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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 05, 1906, Image 4

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W. J. ROUSE, Editor.
It. P. HIXSON, City Editor.
Catered kttbe poet office at Monro City, Ho
ftiieooDd-olUi matter.
Democratic Ticket.
Supreme Judge:
A. M. Woodson
W. W. Graves
W. W. Rucker
Thomas 13. Gannaway
CouDty Clerk :
J. N. Magruder
Circuit Clerk:
C. L. Dry
P. Marion Nolen
Probate Judge.
W. W. Dames
Prosecuting Attorney:
James l Uoyct
Presiding .1 mlgi;:
James S Allen
J. Fr.ink Crow
Judge Eastern District:
James T. Uinstattd
For Collector:
A. 0. Dt-aver
The greatest good to the
greatest number.
Thank goodness the Republi
can congress has adjourned.
Stand with the people in
their gallunt right against mo
nopoly. Bryan the j-reat commoner,
is the man to It ad the people
on to victt rv.
The Dkmockat is pleased to
see the people continuing to
get into the Bryan wagon.
The man or company who
stands by home is the one de
serving of patronage.
Would you rather help some
big institution to crush you
than to help some worthy home
institution to help ycu?
If you dtsire to see Monroe
City a better and more prosper
ous town, you should make it a
special point to patronize all
borne institutions in preference
to the great monopolies.
were taxed without representa
tion in the legislative or judic
ial bodies of the government. 1
Stop. Are not our Republican
friends today holding a people
the Pliilipnoes the same as
the Am-rirans were held by
England prior to July 4. 177(
If the American colonies bad a
right to be free from England,
certainly the Philippines
should.not be ruled from Wash
ington. Cecil Forsythe was with Bluff
City friends Monday.
Senator W. S. McClintic went
to Uigginsville. Monday, where
he said he would be with the
best people on earth.
Mrs Cora Uaistattd left Mon
day for a 15 day vacation. She
expected to take in Denver.
Jame T. Gentry, of Leonard,
spent Sunday atid Monday in
the city with his kinspeople.
Hal Courtney and family, of
Columbus, Ohio, arrived Mon
day for a two weeks visit with
the homefolks.
Tne suiii Conway makes al
ways please bis patron.
150,000 feet ot native lumber
for sale. All dimensions, tf
Frank Ahland.
No man is doing bis duty to
bis borne town, to his neighbors,
tobimself when he patronizes a
big corporation which care
ootbing for him. nothing for
bis neighbors, nothing for bis
borne town other than the mon
ey it can take away from bis
The future of Monroe City,
more than does the surrounding
country, depend upon all our
citizens standing by borne en
terprises. The city depends up
on the country for support
Yesterday, July 4, the Amer
ican people celebrated the sign
ing of the Declaration of Inde
pendence by the citizens of Eng
lands' American colonies. Why
do we do this? Because we
feel that they did the right
thing in severing their allegi
ance to England, because they
Prof, atid Mrs. R. S Nichols
of Webb City are the guests of
Mrs. Nichols parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. A. Ely.
We could use some of that
money you owe us. Please
don't keep it in your pockets
wearing tbetn out. We want
the money to spend.
The Monroe City Democrat
Bryan's Commoner only $1.65
per year.
It pays to wear neat fitting,
well made clothes of good ma
terial. That is the kind Con
way puts up. See hi in before,
you buy.
Peter Werner was with Han
nibal friends Monday.
Miss Bertha Nichols, former
ly of this city, will teach in the
Carterville high school the
coming winter.
The ball game Saturday night
will be considerable of a novel
ty because it will be played by
artificial light.
Mrs. Moll'e Bowers has re
turned to Perry and will spend
the summer there.
Mrs Jesse Smith and daugh
ters, Gertie and Dura, of Han-
uibal are the guests of their
kinsman. Joseph Smith and
Daniel Phillips and Judge R.
N. Sharp of Little Union, were
with Monroe friends Tuesday.
J. F. Browu and son, Everett
were with Bluff City friends
W. A. and master Donald
Montgomery went to Peoria,
III, to celebrate the Fourth.
Jacob Gentges and family of
Quincy, spent the Fourth in the
city with his brother, Barney.
Misses Mamie Bigley, Kath-
erine Mudd, Zelma Mudd, and
Grace Frye, went to Hannibal
Tuesday to visit friends.
