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Volume XXV. Monroe City, Mo., October 10. 1912. Number 29.
Patronize the Herehants Wli Advertise.
items from farmers Wilson Stands For a Principle
all You Stand By
Of Farmers, For Farmers and
Pertaining to Farmers.
Frank McGarthland is one of the
good farmers who believes in keep
ing the best as he has found by ex
perience that there is more money
raising good stock than scrubs.
With this in view he has just
bought a fine Poland-China male to
head his herd.
For Sale - 2 Red male hogs. -T.
E. Willard.
H. V. Meeker shipped a car of
cattle of his own feeding yester
day. Hagan Bros., sold their cattle in
Chicago at $10.00; Joseph Fry's
brought $9; Lambert Buckman sold
his at $10.15 and Charles Hoar's
brought top $10.25.
Weekly Market Letter Published by
Woodson & Fennewald L. S.
Com. Co., National Stock
Yards, 111.
Cattle receipts have been liberal
this week, including quite a few
good cattle, top being $10.80 for one
load of 1475 steersLwhich we sold
for Fennewald Bros, of Audrain
County, Mo., which is the highest
priced cattle ever sold in the his
tory of the St Louis market.
Bulk of good prime steers from
$9.50 to 10.75. Good $8.50 to 9.40.
Medium $6.25 to 7.00. Fair killers
$5.50 to 6.00. Cows steady. Choice
selling $6.50 to $7.00. Good $4.85
to 5.75. Fair killers $4.25 to 4.65.
Canners $325 to .50.; fl?ifr
steady Prime light heifers selling
$7.50 to 8.50. Good $6.25 to 7.25.
Medi u m $5.00 to 5 75. Fair ; killers
and stock heifers $4.00 to 4.85.
Good to .choice feeders selling from
5.75 to 6.50. Medium 5.25 to 5.65.
Good to choice stockers 5.50 to 6 00.
Medium 4.75 to 5.25.
Hog market steady. Bulk of good
hogs selling from 9.00 to 9.25.
Sheep strong. Bulk 3.65 to 3.75
Lambs steady. Bulk 6.25 to 6.85.
Market Reoort.
For Wednesday before date of
Hogs .$6.25 to 8.25
Sheep 3.00 to 4.00
Lambs 3.50 to 5.50
Cattle 700 to 9.00
Spring chickens 1 1-2 to
2 1-2 pounds
Old Roosters 05c
Turkey Hens '
Young Toms
Guineas, each 17Jc
Geese. 06c
Eggs. 21c
Tallow. 04c
Butter.. f9c
Green Hides. 10c
Corn--. 60c
Wheat No. 2 1.00
Oats- ..27 to 28c
Hay $7.00 to $8.00
Baled riay $8.50 to 10.00 J
Shipments for week: H V Meek
er 1 car cattle; Henderson & Sons
Produce Co. 2 cars poultry and 2
cars eggs; Monroe Coal & Grain Co.
2 cars oats 1 car hay; J S Scott 4
cars hays. Total 12 cars.
The Democrat has it on good
authority that fifty per cent of the
country voters fail in some way or
other on marking the Constitutional
Amendment ballot Herein rests
Dale Wilson spent Tuesday in
Hannibal ,
Woodrow Wilson is a vastly different order of man than you find among the ranks of many good men in
practical political life.
Woodrow Wilson is not among the great majority of politicians and business men, otherwise estimable
characters, who believe that the end justifies the means, who are honest in a commercial or political sense.
The candidate of the progressive voters of the country not only does not believe in the doctrine of
"anything to win," but he insists on plain old fashioned honesty in every detail of his campaign.
Woodrow Wilson proposes to win on the merits of his candidacy and platform or not at all.
"Clean hands or no fight" is Wilson's ultimatum to his supporters throughout the country.
No Tainted Money For Wilson
Not a dollar of questionable money will be spent to elect Woodrow Wilson.
The Democratic National Committee is heart and soul in accord with the candidate's views.
And the corrupting influences, with no political faith, casting about to win a foothold in the new govern
ment with bribes of ill-gotten gains, have despaired of reaching Wilson or his campaigners.
They have gone to the enemy, whoever that enemy may be. It is a matter of common knowledge that
the "Interests" are using all their political funds to defeat Wilson.
This makes it your fight.
What the American People Need to Know
- The people have constantly made the mistake of believing that this is a money-ridden nation.
Such is only the case insofar as the People fail to get together and so permit the few to control the dishonest
representatives they, by mistake, elect to office.
The actual money power of the People is still greater than that of the Interests.
