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Wit And Wisdom From New Book
From the Kra Magazine.
The man who is weakend in
welldoing by the ingratitude of
others is serving God on a sala
ry basis. 'Tlit Power of
Philosophy is primarily a
matter of food; st.-c nidarily. a
matter of clothe-.: it does not
concern the head at all "Two
Thousand Miles on an Automo
Ambitious peopie must al
w ays be disappointed people.
"Fame for a woman.''
There is no such certainty of
knowledge on all subjects as
one holds at 1H and at 80.
"Capt. Macklin."
The best kind of courage
often comes from a f ul 1 stomach.
"Capt. Macklin."
Half the trouble of this
troubled world comes from the
fact that, for one reason or an
other, women are not able to
look up to the man with whom
they have dealings. "The Vul
tures." Love is like honey; it must be
taken in sips; one must not swim
in it. ' The i'harao and the
Nine times out of ten a woman
falls through love, and she
must be reached by love if she
is to be restored. "Down in
Water Street."
Don't call yourself a friend
and be thinking all the time
w hat the other said of the
friendship can do for you,
"Aunt Abby's Neighbors."
Cake Riddles.
What kind of a cake should a
geologist eat? Layer cake.
What kind a pugilist? Pound
What kind a lover? Kisses.
What kind a gardeneff Fruit
What kind a glover? Lady
What loud one w.i lives on I
his friends? Sponge cake.
What kind a politic: i .? Elec
tion c.i le.
What kind a jeweh'r? Gold
and silver cake
What kind would one have
to bee who ate all thes-? Stom
ache. Ladies Home' .Journal.
Of Interest To Women.
The planning of a street Suit
is often a serious matter to the
woman who cannot consult a
killed dressmaker, f itistoj
be made at home, the problem 1
will be increased. A good
Choice is a plainly made suit Of
brown, checked off with line
lines of darker brown. The
skirt is cut to Clear the ground j
by two inches ami is plainly
made, well fitted at the nip and
daring at the foot. The etou
coat is limply finished with
revers of the cloth. Careful
Stitching should be a feature of
the homemade gown, Good
pressing, too, counts. A plain-
A Thought For 1 he Day.
There's not a man of all that
preach despair
Who, under his stolidity,
would dare
A moment go without the in
ner trust
That something Blessed shall
be found somewhere.
H. W. Bynnek, in McClure's
for January.
At One
Half the Cost
has better strength and
flavor than many so-called
"fancy" brands.
Bulk coffee at the same
price is not to be com
pared with Lion in quality.
In 1 lb. air tight,
sealed packages.
Reflections Of A Bachelor-
When a maa marries his debts
Most men find it very easy to
make love to all woman eKcept !
their wives.
The man who always tells his
Wife he is sorry, he was so cross1
when she scolded lllffl is bound
lo Set aloof In the world by
: in. i king frien !.
When a girl comes out a cor i
tier where she lias been alone j
with a man yon can always tHl j
! whether he i as kissed her by j
'the way she Iojs as if he i
. hadn't
One reason why bad boys
don't get caught with the old
'trick of giving them a Bible
' with money between the leaves
is because they tling it into a
c orner. and the money falls out.
New York Press
H irk! the il i Kill' tn Try
O'er the crackling ice and
si iW
Seem- to set your blood a
tiiu'le. On I 'ie Itol
With rour deirest girl b -dde
li i -md
Srouggl' .i Dj
And the tarrj til) lit to Vide
Th.it's th, tuff!
Y trimmed brown hat should
accompany the street suit ol
brown, or, if blue be chosen,
select a blue hat.
Once again low necked gowns) A Lost Art
are ornamented with lace ber- Graceful bowing." remarked
than. It matters not whether the statuesque young lady at
the wearer be maid or matron, I 'he head ot tne
this trraceful fashion is ever be- I fast becoming
coming. For the waist that is
to be worn with a bertha the
shape is usually rounded, being
cut rather shallow at the shoul
ders. The choice uf lace de
pends to a great extent upon jo
wearer. The ex
tea table, "is
one of the lost
arts. Few are proficient in it.
and, indeed, the difficulties are
many. I am referring, of coarse
to men women are still mis
tresses of the art, but not all
Funny now the
scamp !
