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V. J. ROUSE, Editor.
S. T. POLLARD, City Editor.
RMS $1.00 PER YEaR
nrcrt at the I'ostonicc
Mifnouti. as -lceor.fi-rf:
Old papers 20cts a hundred.
Tip Top Bread
For Rnv; D'Hk
Bone Meal or
mixed ftrlilizcrs set:
Green &. Maxwell.
Davenport &. Mahan make Farm
Loans on best terms. tf.
Mrs. E. P. Melson left for home
in St. Louis, Saturday.
Seed wheat for sale, clean, no
cheat. Edward Longmire. 9-7
J. P. Dooley and wife, of Clapper
were Monroe visitors Friday.
If you want to buy, sell or trade
anything now is a good time to ad
Miss Retti and Ileinze of Palmy
ra. were the guests of Chas. Cline
and family last week
Seasoned Cord Wood $3.UU per
cord. Stove lengths $3.50.
tf. Walter Moss.
Mrs. Wiltimore, of Wichita, Kan.
came in last week to visit Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. Carpenter in this
city. '
There is some activity in real
estate among our real estate agents.
Several farms have changed hands
It is said that flies will keep
away from windows washed with
water to which a little kerosene has
been added.
Of course
Krust Bread,
will find it
you will like
They all do and you
on sale at Elliott's
Ran Goupton, north of town, took
his little grand son to Hannibal
Friday to have his eyes examined
by a specialist.
A large amount of corn will be
cut in this vicinity and farmers are
DreDaring for this work which wil
begin in a short time.
One of Ralls County's proud
boasts is that she has the prettiest
lot of schoolmarms of any county
in the State. Ralls County Times.
L M. Wood sells Parisian Sage
for 50 cents a large bottle, and
guarantees it to stop falling hair,
itching scalp, and to banish dan
druff, or money back.
Miss Alice Heather, of Silver
City, New Mexico and Miss Vallie
Miller, of Palmyra were the guests
of W. E. Shearman and family sev
eral days last week.
Walter Lear, after a week with
relatives here, left Friday for Colum
bia where he will enter the Missouri
State University. Walter is a prom
ising lad and his friends confident
ly expect him to make good.
Hyomei will banish catarrh no
stomach dosing -just breathe it.
Ask L. M. Wood, he guarantees it.
Rid yourself of that vile disease at
once. Complete outfit $1.00. Sepa
rate bottles 50 cents (Pronounce
it High-o-me.)
If you are an automobile owner
and have not taken a new license
on your machine the Democrat
would suggest that you get ready
for the State inspector. He got
very busy in St. Louis recently.
The penalty is a little severe.
By the close of another week
most of the rural schools will have
feegun their school work for the ccm
ing term. We will be glad to pub
lish education items from the rural
districts furnished by teachers and
patrons. Please send them in not
later than Tuesday of each week.
An Orchard Census of Missouri, j
How many acres of orchards ore
there in your county? This is a
question that is always asked but
no one can answer. While every one
knows that there are a great many
orchards where fruit is grown to
sell including apples, peaches, etc.,
no one knows the exact or even ap
proximate extent of the acreage.
Now we have a chance to find out
just what "our county" has in the
way of fruit trees. The State Board j
of Horticulture at Columbia is mak-
ing a census oi an me commercial
orchards of the state and "our coun
ty" is called upon to tell what it
has. Every person who has a com
mercial orchard whether large or
small, whether tree fruits, small
fruits or what not, is urged to write
to the state board at Columbia, Mo.,
and say that he is a commercial
fruit grower. He will then be sent
blanks to fill out giving details in
the way of special kinds of fruit,
acreage of each, etc. This is very
important and we certainly hope
that the farmers and fruit growers
who have commercial plantations
will send in their names as above
directed at once in order that "our
county" may make a good showing.
The state board promises that as
soon as the list is made up that it
will be given to this paper in order
that we may publish the names and
acreage of each grower in the coun
ty. This ought to be attended to at
once. Do not put it off until tomor
row. Missouri Rurahst.
The Great Fieht of Our Ancestors
For Independence
in 1776 was successful because of
their love for home. That was
the greatest home-building cam
paign ever launched in any country
and its momentum is still carrying
us along the same road, because
we all know the home is "the
backbone of our Nation." In other
words, it's our platform - regard
less of party and because of the
sacred feeling we have for our
homes the planning and building
of one gives all full, red-blooded
Americans a pleasure almost be
yond control. We're probably over
enthusiastic about this home-build
ing business, because we have been
careful to observe the good effect a
nice home will have on a family.
lo help make them attractive we
have been extremely careful in the
selection of all our building niateri-
al. and we want you to see our
stock. The time to build is now.
