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Here is an opportunity
to secure a first-class
Adam Schaff Piano for
a little hustling. It
costs nothing to enter
the contest. Send
name at once and be
gin work.
Rules of Contest.
Fiust ANNOUNCISMKNT. 'Phis l'iario
Coni"-t is conducted on strict busi
ness principles of honesty and justice
to all concerned and under such a
system a Piano Contest has never
failed, although dishonest methods
never have done anything else than
cause trouble. All inquires will be
promptly answered. Coupons will be
given on job printing and sub
scriptions from Sept. 20, 1904 and
on advertising from Oct. 1. 1901.
Earlier received cash will not be
counted. The date of closing will be
announced at least 30 days before the
final end of this contest. Any reader
may nominate a candidate witu out
cost. For the present, at least, names
will appear without figures.
2nd Piano and Candidates.--The
most popular lady is the one who
shall receive the largest number of
votes, and to her shall be awarded
the beautiful new upright Adam
Schaaf Piano by the uward'ng com
raittee whose decision shall be final
All respectable white ladies, regard
less of-where they may live, are elig
ible ascandidates,
3d Votes, How obtained. For
all cash received on lubn irlptlon,
votes will be given as follow.: 00
votes for each dollar when iubsoi'ii)
tlon is not paid flvcyears in advance;
when $5 is paid to advauce subscrip
tion five years in advance of date of
payment, 3000 votes will be given,
life subscription 20,000 votes for $25
Votes will begivenjon all advertising,
except patent medicine, foreign and
legal, and on all job printing. 100
votes for each dollar on advertising
and 400 votes for each dolllar on job
printing. No ballots given on ad
vertising or job work until same is
paid for and must be settled for not
later than the tenth of month follow
ing that in which work is done. Bal
lots delivered only to party ordering
work or on their written order. Mer
chants coupons 100 votes for 91.
Fractional part of a dollar not count
ed. All ballots must be sent in within
15 days of their date. Coupon good
for 25 votes will appear in Democrat
After Oct 1.
4th Instuctions to Candidates
Each candidate is allowed 25 per cent
extra in votes on all cash that she
collects. And another special is the
additional 25 per cent in votes al
lowed on all oash voted before Vov.
1, 1904. The week's voting closes on
each Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock
In the paper each week the relative
standing of candidates will be an
nounced, Ballots shall all be pre
served In a locked ballot box. Cash
or check must accompany report by
each' candidate. Vote once cast can
not be transferred. Postmaster and
agent's cash commission is suspended
during contest. Each candidate has
the world as her territory and may
solicit by correspondence.
5th Miscellaneous rules. -Re
sult of a week's voting will not be
told privately. Votes will not be al
lowed on subscriptions collected at
less than regular price. No1 election
eering Is allowed within this i office.
No relative ( as near as second cous
in) of, the editor, publisher or em
ploye is eligible to candidacy. No
employe is allowed to take sides in
this contest,
0th Special. Instructions. In
filling out the "Cash Ballot" write
name oarefully. Keep list of stuff
aentin each week. Kaoh candidate Is
requested is send as soon as possible
a eaoinei pnowgrapu lur puuuuiuiun.
The Land of Hope-to-Be.
Thorp's a iny to hupplnoss
I'll the rond of Dreams,
Where my sou goes wayfaring
By tlie sleepy strenms.
Heart that sends your memories
In the shape of song,
To the land of Hope-to-Be .
Is the Journey long?
Nny, companion of my honse.
In the longest flight.
DlsUinre In desire Is drown'd
As the day In night.
Henrt and soul go Wayfaring
t'p the rond of Dreams.
To the land of Hope-to-Be
By the Rleepy stream'.
William Stanley Brallluvalte, In the
Boston Transcript.
My Little Woman.
Would the diamond seem such a peer
l"s gem
If It measured one foot round?
Would ihc rose leaf yield such a sweet
If li covered yards of ground?
Would the dew drops 8W so clear and
If dew like rain should Tall?
Or WOUld little woman he lialf so great
If she were six feet tall?
