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What the Missouri
Editors Are Saying
The Hen a Liar Instead Layer,
"A New York woman has a hen
that has laid 130 eggs in sixty odd
days," says an exchange. That hen
doesn't lay - she lies. - Stanberry
Will Be Well Tried Out.
The initiative law promises to
have a good try cut this year. On
this test of its worth will largely
depend its permanency as an asset
of the people. Glasgow Missou-
What One That He Busted?
Lets see what is the name of the
robber trust our great president has
"busted." We can't recall it Will
some good friend send us the name
of the deceased trust. Platte Coun
ty Landmark.
Produced Sixty-seven Mortgages.
The most fertile piece of earth in
America has just been discovered
in South Carolina. The owner has
been able to place sixty-seven mort
gages upon it. He can't be charged
with having the hookworm.- Boon
ville Advertiser.
Why Not Use It For Education?
The Missouri University paid
Roper, her football coach, $5,000
for one season's work. On that
sort of basis it would seem possible
to pay the president of the univer
sity more than $6,000 a year. -Edgerton
To Steal the People's Money.
The navy department has made
a gun that is so large it is afraid to
mount it. It is afraid it will tilt the
ship to one side. It will cost two
thousand dollars to shoot it off.
How is that for a free country and
a pipe line to the people's money?
- Roll;) Sharpshooter.
Who Is the Fellow?
A Mr. Slump of Idaho has been
placed in the Hall of Fame without!
protest from any quarter, yet Rob
ert E. Lee being placed there has
brought a storm of protest. If
somebody will tell us who Shoup is
and why he looms up so far above
Gen. Lee, we will be grateful -Boonville
A Different Brand Needed.
Another charge brought against
the Democratic rfflce-holders by our
wise (and otherwise) Governor is
that they have heavily increased !
the state's expenses. Does the Gov-
ernor think the state is standing :
still? If not, what better proof j
wouia ne want tnat we are advanc-
ing than increased expenses for j
maintenance? As long as the state '
is progressing we can look with sat
isfaction on an increasing expense
account. Our beautiful Governor
will have to put forth a different
brand of wisdom if he hopes to
continue in the limelight Glasgow
Of Course They Claim It!
The secret is out at last -or,
again. Some of our Republican ex
changes last week intimated that
the Republican party is the cause
of the scarcity of hogs and cattle
in the country and the resultant
high prices the fanners are receiv
ing for their stock. Albany Ledger.
What Hadley Knows of the Tariff.
.k Gov. Hadley was Invited into the
Sixth Congressional district cam
paign to tell the fanners about the
tariff. He simply jumped onto
Senator Stone who was 1.000 miles
away.. This is all Hadley knows
?efeout the tariff, or at least it was
a3 he cared to say about it at that
particular time. Booavilla Adver-
These Ministers Have a Job.
And now several ministers pro
pose to cure old Joe Cannon from Many young men who lack
the "cussing" habit by holding a lot "gumption," "ginger." or whatever
of early morning prayer meetings you may term it, often reason
for old Joe's redemption. Why thusly: kIf it had not been for so
don't these good brethren start and so and such and such a thing,
something easy, say the saving of i couid have achieved success."
China. India or any other small The lions in the way of the average
job.-Platte County Landmark. young man and a successful career
Always Gr.bbin For More. ar? thf lff. th "an,ds" at
Because the Democrats have a enter int0 his daily llfe and rob mm
majority of two to one in the Mis- of hls vim and courage. They are
souri Senate, Governor Hadley and the breastworks thrown up by the
some other Republicans are clamor- weak and vascilliating, which be
ing for a new deal by which the uiles and deceive end which are
figures may be reversed. It has offered 89 excus for many fail
long been a notorious fact, well ures- ,ions in the way aw
known even in the City of Wash- nothing than a lack of cour
ington. that a Missouri Republican a&e steadfastness of purpose, and a
is never satisfied unless he is per-' determination to go in and win.
mitted to t!rab everything in sidht I Young people who lack these
and holler for more. -Republic.