Mrs. L. M. McReynolds went
to Palmyra, Monday, to visit
iier son. Pearl who resides near
the village by the big spring
Mrs. J. W. Overly and daugh
ters, Ellen and Bernice are
spending the week in Kansas
City with their daughter and
sister, Mrs. Bessie Smallwcod
W. H Cearfoss ot Chicago
has been visiting his brother,
C. A. Cearfoss. While here he
bought a tine young horse from
U. J. Davis and left him with
Gabe. the trainer to smooth bis
Mrs. C. L. Cartrigbt and two
children, of Delhart, Texas, ar
rived yesterday to visit rela
tives and old friends who were
exceedingly glad to have them
with them.
W. L. Cranston and family,
of East St. Louis, arrived Mon
day night for a. nice long visit.
Mr. Cranstsn for two weeks
and Mrs. Cranston and children
for two months
E D. Noland and family are
the pleasant guests of his moth
er, Mrs. Mary E. Nolan t. En
nis will move hU unnily to
Chicago next wet-k
W. B. Aruoi'i has gotten z
bargain in tbe Dr. Nelson resi
dence property. He got it from
joe jenersou ana as it is on
North Border between North
Main and Silk Stocking Row, it
is one of tbe most desirable res
idences in the city. Now Will,
what does it all mean anyway?
Miss Mary Green attended
a meeting of tbe teachers of tbe
Hunnewell school in that city
last Wednesday. Miss Green
has been re-elected to a position
in tbe school. Sbelbina Demo
ocrat. Miss Green is a niece of
A. II. Green in this city and Is
well and favorably knowa
Miss D. Stillion of Palmyra,
has been with Monroe friends.
I have taken up a red boar
and a black and white boar.
P. C. Wiseheart.
J. R. Schultz, of Canton, is
the guest of Roy Meriwether.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given, that the un
dersigned Barbara A. Shuck, Execu
trix, of the eBtate of William Shuck,
deceased, will make Final Settlement
of her accounts with said estate as
uch Executrix at the next term of the
Probate Court of Monroe County,
Missouri, to be holden at Paris in
said county, on the 13th day of Aug.
A. D. 190U.
Baiuiara A. Shuck, Executrix
of William Shucx. deceased.
C. H. Smith, of Brookfield,
was in tbe city with tbe home-
folks yesterday.
In addition to tickets sold to
Sielbina yesterday morning 95
more were soli at noon.
Misses Fannie Lynch and
Liura Keller are visiting rela
tives near Cincinnati.
Albert Acbephol, of Quincy,
was with his sister, Mrs. C. L.
Drescher. yesterday.
Mrs. Ada Redd has gone to
Quincy to visit friends.
J. W, Howell and Master Ed
ward were with Quincy friends
Madison Payne, of Warren,
was a business visitor in the
city Tuesday.
The editor of this paper would ,
be the last man on earth to
knowingly say a word to hurt
the feelings of any of its sub
scribers or citizens, especially
at a time when the dark winged
messenger of death has brought
sorrows to tbe home, but from
the best of motives we desire to
call our readers to tbe custom
of publishing "cards of thanks,"
It'ts a custom that has outgrown
its purpose, it it ever had one.
W.ben sickness and death comes
to y'qur home it is only natural
that your friends and neighbors
stfbuld do what they could do
ro irs&ist you. They would be
beatbens if they did not. They
know from the expression of
your face that you are thank:
ful and deeply appreciate all
they do, and it is not necessary
to rush into print and tell the
world that your neighbors were
kind when you were in trouble.
Tbe reading public are becom
ing tired of the old stereotyped
"card of thanks." You can ex
press to your friends, by a look
or word, yout thankfulness in a
more impressive manner than
you can in a column of cold
type. Times Democrat.
One branch ot study is neg
lected too much in the Missouri
public schools, declares the Ful.
ton Telegraph. It wisely says:
"It is wise to teach ourjchildren
that the soil of Missouri is as
good as they will find anywhere,
that the climate is as good as
any wanderers ever finds, that
the people of Missouri are as
good as people from any region
of the world; that the schools
and churches, the towns and
villages, tbe trees and flowers,
are better than they can be
found anywhere else."
