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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, February 25, 1904, Image 2

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On the station platform at
desolate Xerxes Junction stood
two impatient men. The big
lumbering, round-faced man was
He ain't no dangerous crim'nal.
Anybody round bere'll tell ou
Dannie Higgs was never before
tbe judge till this time. He's
alt the child I got left, guv'ner.
Don't keep him from me."
Tbe colonel helped Mrs
Higgs to her feet and led ber
to a bench just outside tbe door
Colonel Joe Layson; tbe tbin,
allow one was Henry Clay Fin- ' ,... ma
All the while he was thinking
Ueeplv. He was the candidate
of the "Outs" for Governor; the
"ins" had a natural majority
ot 50,000 votes; Governor John
Randall, with a good official
record to back him, was up for
re-election, and Colonel Joe
Layson had as much chance oi
becoming Governor as be had
of gaining the throne of Tur
key, lie had revolted the sit
uation in his mind, and as he
found his inspiration Mrs. Higg
started to rise, but ht waved
her back, saying: ' Just wail
there, uiadam, until I send a
message and get an answer
I'm going to investigate this
matter at once."
Finley whistled, but the col
onel only frowned and stalked
into the telegraph office. For
perhaps two minutes he wrote
steadily. W heu he bad finished
he hurriedly gathered up ti e
satisfactory sheets and slammed
tbem down on tbe operator's
"Here, my man," be command
ed, "send this in a big hurry."
Tbe operator looked up
sleepily, rubbed bis eyes and
"To Hon. John Randall, execu
tive mansion, Eagleton:
"My Dear Governor I'm run
ning against you, and you
know it's only for exercise, and
I want you to help me out in a
case that has nothing to do
with politics. I've got an old
woman here who takes me for
you and wants me to pardon
ber son. It would be a shame
to undeceive ber, and, anyway,
I'm better looking than you are.
The boy's name is Dan Higgs.
He wasgsent up for five years
for cattle stealing. His father
is sick, and both father and
mother are -starving. Pardon
tbe boy for me, John. I never
envied you your job until this
minute,, and even now I want
it only long enough to pardon a
cow stealer. Answer at once.
I'll wait bere at this junction
until I bear from yon.
"Joseph Layson."
It was the longest and by far
the oddest telegram known in
Xerxes Junction. The operator
looked dubious and timidly
suyjjested. "You might skele
tonize this and save money."
"No, .sir,'' said the colonel,
decidedly. "Send every blam
ed word of it. This is a mailer
ot state."
The operator labored with the
mest-age while the colonel went
out on the platform to tell Mrs.
Higgs to wait patiently. Soon
after the message gone over
the wires the Ardenia train
came puffing in.
"Come on, Governor," said
Finley. "We can't wait any
lev. It was campaign time
and the twain were "swinging
around the circle," Colonel La -son
as the candidate of the
Outs' for Governor and Fin
ley as the spellbinder paid to
extol the merits of h'.s party's
standard bearer.
The afternoon train was to
stop at Xerxes Junction and
take on passengers for Ard nia
was late, and the rough old col
onel began to swear as he stud
ted his watch.
"I'll be here in a minute,
Governor," t-aid Finley, sooth
ingly. carefully observing the
custom of addressing candidates
by the title to which they
A scrawny, bent-over old
iceman, carrying an apronful of
wood, came out of the clump of
trees across the railroad track
and limped along until she
reached the platform where she
.stopped and looked up into tbe
colonel's face with vacant-eyed
curiosity. Finley was shocked.
"Such beastly manners!" he
exclaimed. "Shall I order her
to be off, Governor?"
Before tbe colonel could an
swer, tbe old woman clambered
upon tbe platform and limped
eagerly to bis side.
"Be you tbe guvnor?" she
The colonel smiled a big.
hearty smile, and answered:
"That's wb .t they call me.1'
"Won't you pardon my boy?
He's servin' five years in Osborn
prison. Tbe old man's been
fcicK abed for months and I ain't
able to work, and we're nearly
starvin'. Pardon tbe boy won't
you, guvnor? I wanted to go
down to tbe capital a year ago
wben they took Dannie away,
but I had no money and I
couldn't walk that far."
Tbe colonel raised his finger
and seemed about to explain,
but the woman talked on pite
ous ly
"They say he stole a cow for
Haider, tbe cattle king that
lives down at Belden. Maybe
you him. I don't believe Dan
nie did any stealin', but if be
did, guvnor, it wouldn't be rigtit
tushin' him off to prison and
leave old Haider free and still
hirin' folks' boys to steal cattle
for him."