"i'is the hand as soft as the nestling bird
That grips with the grip of steel;
'Tls the voice as sweet us the summer
That rules without appeal.
Ami the warrior, scholar, the saint and
May fight, and plan, and pray
The "world will wag to the end of time.
In the little woman's way.
Rehoboth Sunday Herald.
They Do Not Cut a Figure.
'You talk about women bem!.
smart," said Smithcrs, "but I notio
they don't cut much of a figure in
"Humph, have you ever heard of
any man any sharper than Hetty
Green?" asked Mrs. Smithers.
"Oh, she's an Isolated case. But a
woman in a financial Institution, ex
cept as a stenographer, is an excep
tion." "The day will come when women
will he employed In hanks."
"If they ever are they'll be there as
tellers," and then the Incident was
closed for half an hour. Baltimore
Berlin Cab Regulations.
Jerome Hart writes: "In Berlin you
r.ro always forced to take the first cab
In the row. If you aro a family of
sight and it Is a one-horse drosciiKy
i'or two, you take it. Then you hire
others for your overflow. If yon are
i lo:ie, lorn bachelor bearing a single
'rip. and the head of the row is an
t-seat family four-wheeler, you
bave sot to take it. Not to take It is
'verboten.' If you don't take It you
jot arrested. In Germany you're liable
i (jet nrrested for almost anything,
nywhere, at any time."
Moroccan Marriage Ceremony.
In Morocco at the feast before the
marriage the bride and groom sit to
gether on a sort of throne; all the time
her eyes are closed and she sits amid
the revelry like a statue. On the fol
lowing day the marriage takes place.
Heavily veiled, she is conducted after
dark to her future home. The veil
not being sufficient protection to her,
she Is led along the street by two rela
tives, for her eyes must be closed.
Such is the regard for propriety on
this occasion that her head is held in
its proper position by a female rela
tive who walks behind her.
Winter Rhubarb Profitable.
Winter rhubarb culture is one of the
profitable crops grown by a former
banker, of Sumner, Wash. He has a
frame house costing about $40 that
brings an income of $400 during the
months of January, February and
Mirch. The rhubarb roots are taken
from the field and placed in the house
the first week in January. A small
stove supplies the required heat,
which is carried throughout the build
ing by a six-inch stove pipe. All
light Is excluded. Within three weeks
from planting the rhubarb stalks are
ready for the market and sell for 25
cents a pound.
High Priced Stable Boy
Um- ii i j H tn )ig i
cessation ol hotlHliei 1
the oppOllg I .ire-.
itrapplnu Y i n i I ri "I "
confedera te mitiii on
look oig old l '( tn
i rtt for Sinn'- tobacco,
For the Christian Orphans' Home.
it pom r i A delightful concert in in
iw-t-i i ere-i of Him Christian Ot
i 1 1 1 1, ! phv.it1 1 1 tun, tiw hi Mie course
.',11 DM
i -orry
of Cohm i UC I'H' I lit! Aubert
place I'-s ifiVett lat night in
a the 0- n'r.i l UhrlMi;i n (.'.nurch by
0 u:ert Com
the B I' ll ii id n
Judge Lou Hawkins, ot Dear
Warren was in the city Friday
enroute to Palmyra, on business.
The present Missouri legisla
ture will receive the plaudits of
the people if it will give us bet
ter road laws.
Charles Raynor and his son
Fred, of Killdare. Ok., bave
been the guests of their friend,
Uncle Jack Mastin.
Jim K. Ely has bloomed out
as a full grown carpenter and
contractor, knight of the ham
mer, saw and jack plane.
lO, Y'nk.' balled one Ml i nniu-'pany Blind Hoi in
ber.il Confederate hOitl'et- i i ored musician mi .
ing ibotit on the graft in Iront era t tirtnt ie ol
of a tent, "t Ii ; i t 11 i m -mart d B iml I'oili In
horse you aM ifoi llor. '' i ulul possess
"Think of returned uir V,
"Yes Wliat'il von take
him?" "Oh, I don't know."
