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Monroe City Democrat. (Monroe City, Mo.) 1888-1919, December 01, 1910, Image 5

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a Mn Tlnim
Cash Store.
Wc must close out all MILLINERY this week
to make room for our new holiday goods.
Trimmed hats as low as $1.00 each. Be sure
arJ rotne this week if you want one.
Closing out the balance of our stock of Ladies'
and Misses' Cloaks and Suits! Price is no object
on what we have left. Come in soon as you can,
while we still have a fair stock to show you.
y is Handkerchief
W e will make a special display of our new
Holiday Handkerchiefs on that day and invite
every lady to come in and see these beautiful goods
Designs are prettier, qualities are better and prices
are lower than ever.
Large showing of the new Swiss embroidered,
pure linen handkerchiefs the daintiest yet produced
Flowers' Effect On The Voice.
According to a well-know Vien
nese doctor, perfumes have a great
effect on the voice. In this connec
tion he recalls the experience of a
celebrated singer who had received
from a friend a large bouquet of
Parma violets. Before appearing
in scene she took a deep breath of
the fragrant scent, and to her sur
prise upon going on the stage found
herself unable to sing a note. This
authority is of the opinion that all
I strong scents should be avoided by
I singers, as they exercise influence
on the vocol cords more or less
marked, according to the subject.
London Globe.
If there is anything we desire
above all other things, it is to be
broad-minded and liberal. We have
no use for prejudices and narrow
ness, be it in one party or another.
his is a good world to live in. but
it can be made a great deal better.
We believe that human naturally
good; and that sooner or later it
will throw off the selfishness that
the cause of the misery of the
down trodden. We believe in the
religion of humanity, in the brother
hood of the race. No man owns a
muzzle for us. We are poor as
Job's turkey, probably always will
"be but we are rich in one thing
the independence to speak our hon
est thought. No man stays very
ong in this world; and he should
try and make it better for having
ived in it. In the long run it will
yield more happiness than any
other course. There is no better
friend can attend a man at his
death than the consciousness that
he has tried to do right. These
may be old fashioned ideas, but
they are good enough for us Mo-
kane Missourian.
For Sale.
About 3,500 feet of second hand
barn lumber, siding, sheeting and
framing stuff J. H. GRADY. tf
Strean &. Son are owners of the
old reliable barber shop. Go there
for good work.
Those from a distance who at-'
tended the funeral of Mrs. Thomas i
XP. Waller were, Mrs. N. B. Dillard
I olater, Mrs. Mary Dry of MadU-
son, Joseph Rouse and fatuity of:
Every one should see that their
flues are in good condition. i
A burning flue at Charles M.
Sullivan's Monday caused a fire
T. B. Hayden attended a sale in
Woodland yesterday.
W. V. Carson, of Quincy was
with Monroe friends Wednesday.
J. p McClintic of Selkirk, Kan-,
sas, spent part of the week with his :
family here. Mr. McClintic is much
pleased with his location.
Sam Abell went to Shelbyville
yesterday to see his son, Al who is
sick with pneumonia.
A tourist was here Tuesday. At
the Democrat office he was a print
er; at the Yowell Harness shop he
Ralph Graham received a car of j a harness maker. Of course he
Gold Medal flour and some one j was broke and was trying to get
thought it valuable enough to break j enough money to get to some other
the seal and carry away four sacks.
Many of our exchanges are load
ed with adVertising. It should be
that way in Monroe City.
If you owe the Democrat we
could use the money which we
have earned and hope you will pay
Smptly and not put us to the ex
tra expense of having to send
Mrs. Hardy Patrick and children
of Callao have been the guests of
friends in this city.
This time D. K. Yowell i9 going
to give the Monroe City churches
100 bushels of corn. Each of the
churches to send some one to husk
the corn which will be sold on the
streets and the proceeds divided
among the churches.
John H. Shearman and wife of
Troy, Mich., were called here by the
death of Mrs. John Shearman.
Mrs. J. H. McClintic has returned
from a visit with Wichita. Kansas,
town. He
claimed to be from
At Public Auction
I will sell at my home place in
Monroe, City, Mo., on Saturday
December 10., all of my household
and kitchen furniture, a lot of
canned fruits, one cow, one set of
double harness, two cords of four
foot wood, about three dozen Buff
Cochin chickens and other articles
Sale begins at 10 o'clock in the
W. T. Youell, Auctioner.
Elbert Yates. Clerk.
J. J. Pritchett, of Mason City, 111.,
was here Monday looking after his
fine farm near Huntington.
Reflections of a Bachelor
' The more temper a man has the
more he'll think his wife makes it
A lot of men would rather make
a noise with their mouths than a
living with their heads.
A man can get maddest trying to
prove by argument that he never
loses his temper. .
There's hardly anything that de
lights a man with you more than
for you to remind him that his
weather prediction last week was
right, especially when it wasn't
The same man who can want to
buy flowers all the time for a girl
I before he marries her can think.
after he marries her. that buying
gloves for her is sinful waste. New
York Press. .
- Christmas only 23 days away.
River Appropriation Bill.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 28
Members of the Rivers and Harbors
Committee of the House of Repre
sentatives, practically of all o
whom have arrived here for the
opening of Congress, are agreed to
night that a river and harbor ap
propriation bill carrying approxi-
mately $30,000,000 will be reported
early in the session. They have
hopes that such a bill will be fram
ed and passed by both houses of
Congress and approved by the Pres
ident before the Christmas holi
Mark Twain's Legacy.