Hadley s Carelessness of Truth,
Gov. Hadley's careless handling
vi me uum udsgui nun iiiiu iruuuie
He stated that he had inherited a
debt of a million and a half from ,
previous Democratic
uons ana bov. folk proved the
statement was untrue. He has , Mimeographs, the McCaskey Regis
publicly charged that Senator Stone ' ter. etc., are free with these courses)
had Carried St. Louis by fraud and ' and give them a steadfastness of
this statement is proven to be
without foundation. The governor i
is from Kansas and is naturally
'windy" but he should learn to tell
the truth.- Gallatin Democrat. !
All Indicates Democratic Success
The result of the recent election :
in the Sixth Missouri district is a !
reliable index to the trend of popu-:
, 1
ar thought upon the tariff question. ;
inaicaies a general ana growing ;
revolt against what is termed Can
nonism, Aldrichism. standpatism
11 means that the masses are op-
posed to a high tariff system by
which they ars being taxed' for the
protection and further enrichment
of the trusts, and. in our opinion, it .
is a forecast of still more sweeping
victories in the coming fall elections '
and a general Democratic victory in
1912. Linneus Bulletin. '
Reed a Power in the Sixth.
In reporting the debate between
Congressman McKinley and Hon.
Jas. A. Reed, which occurred at
Harnsonville. Mo., just before the
special election was heia in the
Sixth District, the Rich Hill, Mo.,
Review, a leading Democratic paper
of the Sixth District, says: j
"Mr. Reed spoke in nearly every ;
county in the Sixth Congressional
District in the late campaign, and
and in several of the counties made
two or three speeches. He was
greeted everywhere by large crowds.
and his speeches were received
with great interest and enthnsiasm. '
"Other able Democratic speakers
were in the district, and contributed
tn th result nf thp snlpnrliH virrnrv I
achieved, but it can be truthfully j
and not boastingly said that Reed's
speeches in the recent campaign
were the most impressive and ef
fective ever heard in any campaign
in the state, especially his logical
and forceful presentation of the
Democratic position on the tariff
question and his powerful arraign-
ment of Republicanism as repre-
sented by the robbery of the con
suming masses under the Payne
Aldrich tariff law and the legisla
tive tyranny of Cannonism."
Fine Invention.
The latest invention to hang in
the family dining room is the gum
board. It is a neat little circular
board, plain or decorated, fastened
to the wall. ' The name of each
member of the family is painted on
it and. marks the spot where gum
may be left until wanted. This
saves carrying the gum to bed and
getting it in one's hair, or swallow
ing it in the night It is obvious
the 4um supplies a long
ueit want Charleston Enterprise.
The Lions in the Way.1
I qualities, need our help. Our life
I work is to train young people in the ;
jlaws and customs of commercial
life, develope their latent talent.
uuic&en meir perceptions, leacm
them Bookkeeping, Shorthand, and
Tvnpumtind fRiisinpco Fsw Rnm.
mar. Writing. Arithmetic, Rapid
Calculation. Spelling, and the use of
purpose and enough "gumption" to
accomplish it. With such training,
the lions in the wav are mastered
and made sub-servient to the will.
We have trained thousands of
! others who are on the road to suc-
Cfiss and w ran da thp snmo fnr
vnil Wi vm) ,pf llfi? Wrifo -
berly Commerciai College. Moberly.
,ix., a t..n
mu., iui uiiaiuuc auu lull udlliuu-
Why Clover Helps Soils.
Champaign county, Illinois,
correspondent writes: "Is it a fact
j that clover removes from the
Ground more nitrogen and ohosDho-
rus than- most any other cJod? If
that is a fact, how is that clover
god In thtf richest ground that we
have? " . r t
This &' a case where we -can eat
0ur cake and have it, too. ' True, a
; crop of clover will remove from the
: soil much more of both nitrogen
and phosphorus than almost any
crop, but the acquisitions of these
elements through growth of roots.