"Well, I'll give yon $700 fin
him," bantered t hr Confederate
"You go to in'sclr- f!" Indig
nantly retnrmd the Yank.
"I've just paid l(l(i00 of jour
money (o have lom curried ''
The Bugle Call.
A Difference In Palms
"It's strange how the strength
of a robust youngnman varies at
"Is It?"
"Yes. There is a young m n
up our way who can sit am
hold .i 1 1 re tv young woman's
palm ill the evening, and yet ii
his mot er asis him to tneve
her palm from the hall to tin-
sitting room hr nearly has i
tit." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A daily paper lor$ 00 a ye:u
is something the public h B
long oesired. The Chican
Daily Review, a delightlul lain
ily daily giving all important
news, market reports and many
interesting departments lur
men, women aim children, is
sent lo suiiBCrloura for $1 year.
75 cents for 6 mouths 50 cents
for 3 months. Sub.-cribe tuoa.
address The Chicago Rivn w
Co., 399 O ca-Coia Building.
Chicago, Illinois. 3-9.
James Christian, uf Warrei ,
left Thursday lor Los Angeles,
Cal., on i sad mission. He
went to bring bil cousin, Clar
ence Terrill, home Mr, Ter-
i ill has consumption
Deputy Sheriff Berghoff, of
Marion County, passed through
the city Friday with three
young boys band-cuffed togeth
er. They were bound for reformatory.
Mrs. T. M. Boulware and
Master Thomas left Friday lor
the Bluff City to visit relatives.
Pnilip Sullivar was a busi
ness visitor in New London,
'. e. Hi
.. ri the
iv enj ij
Sentence t Sermons
Love is life's interpreter.
H iitte pain is llie price of any
po tytff
Every man owes every other
man a happy face.
"Time to nurn" keeps the
devil's furnace going.
He cannot be a saint who will
inn be a ser va nt.
You soon lose the re'igionyou
trv to keep to yourself.
You do not cleanse yourself
by smutting every one else.
A hu-liel of potatoes mav be
ivas supported, wort'i t ton of philanthropy.
program wan inorougn- We find no b iter feelings in
is the co1-
iose HlioUld
he renown
r. lien. He
a wonder
.k.jlul inn.. c, 1 1 1. 1. ciii. aim his vers-
m i ii, oineiinnu remarks
S1 j .iii-
in sility
P.b 16
Re pub-House,
Sometimes Think-
Wi- sometimes tli:nk. and his
I rip "iir think is a hi ut t he over
worker misleading word 'ty pi
ca ' ' When you pick U) a rail
road ;o'.. they are freely illus
tr.iierl with haudsome homes
on! on the plains of Nebraska.,
Kansas and the Da kotos. And
now the same style of catching
the notice of prospective immi
grants is used for the benefit of
the rice territory of Texas. One
is led to believe that those il
lustrations represent one half
r two tliiM "f the farm hous
es In those sections, when, as
a matter of fact, those "typical"
homes are the exception and
not the ruie.
Are Welcome
Whene r our Irieuds couif to
the offic j they receive i cordial
welcome and are gladly given
permission to read our i-xchang-e-;
but, when they do so, it will
be a favor coofeire t upon us if
i hey will fold toe papers as
'hey found them it imI return
litem to the place ih.-y touud
i Item in
Mst people move along the
lines of least resi a c They
reir i he houses that are adver
tiee d for rent; they employ the
people who advertise for em
p oyment; they rind investments
purchase curios, nuy lots that
are advertised. Dju'I be a
clam. Advertise Qumcy Herald.
other; limit .'. - i sler in our
selves. It takes more thnr the Sunday
suit to make the Milhl saint.
The m in rhn pti heart into
his work will always get ahead
in il.
You canuot escape your taxes
here by talking about your citi
zenship there
When "the 'good things of
life" are our best things they
become our worst.
When you come to say good
by to old sins it is unwise to
hold a larewell meeting.
When a man wears his piety
as an ornament you can depend
on its being paste.
