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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, August 13, 1903, Image 3

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For Good Merchantable Ice see
John W. Stephens.
H CNE 16
delfts Wanted
A full line of
Lawn Swings,
Porch Chairs,
Settees, Etc.
Sample 2 Passenger Swing
$3, 4 passenger swing $4,
to tbose desiring agency.
fif WVHuiml Hi i 1
- ' Hi: I', M.I.. . m
ThegrktBank Cracking Scene. An Unexpected Haul!
OPERA HOUSE, Tuesday, Aug. 18
The Great Sensational Comedy Drama,
"Caught in the Web."
By JOSEPH Lk BRANDT, author of "On the Stroke of Twelve."
The Beautiful Ball Room Scene
The Great Bank Scene
The Great Explosion Scene
The Sensational Escape from the Police Station
The Great Counterfeiting Scene
A Beautiful Love Story, Intermingled with
Brisk, Bright Comedy.
A Camping Party.
A crowd of about 35 persons
have been enjoying a camping
party at K. N. NeUon's farm
four miles down the river. Most
of the crowd went down Tues
day morning on the Crescent
while the remainder drove
down in vehicles. When the
provisions, bed clothing and
other articles had been gather
ed at the boat house it appear
ed as though many hundred
persons were arranging to go
and remain for a longer time.
Some of the crowd who came
up Weduesday morning for
more provisions reported that
all were having a lively time
and enjoying every moment.
The chaperoues of the crowd
are Mesdames James Bates aud
Mildred Bowles. The young
people are: Misses Mabel Farm
er, Mary Sue Farmer, Hattie
Bates, Clara Kocb, Clara
Radenz, Minnie Marks, Zula
Edwards, Edda Simpson, Sarah
E. Crouch, Helen Herrick, Eula
Bowles, May Belle Bowles,
Gladys Hagood, Susie Nelson,
and Lovie Nelson, of LaGrange
and Misses Elizabeth Arnold
and Mili'r-d Scott of Monroe
City, Sadie Loomis and Caroline
Hardy of St. Louis, and Susie
Gertrude Stone of Portage.
Wis. Messrs. William Ellery,
Leslie Edwards, Kay Edwards,
Charles Marks, Addison Fret
well, Harold Herrick, Francis
Baker, A. H. Cauthorne, J. H.
Nolen. William Westhoff, Wil
lard Censor, David Robinson
and Ellery Farmer. LaGrauge
Who Established Peonage?
(From the Worcester. Mass., Even
ing Post. )
The Atlanta Constitution, in
commenting on the Alabama
system of peonage, for which 99
indictments have lately been
returned in that state, respect
fully points out that it was a
federal., commander, Brigadier
General Ruger, who when made
provisional governor of Georgia
by General Meade, entered into
a contract whereby some negro
convicts were let out to ji con
ceru for so much per man,. The
Constitution does not say that
in a spirit of sectional bitterness
but thinks that General Ruger
did the best he could wirb ac
cumulating convicts. JT h e
northern fire eaters who are so
loui in their denunciation of
every southern, will bave to
sing a little lower if the fact be
established that the system was
started by a aortberuer.
Mrs. Allie Vauschoacck, after
touring the west, en route to her
Kentucky home, stopped off
here, her old home, for a visit
with relatives and friends.
Was Thought To Be The Top -Notch of
Piracy, But,
Immediately after the cruel
war of the rebellion, in speak
ing of the tariff, President
Abraham Lincoln said:
"Yes, we may all congratu
late ourselves that this cruel
war is nearing its close. It has
cost a vast amount of treasure
and blood. It h is, inde d, been
trying hour ror the republic.
But I see a crisis approaching
which unnerves me and causes
me to tremble for the safety of
my country As a result of the
war, corporations have been
enthroned an era of corruption
will follow in high places, and
the mouey power will seek to
prolong its reign by working
on the prejudice of the people
until all wealth is aggregated
in the hands of a few and the
republic is destroyed. I feel
at this moment more anxiety
for the safety of my country
than ever before, even in the
midst of war."
