother,
Dr. J. J. Norton, and
WHAREAS, it is our sincere
desire that a fitting recognition
of his many virtues should be
had; therefore be it resolved by
Monroe Lodge No. 64, Ancient
Free and Accepted Masons
that while we bow with humble
submission to the will of the
Most High, we do not the less
mourn for our brother, who has
been taken from us.
Resolved, that in the death
of Dr. .1 J. Norton, our lodge
laments the loss of a brother,
who was ever ready to proffer
the hand ot aid and the voice
of sympathy to the needy and
distressed of the fraternity; an
earnest, active member of this
society, whose utmost endeavors
were exerted for its welfare
and prosperity; a friend and a
companion who was very near
and dear to us all; a citizen
whose upright and noble life
was a standard of emulation to
his fellows.
Resolved, that the heartfelt
sympathy of all the members of
this lodge be extended to his
relatives in their affliction and
Resolved, that these resolu
tions be spread upon the rec
ord of the lodge and a copy be
transmitted to the relatives of
our deceased brother and to
each of the newspapers oi our
j W. B. A. McNutt,
Committee - S. M. Buown,
( B. O. Wood.
October 22, 1902.
J E Brown and family spent
Sunday at Spalding Springs.
D K Yowell spent tbe first of
the week with his daughter,
Miss Stella, at Florida.
Mrs Jane White and son Au
gustus have been visiting their
son and brother at Keota, Mo
Clark came In from Mid-
Tuesday. He reDorts
VlS ,afflijymia8;,vSfljqying good
Uealth. K Ifj'Jit UVJlii HoijJi
no . uninthiri
iO II Mi.
tfinudth3lflaJforwaJrvhttri tM weak Aiuitti
ceotly purchase 'by jshtminW Mrs M -A-WoWM -i 'id ;.ias n
1 will sell at my farm. known a the
Scheetz place, two miles west and
one mile north of Monroe City, the
following' property, on
Thursday, October 30.
8 He?d of 3 tfood biood mares, all
Horses ' Dred to Longrnire's
horse. 1 pony mare, bred to H. A.
McClintie'g saddle horse: 1 work
horse: 2 -yearling eolts: 1 suckling
13 Head 2 extra good milkers, 2 drv
of Cattle cuwi 2 yearling -steers, 1
yearling heifer, 6 calves, 2 steers and
AnjreU Without Winr
There is another well-driller
In town. He is making his
home at J. O. Gilson'a and Os
car is correspondingly happy.
Thomas Treaster has added
one more to his interesting fam
ily. It is a boy.
For the first lime the Stork
has found his way to the home
of Z C. Proctor. It is a Drettv
a j
little girl.
at Strean?.
You are "next"
Jack Rouse was a business
visitor In Hannibal yesterday.
WANTED A trustworthy gentleman or Uly
i in eacn county n manage lmilnesi or an old
I established home or a ill 1 n.innclal standing
j A straight, bona III weekly cash salary of
I1S.O0 paid by che: each Wednesday with all
expenses direct from healqmrters. Money
ad Tamed for MfttM . Manager, .til Caxton
Bldg-, Chicago.
2H HEAD OF HOG 3, 3 brood ows
with ti pigs, 1 fat hog, 15 shoat, will
weigh fram80 to 120 pounds.
0 HEAD OF SHEEP and one
thoroughbred buck.
J acres of eorn on stalk, M or tK)
cords of dry wood, 100 .tons of hay,
80 tons in ricks and 20 tons in barn.
1 rick of oats straw ThU feed can
fed on the farm.
ing machine, corn planter, hay rake,
two 2-horse wagons, buffflrv. S apt
wapon horness, :i cultivators, plows .
harrows and many other things too
numerous to mention.
For terms see large bills.
W. T. YOUELL. Auctioneer.
T. S. HICKMAN, Clerk.
One of the prettiest weddings
ot the season was that of yes
terday uniting two fond hearts
and two deservedly popular
young people.
Daniel B. Madden, member
of a Philadelphia publishing
house, was raised near this city
and though Miss Agnes Blanch
Tniehoff lives in Hunneweli,
she is almost as well known
here as at home and is as pop
ular here as there.
The nuotials took nlarp nt
P. Y.
bt. Johns Church, high
and were performed by
Fr D. F. Sullivan.
The attendants were
Thiehoff, brother of the
and Miss Mayme Losson the iu
timate friend of both the coo -trading
Mrs H R Hardy played the
mass and Miss Gussie Thiehoff.
sislerof the bride played fhe
wedding march.
The blushing bride was gown
ed in a pretty blue cloth travel
ing suit and the attendants in
After the ceremony came the
wedding dinner at the home ot
the bride and then the long trip
east to their future home.
May the pleasures and gifts
ot the Gods follow them.
Bring in six ears ot big corn
and get a premium.
James G. Blaine, when talk
ing of leciprocity was -casting
an ancho.- to the windwarJ."
Theodore Roosevelt is guilty
of the same burlesque for be
only -peaks of the small Latin
countries. Why not be brave,
why not be honest and come
out flat footed for ' a tariff for
revenue only, instead of stick
ing to the Dinjjley McKinley
robber tariff that gives to the
few and takes from the many.
Miss Mhry Carson, oue of the
pbp'aW Voung ladies of this
cWj0 WftMrVing the wek with
rt1r8ab'e'fty of flowers.
Good Time.
