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Our past year's business has been a year of pleasure and profit to us, one of the best
years of our ten years of business in Monroe City, an.d we most heartily thank our many
patrons in helping us to tmild up a business of this kind and in appreciation of this we are
going to put on one of the Biggest Bargain Sales,
raning January
15, 1910,
that has ever been pulled off in Monroe City. Prices are going to be smashed, cost cuts no
figure in this sale. It will pay you to come for fifty miles to this sale.
W J. ROUSE, Editor.
R. F. HIXSON, City Editor.
Entered at
City, Mo.
tb(! poBtnfflco nt Monroe
, tit 8i'conil-claB in at tf t.
THURSDAY. DEC. 23. 1909
La Follette Talks.
It is refreshing for a real United
States senator -a Republican sena
tor from the Republican state of
Wisconsin -to tell the people in
plain English the real condition of
things in Washington under Repub
lican rule. Here is
LaFollette, in his own newspaper
in a leading editorial, says:
"As this is written congress is
about to meet again in regular ses
sion. Once more the national capi
tol will become the chief battle
ground of the great political contest
now being waged throughout the
that is meant to keep the faith with
the voters any such bill will find
quiet but speedy interment in the
burial ground that already holds so
many of its kind.
"It is the president's duty to rec
ommend. But Aldrich and Can
non are there to command. If the
senators and representatives who
have in the past surrended their
voices and votes to these two men
should refuse to obey the command
the machine would be broken. But
will they do it?"
To the United States Governraeut
Arbuckle Brothers Confess to
Having Committed Large
'Customs Frauds.
Sheriff Marion Nolen spent Sat
urday night in Shelbina. The Mon
roe county sheriff was not here on
business nor yet was he making a
social call in the metropolis of
Shelby county. The fact is. Mr.
Nolen got turned around and drove
what Senator 1 due north instead of south, landing
in Shelbina when he expected to
get to Paris to spend the night. It's
a case of irresistible attraction.
When a man gets within five or six
miles of Shelbina he is drawn to
ward this live town as if by a mag
net. We hope Mr. Nolen found his
accidental visit so pleasant that he
will repeat it with malice afore-
natinn fnr rnntrnl nf the ReDUbli
can party. And seldom has there thought. - Democrat,
been a contest with so much at j Marion stumbled over the town
stake. Not only will its outcome I in the dark Mercury.
determine the fate of the progress- j Poultry Wanted !
ive legislation the people are de- wm be at Burlington depot,
manding so insistently, but it may ; Thursday, December 30, to buy a
even change for years to come the j car ioad 0f poultry. Highest mar
character of our political institu- ket prices paid. Will guarantee 11c
tions. It means progress or reac-, for hens and chickens; 8c for geese;
tion; advance or stagnation: the j gc for ducks; 5i c for old roosters,
rule of privileged interests or the q a. SHIELDS,
reign of the people And Node Green is happy It is a
Many measures oi great uupui i-1
ance will be presented to congress
for enactment into law. But over
shadowing all these in immediate
Mrs. Frank May and three child
ren are with the homefolks in Shel-
importance is the issue: Shall the j D'na
will of Special Interests continue to
prevail in national legislation, or
shall it be the will of the people?
This is the pressing question, for un
til it is answered it is useless to
look for any fulfillment of party
promises. Aldrich is still "Boss of
the Senate." Cannon is still "Czar
of the House." And with these
men in control of the Republican
organization in congress, with the
committees packed with their faith
ful henchmen, witn tne business oi Mrs. William Kinchelo is visiting
legislation engineered to suit their j Judge J. T. Perry and wife in Shel
O S Jt 1 f - a
a. u. uooae oi Kensseiaer. was
with Monroe friends Thursday.
Miss Vera Crane of Woodland,
was with Monroe friends Saturday.
Mrs. F. Mefford, of Rosebud, Mon
tana, is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Minnie Boulware.
The well at the M. E. church is
comrileted. It is 80 feet deep and
has 50 feet of water in it.
purposes, mere can De no measures
enacted into law without the sanc
tion of these two men. And we
need only look back as far as the
tariff session to determine what
kind of legislation will receive the
approval of the Middle West to tell
where he will stand. Any bill that
threatens Privilege, that is not
Tuesday was the shortest day of
the day.