"It doesn't seem right, for a
fact," admitted the colonel.
"But, good woman," inter
rupted Finley, "there wascer
tainly no evidence against Mr.
Haider, or surely the majesty
tof the law would have been sus
tained and he, too, would have
suffered the punishment of the
"I don't catch all your line
words, misttr. butl know Dan's
in prison and Haider is guilty.
Fine words can't get round
them facts."
.".Well put."' chuckled the col
onel. " Finley, it would be a
good scheme if you'd talk Eng.
lish once in a while."
.. Tbe woman looked puzzled a
mo tu e i t but the colonel's face
was kindly, and throwing down
ber bundle of wood, she dropped
oh ber knees before him.
Please pardon my boy, guv
m : I 1 1 Ml .1 : -
'ii i . rri -i ii in i i.ii' ii iii..
( i i , I i I I IIIU 11 i 1 1 v. in . . i
fore spring it you don't. It
wou t hurt you to pardon him.
' I can't leave just now," an
swered the colonel, leaning
languidly against the station
"But you must. We speak in
Ardenia tonight."
"You'can make enough noise
for both of us "
"Ardenia counts on hearing
you, Governor," urged Finley.
"A willful disappointment like
this might ruin your chances of
"You know I never had any.
Finley. What's ihe use of say
ing that? Aoyhow. I'm not go
iDg' With that he took a seat on
the beucb beside Mrs. Higgs.
"You'd better be moving. Fin
ley," he added, "I'll join you at
Beedsbuig in the morning.
Just tben the operator came
rushing out with a message.
To colonel seized it, almost
tearing it in half in bis eager
ness, tben held the pieces in his
hands white he read:
"Dear Colonel Have tele
phoned to warden at Osborn.
No objection there. Higgs'
pardon signed this minute
Glad to be ot service.
John Randall "
"The colonel turned to Mrs.
' It's all right," he said thick
ly. ''Your boy will be home to
morrow.'' "Thank you, thank you.
You're the best guvner God
ever made." At this she broke
down and sobbed.
All aboard," shouted the
The colonel took a step to
ward tbe train. It's all right,"
he repeated. "If you feel grate
ful tell the boy to vote for me,
Johu Randall, for Governor."
St. Louis World.
Letter to Mr D. B. Kendrick.
Monroe City, Mo.
Dear Sir: Whether you own
your bouse or not, is no matter.
If not, your interest in it, as a
tenant, is quite enough to justi
fy what we are going to say,
and a tenant can make his inter
est felt by the owner. You get
better boarders, and better
prices in a prosperous looking
house than a shabby one; and a
leading part of the difference
between the two is paint.
No doubt, your table is
known; it brings you boarders
and money. No doubt, your
bouse is clean; that brings you
boarders and money. No doubt
you maintain a certain manner
among your boarders by choos
ing them well; and that brings
you boarders and money.
Now add to all these a nice
looking house, outside and in,
and you have an additional
force upon people, who have no
homes of their own. It pays
well or ill to keep boarders, ac
cording as one selects them or
has to take those that come.
We refer to these obvious
t houghts tor the sake ot advis
ing you how to paint; Devoe
Ready Paint.
This will cost as little as pos
sible, and last as long as possi
ble twice as long as old fash,
ion paint, lead and oil.
Yours truly,
F. W. Devoe & Co.
For Sale or Exchange
A stock of general merchan
dise in good shape and well lo
cated; reason is bad health.
Call on or address Greenlawn
One of the best known in
stances of churches with streets
through them is that of St.
John the Baptist's church, in
Bristol. The church is situated
right over the ancient gateway
into the city on the Avon, and
the towering spire, standing
high above the neighboring
houses and streets, is a remark
ble sight, as one surveys it
from the roadway below. Post
We find the greatest pleasure
in futnifchiDg ycu the test meat
at the lowest prices for cash.
John L. Owen & Co.
Does Joey sympathize with
Russia? They seem to be play
ing a losing game
John L Owen ft Co. are going
to do away with all credit bus
iness and sell meats for cash,
as in this way they will not
have to make tbe people who
do pay. pay tor the meat of
those who do not pty.
Nine Hole.
James G. Blaine's henchman,
with his "Rum, Romanism and
Rebellion," put Blaine in tbe
nine hole. Joseph Wingate
Folk with his "Thieves, Thugs
and Tricksters," has turned the
tide of Democracy against him
One lost, and the other will de-
ervedly go down.
