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Department Store
is still offering some
Big: Values
Lis Tailor Mai Sis
$10.00 Suils
Sale Price $ 7.95
We have the
Best Values in Cloaks
that you will find Don't fail to
Special on Silks
We are showing the finest line of
silks you can find any place
Ask to see our 50c line for waists
also our line of Persians and the
new Monas and Bengalines
Our Shoe Department is complete for Men
Ladies and Children
Levy's Department Store
Engagement Announced.
On Tuesday afternoon Miss Anna
Boulware was hostess to a few of
her lady friends, who had been ask
ed to a "Thimble Party" given in
honor of Mrs. John Zeleny, of Min
neapolis. Minn. Time sped quickly
on as the nimble fingers plied their
Delicious refreshments were serv
ed after which Mrs. Bculware an
nounced the engagement of her
daughter, Miss Anna McPike Boul
ware to Mr. Mark Hoblett, where
upon Mrs. Zeleny, in a charming
manner, gave the following toast:
"Here's to the one we love
Here's to the one she loves
Here's to the two we all must love."
To which the guests responded in
the usual happy way; but amid the
merry making there was a vein of
sadness when we thought of our
oss in a social way and in the
church, as the efficiency of Miss
Anna in both is well known.
As the (invs iio by ami the beau-
j Confirmation at Holy Rosary Church
! Archbishop Glenuon who had
tiful corn in the windows in L. M. I been confirming classes in the va
Wood's store, in tiers, six high, at- i rious Catholic Churches throughout
tract more and more attention, our j this part of the state for the past
people are realizing more and more j few weeks arrived in Monroe Wed-
the true and substantial benefit it nesday evening, and on Thursday
I morning confirmed a class of sixty
composed of children and adults in
is to them as well as to the farmer.
Monday evening a business man
came to us and wanted to make u
donation to be used as premium
money, and our reply was: Too
late to do you any good for the list
of subscribers are now cut out and
we have all the money we need for
the 1W9 corn show." Save your
money and get into the ring next
year, for this year as soon as we se
cured as much money ns we need
ed, we quit soliciting because we
did not care to carry a large amount
A. F. & A. M.
Special communication of Mon
roe LihIjIo No. 61. A. F. & A. M.
tomorrow, Friday, evening at 7:30.
Work in the F. C. Degree. All
members are urged to' be present.
Vi-iiting brethren cordially invited.
A mighty good time for Painting,
these "sun-shiny" day, and the
"Sun Proof" Paint is a mighty good
Paint- works well, looks well and
wears well, and is sold by
W. H. MOSS, Druggist.
Miss Nell Gallaher of Rensselaer,
was with Monroe friends Monday.
She vas entoute to Perry to visit
Mrs. Jefferson Brown and daugh
ter, Miss Barbara, of Hannibal have
been visiting Mrs. Brown's uncle,
H. GL Fuqua and family.
A. R. Tucker, of Clarence has
been with bis friends in this city.
the Holy Rosary Church.
All the solemn ceremonies were
carried out during the administra
tion of the confirmation, and the
singing of appropriate hymns by
the choir contributed to the
The Archbishop also addressed
the large audience present, and in
the eloquent sermon he preached
many points of interest and import
mice were touched upon. From
Monroe Archbishop Glennon went
to Palmyra to confirm a class
time. V
The ladies of the Missionary So
ciety of the Methodist Church wil
serve oysters and other good things
from 11 a. m. to 9 p. in., Saturday
and will conduct an exchange at
Christian's old stand. Come and
help a worthy cause.
The ladies of the Missionary So
ciety of the Methodist Church wil;
serve oysters and other good things
from 11 a m. to 9 p. in., Saturday,
and will conduct an exchange
Christian's old stand,
help a worthy cause.
Come and
C. A. Sheilds and wife were with
Quincy friends yesterday. They
are moving back to this city.
Miss Lena Donley and her Sua
day School class gave Rev. W. P.
ftly second car
of Potatoes will
be here in a few
Will sell at 65
cents per bush
el from car.
This is your opportunity.
Bert Bull
Odd Fellows. Resolutions of Respect
The Monroe County Odd Fellows It is with deep sadness that the
reunion was held at Paris last members of the Missionary Society
Thursday. About 500 Odd Fellows of the First Baptist Church record
were present. the death of their dearly beloved
Able addresses were made by president, Mrs. Martha B. Scott
former Gov. A. M. Dockery and which occured on Oct. 2, 1909 at
Grand Master D. S. Bond.
The Degrees were put on as fol
lows: Initiatory by Sante Fe Lodge.
First by Paris Lodge.
Second by Stoutsville Lodge.
Third by Madison Lodge.
Each team did itself proud in the
able manner in which the Degrees
were exemplified.
the family residence in Monroe
City, Mo.
Whereas, Our Heavenly Father in
his divine wisdom has called one
of our most loyal and earnest sis
ters ttf "come up higher." Each
member of this society has sustain
ed an irreparable personal loss.
TJierefore be it
Resolved, that we give expression
Quite a number from here at- 01 our aeeP sorrow lor tne loss oi
tended and have only words of one whose memory will be tenderly
praise for the meeting. The Mis- cherished for her valued words of
sissiDi Valley reunion will be held counsel, and noble leadership In the
at Hannibal next Tuesday.
One of the most interesting mat-
ings of two of the old families of
the Holy Rosary Church was that of
yesterday morning when Rev. Fr.
Jno. Ryan joined the hands of Miss
Anna Lu, the estimable daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yates and J.
Alexis Montgomery, whose hearts
had been given to each other in
uie pretty oruie was gowned in
Coponhugan blue and the brides
maid, Miss Imogene Bell in green
The grooms brother. Dr. A. B.