The Rayville Enterprise was
OJt rattier late tbe other night
and observed two young
"sports" having a "time" which
called forth the following:
Two of our young banties ot
the west end broke the ice a
little early last Sunday. It was
a holy fright to see them strut
and crow. Cold drinks and
chewing gum were served
throughout the dav. Tbe boys
toted a bottle of milk in each
hand which signifies that tbe
boys were away from mamma."
A Plattsburg woman assured
ber husband that she bad never
deceived him, asserts tbe Platte
City Landmark. Just to keep
track of the times she would
break her promise be said be
would cut a nick in the piano
every time be knew she told a
lie. "What do you want to
ruin my piano for?" asked the
angry woman.
Wesley Drescher and his ootsy
tootsy, Miss Lillie Myers of
Quincy, spent the day yester
day with bis parents, C. L.
Drescher and wife.
Clarence collects a dog tax.
It should be collected in every
After two months pleasantly
spent with the homefolks at
Columbus, Miss , Mrs. M. B
Proctor has returned home and
will spend the summer oversee
ing the erection of ber new and
what will be. a lovely residence.
Albert Meyrs of Burlington,
Iowa, bas been with tbe home
folks north of tbe city.
H. B. Mudd went to St, Louis
yesterday to see about some
handsome bar fixtures he is
having made for bis thirst-par
Misses Amy Green and Ger
trude Robertshaw of Monroe,
are visiting tbe family of Mrs
Ida Green. Shelbina Demo
A Remarkable Echo
President Murphy of tbe Chi
cago National club told at a
baseball dinner a remarkable
echo story.
"There was a man," he began
"who bad a country house in
the Catskills. He was showing
a visitor over his grounds one
day, and coming to a billy place
be said:
'Tbe.-e is a remarkable
echo. If you stand under tbe
rock and shout, tbe echo an
swers four distinct times, with
an interval of several minutes
between each answer.'
"But tbe visitor was not at
all impressed. He said with a
loud laugh:
" "You ought to hear the echo
at my place in Sunapee. Be
fore getting into bed at night,
I stick my head out of tha win
dow and shout, "Time to get up
William!" and the echo wakes
me at 7 o'clock next morn-
Mules at 20c a Pound
George Hal), a leading stock
man out north of Madison, as
serts that mule meat is the high
est priced flesh Monroe county
farmers handle for market. He
further asserts that 20c a pound
is a fair basis on wh'ch to buy
or sell. When out buying mules
Mr. Hall makes a mental esti
mate of their weight and then
bids tor them at the rate men
tioned. He says it is as safe a
plan as any he bas tried. Among
the good mules now in his pens
is a pair of big fellows for which
he paid $380. Tbey averaged
about 1000 lbs. and therefore
cost him about 19c when bougnt.
Paris Appeal.
How Long.
Sturgeon has a club called
the "Independent Ten" com
posed of ten young ladies, Miss
Willie Mae Lightner, being one
of the number. The young gen
tleman of that town are anx
ious to know just what they
mean by their adopted name,
and just how long that "inde
pendence" is to continue. Mad
ison Times,
It will continue until some
well dressed, good looking, glib
tongued scamp comes along and
says, won't you.
Prosperous Hannibal
Last Thursday and Friday
tbe Missouri Press Association
held its summer meeting in Han
nibal. While there was no set
program the Editors present
felt that it was good to be there,
and the meeting was a profita
ble one.
Hannibal did herself proud in
showing hei visitors tbe sights
and progress of city. Tbe live
Commercial Club has done much
good for Hannibal. Long may
she prosper.
A Kansas editor who inter
viewed thirty business men and
thirty loafers says that the bus
iness men bad all been flogged
freely by their parents when
they were boys, and out ot the
thirty loafers twenty-seven of
them had been "mama's darl
ings," and the other three had
been raised by their grand-mother.
All Work Guaranteed,
Rcid & Shearman
Monroe City, Mo
Mrs. M. B Carson left yester
day for St. Louis to spend sev
eral days with relatives.
II. C Scbeetz of Palmyra
was looking after his business
interests in this city yesterday.
Mrs- J. D. Elliott of Quincy,
was in the city with relatives
There was 139 tickets sold to
Shelbina and Palmyra yester
day morning. The crowd broke
about even on the two places.

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