"There's No Place Like Home."
Here's the Greatest Fish Catch Ever.
Here's a fish story from the St.
Charles Cosmos that has been veri
fied by quite a number of St. Charles
people who will vouch for the state
ment that heavy winds on last
Monday blew all of the water out
of Marias Croche lake for a distance
of about two miles from Boscher
towns to the road leading to
Denker's farm, and thousands of
fish were left flopping about on the
ground in the mud. Farmers going
along the road saw the conditions
and many of them stopped and
picked up all the fish they wanted
ana toon tnem Dome, tne news
came to St. Charles and a number
of our people went down there and
brought buggy loads home with
tnem. sucn a tning was never
seen before. The wind coming from
the southwest was so strong it just
rolled the water ur. so to sneak.
and carried it all to the lower end
of the lake, leaving the fish behind.
It was three hours or more before
the water returned to the upper
end of the lake enough to cover the
fish again. Columbia Statesman.
We rather like to read fish stories
especially when well authenticated
but these stories usually sound bet
ter to change the location at least
once a year. Exchanges will please
take notice to remove the scene of
the above story to some remote
point, 6ay to Kansas or New Jersey.
It has been rehashed annually in
the St Charles neighborhood so
long1 (hat it is beginning to show
Why Not?
An Iola, Kansas, police judge, has
fined a woman $50, in default of
which he ordered that she don over
alls and work her fine out on the (
streets with the chain gang. In sen-
tencing her the judge declared that '
she had been guilty of an aggravat-1
b I
ed offense the men who were as-,
sociated with her would be compell-i
ed to either pay their fines or work!
on the streets. In view of .these
facts he could see no reason why
she should be confined in jad a
certain number ot days witn a
knowledge that sentiment would
preclude her working out her fine
as do male onenaers, ana inai
offense would only mean a period
of enforced idleness during her cap
tivty, after which she would be free
to continue her vicious practices.
In Kansas they have given
women the right to vote and hold
office and make laws, and in the
opinion of this judge they should
stand on the same plane with the
male offenders before the law and
not be allowed to take refuge be
hind a cloak of sentiment when
convicted of an offense.
There, is something abhorrent
to j
chivalrous, manhood in the idea of
forcing a woman however fallen
and depraved she may be to don
masculine attire and perform man
ual labor on the public streets, with
a ball and chain attached to her
ankle. But then the idea of politi
cal equality for women is also re
pugnant to the majority of man
kind. For to gain political equality
women necessarily descend to a
lower level, and if she places her
self or insisrs that she be placed in
such a position, there is no reason
why she should not suffer the same
penalties for infractions of the law
as men. Ex.
For Sale.
6 room cottage with good barn
and outbuildings. Bargain if taken
at once.
J. S. Conway.
A Neglected Food.
According to a circular issued by
the bureau of animal industry,
United States department of agri
culture, cheese should be more
widely used as an article of diet;
it is stated that one pound of
cheese has nearly the same food
value as two pounds of beet or oth
er fresh meat It is worth as much
as, or more than a pound of ham,
and is more digestible. It is equal
to two pounds of eggs or three
pounds of fish. Where cheese is
used at all, it is used in small quan
tities as a luxury )at rare intervals
and food products of less value and
inferior palatability take, its place
as .necessities, The government
scientists advocate the eating of
dishes in which cheese is used, as
omlets, macaroni aDd cheese, and
like mixtures. They claim that
cheese can be eaten in large quanti
ties without serious disturbance to
health, as it is really a desirable
food. In some cases, however,
where the digestion is weak, care
must be taken not to overeat, as
constipation of a distressing charac
ter takes place. -Torchlight.
A tourist in the mountains of
Tennessee once had dinner with a
querulous old mountaineer who
yearned about hard times for fif
teen minutes at a stretch. "Why
man," said the tourist, "you ought
to be able to make lots of money
shipping green corn to the north
ern market" "Yes, I orter," was
the sullen reply, "You have the
land I suppose, and can get the
seed." "Yes,' I guess so." "Then
why don't you go into the specula
tion?" "No use, ntranger," saidly re
plied the cracker, the old woman Is
too lazy to do the plowing and
planting." Ex.
JohnG. Young of Montague Co.,
Texas visited friends la Xiis city
several days last week.
Physician and
Surgeon. (JhIIs promptlo . answered
OHiue: Klliott's Llvrv Birn.
F..& M. Phone 262. Uesitlenee,
Phn 273
' ', , AUcriONEKii.
Will cry sales in Marion, Mom-o-,
Hftlls noj shelby counlio(!.
Bell Phone to Ely.
Asst. Cashier
Monroe City
Established 1875.