Thougli sou dm
one arm;
Something ele
hampers -What's
the harm
i ,;rse
e with just
i he other
McL Mid burgh Wilson.
seen men who
Lady Editors.
Misses Waller & Eubanks, of
the Madisou Times, completed
three years experience last
week in the journalistic Held.
The Times is a bright, breezy,
newsy sheet that shows many
improvements under their lily
white hands and mental ability.
Malice Aforethought.
Lord Roseberry once sat next
to a tanner at his estate dinner
and the confiding man whisper
ed to tne host when the ice
pudding was brought: "The
pudding has been frozen." The
ex-premier thanking the farmer
and looking surprised, called
to a waiter, said something,
and then turning to the farmer
again, said: "They tell me
the pudding has been frozen on
purpose. ''
Ool. William B. Fahy. of
Huntington, is now on the
Smooth Journal Staff, whatever
that may mean, at Jefferson
City. One thing is sure, being
in the Senate Chamber is being
in high C.
them, either.
nurse o the wearer. Tne ex- ".mil. iuae
elusive point and duchesse laces! were fat, not to say tubby, and
are the most charming, but are they titid that a mere iuclina
not considered appropriate for -non ot the head is a burden,
the young woman. Irish guip for it induces disagreeable
ure. Irish crochet and Russian j ruai,es of blood to the head, and
lace are for the young matron that is bad for men who wear
and maid.. ! twenty inch collars. And there
are men who are tall, lean, and
I scraggy, and when they bow,
With, two dainty handker being sensitive plants, they
chiefs, a bit of lace, a piece of Uq ink, and make the spectator
embroidery, s me insertion and think, of stringed marionettes,
Acme Food tor sale at Hay
den's Livery Barn. Every
bucket guaranteed.
Lyman Abbott, Editor.
H. W. Mabie, Associate Editor.
The Outlook
Newspapers and Magazine in one. Published
Every Saturday. Price Three Dollars a Year.
I Read the Outlook
"Because it is the best all round magazine
in the country."
Because each number is worth an armful ol
Letters from two subscribers.
Drawn in pastel by Alfred Houghton Clark.
Eacli portrait printed on plate paper 9x11 icches, suitable
for framing and enclosed in a handsome portifoJio. Price one
PIN A CNE'EOLLAR BILL iS,!!1 . mi name ! address lu
. !T...v . '""I. rl umil. 81 our rifk, toihc Oullo.ik Com-
p.nj- , r. in '' . IO'lt- " y"r '"""o l not already on our list n subscriber
in iln r .u, mui uioiuu.,-price one dollar .n.l tlili I'ortlfollo, prlco
Name .... Street No
Town State-
a skillful needlewoman, the
most exquisite underwaist is
made. These fascinating cor
set covers are among the latest
bits of undeiweai for gifts, and
were found by the dozen among
Christmas gifts and also figure
largely in birthday and wed
ding gift displays. They are
not difficult to fasten and when
finished nothing s prettier.
The first essential is that the
handkerchiefs must be tine ones.
Those chosen should have a
hem not over a quarter of an
inch in depth and inside the
he m should be a delicate traving
of embroidery. The handker
chiefs, of course, form the body
of the corset cover and are put
together with the lace insertion,
which is about an inch or a
trifle more in width. The hand
kerchiefs are cut diagonally in
two, from one point to the oth
er. The raw edges are hemmed
with a tiny hem and two halves
are used for the fronts of the
waist while the others are
made into the back.
Those forming the fronts are
made with the point of the
waist line that the fullness may
be across the top. while in the
the back the reverse is done
At the top the lace insertion is
finished with the heading above
this is a narrow edging of lace.
The belt is open work embroid
Masazlue a storehouse or treasury--Century
THK VALLEY MACiAZISE is n verltabb
sti.rcliouse of literature treasure.
Ktsays full of v... .1 (bought,
glories full of "the human."
