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W. J. ROUSE, Editor.
fn'.ereil at the rostofflce at Monroe City
Missouri, as second-class matter.
If you want posters,
If you want sale bills.
If you want circulars.
If you want envelopes,
If you want bill heads.
If you want price lists,
If you want statements,
If you want note heads.
If you want letter heads.
If you want address cards,
If you wnnt invitation cards.
If you want pamphlets or books,
If you want any kind of printing
done, call at the Democrat office.
For President
Woodrow Wilson
For Vice-President
Thomas R. Marshall
For Governor
Elliott W. Major
For Lieutenant-Governor
Wm. R. Painter
For Congress Second District
W. W. Rucker
For State Senator
Robert S. McClintic
For Secretary
Cornelius Roach
For State Auditor
John P. Gordon
For State Treasurer
E. P. Deal
For Attorney-General
John T. Barker
For Judge of Supreme Court
Henry W. Bond
Robt. F. Walker
Chas. B. Faris
For R. R. Commissioner
James T. Bradshaw
For Representative
James P. Boyd
For Assessor
John T. Glasscock
For Sheriff
G. K. Lewis
For Treasurer
W. M. Meteer
For Prosecuting Attorney
A. T. Stewart
For Judge Eastern District
B. F. Vaughn
For County Surveyor
M. W. Caldwell
Public Administrator
P. G. Msrr
John A. Wilson
For Constable Monroe Township
H. A. Graves
t .
A vote for Wilson is a vote for
for prosperity for all the people.
The passage of the single tax
amendment will be disastrous to
In England meat is much cheap
er than in this country. Where do
they get it?
Should General Apathy be pres
ent on election day Democracy will
be defeated.
There should be no stay at home
on election day of voters who op
posed to continued trust rule.
Democracy has a strong National
and State ticket. It is composed, of
men who ore true to the people.
It is not just or right that the
government lay a heavy tax on the
many for the benefit of the fpw.
Be net too sure that the single tax
amendment is not going to carry.
Work and keep on working just
like on your shoulders depended
the future of Missouri.
The people should not be over
confident. The great trusts and
monopolies are busy working
against the election of Wilson and
a Democratic Congress.
If one-third or one-half of the
property is exempt from taxation
it naturally raises the rate on the
classes that do have to pay. Scratch
Yes, vote No on the Single Tax
We do not remember of seeing
anything in the Republican plat
form about the old state debt which
our Republican "friends turned over
for the Democrats to pay and at
the time our Republican friends
vere in power the tax was 50 cents
on the $100.00; now the Democrats
have the tax to 1 7 cents on the
The election of Wilson and a
Democratic Congress will lift a big
load off the shoulders of every
farmer and laboring man. The tar
iff tax averages $200 for each fami
ly of five each year. You certain
ly should contribute something to
the Democratic campaign fund and
thus be doing something to remove
the burden.
Child Labor in Chiua.
jXTAt the silk filature in Soochow,
China, women and children work as
Nehemiah and his fellow laborers
did in building the walls of Jeruse
lem, "from the rising of the morn
ing sun till the star appear." Even
before the dawning of the morning
these little children, some of them
no older than 5 or 6 years, are out
of their beds, for by 4:30 they must
be at the big factory just outside
the walls of the city. They come
from unheated houses with -damp
dirt floors into a building which is
steaming hot, and all day they work
in the ill-ventilated room. They
help the women as they dip silk
cocoons into hot water, and after
the silk has been unwound from
the cocoons. As the water is kept
almost boiling hot, the workers' fin
ger tips are white and swollen with
the constant immersing. After the
day's toil is over, out they go into
theraw, cold air, clad in their cot
ton clothes, back to their cheerless
homes. Their pay is 3 or 4 cents a
day, but that helps to buy rice for
the family.