Thos. Proctor, D. P. Davenport, J. J.
Brown, P. W. Huston, W. B.
Arnold, A. Jaeger, M. B.
Rock Road Facts.
E. N. Johnson, a banker of War
rensburg, well known to -the editor
of this paper, as well as some of
the Fulton bankers, told this to the
Warrensburg Star and we have no
doubt but that it is true:
"1 recently had an opportunity to
get at first hand some interesting
information as to what rock roads
do for farm values. With my wife
and others I stopped at a farm
house four miles north of Pleasant
Hill, at the end of the rock road to
eat our lunch. We were on our
way to Kansas City and the green
grass and cool shade looked invit
ing. We secured permission to
camp for lunch and while we were
eating and enjoying it the owner of
the farm. Mr. Shier, came out to
talk with us. He is a plain, con
servative farmer, but he is an en
thusiastic advocate of rock roads,
and with good cause. Here is his
story. "The original owner of this
farm which as you know, is four
miles from Pleasant Hill, tried in
vain to get $75 an acre for it until
the rock road movement started
three years ago. After the road
was built to Pleasant Hill, within a
year he refused $100 an acre and
having sold my farm I paid him
$112.50 an acre. Since then I have
repeatedly refused to put it on the
market at $150 an acre. When we
get connection with Lone Jack road
four miles north of here I except
my farm to be worth $200 an acre,
because I know of several places
that have sold at $250 just because
they were on the rock road." - Ful
ton Sun.
Auto Owners Write and Wire.
Jefferson City, Mo., Aug. 31.
Hundreds of letters from St. Louis
automobile owners have been re
ceived by Secretary of State Roach
the past two days asking for State
licenses. Many have telegraphed
thinking that this would be the
quickest way, and others merely
send in a request and tell the Sec
retary to forward their bill and
license to their address.
Since Inspectator Claude D. Long,
of the Secretary of State's Depart
ment, having charge of the auto
mobile license, paid bt. Louis an
official visit and caused the whole
sale arrest of parties who were op
perating machines without State li
cense, there has been a great
awakening among the delinquents
of that city.
It is useless to telegraph for a
license or to apply in any other
way than that specified by the new
automobile law. Each application
must be made on a blank prepared
by the Secretary of State, a copy
of which will be sent to any appli
cant , This blank describes the
vehicle and no license will be issu
ed until It is properly made out and
filed with the Secretary of Sta te.
. Kansas City is next on the list
for a shaking up and St Joseph
will follow. The latter town is
supposed to be the worst sinner in
the lot judging from the number of
licenses issued to its citizens.
W. T. RUTLEDGE, Dentist
The saving of teeth a specialty
Office in Redman Block over Va
riety store. 'Phone 56.
W. D. A. McNutt, fl.
Office over Wood's Drug Store.
Phone 80.
Physician and
Ofllce over Rogers & Thompson's Btore.
Telephones: Residence V. & M. 840. Ue
252. Olllce: UellM.
Ofllce over Monroe City Bank
Monroe City Mo.
Osteopathic ' Physician
Oilioe: Proctor Building
''o.uoc VA . Mo
' ' 'Lone F & M No. 105
Farmers and Merclants Bank
Monroe City Mo
Capital $25,000;
Surplus $50,000.
Wm K Yates, Fres
F H Hagan, Vice-Pies.
W R P Jackson, Cashier
John A Yates, J H Robinson,
John Shearman, W W Longmire,
T M Boulware, W H Carrico.
Exchange Bo'ight and
New business desired
celled Facilities offered.
and unex-
Meriwetheii & Meriwether,
Attorneys at Law
Will praetloc in all courts. No
tary t-,'i In oftVp.
Monroe City, Mo.
Office and Residence
Monroe II s,piial
Office hours 1 to 5 . m.
Both Phones.
S. C. Hampton,
Monroe City, Mo.
Deeds anl other legal instruments eIvB
prompt attention.
, Prlc 25 Ct'Si
vr?' ms r-?v vi
wmm mmu
315 Dearborn St.. Chicago.
2nd Floor Trust Bldg. Hannibal, Mo.
Practice Limited to
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
quickly ucertaln our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Communica
tion! atrlctlr eomtdentlal. HANDBOOK oul'ateut
lent free. Oldest agenoy for securing patents. -patent
taken through Muim & (Jo. recelTA
tptcUU notict, without charge, lu the
Scientific America...
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any sclentloo Journal. Terms, (3 a
year; four month, L gold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36,Bro-d"-'New York
brunch Office. 626 F BU Washington, V. C
r.l on roe City. Mo.
Satisfaction" Guaranteed.
Headquarters at the Democrat

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