Dr. Clarence McNutt is home
from Kansas City for Christmas.
. Mrs.
Charles Young was
Shelbina friends Tuesday.
Mica FceiA SfYkt nf flv haa hon
framtd on the theory of the divine .thMrtnpno M'A.
New York, Dec. 16. Arbuckle
Brothers, the largest independent
rivals of the American Sugar Re
fining Co., have acknowledged that
from 1898 to 1907 they, too. failed
to pay to the government all the
money due as customs charges on
imported sugar. In settlement of
all civil claims against them the
Arbuckles have offered and the
treasury department, with the con
currence of the attorney general has
accepted payment of $695,573. But
criminal prosecution of these re
sponsible will in no wise be ham
pered or conditioned by this ac
The government has now receiv
ed the following voluntary restitu
tions and fines from importers of
raw sugars:
The American Sugar Refining Co.
(voluntary). $2,000,000; the Ameri
can Sugar Refining Co.. (fine im
posed by the court), $135,000; Ar
buckle Brothers (voluntary), $695,
573. Total recovered, $2,830,573.
Today's announcement of new ir
regularities in the sugar industry
ramifying into quarters never sus
pected by the public, was made dur
ing a recess of the criminal trial of
six employes of the American
Sugar Refining Co. Stinson and
Dennison, special counsel for the
government, then gave out a state
ment in part, as follows:
' In June last we commenced an
investigation as to the weights on
which duties were paid on sugar
landed on the docks of the sugar re
finery of Arbuckle Brothers in the
port of New York. The, members
of that firm voluntarily gave us ac
cess to their books and a thorough
investigation was made of those
', books and of the customs house j
J records. i
"As a result a shortage was re-;
! ported to the members of the firm '
and as soon as they had verified
the government's figures they vol
untarily offered to pay this sum
without suit, into the treasury of
the United States government."
Another Returns.
We are informed that W.- W-
Crigler formerly of this vicinity but
now a resident of Welch,- Oklahoma
will return to his farm near Stouts
ville. Stoutsville Banner.
Winchell See, of Hunnewell. haa
been over to visit his motner, Mrs,
Patsy See, who is quite ill.
Interested in Monroe. !
! . In a letter to the DEMOCRAT E. !
, G. Shryack, of Los Angeles, Cal., en
; closes $2.00 and in part says:
j We are all well and although
j working as hard as ever have time
to note the general improvements
and new things in Momoe and
vicinity. We often think of our
many Monroe friends and occasion
ally see one of them here.
Wishing you all A Merry Christ
mas and Prosperous New Year.
Xmas Post Cards. -L. M. Wood.
Monroe City Mo
Dear Santa Claus
Dec 18 1909
I am a little boy 3 years old
I live on main St In Monroe
City I want you to bring me a
hobby Horse and a horn to
! Blow Some candy nuts and some
apples Bring Otie Some Candy
this is all good by
From your little friend
Joe Wilson
Indian Creek.
Dana Rodgers and family passeP
through this place last Thursday
enroute to Monroe where they
will make their future home.
Mrs. Will Miskell is sick of La
Grippe. The Clapper school gave a box
supper Saturday night and cleared
$17 which is to be used for library
Corley &. Spalding report the fol
lowing as having brought in tur
keys during the past week: R. A.
Hays, W. A. Finnigan. Mrs. T. H
Simms, B. J. Peirceall, R. F. Rar
sons, Mrs. J. A. Lawrence and R. J.
Hayden. .
Miss Anna Daclors of Shelbina,
came over Friday afternoon to visit
her friend, Miss Temperance Smith.
Mrs. Zack Young of Palmyra,
has been the guest of her son, Edgar
Young and family.
James Mudd was
visitor Saturday.
a Hannibal
Oj Is what we wish all our
I customers and friends.
We thank you for
V respectfully ask you to
come again.
Yours truly,;
l Yates &
irfh at i na i wiu'jr i si riiiM rr r
nm a-r-r i..,,. .,T 7 ,,.

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