About ten couple
Volinif oeople
of the
residing near
Lsethlehem church met at
Kimes near thert last
evening and enjoyed
selves playing various
Bees Make Money.
God made bees and bees make
honey, but the J. A. Betha bees
also made money. Last spring
he had four stands of bees, this
fall from them he has eight
stands of bees and $4G to show
for their seasons work.
C. G. Hampton, Dentist
Is now in possession of the
latest, and most approved meth
od of taking the impression of
the mouth for making artificial
teeth. Both uper ana lower
sets fit perfectly solid. If your
artificial teeth rock or become
loose, don't fail to see Jr.
Hampton. He will guarantee
perfect fit or no pay. No plaster
paris used in taking impres
sions. 10-23
Notice is hereby given that letters of ad
mlrUlration on tbe estate of Isaish Jones, de
ceased, w.re granted to the undersigned on
the lMh day of October lii'l by the 1'robate
Court of Monroe County, Missouri. All per
sons having clalmB against said estate are re.
iulred to exhibit them for allowance to the
administrator within one year after date of
said letters or they may be precluded from
any benefit of such" estate ami if such claims
be not exhibited within two years from tbe
dale of this publication they shall be forever
PERCY D. JONES. Administrator.
This -.'3rd day of October.
Elsewhere in this paper will
be found the announcement of
RH Hagar for constable. Mr
Hagar is uosw filliug the posi
tion and is doing it well.
For Rent: Brick store
building on north main street.
Will repair to suit tenant.
Cahl F. Smith.
When the people become in
different about voting, the
politiciiiis get iu their work
and vicious legislation. So look
to your interests.
Mesdames L O Wilson and J
A Hickman are the guests of
their sister, Mrs N Goodnight, j gold
at Helton Station. Thev took
their father. Lornr1' William
mass Jones, along to shake the pe-
cons down for them.
List of Letters.
Remaining unclaimed in post
office at Monroe City, Mo., on
Oct 23, 1902.
Mrs. Elisabeth Carlile 2, Mrs.
Ann Engle, Henry Holtzereau,
W. S. Little, J. L. Morgan,
Win Sum van, Geo. Swartz, Prof.
S. Thotna.
To obtain any of these letters
persons must say advertised.
J. P. Patton, postmaster.
What Theodore Roosevelt Says.
An article on "The Presidency,"
by Theodore Roosevel:, to be pub
lished in the November 6th issue of
the Youth's Companion, will be of
great public interest. When the arti
cle was written Mr. Roosevelt had not
even been nominated for the Vice-Presidency.
I Nothiuir was then further from his
thought than that he would so soon
exercise the great powers which are
entrusted to the President of the
United States.
In view of the circumstances the
article possesses an importance inovo
than ordinary, and it will be eagerly
looked for. The number of The
Youth's Companion contaiuing it,
and all the subsequent issues of 1002,
will be sent free to new subscribers
from the time their subscription of
$1.75 is received for the 1003 volume
The new subscriber will also receive
The Companion Calendar for 1003,
lithographed In twelve colors and
Full ilhtsti-tted Announce
ment of the new volume and samnla
copies of The Companion will be sent
to any address free.
144 Berkeley Street, iloston, Mass.
Great Ins in Kb fa.
Southeast Kansas is an ideal country for the farmer and
stockman. It has many advantages.. Home seekers' excuiv
sion November 4 over M.f K. & T. One fare plus $2 for round
trip, See some bargains we have to offer.
No. 38(5. A fine 80 acre improved farm V miles from Virgil,
8 miles from Giidley. 15 miles from Yates Center, all good rail
road towns and ii miles from Keck postorflce with daily mail, in
the finest farming portion of the county, black limestone soil. 30
acres in bottom and valley, balance upland, 43 acres in cultiva
tion 10 acres meadow, 25 acres pasture, fine maple grove. 1 mile
to good creek, fenced with post and wire, the best fenced farm
in the.countv, school and church near, orchard of 60 trees, frame
dwelling 1 story 24x22, 4 rooms. 2 splendid wells, common stabl
ing sheds and out buildings, perfect title, a first class grain and
stock farm, free and clear. Price $2500.
No. 478.--A fine 160 acre farm 2J miles Irom Neosho Palls
130 acres in cultivation. 25 acres mow land and the remainder
Jasture, nice smooth land, school house o land, a 6 room frarre
welling; barn 30x30 feet, other out buildings, all fenced in good
shape, watered by wells and ponds. All free and cleai. You
should give this farm careful consideration. Prj.ce 30 per acre.
No. 509. A good 160 acre farm 1 1-2 mile from P-iqua. 5 1-2
miles from Ne sho Falls. 1 12 mile to Catholic church, all up
land, 65 acres in cultivation, 42 acres mow laud, remainder pas
ture, well fenced. 3 acre orchard, frame dwelling 1 1-2 story with
4 rooms, cellar, 3 good cisterns, common out buildings, a good
grain and stock farm and situated very handy to a good town.
Price $30 per acre.
No. 575. 160 acres of smooth prairie land, 50 acres in culti
vation, 12 acres alfalfa, balance pasture and meadow, never fail
ing weH and wind mill, good young orchard. 4 room house, stable
corn crib, and other out buildings, a fine prairie or upland quar
ter, 5 miles to railway station 1 1-2 mile to school, 4 miles to
post office. A good place for a young man to improve and grow
up wfth the country. Price f!8 per acre
Fcr further information regarding. these farms or
many others call oo

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