But that astute statesman
and politicians did not know or
realized the greed aroused in
his party Republican by the
war and war measures that fed
the government with war funds
and the protected Infants with
a power destined to be greater
than his party, destined to
legally fleece the American peo
ple, whom his great heart lov
ed. Destined to finally be the
undoing of that party, destined
to create a plutocracy so strong
that it has become the dictator
of the Republican party.
James G. Blaine plead with
his party to trim its sails aud
"cast an anchor to the wind
ward" but it laughed him to
scorn and for that reason used:
"Ruu Romanism aud Rebellion"
to remove him from power.
Theu McKinley Dingleyism
forged to the front and without
the excuse of war, sent the tar iff
rates sky high, higher than
Lincoln dreamed of in 63 and
04, but before Mr. McKinley's
death, he, even he, sawth ter
rible trend ot the evil and the
terrible end if the pace was
kept up and caused him 10 say:
"My tariff bill has done its
work. We have been able to
build up many industries in a
short time, and now gradually,
but inevitably, our tariff must
be reduced."
President Roosevelt has made
a grandstand play at reduction
but was promptly called down
by the infants that have waxed
bold and stronger than the Re
publican party, its creature has
become its master.
Japanese Streets.
In Japan houses are not num
bered according to their sequence
but according to the order of
their erection, says the Pitts
burg Gazette That is to say'
No. 73 may adjoin No. 1, with
No. 102 on the opposite side.
No. 2 is probably a mile down
the stn et. The city of Tokio
is made up of 1330 streets in
which are 318,320 houses. These
houses are divided up into 13
wards. If a street passes
through more than one ward
the houses are numbered ac
cording to the waads in which
they are; that is. a street p iss
ing through six wards will pos
sess six number ones. It would
be like hunting for a needle in a
haystack for a stranger to try
to find a street in T"ki. Ivjr. a
jinriksha driver known the po
sition and number of almost
every one of the bouse In Tokio
He has made his busi'ies- a life
Misses Agnes and Bjsj
Hayes and Lena Hayden, tl ree
charming young ladies attended
the Hunnewell ball Thurs
day night.
Madame Rumor says: There
is to be a swell wedding soon,
one in which diamonds will be
in evidence as well as warm
pulsing hearts.
liTe home a-.d traveling 'saleime n tv?rv-h;re to
A tell Stark Tr-cs. 1V PAY TASH Weekly, give
iffi U si'.st prices, ei pt Stock, and PRfVAY FREIGHT.
all n. ....... .
A. Largest nurseries in the world ii50 ac.it. Capitol
Stock $1,000,000. Millions of trees and vines, Apple, Peach, Plum, Pear, Cherry, Crape, eta,
the largest, fin(St stork and be.it sorts ever offered hv any nursery. Our raen succeed where
others fail. Write to-duy fur term,, etc STARK B&G'S N. & 0. CO., Louisiana, Mo.
Branches: Atlantic, la., Fayettcville, Ark., Dansville, N. Y., Portland, N. Y., HunUville, ALl.
William Foley and wife, of
Brevier, attended the funeral
of Herbert A. Fuqua
Smith Byrd. an old Quincy
boy, who for the past year and
a half, has beeu connected with
the Santa Fe railway at San
Francisco, has been advanced
to the lucrative position of bag
gagemaster at Richmond, Gal.,
one ot the suburbs of 'Frisco.
In his advancement it has beeu
the reward of faithful service
to the company, and strict at
tention to business. Quincy
Herald. Smith Byrd is a grand
sou ot Uncle Ham Byrd and is
well known in this city where
be spent many of his boyhood
days. In fact if memory serves
us right it was Smith that fell
heir to the Tom Boulware
stroug pony. Norm Eakle said
it was so strong and active that
it could heave itself over a
Mrs. Bridget Lewis left Sat
urday for a visit with friends at
Silex, Mo.
If you are Intelligent, why
not be Prudent and
Dr. Hess' Stock Food
Dr. Hess' Poultry Pan-a-ce-a
Dr. Hess' Healing Powder
Instant Louse Killer
The Stock and Poultry Food
That keeps the bloocTpure, the stom
ach clean and active, the hair and
feathers glossy.
It makes horses feel good and work
well, makes cattle thrifty, hogs pro
lific and makes the hens lay. It
saves feed for you and every time you
feed your stock with it. it makes
money for you.
Wood Bros.,

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