Six hundred thousand was the sum
He left behind,
And not a dollar wrested from
Poor humankind.
His earnings were the recompense
Of work well done;
Of waggishness without offense.
And kindly fun.
And in his books, it doth befall,
On every page,
The gentle author left us all
A heritage.
Washington Herald.
Lost Fur mitten in, Monroe City
Leave at Democrat office.
Miss Marguerite McClintic and
Carroll S. Jackson were married at
St. Judes Church at 8 o'clock Wed
nesday evening Nov. 30, 1910, Rev.
H. C. Goodman officiating.
Miss Elizubeth Boulware was
Maid of Honor, Hunter Anderson
was best man. The Bridesmaids
were Misses Amy Gree.i Caro
lyne McClintic, the brides sister.
Arthur Ely and Hunter Anderson
were ushers.
The bride is the daughter of Mr
and Mrs. J. B. McClintic and is a
most excellent young lady and held
i liigli tsU'i'in by ail who knew
I lie nioom is a son W. R. P.
ackson. is an upri1'.: industrious
young man wlio numbers his
friends by his acquaintances.
The Democrat joins (he host of
friends in wi.ih'md llu-i : a pleasant
journey down Uu .Aivn.n ot lite.
Mrs. Baivt-r, aIia. A. S. Brown and
hi, A J . vets, I.. ;'.Jii..i.io '..si week
HI til
to S!)cn! I n. hi u:
ohvisuii i ihl i ,i 1 1 1 i i y.
:ul son u'Miii.t , ,.,
Mrs. Biik. i I'oi . .
nee CmiruV.
Micluu1'. .'it. I. ill, .'ii ..ni
the Ciiui.hy l' !;.:;, i;.
ay in ("iii vr . . i ,,n
country i --. .- . v;i
about 15 u:i ! .v.n.iViMr .;
a packing plant
"Main Entrance Wins"
The proprietor of the clothing
store in the middle one day foum
himself momentarily beaten, when
he discovered that the rival shop
on ins right was piacarueu wun
sensational announcement of
Great Fire Sale," while the man on
his left had covered his building
with huge banners proclaiming a
Receiver's Sale."
His face dropped. Then his feu
tures relaxed in a gradually expand
ing smile. He rushed to the back
of his store and called up some one
over the telephone.
One hour later the crowds that
had been attracted to the scene by
the "Fire Sale" and "Receiver's
Sale" proclamations flocked into
the store between the two.
The proprietor had caused to be
stretched across the top of his door
way a sheet, on which were painted
in letters two feet tall the words.
"Main Entrance." Ex.
J. H. Brayton, a hustling farmer
living near Pans was here yester
day in the interest of the Farmers
Institute which will beheld here
Dec. 7 and 8. He tells us that
Miss Baily will deliver a lecture on
home economics and domestic sci
ence on the evening of the 8th.
Thomas M. Chipman, of Ben Bow
spent a few days this week with
his son, Gorge and wife.
Wayne Rollins was transacting
business In Hunncwcll Tuesday.
J. II.
Brow a
iji" of
: S;i.i-
. . i ,1.4
: i.i
AlEo vv ; i ., . . it.
There uie ::o pol.it.: ol the com
pass on the chart ot lue patriotism.
Robert C. Winthrop.
Virtue In rrrf unies.
Lavender anil ro.;.; perfumes are
credited with the virtue of being mi
crobe killers.
A Word From Uncle Sam.
'Do man dul a.-i wlllln to be da
goat once In awhile," said Unci
Eben, "ought to mind his own busi
ness an' keep f'um buttln' In."
Hardest vvctj Is the Cocus.
The- hardest miumI in the world I
not ebony, hut cocum, which is much,
used for i , ti.ites and similar
musical instm.i nts
Presently U will he possible for a
man to become famous by having a
wife who has never beenoperated on
for anything.
Etern?' 3ound of Weddings.
There are nhout three thousand
Aotl'.ir.;: cvoy "I hums, taking the
entire world i.ito consideration.
Wll! H ;v; Mtsch Sympathy.
A rtudnre t rmai named Schnei
der Is putitlonini? for a divorce bo
cause her hushtind insists, on display
ing in the ho'e th.' portraits of her
three p. .'deeei .mi s.
Ti.' PhUosopher of Folly.
"I tried to surprise a lady friend
of mine by ci.llai.4 unexpectedly tht
other day." ." the rhllosophcr ot
Folly, 'M'.i' she must have seen ma
coming There was one of my photo
graphs on the mantel."
If anything lu my conversation has
merited your regard. 1 think It must
be the openness and freedom with
which I commonly express my senti
ment. You are too wis, a man not
to know that such freedom Is not
without Its use. lUuko.
"It take so much smartness and
lnorgy to find out d exack truth
about anything," said Uncle Eben,
"dat you eant expect a man wh
want to talk all d time to lutlroly
avoid falsification."
Treasure Found In Barn.
Quit a f irtune vii found In ant
old barn at Indiana. Pa., the other day
While tearing down the structure,
which formerly beloaged to hi uncle,
who died recently, Frank Kehne found
trunk hidden beneath the floor in
which waa secreted $3,000 In bill and
Moueo In Leaf of In1
A Strang Utile rneidant occurred fa
Perthshire (Scotland) town the oftti
or day. A housewife, when cutUa
broad for dinner, . was astounded toj
find a mouse embedded la the aetrt
o( tho loaf. It la onjoturod that th
rodent had somehow got amoos t&H
dough after It had boos not. and, not
being oboorvod thereafter, had panol
on la the loaf to tho ore.

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