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6 Fall Fashions and
Fabrics Now Ready
We offer a complete assort
ment of Full mid Winter
woolens. We have clever
fabrics that make tip into
just the kind of business
suit that is serviceable.
produced in our establish
ment have perfect construc
tion and fit. Come in and
order your Fall garments
now at reasonable prices.
WOOLENS for your selec
tion. L. L. LANE.
Monroe City, Mo.
Got Something for Nothing.
When a person gets something
for nothing, said something usually
contains a joker, or has a string at
tached to it. For instance, a cer
tain preacher received from a pat
ent medicine company an offer to
provide his church with song books
free of charge. It was explained
that there would be a few ads in
the front of the books, but that
'thp nilo umiilfl not hp nfTi'Tiivp tn
j the members of the congregation,
(since the books were being secured
: for nothing. The preacher gave
the order and the books arrived. He
found the ads to be mildly worded
and decided to use the books. He
explained from the pulpit how the
books had been secured, and an
nounced that they would sing No.
274. Imagir.e the people's surprise
when, on reaching the second verse,
they found themselves singing,
"Hark, the heavenly angels sing,
Johnson's pills are just the thing:
Angelic voices meek and mild
two for man and one for child."
Poll Tax.
Poll Tax is now due and I am
ready for you to pay same. Please
pay at once.
10-10 Street Commissioner.
Oh, Charles Adolphus, go your
way. and paint the town from day
to day. until you've had your fill;
but every foolish act, gadzooks. is
charged against you in the books,
'and you must pay the bill. One
thing is sure as death or tax, which
is that retribution whacks each err
ing mortal jay; long years may pass
already yet, before you're called to
pay the debt, but some time you
must pay. Go, rake in wealth with
greedy paws, and violate all moral
laws, and cheat and swindle still;
but some day maybe when you're
old, and love seems better far than
gold you'll have to pay the bill.
Oh, loafer, loaf the hours away, and
waste the golden summer day, re
fuse to toil or till! When winter
comes and workers rest in cozy
homes, of ease possessed, you'll
have to pay the bill! Oh, maidens,
radiant and fair, who use peroxide
on your hair, and kalsomine your
cheeks; who twist your systems all
awry until the gods look down and
sigh, "Oh, pipe the dizzy freaks!"
With all your paint and furbelows,
and shoes that crush your aching
toes, you're surely out to kill; but
when the glow of youth is past, and
age comes creeping on at last, you'll
have to pay the bill. Each foolish
action that we do, each wicked
course that we pursue, we settle for
some day; the captain's office open
stands, where we must face this
world's demands, and some time
we must pay. Walt Mason.
Hon. W. H. Wallace discussed the
single tax question at the opera
house Sunday afternoon. A large
audience was present thus showing
that our people are interested and
it is well that they should be as
this question is one of vital import
ance to Missouri and by all means
should be defeated, It will take
work to do this. Do your part.
Mr. Wallace's talks all over the
state will do much toward causing
the people to scratch Yes and vote
NO as they should. Talk to your
neighbor. Every one who is oppos
ed to this so-called equitable tax
should keep busy until the polls
close on the evening of November
5th next.
The Monroe H. S. foot ball team
met the Hannibal H. S. team at
Hannibal Saturday. The score was
33 to 6 in favor of Hannibal. Our
boys are not in the least discour
aged but will be up and at 'em
Mrs. A. H. Green and daughter,
Mrs. J. T. Hanly. spent part of the
week with Palmyra relatives.
A. T. Baker departed Monday for
his home at Ft. Worth. Texas after
pleasant visit here and other places
in this state. Mrs. Baker will re
main for several weeks with her
mother, Mrs. J. M. Proctor. Sr. Mrs.
Proctor is in very poor health. She
is a most excellent, christian wom
an and numbers her friends by her
A piece of velvet pasted at the
back and a little way around each
side of a shoe heel that slips will
hold it in place. A strip of elastic
stretched a little and fastened
across the back near the top and
just a little to each side will keep a
low shoe from slipping. Ex.
More Valuable Than Gold.
In 1911. according to the United
States Geological Survey. 2,390
ounces of palladium were produced
300 ounces from crude foreign and
domestic sands and the rest from
1 the refinement of copper ores and
copper bullion.
i Palladium finds a fairly large use
j in technology. Circles of astronomi
i cal instruments are made of it. and
it is also employed in watchmak
ing. Its most extensive use is
probably for-certain alloys in dental
work. It is also employed for sold
ering platinum metals. As it is
not altered or discolored by expos
ure to air it is often used for plat
ing metal ware. The demand for ;
this metal is greater than the sup- j
ply. 1
According to the Bureau ot Sta- J
tistics, 1,218 troy ounces of palladi
um were imported into the United
States in 1911, the value assigned
being $56,307, or $46.22 an ounce.
W. V. Huebsch is the agent here
for the Security Casualty Co.. of In
dianapolis, Ind. The Company has
offered a prize for the largest num
ber of application and for the week
ending Friday Mr. Huebsch is sec
ond on the list. This is quite a
feather for Huebsch as there are
agents working iu territory with
many more risks to be obtained.
Here's hoping Huebsch will win the
prize. He is a hustler.
Baxter James who worked in H.
D. Root's harness shop several
years ago is with old friends here.
Mr. James left here about 22 years
ago and this is his first visit. He
is now engaged in the harness bus
iness at Wyconda and is doing
J. H. McClintock and wife of near
Hatch, took the train here Saturday
for Enid, Okla., where they will
visit friends.
Joseph Smith and wife spent part
of the week in Quincy.
Foot Ball.