For good laundry work take
your linen to J. E. Christian
agent for Congers Laundry and
Dye Works.
Get There
The valley Weettly says:
"Mr. Harry B. Hawes has chal
leuged Mr. Joseph W. Folk to
debate with him." Mr. Folk
might answer by referring to
Nebemiab, sixth chapter, fiist
four verses Madison Times.
The Time- is inclined to play
with fire. We would refer it to
I. Kings, 20 And tben say
don't, for Joey is anything but
a Moses, except in not seeing
tbe promised land.
Before buying that monu
ment for tbe grave of a depart
ed friend see Thomas ft Shear
man. They will make tbe
price and you will be pleased
with their work.
"Flow Tie Flag."
Some People
Think tbe metropolitan pa
pers are glad to have a war or
other big things on band, so as
to till up on news. The reverse
is the case. During tbe Spanish-Cuban
-American war. tbe
war news cost several of tbe
American papers from 800
to $1,800 per day. A column
in an average metropolitan pa
per carries from 1,600 to 1,800
words. The news from tbe Russian-Japanese
war is costing
those papers $505 for a 1,000
words, which is a little less
than two-thirds of a column.
How long would you want to
foot tbe bill.
Dr. Vf. W. Ritchey's address
is 2710 Prospect Ave., Kansas
City, Mo. tf.
Sporadic Soup Houses.
They are holding "hard
times," parties in Chicago to
assist the neighborhood poor,
and in Cincinnati one wealthy
citizen has opened free soup
bouses for tbe unemployed. As
a matter of fact we should say
that so far as they have any
significance at all, it is of a de
cidedly local and rather ordi
nary character; but if only a
free trade party were in power
and a low tariff in force, there
would be no measuring the
DOlsfl that would be made over
these little incideuts. From the
Springfield (Mass ) Republican.
Get a Magazine Binder and
bind your magazines. The Weis
Binder is easy to operate. Per
manent and practical.
A Family Library
The Best in Current Literature
12 Complete Novels Yearly
$2.60 per yeah; 25 cts. a copy '
Subscriptions to this Magazine
received and forwarded from
this office, w '
Through Chair Cars, seats free
and Buffet Sleeping Cars
Through Service to New York, Buffa
lo. Detroit, Toledo, Chicago, St.
Paul, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas
City, Los Angeles and San Fran
cisco Magnificent dining car service
6. P. it T. A. P &T. A.
St. Louis Moherly
Get a Home in
the Northwest.
From March 1st to April 30th
1904, tbe Burlington makes very
low one way Colonist rates to
Montana, Washington. Oregon,
Idaho, California. The reduc
tion is from 25 to 40 per cent
from the regular rates.
The Burlington-Northern Pa
cific Express, with chair cars
and tourist sleepers, is tbe great
daily through train into tbe
Northwest via Billings, Mont.
Through rates and tickets also
to tbe Northwest via St. Paul
and tbe Great Northern and
Northern Pacific roads.
To California.
Join the Burlington's person
ally conducted weekly Califor
nia excursious in through tour
ist sleepers via Denver, through
scenic Colorado and Salt Lake
City by daylight.
on the first and third Tuesdays
of each month. Write for rates
routes, train service, folders,
berths and other information.
W Fitzgerald, a A L W Wakely, O P A
Hannibal. Mo 8t Louis, Ho
J L LYON, Agent
A St. Louis World's Fair
Free Information Bu
reau has been established
at Uuion Station, Molierlv. Mo.,
in charge of Mr. H. E. Watts,
where information will be cheer
fully furnished.
All letters of inquiry will be
given prompt attention.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
qnh-kly ascertain our opinion free whether an
tiiTeulloii is pmhably patentable, rmmminlca.
ItoM trloUjr eonOdenual. HANDBOOK on Patent
Klit free. Ohlcst aueury for securing patents.
Patents taken throuuh Muun A Co. rciulya
rjwriul imfii f, without chargo, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lament cir
culation of any H- 1 1-1 1 1 in,- journal. Terms S3 a
roars four months, $1. Sold byall newsdealers.
MUNN&Co.36,BrodNew York
Branch Offlce. IBS V ft., Washinmon. l). u.
I. L. OWEN. Jr.
Breeder andgShipper of
One Extra April Boar for Sale.
R. F. D. No. 5, Monroe City, Mo

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