The Progressive People of the country, if they get together, can buy and sell the Corrupting Influence!
and destroy their financial power. -
So Woodrow Wilson and his managers believe that not only is it the only clean method but the most
practical method for the Progressive People of the country to supply the Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund.
The People to Fight With THEIR Dollars
This year a popular president is to be elected with the People's money.
The Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund is to be collected from the rank and file of the Progressive Voters
of the country.
The bills of the Democratic National Committee are to be paid, not with the thousands of the Interests, .
but with the individual dollars of the earnest, eager voters who desire clean, efficient government and who are-
wilhn? to help Wilson as he wants to be helped.
Money thus needed is not spent in improper ways or in any manner similar to the way in which the funds of the.
interests are disDursecr
But we have to tell the voters of the country about Woodrow Wilson. We have to tell them what he has done.
We have to tell them what he stands for. We have to point out to them the important planks in his platform. All this
means that to hold up our end we will be obliged to spend as much money as those who oppose us.
This means that every man or woman who believes in Wilson should be willing; to contribute to his cause.
Let the supporters of Wilson help us to spread the Wilson gospel to the four winds.
Let the Progressive Voters battle this year with their pocketbooks as well as their ballots.
We Solicit Popular Subscriptions Can You Give From $1 to $20?
Of course, you can and you are clad to support the cause in this way.
Practically every voter can afford to give $1 to aid the Wilson Campaign. A great many can give t2. A great
many can give o. Ana tnere are lots ana lots ot progressive voters who will be eager to donate trom siu to zu.
These are the kind of contributions we want.
' And live will be proud to receive from thousands, who can only afford 81, their SI contributions. We want to hear
from every man who has a dollar to give. .
This year the man with the dollar must defeat the government traducer who spends his thousands.
Get Club Subscriptions
If you know many Wilson men, if you work among many Wilson men, head a list with your name and money and!
gee me omers to join you witn ineir guDscnpuuns.
Then send your list with the money to C. R. Crane, Vice Chairman, Finance Committee, Democratic Nationa
Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
No loyal Wilson man can do more than this to assure Wilson's victory at the polle in November.
Interesting News Concerning
Different Denominations.
How to Contribute to the Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon opposite and fill In toe amount TOU aivo.
Then attach your money to this Coupen and mail today to tbe
address given on tbe Coupon.
laaue all checks, moitr orders and address all contribution
to C R. Crane. Vice Chairman. Finance Committee. Democratic
National Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, UL
Then write a letter to this paper KlYlnfr your name as a con
tributor and statlDr your reasons v.hy you believe Woodrow
Wilson should be elected President of the United States. In this
way you will be listed as a Wilson contributor. A Souvenir Re
ceipt, handsomely lithoirraptaed.well worth framing, will be Rent to
yoi". Your letter will help In the fight by encouraging your friends.
el Do every thing- you can to hold np Wilson's hands In his elean
campaign tor the people who do the work and fighting ot aba
Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund
Ts C. B. CRANE, Via Chairman, Finance Committee,
The Deaieoratia National CommittM, 80 J Michigan Ays., Chicane, III.
As a believer In the progreiKive idralu of Rovuriinirnt represented la tee can
didacy of Woodrow Wilson for President of the United 8tat. and to the end that
he may take the office free-handed, iintrammeled. and oblfcaied to none but the
people of the country, I wish in contribute through you the mm of t
toward the expenses of Gov, Wilson's campaign.
R.F.D State ,
Endorsed bv
At the Christian Church yester
day morning at Nine o'clock, Miss
Katherine Henderson of this city
and Cecil Forsythe of Oklahoma
City, Oklahoma were united in mar
riage The attendants were Mrs.
Jess H. Meriwether, a sister of the
bride as matron of honor, and J. R.
Henderson, a brother of the bride as
best man. The bride was attired
in a brown traveling suit. The
church was tastily decorated with
foliage and cut flowers. Just prior
to ceremony, with Miss Mildred
Buell, as accompanist at the piano,
Mrs. Ruby Cox. a sister of the groom
sang, "All for You," and "Because."
Amid the sweet strains of "Mendel
sohn's Wedding March," played by
Mrs. W. G. Williamson, the organ
ist, the bride accompanied by the
matron of honor, and the groom by
the best man, wended their way
down the isles, and were met by
Rev. W, G. Alcorn, who in a very
impressive manner spoke those
words which united the lives' of
this young conple. The bride is
the accomplished daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Jasper Henderson of this
city. She is a graduate of the Mon
roe City High School and of Wil
liam Wood College at Fulton, Mo.