Toeiry benutiful thoughts tn perfect verse.
Critical Aril cles Strong, Vigorous, fearless,
by masters of analysis, well in Council on their
subjec or they don't write about ihciu.
New ? Yes, at least not old. but seasoned In
that its contributors are ilpe In experience, and
lu their lull vigor of thought. Seasoned also
In that it lacks not tlaor Is never llau
Though but fifty cents a year the subscrip
tion Is limited to persons of rather more Uian
average InttlMf llll itlHII others fail to sec
the delicacy of detail am! ihilnk from the bold
ness of the foreground of this masterpiece ol
Buy this month'! Issue for Ave eeuts from
your newsdealer: Ifhedon't keeplt send us
uoonts tor three months trial subscription
which will lucludu the superb Christmas num.
m. Louie, Missouri.
and they dread the smile ot tne
man in the street.
"And ! have seen men whom
the critical moment found un
prepared, with hands in pock
ets. And I have seen them
when they were wearing caps
and clutched vainly and In
stinctively at hat brims, and I
blushed at their grotesque
poses and involuntary carica
tures of the line of beauty."
Belle Johnson's Studio
Special Notice.
Fancy paper, fancv type.
The Democrat carries identic
cally the same paper and
script type that Mermod L
Jaccard of St. Louis does. It
does the same class of wedding
invitation, menue, programme
and visiting card work that
they do, and it does not charge
fancy St. Louis prices. That
being the case, if you have
any interest in your home
or home pride, you will have
your work done at home, for
it will be done just as secretly
as it can be done in the Future
Winter Maxims.
A b izzard is a boom for
There'll be u cold time In tne
old towi tonight.
Keep warm by helping some
body that can't keep warm.
People are not responsible
when they are cold and empty.
There's .i whole lot of true
religion in a otg bowi o iut
If you inuat turn i tie void
shoulder io the poor, do it in
If ou have any old clothes
to shed, prepare to shed them
Whatever else the cold may
contract, don't let it contract
y our charity.
Old overcoats given in chari
ty these coltl days covereth a
rcui utune ot skins.
A freezing man won't make
much effort to be good when be
knows that he I i is a warm
Ii looks a little like rubbing
it in when a man must fr. ze to
death on an empty stomach.
The millionaire may taae his
money out ; i . tiorat;c at
this season without fea: that it
wii ! spoil.
The real "winter sports" are
the men and women who wou't
let anybody suffer if they can
prevent it.
Kick the street beggar off of
the earth, it you will, but till
him full of food first, and he
will be softer to kick.
While you are in yonr warm
house thinking bow cold the
weather is, please remember
that there are others outside
who know how cold it is.
Cnl Tier's Weekly
Benj. Hayden has been traus
lerred by the Staudard Oil Co.
to Louisiana, Mo. He and his
family will be missed by theii
many friends here William
Patterson, formerly ol this city
but wiio had moved to Quincy,
will take Mr. Haydeu's place
In this city.
The Prohibitionist have or
ganized an Prohibition Alliance
in Hannibal and elected the
following officers: C. W. Hanes,
Pres.; Rev. Heniy Webb, Vice
P.; P. H. Stone, Treas.; J. P.
Thresher, Secy.; J. S. Dollard,
Chaplain, and J. A. Wilson,
A Missouri Editors Sayings.
The plaiuest face may tnaice
a home the vestibule of heaven.
Parties and society events
are but another name for "duck
The next day after a man
marries an angels she begins to
shed her wing feathers.
The lion tamer who ran into
the cage to dodge his wife very,
very wisely thought that of tne
dangers he chose the lesser.
Richmond Missouriau.
There are twenty one million
male citizens ot voting age in
the United States. One in
every twenty-one ot these
draws a pension from the gov
ernment, at the expense of the
other twenty. The cost of the
list is greater than that of any
standing armies In Europe, To
the. unsentimental taxpayer it
it may look like paying a sub
sidy io patriotism, but it is in
eutire keeping with our pres
ent commercialized form of
government. Quuicy Herald.

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