If vinegar would preserve
morals sump men are sour
en ugh to save tne world.
Mrs. W. M. Barnes, of Excel
fiior. Ark., after a visit in this
city with her mother, Mrs. Mol
lie Mudd, left Saturday for
Brooktield, to spend several
days with her sister. Mrs.
Charles H. Smith.
lsadore Thomas and wife,
spent the latter part of last
week in Quincy with Mrs
Thomas' sister, Mrs. R J. Brad
Prof. William Oullen, one
time principal of the Monroe
Schools, 'but now a knight of
the grip, was a business visitor
in tbe city Thursday.
Down in the Ozark Ref ion.
To the Kuitor of the PoBt-Diapatch.
One of tbe real estate agents
of this city, in advertising bis
business by a printed card, has
on tbe card, "a big red apple,"
as well as tbe following unique
Bere is luck to tbe man who can
if be will,
Prosper in tbe valleys ot the
Ozark bills;
He will have cattle in the past
ure and bogs in tbe pen,
Sheep on tbe range and wheat
in the bin.
Fine horses in the stable and
mouey in bis pocket,
A baby in the cradle and a pret
ty wife to rock it;
Corn in the big crib, poultry in
the yard,
Meat in tbe smokehouse and a
big can ot lard;
Milk in tbe milkhouse, cheese
on the board,
' A little sack of -coffee, and sugar
in tbe gourd.
We commend this poem to
persons who are contemplating
a trip to this "New Utopia,"
the Ozark regions.
Lebanou.Mo. J.,W. F.
Jacksonville. Fia., Jan. 26
It is believed the freeze last
night in Florida destroyed all
tbe oranges and other fruits on
trees excepting in the extreme
southern part of the state.
Miss Vallie Utterback went
to New London Saturday to
look after business connected
with the defense of tbe Watson
Benj. D Neal has moved to
Rensselaer, where he will live
with bis daughter, Mrs. Henry
Mrs. S. M. Bersiu and chil
dren, of Quincy, bave been tbe
guests of relatives in this vicinity-
Charles Baynum, of Shelby
County, came down Friday to
visit tbe homefolks.
Why leave lor ti.e evening
The duties uf early day?
Wliygrudge uutu bieak Decem
ber The kindness we owe to,May?
'Tisuime for the nud aud blos
som When skies are serene and
Who soweth iD chilly autumn
Reaps harvest of Outer rue.
Thy Irown or thy unkiudness,
As bitter as draught of gall,
May sting thee as scourge ot
Ere lowers night's sable pall;
Beware lest thy tardy kisses
Ball mad i) on up-. of4clay,
Or heart ihuu una morn couldst
Be pulseless ere close of day.
Be kind while life's morn still
Tby love and thy helpful
Shall be as tbe founts of water
To wanderer o'er desert sands
A word from the heart, in kind
ness, May pierce the gray mists of
And arch o'er the bills eternal
The rainbow or hope again.
Mary E Killilee.
Not Appendicitis.
A little lad whose parents at
tended the church of the Ascen
sion beingtaken to the morning
service for tbe first time was
greatly impressed by a refer
ence the clergyman made to tbe
creation of Eve. A few days
later be came to his mother an
nouncing; "My side hurts me very much
bad and I tbiuks God is getting
ready to take out one of my
ribs and make me a wife."
New York Sun.
Mrs. Robert Little, of St.
Louis, has been tbe guest of
relatives in tbe city.
Miss Kate Redd is visiting
the home of ber childhood, Palmyra.
Mrs. Nellie Neil, of St. Joseph
has been the guests of tbe
"What is your load of hay
worth?" asked the coal dealer.
"Come now,'' said the agri
culturalist, "when I buy a load
of coal from you I don't ask
what it's worth. I ask you
what your price is and I pay it.
Tbe load of hay will cost you
$10." Chicago Tribune.
Mrs. A. Gray, of Barry, 111.,
is visiting ber daughter, Mrs.
T. S. Gaitsklll.

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