This is not the only part Chinese
children have in the silk industry,
for in the dark, dirty hovels where
the beautiful silks are woven a lit
tle boy or girl may be seen occupy
ing a seat almost as high as the
ceiling, and all day pulling the
bunches of cord or thread of the
loom on which a man or woman
weaves the fabric The child must
be skilled at this, for a mistake on
his part will cause an imperfection
in the designs.
Children of all ages and sizes
work m China in the rice fields, in
the workshops, everywhere, St.
Louis Times.
Single Tax, if adopted, would hit
the renter first-the renter might
have to pay that $2 poll tax every
month in the vear Cif not nftnprl
by the increased rent he would
1 .
nave io pay on house and land.
Mrs. Lucy Sanderson died recent
ly in Carroll County at the age of
104 years, 4 months and 21 days.
The last evidence of Schuyler
Lounty s railroad debt was destroy
ed Saturday at Lancaster.
How Many?
How many bowls to make a boulder?
How many shoals to make a
How many lambs to make a llama?
How many drachms to make a
How many bats to make a battle?
How many rats to make a rattle?
How many folks to make a focus?
How many croaks to make a
How many quarts to make a
How many ports to make a porter?
How many fans to make a phan
How many banns to make a ban
How many aches to make a acre?
How many fakes to make a fakir?
How many wraps to make a rap
How many caps to make a capture?
How many sums to make a sum
How many plums to make a
How many nicks to make a nickel?
How many picks to make a pickle?
How many capes to make a caper?
How many tapes to make a tapir?
How many tons to make a tunnel?
And how much fun to make a
funnel? St. Nicholas.
Bring your sale bills to the Dem
Two Sides.
Two boys w;nt to gather grapes.
One was happy because they found
grapes; the other was unhappy be
cause the grapes had seeds in them.
Two men, being convalescent,
were asked how they were. One
said, "I am better to-day;" the oth
er said, "I was worse yesterday."
When it rains, one man says,
"This will make mud;" another,
'This will lay the dust"
Two boys examined a bush. One
observed that it had a thorn; the
other that it had a rose.
Two children looked through col
ored glasses. One said. "The world
is blue:" the other, "It is bright."
Two boys having a bee, one got
honey, and the other got stung.
The first called it a honey bee; the
other a stinging bee.
"I am glad that I live," says one
man; "I am sorry I must die," says
"I am glad," says one, "that it is
no worse;" "I am sorry," says anoth
er, "that it is no better."
One says. "Our evil is mixed with
good;" another, "Our good is mixed
with evil." Epworth Herald.
Dr. Hornback Oculist and Aurist
Hannibal, Mo.
Single Tax.
The rural districts are not taking
the interest they should to insure
the defeat of the amendment pro
viding for single tax. There seems
to be more talk against and more
effort to defeat it in the little towns
than in the country. True we have
lots to protect, but they are not a
farm and the difference in size
ought to represent the difference in
the interest in the subject.
Why not organize school districts
and have the disadvantages of sin
gle tax fully explained and under
stood. CharitonCourier.
Davenport &. Mahan make Farm
Loans on best terms tf.
The Single Tax Amendment is
No. 6. The Single Tax Commission
Amendment is No. 7 scratch
fYES" and vote "NO" if you are
against Single Tax.
If you want to buy a horse, cat
tie, 6heep or hogs advertise in the
Camille in moving pictures at the
Gem Friday Oct. 18 4 reels 5c
and 10c.
Advertise your wants in the
Dost Thou Look Back? ,
Dost thou look back on what hath j
As some divinely gifted man.
Whose life in low estate began
And on a simple village green:
Who breaks hisbirth's invidious bar
' And grasps the skirts of happy
And breasts the plows of circum
stance, And grapples with his evil star:
Who makes by force his meritknown
And lives to clutchthe golden key
To mold a mighty State's decrees
And shape the whisper of the throne;
And moving up from high to higher
Becomes on Fortune's crowning
The Dillar of a DeoDle's hone.
The center of a world's desire;
Yet feels, as in a pensive dream.