Montgomery was best man.
The groom is one of Monroe's
best business young men being a
member of the firm of Anderson &.
After the ceremony the bridal
party was driven to the home of
the brides parents where the wed
ding dinner was served and again
to the home of the grooms parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Montgomery
where a wedding supper awaited
The young people will immediate
ly go to housekeeping as soon as
the dove cote can be arranged.
without an exception every one
wishes them God speed and happi
Palmyra. Mo., Oct 26. - William
Lovelace, his wife and four children
were injured Monday afternoon at 4
o'clock when a small bridge near
Schenk's shop, eight miles north o:
here collapsed as they were passing
over the structure in a wagon. All
were injured but Mrs. Lovelace and
her 4-year-old daughter, Mary, sus
tained broken arms, the other mem
bers of the family receiving only
slight burises.
I- certuinly beau
Mini, and you are
tt be envied If
he were to die
to-morrow have
.vou her picture?
Heiter act now
und have us
in wedding cos
tume. Ten, twenty
joara b,-ncc how
yuuM v I ne such
a picture
Belle Johnson.
For Sale.
A car load of potatoes. Price 85c
per bushel if taken from car. Will
be here about Nov. 15. Leave or
ders at J. E. Christian's restaurant.
C. S. Wood, of Shelbyviile has
been visiting his brother, d. u.
Wood and wife. Mr. Wood is a re
markable old man. Though 87
years old no one on the street
would take him to be over 65
Mrs. Venie Fauch and babe, of
Decatur. 111., are spending a week
with former friends in this city.
Davenport &. Mahan makeFarm
Loans on best terms.
Masters service In her sweet spir
ited gentle manner she was always
ready to lend the hand of assist
; ance and the voice of sympathy to
j any who found lifes burdens hard,
j Resolved, that the church and
Sunday school have lost a most
faithful, zealous and devoted mem
ber and teacher.
Resolved, that while we deeply
eel our loss, we recognize that our
Heavenly Father who permitted the
shadow to be cast over us, can lift
the cloud; that we may seethe sun-
ight of His day. We extend loving
sympathy to the bereaved loved ones
of her family upon whom the af
fliction most heavily falls, and com
mend them to Him who doeth all
things well.
Resolved, that this tribute be sent
to the Central Baptist, The Word
and Way and the local papers for
Miss Ella Gentry, )
Mrs! John L Owen,
Mrs. Geo. L. Tnrner )
Monroe Wins.
Forgive the Reporter,
When we consider that Hudson
did not discover New York Bay, but
that Verrazzano did; when we con
sider that Fulton did not invent the
steamboat but that Fitch did; when
we consider that Bell did not in
vent the telephone; that Morse did
not invent the telegraph: Gutenberg
did not invent the printing press;
that Morton did not discover anaes
thesia; that Darwin did not discover
evolution; that Shakespeare did not
write "Hamlet;" that Homer did not
write the Iliad; that Galileo did not
say Ana still it moves; mat Wel
lington did not say "Up, guards, and
at them;" that Washington did not
win the battles of the revolution:
that Robespierre did not create the
reign of terror, that Nero was not a
monster, that Cleopatra was not
beautiful - when we reflect that his
ory is emblazened with the titles
of usurpers and that true merit lies
unchronicled in the grave, let us
address a word or two of apology
to that much berated enemy of the
truth, the newspaper. If history,
with a thousand years leisure at
her disposal, cannot find out just
who set up a new throne or pulled
down an old one, let us forgive the
reporter if he misspells the Chris
tian name of the prominent citizen
For the second time, second game
the Monroe High School eleven de
feated the Shelbina High School
eleven baaly.
The score being 5 touch downs
and 2 goals to 0.
Sparks, Shelbina's fb., received a
badly spained ankle.
Horses Wanted.
I will be in Monroe City at Gones
&. McAllister's barn, Saturday, Nov.
6, to buy good fat horses and mares
from 15 1-4 to 16 hands high, sound,
blocky weight from 900 to 1200.
must be fat and well broke, suita
ble for Southern market. Coming
to buy. Bring in your good ones.
For Sale.
Mr. Farmer, if you want some
fancy Seed Corn, and you do, at
tend the sale of the Corn Show
Saturday afternoon and get it
There are single lots of corn (10
ears each) that are worth their
weight in silver and you cannot af
ford to let the entire lot of white or
yellow, or Dent corns go for less
perhaps than a single lot of 10 ears
is worth. Now is the time to get a
lot of choice corn for less money
than you can buy it anywhere for,
Charles Sullivan , left Monday
MVAnlnrf far Sacramento. CmL nn
Vynn and wife a pleasant surprise prospecting tour. He may locate i who was thrown from his automo
last Friday evening. 'there. If so we wish him success. bile at 230 a. m. New York Post
The ladies of the Missionary So-4
niAfu Af tha Mat Kruiot Phlirnh will '
Val. J VSl tills .LTAVVllWI Wl. XtAUftX, ' Q
serve oysters and other good things
iiAnt li a m rr ii n m ariirriov vui
11 Will A A CI VV S U UUtUlUUJI fe. V
and will conduct an exchange at
Christian's old stand. Come and
help a worthy cause.
Mrs. Harry Jarraan is enjoying
the possession of a new piano.
Thursday evening with the assist
ance of Misses Anna and Edna
Nolen she entertained the orches
tra and served refreshments.
Clarence Buckman and family
have been with friends Lakenan.
Century Club will meet with Mrs.
D, R. Campbell, Tuesday, Nov. 2.
Wood stove
for sale. . Inquire at
Cement Curbs and gutter. Evan

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