The Paris H. S. and Monroe H. S.
teams ' will engage in a foot ball
contest at Proctor's park tomorrow,
Friday afternoon.
Dr. Rush Turner departed Satur
day for St. Louis where he will
again attend the St. Louis College
of Physicians and Surgeons. He is
a reliable young man and will suc
seed in his chosen profession.
If you want to hear the next
president of the United States
speak be in St. Louis next Wednes
day evening. Woodrow Wilson
speaks there on that day.
Dr. E. McNair and wife went to
Ely Tuesday to visit Henry Durst
and family. Dr. McNair and wife
will depart Friday for their home
in Nashville, Tenn.
R. F. Bebb has one of the most
up-to-date music and talking ma
chine rooms to be found in a
town the size of Monroe.
W. V. Huebsch as agent sold the
J. A. King property in the east part
of town to Miss Lena A. Smith.
Consideration private.
F. H. Hagan, Joe Frye, Lambert
Buckman and Charles Hoar went to
Chicago, Tuesday with cattle of
their own feeding.
Miss Clara Dunn of this city has
accepted an invitation to become a
member of the Pi Beta Phi of the
Mrs. John Jayne has returned to
her home at Hannibal after a visit
with the family of A. S. Jayne.
Mesdames N. Osbourne and W,
H. Elliott and Miss Jennie Elliott
were Quincy visitors Tuesday.
The federal government is getting
out 12 new stamps to be used for
parcels post service.
William Engle went to Hannibal
yesterday after a visit with his'
daughter here.
The Democratic party gives no
aid to monopolists and can there
fore expect no aid from them . The
people who profit by privilege may
be expected to finance the party of
privilege. That is why the Repub
lican candidates are always bounti
fully supplied with money for cam
paign expenses, while the Demo
cratic candidates, who are making
the fight for the people, are often
defeated simply becauss they lack
the necessary funds with which to
print to publish and mail the facts
to the people. The common people
should learn to guard the public in
terest just as the privilege mongers
guard and defend the interests of
privilege. Your little mite will
help. Mail a dollar tpday to the
Democratic state committee, Leathe
building, St. Louis, Mo., for the
Democratic campaign und. Dem.
Editorial Bulletin.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. O'Brien en-l
tertained a number of friends at
! their pleasant country home north
: of town, last Thursday evening in
honor of Mrs. O'Brien's brother.
James Blincoe and family of DepJ.
ver. ine principal amusemenVof
the evening, was the cutting of a
bee tree by moonlight, quite a busy
time was had for a while and the
( guest all had a jolly time. They
received between 40 and 50 lbs of
' honey. The guests all went home
i pronouncing Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien
i charming entertainers. Hunnewell
i Graphic.
C. L. Carpenter has sold his res
taurant and bakery to W. D. Barnes
of Shelbina. Mr. Barnes is no
stranger in Monroe City as he form
erly resided just west of this city.
He is a first class business man
and a most pleasant and courteous
business man and will be welcom
ed into the business field of this
city. Mr. Carpenter will . continue
to make Monroe City his home, but
will more than likely spend the
winter in the south .with his fami
ly. Mr. Carpenter is a hustler and
an excellent business man and citi
zen and all regret to see him retire
from the business field.
i Republican State administration
Has been an expensive experiment
I for Missouri. Hadleyism has cost
the people much money. Only the
! vigilance of Democratic officials at
Jefferson City has prevented an
I orgie of extravagance like that of
i the old Republcan party regime.
when millions in land grants and
railroad properties were bartered
away for a song. There must be
an end to all this. And the surest i
way to end it is for each voter whor
send a cash contribution to the
Democratic State Central Commit
tee. Honest, safe and progressive
government is a good investment
as a business proposition. It takes
money to fight craft and graft and
greed, and the Democratic Com
mittee is in need of funds. DeKalb
Co. Democrat,
The Democrat rises to ask why
those Fels Fund Fellows (all of
whom seem to be working on full
pay) are just now so much inter
ested in Missouri? Would it cost
the Ohion agitators one cent if Sin
gle Tax bankrupts the farmers of
this County?
Mrs. J. T. Hanley of Shelbina,
has been visiting her mother, Mrs.
A. H. Green.
J. F. Rodgers and family return
ed to their home at Harlingen,
Texas, Tuesday after a pleasant
visit wi h friends here. Mr. Rodgers
and family are popular with all
who know them and when they
moved to Texas, that state gained
excellent citizens.
Gem Theatre Thursday night Oct.
3rd. "A Soldiers Honors" 101 War
Drama. 4 reels. 5 and 10c.
A Clean-Up And
Paint-Up Campaign
We are always interested in matters of civic betterment and
we believe most of our customers are, too.
Nothing adds more to the attractiveness of a city than well
painted buildings and clean streets and yards:
Why not get together and decide on a clean-up-day? Our town
beautiful will then be a more attractive and healthy place to live in
No matter what you wish to paint, protect or finish, we have
the latest and best material to do with. It is the best sort of econ
omy to use the most suitable materials for work of this character.
We will add further to the economy by furnishing these materials
at lowest possible cost.
Much of the real hard labor of house-cleaning may be avoided
if such helps as our stock affords are used. Borax, Ammonia, Sal
Soda, Chamois, Sponges, etc. cost too little to be without when they
aid so much. More satisfactory results are obtained, too, when
they are used.
Don't forget disinfectants when you start the fall cleaning and
renovating. A little on floors, wopdwork, etc., will destroy
germs, and make your work more thorough.
We also call your attention to our new and artistic line of
FALL WALL PAPERS. A good time to paper while every
thing is torn up for house-cleaning.
Monroe City, Missouri.

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