When all his active powers are
A distant dearness in the hill,
A secret sweetness in the stream;
The limit of his narrower fate,
While yet beside its vocal springs
He played at counsellers and kings
With one that was his earliest mate
Who plows with pain his native lea
And reaps the labor of his hands
Or in the furrow musing stands;
"Does my old friend remember me?"
Force of Habit
Two nice young girls out for early
bargains met in front of a store on
the avenue.
"I saw you in church yesterday,
dear," gurgled one.
"Oh, were you in church?" gur
gled the other.
"Yes. love. And I noticed that
you had at last made your husband
accompany you to divine worship."
"Of course he went with me. He'd
rather goto the theater, but the
theaters aren't showing anything on
Sundays now. But he disgraced me."
"In church? How?"
"The rector read four chapters
from the Acts of the Apostles. And
my husband insisted on getting up
and going out after every act"
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Stockholder's Meeting.
Farmers & Merchanta Telephone Co.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Farmers & Merchants
Telephone Company of Monroe City,
Mo., will be held at the office of the
Company at ten o'clock a. m. Satur
day, October 5, 1912, for the pur
pose of electing eleven directors to
serve for the ensuing year, and for
the transaction of such other busi
ness as may be desired.
A LEE ELY, President
W.J. ROUSE, Sec. 10-3
J. R. B. KIDD,
Licensed Auctioneer.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Will go any
where. A trial is all that is asked-
Monroe City, Missouri.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Glasses Fitted.
Rooms 401-4-3 Hannibal Trust Building
Will cry eales in Marlon, Monroe,
Ralls and Shelby counties.
Bell Phone to Ely.
Licensed Auctioneer
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Monroe City. - Missouri
Ryan's Low Prices!
Men's and Misses'
Children's and Women's
Every Day Shoes:
10c, 25c, 50c, 75c, 95c
and $1.25.
Forty-Five Large Bins to
Select from.
207 N. Main St. Hannibal, Mo
W. T. RUTLEDGE, Dentist.
The saving of teeth a specialty
Office in Redman Block over Va
riety store. 'Phone 56.
W. B. A. McNutt, M. .
Office over Wood's Drug Store. Reildenci
tr none w.
Office over Rogers & Thompson's store.
Telephones: Residence F. & M. (40. Bei
258. Office: Bell 56.
Office over Monroe City Bank
Monroe City Mo.
Osteopathic ' Physician
Office: Proctor Building
Monroe City, Mo.
Phone F & M No. 195
Farmers and Merchants Bant
Monroe City Mo
Capital $25,000.
Surplus $50,000.
F. H. HAGAN, President.
WM. R. YATES, Vice-President.
W. R. P. JACKSON, Cashier.
W. M. PATTERSON. Asst. Cashier
W. W. LONGMIRE, Secretary.
Dr. J. B. Corley, J. D. Robeyr
John Shearman, W. W. Longmire,
T. M. Boulware, W. M. Carrico ..
Foreign Exchange Bought and.
New business desired and unex
celled Facilities offered.
Meriwether & Meriwether,
Attorneys at Law
Will practice in all courts. No
tary Publ in offloe.
R L RIIFI I Veterlnary
IV. L,. UULLL, Physician and
Surgeon. Calls promptley answered''
Office: Elliott's LIvrv Rim.
F. & M. Phone 262. Residence,
ni (two 1
S. C. Hampton,
Monroe City, Mo,
Deeds and other legal Instruments rtrtm
prompt attention.
2nd Floor Trust Bldg. Hannibal, Mo.
Practice Limited to
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Asst. Cashier ,
Monroe City
Bank Established 1875.
Thos. Proctor, D. R. Davenport, J. J..
Brown, P. W. Huston, W. B.
Arnold, A. Jaeger, M. B.
Monroe City, Mo.
Satisfaction ' Guaranteed.
Headquarters at the Democrat

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