The groom is the son of T. P. For
sythe, and formerly resided at this
place, but for the past few years
has been City Editor of the Okla
homa City News. He is also a
graduate of the Monroe City High
School, having been a member of
the same class as the bride, and is
also a graduate of William Jewel
College of Liberty, Missouri. After
the ceremony the happy young
couple left for St. Louis, where they
will stay a few days. They will ba
at home in Oklahoma City, after
Oct. 21st. They take with them to
their new home, the best wishes of
a host of friends.
! Loren Yates has sold his interest
; in the firm of Yates &. Shearman
' to William Gottman, Jr. Mr. Yatts
' does this on account of his health
: not being good. The new firm of
j Shearman & Gottman is strong and
both gentlemen are courteous,
I pleasant and accommodating, and
j the Democrat bespeaks a good pat
i ronnge. Mr. Yates many friends
j regret that his health required him
! to retire from the business field
here. The stock is now being invoiced.
! On Friday, Oct. 4. Mrs. Lamar
j Wood invited fifty or more of Miss
rvate nenaersons irienas to a
"Miscellaneous Shower" and such it
truly proved to be. After Miss
Bertha Jaeger had entertained with
her beautiful songs, everyone cir
cled about Miss Kate when she was
presented with the heaping trays of
gifts. She was duly surprised and
in her usual apt way had pretty
thanks ready for each package open
ed. After everything was examin
ed and admired, delightful refresh
ments were served in the dining
room which was lovely with its rich
colored autumn leaves. The guests
left with that satisfactory feeling
that each in its way, the day, the
shower, the bride, and the hostess
was perfect.
This Column Closes Promptly at
9 A. M. Each Wednesday.
Rev. R. L. Wilson who was pastor
of the Church here about 19 years
I ago but is now preaching at Wind
sor, spent Tuesday with relatives
j here.
Bible School 9:43 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. C. E. at
6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7:30
p. in. At the nforning service Mr.
C. P. Forsythe will sing. The pub
lic cordially invited.
Class 9 was very beautifully en
tertained last Friday night at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Carpen
ter. There was a large attendance
of the members of the class and all
appreciated the goodness of the
host and hostess. Such occasions
foster the best christian spirit and
cordiality. W. Garnet Alcorn.
Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. prayer
Sunday morning 9:45 o'clock
Bible School; 11 o'clock preaching
At the close of the service the quar
terly business meeting of the church
will be held. Every member is ex
pected to be present for this meet
ing. It is an important one and
the pastor and the church treasurer
request the honor of your presence
Sunday evening 6:45 o'clock meet
ing of the B. Y. P. U. Regular serv
ice at 7:30 p. m.
On Sunday, October 27th, the
pastor will begin a series of meet
ings Rev. J. Hartwell Dew. one of
the leading evangelists of the state.
will do the preaching. We hope
that the results of. these meetings
will be county-wide. Rev. Dew is a
most successful evangelist, having
been in the work for a number of
years. He comes to us with a ripe
experience. He works by no clap
trap methods, but seeks to honor
God. You are most cordially invit
ed to attend all services of the
church. Respectfully,
Prayer service and business meet
ing this evening.
Sabbath Bible School 9:43 a. m.
Preaching 11 a. m. Subject: "Cir
cumstances," Psalms 106:12-15.
Song service at 7:30 followed by
short sermon.
The Woman's Missionary Society
will meet Friday. Oct. 11. at 2:30
p. m. in the church. We urge the
attendance of every member as
there is important business to trans
act. DR. J. W. SMITH.
Likes the West.
D. K. Yowell and wife have re
turned from a six weeks trip through
the western states, especially along
the Pacific coast and up in British
Columbia. Dan is so much taken
with that part of the country that
he made a good investment out
there. He says that he greatly en
joyed every minute of the time he
was gone and cannot see why any
American wants to trot off to Europe
until they have first seen the Unit
ed States.
An all day meeting of the W. C.
T. U. was held at the country home
of Mrs. Jennie Evans. Tuesday. It
is needless to mention the attend
ance was large, and the dinner was
larger. All went home feeling it
was good to be there.
Perry Boosters.
When our sister city of Perry at
tempts to do anything she always
succeeds because she has so many
business men who are boosters, all
standing shoulder to shoulder work
ing for the good of the town. They
are going to have a Corn Carnival
over there Oct. 17, 18 and 19 and
they are advertising it in many
ways. Tuesday eleven cars con
taining 45 live wires started out of
Perry and made quite a number of
towns boosting Perry and their Com
Carnival. They came in here at
night and every man was busy dur
ing their entire stay talking for
Perry. That is what makes Perry
such a good town.
Saturday night Ten Nights in
a Bar Room" by the Dorothy
Reeves Co. Prices 15c, 25c 35c

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