shedding of leaves, with the
lions of nodules on the clover roots
at work gathering nitrogen from
the air, all tend to fix more of these
elements than have been removed
by the crop. Because of just these
things it is Desc to always get
heavy growth ol clover roots as
possible before the sod is turned;
ana fr this reason the roots of a
seed crop of clover are much more
valuable than the roots of a hay
crop. L. C. Brown,
Five Girls Are Assaulted. ,
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 19. Wil-
ham Jackson, 38 years old. negro
janitor, who last night confessed to
assaulting five young white girls,
was taken before the grand jury j
to-day. Prosecutor Conkling has !
promised that he shall be tried
Coming so close upon the hang
ing here on February 8 of two ne-
groes for assaulting a white woman,
an intense feeling against Jackson
has been aroused, but there has
been no public demonstration.
Jackson told last night that he
had bought roller skates and candy
for his victims to induce them to
enter his room. After he had con
fessed to this an uncle of one of the
girls attempted to shoot the negro,
and, shivering with fright Jackson
crept under a table. To-day Jack
son still was fearful that he would
be killed and begged the officers to
protect him.
Don't forget the Campbell and
Mudd sale Friday, Feb. 23.
Have Joe at Strean's shine yon
Who are optical specialists of wide reputation, with fifteen years'
experience in restoring vision with glasses. Their customers are
their best references. Satisfaction guaranteed. Do not fail to
see them at
MONROE, MO.; HAFCH tW; 91, 10th ani HOi;
At Maddox Hotel.
Anyone who purchased glasses of Goldberg & Brown in this
locality who are not satisfied, may call and be fitted free of
charge. They use a full set of instruments in their work.
Round Trip
March 1 and 15 and 1st and
3rd Tuesdays of each . month
These rates apply to Colora
do, Utah, Montana, Idaho and
the famous fruit districts of
The Human Brain Has Been
How can the surgeon determine
just where to saw open the skull in
trephining? In most cases of brain
pressure no exterior indication upon
the skull exists. The operation is
necessarily a delicate one and in
definite exploration is not to be
thought of. says The Designer for I
March. It may be a case where no :
time must be lost. How does the :
surgeon decide?
j Vivisection has given the answer !
in a most interesting operation I
; which made possible a chart or map I
! of the brain. Ortoinallv a monk I
was placed under an anaesthetic,
and the cap of the skull removed,
exposing the living brain. A chart
of it was made and divided into
squares one-twelfth of an inch wide
Electricity was then applied to the
brain on each square as indicated
by the chart, and resulting muscular
movements all over the body were
noted and tabulated. Later on,
more perfect maps were made from
human brains undergoing opera
tions, with no injury to the patient
and no loss of life. Like the maps
of a state, island or bay these maps
are now permanent.
For Sale Boone Co. White Seed
Corn raised in breeding i lot $2.00
per bushel W. P. DOOLITTLE,
Woodland, Mo.
. For Sale A handsome Mahog
ony folding bed. a bargain if sold
by March 1. Mrs. Carl Jaeger.
For Sale 7 room house. Also S
room house for rent Apply to
Mrs. M. A. Pike.
"Willie, does your teacher try to
Impress you with the Golden Rule?"
Nope. She uses a plain
one, but it works just fine."
Trouble You
On 3-Way
March 1 to April 15.
These rates are very special'
ly reduced and apply to prac
tically all points on the Pa
cific Coast from Vancouver to
San Diego and hundreds of
intermediate points as far
east as Helena and Salt Lake.
Let us quote vou rates and tell you all about the
wonderful opportunities in the Great Northwest.
.J. L. LYON, Agent,
C. B. &. Q. R. R,
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aBnssi isnr
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UoMatrlatWiBoMdantfij. HiHDBOBIfon PataaJ
aut f ra. Old. uancF for ourinf patanu.
Metal notiML without alam. in tP. WWT
Scientific Amerlcast
A kandaonalr Ulaatratad waakly. Tanraal
aUUon o anf aalauuaa (oarnal Tarma. i
law I 1 oar aaaatfc. kL Udk.In...i
wM& Co."""'- New York
Have the Democrat to do
U 'ssvh 'nau
job printing. .

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